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049 - Movable or removable closures

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049490100 U-shaped member or portion mounts seal 34
049493100 With holder; e.g., securing sheath 28
049489100 Anchored in channel or slot in closure or portal frame 26
049484100 Plural distinct seals 12
049476100 With fluid drain, or closure face mounted deflector; e.g., sill seal 10
049478100 Magnetic 10
049483100 Having complementary engaging portions on closure or closure and portal frame 10
049477100 Inflatable or fluid pressure responsive 9
049479100 With corner or corner forming portions; i.e., corner seal 7
049495100 Plural sealing contact points 7
049480100 With distinct biasing means 5
20100077671SEALING SYSTEMS FOR GARAGE DOOR - A sealing system for connecting a panel to a frame comprises a plurality of pins extending from the frame; a movable member, within the frame, including a plurality of slots; and a first seal drive system connected to the movable member. In a closed position of the panel relative to the frame, the movable member is movable between a first, unlocked position and a second, locked position, and individual ones of the plurality of pins extending through individual ones of the plurality of slots.04-01-2010
20090094899Linear Weatherstripping and Dust Plugs Having Multidirectional Flexibility - Linear weatherstrips and dust plugs (04-16-2009
20100287844DOOR - The invention relates to, but not exclusively to, a door or window including a sealing arrangement.11-18-2010
20090165391Clothes dryer door - The invention relates to a door for closing off a loading opening of a clothes dryer includes a holding device surrounding the edge of a non-opaque pane in a door frame, via a fixing element and/or a part of the holding element arranged on the housing side. A moisture escape-preventing elastic sealing element is mounted in the non-opaque pane area. In order to prevent fluff accumulation in the connection points between the frame and the non-opaque pane, the inventive sealing element is molded to the part of the holding element placed on the housing side and fits the shape of the internal surface of the non-opaque pane with the aid of a lip-shaped ring.07-02-2009
20110239544WINDOW BUBBLE SYSTEM - A window accessory and sealing system offering an inexpensive, but efficient, alternative to replacing old windows with new windows. The window accessory and sealing system can be installed over a home's existing windows to effectively prevent heat loss and reduce utility bills. The product offers additional thermal insulation to effectively ensure that heat does not escape and cold air does not enter therein. The window accessory and sealing system comprising: a window; a convex window accessory with a one-way check valve. The window accessory is removably sealably-coupleable to the window to create an enclosed evacuatable inner volume. The one-way check valve is located on the convex window accessory and is used to create a vacuum seal between the window and the convex window accessory to minimize heat loss.10-06-2011
049498100 Tubular or tubular portion 4
20130160376SEALING MECHANISM OF AUTOMOBILE DOOR - A sealing mechanism of an automobile door including a sliding window pane configured to be raised or lowered to/from the door window part and a side panel, includes: a retainer fixed to the side panel; and a glass run held by the retainer. The glass run includes a hollow seal part, and the base of the seal part has a slit. A pair of engagement parts of the retainer is engaged with both sides of the base of the seal part. A ridge located between the engagement parts of the retainer is fitted in the slit of the base.06-27-2013
20090211166Seal arrangement on a vertical frame profile of a door wing - The invention relates to a seal, which is disposed at a vertical frame profile of a stationary door leaf or of a movable door leaf and has a sealing profile protruding from the frame profile and a deformation chamber extending in longitudinal direction of the sealing profile. The invention concentrates on the fact that a part of the sealing profile protruding from the front side of the frame profile in cross-section forms the portion (T) of an ellipse or substantially of an ellipse, the minor axis (N) of the ellipse intersecting the wall of the sealing profile outside the frame profile.08-27-2009
20090282743DOOR SEALING ELEMENT - The present invention relates to a door sealing element for sealing a gap between a movable door and a stationary floor side mating face, comprising two pieces of flexible tubing which are connected to each other such that they communicate on one end, namely a first piece of tubing, to be provided in the region of the door edge on the gap side, and a second piece of tubing, to be provided in the region of a door edge to be moved against a stationary stop surface in a closed position of the door.11-19-2009
049492100 Held by snap fastener 2
