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049 - Movable or removable closures

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049358000 Closure-mounted drive 104
049348000 Drive within closure housing 91
049360000 Operator drives closure along guide 63
049339000 Operating lever or link and closure swing about parallel axes 26
049333000 Coaxial of closure pivot 17
049327000 Actuated from opposite approaches 4
20100005724Method and Apparatus for a Movable Barrier Operator Having a Motor and a Reduction Mechanism Disposed Parallel to and Laterally Thereof - A movable barrier operator (01-14-2010
20100154308SLIDING DOOR CHUCKING AND STRENGTHENING DEVICE - A door chucking system includes a slidable door movable within a door opening and having a distal edge, the door being operable between opened and closed positions. A vertical column is proximate the distal edge of the door when the door is in the closed position. A chucking wedge is disposed on one of the vertical column and the distal edge, the chucking wedge including a retaining slot and a retaining flange. A receiver is disposed on the other of the vertical column and the distal edge, the receiver including a rigid tab, wherein the receiver receives a portion of the chucking wedge therein when the door is in the closed position, and wherein application of a force that is at least partially transverse to the planar extent of the door causes the rigid tab and the retaining slot to engage thereby preventing the door from leaving the closed position.06-24-2010
20110185635HYDRAULIC CYLINDER CONTROL - A system and methods for controlling operation of hydraulic cylinders includes monitoring position of the cylinders relative to one another, and correction of misalignment of the cylinders should they become misaligned. Further, monitoring can be of a swing-type door operated using the cylinders, which can operate the door at different speeds. Further, as the door creeps open from a closed position or closed from an open position, correction is also made.08-04-2011
20100071266Window operating mechanism - An operating mechanism which can be used on a right or left opening casement window, includes a crank arm having one end for rotatable connection to one bottom corner of a bottom sash, a row of teeth extending around a major portion of the other end of the crank arm, a worm for rotating the crank arm, and a handle for rotating the worm. By turning the crank arm so that one end of the row of teeth meshes with the worm and connecting the free end of the arm to the appropriate corner of a sash in the open or closed position, the mechanism can be adjusted for a right or left opening window.03-25-2010
049326000 Moves closure in either direction from closed position 3
20100319260HINGE FOR AUTOMATICALLY-CLOSING DOOR WHICH OPENS IN BOTH DIRECTIONS AND STRUCTURE FOR DOOR WHICH OPENING IN BOTH DIRECTIONS - A hinge for automatically-closing a door which opens in both directions with a shock absorbing function, which allows installation on a door which opens in both directions and is opened inward and outward, including a cylinder 12-23-2010
20100037526NATURAL VENTILATION WINDOW - A natural ventilation window 02-18-2010
20100325963CABINET MOUNTED OSCILLATING SELF-CENTERING CAFE-DOOR - A café door with a beam and a panel where the beam contains an oscillator and the beam is secured to the door panel and supported by a vertical surface.12-30-2010
049325000 Reversibly flexible and rigid rod 3
20090100757Chain operator housing - A stop member for an operator chain in a chain operator, wherein the operator chain has a width, rivet holes and rivets, constitutes a pin arranged in a rivet hole not occupied by a rivet in the operator chain, wherein the pin has a length exceeding the width of the operator chain. The pin can be cylindrical with a diameter corresponding essentially to that of the rivet hole, and the diameter of the pin can be slightly smaller than that of the rivet hole, so as to be loosely held in the rivet hole.04-23-2009
20090249698Drive apparatus for a swing-out element of a motor vehicle - In a drive apparatus (10-08-2009
20100011667Push-Pull Chain and Actuator - A push-pull chain and actuator for opening and closing a hinged window, door or other panel.01-21-2010
049347000 One direction pull cable 2
20100037528CARGO DOOR/RAMP LIFT ASSIST SYSTEM - A lift assist system for cargo door ramps of trucks and trailers or other pivotal closures which includes a spring assembly containing a compressible spring element which is compressed when a cargo door is moved into an open position. As the compressible spring is compressed it stores up kinetic energy that is released to assist in lifting the cargo door is moved into a closed position.02-18-2010
20090188167WIRE TYPE WINDOW REGULATOR - In a window regulator 07-30-2009
049356000 Push-rod actuator 2
