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052 - Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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052220200 Load-bearing, prefabricated, abutting units with aligned utility passages 19
052220600 Suspended ceiling 16
052220700 Partition type (e.g., raceway arrangement) 13
052220800 Having a passageway through the entire wall, ceiling, or floor thickness (e.g., poke-through) 10
052220300 Multiple passageway or multicellular load-bearing units (e.g., grid or two parallel pipes in a slab) 6
052220500 Completed accessible continous trench duct type 1
20100050545UTILITY TRENCH COVER AND MANUFACTURING METHOD - A cover for a utility trench includes upper and lower surfaces enclosing a hollow cavity, which is subdivided by multiple, transverse channels recessed into an extending transversely across the lower surface. The channels form fused engagements or “kiss offs” with the upper surface, which increase the transverse rigidity of the cover for enhanced load-bearing capacity spanning across the opening formed by the trench. The hollow construction of the cover, which can comprise a suitable plastic, tends to minimize its weight A pair of flanges extend along respective sides of the cover and are bolted to the trench sidewall top edges in overlying relation. A pair of shoulders are formed inside the flanges and are adapted to extend into the trench with the cover positioned thereover. A method of manufacturing a utility trench cover includes rotary molding a hollow cover with kiss offs.03-04-2010
20100115865TILE ADAPTOR - The present invention relates a novel adaptor to position tiles or tile-like elements within or around a bathing apparatus, or both. The present invention further includes a method of using the tile adaptor for the installation of tiles. In a representative embodiment, the tile adaptor includes one or more flanges along at least one of its sides to allow the installation of tiles of a variety of thicknesses at a number of places. The adaptor is integrated in the final bathing apparatus. One or more adaptors may be positioned on the floor, wall and/or ceiling of the bathing apparatus, depending on the design of the bathing enclosure. Advantageously, the tile adaptor is easy to install and to use, and it may conveniently be manufactured from a lightweight material such as extruded plastic or a synthetic polymer.05-13-2010
20130036688System For Forming An Insulated Concrete Thermal Mass Wall - Disclosed herein is an insulated thermal mass concrete wall (02-14-2013
20120180411Concrete Sandwich Wall Insert - Improved concrete form insert assemblies (07-19-2012
20130047529ACCESS FLOOR PANEL - An access floor panel may have a core panel placed between a top pan and a bottom pan. The top pan and the bottom pan may be made from metal and may be formed around the core panel. The top pan may have a coating applied thereto, the coating may have one or more of several advantageous properties such as fire resistance, electrostatic dissipation properties, slip resistance, wear resistance and the like. In an embodiment, the coating may also have a predetermined surface pattern to give the panel an aesthetically pleasing look.02-28-2013
20130047530HOLLOWCORE SLABS - Hollowcore apparatus for forming a concrete hollowcore slab, comprises a casting bed, side wall elements extending longitudinally of the casting bed for defining sides of a casting mould, at least one non-sacrificial inflatable core former, at least one, preferably non-sacrificial sleeve for substantially receiving the core former, the core former and the sleeve being interconnected and the in use sleeve being turnable inside out by removal of the core former from the casting bed, and at least one holder for preventing or limiting uplift of the in use inflated core former and sleeve relative to the casting bed. A method and hollowcore slab are also provided.02-28-2013
20120216469In-Wall Pipe and Conduit Location Indicator Apparatus and Methods of Using the Same - An apparatus aids in indicating the location of pipe and conduit that may be within or behind walls. Specifically, an in-wall pipe and conduit location indicator apparatus helps to indicate the presence and location of pipes and conduit disposed behind drywall wallboard within a room in a building. Methods of using the same are further provided.08-30-2012
20100269435FLOOR STRUCTURE INCLUDING PLATE-SHAPED SUPPORTING PORTION - A floor structure includes a plurality of structural metal components that each have: a plate-shaped supporting portion that is laid either perpendicular or oblique to an installation surface; a plate-shaped top flange that extends from a top end portion of the supporting portion in parallel with the installation surface; a plate-shaped bottom flange that extends from a bottom end portion of the supporting portion in parallel with the installation surface and in the opposite direction from the top flange, wherein the structural metal components are laid on a flat surface in parallel with each other such that the top flange of one of the mutually adjacent structural metal components covers the bottom flange of the other of the mutually adjacent structural metal material.10-28-2010
