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052309400 Foam 122
052309130 With nonresinous component 80
052309300 Nonfoam adhesive 28
052309200 Locally reinforced to receive a fastener 3
20130025224WEB FOR SHINGLE WITH REINFORCED NAIL ZONE - A roofing shingle includes a substrate having a headlap portion and a tab portion. Reinforcement material is secured to the headlap portion, wherein the reinforcement material is formed from woven material.01-31-2013
20110296781Insulating finishable panel - A rigid faced foam cored panel system utilized to produce an insulating finishable surface in interior and exterior applications. The long edges of the rigid foam panels may be indented to form a recessed space for tapping, applying joint compound and assisting in achieving a level finished surface. The inside surface of the rigid foam panel may be radiant reflective with air spacers attached to the reflective surface to produce the needed air space for effective radiant heat reflection. The interior application may entail using the rigid foam panel both as insulation and as a finishable varied color painted or textured wall or ceiling surface. In exterior wall or other exposed surface applications the insulating rigid foam panel may be covered with moisture resistive coverings such as stucco style textures.12-08-2011
20120198783SYSTEMS OF MODULAR READY TO ASSEMBLE STRUCTURES AND RELEVANT FINISHED BUILDINGS - A system suitable for making buildings, comprising: modular, easily to assemble components which are in the form of polylateral frames and which consist of at least three sub-components, each formed by standard elements having means for reciprocal coupling. Said standard elements having a core made of co-polymeric material and being coated by a common skin-like layer made basically of carbon, glass-fiber compositions.08-09-2012
20130025223RETAINING WALL SYSTEM - Retaining wall building blocks for receiving fill material during construction of a retaining wall, retaining walls constructed with the building blocks and methods of manufacture of the building block wherein the block comprises a cast cement body having a base, a generally upright face wall extending upward from the base, two generally upright side walls extending upward from the base and generally rearward of the face wall, the base, upright face wall, and side walls each having an inner and an outer surface, the side walls each having a top and a rearward most end, and a fill receiving cavity defined by base inner surface, side wall inner surfaces and face wall inner surface for receiving fill material, the fill receiving cavity having a volume wherein a ratio of the volume of the fill receiving cavity to the volume of the retaining wall building block is at least 0.75:1, respectively.01-31-2013
20130042555FLOORING PANEL OR WALL PANEL AND USE THEREOF - Flooring panel or wall panel and a use thereof in a wet room. The panel is provided with a locking means in the form of groove and tongue forming a tongue/groove joint for assembling of the panels. The groove and the tongue are preferably made of water tight material and formed with a snap-together joint.02-21-2013
20090193741FLOOR COVERING, FLOOR ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING FLOOR ELEMENTS - Floor covering, made of floor elements, which, at least at two opposite sides, comprise a male and a female coupling part, which allow that two of such floor elements can be interconnected at the respective sides at the respective sides by pushing one of these floor elements with the associated male coupling part, by means of a downward movement, home into the female coupling part of the other floor element, wherein at least one of said coupling parts, either the male coupling part or the female coupling part, is made as least partially in a filled synthetic material composite, such as extruded wood.08-06-2009
20090193740Composite masonry building block - A composite masonry building block (08-06-2009
20090044470PROFILED WATERTIGHT BUILDING SHEET AND METHOD FOR PRODUCTION OF SAME - The invention concerns a profiled building sheet of a type which has at least one side provided with outward facing studs and/or other types of profiles, the said building sheet being intended, amongst other things, to protect a building from the intrusion of water, in that the building sheet includes a layer of material which prevents water from passing through the sheet and into the building. The building sheet consists of at least two layers where at least one of these layers consists of a material which possesses the properties and/or gives the effect(s) it is desired that the building sheet shall have. The invention also concerns a procedure for producing such building sheets.02-19-2009
20090217609Covering Material for Roofs - Method for manufacturing a composite flat covering material, comprising supplying a web of stretch aluminium mesh which after stretching has been tempered, passing the web of stretch aluminium mesh in immersed condition through a bath of first bituminous material, passing the stretch aluminium mesh out of the bath, skimming first bituminous material along at least an upper side of the web of stretch aluminium mesh and applying a layer of second bituminous material onto the skimmed side.09-03-2009
20120174515MECHANICAL LOCKING SYSTEM FOR FLOOR PANELS - Floor panels with a flexible tongue in an insertion groove, the flexible tongue is designed to cooperate, in a connected state with a tongue groove of another panel, the panels are adapted to be locked together by vertical folding, the flexible tongue has a projection portion which, in a connected state projects outside the insertion groove and cooperates with the tongue groove, said projecting portion has a beveled and/or rounded sliding surface and the panels have a sliding surface adapted to cooperate therewith during vertical folding, the flexible tongue during the vertical folding is displaced twice in the horizontal direction, a first displacement is effected by the vertical folding of the fold panel whereby at least a part of the flexible tongue is bent, a second displacement of the flexible tongue towards its initial position is accomplished substantially by a spring effect caused by said bending of said flexible tongue.07-12-2012
20120174514Interlocking Decorative Trim System - An interlocking decorative trim system has a backing strip and a cover strip interlocked together. The backing strip has a top, a bottom, a back face, a front face, a tongue extending from the top, and a projection adjacent the bottom and extending away from the front face. The front face has a recess and the projection has a slot. The cover strip has a top, a bottom, a front face, a back face, a tab extending from the bottom, and a second projection adjacent the top and extending away from the front face. The back face has a recess and the second projection has a groove. The tongue of the backing strip fits inside the groove of the cover strip and the tab of the cover strip fits into the slot of the backing strip.07-12-2012
20100122503PULTRUDED PART FOR USE AS A FRAME MEMBER FOR AN EXTERIOR WALL CONSTRUCTION FOR A BUILDING - A building curtain wall is formed by vertical frame members carrying panels of glass bridging the space between the members so that edges of the panels are mounted on the members. Each frame member is a hollow pultruded member defined by a thermo-set resin reinforced by reinforcing fibers including longitudinal rovings and a mat located at an exposed surface of the inner wall and the side walls of the generally rectangular member. The exterior surface is defined by the resin which is pigmented but uncoated. In order to provide a required finish to the exterior surfaces the inner wall and the side walls have a thickness of at least 0.090 inch with a difference in thickness therebetween which is less than 20%.05-20-2010
20130036694HIGH DENSITY POLYURETHANE AND POLYISOCYANURATE CONSTRUCTION BOARDS AND COMPOSITE BOARDS - A covered roof includes a roof deck, an insulation board, and a coverboard. The insulation board includes a polyurethane, a polyisocyanurate, or a mix of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate cellular structure, has a density that is less than 2.5 pounds per cubic foot, and has a first planar surface and a second planar surface, each having a facer positioned adjacent thereto. The coverboard includes a polyurethane, a polyisocyanurate, or a mix of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate cellular structure, has a density greater than about 2.5 pounds per cubic foot and less than 6 pounds per cubic foot, an iso index of at least 175, and a first planar surface and a second planar surface, each having a facer positioned adjacent thereto.02-14-2013
20130036693DOUGHTNUT-SHAPED HOLLOW CORE BODY, BIDIRECTIONAL HOLLOW CORE SLAB USING THE SAME, AND CONSTRUCTION METHOD THEREOF - The present invention relates to a lightweight bidirectional hollow core slab, and a doughnut-shaped hollow core body which may be advantageously used in the construction of a bidirectional hollow core slab. The doughnut-shaped hollow core body according to the present invention includes an outer case formed in a generally doughnut shape, wherein a hollow portion with a circular section is formed in the center thereof and corners are rounded with curved surfaces. The bidirectional hollow core slab according to the present invention is made by stably locating the doughnut-shaped hollow core bodies in concrete in such a manner that the doughnut-shaped hollow core body is restrained and mounted in steel bar cages or on the upper and lower steel bars.02-14-2013
20100107529Hollow profile, particularly spacer profile for insulated glazing, as well as a device and a method for production of the hollow profile - A tubular hollow profile, particularly a spacer tube for the production of spacer frames for insulated glazing, has a profile wall. The profile wall is configured to be double-walled and has an outer wall made of metal, particularly stainless steel or aluminum, and an inner wall made of plastic, which are connected with one another, preferably in firm, i.e. non-displaceable manner. A device and a method for production of the hollow profile are also provided.05-06-2010
20120180416Floor Panel and Floor Covering Consisting of a Plurality of Such Floor Panels - The invention relates to a floor panel; in particular a laminated floor panel. The invention also relates to a floor covering consisting of a plurality of mutually coupled floor panels according to the invention. The invention further relates to a method for mutually coupling two floor panels, in particular laminated floor panels, according to the invention.07-19-2012
20130086861FLOOR TILE HAVING A LATCH AND LOOP STRUCTURE - Lateral edges of the modular plastic floor tiles are provided with latches which fit into loops with an interference fit. The latch and loop structure may include an undercut behind the lateral edge of the tile. The loops flex in order to impose a compressive force on mating tile edges.04-11-2013
