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052 - Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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052173300 With a sunlight activated device (e.g., passive solar or photoelectric) 254
052173200 With a loading dock seal 17
20130042548SNOW REMOVAL METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR A METAL ROOF - A method of removing accumulated frozen rain/ice/snow from a metal roof. The method comprising the steps of inducing vibration into the metal roof, via at least one vibration imparting member attached to the metal roof, to break up the frozen rain/ice/snow accumulated on the metal roof and separate the frozen rain/ice/snow from the metal roof; and allowing the frozen rain/ice/snow to slide off the metal roof under an effect of gravity.02-21-2013
20110203197MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ADOBE - An adobe that a group of which can be placed on one another without using a mediator and by means of a vibrator is capable of changing the imposed forces into vibration and finally dissipating them.08-25-2011
20120174503BUILDING SYSTEM WITH MULTI-FUNCTION INSULATION BARRIER - The invention relates to a building section including a sub-structure and a cladding member connected in fixed relation relative to the sub-structure. A multi-function elongate, flexible insulating element is disposed between the sub-structure and the cladding member for damping energy transfer between the cladding member and the sub-structure, facilitating alignment of the cladding, and creating a rainscreen configured to drive out moisture from the wall cavities. In some implementations, the insulating element has at least one insulating layer which is substantially incompressible and which has a substantially constant density in the range of 200 kg/m3 to 300 kg/m3. In certain preferred implementations, the insulating element can be formed of a foam material such as foam tape or thermal break tape.07-12-2012
20120174502ROOFING SUSPENSION SUPPORT - A roofing suspension support and related system and methods are disclosed. The roofing suspension support can comprise a support member, a purlin web coupling portion, and a fixture coupling feature. The purlin web coupling portion can be located at a top end of the support member. The web coupling portion can be configured to couple the support member to a web of a roofing purlin. The fixture coupling feature can be located at a bottom end of the support member. The fixture coupling feature can be configured to couple a fixture to the support member and to position the fixture below a lower flange of the purlin.07-12-2012
20090113821Multi-Floor Building - A multi-floor building comprising a floor garden unit, set on every floor of all floors or every floor of continuous multiple floors, wherein the floor garden unit has a height of two or more floors and is open to outside. A plane projection of two adjacent floor garden units is non-overlapping. A bottom space of an upper floor garden unit and a upper space of an adjacent lower floor garden unit are at a same floor and partially run through. At least two of the floor garden units are in a superposed state to form a set of superposing garden arrangement. The bottom plate of the upper floor garden unit is a roof plate of the adjacent lower floor garden unit. Every two of the floor garden units run through each other in turn to form a stereo-terraced garden.05-07-2009
20090188181Innovative, modular, highly-insulating panel and method of use thereof - An innovative, low-density, highly-insulating modular panel for use in many applications and industries. The panel consists of a frame and a “tube” or “pocket” of thin, low-density, lightweight material that has the capability of sufficiently stretching to surround the frame when the “tube” or “pocket” is pulled onto it. When fabricated, the “tube” or “pocket” panel covering was made slightly narrower than the frame. The “tube” or “pocket” is then secured along the previously open end or ends of the panel, where frame was inserted, by various fastening devices. The panel is durable and cost-effective for numerous uses. It has very good solar-control and insulating qualities. It also has usefulness as an improved windbreak panel, an improved noise-reduction panel, an improved hail and impact protection panel, a fall protection panel and, in some applications, an improved pollution-control panel.07-30-2009
20130036683Panel Mounting System - A panel mounting system for mounting a panel (particularly a solar panel) to a structure. A load element connects a panel retainer to the roof structure and plastically deforms to a deformed configuration upon application of a predetermined threshold load to the load element. The load element typically has a cranked initial condition and elongates during plastic deformation. The mounting system prevents roof damage due to wind loading on the panels.02-14-2013
20130036684Wind Power Turbine System - A method and system for mounting a horizontal-axis wind turbine to a building, stadiums and the like, is disclosed. The method and system generally include identifying a building structured to create the necessary air pressure gradient for supporting and operating a wind turbine, mounting the wind turbine in an optimal location on the rooftop, and permitting the wind turbine to operate. The generated electricity is collected and used in the building, either for tenant use or building operations.02-14-2013
20100024325WEB OR VAPOR RETARDER WITH TIE-STRAP - A vapor retarder system includes a vapor retarder sheet. At least one and typically a plurality of parallel spaced-apart tie-straps are located adjacent an inner surface of the sheet, and the tie-strap extend across a width of the sheet and are connected to the sheet at multiple connection locations that are spaced from each other along a length of the tie strap. The sheet includes drape regions where the sheet is disconnected from the tie straps between successive connection locations. The tie-straps and drape regions ensure that the vapor retarder sheet is installed over roof purlins with the proper drape between the purlins to obtain the required insulation R-values. A fall-protection net or sheet can also be constructed and/or installed in the same manner.02-04-2010
20120210659 SAFETY BLANKET - The present invention relates to a tower for a wind power installation. The tower comprises a wall extending from a foundation in an upwards direction towards a nacelle and defines an enclosed space. Furthermore, the tower comprises a safety blanket which is distended across the tower interior along an inner surface of the wall to thereby split the enclosed space into an upper compartment above the blanket and a lower compartment below the blanket. The safety blanket is flexible.08-23-2012
20130047525Protective Enclosure for a Wellhead - A protective enclosure for protecting well head equipment at a surface location is made up of an open framework of structural members which surround and protect the well head. Individual steel panels are assembled to form a series of upstanding walls which are covered by a series of roof panels and which together define the quasi-enclosed area surrounding the well head. The roof panels are covered with a steel grating which forms a covered roof for the protective enclosure. The tubing which makes up the steel panels is spaced to allow access to the enclosed area by a worker needing to access the well head. The steel panels are joined with lever latch and keeper assemblies which facilitate the job of disassembling the enclosure. The upright panels also have telescoping legs which can be extended and cemented into the ground for added stability.02-28-2013
20120216464DEVICE FOR PROTECTING DOOR OR WINDOW CLOSURE ELEMENTS FOR ROOFS OR THE LIKE AGAINST ATMOSPHERIC PRECIPITATION - A device for protecting door or window closure elements for roofs or the like against atmospheric precipitation has at least one covering element, which can be connected to the structure of a building by virtue of connection elements. The covering element can be arranged in at least one position for use, in which, at least partially, it is arranged above and faces at least one door or window closure element that is defined substantially parallel to a portion of the cover of the building.08-30-2012
20130055661ROOF HEATING SYSTEM - A heating system for use with roofing shingles, the heating system including a flexible grounding layer having a transverse dimension that is no greater than substantially equal to a transverse dimension of the roofing shingles, a flexible heater laminated to the flexible grounding layer, wherein the flexible heater includes a substrate, a conductive resistive ink pattern disposed on the substrate, wherein the ink pattern generates heat when electricity passes through the ink pattern, wherein the heating system includes a nailing portion that extends longitudinally along one side of the heating system, the nailing portion of the heating system having a transverse dimension that is at least substantially equal to a transverse dimension of a nailing portion of the roofing shingles, wherein the flexible heater is disposed on the flexible grounding layer such that the ink pattern is disposed outside of the nailing portion of the heating system.03-07-2013
20130067834PERSONAL SPACE UNIT WITH USER CUSTOMIZABLE ENVIRONMENT - A customizable personal space unit having a personal area having at least one customizable feature; a communications subsystem configured to receive configuration information for the at least one customizable feature; and a processor communicating with said communications subsystem, the process configuring the at least one customizable feature of the personal chamber based on the received configuration information.03-21-2013
20130067835DECORATIVE FRAME BODY - A decorative frame body includes at least four decorative boards and several fixing seats. Each decorative board has a sunshade section and an engagement channel formed on the bottom face of the decorative board. Each fixing seat has a fixing base and latch sections extending from the fixing base in adaptation to the engagement channel. The fixing seats are fixed on the wall face beside the window frame. The latch sections of the fixing seats are latched in the engagement channel to connect the decorative boards with the fixing seats as a decorative periphery of the window. The sunshade sections of the decorative boards serve to block the gaps between the blind slats and the window frame and prevent the sunlight from going into the room from the gap.03-21-2013
20120222370FORCE DISTRIBUTION AND ATTENUATION DEVICE FOR USE IN A ROOF ANCHOR SAFETY SYSTEM - An anchor-to-lanyard adjustable riser cable with a choke and bearing plate. The device is positioned between a roof truss and a safety anchor system to better distribute the weight of a roofer on the truss in the event the roofer falls. The bearing plate is configured to engage a portion of the truss and to distribute forces into this structural member, thereby leading to attenuation of those forces. The bearing plate is provided with a non-skid surface to resist movement of the same along the structural member. Guide channels are provided on the bearing plate to receive portions of the cable from the cable choke therethrough. The bearing plate aids in protecting the structural member from being damaged by a lanyard extending to the safety harness in response to forces generated by the falling roofer.09-06-2012
20110011015Energy efficient garage - A multi-storied garage having an energy efficient ventilation system that incorporates a unique window array and vertically mounted energy producing wind turbines located in a corner of the garage structure that would otherwise be unusable for vehicle parking.01-20-2011
20110011014Energy efficient garage - A multi-storied garage having an energy efficient ventilation system that incorporates a unique window array and vertically mounted energy producing wind turbines located in a corner of the garage structure that would otherwise be unusable for vehicle parking.01-20-2011
