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049 - Movable or removable closures

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049449000 With latch or lock 29
049414000 With distinct biasing means for slide or guide 24
049413000 Horizontally sliding sashless-type 21
049425000 Revolving guide component; e.g., roller or gear 19
049409000 Pendant from horizontal guide 15
049428000 Diverse or springy material guide or slide 8
049408000 Drain or vent in guide or sash 6
049445000 With counterbalance 4
20080295411Weight Compensation Device for a Lifting Door - The invention relates to a weight compensation device (12-04-2008
20090260295Frictional Drop Resistance for Sash Counterbalanced by Curl Springs - Window sash counterbalances using curl springs and holders can increase resistance to sash drop without causing sash hop by using a high coefficient of friction bearing surfaces against which curled up coils of curl springs slide when uncurling or re-curling. The higher friction bearing material produces more frictional resistance to spring uncurling than to spring re-curling and thus resists drop without causing hop. This allows a wider range of sash weights to be counterbalanced by a fewer number of counterbalance forces, saves manufacturing cost.10-22-2009
20110113695SASH WINDOW RESTRICTOR - A sash window restrictor (05-19-2011
20120167474DOOR COMPRISING A DRIVE SYSTEM - A weight compensation system is provided for a motor driven door having a door leaf that is driven by a mechanism inside guide rails on a side of the door leaf to move the door between an opened position and a closed position. The weight compensation system includes a weight-compensation device comprising a cable unit and a spring unit arranged at least on one side of the door leaf, wherein the cable unit comprises a single cable. A cable-tension compensation device at which the single cable is deflected creates two cable strands that are secured against breakage within the cable-tension compensation device. The cable-tension compensation device is positioned locally fixed or secured to the door leaf so that two cable strands move at a distance to each other, and the exposed ends of the cable are guided together and attached to the door leaf or are positioned locally fixed, respectively.07-05-2012
049452000 With means to adjust guide position 2
20120005964Adjustable Glide Apparatus For A Sliding Panel Assembly - An adjustable glide apparatus is for a sliding panel to slide along a track between open and closed positions. The adjustable glide apparatus comprises a housing defining a cavity with at least one receiver disposed within the cavity. An adjustment stem has an end that has a thread and is disposed within the cavity. A cam is coupled to the receiver for moving the receiver relative to the housing. The cam comprises a plurality of teeth for engaging the thread to rotate the cam as the adjustment stem is rotated thereby moving the receiver relative. A glide is coupled to the receiver and comprises a contact surface. The contact surface is adapted for sliding engagement with the track to slide the sliding panel between the open and the closed positions. A distance between the contact surface and the housing is adjusted as the receiver is moved by the cam.01-12-2012
20130111820DEVICE FOR ADJUSTING AND LOCKING THE POSITION OF A GUIDE RAIL FOR A MOVABLE WINDOWPANE IN A VEHICLE DOOR - The invention relates to the adjusting and locking of the position of a guide rail for a movable window pane in a vehicle door. A device, a vehicle door equipped therewith and a tool provided for the adjusting and locking are disclosed. In the vehicle door, a first mounting plate mounted on the rail side and a second mounting plate mounted on the door side are provided, which are connected to one another by screw-fastenable mounting means. One of the mounting plates comprises an engaging element for an eccentric lever, which on rotation brings about a mutual translational displacement of the mounting plates in an adjusting (Y) direction.05-09-2013
049406000 With plug, flap, or bridger for meeting rail 2
20130061530LOWER DOOR STRUCTURE FOR FLUSH GLASS SYSTEM - An automobile door assembly is provided that includes an outer panel, an inner panel, a moveable glass piece having an inboard surface, wherein the moveable glass piece is disposed between the outer panel and the inner panel. The assembly also includes a glass guiding member operably connected to the inboard surface of the glass piece. The assembly further includes a retaining structure having a channel configured to slideably retain the glass guiding member, wherein the retaining structure is operably connected to the inner panel.03-14-2013
20130061529VEHICLE (AUTOMOBILE) FLUSH GLASS APPEARANCE ASSEMBLY - An automobile flush glass assembly is provided that includes a moveable glass piece having an inboard surface, a front edge and a rear edge and a first glass guide operably connected to the inboard surface of the glass piece proximate the front edge. The assembly also includes a second glass guide operably connected to the inboard surface of the glass piece proximate the rear edge and retaining structures, each having a channel configured to slideably retain the glass guides.03-14-2013
049407000 Guide mounted stop spaces closure from sill 2
20100005725Window regulator and attaching method of lift arm and equalizer arm of window regulator - A window regulator has a separation inhibiting portion that inhibits separation of first and second arm portions forming an equalizer arm, which is formed of a hole formed to penetrate through the second arm portion and a rising wall portion (convex portion) formed in the first arm portion, a part of which protruding to an outside from the hole of the second arm portion when inserted into a hole of the lift arm and the hole of the second arm portion is caulked so as to come into contact with a rim of the hole of the second arm portion, and a rotation inhibiting portion that inhibits relative rotations of the first and second arm portions, which is formed of a hole (concave portion) formed in the first arm portion and a notch portion caulked so as to engage with the hole of the second arm portion.01-14-2010