20090308007Composite layered panel and methodology including selected regional elevated densification - A heat-formation method for creating a composite, layered structural panel which possesses at least one selected area of elevated densification and reinforcement including (a) providing a pre-heat-formed, layered expanse of compressible, heat-formable, composite sheet material having a reception face and a starter thickness T12-17-2009
20130067840FLOORING PANEL OR WALL PANEL AND USE THEREOF - A building panel, such as a flooring panel or wall panel and a method of assembling the same into a floor, wall cladding, etc. The panel is provided with a locking means in the form of groove (03-21-2013
20090272054PVC WALL FRAME SYSTEM - A system is provided for constructing a wall frame having a PVC stud, a PVC channel member, a groove formed in the PVC stud and a tongue formed in the PVC channel, wherein the tongue and groove are adapted to detachably couple the PVC stud and the PVC channel. The invention includes snap-on features that allow the components to be removably secured. The invention provides components that are constructed to eliminate insect infestation, rotting, shrinkage, warping and splintering.11-05-2009
20120222378FLOOR PANEL AND METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING FLOOR PANELS - Floor panel, which, at least at two opposite edges, is provided with coupling means allowing to couple two of such floor panels to each other at the respective edges, such that the respective floor panels, in the coupled condition, are locked in a vertical direction perpendicular to the plane of the coupled floor panels, as well as in a horizontal direction perpendicular to the respective edges and in the plane of the coupled floor panels, wherein the locking in at least one of the aforementioned directions is obtained by at least an element which preferably is resilient and, during the coupling movement, moves in the direction of the edges concerned.09-06-2012
20100088988POLYMER BUILDING PRODUCTS - In polymer building products, such as polymer siding, polymer roofing, j-blocks, gable vents, etc., characterized by fastener apertures each comprising an elongate slot bounded by a peripheral wall defining the slot, the peripheral wall having a height, a fastener centering-guide comprising a layer of material extending into the elongate slot from the peripheral wall thereof, the layer of material having defined therein (a) an elongate opening that is generally parallel to, but of smaller transverse dimensions than, the elongate slot, and (b) a predetermined location, defined intermediate the length of the elongate opening, for receiving a fastener therethrough, and wherein further the layer of material is characterized by a thickness that is less than the height of the peripheral wall and sufficiently thin so as to permit relative movement between a fastener extending through the centering guide and the polymer building product.04-15-2010
20120233948BUILDING PANELS - Flooring material including sheet-shaped floor elements with a mainly square or rectangular shape. The floor elements are provided with edges, a lower side and an upper decorative layer. The floor elements are intended to be joined by means of joining members. The floor elements are provided with male joining members on a first edge while a second edge of the floor elements are provided with a female joining member. The male joining member is provided with a tongue and a lower side groove while the female joining member is provided with a groove and a cheek, the cheek being provided with a lip. The floor elements are provided with a male vertical assembly joining member on a third edge while a fourth, opposite, edge is provided with female vertical assembly joining member.09-20-2012
20080295429POLYMERIC-ARENACEOUS TILE - The invention is a Polymeric-Arenaceous tile for roofing. It can be made in any color such as red, brown, black, gray, green, cherry as it is stained in mass therefore the color will not fade. It looks like any other type of ceramic tiling on the surface with a look that is trim and solid. The Polymeric-Arenaceous tile has a long life in terms of many decades. The tiling is hardy, stands differential temperature, range of temperature from −65 C to +250 C. The tile is a good insulator so it does not transfer heat and cold. Polymeric-Arenaceous tile stifles noise. The weight of one square meter is up to 21 kilograms so it doesn't require strengthening of rafters. It is lowing in costs less than a similar roof made of another material with many of the disadvantages of the other material.12-04-2008
20110011020Interlocking type plastic tile structure - This invention relates to an interlocking type plastic tile structure in which the surface layer having a pattern thereon is coated with adhesive and then is combined with a PVC base layer adhered to the floor. A plurality of protruding tongues and a plurality of notches are respectively formed on two adjacent sides of the PVC base layer. With this structure, when two such plastic tiles are interlocked with respect to each other, the notches having adhesive layer are interlocked and adhered with the protruding tongues correspondingly so as to achieve assembly and good alignment. Besides, there is no need for providing release paper, therefore cost can be saved and assembly is very convenient.01-20-2011
20110283642FLOOR PANEL, METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING LAMINATE PANELS AND METHOD FOR TREATING MATERIAL SHEETS APPLIED HEREWITH - Floor panel of the type substantially consisting of a substrate and a top layer provided-thereon based on synthetic material. The top layer includes a printed decor and one or more material sheets provided with synthetic material. The floor panel also includes a balancing layer at the underside of the substrate, the balancing layer containing a synthetic material layer which is free from material sheets. Methods used to make the panels are disclosed.11-24-2011
20120186178WALL INSULATION SYSTEM AND A METHOD OF INSTALLING THE SAME - The embodiments of the invention includes a retrofitting system for the insulation of existing interior walls such as basements; a retrofitting system for the insulation of exterior walls of a structure such as a home needing further insulation without a convenient or economical method to do so within the interior walls, the inclusion of insulation within the concrete walls of a structure constructed by the tilt-up construction method and a use of elements of the insulated wall system to effectively insulate and provide continuous studding in a conventional “cast-in-place” concrete wall assembly, subsequent to placing concrete. The insulated wall systems of these embodiments provide an economical and efficient method of providing the installation of insulation panels to each of the walls described. The insulation panels are generally of a foam structure supported by connecting and/or corner studs.07-26-2012
20090288359Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Compositions and Reinforced Flexible PVC Flooring With Improved Performance Formed of the Same - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compositions including PVC; fibrous material; and a primary plasticizer component including a low extractable plasticizer are disclosed. The compositions can be useful in the production of flooring products that exhibit improved plasticizer hydrocarbon extraction resistance.11-26-2009
20110296780Floor Panel - A floor panel in the form of a multilayer, rectangular laminate with a soft core (12-08-2011
20090320398MONOLITHIC INTEGRATED STRUCTURAL PANELS ESPECIALLY USEFUL FOR AIRCRAFT STRUCTURES AND METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME - Structural panels for use in manufacturing fuselage bodies and other aircraft structures are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a monolithic integrated structural panel is configured to include a skin, an array of stiffeners and an array of frames which are preferably arranged in a mutually orthogonal layout, without the need of cut-outs in any of the crossing elements. One advantage of the disclosed embodiments is that the frame and stringer members have continuous flanges and spliced webs. The disclosed embodiments herein are compatible with composite materials technology, offering another advantage, namely the possibility of manufacturing integrated products in a single cure (“one-shot”) cycle. A structure of composite materials, e.g. carbon fiber reinforced plastics, typically comprises a skin panel, reinforced by frame and stringer members. A monolithic integrated structure constructed in accordance with the disclosed embodiments is well-suited for use as a portion of an aircraft structure, for example an aircraft fuselage, wing or empennage.12-31-2009
20120096791Roofing Underlayment - The present invention provides a composite sheet material (04-26-2012
20120291383METHODS AND DEVICES FOR MAKING A BUILDING BLOCK FOR MORTAR-FREE CONSTRUCTION - The invention discloses devices and methods for making building blocks for construction that requires neither mortar nor additional internal or external finishing. A building block includes joining elements for attaching blocks from top to bottom as well as from side to side. Additionally, blocks have internal and external finishes that are complete. Thus, after construction of a structure, there is no additional need to paint, hang wallpaper or otherwise treat the outer and inner walls of the final structure.11-22-2012
20120085054FLOORING SYSTEM WITH A PLURALITY OF DIFFERENT DECORATIVE UPPER SURFACES - A flooring system comprising a carrying panel with edges, said edges being provided with means for joining. The carrying panel is further being provided with an upper side and a lower side. The flooring system comprises a plurality of panels where each panel is provided with an upper decorative surface. The flooring system comprises panels with at least two of decorative surfaces selected from the group consisting of: a thermosetting composite, a thermoplastic composite. an elastomeric foil, a thermoplastic foil, a metal sheet, a fabric, a mineral and a mineral composite.04-12-2012
20100037548Roofing Product With Zoned Functional Compositions And Methods Of Making The Same - A roofing product having at least two separate zones, with one of the zones having one or more certain functional characteristics such as flame retardancy, solar reflectivity, weather resistance, selected coloring, heat stabilization, algae resistance, and/or solar collection for electrical generation, and another of the zones not having such functional feature(s). The different zones can be present in core or capstock material. The product can be made by any of various processes, such as co-extrusion, forming, molding, coinjection, shot injection moldings, multiple step injection moldings and/lamination.02-18-2010