20120192511CONTINUOUS HEAT WELDED FLEXIBLE PVC MEMBRANE WITH AN INTERLOCKING VAPOR BARRIER SYSTEM AND INCLUDING SENSOR DETECTION FEATURES ASSOCIATED WITH EACH OF A PLURALITY OF OVERLAPPING MEMBRANE SECTIONS - An assembly for sealing an exposed surface including a plurality of thermoformed and individually sealing membrane sections, each provided in sheet form and configured for applying over an exterior of the surface. The membranes are directly heat welded to one another along overlapping edges in order to create a sectionalized and continuous vapor barrier across the surface. A sensor is integrated into any one or more selected membrane sections. The sensor incorporates a power supply, a processor and a transmitter which is communicable with a remote monitoring device in order to notify of a problem within any specified membrane section.08-02-2012
20120192509Electrical Wiring Systems For Use In Roofing Applications - The present invention relates generally to electrical systems. The present invention relates more particularly to electrical wiring systems suitable for use in roofing applications. One aspect of the invention is a wiring system on a roof comprising a roof deck having a slope and one or more roofing elements disposed on the roof deck, the wiring system including one or more wires extending along the roof on top of the roofing elements; and a wire covering disposed over the one or more wires.08-02-2012
20130160381REMOTE PET LITTER BOX ENCLOSURE - In one embodiment, a remote pet litter box enclosure has a cabinet, box or other enclosure containing a pet litter box or other pet waste disposal device, which can be accessed by a pet through a tunnel or hole, the entry and exit point of which originates in another room within a home or dwelling.06-27-2013
20120233938Modular System - A modular tile adapted for mounting onto a flat surface, comprising an edge connector; an edge receiver configured to accommodate the connector; and a plurality of flat units, wherein each unit comprises a central opening with two dimensions with a first dimension smaller than a second dimension. The modular tiles are connected by releasably securing an edge connector of a first modular tile to an edge receiver of a second modular tile.09-20-2012
20120233937ANCHORING SYSTEM FOR SWIMMING POOL STAIRS - The invention provides a staircase arrangement for use within a swimming pool. The staircase arrangement comprises a staircase and at least one suction device. The staircase includes a set of stairs, a bottom-facing surface and a wall-facing surface. Each of the at least one suction devices comprises an attachment portion for attachment to at least one of the bottom-facing surface and the wall-facing surface of the staircase and a suction portion suitable for establishing a suction connection with an interior surface of the swimming pool so as to secure the staircase to the interior surface of the swimming pool.09-20-2012
20080295421System and method for installing a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus - A system and a method for installing a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus comprising several modules, each of which is provided with a number of module supporting feet at a bottom side. The system and the method comprise a supporting point reduction frame, having an upper side and a bottom side, said frame at the upper side being provided with a number of first supporting points, such that each foot of a module of said semiconductor manufacturing apparatus corresponds with a first supporting point, said supporting point reduction frame at the bottom side being provided with a number of second supporting points, whereby the total number of module supporting feet exceeds said number of second supporting points, and the stiffness of said supporting point reduction frame being such that, during transportation, deviations in the relative positions of the modules mounted on said supporting point reduction frame remain within specified transportation limits.12-04-2008
20120233936REINFORCED CONCRETE DENSE COLUMN STRUCTURE SYSTEMS - A monolithic reinforced concrete (RC) dense column structure includes RC dense columns along a structure perimeter, RC window structures along the structure perimeter, and a RC beam over the dense columns and the window structures around the structure perimeter. Each window structure includes RC window columns, a RC short window column between the window columns, and a RC window beam between the window columns and over the short window column. The structure further includes prefabricated wall panels having molds that casted the dense columns, the window structures, and the beam.09-20-2012
20110030292Simulated Stone or Brick Column and Method of Fabricating Same - A simulated stone or brick column is fabricated by a method that involves providing a hollow closed mold that has an inner face in the form of a reverse image of the desired stone or brick surface. A liquid casting material is introduced into the mold and in the mold is rotated about two perpendicular axes so that the casting material coats the inner face of the mold and results in the formation of a hollow column having the external appearance of the desired stone or brick surface. The casting material forms a molded column that has a texture and contour that simulate a stone or brick surface. A mailbox and newspaper tube can be installed in the column.02-10-2011
20110005151Low-energy building, particularly greenhouse or stabling - A building is disclosed, with which the air may be guided from a heat reservoir into an interspace, and/or from the interspace into the heat reservoir through conduits.01-13-2011
20110289864TILE SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING SAME - A tile system, comprising: —a mounting unit, e.g. a rail fixed to a wall; —a tile unit, e.g. a frame holding a decorative tile; —a tile unit-fastening device configured to fasten the tile unit to the mounting unit, e.g. a pin engaging recesses formed on the mounting and the tile unit, the tile unit-fastening device preferably comprising a repositioning mechanism configured to allow the tile unit to move in one or two directions parallel to the wall after the tile unit is fastened to the mounting unit, e.g. the pin having ribs on its outer surface and the recesses being elongated and having cooperating ribs on their elongated inner faces.12-01-2011
20110289866ANTENNA TOWER STRUCTURE WITH INSTALLATION SHAFT - The present invention aims to provide an antenna tower structure comprising an essentially vertical elongated tower body with an internal installation shaft provided therein. One or more radio base stations are arranged in the installation shaft in the vicinity of one or more associated antennas at the top of the tower body. The installation shaft is formed to allow personnel access to the radio base station. The tower body is comprised of a metal-reinforced concrete material, and the mass ratio between the tower body and the radio base station equipment together with the antenna arrangement exceeds 15:1. The tower body is formed so that the mass center of the tower body and radio base station equipment is lower than ½ of the tower body height.12-01-2011
20110289865CONTAINER WALL FOR A CONTAINER COVERED BY A FOIL AND OUTER FORMWORK FOR PRODUCING THE CONTAINER WALL - A container wall for storing and fermenting materials, comprising a clamping channel, having an undercut near the upper edge that is open for clampingly receiving a rim of at least one plastic foil that covers the container at the top, the clamping channel comprises a narrowed lateral insertion slot with an upper and a lower protrusion, to which the foil can be wrapped around. A lower wall of the clamping channel is wider than the thickness of the clamping rail at the facing longitudinal edge which is formed as a flat profile, the upper wall of the clamping channel is at least twice as wide as the thickness of the clamping rail. The insertion profile can be inserted into the clamping channel through the entry. When the foil that is wrapped around the insertion profile is under tension, the insertion profile is retained in the clamping channel by the protrusions.12-01-2011
20110296772ELEVATOR SYSTEM WITH GUIDE RAIL BRACKET - An exemplary door frame assembly that is useful in an elevator system includes a plurality of door frame members including a header, a sill and a plurality of jambs. The door frame members are configured to be secured into a desired position along a hoistway. At least one guide rail bracket is supported by at least one of the door frame members. The guide rail bracket is moveable relative to the door frame member between a handling position in which the guide rail bracket is generally parallel to at least one of the header or the sill and a deployed position in which the guide rail bracket is generally perpendicular to the at least one of the header or sill.12-08-2011
20110277400ROOF MOUNTING SYSTEM FOR SOLAR MODULES - The invention relates to a modular, self-supporting mounting system for mounting an arbitrary number of flat modules (11-17-2011
20110277399Multi-Function Medical Room System - A multi-function medical room comprising a room enclosure, a treatment table, a lighting assembly, a cleaning system and a power facility. The room enclosure includes a back wall, a front wall, a first side wall and a second side wall. A door is positioned on one of the walls. The treatment table is positioned within the room enclosure, and includes an upper body region, a torso region and a leg region. It is positionable into a substantially planar configuration to a configuration wherein the upper body region is rotated upwardly so as to be substantially perpendicular to the upper torso region, and wherein the leg region is rotated downwardly so as to be substantially perpendicular to the torso region. The lighting assembly has an arm with a first end coupled to a ceiling above the treatment table, and a second end coupled to a lamp. The arm is configured to position the lamp from the upper body region to the leg region of the treatment table, upon user movement of the same. The cleaning system extends along one of the walls of the room enclosure, and has sequentially positioned, a wiping region, a sink unit and an autoclave. The power facility extends along one of the walls of the room enclosure and includes a vacuum source and a source of compressed air.11-17-2011
20100043318Foundation particularly for a wind turbine and wind turbine - A foundation, particularly a foundation of a wind turbine, is provided. The foundation includes a central foundation member and a plurality of foundation segments which are segments of a circular, ring shaped or polygonal foundation element and which are connected to the central foundation member using a plurality of locking elements.02-25-2010
20100170168FLOATING HOUSE WITH COVER - A flood and wind resistant structure includes a building cover which includes a guide beam, and a building structure which includes a buoyant material structure positioned proximate to a floor of the building structure. The building structure is within an inner volume of the building cover. The building structure moves between raised and lowered positioned in response to being engaged by water. The building cover is shaped to deflect incident wind upwardly.07-08-2010
20120096780OFFICE PARTITION ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - An electrical service assembly is secured to a framework of a panel of an office partition system and includes at least one bracket to which at least one electrical outlet module is mounted, the module having at least a pair of electrical outlets such that electrical outlets may be positioned in a back-to-back configuration. In this manner, the electrical service assembly provides service to opposite sides of a panel that face opposite work spaces. Also, the electrical outlet modules may be associated with separate circuits to prevent overload of the electrical service assembly.04-26-2012