20130067837Construction System Providing Structural Integrity with Integral Seal - A system for constructing a residential or commercial structure and/or retrofitting an existing structure provides a series of construction components employed that cooperate with standard construction materials to enhance the building structural integrity when subjected to destructive wind forces such as those commonly associated with hurricanes and tornados. The resultant strength of the structure is increased beyond what the standard construction materials were capable of on their own. The enhanced components further cooperate with standard construction materials to provide a secondary water sealing ability such that the typical veneer coverings of siding and/or shingles, which are typically required to provide a primary sealing system from water influent to the structure, are relegated to the role of cosmetics for the structure. The primary sealing ability of the shingles and/or the siding can be compromised in response to storm winds, yet the structure will remain watertight via the secondary sealing system.03-21-2013
20090056248ENCLOSURE AND METHOD THEREFOR - An enclosure includes a base. A frame includes a plurality of frame members. The frame members are coupled together and to the base using clips. Each clip includes a base coupled to a side surface of a first frame member. The clip further includes at least one lip extending from the base. The lip is sufficiently raised from the side surface of the first frame member to accept at least a portion of a second frame member between the lip and the side surface. A plurality of panels is coupled to the frame members. At least one panel is coupled to the base.03-05-2009
20120222374WALL SYSTEM - The present invention is directed to a block building system for building a wall structure that includes a plurality of pre-formed blocks configured to be stacked vertically upon one another to form the wall structure. Each block has at least one frustum-shaped protrusion on a top surface of the block, a horizontal channel formed in a bottom surface of the block, and at least one aperture extending vertically through an interior of the block. The system also has at least one base track, a plurality of T-shaped reinforcement members configured to engage with and extend upwardly from the track, a plurality of extension members that interlock with and extend T-shaped reinforcement members, and securing members. One or more courses of blocks can be vertically stacked over the base track by passing the T-shaped reinforcement members and/or extension members through the apertures formed in the blocks, thereby forming the wall structure.09-06-2012
20120233943Fire Protection Module - A fire protection module is provided for wall and ceiling openings. The fire protection module includes a sheath for insertion into the wall or ceiling opening and a flange to be placed at the wall or ceiling. The assembly of the fire protection module may be performed with few steps. For example, the sheath and the flange are embodied in one piece.09-20-2012
20120042592WALL ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE ELEMENT - A wall element includes a substantially rectangular shape with a first and a second side substantially parallel to each other, and a third side extending between the first and second side. In at least one embodiment, the wall element includes a first continuous layer of high performance concrete; a second continuous layer of high performance concrete, the second layer is substantially parallel to the first layer; a first elongated load bearing element; a second elongated load bearing element; and a transverse load bearing beam. In at least one embodiment, the first and second load bearing element and the transverse load bearing beam are positioned between the first and the second layer to separate the first and the second layer thereby generating an intermediate space within the element between the first and second layer; the first and second load bearing element are fastened in the first and second layer and extend along the first and the second side of the element; and the transverse load bearing beam is fastened in the first and second layer and extends the third side of the element. At least one embodiment furthermore relates to a method for producing the wall element defined above.02-23-2012
20110296778PRE-MANUFACTURED UTILITY WALL - The present invention relates to pre-manufactured utility walls that may be readily adapted for use in multi-story building construction. The present invention efficiently and conveniently consolidates utility components typically found in residential, institutional and/or commercial settings into a pre-manufactured, preassembled and, optionally, pre-bundled component at a site other than the building site.12-08-2011
20110289872WALL CLIP AND SHIM ADAPTED FOR INSULATING CONCRETE WALLS AND SIMILAR MATERIALS - Systems, components, and methods for attaching insulating foam panels to a wall provide additional insulation by virtue of the low thermal conductivity of the foam material of which the panels are made. Structural elements disposed within the panels provide attachment features used for fixing the panels to the wall, and also provide a structural mounting for finishing materials that may be placed on the wall. A clip attaches to the attachment features and is then affixed to the wall. One or more shims may be attached to the clip for accommodating irregularities in the wall. The shims also may be used in a variety of additional applications where accommodation for irregularities in spacing is desired.12-01-2011
20090288354MOLDED CONSTRUCTION BLOCKS HAVING INTEGRALLY MOLDED KNOCK-OUTS FOR CREATION OF OPENINGS FOR ELECTRICAL BLOCKS AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - Masonry blocks are provided with at least one pre-formed or easily formed opening for an electrical box without requiring that an opening be cut with a saw or a chisel. One exemplary masonry block has at least one integrally molded opening for receiving an electrical box. Another exemplary masonry block has at least one integrally-molded knock-out that provides a selectably removable opening for receiving an electrical box. The knock-out may be formed of the same material from which the masonry block is molded, and may be, for example, formed with a thinned portion of a wall of the block or a plurality of cuts in a portion of a wall shaped the same as the electrical box opening.11-26-2009