20090145065THERMOPLASTIC SIDING INSULATION - The present invention discloses an extruder for producing a thermoplastic material having a first and second portion comprising an axially extending barrel and a screw conveyer axially disposed within said barrel so as to define a passage for conveying thermoplastic material from an input through a melt zone to an output. Furthermore the present invention discloses an insulation member comprising an elongated insulation member formed of a thermoplastic insulating material, said insulating member having a top edge, a bottom edge, and first and second side edges; the top edge comprising a protrusion, said top edge extending beyond a corresponding top edge of a corresponding panel of siding; and the bottom edge comprising a ledge, said ledge operable to overlap the protrusion.06-11-2009
20080282632Composite building panel - A composite panel useful for efficient and economic construction of a building wall or roof includes at least a first rigid structural layer and a cross-linked polymer film layer bonded to and covering a first major planar surface of the rigid structural panel. The panels integrate sheathing or decking and weatherproofing into an integrated product that may be installed on building frame members in substantially the same way that ordinary sheathing or decking is conventionally installed.11-20-2008
20090313929EXTRUSION-MOLDED PRODUCT HAVING A CORE MATERIAL - An extrusion-molded product for attaching to a flange of a vehicle body opening, such as an automotive door, trunk and backdoor comprises a core material having a U-shaped cross section along the lengthwise direction of of said core material, a coating layer of thermoplastic elastomer or rubber formed in the outside of the core material and provided with a hollow seal portion, and a pressing member of thermoplastic elastomer or rubber having a hollow portion formed integrally in the inside of the U-shaped cross section of the core material.12-24-2009
20090313928HIGH IMPACT, MOISTURE RESISTANT WALL PANEL SYSTEM - A high impact, moisture resistant, wall panel system and methods for mounting a high impact, moisture resistant wall panel to an existing structure are disclosed herein. A high impact, moisture resistant wall panel includes an inert substrate composed of a high density inorganic material, wherein the substrate is dimensionally stable, a laminate composed of a substantially rigid polymeric material, and an adhesive for engaging the laminate to the substrate.12-24-2009
20120110938PATIO EXTRUSION BEAM CAP - The present invention discloses a beam cap incorporated into a patio extrusion assembly and which includes an elongated body exhibiting, in cross section, a width extending middle portion terminating at opposite ends in engaging tabs. The body is affixed to an exposed profile associated with a component of the extrusion assembly. Additional features include the middle portion exhibiting an arcuate configuration, with the engaging tabs further including a first pair of inner tabs each exhibiting an outwardly angled detent deflected and reseated in a resistive snap-fit fashion with aligning end channels associated with the exposed profile. The engaging tabs further include a second pair of outer tabs within which the end channels seat. Other features include the beam cap exhibiting a specified shape and size and being constructed of an extruded aluminum or least one of vinyl or PVC.05-10-2012
20110167744Floor Covering With Interlocking Design - Surface coverings, such as floor coverings, with an interlocking design are described. Methods of making the surface coverings are further described.07-14-2011
20130097951Storage Tank Insulation Joint Apparatus and Method - A joint for fluid storage tank insulation systems. A central expansion joint forms a fluid-sealed recessed channel having a ridge-like cap. Water and moisture are directed away from the central expansion joint by the ridge-like cap. Any water that breaches the cap enters the recessed channel and flows out of the expansion joint without damaging tank insulation material. With installations having multiple expansion joints, at least one of the expansion joints can be equipped with an inverted cap to form a gutter within such expansion joint.04-25-2013
20090260309Synthetic roofing shingles - Disclosed is a coated synthetic shingle that exhibits increased resistance to ultra-violet radiation. The shingle is useable for roofing applications and includes a substrate having a substrate surface and a base coat that is applied to the substrate surface. The base coat preferably includes a first fluoropolymer component. The shingle can also include a top coat that is applied to the base coat. The top coat preferably includes a clear acrylic coating. A method for manufacturing the shingle is also disclosed.10-22-2009
20090260307Floor Panel and Method for Manufacturing Such Floor Panel - Floor panel, said floor panel (10-22-2009
20100275542One Piece Hip and Ridge Shingle - The invention provides a one piece shingle for use on roof ridges and hips. Shingles of the invention are preferably formed from synthetic materials and preferably comprise a blend of high and low molecular weight polyethylene resins. The unique blend of materials provides a shingle that is both strong while retaining sufficient flexibility to permit the shingle to bend to accommodate a variety of pitches at a ridge or hip. Unique features of the shape and structure of the shingle also make it particularly suited to hip and ridge applications. Furthermore, methods of manufacturing hip and ridge shingles are also disclosed.11-04-2010
20110197529CONNECTION SYSTEM FOR PREFABRICATED THERMAL BREAK PANELS - The present invention describes a connection system for prefabricated panels of the type comprising at least two outer concrete layers (08-18-2011
20090133347DUCT INSULATION MATERIAL AND METHOD OF USING - A flexible insulation material and method for using such an insulation material with an HVAC duct to provide noise suppression and thermal protection. The insulation material includes a lofted substrate and a facer sheet laminated thereto. The substrate contains nonwoven lofted fibers and the insulation material is attached to the duct such that a first surface of the substrate faces a wall surface of the duct and the facer sheet is on the opposite surface of the substrate. The facer sheet includes a polymeric film bonded to the substrate, a metallization layer on the polymeric film, and optionally a protective coating on the metallization layer. The insulation material can be used as an external duct wrap or an internal duct liner. In the former application, the insulation material preferably includes a second facer sheet on the first surface of the substrate.05-28-2009
20120291385INSULATING FLOOR UNDERLAYMENT - A flooring material having a textile pad substructure with a density of greater than 10 pounds per cubic foot is provided. The textile pad has reinforcement and binding fibers. The binding fibers are thermoplastic and are used to bind the reinforcement fibers together. The pad is created by heating and compressing a fibrous textile batt so that it has a density of greater than 13 pounds per cubic foot.11-22-2012
20120291384INSULATED WALL PANEL APPARATUSES, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS - Methods, systems, and apparatuses for providing insulation for a wall panel, an embodiment of an insulated wall panel including a weather barrier, an insulating layer adjacent to the weather barrier, a moisture barrier adjacent to the insulating layer, and structural layer adjacent to the moisture barrier, and possibly a second insulating layer adjacent to the structural layer. The insulated wall panel may also include a plurality of nails, each nail having a head embedded in the insulating wall panel adjacent to the structural layer. A nail gun including a barrel with a toothed end or an end with an adjacent having a flat outer side may propel the nail into the insulating wall panel.11-22-2012
20130212967USE OF POLYOLEFIN SEALING FILMS COATED WITH NON-REACTIVE HOT-MELT ADHESIVE FOR SEALING - The invention relates to a process for sealing an above-ground or underground construction. In particular it involves the use of non-reactive hot melt adhesives and flexible polyolefin films. This procedure in particular has the advantages that good and long-lasting adhesion can be achieved very quickly, and that in particular by using polyolefin strips coated with non-reactive hot melt adhesives, insulating strips can be obtained simply which are non-tacky at room temperature and can be processed and bonded easily at the construction site.08-22-2013
20130212968THE USE OF ADHESIVE-COATED POLYVINYLCHLORIDE SEALING FILMS FOR PRODUCING A SEAL - This invention relates to a process for sealing an above-ground or underground structure. It involves in particular the use of non-reactive dispersion adhesive compounds. This process in particular has the advantage that good and long-lived adhesion can be achieved very quickly, and that in particular the non-reactive dispersion adhesives that are used have a small tendency to absorb the plasticizers present in the PVC sealing film, so that as a result this process is best suited to assure long-lasting adhesion of PVC films with various substrates.08-22-2013
20090183455LOAD BEARING ASSEMBLY - A load bearing assembly (07-23-2009
20090139170Floor Covering, Floor Panels and Method for Manufacturing Floor Panels - Floor covering that is composed of a plurality of hard floor panels (06-04-2009
20110219715THERMOPLASTIC ROOFING SYSTEM - Provided is a roofing system comprising a thermoplastic roofing membrane and one or more raised metal profiles attached to the thermoplastic roofing membrane. In an embodiment, provided is a method of improving a roofing system comprising a thermoplastic roofing membrane. The method comprises installing one or more thermoplastic coated raised metal profiles on the roofing system. A side of the one or more thermoplastic coated raised metal profiles comprises a thermoplastic layer. Installing the one or more thermoplastic coated raised metal profiles on the roofing system comprises welding the thermoplastic layer to the thermoplastic roofing membrane. The presently disclosed raised profiles provide not only desirable aesthetics to thermoplastic roofing systems, but can also provide structural benefits to the roofing system.09-15-2011
20090211187Portable Panel Construction And Method For Making The Same - Disclosed herein is a portable panel having numerous favorable characteristics. The panel comprises a core having a length, a width, a first side and a second side. A first fiber layer is attached to the first side while a second fiber layer is attached to the second side. A first polyurethane layer is impregnated in the first fiber layer while a second polyurethane layer is impregnated into the second fiber layer. A first skin is attached to the first polyurethane layer while a second skin is attached to the second polyurethane layer. The panel can be used in the manufacture of tables, flooring, risers, stages, bleachers, and the like.08-27-2009