20110072726SLIDING DOOR MODULE FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE DOOR - A door module for a sliding door of a vehicle is disclosed. The door module includes two closing modules. When in a first installation position, the first closing module does not protrude beyond a first outer edge of the door module. When in a first functional position, the first closing module protrudes beyond the first outer edge of the door module. While the second closing module is in a second installation position, it does not protrude beyond a second outer edge of the door module; however, when in a second functional position, the second closing module protrudes beyond the second outer edge of the door module and the first and second outer edges are spatially separated from each other. Finally, at least an actuating rod, comprised of plastic, transmits an actuating force from the first closing module to the second closing module.03-31-2011
20130118085FOOT OPERATED SANITARY DOOR OPENER - A foot-operated sanitary door opener for a door supported in a door frame for swinging movement between open and closed conditions. A foot pedal is attached to the door frame. A strike pad is disposed in a pocket of the stop strip portion of the door frame. When depressed, the foot pedal imparts movement to the strike pad, which in turn thrusts open the door. In one embodiment, the foot pedal is guided for linear movement between its home and actuated conditions. In one embodiment, a retrofit mounting bracket enables a flush fit installation with respect to the swing side of the door frame. Various linkage arrangements are proposed to achieve pivotal, linear and other motions of the strike pad.05-16-2013
049357000 Remote actuating or initiating station 2
20130042532PNEUMATIC DOOR OPENING AND SECURITY SYSTEM - A pneumatic door system and a method of using the same are disclosed herein. According to one embodiment, a trailer may include a seamless main door and at least one side door. The doors may be configured to be locked shut with a system of pneumatic locks. The main door may be configured to open and close as controlled by pneumatic pressure applied to a door cylinder. The pneumatic system may be configured to be controlled by an interior control box. The pneumatic system may be configured to operate off of pneumatic pressure in an auxiliary air tank, the pressure being protected by a series of one-way check valves. The pneumatic system may also be configured to operate wirelessly using RFID or Bluetooth technology, among other things, to secure the cargo and facilitate ingress and egress to the trailer.02-21-2013
20110078958MOTORIZED HOPPER DOOR ACTUATION SYSTEM - A motorized hopper door actuation system for use in conjunction with a hopper vehicle having at least one hopper door for removing product therefrom. The motorized hopper door actuation system includes a motor, mounting mechanism and control mechanism. The motor is operatively attached to the hopper door. The mounting mechanism is operatively attached to the hopper vehicle. The control means is operably attached to the motor.04-07-2011
20090193717OPERATOR SYSTEM FOR AN APERTURE MEMBER - An operator system for an aperture member, such as a window or a door, having a fixed frame and a movable element such as a movable sash, the operator system being designed for operating the movable elements associated with the aperture member, e.g. for opening and closing of the aperture, and the aperture member having such operator system.08-06-2009
20080256868NARROW PROFILE WINDOW DRIVE MECHANISM - A window assembly including a frame having an interior portion with an inner surface. A sash is movably coupled with the frame, and the inner surface is substantially parallel with the sash in a closed position. A window drive mechanism is coupled between the frame and the sash, and the mechanism is entirely contained between the inner surface and the sash. The mechanism includes at least one arm rotatably coupled between the frame and the sash.10-23-2008
20130036673CONTAINER OR VEHICLE BODY WITH SIDE DOOR AND A SIDE DOOR DRIVE UNIT - The invention concerns a container or vehicle body comprising a floor (02-14-2013
20120233925DRIVE DEVICE FOR ENTRANCE AND EXIT DEVICES COMPRISING A SAFETY COUPLING - The invention relates to a drive device (20) for entrance and exit devices for public transportation vehicles, comprising a drive unit (22) that is arranged in and drives a rotary column (24) rotating about a rotational axis Z-Z during opening and closing operations, said column opening and closing the entrance and exit device. The drive unit (22) is held on the vehicle via a retaining component (40). The retaining component (40) acts as counter bearing for a torque of the drive unit (22). Between the drive unit (22) and the retaining component (40), a coupling device (72) is arranged, which enables a rotation of the drive unit (22) about the rotational axis Z-Z when a threshold value of the torque acting upon the drive unit is exceeded. Between the coupling device (72) and the retaining component (40), a bearing is provided, which enables a tumbling motion of the rotary column (24) with the coupling device (72) and prevents a rotation about the rotational axis Z-Z.09-20-2012