20090090071Toilet bed cage support apparatus - The cage support apparatus is provided for use by people bedridden or with wheel chairs, scooters, power chairs or any similar mobile device comprising an upper support, a base support and a plurality of vertical supports. The cage support apparatus may further comprise a toilet placed so as to be bounded by the upper support and base support. The cage support apparatus also comprises a second cross brace secured between the vertical supports and parallel to the rear support. Alternately, a displaceable cage support apparatus is provided comprising an upper support pivotally associated with at least one vertical support and a securing member. The displaceable cage support apparatus may further comprise a toilet placed so as to be bounded by the upper support.04-09-2009
20110197523MODULAR INTERLOCKING PRE-VEGETATED ROOF SYSTEM - A modular unit, system and method include a base layer having a plurality of reservoirs configured to prevent water flow through a lower portion, the lower portion for contacting a support surface, and having interlocking portions configured to interlock adjacent base layers when installed. A water permeable layer is disposed over the base layer. A detachable wall is mountable on the base layer to contain planting media. The water permeable layer may include a water-holding capillary fabric mat layer with entangled filaments.08-18-2011
20120291373Energy Saving Materials and Methods - A shingle has a color changing outer surface. The color changing outer surface can have a first color under a first environmental condition and a second color under a second environmental condition. The color changing outer surface is capable of both changing from the first color to the second color and from the second color to the first color. Methods using the shingles for reducing energy absorption and for producing an image or pattern are also disclosed.11-22-2012
20110203196External Wall Panel Unit for Saving Energy and External Wall Structure System Using the Same - In regards to the invention titled “External Wall Panel Unit for Saving Energy and External Wall Structure System Using the Same,” there are an external wall panel unit and an external wall structure system for saving energy.08-25-2011
20100275531Accessories for pedestal supported decks - Accessories for pedestal supported decks which are installed in place of individual wooden tiles, pavers or other deck floor elements and which rest on and may be fastened to the pedestals. Accessories such as planters, seats, tables, containers, storage units, fountains and ponds have one or more base units which fit directly on to the pedestals in place of the tile, paver or other floor element. Planters, ponds and fountains drain directly to the underside of the deck and such accessories can incorporate irrigation, circulation and water supply elements underneath the accessory which are not visible from the deck. Accessories can be built from the same or different materials as the deck floor and can be built around standard sized pre-fabricated components and incorporate components of the deck floor so as to match the appearance of the deck.11-04-2010
20080236063Ashtray, Smoking Room Provided with an Ashtray - An ashtray (10-02-2008
20090266010MODULAR PANEL - A modular panel, the panel comprising a first member including a top surface and a bottom surface; an optional second member joined to the bottom surface of the first member; at least two reinforcing elements integrally disposed on the bottom of the first member; at least two elements integrally disposed on the bottom surface of the first member or on the second member for affixing and/or aligning the modular panel to at least two support members, each support member including a top surface; and a support flange integrally disposed about the periphery of the first member for engaging the top surface of the support member. The modular panel being constructed of a thermoplastic material or metal.10-29-2009
20090266009Pistol for injecting a sealing product formed by mixing at least two solutions - The pistol is used for injecting through a hole a sealing product formed by a mixture of at least two solutions. It comprises a tubular injection system which is fed, notably under pressure, with each of said solutions, and which ends with an injection head capable of penetrating into the injection hole. The tubular system includes for each solution, an independent transfer conduit emerging from the end of the injection head, so that the mixing of the solutions is performed outside the injection head. Preferably, the first transfer conduit is a tube with a circular cross-section and the other transfer conduit(s) has(have) an annular cross-section, being delimited by one or several tubes arranged concentrically around the first transfer conduit.10-29-2009
20080289269ROT RESISTANT DOOR - The present application is directed to doors and door systems that are made from rot and/or swell resistant components. In one exemplary embodiment, every component of the door or door system is rot and/or swell resistant. In one exemplary embodiment, the door or door system remains rot and/or swell resistant after all hardware of the door or door system is installed.11-27-2008
20100275530Parking Garage Vehicle Lock Box - A remotely actuatable vehicle security system for a parking garage. In some embodiments, the vehicle security system includes a structure forming an enclosure between a ceiling and a floor of the parking garage and an electronic actuation system. The structure has a closeable opening through which a vehicle enters and leaves the enclosure. The electronic actuation system is configured to actuate a drive mechanism to close the opening or to expose the opening upon receipt of a remotely generated signal.11-04-2010
20110000150CONSTRUCTION INSERT - A construction insert configured for use within an elevator hoistway is provided. The construction insert includes a channel having a front face and a back face opposing the front face. The channel is configured to define an internal passage within the channel. A plurality of brackets is attached to the back face of the channel, each of the brackets configured for attachment to a structure within the elevator hoistway. Each of the brackets is planar in shape.01-06-2011
20130212958POST SLEEVE ASSEMBLY - A post sleeve provides a substantially permanent base for supporting a post for a fence or sign, and from which one post can be removed and replaced with another post. The sleeve includes a concrete body that is poured on site, using a sleeve core prepositioned in the post hole, and around which wet concrete is poured. After the concrete is cured, the core is removed, leaving a post sleeve cavity configured to receive a post. The core can be rigid, or can include a flexible shell and stiffener. A preformed post sleeve top can be attached to the sleeve core and positioned therewith in the post hole, to become a permanent part of the post sleeve, once the concrete cures. A drain is attached to the core, and remains in the sleeve when the core is removed, and can be a percolation chamber, or passage extending below the sleeve.08-22-2013
20110138708Superimposed Computer Room Building and Process for Cooling this Building - Building comprising at least two vertically superimposed computer rooms 06-16-2011
20110138706WIND TURBINE ANCHOR ELEMENT - An anchor element for a tower includes an anchor plate element including an upper surface, a lower surface, and at least one first through-hole extending between the upper surface and the lower surface; and at least one first nut having a female thread, the at least one first nut being provided at the at least one first through-hole at the lower surface of the anchor plate element so as to cover the at least one first through-hole, wherein the at least one first nut is non-releasably connected to the lower surface of the anchor plate element.06-16-2011
20120227337Building structure system which accords with human body architecture - A building structure system which accords with human body architecture, includes several A buildings, a B building having an in and out access, and a C public which is arranged in all floors of the A buildings, the A buildings and the B building are connected through the C public area, wherein a wind driven generator and a solar panel are installed on a roof of the building structure system for supplying electric power to the building structure system, and a garbage collection entrance, a garbage transmission pipe, a garbage processing system and a garbage recycling system are equipped in the building structure system. The structure and each floor of the buildings are with a scientific layout and have the functions of fire-fighting, anti-seismic and anti-wind.09-13-2012
20090211181Concealment device - A device for concealing a space between an object and a planar surface includes a first interlocking strip and a second interlocking strip engageable with the first interlocking strip. The first and second interlocking strips move relative to each other such that they span the space between the object and the planar-surface. The first and second interlocking strips are movable linearly, angularly, and vertically to achieve concealment of the space between the object and the planar surface.08-27-2009
20120192510Shingle Insert Strips And Method For Eliminating and Prevent Growth of Algae, Moss, or Lichens on a Roof - A shingle insert strip and method for eliminating and preventing growths on a shingled roof in which porous copper strips are installed with upper edges beneath the bottom edges course of shingles with the remaining portions exposed. A confined space is defined beneath a lengthwise hump in the exposed portions which is filled with a material, preferably in granular form which releases a substance toxic to the growths when rainwater runoff passes into the confined space and material and thereafter flows out.08-02-2012
20120266549HEAVY DUTY MODULAR FLOORING AND ROADWAY DEVICE - A modular flooring system is disclosed which is designed to support heavy loads while providing stability and ground protection. The invention contemplates a modular mat having an integral main body with offset mounting and assembly flanges and a lattice interior. The mat is constructed from a unitary piece of high strength plastic. Each flange edge contains an outward radiused edge, while each non-flange edge contains an inward radiused edge. Each flange engages with a corresponding flange on an adjacent tile, allowing the outward radiused and inward radiused edges to properly mate. One or more metal cam locks located along the upper flange edges are secured into corresponding cam receptacles located along the lower flange edge. The mats may utilize optional top covers to prevent water and debris from entering the mats. The modular flooring system provides increased strength and stability and protection of the subsurface in heavy industrial applications.10-25-2012
20100154326LIFT HANDLE SYSTEM FOR FENESTRATION PRODUCTS AND THE LIKE - Lifting systems and processes for building systems, including fenestration devices such as door and window units. One such system includes a fenestration device having a nailing fin and a lift handle attached to the nailing fin. The handle includes a channel disposed proximate a flange of the lift handle.06-24-2010
20110173903LIGHT CONTROL PROCESS, LIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM AND BUILDING - A light control process, a light control system and a building, which are capable of increasing, in a short period of time, the amount of light passing through a multiple sheet including a plurality of transparent sheet layers are provided.07-21-2011
