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052 - Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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052204591 Spacing pane from disparate edging 38
052204620 Attaching means securing a pane to a sash member or to another pane 29
052209000 Having a drain or vent 17
052208000 Panel or panel edging, directly clamped or adhered to wall 10
052204530 Architrave; i.e., molding or finish strip touching pane face 9
052204550 Sash having integral securing means (e.g., nailing strip) 7
052204610 Decorative grill attached to sash 4
20100236167Divided light windows having magnetically-attached grids - An improved simulated authentic divided-light windows, includes an internal muntin grid structure sandwiched between the panes of a double-glazed sealed window pane, and an external muntin grid removably attached to each side of the sealed window pane. The internal grid is equipped with multiple neodymium magnets, which are embedded in the grid structure at regular intervals, while the back side of each of the outer muntin grid structures is equipped with multiple steel or iron inserts which align with the neodymium magnets when the outer grids are positioned, as intended, on the sash. Outer grids used on the inside of a building can be made of wood or plastic. Outer grids used on the exterior of building are preferably made of extruded aluminum or other weather resistant material. The steel or iron inserts are threadably secured or adhesively bonded to apertures in the back side of the grid.09-23-2010
20100154330Muntin Clip - A muntin clip has a bar support adapted to be connected to a muntin bar end and a base member adapted to be connected to a spacer frame. The bar support has a plurality of flexible support members attached thereto, which are adapted to contact the opposed interior walls of the muntin bar end and deform in response to such contact. The base member has two flexible members forming a flexible latching structure which is adapted to deform when inserted into the spacer frame. The muntin clip to be used with muntin bars and spacer frames having a range of different dimensions and configurations.06-24-2010
20110239560Glass Panel Rail Support System - A support rail having replaceable decorative side covers for mounting a glass panel on a window, door frame or other mounting structure. The support rail includes opposed longitudinally extending rail sections that cooperate to define an upper U-shaped channel for receiving an edge portion of a glass panel and a lower inverted U-shaped channel for receiving a portion of a mounting structure. A clamping assembly carried by the rail sections operatively connects the sections together to effect securement of the rail to the glass panel and mounting structure. A pair of decorative side covers are slidably mounted along the rail sections by means of flanges formed at the upper and lower ends of the side covers that project into grooves formed in the rail section. A pair of end plates are removably mounted on the rail sections for holding the side covers in place on the rail sections and allowing the removal thereof.10-06-2011
20110131903MUNTIN CLIP - A muntin clip comprises a base having an interior face and an opposed exterior face. The interior and exterior faces extend between a first end positionable towards the first glazing pane and a second end positionable towards the second glazing pane. A muntin connector extends from the interior face. The muntin connector comprises a tongue receivable within the muntin bar and frictionally securable therein. A seal connector extends from the exterior face. The seal connector comprises a side plate positionable between the seal and the first glazing pane. The side plate has an inner face positionable to face the seal and an opposed outer face. At least one tooth extends from the inner face. The at least one tooth is insertable into the seal.06-09-2011
052204710 U-shaped channel formed of separate strips overlapping pane edge, front, and back 4
20130186018WINDOW HAVING AN ENCAPSULATED PROFILED SEAL AND INSERT FASTENED TO THE SEAL, FASTENER FOR FASTENING THE INSERT FOR THE WINDOW AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE WINDOW - A window including a glazed element, at least one portion of a profiled seal, at least one insert or a trim, and at least one fastener for fastening the insert to the portion of the profiled seal. The fastener includes a plate having a longitudinal axis, the plate being at least partially overmolded in the portion of the profiled seal and supporting at least two flanges located outside the portion of the profiled seal, for fastening the insert to the fastener, the flanges being longitudinally offset.07-25-2013
20090120017HOLDING DEVICE FOR SASH MEMBER - A holding device for a sash member (05-14-2009
