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052 - Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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052126100 Position adjusting means; e.g., leveling 75
052125200 Construction or component having means to engage hand or cable-type lifting means 29
052125100 Lift slab 5
20130067832LIFT-SLAB CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONSTRUCTING MULTI-STORY BUILDINGS USING PRE-MANUFACTURED STRUCTURES - The present invention integrates the use of pre-manufactured structures with minimal on-site installation and lift-slab construction to achieve the construction of multi-story buildings. The pre-manufactured structures are designed to be readily integrated with both horizontal and vertically adjacent building components, including lift-slab components, so that multiple building stories may be readily and securely stacked, one on top of the other. The present invention advantageously permits top- down lift-slab construction for multi-story buildings. The present invention also provides for the development of flexible design plans for institutional, residential, office and other types of buildings. The present invention advantageously provides for easier, more efficient, faster, cheaper, safer, higher quality and more consistent, environmentally advantaged, energy-efficient, easier to maintain, intelligently designed, and customizable multi-story building construction.03-21-2013
20100186313Slab Lift Bracket - The present invention provides a slab lift bracket that includes an collar portion with a center, an upper surface, a lower surface, an outer surface, and an inner surface. The slab lift bracket also includes a plurality of protruding members that are distributed around and fixed to the collar portion. The protruding members extend outwardly and downwardly of the collar portion at spaced apart locations, and have a hook shaped free end.07-29-2010
20110056150System for Forming a Movable Slab Foundation - An embodiment of the system for forming a movable slab foundation as comprised by the present invention has a slab foundation, at least one support surface, at least one lifting member, at least one support sleeve, and an engagement device carried by the at least one support sleeve. The at least one support sleeve is encased within the slab foundation and its lower end is positioned in abutting contact with the at least one support surface. The at least one lifting member is inserted through the at least one support sleeve. The at least one support sleeve and the slab foundation are moved upward axially along the length of the at least one lifting member. The engagement device is engaged with the at least one lifting member, thereby securing the slab foundation and the at least one support sleeve at a desired height.03-10-2011
20120210656Holder for Being Positioned in Floating Floor Slabs and Installation System Thereof - A holder to be placed in floating floor slabs and the installation system thereof, the holder comprising a cubic holder having a pair of tubes on each side thereof, parallel with the supporting base, with facing sides in identical position; within said sides a section designed for placing rods on which the different layers of the rebar mesh are supported and a system for fitting the mesh on the rods, and also the securing of the corners of the different levels of the rebar mesh by means of linking of the holder s using the rods.08-23-2012
20080236061Floor slab support system - A floor slab support system for jacking and stabilizing a sagging or cracked floor or other such slab. Holes of 3½″ diameter, for example, are drilled through the slab and a pipe pier driven downwardly until reaching bottom. A connector sleeve matching the slab hole size is temporarily suspended in the slab hole and L shaped brackets are inserted into the sleeve and maneuvered to extend outwardly through slots in the sleeve to engage the underside of the slab. A threaded rod with a threaded positioning member and a bottom stop is inserted through the sleeve and into the pipe pier, and the L brackets extended through the sleeve and maintained outwardly by the threaded positioning member. Once in position, the threaded rod is rotated to screw the sleeve and brackets upwardly to support the slab. Finally, the top of the rod is cut off and the hole filled with concrete.10-02-2008
052123100 Mast or enclosure section elevated to superimposed position 5
20090000218Land rig - A land rig including a mast, a substructure beneath the mast, the substructure having a top part, movement apparatus connected to the substructure, the movement apparatus connected to the mast, the movement apparatus for moving the mast and for moving the top part of the substructure. This abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract which will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure. It is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims, 37 CFR 1.72(b).01-01-2009
20130081337TOWER ERECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - Systems and methods are disclosed for erecting a tower. The subject system includes a tower, which may include a base portion and a plurality of tower sections. The subject system may further include a frame provided on the tower, a crane provided on the frame, and a self-hoist system for elevating and lowering the frame relative to the tower. Erection of the tower is facilitated through use of the self-hoist system to elevate the frame, and use of the crane to provide various tower sections on the base portion and an initial tower section or sections.04-04-2013