20110138723Stabilizing System For Deck Pedestals - A stabilizing system for a deck system has a plurality of pedestals, a plurality of connection locations on a periphery of the pedestals and a stabilizing bar secured between the pedestals. The stabilizing bar includes a first half, a second half, a fastener, and a first securing member. The first half and the second half connect to each other and are extendable between at least two of the pedestals. The second half is sized to receive the first half therein in a telescoping manner. The fastener connects the first half with the second half, while the first securing opening extends from a bottom surface and is located near a respective end face opposite a juncture between the halves.06-16-2011
20120090258GROUTLESS TILE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A groutless tile system including groutless tiles, wherein each groutless tile includes a substrate, a durable surface disposed within a groove defined by the substrate, the durable surface having bottom surface, and a first coupling member disposed on an edge of the substrate. The first coupling member comprises a first bendable portion and a groove, the groove having an upper surface and a lower surface. The bottom surface of the durable surface is substantially coplanar with a point between the upper and lower surfaces of the groove. To provide for various mechanical benefits, one or more surfaces of the groutless tile can be encapsulated in one or more polymers.04-19-2012
20100162647Modular Building Panel Hanging System - A system for hanging items from a modular building panel is disclosed. One embodiment of the system includes a modular building panel with a hole in the panel, a hanging member, with a load distribution plate, and an attachment shaft, and an attachment means at the end of the attachment shaft. Several embodiments of the present invention are described.07-01-2010
20100223871SELF SUPPORTING ROOFING PLATE - Self supporting roofing plate for pitched roofs having purlinless roofing construction is disclosed. This particular rooting plate allows for the rafters of the purlinless construction to be spaced apart as twice as allowed when using best known prior art products, thus significantly reduces costs and labor of the complete roofing construction.09-09-2010
20100223869METHODS AND DEVICES FOR CONSTRUCTING A WALL WITH BRICK FACADE - A method for forming a brick façade positioning assembly includes positioning a plurality of bricks in a specified wall pattern. A film is placed over the bricks, and the film is molded over the bricks to form a custom brick film tray. The custom brick film tray includes brick shaped tray recesses in the specified wall pattern. The plurality of bricks are positioned within the brick shaped tray recesses. Optionally, a liquid setting material is poured on the custom brick film tray and the plurality of bricks to form a brick façade wall. The brick façade wall includes the bricks in the specified wall pattern provided by the custom brick film tray.09-09-2010
20100223870Structural Member and Method of Manufacturing Same - Provided is a system including a structural member for separating two environments that have different temperatures and a method of manufacturing the structural member. The system includes a barrier constructed with a plurality of the structural members. The structural member includes a core and a thermal barrier layer on at least a portion thereof. The thermal barrier layer is positionable between the two environments such that the structural member impedes the flow of heat and/or the flow of sound through the structural member and may improve a building's energy efficiency, occupancy comfort, and commercial viability.09-09-2010
20100212240HIP AND RIDGE ROOFING MATERIAL - A shingle blank is provided including a substrate coated with an asphalt coating and including a first fold region, a second fold region, a third region, a lower edge and an upper edge. The shingle blank has a length. The first fold region extends substantially across the length of the shingle blank. The second fold region extends substantially across the length of the shingle blank and is positioned between the first fold region and the third region. A first perforation line is positioned between the second fold region and the third region. A second perforation line is positioned between the first fold region and the second fold region. The first and second perforation lines are sufficient to facilitate folding of the first fold region and the second fold region on top of the third region to form a three layered stack configured to be applied across a ridge or hip.08-26-2010
20100236170FLOORING PRODUCT AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF THE SAME - The present invention relates to a flooring product the surface of which consists of a naturally grown crystal structure which is held together by a binding agent. Moreover, the present invention discloses a method for the production of a flooring product.09-23-2010
20090165411Method of fabricating building wall panels - Methods of fabricating wall panels by generally continuously pultruding a wall panel profile comprising inner and outer layers, and spaced reinforcing webs and/or foam extending between the inner and outer layers, optionally studs extending inwardly from the inner layer, away from the outer layer. The so-continuously pultruded wall panel optionally has male and a female edges. The wall panel is periodically cut for wall panel height, thereby creating an ongoing stream of cut wall panels. The panels are advanced through a corner index station, and indexed at right angles while maintaining orientation of the panels. The wall panels leave the indexing station edge-to-edge. Resin is applied to facing edges of adjacent wall panels. Adjacent wall panels are joined to each other at the facing edges, to make a generally continuous wall panel. The so-joined wall panel is cut to desired lengths. The resulting wall panel can provide tough, water-proof, otherwise weather-proof, building systems and buildings, without structural use of concrete except in floor slabs.07-02-2009
20100242391FLOOR PANEL, AS WELL AS METHOD, DEVICE AND ACCESSORIES FOR MANUFACTURING SUCH FLOOR PANEL - Floor panel, more particularly a laminate floor panel, wherein this floor panel comprises a decor, a top layer on the basis of synthetic material, and an underlying substrate (09-30-2010
20100139192Spatial Truss - A truss includes a first cap, a second cap, a core member, at least two struts, and a fastening member securing the struts to the core member between the first cap and the second cap. The struts are rotatably attached to the core member between the first cap and the second cap of an angle between 15° and 180°.06-10-2010
20100199582TEMPERATURE COMPENSATING OUTDOOR WALL PADDING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR FORMING THE SAME - A temperature compensating outdoor wall padding apparatus in one embodiment incorporates a stretch fabric into the edges of a vinyl cover to provide a tension on the vinyl cover minimizing the possibility of wrinkling of the vinyl cover due to a change in temperature. In another embodiment, the temperature compensating outdoor wall padding apparatus may employ a resilient cover, stretchable in 4 directions and pre-tensioned to provide tension on the resilient cover minimizing the possibility of wrinkling of the resilient cover due to a change in temperature. Methods for forming the same are also disclosed.08-12-2010
20100300025FLEXIBLE PAINT FOR WALLS AND CEILINGS - Wall and ceiling acrylic latex coating compositions having properties that prevent joints between adjacent wallboard panels from cracking during settling of new homes and during transportation of manufactured buildings, and otherwise prevents joint cracking from flexing, such as caused by extreme weather conditions or building settling. In another embodiment, the coating compositions can be applied directly over joints between adjacent square-edged wallboard panels to conceal the joint without using tape, wallboard “mud”, or other joint filling compositions.12-02-2010
20130167461METHOD FOR PRODUCING METALIZED FIBROUS COMPOSITE SHEET WITH OLEFIN COATING - A composite sheet is manufactured by depositing a multi-layer coating on the outer surface of a substrate, the coating comprising a metal layer and an outer polymeric layer formed from a precursor comprising a polymerizable composition that includes a olefin group and a moisture curable group, such as an isocyanate or silane group. After the precursor is applied, the composite sheet is exposed to beam radiation or plasma discharge, ozone, and moisture, which respectively promote polymerization and curing at different sites of the precursor. The function of the cured polymeric layer preferably includes protecting the metal layer from corrosion. The amenability of the isocyanate or silane functionality to moisture-promoted coupling promotes substantially full conversion and curing of the precursor, even of portions of the substrate that are geometrically shadowed from incident beam radiation.07-04-2013
20120266555PANEL, COVERING AND METHOD FOR INSTALLING SUCH PANELS - A panel for forming a covering, more particularly a floor panel for forming a floor covering, which at least at two opposite edges, comprises coupling parts arranged to couple two of such panels to each other by means of a downward movement of one panel in respect to the other. The coupling parts form a first locking system arranged to lock in the plane of the panels and perpendicularly to the edges, as well as form a second locking system, which effects a locking perpendicularly to the plane of the panels. At least one of the coupling parts is formed at least partially from soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride), as well as at least partially formed from a milled profiled part of the soft PVC.10-25-2012
20090260308CARVED SOLID FACE DOORS HAVING INLAID OVERLAYS AND METHODS OF FABRICATION - Carved solid face doors having inlaid overlays and methods of manufacture thereof are provided herein. In some embodiments, a carved, solid face door may include a solid base having a face and an opposing rear surface, wherein the face has a design carved into at least one section of the face; one or more channels carved into the face adjacent to the design, each channel having a depth that is below a depth of the design carved into face of the door adjacent to the channel; and one or more inlay panels disposed in the one or more channels.10-22-2009