20120096785PREFABRICATED STRUCTURAL BUILDING FRAME AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - The present invention relates to prefabricated structural building frames and, in particular, to foam-filled exterior wall frames for a building structure such as a house. In a preferred embodiment, each wall frame includes a foam facade on one side of the frame for receiving a finishing material and service cut-outs on the opposed internal side of the frame. The present invention also relates to a method of manufacturing the frames in accordance with building design data.04-26-2012
20100126089STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS - The present invention relates to building elements (A) for building of framings of joists or walls. Each building element consists of trapezoid thin sheet here called profile plate (05-27-2010
20100077681Utility floorbox for use with ice covered floors - A utility floorbox for use with ice covered floors which is constructed with a housing or frame having a cover and a sealing member therebetween so that access can be obtained to the interior of the floorbox for accessing the utilities therein. The floorbox is water tight, so that it does not interfere with utility applications, such as electrical applications. A cover is provided with the floorbox and is designed to withstand heavy loads which may be imposed on the floor by utility trucks, or the like.04-01-2010
20100088984LIGHTWEIGHT COMPOSITIONS AND ARTICLES CONTAINING SUCH - A lightweight cementitious composition containing from 22 to 90 volume percent of a cement composition and from 10 to 78 volume percent of particles having an average particle diameter of from 0.2 mm to 8 mm, a bulk density of from 0.03 g/cc to 0.64 g/cc, an aspect ratio of from 1 to 3, where after the lightweight cementitious composition is set it has a compressive strength of at least 1700 psi as tested according to ASTM C39. The cementitious composition can be used to make concrete masonry units, construction panels, road beds and other articles and can be included as a layer on wall panels and floor panels and can be used in insulated concrete forms. Aspects of the lightweight cementitious composition can be used to make lightweight structural units.04-15-2010
20090090073Cable management system for a raised floor grid system - A cable management system for managing electrical cables in a raised floor grid system is provided. The cable management system includes a cable enclosure including side walls and a base together defining an enclosure cavity. Each of the side walls defines a cable opening and a plurality of bracket openings in communication with the enclosure cavity. The cable management system also includes a sealing assembly installed in each of the cable openings, and a plurality of equipment brackets mountable to the sidewalls via the bracket openings, which are configured to enable mounting of the equipment brackets in vertical and angled orientations. The cable management system further includes a plurality of support brackets connectable to support structure of the raised floor grid system for supporting the cable enclosure on the support structure. The cable enclosure can be installed in the raised floor grid system by removing only a single floor tile.04-09-2009
20110203202CONCRETE FORM BLOCK AND FORM BLOCK STRUCTURE - A concrete form block for construction of a building includes first and second panel devices, each having inner and outer faces separated by ribs. Projecting connectors are disposed on the inner faces and each has a pin-receiving aperture. U-shaped couplers are used to connect the two panel devices together so that their inner faces are parallel. Each connector has first and second connecting pins and these are received in the apertures of the connectors of the panel devices, with each pin being pivotable in its aperture after insertion. The panel devices can be moved from a collapsed configuration having at least a reduced space between the inner faces and an in-use configuration with more space between these faces. There is also disclosed a panel structure having upper and lower channel forming frames connected to an outer wall portion thereof. These form a channel for receiving equipment for utilities.08-25-2011
20110203200DECK SYSTEM - A system of mounting an array of decking material including a sub frame and a support grid including a plurality of boards mounted on top of the sub frame. A plurality of pavers may be laid on top of the grid system, with each paver held to the grid system by a plurality of clips. Each clip attached to the support grid and engaging a groove formed along an outer edge of the paver, the clips not extending to or above a top surface of the pavers.08-25-2011