20100018140PLASTIC PROFILE FOR WINDOW, DOOR AND FACADE ELEMENTS - A plastic profile for window, door and facade elements includes a plastic profile body, which extends in a longitudinal direction (z), and at least one outer side, which is located outside in a transverse direction (x) perpendicular to the longitudinal direction (z) as viewed in a cross-section (x-y) perpendicular to the longitudinal direction (z). The outer side includes two roll-in protrusions configured such that a reinforcement element is connectable with the plastic profile body by a rolled-in connection. The reinforcement element has at least one of a hollow profile, a partially-open profile and a receptacle portion configured to accommodate a corner connector, wherein at least one of the hollow profile, the partially-open profile and the receptacle portion is disposed between the roll-in protrusions in the rolled-in state.01-28-2010
20090205271FIRE-RATED LIGHT KIT - A fire-rated light kit for a fire-resistant partition includes a track for holding a window pane in an aperture of the partition. The track includes a channel for capturing an edge of the window pane, and a flange. A first intumescent material is positioned under the track to seal between the track and the partition. A second intumescent layer is positioned on top of the track. A flammable molding material can be positioned over the flange of the track. In the event of heat or flame, the second intumescent layer expands and pushes the flammable trim away from the glass and/or partition.08-20-2009
052204600 Multiple panes within a sash 4
20080245002Device and Method for Fixing Glass Windows to an Outer Wall Construction - The invention relates to a profile for fixing a glass window comprising an inner pane and an outer pane to an outer wall construction, wherein the inner pane and the outer pane are separated by an insulating cavity, wherein the profile comprises a spacing profile which is adapted to extend between the inner pane and the outer pane of the window on the periphery of the window, a fixing profile which is adapted for connection to at least one of the panes of the window and to the outer wall construction, wherein the spacing profile and the fixing profile are combined into a unitary profile comprising a spacing part and a fixing part. This measure results in a considerable cost reduction, particularly in respect of the mounting, since only one profile need after all be placed.10-09-2008
20090301006Bonded Window - A multi-pane window unit is described which comprises 12-10-2009
20110296775TOGGLE ASSEMBLY FOR RETAINING A PANEL MEMBER - The present invention relates to a toggle assembly that can be used with a curtain wall system to retain infills of panel members. A toggle assembly of the present invention is sufficiently designed to simultaneously retain in place a first infill of a first panel member and a first infill of a second panel member on both sides of a mullion, wherein at least a portion of the toggle assembly directly engages at least a portion of the first infill of the first panel member and at least a portion of the first infill of the second panel member.12-08-2011
20110296776SASH BINDER - Another exemplary embodiment relates to a sash assembly. The sash assembly includes an outer sash having at least one groove, an inner sash having at least one groove, and a removable binder extending along a perimeter of a surface of the outer sash and inner sash. The binder is configured to engage the outer sash and the inner sash and to mechanically couple the outer sash and the inner sash together. The binder includes a plurality of protrusions. Each protrusion is configured to mate with one of the groove in the inner sash and the groove in the outer sash. Each protrusion includes a plurality of flexible barbs that are compressed when the protrusion mates with one of the grooves. The flexible barbs provide a force on interior edges of the groove to couple the inner sash and outer sash together. The binder is configured for removal for service of the sash assembly.12-08-2011
052204590 Ornamental type; e.g., stained glass or mosaic type 1
20090056247Panel Assembly For Decoration Glass - A panel assembly for decoration glass is disclosed herein, which is to be attached to a side of a pane of transparent glass. The panel assembly includes a panel piece and at least one embedding piece. The panel piece is a thin plate and has at least one through hole. The embedding piece is corresponding to and fitted in the through hole. The embedding pieces are configured as a pattern or a character and have various colors. When the panel assembly is attached to the glass, it gives the glass a vivid appearance. The individual embedding pieces or the whole panel assembly may be replaced with other colors or patterns to make the glass present a diverse appearance.03-05-2009
052204580 Finite tie for intersection of panes (i.e., corner) 1
20090145063LINKING ELEMENTS DESIGNED TO EQUIP PANELS, IN PARTICULAR GLASS PANELS, FOR FIXING AND PANELS EQUIPPED WITH SAME - A system for assembly between a connecting element and at least one cavity positioned on a surface portion situated on an edge face of a substrate, particularly made of a fragile material of glass type. The connecting element is configured to be accommodated in the cavity that has curved and retaining walls, the cavity being made at the edge face of the substrate.06-11-2009