20100192468Sliding door assembly - The sliding door assembly has a non-metallic frame formed of extrusions of solid cross-section and a pair of non-metallic sashes slidably disposed in the frame to move laterally between a closed position and an open position relative to frame. The floor of the sill extrusion is sloped rearwardly and longitudinally downwardly toward a notch to direct water thereto for draining out of the frame. The frame can be dropped into a commercial refrigeration cabinet and each sash is removably mounted in the frame.08-05-2010
049453000 Slide or guide feature for closure removal 1
20090019780DEVICE FOR DISPLACEABLY HOLDING A GLASS PANE IN A SLIDING RAIL - A device for displaceably holding a glass pane (01-22-2009
049458000 Interengaging meeting rails 1
20120151842GLASS RUN - A glass run includes an upper side portion, a front vertical portion, a rear vertical portion, a front corner portion, a rear corner portion and an ornamental molding portion. An upper end of the molding portion is integrally jointed to the rear corner portion, and a lower end of the ornamental molding portion extends obliquely so as to be positioned frontwardly of the rear corner portion. The ornamental molding portion includes a base part and an ornamental lip part. The base part and the ornamental lip part hold a tip end of an outer panel of the door frame. The ornamental lip part is formed such that an upper end thereof is formed continuously with an outer cover lip of the rear corner portion, and a lower end thereof contacts an outer weather strip.06-21-2012
20130081333STRIKERS, MOVABLE PARTITION SYSTEMS INCLUDING SUCH STRIKERS, AND RELATED METHODS - Movable partition systems comprise a movable partition comprising at least one sheet of hingedly interconnected panels connectable to a lead post at an end of the movable partition. A striker configured to be disposed in a recess having a width formed in a wall toward which the movable partition is extendable comprises two sidewalls and a rear wall directly connected to the sidewalls defining a cavity having another, smaller width configured to receive the lead post at least partially therein. Such a striker may also include two flanges, each flange connected one of the two sidewalls and extending away from the cavity for a length greater than a difference in distance between the width of the cavity at its widest point and the width of the recess.04-04-2013
20110126470WIRE HARNESS PROTECTOR AND TOUCH SENSOR ASSEMBLY - The present invention is a touch sensor assembly for a closing panel of a frame member that at least partially defines an opening and is oppositely disposed from the closing panel. The touch sensor assembly can have an elongated housing dimensioned to attach to a leading edge of the closing panel or a trailing edge of the frame member. The touch sensor assembly can also have a wire harness with a first portion encapsulated within the housing and a second portion that extends a predetermined length from the housing and passes through an aperture in the closing panel or an aperture in the frame member. A wire harness protector is also provided, the protector being attached to the wire harness proximate to the elongated housing.06-02-2011
20090241427SLIDING DOOR ARRANGEMENT - A sliding door arrangement includes a plurality of door units; at least one upright post connecting adjacent door units; a lower beam located at the bottom of and connected with the upright post; and a plurality of cross rod assemblies disposed at one side or both sides of the door units respectively to adjust the tightness of the sliding door arrangement. The sliding door arrangement of the present invention can be packaged and transported in separate parts and then quickly and conveniently assembled on site. In addition, the sliding door arrangement of the present invention is perfectly integral and decorative and provides sufficient strength.10-01-2009
20100126076Expandable gate - An expandable gate is described which includes a top horizontal guide rod, a bottom horizontal guide rod and vertical bar members extending from the top guide rod to the bottom guide rod. Each of the bar members has a top guide rod slot and a bottom guide bar slot and the top guide rod extends through each of the top guide rod slots and the bottom guide rod extends through each of the bottom guide rod slots. The vertical bar members may slide horizontally on guide rod members between an open expanded position where the bars are spaced further apart from one another and a closed collapsed position where the bars are closer together. The bar members each have spring connection holes at spaced locations between said top guide rod slot and said bottom guide rod slot. Elongated flexible tension bar springs are provided which lie flat when no forces are applied to the springs. Each of the bar spring have a central opening and have an elongated upper end opening and an elongated lower end opening. The springs have overlapping ends are positioned between adjacent bar members. First connectors rigidly attach a central portion of each spring to a bar member. Second connectors slidingly attach an upper end portion and a lower end portion of each spring to a bar member and the springs urge the vertical bar members to move closer together to the collapsed closed position.05-27-2010
20090188169Window Regulator Bracket Assembly - A window assembly for a vehicle having a body structure with a window enclosure, and a method of installing a window, is disclosed. The window assembly includes a window and a window regulator bracket assembly. The window is slidable into the window enclosure. The window regulator bracket assembly includes a support rod having an upper end mounted to the body structure and a lower end with threads. The window regulator bracket assembly also includes a spring housing slidably received on the lower end of the support rod, a compression spring, a support nut threadably received on the threaded portion in engagement with the spring plate, and a support jaw engaging the bottom edge of the window. The support nut is screwed onto the support rod against the bias of the spring to secure the window in its closed position.07-30-2009