20110203201Insulated pipe and duct mounting arrangement - An outdoor insulated pipe and duct mounting system includes a wall mounted receiver arranged to receive an insulated pipe or duct provided with an insulation pipe protector which connects and seals to the receiver. The combined system is able to accommodate insulated pipes of different sized diameters and can accommodate one or more inlets within the same receiver with a high degree of flexibility and unique mechanical connection security. The mounted wall receiver system is arranged to receive the insulated piping from any directional angle with a unique full rotation inlet capability. The system serves buildings with outdoor installed air conditioning line sets, insulated pipes, and conduit that have the need to penetrate the building envelope in order to be connected to the buildings indoor mechanical, plumbing, or electrical systems. The system is designed to be installed as an option for new construction applications, to upgrade existing installations, to replace existing installations and for addition to existing installations, but all in an aesthetic and efficient way.08-25-2011
20090183450ASSEMBLY TYPE WALL STRUCTURE - An assembly type wall structure is disclosed. The assembly type wall structure may be used as a vertical wall in an interior space and includes a plurality of wall units. Each wall units together to form a wall and may connect this wall with the corresponding ceiling, walls and floor of the interior space. Hence, the assembly type wall structure may be used as a vertical wall in an interior space and has the advantages of fast and simple implementation.07-23-2009
20090320391SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PLUGGING CORE HOLES - A system, device and method for plugging core holes. A core hole plug includes a top compression plate, a bottom compression plate and a rubber expansion ring that separates the top and bottom compression plates. A beveled screw hole can be created on the top compression plate. The beveled screw hole matches the angle of bottom surface of the head of a flat head bolt to ensure that the bolt remains flush with the top compression plate. The rubber expansion ring can be squeezed between the top and bottom compression plates as the flat head bolt is screwed into a threaded receiver nut formed on the bottom compression plate. An installation tool can be utilized to install the core hole plug so that the top compression plate remains flush with an existing floor surface.12-31-2009
20080263974Mobile divider for an aircraft - A mobile divider for an aircraft or an aircraft cabin with a first wall section, a second wall section that is essentially arranged parallel to the first wall section and a cable duct that is arranged between the first wall section and the second wall section. The cable duct protrudes over an edge of the first wall section and an edge of the second wall section in at least one location. This makes it possible to route a supply line such as, for example, an electric line in the cable duct within the divider and also in the transition region between the divider and, for example, a cabin supply channel such that the supply line is not visible to a passenger traveling in the cabin, particularly in the transition region from the mobile divider into the supply channel.10-30-2008
20100192490ASSEMBLY FOR PIPE FINISHING WORK - An assembly for a pipe finishing work includes a support bracket supported on side walls, facing each other, of a pair of drywalls separated from each other and having a guide rail formed long in a direction crossing the pair of drywalls, a panel member penetrated by a pipe arranged between the pair of drywalls and having a finishing member coupled thereto to close a gap between the pair of drywalls in a state in which the penetrating pipe is exposed outside, and a guide rib installed at the guide rail to be capable of sliding with the panel member along the guide rail to position align the panel member with respect to the pipe.08-05-2010
20100154331PRE-INSULATED STRUCTURAL BUILDING PANELS - An apparatus and method for constructing pre-insulated structural panels is disclosed that has a tongue and groove assembly arrangement. Each panel may include one or more c-channels or profiles embedded in expandable polystyrene (EPS) foam to provide structural integrity to the panels, and resulting wall. The panels may be covered with siding, stucco, or similar materials. A chase may be formed horizontally in the panels to provide a wiring conduit through the panel. The panel may also provide when assembled, a vertical chase formed between the mated panels along the length of the panel for wiring. Acoustical properties may be formed in the surface of the EPS portions to provided added acoustical damping measures.06-24-2010
20100313503Multifunctional Floor Pods - A floor pod (12-16-2010
20120031025INSULATED NATURAL LOG CABIN - Interior insulation slots cut vertically through natural logs align to form a full wall interior insulation space within the stacked natural log wall. A plank cut out of the interior of each log is used in the interior structure of the building. Solid ends of the logs form corners with intersecting walls. Structural metal posts within the interior insulation space bind the logs together. Foam and vapor barrier insulation fill the interior insulation space. Only the curved natural log surfaces are exposed on the exterior and interior walls.02-09-2012
20090038246Universal Stud - A framing system for a new or existing wall, structure and/or the like is provided that uses just one type of unit or member—the universal stud. The universal stud serves as a stud and plate or track. With a plurality of the universal studs having the same slot configuration at each end and two sides of the universal stud receiving that same slot configuration, allows for a multitude of jobs to be done with just one type of unit. The universal stud flange sides are mended with holes along its length in order to allow wiring and pipes to be hung from the universal stud while not endangering cutting the wiring and/or pipes. Moreover, the universal stud wall has inherent qualities that make it the single solution to many types of framing jobs and job problems. The present universal stud provides walls and/or structures that are thinner, have any profile to each side, soundproof, have chases within it, provide bracing construction, and provides the flexibility to be used within other wall studs.02-12-2009