052204510 Having a fixed pane and a movable pane 1
20090013623WINDOW ASSEMBLY FOR SCHOOL BUS - A window module for a school bus includes a frame, a fixed window panel affixed to a portion of the frame, a perimeter panel secured to another portion of the frame and defining an opening at the other portion of the frame, and a movable window panel. The movable window panel is slidably positioned at the frame and movable along channel members and interiorly of the fixed window panel when opened and interiorly of and generally at the perimeter panel when at least partially closed. The exterior surfaces of the fixed window panel and of the perimeter panel may form a generally flush surface at an exterior of the school bus when the window assembly is installed at the school bus.01-15-2009
20100043320WINDOW MOLDING ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF INSTALLING - A window molding assembly comprises a box frame having a right side, left side, top side and window sill. The box frame is configured to fit with an opening of an existing window opening with a portion of the window sill extending from the window opening. A plurality of decorative molding pieces are attached to the front of box frame and extending laterally therefrom a decorative front fascia to cover a front edge of the window opening.02-25-2010
20090313921MODIFIED GLAZING ASSEMBLY FOR ROUGH OPENINGS - A modified flexible sealing membrane is provided for sealing the gap between the frame of an industrial window and the rough opening in which the window is received (“building gap”). The membrane is formed from a flexible sheet defining an integral projection for receipt in an adaptor connected to the window frame. On one side of this projection, the flexible sheet defines an outer membrane portion which is wide enough to seal the building gap. On the other side of this projection, the flexible sheet defines an inner membrane portion which is wide enough to seal the gap that is often found between the different structural members which combine to form the window frame (“frame gap”).12-24-2009
20080245001Window Cladding Device, Method and System - A strip of cladding covering an exterior window frame or mullion and joints between the frame or mullion and the surfaces of the adjacent window panes. The strip has a cover with first and second longitudinal opposing sides for placement over the frame or mullion and at least one joint. The first side has a first seal running substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the cover for sealing the cover to the exterior surface of a window pane. The second side has a second seal running substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the cover for sealing the cover to the frame or another window pane. The cover is attachable to the frame or mullion for sealing the frame and adjacent joint or mullion and adjacent joints between the first seal and the second seal, in a substantially water resistant manner.10-09-2008
20080216424Window joining system - A mullion assembly is disclosed comprising a pair of complementary mullion clip portions, each configured to be self retaining or frictionally engaged to a pair of window frames. Each mullion clip portion is configured to snap into corresponding recesses in the first or second window frame without the need for additional fasteners. The clip portions include integrally formed thermal barrier tabs to block airflow between the window frames. The clip portions may also have self-aligning features such as correspondingly shaped projections and recesses formed in abutting surfaces of the clip halves to facilitate alignment and fit-up of the window frames. The mullion clips may also have barbs for engaging interior and exterior snap on covers that are used to cover the gap between the first and second window frames and form a finished outer appearance.09-11-2008
20090151277WINDOW CLADDING - A window cladding assembly that fits on the inside of an awning or casement type window unit to cover from view the frame of the window unit and the perimeter of the window unit sash06-18-2009
20090139162Bedroom windows that opens itself to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning without external electrical supply - A bedroom window that detects predetermined levels of carbon monoxide and automatically open by itself to save the occupants lives without any external electrical supply, replaceable alkaline batteries or any human action; this lifesaver window is self-contained, pre-assembled, solar-powered, environmentally friendly and able to open the window sash by itself to allow the CO to escape, to reduce CO concentration, to let the outside clean air to enter the room, to sound it's alarm, and to trigger the Fire & Police Private Central Station Alarm; it can be installed as new or as a replacement window in homes, hotels, hospitals, dormers or wherever humans or animals live; can be manufactured in different sizes and styles to accommodate any architectural design and furthermore it installation requires the same skills & tools needed to install a regular window without the need of other trades.06-04-2009