20100257795Building-integrated system for capturing and harvesting the energy from environmental wind - A system is disclosed for capturing and harnessing energy from environmental wind which impinges the outer wall surfaces of a building. The system includes at least one elongated conduit disposed within an enclosure of a building, the conduit having first and second end portions opening to the building outer wall surfaces. A wind deflector mechanism is disposed at each of the first and second conduit end portions. Each such wind deflector mechanism is adapted to direct environmental wind, which impinges against the building outer wall surface proximate the end portion, into the conduit to provide bi-directional air flow passing through the conduit. At least one wind collector device is disposed within the conduit, and the wind collector has air impact elements mounted to a shaft. Each wind collector device is adapted to interact with the bi-directional air flow moving within the conduit originating from either first or second conduit end portions to rotate the wind collector shaft. Finally, a wind turbine device is disposed within the building and is operatively interconnected to the wind collector shaft to generate electricity from the rotation thereof.10-14-2010
20110232209COMPUTER ROOM - The present invention, according to a first aspect thereof, relates to a computer room (09-29-2011
20120137598GABION ELEMENTS FOR PRODUCING CONSTRUCTIONS SUCH AS WALLS, BARRICADES AND THE LIKE - A gabion includes panels of metal meshes that can be assembled so as to form a casing for receiving a bulk of filler material such as pebbles, natural rock fragments, wood chips or the like and/or a mixture of said materials. The gabion further includes at least one flexible sealed pouch provided with gripping members and configured to be inserted between the assembled panels.06-07-2012
20100251638APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RADON INHIBITION - Apparatus for inhibiting ingress of radon into a room (10-07-2010
20100126086ROOF RIDGE WIND TURBINE - Disclosed are systems and method that generally relate to the capture of wind energy by small wind turbines mounted on buildings with gabled roofs. Wind energy harnessing system for gabled roof buildings having a roof ridge including a low silhouette visually appealing enclosure mounted along the roof ridge of a building and extending down both sides of the roof forming the ridge. The enclosure includes airflow guides defined by columns extending down a length of both sides of the building roof forming sidewalls and a roof formed of pivoting louvers above the columns. A paddle-wheel type wind turbine consists of a multiple-bladed cylindrical shaft that contacts the wind and provides rotational work mounted within the enclosure and a generator connected to the wind turbine for converting the rotational work from the wind turbine to electrical energy. The enclosure for the wind turbine functions to capture wind and directs the airflow via the airflow guides before it reaches the ridge.05-27-2010
20080313976Solar Panel Roof Kit - A solar roofing system is described that is adapted for managing the flow of water down a roof. The system includes at least one roofing panel adapted for supporting photovoltaic material and at least one splice plate for interconnecting adjacent roofing panels. The roofing panels have a trough adapted for receiving water flowing down the roof and redistributing the water away from the splice plate. Anchoring clips secure roofing panels to the roof and space roofing panels from the roof for improved air circulation beneath the panels. Closure assemblies are used at edges of roofing panels to conceal electrical wiring from photovoltaic material sheets and to close off edge gaps formed by a terraced roofing system.12-25-2008
20090205269MAT RAMP SECUREMENT AND METHOD - A ramp member is provided for attachment with an edge of a floor mat to facilitate transportation of an object from a floor to an upper surface of the mat. A tab is provided which extends from the ramp member and defines a plane. Two projections extend from the plane of the tab out of alignment with the plane. Additionally, two cavities are formed in the ramp member adapted for receiving at least one of the two projections therein. A method of connecting ramp members is also included.08-20-2009
20100307074ROOFING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A roof mounting system can include a roof substrate and flashing supportable on the substrate and including an outwardly extending projection having a concave interior side and an aperture extending through the projection between top and bottom surfaces of the flashing. A seal can extend through the aperture and contact at least a portion of the top surface and at least a portion of the bottom surface. The seal can be conformable with the concave interior side and can define a seal aperture substantially aligned with the flashing aperture. A mounting bracket can be supportable on the flashing and can define an aperture sized to receive at least a portion of each of the seal and the projection. A fastener can extend through the mounting bracket aperture, seal aperture, and flashing aperture to inhibit fluid flow through the flashing aperture.12-09-2010
20100300019Structural Modules With Absorbent Elements For Drainage and Irrigation - A structural module (12-02-2010
20130139453TOWER FOUNDATION - Tower foundations and structures, kits and methods for making the tower foundations. Aspects of the present invention operate to decouple the required mass for the foundation from the structural components needed to resist compression and tension forces. Aspects of the present invention include a foundation structure made of structural components including pre-cast concrete, cast-in place concrete, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, pre-tensioned concrete and post-tensioned concrete, for resisting the expected forces transferred from the tower.06-06-2013
20100313497Wind Turbine Tower, A Wind Turbine And A Method For Assembling A Wind Turbine Tower - The invention relates to a wind turbine tower comprising at least two adjacent metal tower plates. The wind turbine tower is characterized in that, the tower plates are connected by one or more fish joints. The invention further relates to a wind turbine and a method for assembling a wind turbine tower.12-16-2010
20110113702INTERLOCKING ROOFING TRAYS - An interlocking roof tray adapted for placement on a roof surface and including a bottom surface and sidewalls defining an interior region of the tray. A dovetail projection extends outwardly away from the interior region in one sidewall, and a dovetail recess extends inwardly into the interior region in a sidewall opposite the dovetail projection. An interlocking roof tray assembly is formed from a plurality of the roof trays. Adjacent interlocking roof trays are secured together by dovetail joints formed form the dovetail projections and dovetail recesses.05-19-2011
20100218440PORTABLE LIGHT EMITTING STAGE - A portable light-emitting stage component including a deck supported by a support portion comprising at least one light-producing element, a first side, a second side substantially parallel the first side, a first end connected to the first side and the second side, and a second end substantially parallel the first end, the second end connected to the first side and the second side. The at least one light-producing element directs light through the deck. The first side includes a first rotatable latch member comprising a first hook. The first side and the axis of rotation of the first rotatable latch member are substantially coplanar or parallel. The second side includes a first receiving member comprising a first post. The support portion includes a protrusion protruding from a side or end selected from the group consisting of the first side, the second side, the first end, and the second end.09-02-2010
20110239553System and method for installation of wire including use of flexible metal conduit - A method is provided for installing wire at an installation including delineating a wire run for installing at least one wire within the installation and identifying at least one first portion of the wire run requiring a metal protection for the wire and at least one second portion of the wire run not-requiring a metal protection for the wire, where the first portion includes at least one non-linear segment. For the first portion, at least one continuously welded corrugated flexible metal tube is installed for the first portion, where at the non-linear segment the corrugated flexible metal tubing is manually bent to fit a path of the wire run. A wire is installed through the first and second portions of the wire run, where during the portions of the wire run in the at least one first portion, the wire is passed through the corrugated flexible metal tubing.10-06-2011
20090308000HIGH DENSITY STORAGE FACILITY - A high density storage facility including a storage area is described. Storage racks may be provided in the storage facility, and may be divided from top to bottom into slots. The slots may extend the width of the racks and be accessible for inserting and removing objects into and from the racks. The racks may be disposed in rows within the storage area and include a mechanism for rolling the racks along the storage area. The storage area may include a wall disposed substantially parallel to a widthwise side of the storage area. Doors may be disposed along the length of the wall, for providing access to the width ends of the racks. The racks may be installed upon rollably movable carriages along the width of the storage area for providing access to the width ends of the carriage racks from the doors.12-17-2009
20100037540APPLICATOR FOR DISPENSING A ROLLED CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL - Systems and methods for installing a rolled construction material to a building are described. The systems and methods may be used to install a variety of rolled construction materials on roof structures and surfaces and on building wall structures and surfaces. The system includes an applicator that suspends from a trolley. The applicator includes a shaft and a motor operatively engaged to the shaft for unwinding a roll of the rolled construction material on the shaft. The trolley is in a moveable engagement with a trolley housing. A support connected to the building positions the trolley housing adjacent the building.02-18-2010
20100071277METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING FLOOR PANELS, AS WELL AS FLOOR PANEL AND SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCT OBTAINED HEREWITH - Method for manufacturing floor panels of the type comprising at least a single-piece or multi-piece substrate (03-25-2010
20110067325Modular roof, deck and patio apparatus, including modular panels with snap connection features - The present invention relates generally to green roof, deck and patio apparatuses, also known as roof, deck and patio landscaping apparatuses and roof, deck and patio gardens, that are suitable for supporting live plant growth on building decks, rooftop and patio surfaces.03-24-2011
20110067326FACILITY USED FOR THE PRODUCTION AND/OR ASSEMBLY OF GOODS - There is proposed a preferably transportable (mobile) and/or re-usable production facility, as is quick and easy to erect virtually at any location in this world. This production facility virtually comprises a tent structure, wherein the roof of the facility is held by at least one carrier (support) and at the same time at least one device for raising or lowering or moving goods or parts thereof, for example crane structures, is also provided on the carrier itself. Such a crane structure can be of a variable configuration and facilitate in particular the production of goods which are heavy and/or which for assembly can no longer be raised or moved by human strength. A production facility is also provided having a central hall with connecting locations for receiving production modules. The production modules may include substantially all tools and devices for assembling or producing goods within the production facility.03-24-2011
20110247280Construction element by blowing or blowing-pressing - The hollow construction element (10-13-2011
20110061317Hybrid operating room, and method of using thereof - Hybrid operating room, and method of using thereof. For example, a surgery center includes: a hybrid operating room comprising a first chamber and a second chamber, wherein the first chamber and the second chamber are adjacent and share a common wall, wherein the common wall comprises an aperture, wherein the hybrid operating room further comprises a surgery bed, wherein a first portion of the surgery bed is located in the first chamber, wherein a second portion of the surgery bed is located in the second chamber.03-17-2011