20110072748FLOORING APPARATUS AND SYSTEMS FOR IMPROVED REDUCTION OF IMPACT FORCES DURING A FALL - This invention provides a flooring apparatus comprising: (a) a flooring plate; (b) a plurality of columns extending from an underside of the flooring plate, wherein at least some of the columns deform when the flooring plate is subjected to a pressure equal to or greater than a critical buckling pressure; and (c) a matrix material in at least partial contact with the columns. The present disclosure includes many variations of such apparatus, such as various column designs, material selection criteria, and end-use considerations. This invention also provides a flooring system for mitigating injuries associated with falls, the system comprising a plurality of flooring apparatus each provided in accordance the present disclosure. The flooring system can include one or more types of modular tiles, or any other configuration (such as mats).03-31-2011
20110047911WINDOW TRIM APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR MAKING AND USING SAME - Window trim apparatus are provided that include scored grooves made by methods other than extrusion. Also provided are methods and apparatus for manufacturing and using same.03-03-2011
20110146175IMAGED STONE, ROCK, BRICK AND WOOD POLYMERIC LANDSCAPING AND WALL VENEERING PRODUCTS - The present invention relates to landscaping products (e.g. retaining wall building materials, landscaping stones/boulders, pavers . . . ) and wall veneering products that provide a replica image of a natural stone, rock, brick or wood surface. Such landscaping and veneering products are easily installable due to its lightweight characteristics and engagable design. The present invention further includes methods of use for such landscaping and veneering products and also includes systems for assembling such products to provide pleasing landscaping and wall veneering arrangements. The present invention also includes methods of manufacture of these imaged stone products, which ensures the natural appearance of stone, rock, brick or wood by imaging a natural surface, such as stone or a rock, preparing a mold from that image to mass produce a replica of that particular surface and applying a coating to the surface of the replica to provide the appearance and texture of the natural stone or rock.06-23-2011
20110146176APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR USING BOARD INSULATION AS BLOWN INSULATION - Apparatus for processing board insulation into granules of loosefill insulation are provided. The apparatus includes an upper unit having inlet and outlet ends. The inlet end is configured to receive board insulation. The upper unit is configured to break the board insulation into small pieces. A lower unit is connected to the upper unit. The lower unit is configured to receive the small pieces of board insulation exiting the upper unit. The lower unit includes a plurality of conditioning mechanisms configured to condition the small pieces thereby resulting in granules of loosefill insulation. The lower unit further includes a distribution mechanism configured to distribute the granules of loosefill insulation into an airstream. A distribution hose is connected to the lower unit and configured to convey the granules from the apparatus to a building insulation cavity. The granules are configured for use as loosefill insulation within the building cavity.06-23-2011
20110209427Floor Tile - A floor tile comprising: a first section having a finished surface and an opposing unfinished sectional surface; a second section having a finished surface and an opposing unfinished sectional surface; the first sectional surface being attached to the second sectional surface and offset from the second sectional surface, the offset defining a connecting edge along the first and second sectional surfaces, wherein the first finished surface and the second finished surface are opposing and outward facing, and wherein the floor tile is connectable to an adjacent floor tile via the connecting edge.09-01-2011
20080313985METHOD FOR INCREASING WIND UPLIFT RESISTANCE OF WOOD-FRAMED ROOFS USING CLOSED-CELL SPRAY POLYURETHANE FOAM - The invention provides a method and structural member for securing a roof or an outer wall of a building against wind forces tending to lift the roof or outer wall off the building. A structural member has a panel, said panel comprising a plurality of spaced apart beam members, and a sheathing having an inner side and an outer side, the sheathing spanning a space between adjacent beam members and being attached to the beam members such that the inner side of the sheathing is in juxtaposition with the beam members. A layer of a rigid, closed cell foam comprising a polymer adhesive composition is on substantially the entirety of said beam members and substantially the entirety of the inner side of the sheathing such that the layer on the sheathing and the beam members is substantially continuous, and adheres the sheathing to the beam members.12-25-2008
20110252733MECHANICAL LOCKING SYSTEM FOR FLOOR PANELS - Floor panels with a flexible tongue in an insertion groove, the flexible tongue is designed to cooperate, in a connected state with a tongue groove of another panel, the panels are adapted to be locked together by vertical folding, the flexible tongue has a projection portion which, in a connected state projects outside the insertion groove and cooperates with the tongue groove, said projecting portion has a beveled and/or rounded sliding surface and the panels have a sliding surface adapted to cooperate therewith during vertical folding, the flexible tongue during the vertical folding is displaced twice in the horizontal direction, a first displacement is effected by the vertical folding of the fold panel whereby at least a part of the flexible tongue is bent, a second displacement of the flexible tongue towards its initial position is accomplished substantially by a spring effect caused by said bending of said flexible tongue.10-20-2011
20110252732Contraction and expansion management (CEM) joint - As ambient conditions change around a truss structure, such as a wooden truss in an attic, webs of the truss are affected by changes of moisture and temperature in the air. As the end-grain of the webs expand and contract, a contraction and expansion management (CEM) joint minimizes unwanted expansion and contraction in the truss chord. An elastic layer such as an elastomer in the CEM joint absorbs expansion while plates around the CEM joint maintain rigidity of the chord, keeping it secure to the walls. As the moisture and temperature in the attic decrease, the end-grain of the truss returns to its original state.10-20-2011
20110162307INSULATED PANELS AND SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FORMING SEALED INSULATED PANELS - Insulated panels and methods of forming insulated panels are provided. According to the method, mold bulkhead and a sealing strip including a first anchor extension, a second anchor extension, and a panel cap are provided. The method also includes removably attaching the exterior face of the sealing strip to the interior mold surface on at least one of the plurality of mold sides, wherein the first anchor extension and the second anchor extension project into the interior mold volume, and wherein the sealing strip defines a sealed insulation zone. A curable building material is introduced into the interior mold volume to form a first slab. The first slab at least partially surrounds the first anchor extension. The method also includes inserting an insulation material layer into the interior mold volume, wherein the insulation material layer is at least partially within the sealed insulation zone. A curable building material is introduced into the interior mold volume adjacent to the insulation material layer to form a second slab. The second slab at least partially surrounds the second anchor extension. The method also includes the step of allowing the curable building material to cure to provide a cured insulated panel, wherein the panel cap defines at least a portion of at least one of the plurality of intermediate faces.07-07-2011
20100281803FLOOR PANEL - Floor panel, with a horizontally and vertically active locking system allowing that two of such floor panels can be connected to each other at said sides by providing one of these floor panels, by means of a downward movement, in the other floor panel; wherein the vertically active locking system includes a locking element in the form of an insert; wherein this locking element includes at least a pivotable lock-up body. The pivotable lock-up body includes a support portion which is rotatable against a support surface pertaining to the floor panel concerned, and more particularly in a seat.11-11-2010
20110131909PLASTIC PANEL HAVING A HOOK-TYPE PROFILE - The invention relates to a floor panel (06-09-2011
20110173910COMPOSITE ROOFING BOARDS AND METHODS FOR INSTALLING A COMPOSITE ROOFING BOARD - Composite roofing boards and methods for installing a composite roofing board are presented herein. In one embodiment, the roofing board comprises at least nine layers: two outer polymeric layers; two adhesive layers disposed between the two outer polymeric layers; two inner polymeric layers disposed between the two adhesive layers; and a substrate layer disposed between the two inner polymeric layers. A polymeric adhesive, such as an acrylate-polymer adhesive, is preformed on an outer surface of the first and/or second outer polymeric layer. A removable release liner, such as a siliconized polyester film, covers the polymeric adhesive.07-21-2011
20090293395STRUCTURAL INSULATED PANEL SYSTEM INCLUDING JUNCTURES - A juncture system for structural insulated panels includes magnesium oxide moldings and/or components made of cementitious materials that are shaped to join structural insulated panels (SIPs) with inorganic faces. The various components employ “standard” shapes to make for a minimum of parts and made of materials for adequate strength. For example, connecting shapes are made of magnesium oxide reinforced with the fiberglass. Thickness of the shapes approximate the same thickness as the outside face used on the magnesium oxide SIP, thus simplifying construction.12-03-2009
20110258953SLAB EDGE CASING AND METHOD THEREFOR - A slab edge casing for finishing a slab edge is provided. The casing comprises a face which defines a finished slab edge for an unfinished slab edge; and, a base which extends from the face. The base is connectable to one of a slab face that is adjacent the unfinished slab edge or is registerable with the unfinished slab edge. The face and base have respective inside surfaces that define a form into which concrete is poured and allowed to cure. One of the face and base also comprise a reinforcing element mount for receiving a reinforcing element that extends from the unfinished slab edge. A method for installing the casing is also provided.10-27-2011