20120186174Wall Molds For Concrete Structure with Structural Insulating Core - The present invention relates to wall molds for forming concrete columns and beams using a structural insulating core wall comprising of structural support members with spacer blocks or spacer insulation with inner and outer boards between the support members. The spacer blocks interlock vertically and horizontally between spacer blocks and/or the spacer insulation with its inner and outer boards, between the support channels and connectors, between the trough, horizontal tongue and the horizontal bracing channel all interlocking between each other and the column and beam molds into which concrete is poured into the molds when erected vertically. The beam and column molds use various types of connectors, the structural insulating core, the structural support members within the wall extending above the structural insulating core and the inner and outer boards.07-26-2012
20100058685FLOOR TILE AND AIR HANDLING SYSTEM USING TILE - A floor tile has a top surface, a lower surface substantially parallel to the top surface, and at least one base mount extending along the lower surface of the floor tile at at least one respective mounting angle. A panel can be selectively mounted in a base mount of the floor tile and configured such that a mounted panel projects from the lower surface at a projection angle. An air handling system employing a plurality of the tiles enables formation of baffles in a plenum below mounted tiles by arranging the mounted panel edges.03-11-2010
20100064608Wire management System - A wire management system and method for protecting wires originating from roof-mountable photovoltaic panels, including system components made up of base support (s), an elongated tray and an elongated cap or cover piece. The base supports are mountable to the roof, the elongated tray fits within the base supports, and the cap or cover piece overlies the tray and interlocks with the base supports. Wires from the photovoltaic panels are threaded within the base supports, through the tray, and protected by the cover piece.03-18-2010
20110047908HIGH-STRENGTH INSULATED BUILDING PANEL WITH INTERNAL STUD MEMBERS - The invention is directed to a building panel which has structural integrity. A plurality of stud members with opposed side surfaces and opposed end surfaces extend from a first face of the panel toward a second face. The plurality of stud members are spaced from each other and extend in a direction which is essentially parallel to each other. A rigid foam fills the volume of the panel which is not filled by the plurality of stud members. The rigid foam is bonded to at least one side surface of each of the plurality of stud members. The bonding of the rigid foam to the plurality of stud members results in a stable and strong panel which is capable of accommodating large shear loads.03-03-2011
20110047907METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR POSITIONING HEATING ELEMENTS - An underlayment system is provided that includes a plurality of bosses that emanate form a common base member. The bosses and bases preferably include an opening therethrough that will allow for subsequent layers of adhesive to interact and bond to each other. The bosses are also spaced in such a way to help secure a wire snugly therebetween.03-03-2011
20110252728INSULATION PANEL SYSTEM - A wall system includes a first wall section a structural portion, such as concrete block construction. A second wall section mounts to the first wall section and includes insulating panels connected in an edge to edge relationship to form a continuous insulating layer. A third wall section of conventional finishing materials such as drywall, paneling or exterior finish layer mounts over the second wall section. Each of the insulating panels includes mounting elements at least partially embedded therein that provide for mounting the panels to the first layer and for mounting the third wall section to the second wall section. Each of the panels is lightweight and may be water impervious. The panels have ridges formed therein that define channels for routing wiring and other components. The panels also include complementary edges and complementary alignment features.10-20-2011
20100319279Modular Building Block System and Method of Manufacture - A block for use in a building panel includes a plurality of layer components. Each of the layer components is separately formed from the others. Each of the layer components provides a load-bearing support function, an environmental protection function, and/or a utility function. The constructive material used to form each of the layer components and a configuration of each of the layer components are selected so as to allow the building panel to meet at least one predetermined criteria when the block is disposed in the building panel and coupled to other blocks.12-23-2010
20110072744HOUSING CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM - A wall surfacing system for providing a secondary ceiling or wall covering structure adjacent a primary structure. The system provides a plurality of elongated structural support rails, each of these support rails have a coupling web with a bearing surface for attachment to the primary structure, a coupling mechanism, and a stringer portion integrally formed with and connecting the coupling web to the coupling mechanism. A plurality of generally planar surface panels are provided. Each panel has an integral interlocking member configured to mate with the coupling mechanism on the support rail. The elongated support rails are secured to primary structures, thereby extending the surface panels to form an aesthetically pleasing covered surface.03-31-2011
