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047650800 Flaccid material (e.g., bag) 24
20110173882Collapsible hanging basket - A hanging basket for plants, flowers, etc. is provided which may be moved from a collapsed position to an extended position. When in the extended position, the hanging basket may support plants, flowers or the like therein; but which when collapsed, occupies very little space for shipping and storage purposes.07-21-2011
20120167460CULTIVATION SYSTEM FOR MEDICINAL VEGETATION - The present invention is comprised of a stackable cultivation tower system for creating a facility and process that is used to cultivate vegetation in a reduced indoor physical area, conserve resources and promote faster plant. The present invention is further comprised of vertically stacked components for planting vegetation to be cultivated to reduce the space, an irrigation system that is regulated to optimally control application of water and a light source to provide various types of lighting to promote faster growth. The components are commercially readily available and at costs that allow the stackable cultivation tower system to produce faster growth, higher yields economically.07-05-2012
20130042528Tree surround decorative planter pot - A tree surround planter pot with a pair of identical planter pot halves, a plurality of male and female locking members and a pair of false floor panels. The identical planter pot halves attach to each other at their vertical perimeter edges by the locking members. The resulting planter pot surround has a large aperture in its base to allow a tree that is planted in the ground to appear as if it is growing from within the confines of the pot. The false floor panels rest on internal ledges near the top of the pot so that decorative rocks or soil and flowers can be placed near the top portion of the pot.02-21-2013
20100115836BIODEGRADABLE AGRICULTURAL GROWTH MANAGEMENT TOOLS - An agricultural growth management tool can include a biodegradable polymer body having a synthetic polymer and an optional biodegradability enhancement additive. The biodegradability enhancement additive can include a microbial attractant. The biodegradable polymer body can be configured as a plant stake, branch tag, blister pack, plantable container, agrifilm, drip tubing, drip tubing connectors, drip tubing accessories, market trays, plug and propagation trays, flats and inserts, transfer pots, transfer trays, landscape ribbon, landscape twine/rope, landscaping bags, pot wraps, floral wraps, hanging basket assemblies, greenhouse films/sheets or the like. The synthetic polymer can be a biodegradable polymer, inherently non-biodegradable polymer, or a combination of the two.05-13-2010
20130081326Modular Concrete Planter Box System - A Modular Concrete Interlocking Box System and method for constructing the same, comprising at least two rectangular caps having two short sides, two long sides, and a consistent thickness from a first cap overhang to a second cap overhang, including at least two notches located adjacent to each overhang along one long side of the cap, and at least two rectangular panels having two short sides, two long sides, and a consistent thickness from a first panel overhang to a second panel overhang, including at least two notches adjacent to each overhang along both long sides of the panel, such that the notches and the overhangs are constructed and arranged to fittingly interlock the caps with the panels such that a four sided box is formed having the overhangs provide an external leverage grip to easily align the courses and square the internal corners of the four sided box.04-04-2013
20120180387METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR FACILITATING THE GERMINATION OF SEEDS AND GROWTH OF SEEDLINGS - The present invention relates to methods and apparatus for facilitating the germination of seeds and growth of seedlings. One aspect of the invention provides a seed kit. The seed kit may comprise a biodegradable germination cup having a base having one or more apertures, a one-piece biodegradable germination pad capable of retaining water and sized to be received in the base of the germination cup without falling through the one or more apertures, and a biodegradable seedling cup sized to receive the germination cup. The seed kit may further comprise other components, such as a growth medium, a seed, a lid/base, a stirring stick, etc. Another aspect of the invention relates to methods wherein a seed is germinated and nurtured to a seedling by using a germination pad, a germination cup, and a seedling cup.07-19-2012
20110010990 Device and Method for Rooting and/or Dormancy for Plant Bulbs - The present disclosure provides devices for rooting and/or dormancy for plant bulbs. The devices can include at least two components configured to form a chamber when engaged and at least one of the components can receive electronic communication and control the environment within the chamber. The devices can include at least one tray, which supports one soil vessel within the chamber. The chamber is environmentally controlled to provide rooting and/or dormancy for plant bulbs and can include at least two elements that engage and define a space substantially free of ambient light. At least one of the elements can control the environment within the space. The present method provides for bulb rooting and/or dormancy by coupling at least two components to form a chamber and providing an environment conducive to bulb rooting and/or dormancy within the chamber by maintaining a predetermined temperature within the chamber.01-20-2011