20110047901 Extruded Aluminum Deck Plank with Lighting and Heating Features - An extruded aluminum deck plank includes a pair of longitudinally extending parallel tubular plank halves interconnected by a web extending between the lower walls of the plank halves. The inner side walls of the plank halves and the web define a U-shaped channel adapted to receive fasteners that are inserted vertically into the channel, through the web and into underlying deck plank supports. A closure strip for the channel snaps into the top of the channel to provide a smooth top surface for the deck plank and to close off the channel. The channel may be lighted and/or heated with an appropriate energy source enclosed in the channel.03-03-2011
20110047900Modular Composite Utility Pole - A modular composite utility pole has a plurality of sections, each with a tapered hollow tube having a plurality of plies, wherein a first end has a larger diameter than a second end, wherein each section is adapted to join at least one adjoining section at a joint wherein the first end of an upper section overlaps the second end of a lower section, the lower section having a ledge proximate to the second end of the lower section, with a fastener passing through the joint via apertures in the sections, and wherein, when the modular composite utility pole is erected, the joint is self-located by the joint features, and wherein substantially all vertical load is transferred between sections via the a surface of the second end of the upper section resting upon the ledge of the lower section. Also disclosed are individual sections and methods of making them.03-03-2011
20110047899FLANGE JOINT FOR STRUCTURAL MEMBER - A flange joint for structural members is provided, wherein by avoiding stress concentration at a welded portion, the cross-sectional size can be determined based on the base material strength, and a structure can be reduced in weight and size. In a flange joint for structural members, structural members are connected to each other in a state where an end face, for example, of an H-shaped steel beam is connected to a structural-member-connecting face of an end plate by welding and a non-connection face of the end plate is coupled to another structural member. The structural-member-connecting face of the end plate, to which the end face of the H-shaped steel beam is connected, is provided with recessed grooves along the shape of the welded portion of the end face.03-03-2011
20110030291MODULE FOR MODULAR GREEN ROOFS - Disclosed are modules and modular systems for green roof systems.02-10-2011
20110247281FIRE-RATED WALL CONSTRUCTION PRODUCT - The present application is directed toward fire-rated wall construction components and wall systems for use in building construction. Embodiments can include tracks for holding studs which incorporate various geometries capable of receiving fire-retardant material, including but not limited to intumescent material. The fire-retardant material can be attached to the tracks such that the fire-retardant material expands and seals gaps and/or areas between the tracks and wall components such as ceilings, floors, and drywall.10-13-2011
20090000220PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULE MOUNTING CLIP WITH INTEGRAL GROUNDING - An electrically conductive mounting/grounding clip, usable with a photovoltaic (PV) assembly of the type having an electrically conductive frame, comprises an electrically conductive body. The body has a central portion and first and second spaced-apart arms extending from the central portion. Each arm has first and second outer portions with frame surface-disrupting element at the outer portions.01-01-2009
20090126291Device for Post-Installation In-Situ Barrier Creation - The present invention relates to a device for post-installation in-situ barrier creation. A multi-layered device provides a medium for of remedial substances such as waterproofing resins or cements, insecticides, mold preventatives, rust retardants and the like. The multi-layer device preferably consists of three conjoined layers: first layer, intermediate layer, and second layer, and at least one piping. The first layer is preferably semi-permeable; the second layer is a non-permeable layer; the intermediate layer is a void-inducing layer. The second layer, intermediate layer, and first layer are fixedly attached, with the intermediate layer interposed between the second layer and the first layer. The multi-layered device is fixedly attached to shoring system exterior surface. At least one piping is engagedly attached to a panel of the multi-layered device. A structural construction material is constructed exterior the multi-layer device. Thereafter, a free flowing substance can be pumped to the multi-layered device.05-21-2009
20120198778SELF-CLEANING FLOORING SYSTEM - A self-cleaning flooring system is provided that includes at least one module. The module comprises a drain pan, a plurality of discharge ports, and at least one side wall. The drain pan may have a ramp and a drain outlet. The ramp may slope downward towards the drain outlet. The discharge ports may be disposed about a periphery of the drain pan and may be directed towards the drain outlet to direct flushing fluid towards the drain outlet. The side wall may circumscribe a portion of the periphery of the drain pan and include a hollow passage and at least one fluid inlet. The fluid inlet may be in fluid communication with the hollow passage for delivering flushing fluid to the discharge ports.08-09-2012
20120240488PROFILED ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A PROFILED ELEMENT - The invention relates to a profiled element, in particular a profiled construction element, for example a profiled dry construction, façade, or plaster element, comprising an in particular metal elongated main body, in which at least one opening is formed. The opening has at least one edge formed transversely to the longitudinal extension of the main body, which edge is formed at least partially by a bent-over section of the main body. The bent-over section, together with an adjacent section of the main body, forms an at least double-layer area of the main body. In order to increase the stiffness of the profiled element transversely to the longitudinal extension thereof, the bent-over section is connected to the adjacent section within the at least double-layer area. The invention further relates to a method for producing such a profiled element.09-27-2012
20100319276TOWER ELEMENT - The invention concerns a tower element for a tower, preferably for a wind power plant, where several tower elements with an outer surface and an inner surface are mounted on top of each other, where the periphery of the tower element is made up of a number of segments provided with inwardly facing flanges at the longitudinal sides, the flanges being connected to corresponding flanges on laterally arranged segments. The individual segments are made with an overlap on the outer surface in the transverse joints and with a butt joint at the inwardly facing flanges. By the invention there is achieved flexibility in production and during transport and mounting. With an overlap on the outer surface between two segments, mechanical joining can be performed between two segments in transverse direction. This mechanical joint between two segments results in a more stable construction and a rigidity substantially corresponding to the rigidity that may be achieved in segments joined by welding.12-23-2010
20100319275Vapor Barrier With Valve For A Building - A vapor barrier for sealing an interior of a building from an insulation cavity defined by framing members of the building includes a flexible and substantially impermeable sheet having apertures to allow air to exit the insulation cavity during filling of the insulation cavity with loose fill insulation. The vapor barrier also includes one-way valves mounted across the apertures. The valves are configured to allow air flow out of the insulation cavity and into the building interior through the apertures and to prevent air flow and moisture diffusion from the building interior into the insulation cavity.12-23-2010
20100281793MODULE ATTACHMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD - Exemplary systems and methods described herein can be used to secure a rail to a module or the rail to a support using a nut that can be inserted at a desired point of mounting. Another exemplary system describes a flashing to be inserted under a roof shingle, wherein the flashing is secured to a support for a rail or module. Yet another exemplary system describes a clamp that secures a rail or module and is adjustable along the length of a post. Spacers can be added to the post to extend the adjustment range of the clamp.11-11-2010
20110113703ROOF OBJECT SUPPORT SYSTEM - A support block for supporting objects on a roof is a moulded elastomeric block with a substantially hollow core. The support block can be used as is or in a system whereby a galvanized steel channel is secured to the top wall of the block accommodating the mating of a variety of clamps. In some embodiments, the block is elongate and generally flat and supports a roof mounted object thereon when two or more blocks are supported parallel and spaced apart from one another with the object spanning between the blocks.05-19-2011
20110113701DEVICE FOR ATTACHING HAUNCH CARRIER TO A BRIDGE BEAM MEMBER - A unitary device for attaching at least one haunch carrier to a support beam of a bridge structure includes a first portion having a first substantially planar surface thereof abuttingly engageable with a top generally horizontal surface of the support beam and a second portion extending upwardly and generally perpendicular relative to the first portion and having a first end thereof disposed at a first end of the first portion. A third portion has a first end thereof disposed at an opposed second end of the second portion and has an opposed second end thereof disposed on an opposed second substantially planar surface of the first portion. The third portion is disposed at a first predetermined angle relative to the first portion and at a second predetermined angle relative to the second portion. An aperture is formed through a thickness of the second portion.05-19-2011
20110131899APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A CONCRETE FOUNDATION - A foundation interface for a concrete foundation for the support of a structure comprises a prefabricated concrete element with a plurality of through holes, which are geometrically arranged to correspond to an arrangement of holes or bolts of a structure to be supported. Further, a method for fabricating a concrete foundation comprising such a foundation interface is provided.06-09-2011
20100313498DECORATIVE MOLDING TRIMMING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF INSTALLING - This invention generally relates to a method and system for installing decorative moldings including a mounting block made of a soft and light material adapted to be secured to a wall and extended about a border thereof, said mounting block having a first contacting surface parallel to the wall and a second contacting surface oriented at an angle to a mounting surface of a crown molding, said first contacting surface having a parallel rigid member thereon for securing the mounting block to the wall and the second contacting surface having an angular oriented rigid member thereon for securing the decorative molding to the mounting block.12-16-2010
20110162298TWO LAYERS EXTENSIBLE BAND FOR EXTERNAL PROTECTION OF BUILDING STRUCTURES - An extensible band consisting of at least two layers for external protection of building structures with irregular surfaces comprises a supporting layer (07-07-2011