20120167498Removable Bulkheads for Building Fixtures - The present invention is directed towards a series of removable bulkheads which surround and protect immovable building fixtures such as sprinkler and plumbing lines, heating and ventilation ducts, electrical and telecommunications wiring. A single bulkhead is generally comprised of a vertical panel and a horizontal panel. The bulkheads attach to preexisting ceilings and walls and provide a quick and cost effective method of concealing fixtures and allow easy access to renovate or repair the fixtures.07-05-2012
20090301009Concrete Floor Device - A concrete floor assembly is disclosed including a subfloor element with a floor side and a ground/ceiling side, and a top casting layer. In at least one embodiment, the subfloor element includes a concrete portion on the floor side, which concrete portion has a bottom casting surface with a surface roughness. The top casting layer includes a casting composition, which includes a self-compacting concrete and a shrinkage reducing admixture. The top casting layer is cast on the floor side of the subfloor element so that at least a portion of the bottom casting surface is covered by the top casting layer, the bottom casting surface having such surface roughness that the top casting layer adheres to the bottom casting surface. A method of providing such a concrete floor assembly is also disclosed, as well as a floor assembly.12-10-2009
20110258948WALL BLOCK AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE THEREOF - A wall block includes two finished wall material layers attached to a frame where the tops of the wall blocks are configured to support other wall blocks. Exterior wall blocks for constructing exterior walls include an interior wall material layer and an exterior wall material layer. Interior wall blocks include interior wall material layers on both vertical sides of the frame. Walls are formed by stacking and gluing the prefabricated wall blocks and vertically aligning the wall blocks in an offset or in a vertical configuration to form a stack bond, running bond, or offset running bond wall configuration. The interior wall material layers and exterior wall material layers do not require further finishing after a wall is assembled thereby greatly reducing labor costs.10-27-2011
20100024329System and Method for Floor Covering Installation - Connectors for joining adjacent modular floor covering units. Embodiments of the connectors include a film and an adhesive layer coated on one side of the film. The connectors can have a conductive component that allows electrical continuity to be maintained between adjacent tiles. In yet another embodiment, the connectors can be equipped as radio frequency identification tags by including radio frequency transponders. To install tiles using the connectors, a first tile is placed on the floor and a connector is positioned so that the adhesive layer faces upward and does not contact the floor. The connector is typically positioned so that only a portion of the adhesive layer adheres to the underside of the tile, leaving the remainder of the connector extending from the underside of the tile. One or more tiles are then positioned adjacent the first tile so that a portion of the connector adheres to the adjacent tiles. In this way, the connectors span adjacent tile edges. The tiles are assembled on an underlying flooring surface without the need to attach them to the floor surface. Rather, the tiles are linked to each other with the connectors, so that the tiles create a floor covering that “floats” on the underlying floor surface. Additionally, the tiles need not be installed directly on the floor surface. Rather, an underlayment, such as a film or cushion or cushion composite, may be positioned on the floor surface prior to the installation of tiles.02-04-2010
20090126293TELECOMMUNICATIONS SHELTER WITH EMERGENCY COOLING AND AIR DISTRIBUTION ASSEMBLY - A telecommunications outdoor shelter having an interior chamber containing one or more vertical racks of telecommunications and/or electronic components, and an AC powered air conditioner configured to deliver cooled air to said interior chamber, is characterized by a back-up cooling apparatus comprising: an outdoor refrigeration system exterior to the interior chamber configured for supplying refrigerant or chilled heat transfer fluid to an evaporator mounted in the interior chamber and for rejecting heat to ambient outside air; an air cooling unit comprising an air handler and evaporator mounted in the interior chamber and configured to receive refrigerant or heat transfer fluid from the outdoor refrigeration system and provide cool air to the interior chamber; an air distribution assembly cooperating with the comprising air cooling unit and one or more primary air ducts for directing cooled air from the evaporator and a plurality of secondary air ducts communicating with each of the primary air ducts, wherein each of the secondary air ducts is configured for delivering cooled air to one or more selected vertical racks at one or more vertical levels and wherein the handler includes one or more fans for moving warm air from the interior chamber to the evaporator and forcing cooled air through the one or more primary air ducts and the one or more secondary air ducts; an electric power generating unit configured to provide power for operating the outdoor refrigeration system and the indoor air cooling unit; and a sensor configured to initiate operation of the back-up cooling apparatus in response to AC power outage and/or interior chamber air temperature.05-21-2009