20110030275MOISTURE RESPONSIVE DEVICE AND METHOD - A moisture responsive device is described having a moisture responsive element comprising at least a moisture responsive formation of a first material in association with a less moisture responsive formation of a second material, in that the first material has a greater tendency to absorb moisture and to increase in volume as a result than the second material, the two formations being so mechanically arranged together that such swelling tends to cause mechanical deformation of the moisture responsive element; and an actuation member optionally of flexibly resilient material in mechanical association with the moisture responsive element so that distortion of the moisture responsive element in the presence of moisture tends to mechanically distort the actuation member and thereby cause the actuation member to change between at least a first functional state and a second functional state. A method of use, especially in irrigation control, is also described.02-10-2011
20110265377Roof Vegetation Cassette - A roof vegetation cassette for accommodating a substrate for roof vegetation.11-03-2011
20090249688BIODEGRADABLE PLANT POTS - A biodegradable plant pot comprising at least one container wall for containing a growing medium and a container base attached to said at least one container wall, whereby said at least one container wall and said container base are made of ply-starch material.10-08-2009
20110283613HANGING PLANTING CONTAINER FOR EXTENDED WATERING OF PLANTS - A hanging planter for watering and growing transplanted plants either upwardly or downwardly includes lay-flat flexible tubing which is hung or supported in an upright position, the lay-flat flexible tubing serving as a container for the plants. A lay-flat flexible tube is sealed so as to create an upper watertight chamber above separated from a lower well-drained soil chamber, into which a plant is planted or transplanted. Water flow from the upper chamber to the lower chamber is controlled by a water flow restriction element.11-24-2011
20120005953PLANT PACKAGE AND METHODS OF FORMING SAME USING A THERMOPLASTIC FLOWER POT - A flower pot in combination with a retaining medium for holding and retaining a floral grouping is disclosed. The flower pot includes a base portion defining a receiving space for receiving at least a portion of the retaining medium so as to hold and retain the retaining medium. The base portion is constructed of a thermoformed plastic material, and has an upper end, a lower end, and a sidewall extending between the upper end and the lower end. The sidewall is substantially devoid of overlapping folds and has decorative ornamentation associated with at least a portion of the sidewall.01-12-2012
20110289838REUSABLE PLANT CONTAINER APPARATUS - The invention is a plant container for growing and transplanting plants. More, specifically, the invention is for a plant container that is made of a multi-layered heat pressed root impenetrable materials with a plurality of closure mechanisms that allows a user to more easily remove and transplant a plant as well as monitor plant root growth.12-01-2011
20110289839MODULAR LIVING ROOF SYSTEM - A modular green roof and/or green wall system includes a plurality of trays adapted to support vegetation and soil therein. The trays are sized such that a person may easily lift them and install them in a pre-vegetated state upon a roof or a wall. The trays are further designed to enable subterranean irrigation lines to be inserted therethrough, thereby hiding the irrigation lines from view. Biodegradable walls may be added of different heights to the trays to support different types of vegetation, as well as to create terracing for a given installation, if desired. A wicking material may be inserted into the tray and positioned such that is makes contact with wicking material in adjacent trays, thereby spreading moisture between trays through the capillary action of the wicking material.12-01-2011
20110296754Light-permeable Pot and Decorative Tree Using Such Pot - The utility model discloses a light-permeable pot, which comprises a pot main unit. The foresaid main unit has a bottom and a side wall, and the upper part is an open-end. Part or all of the foresaid side wall of the pot is light-permeable components; by making the walls of the pot with light-permeable components, parts of the luminous tube can be placed in the trunk in the pot when setting string light. After power-on, the light from the luminous tubes in the pot can pass through the light-permeable components of the side walls to achieving better luminous effect and decorative effective of the decorative trees.12-08-2011
20100115835Tube For plant cultivation preventing root twist - A biodegradable cultivation tube, particularly designed to minimize root-twisting using specifically constructed tube edge profiles and tube holes. The cultivation tube has evaporation reducing and moisture trapping properties including a fluid absorbing material and an evaporation protection skirt.05-13-2010
20120023819Lantern planter - A lantern planter wherein an exterior vessel contains inside of it an interior vessel. The interior vessel contains an interior fill material utilized to create mass inside the present invention. Affixed atop the interior vessel is a post support collar used to provide support to a post that is used to provide vertical support and stability to a supported device mechanically fastened to the post. The interior vessel, once filled with the interior fill material, and after the post is inserted via the post support collar has exterior fill material and decorative material installed atop the interior vessel such that the lantern planter provides structural support for the supported device and is aesthetically pleasing to the user.02-02-2012