20090025319INSTALLATION SYSTEM FOR WINDOW AND DOOR ASSEMBLIES - An installation system for use with a window assembly with a nailing fin in a rough opening of a wall, the rough opening including a sill. The system includes a sill drain mat including a barrier wedge with a front edge, a rear edge, a bottom surface and a top surface. A fiber layer includes a top surface and a bottom surface and an adhesive layer disposed on the bottom surface of the fiber layer. A first portion of the fiber layer is adhered to the top surface of the barrier wedge and extends inwardly, the first portion of the fiber layer including a sealing strip. A second portion of the fiber layer extends outwardly from the front edge and the bottom surface of the barrier wedge forms a mating surface with a sill of the rough opening. A gasket includes a first surface attached to an inner surface of the nailing fin, a second surface received adjacent an outer surface of the wall, and an outer edge comprising a protruding end extending along a length of the gasket. The protruding end is configured to receive an outer edge of the nailing fin along the length of the nailing fin.01-29-2009
20080263972Energy-Saving Automatic Window Obtained by Using Solar Energy During the Cold Season, Control of Solar Radiation in Summer, Thermal Insulation, Controlled Internal Incidence of Light, Controlled Air Exchange - The present invention relates to an automatic window system consisting of a frame, two movable window casements, one on the outside and one on the inside of a building, and of a mechanism, which opens and closes the afore-mentioned window casements independently of each other. Glass panels having certain physical and optical properties may also be included, as well as a motor-driven blind and a rolled curtain, which together regulate the climate and temperature of the building. In one embodiment, the heat flow between the glass panels can be manipulated.10-30-2008
20110138714EXTERIOR STAINABLE VINYL DOOR OR WINDOW SYSTEM - The present invention is method and product for a door system or window system incorporating stainable vinyl components. The stainable vinyl may be result in a finish that is similar to that of stained wood. The effect may be that the stained vinyl has the same look as any stained wood component of a door system or window system to achieve an aesthetically pleasing effect.06-16-2011
20110138715MOLDED FIBERGLASS SIDELITE ASSEMBLY - A sidelite assembly including first and second panels with an opening for receiving a window or glazing is provided. The first and second panels include inner and out edge portions with ridges and/or channels that allow for the alignment and attachment of the first and second panels to one another.06-16-2011
20100018139REINFORCED PLASTIC PROFILE FOR WINDOW, DOOR AND FACADE ELEMENTS - A reinforced plastic profile for window, door and facade elements has a plastic profile body, which extends in a longitudinal direction, and at least one reinforcement element. The plastic profile body includes at least one receptacle guide extending in the longitudinal direction. The at least one reinforcement element is connected with the plastic profile body in a longitudinally-fixed manner by foam-filling the receptacle guide with the reinforcement element positioned therein. As a result the reinforcement element is precisely positioned relative to the outer geometry of the plastic profile body.01-28-2010
20090241441WINDOW FRAMING SYSTEM - Pieces that are components of a frame for a window having a threat side and a safe side include a base and a pressure plate that together form part of one of a sill section, a head section, and a jamb section of the window. The base and pressure plate are elongated in a longitudinal direction. The base has (1) an L-shaped cross-section at a near portion of the base to receive an end of a glazing unit from the threat side of the window, and (2) a first pocket formed in a far portion of the base and running in said longitudinal direction. The rear portion is closer to the threat side than the far portion. The pressure plate is to be assembled with the base so as to secure the glazing unit in the corner. Other embodiments are also described and claimed.10-01-2009
20090000225INTEGRATED WINDOW ASSEMBLY AND COMPONENTS - Various embodiments of the invention provide an integrated window assembly that includes a mullion, a window frame to be secured relative to the mullion, a reinforcement member positioned within the mullion, sashes on each side of the mullion, and an integrally formed connector positioned between the reinforcement member within the mullion, the window frame, and the sashes. In various embodiments, the integrally formed connector and the reinforcement member provide improved wind resistance for the window assembly, according to various embodiments of the invention. For example, in a particular embodiment, the window assembly can withstand about 75 lbs. per square foot of pressure with no permanent deflection in excess of about 0.4%.01-01-2009