20130031842WEATHERSTRIP ASSEMBLY - A weatherstrip assembly for sealing between a frame and a closure member of a vehicle is provided. The weatherstrip includes a retaining clip having a mounting portion for securing the weatherstrip to the frame and having an outwardly extending leg defining a first channel. The weatherstrip also includes a cover having a first flange protruding downward from the concealing member to extend at least partially into the first channel. The weatherstrip also includes a seal member having a body portion and at least one sealing protrusion extending outwardly from the body portion. The body portion has an upper end and a lower end. The lower end is sandwiched between the leg of the retaining clip and the first flange of the cover. The cover further includes a retaining tab extending outwardly opposite from the concealing member, with the retaining tab engaging the upper end of the body portion.02-07-2013
20130097937Glass Fiber Closure Gasket Terminations - A flexible, closed loop, closure gasket includes an elongated body having a resiliently flexible wall between opposing ends. The wall is formed by a resiliently flexible, core surrounded by a flexible outer jacket of interwoven glass fiber yarns. The opposing ends are brought together in a permanent joint formed by an permanent fastener-less physical bond between the opposing ends to provide the continuous closed loop. The gasket is typically mounted between a door and a cabinet or other housing of a device subject to modest to moderate heating and/or potential internal fire or explosion, like a home clothes dryer, certain ovens and trash compactors.04-25-2013
049499100 Bulged sealing surface intermediate securing ends 1
20100064591Vehicle door structure - Vehicle door structure includes: a door body openably and closably mounted to a vehicle body; a door sash provided on the door body and including a vertical sash section extending in a vertical direction of the door body, and an upper sash section formed continuously with an upper end portion of the vertical sash section and bent relative to the vertical sash section; and a garnish provided on the door sash and including a base section covering the vertical sash section and fixed to the vertical sash section, an extension section formed continuously with an upper end portion of the base section, bent relative to the base section and covering the upper sash section, and an engaging section provided on the extension section and engaging with the upper sash section.03-18-2010
049482100 With feature for segmenting, replacing, adjusting, or severing 1
20110271601Adjustable door sweep - An adjustable door sweep with an upper frame, a lower carrier, and at least one brush is provided. The adjustable door sweep includes diagonally oriented slots in the walls of the upper frame and the lower carrier with attached rotatable rods to assist in vertical adjustment of the extensions, such as brushes. The method of using such an adjustable door sweep is also provided.11-10-2011
20080256875DOOR TRIM FOR VEHICLE - A door trim for vehicle in which a sub seal that seals the gap between a door trim body and a scuff plate is mounted, and an insertion hole is provided, into which at least one of both end portions of the sub seal is inserted. The sub seal is preferably mounted over a corner portion connecting a lower edge portion and a side edge portion of the door trim body.10-23-2008
20090211163Heat Resistant Insulation Seal for Mine Doors and Accesses - An improved seal for a mine door. According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, a heavy weight woven glass fiber sheet is attached to a heavy rubber backing. The enhanced sealing and fire resistance of the seal can provide air flow control in a mine while being able to survive the hazardous environment of the mine.08-27-2009
20100107506Double Sealing Lip for Door Module of a Motor Vehicle Door - The invention relates to a vehicle door consisting of a body separated into a wet region and a dry region, and to an associated door module. The vehicle door has a body separated into a wet region and a dry region, the wet region being defined on one side by the door covering and on the other side by a door module, and the dry region being connected to the part separating the wet region and the dry region in the direction of the interior door moulding. The wet/dry region separating part comprises at least one double sealing lip arranged on the door module, said lip consisting of soft plastic and sealing the dry region twice from the door covering.05-06-2010
20100263292MULTI-MATERIAL LAYERED EXTRUSION - A weatherseal is secured on a vehicle flange and includes an elastomeric body having a lip extending from one side thereof. The lip has a first layer that acts as a barrier layer and also secures a second or decorative layer thereto. The first layer has a sufficient thickness to serve as a color barrier. A core in the weatherseal can be broken and the second or decorative layer applied downstream of the first extrusion crosshead, and downstream of the rollers that achieve the breaking. The first and second layers are then applied in a second crosshead extrusion die.10-21-2010
20120222361Draft Stopping Device - A draft stopping device comprised of interior and exterior insulation that allows a user to effectively and efficiently prevent or reduce drafts from entering a home or other structure beneath an exterior door or window. The draft stopping device is relatively inexpensive to manufacture, aesthetically pleasing, and does not require installation hardware that can damage the surface of the exterior door or window for which it is being used.09-06-2012