20080295408Method for Motorized Movement of a Motor Vehicle Door - The invention pertains to a method of motorized movement of a vehicle door, wherein the vehicle door can be moved from an open position to a closed position as part of a closing process, wherein a door drive mechanism associated with the vehicle door and a control system are provided, wherein the vehicle door can be moved in the direction of closing starting from the open position using the door drive mechanism. It is proposed that in a first section of the closing process the vehicle door is moved by the door drive mechanism from the open position to a comfortable open position that lies between the open position and the closed position, and that in a second section of the closing process, the vehicle door is further moved from the comfortable open position in the direction of closing, preferably to the closed position, manually by the user and largely free of the door drive mechanism.12-04-2008
20110214354DAMPED ACTUATOR - The present invention relates to an actuator (09-08-2011
20110214353GATE SUPPORT DEVICE - A support post includes an inner post that supports rotation of an outer post. The inner post includes a journal assembly that supports and facilitates rotation about a central axis. The journal assembly that supports the outer post on the inner post includes a single ball bearing disposed along the axis of rotation. The inner post is fixed and supports a central post on which the ball bearing is supported. The outer post includes a sleeve that fits over the ball bearing and the central post. Support of the outer post along the central axis provides for improved mounting and gate support. An actuator can be utilized to automatically or remotely open the gate. The actuator is disposed within the inner post that drives rotation of the outer post. The outer post remains supported by the journal assembly and is rotated by the actuator with the inner post.09-08-2011
20090288345Mechanism for Adjusting Mounting Position of Window Regulator - A window regulator having a rail (11-26-2009
20090120001VEHICLE DOOR OPENING-CLOSING APPARATUS - A vehicle door opening-closing apparatus is provided, which includes a vibration detector and a controller. The controller acquires an envelope formed by connecting crests or troughs of a waveform of vibration detected by the vibration detection sensor. The controller determines whether or not a shape of the envelope meets a condition. A vehicle door is controlled based on a result of determination by the controller.05-14-2009
20100126074MULTI-USE HATCH COVER FOR DUCTS HAVING A CURVED CIRCUMFERENCE - This invention provides a hatch cover suitable for use with fluid ducts having a wide range of diameters, the hatch cover is formed from a plate of a resilient material and is generally of an elongated shape. The resilient material forming the plate has sufficient elasticity to be able to conform to the curvature of the inner surface of a fluid duct when the cover is in place and is held against the inner surface to cover an opening through the duct wall. A flexible gasket material is secured to at least the entire circumferential edge portion of the outer major surface of the resilient plate. The resilient plate is secured to the duct by a plurality of clamping mechanisms attached to the outer surface of the resilient plate so as to press on the outer surface of the duct when clamped, and thus to cause the outer surface of the hatch cover to press against the inner surface of the duct. The gasket material on the outer surface of the plate assists in forming a relatively fluid tight seal between the gasket material and the inner surface of the duct and the outer surface of the resilient plate. The material forming the resilient plate should have sufficient flexibility and elasticity to conform to the curvature of the inner surface of the duct when clamped.05-27-2010
20100139170Apparatus and Method Pertaining to a Pre-Configured Post For Use With an Automatically-Movable Barrier06-10-2010
20110203181CONTROL SYSTEM FOR POWER-ASSISTED DOOR - A control system for a power assisted door, the electronic door control system includes an intelligent control, a plurality of sensor inputs operatively connected to the intelligent control, the plurality of sensor inputs associated with state of a plurality of mechanical components of the power assisted door, and a power drive operatively connected to the intelligent control for providing opening and closing of the power assisted door. The intelligent control is configured to monitor status of the plurality of sensor inputs and control the power drive at least partially based on the status of the plurality of sensor inputs. The intelligent control may be adapted to determine when state of the plurality of sensor inputs is indicative of one or more conditions which would preclude safe door movement. A power distribution module may also be present to assist in limiting current draw and to allow for charging.08-25-2011