20110113706Blast-proof window and mullion system - A blast-proof window and mullion system for sustaining and mitigating an explosion and/or blast to the window and mullion system on a multi-storied building or structure. The window and mullion system includes a blast-resistant mullion having a mullion housing with mullion walls with outer surfaces; and a pressure bar member having a pressure bar housing with an interior wall and a pair of outer walls being connected to the interior wall to form a center channel opening. The outer walls are angled for reducing the space between the angled walls and for reducing the size of the center channel opening for reduction of bullet and/or blast penetration to the interior wall of the pressure bar member. Also, one of the mullion walls of the mullion housing includes a mullion tongue thereon having a pair of tongue extension arms for forming a vertical bolt receiving channel therebetween. Each of the tongue extension arms have interior serrated surfaces for receiving threaded bolts between the interior serrated surfaces. The interior wall of the pressure bar member has a pair of spaced-apart pressure bar extension arms thereon. The interior wall of the pressure bar member includes a plurality of spaced-apart bolt openings for receiving a plurality of the threaded bolts therein for permanently locking together the pressure bar extension arms with the mullion extension arms in order to join together and lock the pressure bar housing of the pressure bar member to said mullion housing of the blast-resistant mullion to form the blast-proof window and mullion system.05-19-2011
20110099925Mullion Assembly for Double Door - A mullion assembly (05-05-2011
20100175339THERMALLY EFFICIENT WINDOW ASSEMBLY - A window assembly according to various embodiments includes a frame, a sash, an insulating unit (e.g., one or more glass panels), a glass stop, an elongated frame insulating element slidably disposed on an inner surface of the frame, an elongated sash insulating element slidably disposed on an outer surface of the sash, and an elongated inner sash insulating element slidably disposed on an inner surface of the sash. The elongated frame insulating element, the elongated sash insulating element, and the elongated inner sash insulating element each define a plurality of chambers that extend substantially parallel to a longitudinal axis of each element. These chambers reduce the size of the space between the frame and sash and the size of the space between the sash, the insulating unit, and the glass stop, which results in smaller convection currents within these spaces and a more thermally efficient window assembly.07-15-2010
20110120034Integrated insulation extrusion and extrusion technology for window and door systems - Extruded plastic profiles with integrated insulation, the method for extruding such products, and the windows and doors made with such plastic extrusions. The plastic extrusions may additionally include a low heat build-up capstock system comprising an acrylic cap and pigment system that is substantially IR transparent. The extruded plastic profiles with integrated insulation are recyclable using conventional plastic extrusion process and are fully weldable in conventional window and door manufacturing.05-26-2011
20120240493BUILDING OR WINDOW ELEMENT AND A METHOD OF PRODUCING A BUILDING - A building element includes a glass panel defining an outer circumferential rim including at least two rectilinear segments, a first one of which defines a first length and a second one of which defines a second length. The glass panel is made of hardened glass and has a specific coefficient of thermal expansion. The building element further includes a first pultruded element having a length corresponding to the first length, and a second pultruded element having a length corresponding to the second length. The first and second pultruded elements are adhered in a high strength integral adhesion to the hardened glass panel along the first and second rectilinear segments, respectively, and the pultruded elements have a content of reinforcing fibers for providing a coefficient of thermal expansion of the pultruded elements substantially corresponding to the specific coefficient of thermal expansion.09-27-2012
20120240492MULLION COVER LINKAGE - A mullion cover linkage assembly includes a first wing including a first wing span extending from a first wing frame end to a first wing pivot end. The first wing frame end is configured for coupling with a first window frame. The linkage further includes a second wing having a second wing span extending from a second wing frame end to a second wing pivot end. The first and second wings are movably coupled with one another as a linkage. Optionally, a pivot clip is rotatably coupled between the first and second pivot flanges at first and second pivot joints each including respective pivot flanges of the first and second wings received in one of the first and second clip sockets.09-27-2012


Patent applications in all subclasses WINDOW OR WINDOW SASH, SILL, MULLION, OR GLAZING