20110167722COLLAPSIBLE FLORAL CONTAINER - A collapsible floral container stored and shipped in a substantially planar configuration and expanded into the form of a flower pot or flower pot cover is disclosed. The collapsible container includes a plurality of segments and a connecting member for connecting the segments such that the segments define a sidewall and such that the segments are movable between an expanded position wherein the segments cooperate with one another to form an object receiving space and to provide the sidewall with a unitary appearance and a collapsed position wherein the sidewall is substantially flattened.07-14-2011
20090265982PLANT PACKAGE AND METHODS OF FORMING SAME USING A THERMOPLASTIC FLOWER POT - A flower pot in combination with a retaining medium for holding and retaining a floral grouping. The flower pot includes a base portion defining a receiving space for receiving at least a portion of the retaining medium so as to hold and retain the retaining medium. The base portion is constructed of a thermoformed plastic material, and has an upper end, a lower end, and a sidewall extending between the upper end and the lower end. The sidewall is substantially devoid of overlapping folds and has decorative ornamentation associated with at least a portion of the sidewall.10-29-2009
20120291349PLANTING THREE-DIMENSIONAL TEXTILE AND PLANTING APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A planting three-dimensional textile including a first textile layer and a second textile layer is provided. The first textile layer has a plurality of connecting blocks which are separated from each other and arranged in array. The second textile layer covers the first textile layer, and the second textile layer is only connected to the connecting blocks so as to define a plurality of planting channels separated form each other between the first textile layer and the second textile layer. The second textile layer has a plurality of openings. A planting apparatus is also provided.11-22-2012
20090199473Horticultural Growth Medium - A horticultural growing medium is made up of composted bark, a carbon-based fibrous material, a hydrophilic polymer, sea solid, and beneficial bacteria/fungicide. The materials are formed into a solid substrate having structural stability, with both micro and macro interconnecting pores. The addition of a controlled release fertilizer provides for a perfect combination of nutrients, water retention, and pest and fungus control.08-13-2009
20120192488COLLAPSIBLE AND/OR ERECTABLE FLORAL CONTAINERS - A collapsible and/or erectable shape-sustaining container having a substantially erect condition and substantially collapsed condition is disclosed. The collapsible and/or erectable shape-sustaining container is provided with at least one condition modifying element to facilitate erecting and/or collapsing the container.08-02-2012
20100192460Stressed Skin Structure for elevated raised bed horticulture - An economical self supporting structure for holding soil or other growing medium above ground level that allows the user to cultivate plants for consumption or decorative purposes. This design is based on the engineering principle that a circular thin wall structure can contain fluid media without external supports. The outward pressure of the growing medium (soil) inside the circular structure holds the walls vertical and round thus enabling a minimum amount of structural material making this garden design less costly and easier to construct than traditional rectangular box structures made from wood or similar straight construction materials. Because stakes or other support systems are not required, the self supporting circular design is superior for soil containment and superior for the many accessories which can be added including bean pole “tee pees”, hoop structure for plant support or tents (bird net, shade net or plastic for frost protection), and irrigation systems.08-05-2010
20100242359HANGING PLANTER FOR GROWING UPSIDE DOWN PLANTS FROM SEEDS - A hanging planter for germinating seeds to seedlings and growing the seedlings to full size plants where the planter has an opening in its bottom and a retainer plug located within the planter to prevent a layer of soil in the bottom of the planter from falling out when the planter is turned upside down. With the planter upside down, a seed is passed through the opening to the soil in the bottom of the planter and is watered thru the opening in the planter bottom as it grows right side up. While the plant is a seedling the planter is turned from its upside down position to its right side up position and hung above the ground to turn the stalk portion of the seedling from being right side up to being upside side down while the root portion remains located in the planter without having been replanted.09-30-2010
20100199552METHOD OF CONTAINING A FLORAL GROUPING OR POTTED PLANT - A method of containing a floral grouping or potted plant in a sleeve is disclosed. The sleeve has first and second panels, and at least a portion of at least one of the first and second panels is constructed of at least two layers of material. At least a portion of the at least two layers of material may be connected.08-12-2010
20090107040RECIPIENT FOR CONTAINING MOIST SUBSTRATE - The invention relates to a recipient for containing moist substrate, which recipient comprises a flexible polymer wall having an outer surface and at least one gas exchanging membrane, which gas exchanging membrane is hermetically sealed to the outer surface of the flexible polymer wall along a sealing line. The sealing line defining a hermetically sealed area of the flexible polymer wall. The flexible polymer wall comprises at least one aperture, being provided in this hermetically sealed area of the flexible polymer wall. The recipient further comprises a means for creating an air chamber circumscribed by the hermetically sealed area and the gas exchanging membrane, for preventing moist substrate to contact the gas exchange membrane when the recipient is filled with moist substrate.04-30-2009