20100115869Connecting and plugging element for modular floor construction - A connecting and plugging element for modular floor construction comprising a modular element having a substantially U-shaped cross section defined by two lateral walls connected by an arched surface, and further having two head walls each connecting the two lateral walls on opposing sides of the modular element. The connecting and plugging element is preferably made of a thermoplastic material, and the two lateral walls and one of the head walls may have free edges that extend to form an enlarged bearing base with holes for connecting to the floor base and also with couplers or relieves for connecting to reinforcing bars or to adjacent connecting and plugging elements.05-13-2010
20110072747COMPOSITION, METHOD OF USE, AND STRUCTURAL BARRIER SYSTEM - An environmental barrier composition and method of use for forming a structural barrier system to seal structural openings such as doors and windows is provided. The composition includes a liquid rosin that is silyl-terminated polyether, a filler material, and a curing catalyst. The method includes applying the composition to a prepared through-hole in combination with flashing material at least along a bottom surface of the through-hole and installation of a window or door into the prepared through-hole to form a barrier system in which a continuous film can be easily inspected, is waterproof, meet air barrier requirements of ASTM E2178, has elastomeric properties, allows substrate expansion, contraction, and movement, does not shrink or lose volume as it cures, and cures rapidly with sufficient adhesion to transition flashing to incorporate into a designed drainage plane and allow integration of a continuous air barrier system where the barrier is at least semi-vapor-permeable.03-31-2011
20120304568WAINSCOT WALL PANEL SYSTEM - The wainscot wall panel system may comprise a plurality of panels which are mounted to a wall. The plurality of panels are mounted to the wall with a plurality of horizontal joints including but not limited to a bottom edge joint and a top edge joint and one or more intermediate or middle horizontal joints. Each of the joints are attached to the wall and used to mount the panel to the wall. In particular, the joints may have panels which mechanically receive the panels so that no adhesive or chemical attachment methods are necessary in order to mount the panels to the wall. This reduces the exposure of toxic chemicals to the occupants of the building and permits air to flow behind the panels, thereby mitigating the creation of mold.12-06-2012
20110154764COMPOSITE STRUCTURE FOR EXTERIOR INSULATION APPLICATIONS - A composite structure comprising an extruded polystyrene layer, a mortar layer and a primer layer, wherein at least one surface of the extruded polystyrene layer is planed, and the mortar layer is made from a mortar composition comprising re-dispersible powder, cellulose ether, one or more viscosity modification agents, one or more hydraulic binders, and one or more aggregates. A method of making such a composite structure.06-30-2011
20110154763RESILIENT GROOVE - A set of moisture proof floorboards and a flooring of such floorboards with a resilient surface layer provided with a sealing means.06-30-2011
20110154762INSULATING FLOOR UNDERLAYMENT - A flooring material having a textile pad substructure with a density of greater than 10 pounds per cubic foot is provided. The textile pad has reinforcement and binding fibers. The binding fibers are thermoplastic and are used to bind the reinforcement fibers together. The pad is created by heating and compressing a fibrous textile batt so that it has a density of greater than 13 pounds per cubic foot.06-30-2011
20110154761SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF REVITALIZING STRUCTURES USING INSULATED PANELS - A system for revitalizing an existing structure and a method of using the system are disclosed. The system includes an insulating panel that has a body and reinforcing metal strips. The system also includes at least one fastening strap coupled to the insulating panel, the fastening strap has at least one recess having a hole. The system also has at least one fastening device that passes through the hole in the recess of the fastening strap and secures the at least one fastening strap and the insulating panel to the existing structure. The recesses of the fastening strap are positioned so that the fastening devices engage the body of the insulating panel.06-30-2011
20120204507ARTICLE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING MOISTURE - An attic tray made from a breathable membrane for use in controlling moisture in a building attic and improving the energy efficiency of the building achieved by installing the tray above the roof rafters thereby providing the presence of an air gap between the breathable membrane and the roof deck such that energy that normally passes from the living space into the attic and out the top of the building is conserved.08-16-2012
20120151858WINDOW INSERT - A window insulating insert comprising a rigid PVC frame supporting a window pane, said rigid PVC frame having interior channels, each of which overlaps and supports each of the edges of said window pane, respectively.06-21-2012
20120102861MODULAR DWELLING STRUCTURE MADE FROM RECYCLED TIRE MATERIALS, A KIT FOR SAME AND A METHOD OF ASSEMBLING SAME - A kit for a modular dwelling structure is provided, including a plurality of panels having predetermined dimensions. Each panel is made of a recycled tire material. A plurality of engagement members are also provided for maintaining the panels in a predetermined configuration to form the shape of the dwelling structure. A kit for providing the modular dwelling structure is also provided, as well as a method for assembling the modular dwelling structure.05-03-2012
20100095618Roofing Materials with Metallic Appearance - Provided are materials and methods related to a roofing material comprising at least two layers of polymeric materials, a top layer exposed to the environment and a bottom layer contacting the roof structure, the top layer including an amount of metallic appearing special effect pigment material to impart a metallic appearance. The polymeric material may be a thermoplastic olefin resin, a polyvinyl chloride resin, or other material. Additionally, the polymeric materials contain UV stabilizers and/or flame retardants, smoke suppressants or other fillers.04-22-2010
20090120024FLEXIBLE PAINT FOR WALLS AND CEILINGS - Wall and ceiling acrylic latex coating compositions having properties that prevent joints between adjacent wallboard panels from cracking during settling of new homes and during transportation of manufactured buildings, and otherwise prevents joint cracking from flexing, such as caused by extreme weather conditions or building settling. In another embodiment, the coating compositions can be applied directly over joints between adjacent square-edged wallboard panels to conceal the joint without using tape, wallboard “mud”, or other joint filling compositions.05-14-2009
20120159883CONSTRUCTION INSULATING PANEL - A construction insulating panel includes a main body formed of a first polymer, and a mounting structure formed of a second polymer. The mounting structure is at least partially disposed within the main body and has cross members adapted to fasten mounting structure and thereby the insulating panel to a building structure under compressive loading to reduce formation of cold bridges through the insulation panel when an exterior finish material is fastened to the insulating panel.06-28-2012
20110179735SURFACE COVERING SYSTEM - A surface covering system for covering surfaces with a covering material, particularly for covering wall surfaces or floor surfaces with tile material. The surface covering system includes at least two covering modules, which can be placed on the surface so as to adjoin each other. A first covering module has at least one first sealing profile, and a second covering profile has at least one second sealing profile. The sealing profiles are designed to engage each other in a positioned state of the covering modules and form a common seal.07-28-2011
20110179734FLOOR TILE DESIGNED FOR MULTIPLE TILE IMAGES - A laminated floor tile includes the following layers laminated together into a single unit, a base having an underside, an upper surface, and perimetric edges, the base being formed of a high impact copolymer material designed to provide a slight flexure, the base including tabs designed to interact with adjacent floor tiles to hold the adjacent tiles fixedly in place, and panels extending upwardly from the perimetric edges of the base and forming the upper surface into a tray shape, graphic media positioned on the base within the tray, and a clear protective layer overlying the graphic image.07-28-2011
20120167507Building Panels with Support Members Extending Partially Through the Panels and Method Therefor - A building panel for residential and commercial construction uses a plurality of insulating blocks connected together by adhesive. The insulation blocks are typically made of foam. A plurality of support members are disposed on opposite sides of the insulating blocks and offset with respect to the adjacent support member. The support member are typically made of metal and can have different shapes including “T” shape, “U” shape, and “L” shape. Each support member has a head portion in contact with a surface of the insulating block and a stem portion extending into the insulating block and having a length less than a width of the insulating block so that a thermal conduction path of the support member is discontinuous across the insulating block. The panel can be used as a curtain wall panel in high-rise construction, as well as bodies for aircraft, automotive, and marine applications.07-05-2012
20120210663TRANSLUCENT DECKING PLANKS - Decking comprises a translucent plank. The plank may be made from synthetic material. The plank may include a diffusion surface disposed to allow a portion of light incident on a top surface of the plank to transmit through a bottom surface of the plank.08-23-2012
20100325992Access Floor and Installation Method Therefor - An access floor and the installation method therefor includes a plurality of basic structural units (12-30-2010
20100325991BUILDING PANEL - A building panel having a hollow elongate structure with a generally rectangular cross-sectional profile. The elongate structure has first and second outer skins joined by parallel first and second side walls. A connection device of first and second ribs is on each side wall to connect to adjacent panels to form a segment of a wall or roof. The elongate structure includes two inner web skins extending between the first and second side walls to divide the interior of the elongate structure into three chambers. The triple chamber profile provides the panel with additional structural strength and rigidity, as well as improved thermal and sound insulation properties. The lower chamber may be fitted with a polycarbonate sheet to increase thermal and acoustic performance. The panel is polycarbonate.12-30-2010