20110162297 WINDOW ASSEMBLY PROVIDED WITH A CLEANING DEVICE - A window assembly comprising a frame which holds a window pane, which window assembly comprises at least one cleaning device for cleaning a surface of the window pane and drive means for moving the cleaning device in a direction of movement over the window pane surface, wherein the cleaning device has a dimension which at least substantially corresponds to the dimension of the window pane in a transverse direction perpendicular to the direction of movement, wherein the cleaning device comprises at least one rotary body, which is rotatable about an axis of rotation parallel to the transverse direction, to which rotary body at least one lip and at least one cleaning element are connected, so that the lip and the cleaning element are alternately brought into contact with the window pane upon rotation of the rotary body.07-07-2011
20110131898FLANGE CONNECTION - A flange connection is provided which includes a first flange having a first mounting hole and at least one second flange having a second mounting hole adapted to be aligned with the first mounting hole. A bolt including a shaft portion having a threaded portion, and a head portion formed at one end of the shaft portion is adapted to pass through the first and second mounting holes. A screw nut is adapted to be screwed onto the threaded portion and for connecting, when tightened, the first flange and the at least one second flange. At least one of the head portion and the screw nut includes a convex surface which is oriented towards the respective flange, and the respective flange includes, at the mounting hole, a flange recess which is oriented towards the convex surface.06-09-2011
20110131900Multifunctional beam for sub-ceilings, sub-ceiling structure and modular system for customized sub-ceiling structure incorporating such beam - A multipurpose beam for side-by-side panel false ceiling constructions includes a bearing profile with a pair of side was joined together by a substantially horizontal wall and having a bottom opening, at least one functional element with an anchoring portion designed to be received in the compartment, coupling means for connecting together the profile and the anchoring portion, and support means associated with the profile for supporting at least one panel of a false ceiling construction. The anchoring portion of the functional element is designed to hold the functional element integrated in the profile and entirely contained in the compartment. The support means extend from the side walls to hold the panels substantially flush with the longitudinal edges of the opening. A false ceiling structure and a modular system for customized design of a false ceiling that includes the beam are also provided.06-09-2011
20110005149WINDOW GLAZING CLEAT FOR SYNTHETIC DOORS WITH WINDOW LIGHTS - Synthetic doors composed a rectangular frame with of skins of compression molded sheets secured to opposite sides of the frame and a core of foamed plastics with a window light therein are improved with a novel glazing cleat for securing a window light in an aperture in such a door that includes plate that rests against edges the skins about the aperture, the plate having an upright rim engaging a face of a window light and downwardly directed flanges which, with tangs on a retainer member having a upright tab engaging the opposite face the window light when nesting with the plate sandwiches the skins between the flanges and tangs to take advantage of the mechanical strength of the skins. Further if a fire resistant plate is married to internal face of each skin, the cleat will take advantage of the mechanical strength of such plates in supporting the window light in the case of fires, even if the outer or exterior skin or skins are turned to ash by a fire. For increased fire resistance the core is formed of a fire resistant foam, such a phenolic foam.01-13-2011
20100031589Tower and wind turbine supporting structures and method for mounting the latter - A tower and wind turbine supporting structure which at least partially envelops the tower. The tower is of uniform cross sectional configuration throughout and has a plurality of outriggers. The outriggers are connected with the tower after the wind turbines and their supporting structure have been positioned at the base of the tower, raised to their point of attachment and secured in place. Individual foundation members for each vertical tower member and for each outrigger are in the form of micro piles and may include a plurality of micro piles and a manifold for maintaining upper end portions thereof in desired positions. Another aspect of the method of the invention involves providing a tower of uniform cross section, positioning wind turbines and their supporting structures sequentially at the base of the tower, raising them and mounting them on the tower sequentially, and thereafter providing a plurality of outriggers and their foundations and attaching them to the tower.02-11-2010
20100024324ROOF EAVES ICE MELTING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF INSTALLATION - A roof eaves ice melting system comprising a heater between a base panel and a cover panel is disclosed. A method of installing such a system is also disclosed.02-04-2010
20120144764CELLULOSE CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM - The invention is directed to a system for constructing a building that includes a plurality of components formed substantially of cellulose and configured to be arranged together to form the walls, roof, and floor of the building. Further, reinforcements are molded into the plurality of components and a plurality of joint structures arranged along at least one of edge of at least two of the plurality to components, the joint structures configured to connect the plurality of components together.06-14-2012
20110005150SAFETY FEATURE FOR A ROOF - Safety structure for a roof and more particularly a flat roof. The former includes an engagement structure. The engagement structure provides an attachment element to which a part to be safely attached to the roof, such as the belt of individuals present on the roof, a railing or the like has to be attached. According to the present invention, this attachment element is attached to a thickening and more particularly to a profiled section. This thickening is accommodated in a folded-over part of roof covering material and is situated in the folded-over part thereof. This roof covering material is attached to the existing roof covering by torching or gluing.01-13-2011
20100170167FLOATING HOUSE - A flood resistant structure includes a building structure container and a building structure positioned proximate to the building structure container. The building structure is moveable relative to the building structure container in response to water flow through the building structure container. The building structure moves upwardly in response to water entering the building structure container. The building structure moves downwardly in response to water leaving the building structure container.07-08-2010
20110138707TOWER WITH ADAPTER SECTION - A tower is provided having a foundation, at least one concrete tower section located above the foundation and one or more upper tower sections. An adapter section is located between the concrete tower section and one of the upper tower sections. The adapter section is connected to one of the upper tower sections by a fastening system and to the foundation by a plurality of tensioning cables, which are configured to induce a compressive force on the concrete tower section. The fastening system and the plurality of tensioning cables are substantially vertically aligned so that tower loads are transmitted from the upper tower sections to the plurality of tensioning cables.06-16-2011
20110138709PORTABLE LIGHT EMITTING STAGE - A portable light-emitting stage component including a deck supported by a support portion comprising at least one light-producing element, a first side, a second side substantially parallel the first side, a first end connected to the first side and the second side, and a second end substantially parallel the first end, the second end connected to the first side and the second side. The at least one light-producing element directs light through the deck. The first side includes a first rotatable latch member comprising a first hook. The first side and the axis of rotation of the first rotatable latch member are substantially coplanar or parallel. The second side includes a first receiving member comprising a first post. The support portion includes a protrusion protruding from a side or end selected from the group consisting of the first side, the second side, the first end, and the second end.06-16-2011
20120036798Tower for a Wind Power Installation - The invention relates to a method for constructing a tower for a wind power installation and to a tower for a wind power installation. In this case, a coating is applied at least partially onto the exterior surface of the tower, wherein the coating is applied such that the coating absorbs tensile stresses which act on the exterior surface of the tower, and that the coating seals the exterior surface of the tower against environmental influences, in particular moisture, which act on the surface from the outside.02-16-2012
20120304556ROOF CLAMP - Roof clamps and methods of securing roof clamps are provided. The roof clamps include a saddle, a wedge, and a securing member. The securing member facilitates engaging a seam of a roof with the clamp and removably fixing the roof clamp to the seam through the camming action of the wedge against a region of the saddle. The securing member also serves as the connection point for an auxiliary item, such as a solar panel or a snow guard. The placement of the securing member allows the roof clamp to be secured from, and the auxiliary item to be attached at, a top surface of the saddle.12-06-2012
20120304557EXPANSION JOINT SYSTEM - A cover plate system for a gap (12-06-2012
20110314750TOWER SEGMENTS AND METHOD FOR OFF-SHORE WIND TURBINES - A method for erecting an off-shore wind turbine includes providing a wind turbine tower socket segment that includes a basin positioned at one end of the wind turbine tower socket segment. The basin is filled with water. A wind turbine tower plug segment, which has a closed surface at one end of the wind turbine tower plug segment, is brought in connection with the wind turbine tower socket segment. Further, a wind turbine tower socket segment for off-shore wind turbines is provided that includes a basin adapted for receiving water on one side of the segment. The socket segment is adapted for receiving a wind turbine tower plug segment. Further, a wind turbine tower plug segment adapted for being plugged into a wind turbine tower socket segment is provided. The wind turbine tower plug segment includes a closed surface at one end of the segment. Further, a wind turbine is provided.12-29-2011
20120000149SOUND ATTENUATING METAL FRAMING MEMBER - The present invention provides for a metal framing member having improved sound attenuating properties to reduce the sound transmission through a partition wall constructed utilizing the framing members. The framing members have a central web which bridges the interior of a partition wall, attached to either edge of the central wall are upstanding side walls to which the covering material would be attached. The central web is provided a plurality of paired rows of elongated slits oriented along the longitudinal direction of the central web such that there is no uninterrupted line of metal bridging the web from one edge of the web to the other in any transverse direction.01-05-2012
20120042586FLOOR TYPE MULTI-DISPLAY APPARATUS AND FLOOR STRUCTURE FOR INSTALLATION OF A FLOOR TYPE MULTI-DISPLAY APPARATUS - A floor type multi-display apparatus includes a multi-display, transparent panels, and a plurality of support members. The multi-display includes a plurality of displays. The support members include first support members disposed between adjacent ones of the displays in a scattered fashion, and second support members disposed around the multi-display. The support members have respective plate portions positioned along and closely to edges of the displays. The support portion and the base portion of each of the first support members project toward two displays located closely thereto from the plate portion of the first support member. The support portion and the base portion of each of the second support members project toward only one display located closely thereto from the plate portion of the second support member.02-23-2012