20120304562ARCHITECTONIC SPACER BUILDING SYSTEM - The architectonic spacer building system is a simplified prefabrication assembly using industrialised building system concept. The architectonic spacer building system for skeleton construction includes a spacer (12-06-2012
20110099926NOVEL SUSTANABLE BUILDING MODEL - The present invention relates to a novel sustainable building, the outer enclosures, roofs and foundations of which form an envelope that is formed, with the exception of doors, windows and chimneys, by a central core (05-05-2011
20090126292KNOCKDOWN STRUCTURE AND METHODS OF ASSEMBLING SAME - A knockdown structure and assembly method are provided so as to prevent cracking of the sealant, reinforce the junction between sections, and improve the livability of the structure. A structure's body is assembled by using a mortar-powder mixed adhesive to join together a plurality of sections that are made of foam polystyrene and that constitute the parts of a structure having a predetermined shape. The adhesive is applied to cover at least the places where the sections are joined together with a woven inorganic-fiber mesh sheet. A sealant is applied, made by dispersing inorganic fiber and mortar powder in a plastic-type paint, onto the exterior and interior faces of the structure in a predetermined thickness. Onto the sealant of the exterior of the structure is applied, on the exterior of the structure, a paint that is water repellant and can screen out ultraviolet light, and applying, over the sealant of the interior of the structure, a clayey paint made of natural substances.05-21-2009
20100095613Prefabricated Building Panels and Structures, Building, Methods and Systems Relating to Same - Wall and floor structures of a building each comprise a base layer comprising prefabricated panels with grooved inner faces and a covering layer disposed over the panels to cooperate with walls of the grooves to define channels extending along the panels. Selected grooves contain in-floor heating elements and electrical wiring and routing components. A prefabricated corner panel is formed by notching out an oversized channel in the same type of panel, bending the panel along the channel and filling a remaining gap at the so-formed corner bend with a higher r-value insulation than the rest of the panel. Wall and floor panels are joined by a connector having a C-shaped portion that caps exterior floor panel edges and an integral projecting portion inserted into a slot formed in the wall panel's insulating layer at a bottom edge of the floor panel.04-22-2010
20090282759RELOCATABLE BUILDING WALL CONSTRUCTION - A relocatable wall construction includes a center sheet (preferably magnesium oxide), vertical strips, floor and ceiling attachment strips, and tongue-and-groove connectors for joining adjacent aligned panels (also called vertical strips). Fasteners connect components together, and can include magnets, bolts, screws clips, and/or hook-tabs. Magnetic tape can be used for releasable attachment to outer sheets, along with fibrous sound-deadening material for noise reduction and slots for providing adjustment for non-uniform floors and ceilings.11-19-2009
20110179731CONSTRUCTION METHOD FOR WOODEN HOUSE AND WALL PANEL - A plurality of columns are erected with predetermined spacing on a groundsill. Then, a wall panel composed of a plurality of paulownia plates laminated, with the grains of the paulownia plates being crossed, is fixed between these columns. One surface of the wall panel is used as an external wall and the other surface of the wall panel is used as an internal wall to form the walls of the wooden house.07-28-2011
20120073221DEVICE FOR LEADING PIPES OF A SOLAR CELL THROUGH A ROOF - A device for leading pipes (03-29-2012
20120272594WAVE RIPPLE PANEL - Systems, apparatuses, and methods configured for installing a decorative feature having a wave-like appearance. For example, a system for installing the decorative feature can include one or more mounts configured to attach to a support structure and support one or more decorative panels. The system can also include a plurality of decorative panels configured to be disposed within or supported by the mounts. Each decorative panel can have a concave or convex configuration to produce a wave-like appearance.11-01-2012
20120079782SUPPORT BEAM STRUCTURE CAPABLE OF EXTENDING SPAN AND REDUCING HEIGHT OF CEILING STRUCTURE AND INSTALLING METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed are a support beam structure capable of extending a span and reducing a height of a ceiling structure and an installing method thereof. The support beam structure includes an H-beam extending in a longitudinal direction, an inclined extension part fastened to a lower surface or a side surface of the H-beam and inclined in such a way as to flare at an upper end thereof, a reinforcing part for reinforcing the inclined extension part, a deck placed on an upper end of the inclined extension part, and a concrete layer for filling a top of the inclined extension part, a top of the H-beam, and a top of the deck.04-05-2012