20080250727Raising and Lowering of Columns - An arrangement for the raising and lowering of a mast, which includes an upper mast portion and base, which upper mast portion is rotatable about a horizontal pivot axis, located in the base of the mast is described. The arrangement includes (i) docking device for restraining the upper mast portion against rotation; (ii) attachment device for attaching a drive device for driving the docking device between a first engaged configuration wherein the upper mast portion is restrained against rotation and a second disengaged configuration wherein the upper mast portion is free to rotate and (iii) locking device selectable via an intermediate unlocked configuration between a first locked configuration wherein the docking device is engaged and a second unlocked configuration wherein the docking device is disengaged and is characterized in that the locking means is controllable remotely to allow automatic operation of the raising and lowering sequence.10-16-2008
20120124919METHOD FOR ERECTING A TOWER, AND TOWER - A method of erecting a pylon of a wind power installation is provided. The method includes providing a foundation and placing a plurality of height adjusting units on the foundation. The height adjusting units are made substantially from a plastic material. A load distribution ring is placed on the plurality of height adjusting units. The load distribution ring is straightened and leveled by adjustment of the height adjusting units. A gap between the foundation and the load distribution ring is filled with a grouting material. A pylon segment is placed on the load distribution ring after the grouting material has reached a predetermined strength. The height adjusting units are configured to jointly bear the weight of the load distribution ring, and are configured to yield under a selected load that is greater that a weight of the load distribution ring05-24-2012
20130008097TOWER LIFTING STAND SYSTEM - A tower lifting stand system and method is provided for use in lifting a large structure such as a transmission tower that is used in our power grid. A lifting mechanism engages a structure connected to the tower which work together to lift the tower once the lifting mechanism has been activated. Once the tower is lifted, a vertical extension section can be installed thus lifting the tower, and its associated power lines, vertically a predetermined distance.01-10-2013
052124100 Vault component 2
20120285105Lid-Lift Hole Liner and Containment Box for Utility Vault Lids - A lid-lift hole assembly for an underground utility vault lid comprises a liner positioned in an open-ended lid-lift hole, and a receptacle positioned below the liner. Opposite side walls of the receptacle contain thru-holes aligned with fastener holes in opposite side walls of the liner, Fasteners extending through the thru-holes and into the fastener holes (from the underside of the lid) are tightened (to apply pressure to the juncture between the receptacle and the liner) to lock the liner in the lid-lift hole. The receptacle forms an enlarged-volume, box-like enclosure rigidly (but releasably) held beneath an open passage through the liner. The space inside the receptacle can contain debris kept from entering the working area of the vault. The space inside the receptacle is shaped to receive a tool for removing the lid.11-15-2012
20130152488INTERMENT SYSTEM - An interment system (06-20-2013
20110289862CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MULTI-FLOOR BUILDINGS - A multi-floor building construction system and method for progressively constructing floors on the building, as the occupational need to do so arises and while some floors can be occupied, is described. A permanent roof structure is displaceably supported over at least an occupational first floor space constructed on the foundation. Extensible load support elements are secured in the roof structure and adapted to rest upon the load-bearing means to support a total load of the permanent roof structure. The extensible load support means are operated in synchronization. Extensible occupants elevators service the occupational floor space. A wall enclosure is secured inside and about the permanent roof structure. Hoisting devices are secured inside the permanent roof structure and adapted to lift construction sub-assemblies fabricated in a construction zone created by lifting the permanent roof structure over an uppermost floor of the building where a further occupational floor space is to be constructed under the permanent roof structure with the permanent roof structure held elevated from the uppermost floor by the extensible load support means. Construction materials are transported by a dedicated and enclosed vertical transportation system and there are therefore no exterior cranes. Electricity and ventilation are supplied in an extendable way whereby to permit occupation and construction simultaneously. The invention also relates to a method of progressively constructing a multi-floor building, floor-by-floor, as the occupational need to do so arises upon the pre-sale of at least portions of a further occupational floor space to obtain the financing to construct the further occupational floor space.12-01-2011
20120023840Main Work Construction Method for Reinforced Concrete Building and Building Construction Machine - A main work construction method for reinforced concrete building and a building construction machine are provided. The construction method involves constructing a top story framework on a lifting mechanisms (02-02-2012
20120023839Climbing Screen Support System - A climbing screen support system comprising a support rail fixable to a surface adjacent an edge of a structure; a mounting arm slidably securable to the rail so as to confine movement of the mounting arm in a linear direction along the support rail; and a climbing shoe attachable to an end of the mounting arm, wherein the support system is configured such that the mounting arm may be securely mounted to the support rail remote from the edge of the structure and subsequently slideable along the support rail such that the climbing shoe protrudes from the edge of the structure by a predetermined distance.02-02-2012