20110000131FLOWER POT USING HUMIDITY SENSOR MATERIAL TO PROMPT WATERING - The present invention provides a flower pot using humidity sensor material to prompt watering, including an outer pot body, in the form of a watertight dish body, an inner pot body, and a humidity sensor material that is packed in the pot wall of the outer pot body. The inner pot body is fabricated from multi-pore material and is disposed within the outer pot body, and the inner pot body brim is provided with a water filling hole. Or the outer pot body is fabricated from multi-pore material, the outer wall thereof being coated with a water resisting layer and includes a sensing region coated with a humidity sensor material. Accordingly, the water content in the inner pot body can be known through use of the humidity sensor material, prompting the user whether or not to add water, and further regulating the water content of the potted plant.01-06-2011
20130152466CONVERTIBLE PLANTING CONTAINERS - A convertible planting system includes a flexible sheet of material bent into an overlapped configuration to form a container defining an interior volume, the flexible sheet having a first broad surface covered with an engageable loop material, and a second broad surface from which touch fastener hooks extend in an area overlapping the first broad surface with the sheet of material bent to form the container; with the hooks releasably engaged with the loop material, and soil filling at least a portion of the interior volume of the container and in contact with the loop material. A gardener may plant a seed in the convertible planting system, peel back a portion of the sheet of material forming a wall of the container by releasably disengaging hooks and loops of the sheet of material, and reattach the portion of the sheet of material by reengaging the hooks and loops.06-20-2013
20110083365PLANTING POT - The Invention relates to a planting pot made of plastic and having a bottom provided with holes (04-14-2011
20120198765BIODEGRADABLE MODULAR ROOFING TRAY AND METHOD OF MAKING - A green roofing system for use on a rooftop is disclosed herein. The green roofing system includes a plurality of biodegradable modular roofing trays. The biodegradable modular roofing trays are made of a plurality of fibers bound together with a binding agent. A soil layer is included wherein the soil layer is located between a roof deck and the plurality of biodegradable modular roofing trays.08-09-2012
20100192459CONTAINER FOR GROWING PLANTS - A container for receiving and growing plants is disclosed. The container includes a latticework having a bottom wall and a sidewall extending from the bottom wall defining a cavity with an open end, a covering for the bottom wall and the sidewall for receiving plant growth medium for supporting roots of plants, and a plurality of spaced apart flexible cords securing the covering to the latticework.08-05-2010
20100058658ASSEMBLY OF A PACKAGE AND PLANT BULBS ARRANGED THEREIN, AND A METHOD FOR CULTIVATING PLANT BULBS - An assembly includes a package for plant bulbs, including a holder with a base and side walls, wherein at least two plant bulbs are accommodated in a row, wherein the height of the holder corresponds to at least the height of the plants bulbs, the holder being filled with a substrate surrounding the plant bulbs and the base of the holder, the holder being provided with a number of openings, wherein the number and the size of the openings is such that the development of roots is facilitated, wherein the holder has a removable cover, wherein the side walls extend substantially above the height of the plant bulbs and that the substrate is introduced thoroughly over the height of the plant bulbs.03-11-2010
20100313473LIVE PLANT BOX - A device for decorative purposes, for the vertical cultivation of plants, includes: i) a cultivation support containing a cultivation substrate, and having holes on the front face thereof for the opening out of the above-ground part of the plants, ii) a rigid frame extending in a substantially vertical plane, defining a window in the front face of the cultivation support, and iii) a water reservoir, the cultivation support being placed over the water reservoir, and including at least one hydrophilic wick extending from the cultivation substrate to the water reservoir tank. The cultivation support is hydrated by a continuous supply of water by one or more hydrophilic wicks immersed in the reservoir. It may include an internal framework to give it rigidity and to prevent settling of the substrate in the lower part of the support. A method for obtaining such a plant box is also claimed.12-16-2010
20110247267Mountable Planter Box - A planter box assembly has a sheet metal frame with two opposed end walls connected by opposed front and back walls. The frame has a bottom opening and an upper peripheral rim. A molded plastic insert has a bottom wall with a plurality of upwardly extending side walls. The insert has a cavity which receives soil and plants. A peripheral flange extends outwardly from the insert side walls over the frame rim, allowing the plastic insert to be supported on the frame. Mounting holes in the frame front and back walls allow the planter box assembly to be mounted to a board or bracket which extends from a vertical post.10-13-2011
20100313474Modular Gardening System - A modular gardening system includes a first monolithic growing pod forming an interior growing volume and including an opening to the growing volume defined by a frame-accommodating lip, and at least a second monolithic growing pod, the second monolithic growing pod being substantially identical to the first monolithic growing pod. The modular gardening system further includes a frame assembly configured to form a perimeter around the opening of the first monolithic growing pod within the frame-accommodating lip of the first monolithic growing pod and the opening of the second monolithic growing pod within the frame-accommodating lip of the second monolithic growing pod, the frame assembly further configured to support the first monolithic growing pod and the second monolithic growing pod in a side-by-side array, stepped array, or elevated array.12-16-2010