20080295413Door or Window with Watertight Sealing Mechanism - A door or window (12-04-2008
20120110916EXTRUDABLE POLYMER FOR BONDING METAL TO RUBBER AND THERMOPLASTIC POLYMERS - A weatherstrip assembly includes a metal surface, a thin tie layer of polymeric material covering at least select portions of the metal surface, and an elastomeric material received over the thin tie layer of polymeric material and exhibiting improved bonding with the metal through the thin layer of polymeric material. Preferably, the thin tie layer is a polypropylene-based olefinic copolymer and an ethylene acrylic acid copolymer.05-10-2012
20100077669Foam material sealing strip - The invention relates to a foam material sealing strip (04-01-2010
20100088966Container Door Structure - A door end structure of a container comprises an upper end beam, a lower end beam, a container door and a locking lever. The container door comprises an upper door beam, a lower door beam and a door panel which is a vertical corrugated plate. The locking lever is received in a trough of the vertical type door panel. The upper door beam comprises a web plate and an upper wing plate, and the lower door beam comprises a web plate and a lower wing plate. Both the inner side surface of the web plate of the upper door beam and the inner side surface of the web plate of the lower door beam are flush with the inner side surface of the door panel. A concave is provided at a lower corner outside the upper end beam, and the upper wing plate of the upper door beam is located in the concave and its bottom surface is at most flush with that of the upper end beam. A concave is provided at an upper corner outside the lower end beam, and the lower wing plate of the lower door beam is located in the concave and its top surface is at most flush with that of the lower end beam. A door seal tape is provided on the upper wing plate of the upper door beam and the lower wing plate of the lower door beam. Therefore, the space in the interior of the container can be efficiently increased without changing the external dimension of the container.04-15-2010
20110167732INNER PANEL DESIGN FOR AUTOMOTIVE DOOR HEADER - A door for a vehicle including a cast upper door frame having an upper halo portion including a central web. A glass run flange is connected to the central web by an intermediate connector. A door flange extends from the central web substantially orthogonally thereto. A stamped aluminum lower inner panel is operably connected to the cast upper frame.07-14-2011
20080216411Weatherstrip and manufacturing method therefor - A weatherstrip is mounted along a peripheral part of a door opening of an automobile. The weatherstrip has a body including a cross-sectionally substantially-U-shaped trim portion, and a hollow seal portion. Additionally, a design lip is formed on the trim portion to extend therefrom. Then, a decorative layer formed of a woven fabric is provided on a design surface of the weatherstrip through a hotmelt adhesive layer. The woven fabric constituting the decorative layer is constituted by raw yarns. Also, a hotmelt adhesive layer is thermally fused thereto due to residual heat in a case where the body is cooled to a temperature, which is equal to or lower than a predetermined value, after vulcanization of a material of the body. Thus, the decorative layer is attached to a weatherstrip body.09-11-2008
20080295412APPARATUS FOR STORING SUBSTRATES - An apparatus includes an enclosure and a door configured to seal the enclosure. The door includes a plate. A rotational apparatus is disposed over the plate. At least one first member with a first arm extends from a first rib of the first member. At least one second member with a second arm extends from a second rib of the second member. The first and second arms are connected to the rotational apparatus. At least one corner member has a first edge. The first edge has a shape corresponding to a shape of a corner of the frame. The corner member is connected to a first end of the third arm. A second end of the third arm is connected to the rotational apparatus. A sealing material is disposed along a first longitudinal side of the first rib and a second longitudinal side of the second rib.12-04-2008
20080263963Sealing Structure of Refrigerator - A refrigerator is disclosed, by which cold air can be effectively prevented from leaking from a storage room. The present invention includes a refrigerator body (10-30-2008
20090100761Door weatherstrip - A door weatherstrip includes a mounted base portion which is mounted along an outer circumference of a door frame, and a seal portion which extends in an outer circumferential direction of a door from the mounted base portion. The mounted base portion includes a base bottom portion, a vehicle-interior side wall portion and a vehicle-exterior side wall portion, and an isolating wall portion. The mounted base portion is made from an EPDM sponge rubber material into which polyethylene is mixed to have a specific gravity of 0.2 or larger and smaller than 0.45 and a low expansion stress of 200 kPa or larger. The seal portion is made from an EPDM sponge rubber material having a specific gravity of 0.45 or larger and 1.0 or smaller and a low expansion stress of 120 kPa or larger and smaller than 200 kPa. Thus, the door weatherstrip is provided in which the specific gravity of the mounted base portion is made smaller than the specific gravity of the seal portion and a material rigidity of the mounted base portion is larger than a material rigidity of the seal portion.04-23-2009