20110138691STATOR ELEMENT AND SLIDING DOOR PROVIDED THEREWITH, AND A METHOD FOR DISPLACING AN ELEMENT SUCH AS A DOOR - A stator element is disclosed for an electrical driving of a slidable body, such as a sliding door. Such a sliding door and a method for displacing thereof are also disclosed. In at least one embodiment, he stator element includes an elongate holder; a number of carrier elements arranged adjacently of each other and connected to the holder, wherein the carrier element includes a number of plate-like strips; and at least one winding arranged round each carrier element, wherein during use the winding is connected to a voltage source for the purpose of generating an electromagnetic field which during use is operatively connected to at least one counter-element in the form of a magnet or magnetizable element provided on the slidable body.06-16-2011
20120192491WINDOW REGULATOR DEVICE - A position detection unit includes a rotational member rotatable by a rotational drive force of an output shaft, an operation lever configured to avoid engaging with the rotational member when an open/close position of a window glass is situated out of an insensitive area, and engage with the rotational member when the open/close position of the window glass is situated within the insensitive area, the operation lever being rotated by the rotational drive force of the output shaft transmitted via the rotational member when the operation lever engages with the rotational member, and an insensitive area detection switch for performing a switching operation based on a rotational operation of the operation lever. It is detected whether or not an open/close position of the window glass is situated within the insensitive area based on the rotational operation of the operation lever, and accordingly detection accuracy is enhanced.08-02-2012
20100293856Door Actuator with an Actuator Unit - The present invention relates to a door operator (11-25-2010
20120066975CLUTCH, MOTOR AND VEHICLE DOOR OPENING/CLOSING DEVICE - A clutch includes a driving-side rotating body, a driven-side rotating body, a holding case, and a power transmitting member held by one of the driving-side rotating body and the holding case. The power transmitting member is moved between a non-engaging position and an engaging position where the driving-side rotating body engages with the driven-side rotating body. The clutch further includes a guiding member held by the other of the driving-side rotating body and the holding case. The guiding member has a cam portion engaged with the power transmitting member and guides movement of the power transmitting member between the engaging position and the non-engaging position. Relative rotation between the driving-side rotating body and the holding case occurs, resulting in that the power transmitting member is guided by the cam portion to move from the non-engaging position to the engaging position.03-22-2012
20100037525SLIDING ASSISTANCE MECHANISM AND PULL-IN UNIT - A sliding assistance mechanism for helping a switching operation of a moving body on a main body side from a first position to a second position, or from the second position to the first position, includes a case 02-18-2010
20110041409Vehicle Assemblies Having Fascia Panels with Capacitance Sensors Operative for Detecting Proximal Objects - A vehicle assembly includes an electrically non-conductive fascia panel and an electrical conductor mounted to the fascia panel. The conductor capacitively couples to an electrically conductive object proximal to the fascia panel while the conductor is driven with an electrical charge such that capacitance of the conductor changes due to the conductor capacitively coupling with the object. The assembly may further include a controller operable for driving the conductor with the electrical charge and for measuring the capacitance of the conductor to determine whether an electrically conductive object is proximal to the fascia panel. The controller controls a vehicle function such as movement of a movable panel like a lift gate associated with the fascia panel depending on whether an electrically conductive object is proximal to the fascia panel.02-24-2011
20100115846MODULAR WINDOW OPERATING SYSTEM - A window operating system for casement and awning windows has two actuators that are connected to be controlled by one crank to operate simultaneously. The system is modular and the crank is preferably part of a crank assembly that is a separate component from the actuators. In a further embodiment, the operating system has at least one actuator with a crank assembly to operate the actuator being located at a different location on a window frame from the actuator. With a modular system, there are numerous variations for location and number of locks and the location of the crank assembly as well as other components. The system still further describes a lock for a window operating system.05-13-2010