20110120037INTERLOCKING FLOOR SYSTEM WITH BARBS FOR RETAINING COVERING - A flooring system includes multiple polymeric panels that are interlocked into a floor system and then covered with a material such as carpet and artificial turf. A top surface of the polymeric panels includes barbs to hold the material from moving laterally during use.05-26-2011
20120297714Wege-Shaped Tile Spacer - The disclosure relates to tile spacing devices for insertion between tiles being spaced apart from one another and/or from other features on a surface. The spacers include a wedge portion and a tongue portion. Unlike previous wedges used for tile spacing, at least one face of the wedge described herein is indented. When inserted between adjacent tiles, at least the indented portion of the face will not contact a tile, which can minimize adhesion of grout, mortar, and adhesives to the spacer, facilitating its removal. The tongue portion of the spacer extends beyond the face of adjacent flat tiles, even when the entire wedge portion is inserted into the inter-tile space. The tongue portion can be gripped by a user to facilitate removal of the spacer from set tiles.11-29-2012
20110225914BUILDING STRUCTURE PROVIDED WITH VERTICAL WALLS COMPRISING A THERMOPLASTIC POLYMER - A building structure provided with lateral walls comprising a thermoplastic polymer, which comprises: a plurality of vertical walls which are arranged on a plurality of levels, each of which walls comprises at least one first substantially continuous central panel made of a thermoplastic polymer and a pair of layers of cement plaster which are arranged on the opposite sides of the corresponding first central panel and form the opposite faces of the corresponding vertical wall, and a metallic structure for connecting at least the vertical walls of each one of the levels of the building structure.09-22-2011
20120079783SIMPLIFIED NON-POLYSTYRENE PERMANENT INSULATING CONCRETE FORM BUILDING SYSTEM - A simplified insulating concrete form building system comprised of forms made from wood chips or other organic fibers, embedded in a Portland cement matrix, molded and trimmed into various shapes and sizes. The forms are held in position within the wall by means of unique, simplified form geometry and an internal fastening clip which combine to improve alignment and stability of the wall prior to filling the forms with concrete. The simplified geometry reduces worker error in orienting the form correctly within the wall thereby reducing handling and corresponding fatigue. The form's smooth faces provide more compact palletized shipments of forms, thereby reducing cost and damage in shipment. Concrete reinforcement bars are held within forms using a system of reinforcement bar holders which enables the precise positioning of the reinforcement within the wall, thereby increasing speed and accuracy of construction as well as structural performance of the wall assembly.04-05-2012
20110247285COVERING PANEL - A covering panel has a support plate, made from synthetic plastic material, with a flat and even top surface, a bottom face and pairs of opposite sides provided with complementary profile edges in the form of a male profile edge on one side and a female profile edge on the other, where said male profiled edge can be connected to a female edge of an equal adjacent covering panel, preferably according to a direction that runs perpendicular to said top surface. In their bottom face there are strip-shaped recesses that run according to the direction of extrusion and alternate with a number of support strips, of which at least a part has a width S along that bottom face that complies with 1.5 T10-13-2011
20110265410USE OF RECYCLED PLASTICS FOR STRUCTURAL BUILDING FORMS - Modular plastic structural composites having a web section disposed along a horizontal axis and at least one flange section disposed along a horizontal axis parallel thereto and integrally molded to engage the top or bottom surface of the web section, wherein said composite is formed from a mixture of (A) high density polyolefin and (B) a thermoplastic-coated fiber material, poly-styrene, or a combination thereof. Composites molded in the form of I-Beams and bridges constructed therefrom are also disclosed.11-03-2011
20110265409METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FLOOR PLANKS - A floor plank having a wear layer, a pattern film, and a magnetic base layer. The floor plank may have a length, a width, and a thickness, wherein the length and the width are substantially larger than the thickness. The magnetic base layer may have a magnetic field which is in a direction substantially parallel to a plane defined by the length and the width of the floor plank, and wherein the direction of the magnetic field is substantially perpendicular to the thickness of the floor plank. The floor plank and an identical floor plank may be placed on the subfloor so that the two floor planks are adjacent one another and so that a magnetic pole of a magnetic base layer of one floor plank is attracted to an opposite magnetic pole of a magnetic base layer of the other floor plank to thereby connect the two floor planks.11-03-2011
20110265408THERMALLY INSULATED STRUCTURAL MEMBERS, AND DOORS AND WINDOWS INCORPORATING THEM - A thermally insulated structural member for a door or window includes a metal frame and a plastic insulation bar. The plastic insulation bar is formed from a thermoplastic composition that includes about 55 to about 95 weight percent of a compatibilized polyamide-poly(arylene ether) composition, and about 5 to about 45 weight percent of hollow glass beads. The hollow glass beads used in the thermoplastic composition have a volume-average diameter of about 20 to about 60 micrometers, a true density of about 0.3 to about 0.5 grams per milliliter, and an isostatic crush strength of about 30 to about 60 megapascals. The thermoplastic composition includes less than 5 weight percent of fibrous reinforcement. The thermally insulated structural member provides improved thermal insulation compared to structural member utilizing fiberglass-reinforced plastic insulation bars.11-03-2011
20120317911BOARD ASSEMBLY - A floor board assembly convenient to lay is characterized in that, in one embodiment, it comprises a frame, a filler board and an upper material with the frame and filler board affixed to the underside of the upper material. The frame includes latch tongues that extend outwardly from the lower side edges of the frame, and the tongues have locking projections that fit into recesses arranged just inside the periphery of the underside of the frame. The tongues and intervening spaces (with locking bars behind them) are space along the periphery of the board, such that any side of one board may be joined to any side of a similarly configured board. The upper material may be selected from a variety of materials, including LVT (luxury vinyl tile), carpet, high pressure laminate or other decorative material. The filler board may be selected to accomplish reduced cost, and/or improved acoustics. In other embodiments, a frame and/or upper material may be absent. The floor board assembly requires a lower manufacture cost and lower equipment investment, has stable quality, versatility and ease of installation.12-20-2012
20120279154RESILIENT GROOVE - A set of essentially identical floorboards each including a front face and a rear face extending in the horizontal plane, a core, and a surface layer, a mechanical locking system is arranged at least at two opposite edges for connecting a floorboard with an adjacent floorboard in a horizontal and a vertical direction, said mechanical locking system being configured for connecting the floorboard with the adjacent floorboard by vertical folding, wherein one of said opposite edges is provided with a horizontally extending protrusion at an upper edge, and wherein said protrusion is configured to overlap a surface groove at an upper edge of the other of said opposite edges, such that two connected and adjacent floorboards have upper overlapping edges.11-08-2012
20090277115Device and a Process for Producing Insulated Siding Panels - An apparatus for producing insulated panels, comprising in sequence two congruous sheet fines, a former, a foaming structure, and an extrude.11-12-2009
20120137611OUTDOOR WALL PADDING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR FORMING THE SAME - A temperature compensating outdoor wall padding apparatus in one embodiment incorporates a stretch fabric into the edges of a vinyl cover to provide a tension on the vinyl cover minimizing the possibility of wrinkling of the vinyl cover due to a change in temperature. In another embodiment, the temperature compensating outdoor wall padding apparatus may employ a resilient cover, stretchable in 4 directions and pre-tensioned to provide tension on the resilient cover minimizing the possibility of wrinkling of the resilient cover due to a change in temperature. Methods for forming the same are also disclosed.06-07-2012
20120137610Modular system for cladding exterior walls of a structure and insulating the structure walls - A modular system for cladding exterior walls of a structure and insulating the structure walls provides thermally isolated vertical girders secured to a structural wall. The thermally isolated vertical girders positionally maintain insulation adjacent the structure and provide a means for mounting exterior wall cladding to the structure. Planar wall panels carrying exterior wall cladding elements mount directly or indirectly to the vertical girders. Corner elements, carrying exterior corner cladding elements interconnect with the underlying system and visually appear to interconnect with adjacent edge portions of the planar wall panels.06-07-2012
20130014460TACTILES CONNECTOR - Connectors for joining adjacent modular floor covering units. The connectors include a film and an adhesive layer coated on one side of the film. To install tiles using the connectors, a first tile is placed on the floor and a connector is positioned so that the adhesive layer faces upward and does not contact the floor. The connector is typically positioned so that only a portion of the adhesive layer adheres to the underside of the tile, leaving the remainder of the connector extending from the underside of the tile. Tiles are then positioned adjacent the first tile so that a portion of the connector adheres to the adjacent tiles. In this way, the connectors span adjacent tile edges. The tiles are assembled on a underlying flooring surface without the need to attach them to the floor surface.01-17-2013