20100186300EZ2 seal door - EZ2 Seal Door is a device that secures to a doorway or other opening to prevent dust or other debris from circulating from one room to another during a construction or renovation project. A kelder welt is sewn into the outer edges of a canvas door. The welt is threaded through an aluminum or plastic track and this track is then mounted to the opening of the door providing a tight seal. The canvas door has a dual double pull zipper located in the center of the door that provides access to and from a sealed area. A small window is sewn into the canvas door to allow easy viewing into the sealed area.07-29-2010
20110099910VEHICLE DOOR HAVING A SEALING PLANE AND HAVING A SEALING ELEMENT WHOSE ENDS OVERLAP - Proposed is a vehicle door having a sealing plane (05-05-2011
20090277095SLIDING MATERIAL, SLIDING MEMBER, AND WEATHERSTRIP - The sliding material is obtainable by extrusion of a raw material containing an olefin-based polymer and a silicone compound as the essential components. A part of the olefin-based polymer forms a crosslinked material in the sliding material. The crosslinked material forms domains to disperse in the sliding material so as to prevent uneven distribution of the silicone compound in the extrusion direction. The residual fraction of hot xylene reflux of the sliding material is in a range from 33 to 75% by weight based on the total weight of the sliding material, and the content of the silicone compound based on the total weight of the sliding material is in a range from 5 to 35% by weight.11-12-2009
20100218431WASHDOWN DOOR - An example of a door with a pliable curtain includes various washdown features that make the door particularly suitable for use in food and drug related environments that demand cleanliness. To prevent product contamination, such as bacteria and other microorganisms, some examples of the door include a curtain storage track with a spiral groove machined in a unitary block of plastic, a ventilated side frame with a removable curtain guide track and a removable seal, and various curtain seams that not only join multiple sheets of the curtain together but also promote and strategically direct liquid runoff to avoid creating water-holding surfaces and to prevent liquid from dripping on products passing through the doorway.09-02-2010
20110061307Weather Strip for a Door of a Motor Vehicle and Method of Making Same - A weather strip is provided for a door of a motor vehicle. The functional surfaces of the weather strip are provided with a coating. To minimize noise generation, an outer surface of the sealing lip of the weather strip has a double coating consisting of a flock coat and a sliding varnish.03-17-2011
20100319267REPLACEMENT WINDOW AND DOOR SEALING FIN AND METHOD - The sealing fin is elongated, and includes a central fin portion intersecting a crosspiece portion perpendicular thereto, thus generally forming a “T” shape in a preferred embodiment and an “L” shape in another. The sealing fin may be folded into a flat position and easily rolled. In one aspect of the present invention, the sealing fin has an adhesive layer on one or more surfaces. In another aspect of the present invention, the sealing fin is rigid. In another aspect of the present invention, the sealing fin has a rectangular configuration with a hinged portion. The invention provides a method to install a sealing fin in a continuous fashion around a window or door opening.12-23-2010
20080302021LOCK AND SEAL SYSTEM FOR SLIDING DOORS - Implementations of the present invention relate generally to systems and components for sealing and locking doors, including sliding doors for use with modular walls. A locking system can be configured to secure and release a sliding door. In particular, the locking system can include a sliding door with one or more receiving channels configured to receive a pin extending from a floor's surface. A locking mechanism can be included and configured to selectively drive a shaft to capture and release a pin that has been received by the receiving channel. The sealing system is configured to seal a gap between a modular wall and an adjacent sliding door. In particular, the sealing system can include a connector configured to connect trim to a wall panel wherein the connector includes an integrated gasket seal configured to seal the gap.12-11-2008
20120204493Rail vehicle having a vehicle door seal - A rail vehicle with a vehicle door connected to an associated door frame via a seal is provided. The seal as well as other mechanical components have to be lubricated. Therefore, a door region is equipped with at least one device for automatically dispensing lubricants for lubricating the seal and/or the mechanical components.08-16-2012