20090031634Automation of Furniture, Household Appliances, and the Like - Furniture or household appliances are disclosed having, according to the invention, at least one swiveling door leaf and at least one door closer or swivel leaf drive for the respective swiveling door leaf. The at least one door closer or swivel leaf drive has a driven shaft which is in an operative connection with the respective swiveling door leaf such that a rotation of the driven shaft causes a swiveling of this swiveling door leaf. This means that the rotation of the driven shaft causes an opening and closing of the swiveling door leaf.02-05-2009
20090173010SYNCHRONIZED ACTUATION SYSTEM FOR SLIDING DOORS - A synchronized actuation system for sliding doors, of the type of those formed, in which the pulling grip (07-09-2009
20120055094Frameless Multi-Layer Window Panel with Adhesive Bonded Edges - A multi-layer, laminated panel for a frameless window assembly has an adhesive bead extending along a frameless edge of the panel to contacting and structurally bond the two outer layers of the pane, thereby increasing the stiffness of the panel. The panel is used in a movable window assembly for an automotive vehicle in which a regulator is mounted to the vehicle adjacent a window opening, a seal is installed in the window opening, and the panel is moved by the regulator to a closed position wherein the frameless edge of the panel engages the seal.03-08-2012
20100205864Controlled Rigging - A method of adjusting a hinged linkage that has at least one linear actuator coupled to it, wherein one end of the actuator couples to the linkage and another end fastens to a stationary mounting by way of a rod with a threaded end that mates with a threaded aperture in a ferrule nut that has a threaded section passing through an aperture in the stationary mounting, comprises the steps of: extending the actuator to open the linkage; placing at least one elastic element with a desired force constant over the threaded section of the ferrule nut; threading an adjustment nut onto the threaded section of the ferrule nut with a desired gap between the adjustment nut and the stationary mounting; retracting the actuator to close the linkage; and rotating the adjustment nut and the ferrule nut together to compress the elastic element against the stationary mounting; extending the actuator to open the linkage; and rotating the adjustment nut to compress the elastic element against the stationary mounting.08-19-2010
20110179717SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - Provided is a substrate processing apparatus comprising a closing assistance mechanism in which bending of a seal cap and a furnace port shutter arm is corrected, an O-ring is sufficiently pressed, and a process chamber is sufficiently sealed. The substrate processing apparatus comprises: a process chamber comprising an opening for loading a substrate therethrough, the process chamber performing a processing operation on the substrate loaded therein; a first cover configured to close the opening of the process chamber when a substrate is loaded in the process chamber; a first opening/closing mechanism configured to open/close the first cover; a second cover configured to close the opening of the process chamber when no substrate is loaded in the process chamber; a second opening/closing mechanism configured to open/close the second cover; and a closing assistance mechanism configured to assist the first and the second opening/closing mechanisms.07-28-2011
20120297681MULTIPLE SPEED PROFILES IN BARRIER OPERATOR SYSTEMS - Disclosed are alternate embodiments of various components of a barrier operator system. and methods of operation, including of the mechanical drive subsystem with segmented and self-locking rail unit, rail mounting supports, belt and chain drive tensioning, and drive assembly carriage and interface; the electronics and software routines for controlled operation of the various barrier operator functions; wall console communications with the barrier operator; encryption and decryption of access codes; establishment and monitoring of travel limits and barrier speed and force profiles; thermal protection of barrier operator drive motors; and establishment and control of communications from the barrier operator to accessories by way of a wireless adapter.11-29-2012