20110162270SEED AND PLANT GROWTH MEDIUM MODULE - A seed and plant growth medium module includes a seed embedded in plant growth medium which is encapsulated in a biodegradable moisture retaining shell. The shell has a bottom with an upper covering. A root opening is provided in the bottom to allow egress of roots as the seed germinates. A plant egress opening is provided in the upper covering to allow upward growth of a plant resulting when the seed germinates. At least one water entry opening is provided in the shell to allow entry of moisture into the shell to wet the plant growth medium.07-07-2011
20110005129GROUP OF FLOWERPOTS - Group of flowerpots which can be grouped in a compact manner to form a rectangle, the outward appearance, on the other hand, conveying the impression of a larger size. This allows the space taken up to be optimized. In addition, the embodiment according to the invention provides a stable relationship between the various flowerpots of the group. This is achieved in that at least the upper edge of the group is formed, when viewed from above, in a polygonal and more particularly triangular or rectangular manner and one of the sides has a recess and the other, opposing side a protrusion corresponding thereto. When compactly grouped, the protrusion of one flowerpot falls into the recess of the other flowerpot, producing a stable overall entity.01-13-2011
20110005130PLANT GROWING DEVICE - A plant growing device includes an envelope and a plant growing medium. The envelope is made of a sheet material and has substantially planar first and second walls, a surrounding wall connected between the first and second walls, and a plurality of openings formed in the second wall and adapted to permit extension of plants. The plant growing medium is enclosed by the envelope, and includes a water-absorptive material selected from a polymeric foam, saw dust, charcoal, soil, sand, wood pulp, polymeric fibrous substances, and natural fiber materials.01-13-2011
20110162271DEVICE FOR SPROUTING - A device for sprouting includes an element (07-07-2011
20120036773 FLOATABLE PLANT GROWTH SYSTEM AND A FLOATATION TRAY FOR USE WITH THE SYSTEM - A floatable plant growth system is provided. The system comprises an upper tray (02-16-2012
20110314733HOLLOW POT - A hollow pot includes a pot unit and a connection unit. The connection unit is a hollow unit and installed to inner surface of a mold set before pressurized air is introduced in the mold set and before the mold set is closed. A probe is inserted into the mold set and blows the plastic material in the mold set. The plastic material expands and contacts against the inner surface of the mold set and seals the connection holes of the connection unit. The plastic material is extended and broken to match upon the connection holes of the connection unit. The plastic material is solidified to form the pot unit. The pot unit is air-tightly connected to the connection unit, and the conjunction area of the connection unit communicates with the space in the pot unit.12-29-2011
20110094153Vertical wall garden - A vertical wall garden made from modular perforated plastics wall members, which form a back walls, compartment walls and horizontal shelf members, whereby the back walls, compartment walls and horizontal shelf members, interlock with each other to form a layer of box like plant holding compartments with an open face. A first layer is positioned against a vertical wall with the open face facing outwardly from the wall, and additional layers are connected on top of each other until the required height of vertical wall garden is reached. The layers are then secured to the vertical wall. Plants are then placed in water permeable containers with soil and placed in the holding compartments with the plants facing outwardly from the wall. Watering means can be connected to wall garden to supply water to each plant. Thusthere is provided structural plastics support modules which are connected together to form a vertical wall garden which is fast to install, easy fixing on walls both indoors and outdoors, provides a friendly plant habitat and easy maintenance. Further the wall garden can support a large vertical load ofplants and soil.04-28-2011
20110094152NATURAL FIBER FOLDING POT - A fiber pot, made of a combination of coconut fiber and natural latex rubber, is described that is able to be folded and compressed. Folding and compression of the fiber pots allows more pots to be placed within a shipping container thereby reducing shipping costs by approximately 75%. Because the folding fiber pots are made of coconut fiber and a natural latex rubber, they are 100% biodegradable and horticultural products contained within do not need to be removed prior to planting. This eliminates the root shock that horticultural products normally experience when planted in a different soil.04-28-2011