20130019551BEARING AND EXPANSION JOINT SYSTEM INCLUDING SAME - A bearing is provided for use in connection with expansion joint systems. The bearing may be incorporated into expansion joint systems that are used in roadway constructions, bridge constructions, and architectural structures. The bearing can absorb increased loads that are applied to the expansion joint system. The structure of the bearing also permits improved motion of, and provides improved support for, the components of the expansion joint system that are supported on or engaged with the bearing.01-24-2013
20110232217SUPPORT PLATE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SUCH A SUPPORT PLATE - The invention relates to a method for the fabrication of a support plate as well as a support plate for a floor, wall, or ceiling construction, in particular a slab-lined wall or floor construction to be used for achieving decoupling between a ground (09-29-2011
20130174505Interlocking Building System - An apparatus constituting the walls and frame of a building with a series of interlocking panels, preferably composed of two sheets of metal, bound together by polyurethane foam injected between them. The panels are secured to the floor via metallic columns found at each juncture between two panels. Electric assemblies and setups, as well as plumbing outlets are preinstalled within the panels, facilitating rapid installation. Windows, doors, and A/C vents are also crafted into the panels at their inception, prior to their transport to the construction site. It is the intent of the present invention to provide an avenue for affordable, durable, and efficient housing that may be constructed quickly with minimal effort in the absence of heavy machinery, and without any advanced tools.07-11-2013
20130133279INSULATIVE SEALING SYSTEM AND MATERIALS THEREFOR - This disclosure relates to an insulative system and materials therefor comprising a polymeric composition disposed at the junctions of the framing and exterior sheathing. In particular, an insulative system and materials therefor comprising a polymeric composition in the form of a sealing structure in contact with both the framing and exterior sheathing of a building are described.05-30-2013
20130111837COVERING, AS WELL AS PANELS AND AUXILIARY PIECES USED THEREWITH - A floor covering formed by a plurality of panels each having two opposite edges arranged to couple adjacent panels to each other. The coupling parts include a tongue and a groove, as well as locking parts preventing the drifting apart of two such adjacent panels. A separately manufactured insert is provided between at least two of the coupled panels, and the tongue and groove. The insert comprises at least two portions functioning as fixed spacing elements with a first portion between the upper side of the tongue and the lower side of the upper lip, and a second portion between the locking parts.05-09-2013
20130097952TRANSLUCENT WALL PANEL - A translucent wall panel (04-25-2013
20130097953COMPOSITE ROOFING OVERLAY CONTAINING RECYCLED PAINT WASTE AND RECYCLED CRUSHED GLASS - A composite roofing overlay containing paint waste is provided for use on a roof surface. The composite roofing overlay includes a bedding cement containing water-based paint waste and crushed recycled glass, a porous fabric embedded in the bedding cement, and at least one primer coat over the porous fabric and bedding cement. The composite roofing overlay may be used in combination with an overlying waterproof roofing membrane to provide an effective waterproof seal to new or existing roof structures.04-25-2013
20130139457Water-Resistive Barrier, and Exterior Wall or Roof Assembly - A method of assembling an exterior wall or roof structure of a building with a water-resistive barrier includes covering a surface of an inner sheathing member of a wall or roof structure with a series of partially overlapping courses of water-resistive sheet material. Each overlapping section of the courses of water-resistive sheet material is bonded together with a continuous strip of adhesive to form an air-tight seam. The strip of adhesive is carried integrally on the water-resistive sheet material thereby eliminating a need for separately applying construction tape to seal the seams. A water-resistive barrier and assembly of an exterior wall or roof assembly of a building is also provided.06-06-2013
20130139458POST AND PANEL CONSTRUCTION - An assembly for integrating an elongate structural member such as a post or a beam, and one or more panels is provided. The elongate structural member includes a notch defined within the elongate structural member. The notch includes a base surface and two side surfaces at opposite ends of the base surface. At least one of the side surfaces is tiered, with the tiered side surface including an inner portion and an outer portion that are substantially parallel to each other. The inner portion is substantially perpendicular and is adjacent to the base surface. The outer portion is offset from the inner portion and is positioned further away from the other side surface compared to the inner portion. A first panel is positioned within the notch and in contact with at least the base surface and the inner portion of the tiered surface. A second panel may also be positioned within the notch.06-06-2013
20080196342Thermal composite window - A composite window includes an exterior frame having a metal portion. An interior frame is spaced apart from the exterior frame and has a wooden portion. A thermal barrier interconnecting the exterior frame and the interior frame has an uninterrupted wall defining a cavity in cross-section to restrict the flow of heat between the exterior frame and the interior frame.08-21-2008
20130145707FLOORBOARDS FOR FLOORING - Floorboards for making a floating floor have a core (06-13-2013
20100307086PANEL MOUNTNG SYSTEM - A panel mounting system includes a support frame having at least one longitudinal frame member with a recess and a catch. A panel has a gripping member extending along a substantial length of the panel, the gripping member having a resiliently deflectable cross-section for engaging the longitudinal frame member. In a first position the gripping member engages the recess so as to hold the panel to the frame. In a second position the gripping member engages the catch, the catch holding the gripping member in the second position, so as to free the panel from the frame.12-09-2010
20110271623CONSTRUCTION ELEMENTS FOR BUILDINGS - The construction element (11-10-2011
20130125488TPO Batten System - Disclosed herein are various embodiments of a batten system comprising thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membranes. In an embodiment, a batten may comprise a plurality of TPO membranes heat sealed together. The heat sealed TPO membranes may include a plurality of unsealed areas between the membranes for engaging one or more coupling devices. Slate shingles may be hung from the one or more coupling devices.05-23-2013
20110289876INSULATIVE METALLIC CHANNEL AND CONSTRUCTION ASSEMBLY - An insulative metallic channel for supporting a construction assembly and resisting heat transfer includes an elongated web and at least one flange. The flange includes two ridges along the length of the flange and an inwardly-bent portion of the flange between the two ridges. The inwardly-bent portion extends between the two ridges approximately the entire width of the flange. An insulative material substantially fills the inwardly-bent portion of the flange.12-01-2011
20120017528FLOOR AND TILE SYSTEM WITH PAD - A method for installing flooring boards is provided. The method comprises laying down a two layer pad on a floor, applying a band of adhesive, laying a flooring board on the top of the two shifted-layer pad and the edge of the floor board occupying one half of the width of the band, and laying an adjacent floor board, which covers the remaining of the band of the adhesive.01-26-2012
20130192155LOAD BEARING WALL SYSTEM - A load bearing wall system which is made from a plurality of interlocking panels. Each panel includes a hollow panel body having a first end, a second end, and an interior cavity. A male coupling is positioned at the first end and a female coupling is positioned at the second end. The female coupling is capable of interlocking with the male coupling of another of the plurality of interlocking panels. The male coupling houses a structural stud that extends for the entire vertical height of the hollow panel body. The interior cavity of the hollow panel body is filled with insulation. Interlocking panels intended for straight sections have the female coupling opposed to the male coupling in a linear alignment. Interlocking panels intended for a corner or change in direction have the hollow panel body bent so that the female coupling is angularly offset from the male coupling.08-01-2013
20130097950Fiber Enforced Thin Brick Sheet and Process - A fiber enforced sheet for use as a wall or floor covering which comprises of adhered thin bricks bonded to a fiber-reinforced, backing layer. Thin brick is adhered to the fiber enforced sheet. The fiber enforced backing increases strength and rigidity to the thin brick during handling, and installation permits the thin bricks to be adhered to proper specification and spacing to be cut using ordinary tile or thin brick tools.04-25-2013
20120085055GROUTLESS TILE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A groutless tile system including groutless tiles, wherein each groutless tile includes a substrate, a durable surface disposed within a groove defined by the substrate, the durable surface having bottom surface, and a first coupling member disposed on an edge of the substrate. The first coupling member comprises a first bendable portion and a groove, the groove having an upper surface and a lower surface. The bottom surface of the durable surface is substantially coplanar with a point between the upper and lower surfaces of the groove. The polymer matrix forming at least a portion of the substrate can be modified to reduce the weight of the groutless tile or the cost to manufacture the groutless tile. In some embodiments, the polymer matrix is modified through the use of gas nucleation or a blowing agent.04-12-2012
20130205699FIBERGLASS SIDING - A fiberglass siding piece may be formed. The fiberglass siding piece includes an upper seating portion of the fiberglass siding piece. The upper seating portion includes a plurality of angled siding seats. The fiberglass siding piece further includes a main portion of the fiberglass siding piece, and a lower seating portion of the fiberglass siding piece. The lower seating portion includes a plurality of angled siding seats. The angled siding seats of the upper seating portion are configured to receive the plurality of angled siding seats of the lower seating portion of an adjacent fiberglass siding piece. The upper seating portion may include slots configured to accept fasteners to fasten the fiberglass siding piece to a building.08-15-2013

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