20120137591Driving Device - A driving device has a housing tube that can be connected to a stationary base part, particularly to a vehicle body, or to a movable structural component part, particularly a vehicle hatch or vehicle door, a protective tube connected to the other respective part, a spindle drive that has a threaded spindle and a spindle nut arranged on the threaded spindle by which the housing tube and protective tube are movable axially relative to one another, and a rotary drive that drives the spindle drive in rotation and includes at least one electric motor. A sensor device conveys the current position in relation to the earth's magnetic field or plumb line and one or more corresponding signals to a control device is arranged in the driving device.06-07-2012
20080222960Portable start gate assembly - A start gate assembly for use by a racer when racing when racing on a ground surface is provided with a moveable start gate frame that is pivotally attached to a foundation platform and a moving mechanism for placing the moveable start gate frame in a ready position where the ready position is of sufficient height to obstruct forward movement of the racer. A control device is further provided that regulates the movement of the moveable start gate frame from the ready position to a go position and a start switch that activates the control device to initiate the moving mechanism.09-18-2008
20130174489VIEWING GYRO WINDOW - A viewing gyro window includes a fixing housing, an air-transmitting element, a center bracket, a first driving element having multiple first plates, a second driving element having multiple second plates, and a transparent element attached on the first driving element and the second driving element. A first tunnel and a second tunnel are defined on the center bracket, and are linked through a tube. When the first plates and the second plates are driven by air from the air-transmitting element emitted out of the first tunnel and the second tunnel via the tube, the first driving element and the second driving element rotate simultaneously. Because the transparent element is attached on the first driving element and the second driving element, simultaneous rotations of the first driving element and the second driving element increase a torque and angular velocity of the transparent element so as to accelerate its rotation speed.07-11-2013
20120247019DRIVE APPARATUS FOR BOARDING/DEBOARDING DEVICES - A drive device for boarding/deboarding devices, in particular inward-swinging doors, for public transport vehicles is described, comprising a drive unit, which is disposed in a rotation post and drives it for opening and closing the boarding/deboarding device, wherein the drive unit is supported by a supporting component on the vehicle and the supporting component acts as a counter bearing for a torque of the drive unit, and with at least two supporting arms connected to the rotation post for supporting the boarding/deboarding device, wherein at least one supporting arm has an extension component parallel to the rotation post.10-04-2012
20130091773POWER ACTUATED REAR GATE ARRANGEMENT - A power actuated rear gate arrangement for a vehicle includes at least one seat arranged in a rear area of the vehicle; a drive device for providing an external force, a rear gate which is pivotal between a closed position and an open position by the external force, detectors for detecting an occupation of the at least one seat, and control points for controlling the drive device, wherein the drive device is at least indirectly controllable from more than one of the control points, and wherein when the at least one seat is occupied less than all of the control points are authorized or activated for at least a pivoting of the rear gate from the open position to the closed position.04-18-2013
20130091772ICE DISPENSING APPARATUS WITH A SHAPE MEMORY ALLOY ACTUATOR - An apparatus includes a duct door rotatably mounted in relation to an ice dispenser recess, and a selectively energizable shape memory alloy wire coupled to the duct door such that the shape memory alloy wire causes the duct door to rotate between its open and closed positions, when the wire is energized and de-energized respectively. A method of using an apparatus is also disclosed.04-18-2013
20130111815EGRESS DOOR OPENING ASSISTER - A door opening spring assistance apparatus is set forth that will automatically apply a door opening assistance force using a combination of rods and coil springs. The release of the rods by the coil springs reduces the force required to set the door in motion.05-09-2013
20110308161FIRE SHUTTER - A fire shutter for protecting an opening 12-22-2011
20120291354Electric Door Operator - An electric door operator for opening and closing one or a spaced pair of transit vehicle passenger doors for being mounted over an opening for the doors. A rotatable input shaft has an electric motor secured to the input shaft for driving the input shaft, a worm centrally positioned on the motor shaft, and an electric brake mounted to the input shaft at an end opposite of the electric motor. A drum cam lifts a pinion from a worm gear disconnecting the worm gear from an output gear train in an emergency.11-22-2012


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