20110120023REMOVABLE DRAFT BLOCKER HAVING AN END RETAINING ELEMENT - A removable draft blocker, for blocking drafts by sealing a gap between a bottom surface of a door and an underlying floor surface, includes first and second elongated draft blocking bodies, a base member extending between a bottom of the first draft blocking body and a bottom of the second draft blocking body to join the first and second draft blocking bodies in a spaced apart parallel relationship, and a retaining member disposed between ends of the first and second draft blocking bodies. The draft blocker is adapted to be positioned at the bottom of a door, with the draft blocking bodies on opposite sides of the door, and with the retaining member engaged behind or against a side edge of the door, such that the draft blocker is prevented from moving out of position as the door is opened and closed.05-26-2011
20120324797SEAL FOR AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE DOOR - The sealing strip (12-27-2012
20120090245System, method and apparatus for producing weatherstrip containing profiles of different shape and weatherstrips for use therewith - A system to enable operators of extrusion facilities to eliminate the error of installing the incorrect weatherseal in an extrusion or profile. The operators extruding the profiles are provided a list by the fabricator of what weatherseal is to be inserted by placing indicia on the backing of the weatherseal, as by printing the die or profile number on the actual backing of the weatherseal, thereby providing improved weatherseals having unique indicia. The indicia designates the profile which will receive the die. The indicia correlates weatherseal with the profile/die number to confirm that the proper weatherseal is being used. To confirm the correct weatherseal is being used for the profile being produced, all the operator has to do is look at the back of the weatherseal.04-19-2012
20080250721FOAM-MOLDED MEMBER HAVING SKIN AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING FOAM-MOLDED MEMBER HAVING SKIN - Disclosed is a foam-molded member having a skin with which peeling or floating does not occur when the skin is wrapped. Also disclosed is a method of manufacturing the foam-molded member having a skin. A foam-molded member having a skin, such as a door trim, includes a core, a skin, foam and a fixing member. The core can be folded at a folding portion, and the skin faces the core. The foam is filled in a space between the core and the skin. The fixing member fixes the core that is integrally formed with the skin and the foam and is folded at the folding portion. The core is divided into a body portion and an extension portion, with the folding portion serving as a boundary. The extension portion folded at the folding portion is fixed to the body portion by the fixing member.10-16-2008
20130174492CO-EXTRUDED ROLL FORMED BRIGHT EXTRUSION WITH INTEGRAL END FORMS - A weatherstrip and associated method of forming the weatherstrip includes a body having a core formed of a first material and at least partially encapsulated in an extrusion material. A bright strip or metal show surface is integrated within the extrusion body to provide an aesthetically pleasing bright strip. The end of the bright strip is formed at an end of the weatherstrip to provide a one-piece structure.07-11-2013
20130133267DOOR MOLDING - A door molding configured to attach to a window frame of a vehicle door includes a design member formed in a thin-film form provided on a surface of a core member, the design member made from a resin material containing metal particles.05-30-2013
20100307065REFRIGERATION DEVICE HAVING A SEAL ELEMENT IN THE FORM OF A HOLLOW PROFILE - A refrigeration device having a first component and a second component, wherein the first component has an elongated seal element in form of a hollow profile to thermally seal the first component against the second component. The seal element also has an elongated materially-rigid first seal base and an elongated materially-elastic first seal head that is attached to the first seal base. At least one open end of the seal element is closed off by a terminating element. The terminating element has a materially-rigid second seal base and a materially-elastic second seal head that is attached to the second seal base. The first seal base and the second seal base are joined to one another.12-09-2010
20100083581ENVIRONMENTAL BRUSH SEAL - A passive brush seal effectively to limit conditioned air such as humidity, temperature or filtered air, or contaminated air such as smoke or fumes from an area of greater pressure to one of lower pressure. The passive brush seal is in the form of a strip brush with triangular filaments that provide an improved block to the flow of gases. The shape of the filaments is such that they inter-fit or interlock and separate less readily. Important applications are as elevator seals or clean room or computer room seals.04-08-2010
20130192142SEALING DEVICE - A sealing device for a shaft structure of a frame device for a wall element of a motor vehicle is provided. The sealing device includes a thermoplastic bearing element secured or configured to be secured on the shaft structure of the motor vehicle. A sealing means is configured to be at least partially arranged or is at least partially arranged on the wall element and is secured or is configured to be secured on the thermoplastic bearing element. A shape-stabilizing means is configured to counteract a temperature-dependent change in a shape of the thermoplastic bearing means and/or the sealing means. A frame device and a motor vehicle having the sealing device are also provided.08-01-2013


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