20110167723Biodegradable Plant Pot - A biodegradable plant pot is formed from a paperboard-based blank wrapped about an axis and having a first longitudinal edge portion overlapping and adhered to an opposite second longitudinal edge portion of the blank so as to form an overlap seam. The blank is oriented with the machine direction of the paperboard running substantially parallel to the axis and the cross-machine direction running substantially circumferentially about the side wall, such that the machine direction of the paperboard runs lengthwise along the overlap seam. Cuts are formed in the side wall adjacent to and at circumferentially opposite sides of one end of the overlap seam, the cuts being confined to a localized region adjacent the one end of the overlap seam. The end of the overlap seam is graspable and pullable in a direction generally toward the opposite end of the overlap seam, the cuts facilitating the starting of tearing of the blank along the overlap seam such that the overlap seam is torn from the side wall from the bottom edge to the top edge thereof.07-14-2011
20110088318UPRIGHT PLANTING APPARATUS - An upright planting apparatus includes a row of juxtaposed mesh pipe units disposed uprightly and a fixing unit. Each of the mesh pipe units includes an outer mesh pipe, and a liquid supply pipe. The outer mesh pipe has an upright tubular wall formed with a plurality of mesh holes extending through inner and outer surfaces of the upright tubular wall, and a groove that extends around said outer surface of the upright tubular wall to receive a plant culture medium. The liquid supply pipe is disposed axially inside the outer mesh pipe and has a plurality of liquid-seeping holes. The fixing unit fixes together the outer mesh pipes of the mesh pipe units.04-21-2011
20120117871INTERLOCKING PLANTER AND PLANTER SYSTEM - An adaptable terraced planter and system having a plurality of planters, each planter comprising a plastic body configured to retain soil with hinge brackets at each end that when interlocked with a pin or rod form a hinge there between to rotatably connect the planters together, and thereby enable the attachment of said at least one of the plurality of planters to another planter in more than one selective orientation and to allow for the stacking of rows of planters in vertical or tiered rows or variants thereof that conform to a wide variety of topographies.05-17-2012
20120117870DRY-CAST CONCRETE PLANTER BOX - A dry-cast concrete planter box including opposed front and rear walls, opposed side walls extending between the front and rear walls, a bottom side extending between the front, rear, and side walls, a top side including a rim extending around a perimeter of the top side along an upper edge of the front, rear, and side walls, and at least one interior compartment extending from the top side partially through the planter box toward the bottom side which is configured to hold soil or other planting material.05-17-2012
20120311928CONTAINER FOR GROWING PLANT - A container for growing plant includes a main body, a seed coating and at least a seed. The main body is composed of a biodegradable plastic material and has a seed portion. The seed coating is composed of the biodegradable plastic material and is disposed in the seed portion. The at least a seed is sealed in the seed portion of the main body through the seed coating. After a user uses up a content in the container for growing plant, the waste container can be buried into the soil to be biodegraded by the microorganism in the soil so that the seed inside the container is contacted with the air, the water and the soil to germinates, thereby growing the valuable plant.12-13-2012
20120210641PLANT PACKAGE AND METHODS OF FORMING SAME USING A THERMOPLASTIC FLOWER POT - A flower pot in combination with a retaining medium for holding and retaining a floral grouping is disclosed. The flower pot includes a base portion defining a receiving space for receiving at least a portion of the retaining medium so as to hold and retain the retaining medium. The base portion is constructed of a thermoformed plastic material, and has an upper end, a lower end, and a sidewall extending between the upper end and the lower end. The sidewall is substantially devoid of overlapping folds and has decorative ornamentation associated with at least a portion of the sidewall.08-23-2012
20100050508IN GROUND PLANTING POT - An in-ground planting pot apparatus for facilitating watering and fertilizing a plant having: a frustro-conical portion having a minimum diameter, a maximum diameter opposite the minimum diameter, and an outer surface; a curved lip portion circumscribing most of the maximum diameter and extending outwardly from, and having an outside diameter greater than, the maximum diameter, the curved lip portion starting on the outer surface and terminating at the same plane formed by the maximum diameter; and an elongated tray portion having a tray bottom that is co-planar with the start of the curved lip portion, and a tray rim starting from the tray bottom and terminating at the same plane formed by the maximum diameter and curved lip portion The apparatus can be inserted into soil with the minimum diameter down and a fraction of the frustro-conical portion remaining above ground, a plant may be planted in the middle, and then water and fertilizer dispensed into the frustro-conical, tray, and lip portions which direct water and fertilizer to the plant instead of the surrounding soil, thereby facilitating watering and fertilizing.03-04-2010
20120222352Growth device for crop and cladding or construction part manufactured therewith - The invention relates to a growth device for crop, provided with at least a casing and a core part, wherein the casing is substantially manufactured from fluid impermeable material and surrounds the at least one core part at least partly, wherein the core part comprises a growth medium or is formed therefrom. The invention further relates to an assembly of at least two of such growth devices, a cladding or construction part comprising such growth device and a method for the manufacture of growth devices.09-06-2012