20120317904WALL PANEL AND METHOD - The disclosure provides a system and method for constructing support structures in buildings or other projects, which can support molds for use when pouring reinforced concrete slabs. The disclosed structures can accommodate more than one molds stacked vertically one over the other, and can remain in place to define walls or other separators in the completed structure. In one embodiment, the disclosed structure is a wall panel including a frame and vertical support members. The wall panel includes features allowing the vertical stacking of multiple wall panels. The wall panel includes a load distribution member in the form of a T-beam with a web portion disposed between the vertical support members.12-20-2012
20100162645INTEGRATED WALKWAY SYSTEM - A walkway system comprising a plurality of support assemblies, each having a pair of spaced apart beam support plates on an upper side thereof, and a plurality of pairs of beams. Each pair of beams is supported by pairs of spaced apart beam support plates of at least two support assemblies. A plurality of cross members extend between lower portions of the pairs of beams. The cross members are configured to support one or more cables resting thereupon. A plurality of decking members extend between the pairs of beams. The decking members are secured to upper sides of the beams. The cross members, beams and decking members cooperate to form a partial enclosure for the cables, thereby eliminating the need for a separate cable tray.07-01-2010
20120247038CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM USING INTERLOCKING PANELS - A system for constructing a structure, such as a wall, by assembling a plurality of interlocking panels together, is provided. Each of the panels includes a core made of an insulating material, preferably, an expanded polystyrene (EPS). Importantly, the panels include stiffeners (studs) on the outer surfaces; each spaced, preferably, about 24 inches on center (OC), to form a rigid exoskeleton. Unlike in conventional wood framing, the studs do not extend from the exterior surface to the interior surface. Instead, the studs are each structured as C-shaped supports wherein each stud is inserted into a grove pair cut into the core. Accordingly, conduction across the studs from the exterior to the interior, and vice versa, does not occur because the studs do not extend through the panels.10-04-2012
20130133277Insulating Wall Panel System - An insulating panel to be used in a panelized insulation system for insulating and finishing walls, including basement walls has a foam core made of inorganic materials. The system incorporates a capillary break, an integrated water drainage system and an electrical wire chase system within an insulating wall panel. Vertical slots are provided for insertion of metal studs for use in attaching the interior finish panel, such as inorganic fiber cement board with a vinyl laminate finish, onto the insulating panels. Embedding metal studs in the panel core reduces the sound transmission though the panel and eliminates thermal bridging between warm and cold surfaces. Steps on the edges and the top/bottom surfaces of the insulating panel allow more panels to join together with shiplap joints.05-30-2013
20130180190EVOLVING BUILDING STRUCTURES IMPROVEMENTS - There is provided building structures that are demountable from a first configuration to be reassemblable to the first configuration or another configuration. The building structures include systems and kits for the structure, post anchors, kits for floor structure, method for assembling floor structures, wall and ceiling support systems, electrical junction box supports, and kits for frame assembly.07-18-2013
20130180191COMPOSITE BUILDING MODULE WITH A THERMAL MASS RADIATOR - A precast monolithic concrete prefabricated, composite building construction module formed of a substantially planar rear wall. The rear wall has embedded therewithin a radiator pipe for circulating a fluid at a temperature that is different from an ambient temperature of the modular component within the rear wall. The module may comprise at least one side wall integral with the rear wall that terminates at one end at a corresponding end of the rear wall. The rear wall has a length and each of the at least one side walls has a length and extending in a first direction substantially normally away from the rear wall sufficient to substantially enclose and define walls of a standard facility, the at least one side wall supporting the rear wall to cause the module to be free-standing while devoid of lateral support. The radiator pipes are interconnected through inlet/outlet junctions by tubing with other inlet/outlet junctions to permit a single circulating fluid source to circulate fluid through the radiator pipes of a plurality of the modules making up a building structure.07-18-2013
20110271616NATURALLY SOURCED BUILDING MATERIALS - The present invention provides environmentally friendly compositions, resins comprising the same, and composites thereof.11-10-2011
20120023844PIPE INSULATION SYSTEM - A modular shell system of a hard insulation material fabricated in a geometric shape that encapsulates a pipe in insulation is provided. In an attic installation for example, the entire insulation component is inserted over a pipe and into the space between the building structural wood framing members resting on the interior sheathing below. By placing a series of these interlocking insulating modules along a pipe that is run perpendicular to the building construction members, the piping is encapsulated in a continuous insulating system along its entire length. This design facilitates natural heat flow into the pipe with an open pipe slot cavity in the insulating module that allows natural convection heat to pass up through the elongated piping slot, allowing it to come into contact with this piping.02-02-2012


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