20100205865SLIDING DOOR DEVICE - A sliding door device has a first pin body provided, at a floor surface; a guide member provided at the door and having a guide groove in which the first pin body fits when the door is closed; and a second pin body that is provided on the floor surface and can be fit in a door groove formed at the door bottom. When the closed door slides in an opening direction and toward the back side of the wall surface, the guide member moves relatively along the first pin body while the first pin body is fit in the guide groove of the guide member. When the door slides further in the opening direction, the second pin body gets in the door groove of the door, and the door slides along the second pin body while the second pin body is fit in the sliding groove of the door.08-19-2010
20100071269Restricting Devices - A slider for use in a track having an end stop therein, the slider having a detent therein and including a releasable restrictor having a rib thereon, wherein the releasable restrictor can be held in an active position by an interaction between the rib and the detent, or an inactive position, and wherein the releasable restrictor is automatically reset in its active position when the slider reaches the end stop in the track. More controlled closing of a window sash is thereby possible.03-25-2010
20090145038Door Assembly and Method of Making Same (Stainless Steel Sliding Door) - The present invention is directed to a door panel preferably for a sliding door assembly. The door panel includes an inner frame and a sheet stock substantially covering the inner frame. The inner frame includes a geometry that cooperates with a geometry of a door accessory for operable connection of the door accessory directly to the inner frame06-11-2009
20100281779Reversible sliding glass door - This is a design for a sliding glass door that provides the option to choose an opening right to left, or change to an opening left to right at anytime. The outside panel of the door can slide to either end of the opening and lock into place. The inside panel, sliding can slide to either end of the opening.11-11-2010
20100095598WINDSHIELD FOR WEIGHING APPRATUS - A lower portion of a slide door of a windshield for a weighing apparatus is located in a guide groove of the main body of the windshield, along which guide groove the slide door opens and closes. A protrusion is protruded in a lower portion of the slide door and the protrusion engages an upper face of a frame in which the guide groove is formed. The protrusion supports weight of the slide door, and is slid on the upper face of the frame while the slide door does not come into contact with a bottom surface of the guide groove, thereby opening and closing the slide door.04-22-2010
20100175328PROFILE SYSTEM FOR A SLIDING DOOR - A profile system for a sliding door (07-15-2010
20120260578RETENTION CLIP, MOVABLE PARTITION SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR RESTRICTING MOVEMENT OF ADJACENT PANELS OF A MOVABLE PARTITION SYSTEM - A retention clip for a movable partition includes a top portion and a base portion. The top portion includes an elongated member having a top surface and a bottom surface. The base portion includes an elongated member having a front surface, a back surface, and a side surface. The base portion further includes an extended side portion extending at an angle relative the front surface. A related movable partition system includes a plurality of interconnected panels, a first retention clip and a second retention clip connected to one of the plurality of interconnected panels proximate a first interface and a second interface. A related method for restricting relative movement of adjacent panels of a movable partition includes connecting a first retention clip and a second retention clip each having an extended side portion extending at an angle from a base portion proximate an interface between a pair of adjacent panels.10-18-2012
20110047882DOOR TRIM MOVING APPLIQUE - A sliding door panel for covering an opening in a trim panel of a sliding door includes a bracket having a first guiding member. The sliding door panel includes is a sliding appliqué having a second guiding member capable of associating with the first guiding member, and wherein the sliding appliqué includes a first end having a protruding configuration extending away from the trim panel.03-03-2011
20120279135COVER OPENING-CLOSING APPARATUS - A cover opening-closing apparatus includes a base member having a guide groove, a cover member that is provided with a guide cylinder part disposed so as to be freely movable in the guide groove, a first contact member that contacts the guide cylinder part and moves when the cover member is located at the open position, a second contact member that contacts the guide cylinder part and moves when the cover member is located at the closed position, and a single spring that urges the first contact member moving at the opened position toward the guide cylinder part and urges the second contact member moving at the closed position toward the guide cylinder part.11-08-2012
20120279136Snap Clip Retainer for Window Fixed Sash - A window includes a window frame adapted to be secured to a building, a window sash, and a plurality of sash clips disposed around the sash and fixedly securing the sash to the frame. Each of the sash clips preferably includes a base secured in fixed position to the window frame and a head received in the window sash. The window frame and the sash preferably have peripheral rails of extruded aluminum, plastic or fiber-reinforced resin construction, and the base and head of the sash clips are received in corresponding channels on the window frame and the window sash. The base and/or the head of the sash of each sash clip may include opposed flexible resilient spring legs received in a channel in the corresponding rail. The sash clips may be of plastic construction.11-08-2012
20130097934UNIVERSAL DOOR FRAMES - The present disclosure includes a system and article of manufacture comprising a universal sliding door frame. The frame may comprise a first track having a first interface and a second track having a second interface. The second interface may slidably couple to the first interface. In addition, the second interface may be orthogonally inseparable from the first interface. In an embodiment, the frame may comprise a spacer that separates the first track from the second track and slidably couples to the first track via the first interface and the second track via second interface. The spacer may, in addition, be orthogonally inseparable from the first and/or second tracks.04-25-2013


Patent applications in all subclasses WITH MEANS MOUNTING CLOSURE FOR RECIPROCATION