20120260571VEGETATION ELEMENT FOR GREENING ARTIFICIAL OR NATURAL SURFACES HAVING LOW AND/OR HIGH PLANTS AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE VEGETATION ELEMENT - A vegetation element for greening artificial surfaces having low and/or high plants. The vegetation element has a support that can be penetrated by roots, a lower layer of compressed soil, and substrate as fertile ground for the low and/or high plants. The vegetation element can be peeled by machine and can be rolled up. In the vegetation element, a film that can be penetrated by roots is arranged on the layer of compressed soil, and the support is laid on the film. A substrate layer is arranged on the support, and plant material of the low and/or high plants that is capable of germination is introduced into the substrate layer. The forming roots of the low and/or high plants extend and are anchored in the substrate layer, extending through the support and the film and into the lower layer composed of compressed soil.10-18-2012
20120260570INJECTION-MOLDED PLANTER HAVING UNDERCUTS AND PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING - A planter for holding a plant includes a container having an open upper end. The container has side walls extending downward from the upper end and tapering inward to a lower end. A base at the lower end of the container has a diameter smaller than the diameter of the upper end. A circumferential ring surrounds the lower end of the container. The circumferential ring has an upper edge that extends outward from the container by a distance such that removal of the container and ring from a mold as a single unit would be inhibited. Accordingly, the container and the circumferential ring are molded from a thermoplastic material as separate components. The circumferential ring fits around the lower end of the container and is held in place by a mechanical interlock between the container and the ring.10-18-2012
20120279123DECORATIVE CONTAINER - An injection molded container such as a flower pot having an outer surface and an inner surface and an indentation of a shape and size corresponding to the shape and size of a design element member, the design element member and the container member adapted to easily engage one another and to be easily disengaged so as to provide at least one decorative element on the outside surface of the container which can be easily changed according to a selectable design scheme.11-08-2012
20090241416Method for the early afforestation of the useless ground - The present invention relates to a method for the early afforestation of the useless ground by using an airplane, more specifically to a method for the early afforestation of the useless ground by aerial dropping the vegetation structure in which plant has been vegetated with an airplane such as helicopter onto the dune ground, the barren ground, the steep slope ground, the bedrock ground of rocky mountain, the inclined ground as well as the extinguished ground due to a fire. The method of the present invention has a superior effect on epochally reducing a labor power and maintaining a stability of afforestation.10-01-2009
20130014436MODULAR INTERCONNECTABLE UNITS FOR MACRO PLANTER STRUCTURESAANM Shepps; LawrenceAACI IrvingtonAAST NYAACO USAAGP Shepps; Lawrence Irvington NY US - Large or macro planter structures for comparatively large plantings for use in large spaces formed from planter modules, which planter structures are assembled on-site with extremely large dimensions, e.g., several hundred feet, to provide unusual and stunning visual effects and which structures include lighted cladding walls which may also function as lighted advertising displays visible from great distances owing to their size.01-17-2013
20120240463MODULAR PLANTING AND CULTIVATING CONTAINER AND SYSTEM AND REVEGETATION METHOD USING SUCH CONTAINERS - A modular planting and cultivating container and a revegetation method using such containers. The planting and cultivating container is essentially made up of a rectangular tray having a flat or ribbed bottom and side walls, as well as a body forming a rectangular sleeve removably mounted on and/or in the tray and extending, when mounted, past the upper edges of the side walls of the tray, the container (09-27-2012
20110232182Planting system - The combination of a container and a growing medium for a plant. The container is made to simulate the appearance of an egg shell bounding a receptacle. The growing medium is provided in the receptacle.09-29-2011
20080222952Naturally Degradable Green Flowerpot and Making Process Thereof - The present invention discloses a naturally degradable green flowerpot and its making process. The green flowerpot includes crushed plant fiber, adhesive agent and lubricant. The adhesive agent comprises oxidized starch and one or more selected from the group consisting of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), polycaprolactone (PCL), and amino resin. The making process thereof includes the following steps: crushing plant fiber, mixing, adding lubricant and water, stirring, molding to form, polishing and drilling holes. The green flower pot can naturally degrade, has the advantages of low production cost and is suitable for planting various flowers especially in large mechanized plantation.09-18-2008
20080222951Organic fiber sowing vessels and pots for seedlings and plants and making method therefor - A sowing vessel and pot for seedlings and plants, characterized in that said sowing vessel and pot are made of a fully biodegradable material.09-18-2008
20130174481SEEDLING TRAY - A seedling tray includes a top body member constructed of a rigid solid plastic material having a plurality of planting cells formed in an upper surface with each of the cells converging downwardly and inwardly to define an opening at the bottom thereof. A plurality of air chambers are formed between adjacent ones of the cells which are closed at the bottom by a bottom plate member constructed of a rigid plastic material which is fixedly attached to the body member and which has openings therein corresponding in number and alignment with the openings of the bottoms of the cells which are sealingly engaged with the openings in the bottom plate member.07-11-2013