20120042587LOAD BEARING MEMBER - A load bearing member comprising: a first rigid portion (02-23-2012
20120042585PREFABRICATED WALL ELEMENT FOR TOWER CONSTRUCTION, AND TOWER CONSTRUCTION - The invention relates to a prefabricated wall element for a tower construction, essentially of concrete, arranged to form one of several wall portions of a building formed by circumferential shell portions of one of several shell portions stacked on each other, wherein the wall element is constituted by a substantially flat sheet portion comprising a pair of opposite sides intended to run substantially horizontally in the building and a pair of opposite sides intended to run in a direction forming a predetermined angle to the horizontal plane in the building, and along which sides the wall element includes compressive and tensile load absorbing pillar portions and is intended to be connected to adjacent wall elements. The invention also relates to a tower construction, a mobile antenna system and a wind power plant.02-23-2012
20090249712TOWER CLIMBING ASSIST DEVICE - A climb assist system is disclosed that dynamically adjust the rate and level of assist of a climber as the climber needs may change over the period of traverse of the ladder. A sensor detects the state of a person, such as the load exerted by the climber on a ladder exerts on an assist rope, to provided an upward support force on the climber to compensate the climber's weight. Additionally, a sender is provided to transmit the load data to a receiver and a receiver to receive the data from the sender. A controller interprets the received data and thereafter provides control through a controlled motor and drive to provide energy to the assist rope.10-08-2009
20100192486Container Depot - A building structure comprises a roof having a top surface and the top surface adapted to store shipping containers. At least one floor is positioned beneath the roof, and at least one shipping container handling equipment is mounted on the top surface. The shipping container handling equipment is adapted to move the shipping containers onto and off of the roof.08-05-2010
20100154325WAVEGUIDE FOR A RADIO FREQUENCY DOOR - A waveguide for a radio frequency door like that used in a medical imaging room allows intravenous lines and electrical conduits to be inserted through the door frame without being disconnected from the patient. The waveguide includes a door frame section, and a removable, telescoping or pivoting movable member that cooperates with the door frame section to retain the conduits. The movable member is positioned away from the door frame section during insertion and removal of the conduits from the door frame section, and is positioned adjacent the door frame section when the conduits are being retained. The dimensions and materials of the waveguide are selected to achieve attenuation of electromagnetic interference.06-24-2010
20090133339Roof System - A roof system comprises a lower layer of composite insulating panels (05-28-2009
20100037541Roof top wind generator - The roof top wind generator is design to mount on the ridge of a roof to capture the wind energy without any obtrusive towers or unpleasant looking structures or equipment. The basic design is a multi-fin turbine, built into a roof cap design.02-18-2010
20120247037REFRACTORY MATERIAL WITH STAINLESS STEEL AND ORGANIC FIBERS - A refractory includes a cement, a binder and a matrix. The matrix comprises both stainless steel fibers and organic fibers. The refractory can be easily cast, without additional steel reinforcement, into large fire wall 10-04-2012
20120210658Panel assembly for mounting to the facade of a building - A panel assembly for mounting to the façade of a building which includes a panel member having a longitudinal axis, at least one opening through the panel member for receiving a fitting which is operatively engaged to a connection assembly, and an anchoring assembly receiving the connection assembly and securing the same to the façade.08-23-2012
20120159877BUILDING PANEL - The present invention relates to a building panel. The building panel includes a core including first geopolymer concrete. One or more protective layers are located adjacent the core. Each protective layer includes second geopolymer concrete of greater density than the first geopolymer concrete. In one embodiment, passages are defined along which air can move within the core.06-28-2012
20100175336Pet door panel storm window - A pet door panel or module is configured to include a pocket window opening having an open side portion to permit a ventilation screen to be slid into the pocket on centrally located tracks to provide ventilation means, and to further permit dual panel storm window means to be slid into the pocket via tracks on either side of the centrally located track to enclose the screen between the window panes to prevent air from flowing through the window opening to protect from foul weather and insulate from cold outside temperatures.07-15-2010
20100263306ROOM WITH TWO COUNTER-RESISTANT INSECTICIDAL OBJECTS - A room for humans or animals, the room comprising a first object and a second object remote from the first object, the first object comprising a first releasable insecticide against a target insect, the first insecticide having a certain probability for inducing resistance against the insecticide among the target insects, the second object comprising a second releasable insecticide, the second insecticide being configured for insecticidal efficiency against the target insect despite resistance against the first insecticide.10-21-2010
20110265399Universal block with recessed knock-out panels - A universal concrete or masonry block with four walls, a hollow center within the four walls, and a recessed knockout panel on each wall. Each recessed knockout panel is half the height of the block and has recessed cutting slots partially through the wall on either side of the recessed panel. The recessed knockout panels may be removed to leave an opening as desired on any or all of the four sides of the block. The opening(s) may be used to support a fence rail, a light or a plant.11-03-2011
20100229476REVERSE MOLDED PANEL - A reverse molded fiberboard panel; a wainscot kit comprising a plurality of differently sized reverse molded panels, and a planar finishing or spacer panel, adapted to completely cover any size wall between a wall base board and a wall chair rail; and a method of reverse molding a loose cellulosic mat, in a single pressing step, to provide one or more relatively high density, raised panels without requiring preliminary pressing, or other pre-shaping step, such as scalping. The reverse-molded panels are molded in a conventional, multi-opening fiberboard press, in a single pressing step process, while achieving excellent transfer of mold detail (embossing fidelity) without visually noticeable fiber fracture.09-16-2010
20100229475Grid framework accessories - The present invention is directed to accessories which are attached to the support grid members of a grid framework system. The accessories are a means to insulate electrified conductors attached to the support grid members from other conductive items located proximate thereto, a management device for cables and wires, and a retention device for fixedly attaching a component to the grid framework system.09-16-2010
20120279148WALL MOUNTING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A self-supporting apparatus can be placed in a pre-set opening in an existing wall substrate. A frame assembly is configured with a perimeter that corresponds to the thickness of the wall substrate. The edge of the frame thus can be in fitting contact with the substrate opening. Flanges on opposite sides of the frame extend in the planar direction of the wall substrate to be in contact with the inner and outer surfaces of the substrate to maintain the frame in position in the wall and to strengthen the structure. The frame can include appropriate mounting portions for mounting electrical boxes or low voltage devices within the wall.11-08-2012
20120279149System and device for utilization of energy in buildings - A solar assembly system is provided. The system includes: a building assembly having a window and a panel. The panel is configured operate in a closed or an open position at the interior of the building interior. Further, the panel may extend beyond the window such that an airtight seals forms between the panel and the window.11-08-2012
20120324807Shingle Inserts And Method For Eliminating and Preventing Growth of Algae, Moss, or Lichens on a Roof - A shingle insert and method for eliminating and preventing growths on a shingled roof in which a porous copper mesh is installed with an upper edge beneath a course of shingles with the remaining portions of the insert exposed. A confined space is defined beneath a lengthwise hump in the exposed copper strip portions which is filled with a growth toxic material, in solid or granular form which releases a substance toxic to the growths when rainwater runoff passes into the confined space and material and thereafter flows out down the roof.12-27-2012
20080276551HEADWALL HAVING MOVABLE COVER - An apparatus is provided for coupling to a wall in a healthcare facility, such as a hospital. The apparatus comprises a housing configured to support at least one service outlet, a cover and a linkage for mounting the cover to the housing for pivoting movement between a closed position in which the cover blocks access to the at least one service outlet and an open position in which the cover allows access to the at least one service outlet. The cover remains substantially parallel to the wall as it travels between the closed and open positions. The cover may comprise a wall accessory, such as a picture frame.11-13-2008
20120137599BUILDING ACCESSIBLE FOR PERSONS - Building accessible for persons, in particular a garage, comprising a load bearing structure, wherein at least a part of a facade of said building is formed by a textile, wherein at least 30% of the total surface area of the facade is open to air. Preferably the textile has a coarseness such that at least 30% of the total surface of said textile is open to air.06-07-2012
20130008101ENERGY-EFFICIENT FENESTRATION ASSEMBLIES - A fenestration assembly is described. The fenestration assembly includes: (1) a layer of film; (2) a frame having a first surface and a second surface, which is opposite to the first surface, the first surface substantially surrounding and having secured thereon the film and the frame having a thickness such that when the second side is fitted onto a window or a window frame, the thickness of the frame defines a space between the film and the window; and (3) wherein said film is a low-emittance film having an emissivity equal to or less than 0.35.01-10-2013
20130008100Photocatalytic Panel and System for Recovering Output Products Thereof - A system and method is provided for using sunlight to convert an atmospheric gas to an output product and capture that output product. A photocatalytic element is encapsulated within a chamber in which the chamber is light transmissive, and is substantially permeable to the atmospheric gas and substantially impermeable to the output product. The photocatalytic element may be composed of a photocatalytic composition, comprising a first constituent capable of capturing or binding an atmospheric gas, a second constituent capable of reducing the atmospheric gas using energy from the sunlight, and a third constituent adapted to absorb sunlight, all combined into a single polymer. A fourth constituent may be added that is hydrophobic or hydrophilic depending upon the nature of the other three combined constituents.01-10-2013