20120110928Modular Building System For Constructing Multi-Story Buildings - A modular building system for constructing a multi-story building includes pre-fabricated modular units. Each modular unit includes a horizontal slab for forming a floor/ceiling of the building, a joist extending horizontally along a first edge of the slab, the joist extending below the slab and extending horizontally beyond the first edge of the slab to form a receiving lip, columns positioned on top of the slab along the first edge, and connectors installed in cavities formed in the unit. A floor of the multi-story building is formed by arranging the modular units so that the slab of a first modular unit is positioned on the receiving lip of a second modular unit. An additional floor of the multi-story building is formed by arranging the modular units so that the joist portion of an upper modular unit is positioned on the columns of a lower modular unit.05-10-2012
20090188177METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR RAISING BUILDINGS - An apparatus for lifting and lowering buildings includes first and second beam support frames. Each support frame includes a horizontal base adapted to rest on the ground, a vertical beam guide extending upward from the base, a beam support member engaged in the vertical beam guide such that the beam support member moves substantially vertically up and down in the beam guide, and a jack mechanism operative to move the beam support member up and down. A beam having a length selected for use to raise a selected building has a first end supported by a beam support member of the first support frame, and a second end supported by a beam support member of the second support frame.07-30-2009
20090199493Connecting Device - A connecting device (08-13-2009
20100212237Articulated Climbing Plate for a Climing Shuttering - A climbing shoe (08-26-2010
20100058677ANCHOR FOR HANDLING BUILDING ELEMENTS, IN PARTICULAR A CONCRETE PANEL - A handling anchor, for lifting, raising, turning over, transporting, and laying building elements, such as precast blocks or panels, essentially made of concrete and to be connected to a building element. The anchor includes a connecting head for connecting the building element to a handling machine, and a body portion including active parts that, when the anchor is connected to the construction element, ensure the adhesion of the anchor to the material of the building element. The body includes at least one land including at least one face.03-11-2010
20120311943BUILDING BLOCK, SYSTEM AND METHOD - A block system includes a main block that has the lift and alignment devices positioned to overlie a longitudinal axis that intersects a center of gravity of the main block, and has a defined distance from the lift and alignment devices to a front surface of the main block. The block system further includes extended blocks that each has the lift and alignment devices positioned not to overlie a longitudinal axis that intersects a center of gravity of the extended block, but has the same defined distance from the lift and alignment devices to a front face of the extended block that exists on the main block. The recessed portions of the block may be larger than the lift and alignment devices, thereby allowing the blocks to be stacked in either a vertical wall or in a setback wall.12-13-2012
20110225903TELESCOPIC MAST SYSTEM - A telescopic mast system includes a telescopic mast comprising a plurality of telescopic mast sections and a drive mechanism for extending and retracting the telescopic mast sections. The drive mechanism includes a rigid chain having one end connected to a last one of the telescopic mast sections to move the telescopic mast sections and a plurality of guide plates cooperating with the telescopic mast sections to prevent buckling of the rigid chain.09-22-2011
20120240482Components for a Modular High-Rise Structures And Method For Assembling Same - The disclosed technology relates to a high rise modular structure having a truss structure. The truss structure has four corner columns wherein the columns carrying the load of the building. The columns are adapted to have lifting arms for assembling the structure and plugs for snap fitting the modular units into one another. Once assembled, the modular units are tied to one another using a steel plate/blind rivet system. The modular structure is also capable of having an advanced weather protecting system for when the modular structure is on-site and not yet assembled.09-27-2012
20110271608TOWER STRUCTURE - Embodiments of the invention generally relate a method and apparatus for a tower structure. In one embodiment, the tower structure comprises a first base plate comprising a first hinge device, a first structural section having a first side and a second side, the first structural section coupled to a second base plate comprising a second hinge device, a second structural section coupled to the first structural section, and an aerial component coupled to the second structural section, wherein the first structural section is rotatable relative to the first base plate in a first rotational axis, the second structural section is rotatable relative to the first structural section in a second rotational axis, and at least a portion of the second structural section is received in a channel formed in the first side of the first structural section when the first structural section and the second structural section are substantially parallel.11-10-2011
20130205688PREFABRICATED COMPOUND MASONRY UNITS - Embodiments of prefabricated compound masonry units in lieu of build site-constructed elements are provided, as well as methods of producing the same. One embodiment comprises a first course comprising hollow blocks laid end to end with adjacent ends adhered with mortar, the hollow blocks positioned such that the first course has a hollow core; at least one channel formed in a top surface of the first course, the channel having a length; and provisional reinforcement provided along at least a portion of the length of the channel and held within the channel with a bonding material different from the mortar. The provisional reinforcement provides tensile strength to the first course for transportation and handling of the first course from a fabrication location to a build location where the first course is configured to receive permanent structural masonry reinforcement in the hollow core at the build location.08-15-2013