20130139438COLLAPSIBLE HANGING BASKET - A hanging basket for plants, flowers, etc. is provided which may be moved from a collapsed position to an extended position. When in the extended position, the hanging basket may support plants, flowers or the like therein. When collapsed, the basket occupies very little space for shipping and storage purposes.06-06-2013
20130174482PLANT POT WITH IRREGULAR BOTTOM EDGE - A pot for containing a plant such as a flower plant, having a bottom peripheral edge adapted for insertion or installation into a garden bed. In one embodiment, the pot is a normal truncated conical shape and the lower peripheral edge is irregular so as to use that bottom edge to more securely position the pot within a hole in the ground. The irregularity of the lower peripheral edge can be a plurality of teeth that bite into the ground and position the pot in the hole when the user rotates the pot while forcing it downwardly toward the ground. The bottom edge is thus used to cause the pot to settle firmly within the hole dug in the ground. In another embodiment, the pot is empty and is installed in the garden to provide decoration, by positioning the pot against the garden bed, and then pushing the pot into place. The upper rim of the pot may be decorative and may be located above the level of the ground.07-11-2013
20130133254MOLDED FIBER HANGING BASKET SYSTEM - Embodiments herein provide hangers and hanging systems for molded pulp fiber hanging pots and baskets, for instance for growing and/or displaying plants. In various embodiments, these molded pulp fiber basket systems may have a lip and/or rim onto which a set of resilient clips may attach to provide support to the basket, and the rim may have a rolled, domed, wedge-shaped, triangular, or flat profile, or any other profile that allows the clips to be mounted easily and that is capable of supporting the weight of the basket in a fully-loaded state. In various embodiments, each clip may include a retaining member and a biasing member, and may also include an optional internal and/or external structural projection. Each clip may couple to or be integral with a corresponding support strand, and all of the support strands may couple to or be integral with a hook or other hanging element.05-30-2013
20130133253BIODEGRADABLE MATERIAL AND PLANT CONTAINER - A biodegradable plant container made from a cellulosically derived polymer is coated with an enhancer to facilitate biodegradation of the container.05-30-2013
20130145689UPSIDE DOWN HANGING PLANTER - The present invention provides a hanging planter for growing plants upside down. Because the planter has a flat bottom, plants may be grown in the planter right side up. At a convenient time the planter may be turned to hang upside down.06-13-2013
20100307056Modular Planting and Irrigation Device, System and Method - A modular planting and irrigation device, system, and method for growing gardens on elevated rooftop surfaces and other surfaces and method of the same. The system has at least one body of porous material with spaces that trap air within the body as water moves therethrough. The water is contained within the body of porous material with a barrier positioned adjacent the side and bottom surfaces of the body. The pore spaces are of sufficient size to allow plant roots to grow therethrough.12-09-2010
20130180173PLANT ARTIFICIAL SEEDS HAVING MULTILAYERS AND METHODS FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - Composition and method for preparing artificial seeds of plantlets that can be developed into grown plants for propagation in the field are disclosed. In one embodiment, the artificial seeds are developed in degradable containers. The disclosed methods also allow for rapid propagation of in demand plants, such as sugarcane, to meet the ever increasing global demand for this plant.07-18-2013
20130180174MODULAR PLANTING SYSTEM FOR ROOF APPLICATIONS - A green roof planter module includes a planter including a bottom wall, a plurality of sidewalls each including an upper portion and a lower portion, wherein the bottom wall and the plurality of sidewalls cooperate with one another to form an interior space, and a biodegradable collar member extending upwardly from at least a select one of the biodegradable sidewalls, wherein at least a portion of the collar member is in-molded within the upper portion of at least one of the sidewalls, and wherein the collar member is adapted to retain a plant matter that extends above the plurality of sidewalls.07-18-2013
20120085024Environment-friendly planting device with automatic percolation and irrigation of hermetic liquid - An environment-friendly planting device with automatic percolation and irrigation of hermetic liquid includes a planting container and draining and irrigating pipes. An inner part of the planting container is orderly provided with a first layer having ceramic aggregates and sand, a second layer having medical stones, sand and perlites, and an organic substrate layer from bottom to top. The first layer and the second layer are for storing water. The first layer has a first draining and irrigating pipe having a U-shaped inner cavity. The second layer has a second draining and irrigating pipe having a U-shaped inner cavity as a snorkel. The first draining and irrigating pipe and the second draining and irrigating pipe respectively have a first end connected to a vertical water inlet pipe, and a second end sealed. A bottom of the water inlet pipe is sealed. The organic substrate layer is for cultivating plants therein.04-12-2012

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