20130014454PRE-FABRICATED RIBBED PANEL TO BE INSTALLED EITHER IN A HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL OR INCLINED CONDITIONAANM Caboni; MicheleAACI OristanoAACO ITAAGP Caboni; Michele Oristano IT - A prefabricated ribbed panel for installation either in a horizontal, vertical or inclined condition, characterized in that said panel comprises a caisson block (01-17-2013
20130019547DESK FOR CORRECT POSTURE AND SYSTEM FURNITURE INCLUDING THE SAME - A desk according to one embodiment of the present invention includes an upper panel, a support leg, a support member, a movable panel and a vertical panel. The upper panel is coupled to an upper end of the support leg. The support member extends from the upper panel. The movable panel has an upper end movable along the support member and a lower end movably placed on the upper panel. The movable panel is movable between a first position inclined with respect to the upper panel and a second position vertical to the upper panel and between the first position and a third position parallel to the upper panel. The vertical panel is rotatably joined to the support member. A lower end of the vertical panel is movably placed on the movable panel. The vertical panel moves along with the movement of the movable panel.01-24-2013
20130019546ENGINEERED BLOCKS FOR LANDSCAPE WALL LIGHT FIXTURES - An engineered block for a landscape wall includes front and rear faces, first and second sidewalls, a top surface extending between upper ends of the front and rear faces, and a bottom surface extending between lower ends of the front and rear faces. A stepped cavity is formed in the top surface of the engineered block. The stepped cavity is located adjacent the front face of the engineered block and includes a first step having a first horizontal, and a shallower second step, adjacent the first step, having a second horizontal surface. A mounting device adapted to receive a light fixture is seated within the stepped cavity. The mounting device has a flat plate seated upon the second step and a storage compartment for wire seated upon the first step. A top planar surface of the flat plate is coplanar with the top surface of the engineered block.01-24-2013
20100077678Method and apparatus for designing, producing, manufacturing and delivering personalized living environments - A method and apparatus for the creation, selection, ordering, shipping and constructing of personalized living environments that can be customized in almost unlimited configurations through the use of an architectural process, unitized assemblies, and assembly joineries is presented. The architectural process allows for the initial creation, design and selection of the unitized assembly collections based upon human factors behavioral based criteria. The unitized assemblies are fixed and/or flexible, trade-integrated modules in unitized, shippable configurations designed and incorporated with high touch finished crafts, allowing for dimensional flexibility in both the vertical and horizontal planes. The combination of the unitized assembly and human factors behavioral analysis combine for an experience blueprint of a homeowner's lifestyle portrait. The assembly joineries, based upon the desired collections selection, provide finishing touches to the unitized assembly, efficient strength to weight ratios, and expressed, stylized configurations in hybrid materials. The combination of the physical constructs with the behavioral process (together the experience blueprint) allows for “mass customization” in the design, production, manufacturing and delivering of personalized living environments.04-01-2010
20110265398Indirect Natural Light Skylight - A skylight is provided that provides natural sunlight to rooms and areas of a building that do not have a direct view of the sun. The skylight provides a way for interior rooms of a building, for example, to receive natural light from a skylight overhead. Such skylight construction in buildings provides natural daylight to the interior of multi-tiered buildings and the benefits of a skylight accrue to the interior rooms of the multi-tiered building. Generally, this is accomplished by reflecting exterior natural light off one or more mirrors to a skylight in an interior room.11-03-2011
20130139454DEVICE FOR COLLECTING WIND ENERGY AND BUILDING COMPRISING SUCH A DEVICE - A device for collecting wind energy for buildings defining at least one facade that protrudes from the ground, this device including at least one wind-driven rotor mounted in rotation in a channel exposed to the wind and through which can pass a flow of air which impacts the blades of the rotor, and also at least one generatrix which can be drive-connected to the rotor. The device is characterized in that the channel is configured to form a Venturi-effect structure for capturing, guiding and accelerating the wind, extends through the building from side to side and is at least partially integrated in a section or an intermediate floor of the building or its roof, such that the façade in question constitutes an obstacle to the passage of the wind around the inlet opening in the through-channel, the rotor being installed in the segment of the channel having the smallest passage-section.06-06-2013
20100307075LED LIGHT FIXTURE - A light fixture using LEDs includes a lower skin layer possessing heat transfer properties. A circuit board is affixed to the lower skin layer, and a single LED, or a plurality of LEDs, is electrically connected to the circuit board. The single LED, or plurality of LEDs, when electrically activated, emits light through substantially around a vertical axis. The light fixture also includes a core possessing heat transfer properties that is in thermal contact with the LED and has an interior cavity for the LED. The core is affixed to the lower skin layer, and an upper skin layer, containing a window or windows over the LED or LEDs, is affixed to the core. The LEDs may be white, infrared, ultraviolet, and/or colored and may be mounted on a printed circuit board or individually.12-09-2010
20110271610Aisle Enclosure System - An aisle enclosure system including ceiling bracket assemblies, ceiling panels, vertical blanking panels, aisle duct adaptors, and accessory rails, for use with equipment racks and ceiling structures in hot-aisle and cold-aisle data centers. The ceiling assemblies may be mounted to the tops of the racks or may be suspended from an area above the racks. The aisle enclosure system further includes a moveable structure that is configured and adapted to position a ceiling panel in an closed position when the moveable structure is in a first position, and position the ceiling panel in an open position when the moveable structure is in a second position, where the moveable structure is configured and adapted to move from the first position to a second position in response to an alarm condition.11-10-2011
20110302856PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR STRUCTURAL MEMBERS SUCH AS CABLES - A protection system for a structural element is provided. The protection system employs a shield assembly comprising two parts formed of one or more materials configured to provide protection from a threat, such as a blast, projectiles, cutting, or a fire. At least one bracket assembly attaches to the structural element. The shield assembly is hingedly attached to the bracket assembly, so that the two parts of the shield assembly can be moved away from the structural element while remaining attached to the structural element.12-15-2011
20110302855CERAMIC TILE FLOOR - An article for applying to a floor substrate for preparing the floor substrate for laying of ceramic tiles by bonding ceramic tiles to the article. The article comprises a tile backer board for application to a floor substrate and a sheet bonded to the backer board for bonding of ceramic tiles to the sheet. The sheet comprises a plurality of layers bonded together wherein separation of the sheet along layers thereof is effected for removal of laid ceramic tiles from the backer board. Alternatively, the sheet is bonded to a floor substrate, and the ceramic tiles are bonded thereto. Alternatively, the article is a tape with releasable adhesive thereon. The adhesive releasably adheres to the floor substrate, and the ceramic tiles are bonded to the tape. Alternatively, the article comprises sheets which lie on the floor substrate and which float on the floor substrate and to which are bonded the ceramic tiles.12-15-2011
20110308176Rooftop Cooling and Rainwater Retention Panel and System - The system and apparatus according to the invention includes a panel of material which is made up of a body of open cell, reticulated, porous material (e.g., polyurethane foam) surrounded on the sides and bottom by a barrier of waterproof material. A layer of highly reflective, water permeable material is positioned on top of and covers substantially all of the top surface of the body of porous material. A drain can be positioned at the bottom of the panel to provide a slow, gravity feed to release water from the panel.12-22-2011
20130186016BALLASTED CART STORAGE STATION - A freestanding storage station includes a pair of spaced-apart, generally parallel side members and a roof that is supported by the side members. Each side member includes a cross bar, and at least one saddle-shaped, hollow ballast-receiving member that straddles the cross bar and rests on the ground. When filled with ballast, the ballast-receiving members serve to stabilize the storage station relative to the ground and enable the storage station to resist movement due to environmental winds or collision. The ballast-receiving members include a first ballast-receiving portion and a second ballast-receiving portion, and the ballast member straddles the cross bar such that the first ballast-receiving portion resides on an interior-facing side of the cross bar and the second ballast-receiving portion resides on an exterior-facing side of the cross bar.07-25-2013
20120017525Interlocking Building Panel - A rigid rectangular construction panel, such as a floor panel, has quick release connections along its edges. The panel is made from composite materials in a single work piece. The base of the panel is made up of pillars to separate the body of the panel from the underlying construction surface, such as a concrete slab or wall. The base defines a fluid flow field to permit drainage and drying of the underlying construction surface. An impermeable moisture barrier may be provided to prevent migration of moisture into or through the panel. The panel may be provided with an added, removable surface layer which may be selectively removed and replaced without removing the underlying panel from an installation area. The core of the panel may be provided with a temperature modification element which may interconnect with similar elements in neighboring panels.01-26-2012
20130199114Door frame and threshold - A door frame with and threshold for mounting optional latch strikes, lock strikes and blank covers in the same door frame. The door jamb includes cut-outs and a reinforcement with depressed center portions opposite the cut-outs for attaching matching strikes of optional latches and locks. The shapes of the cut-outs, reinforcement and matching strikes cooperate in a manner which allow the same door frame to be used with existing latches and locks. The improved threshold eliminates the failures of seals in vertical gap in current thresholds because of temperature changes and persons stepping on thresholds.08-08-2013
20120066987ATTACHING A LINE TO A SURFACE - Among other things, a communication line is attached along a target surface of a building by laying out the line from a tool. An outer surface of the line is in a temporarily tacky condition as the line is laid out along the surface. The line is in the temporarily tacky condition based at least in part on an adhesive component having been pre-applied to the outer surface of the line. The line becomes non-tacky after it has been attached.03-22-2012

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