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Organic oxygen compound containing (e.g., alicyclic alcohols, hypochlorites, etc.)

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044 - Fuel and related compositions


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044451000 Alkanol 73
044447000 Ether 23
044437000 The oxygen is part of a -C(=O)- group 11
044450000 Phenol or salt thereof 4
20100269406Novel Coupled Hydrocarbyl-Substituted Phenol Materials as Oilfield Wax Inhibitors - Paraffin-containing liquid pour point depressants comprising the reaction product of a hydrocarbyl-substituted phenol and an aldehyde wherein: the olefin used in the preparation of the hydrocarbyl-substituted phenol has a high vinylidene content; the reaction between the hydrocarbyl-substituted phenol and the aldehyde is acid or base catalyzed; and/or the reaction further comprises phenol, are particularly useful for treating crude oils which have an initial pour point of 4° C. or higher, decreasing the fluid's pour point and improving the fluid's low temperature handling properties.10-28-2010
20090025284Method for producing polyisobutenylphenols - The present invention relates to a process for preparing 2-alkylpolyisobutenylphenols and their Mannich adducts, to compositions obtainable by this process and to their use.01-29-2009
20090249684TREATMENT OF BISPHENOL-A RESIDUE STREAMS - In a method of reducing the viscosity of a residue stream from the production of bisphenol-A, the residue stream is combined with at least one of (a) a bottoms stream comprising polyalkylaromatic compounds and remaining after the fractionation of an effluent from an aromatics alkylation process to remove monoalkylaromatic compounds, (b) a stream containing at least 90 wt % phenol and (c) a mixture of phenol and said bottoms stream (a) to produce a combined stream.10-08-2009
20120073188DISTILLATE FUEL COMPOSITIONS - Middle distillate fuel compositions are disclosed which comprise a major amount of a middle distillate base fuel; an olefin mixture comprising propylene oligomers having an initial boiling point of at least 165° C. and a final boiling point of no more than 325° C. as measured by ASTM D86; and at least one phenolic antioxidant. Also disclosed are methods of operating a fuel consuming system employing such compositions.03-29-2012
044443000 Plural oxygens attached indirectly to each other by acyclic nonionic bonding 3
20130199085DIRECT AQUEOUS PHASE REFORMING OF BIO-BASED FEEDSTOCKS - A method comprises providing a bio-based feedstock; contacting the bio-based feedstock with a solvent in a hydrolysis reaction to form an intermediate stream comprising carbohydrates; contacting the intermediate stream with an apr catalyst to form a plurality of oxygenated intermediates, wherein a first portion of the oxygenated intermediates are recycled to form the solvent; and processing at least a second portion of the oxygenated intermediates to form a fuel blend.08-08-2013
20100263265METHOD FOR CONVERTING BIOMASS INTO PRODUCTS CONTAINING ACETAL GROUPS AND USE THEREOF AS BIOFUELS - The invention describes a method of converting biomass to products that can be incorporated into the diesel fuel pool, comprising a first stage of fermentation of renewable raw materials of vegetable origin at the end of which a least one alcohol and at least one compound containing a carbonyl group are obtained, and a second stage corresponding to an acetalization reaction involving said alcohol and said compound containing a carbonyl group.10-21-2010
20100146847Lignin Upgrading for Hydroprocessing to Biofuel - The present invention is generally directed to methods for processing lignin-containing biomass so as to render it more amenable to hydroprocessing, wherein such processing typically reduces the level of oxygen in the biomass. Following such processing, the resulting reduced-oxygen lignin-derived product can be hydroprocessed into a biofuel suitable for use as a transportation fuel. Additionally, in some embodiments, such methods can be integrated with one or more other processes, wherein such other processes can be production and/or logistical in nature.06-17-2010
044446000 Alkanol compound with dialkyl ether compound 2
20120247002 PROCESS FOR PREPARING A FUEL FOR AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS, STATIONARY ENGINES AND MARINE APPLICATIONS BY CATALYTIC LIQUID PHASE ALCOHOL CONVERSION AND A COMPACT DEVICE FOR CARRYING OUT THE PROCESS - A fuel for automotive applications, stationary engines and marine applications is prepared by catalytic liquid phase conversion of the alcohol(s) of an alcohol-containing primary fuel to the corresponding ether(s) in a compact device comprising an inlet for an alcohol-containing fuel from the primary tank, a start-up heater, a heat exchanger, which heats up the cold alcohol(s) to a suitable temperature before entering the reactor, a catalytic bed within the reactor, wherein the alcohol(s) is/are partly converted to ether(s), a pressure reduction valve, inlet means for adding additives and a buffer tank, wherein the resulting fuel mixture of alcohol(s) and ether(s) is stored after passing back through the heat exchanger for suitable cooling, the heater only being used during start-up and the process thereby being conducted under auto-thermal operation conditions.10-04-2012
20130133245OXYGENATE ADDITIVE FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE FUEL, FUEL COMPOSITION COMPRISING THE SAME AND IMPROVED PROCESS FOR PRODUCING HIGHLY METHYLATED GLYCEROL ETHERS - The invention relates to an oxygenate additive for an internal combustion engine fuel, comprising glycerol dimethyl ethers (GDMEs) and glycerol trimethyl ether (GTME); a fuel composition comprising the oxygenate additive; an improved process for methylation of glycerol with dimethyl sulfate to produce highly methylated glycerol ethers; and uses of ethers produced from the process for diesel fuel, for gasoline and for aviation turbine fuel, or as a green solvent or as an antifreezer.05-30-2013
044442000 Plural oxygens bonded directly to the same monocyclic benzene ring 1
20100107485CARBON DIOXIDE ADSORBER FOR USE AT COMBUSTION OF FOSSIL FUEL, CONTAINING DRY POWDER OF PLANT FIBER - A carbon dioxide adsorber for use at combustion of fossil fuel, comprising a compressed dry powder of plant fiber. Further, there is provided a fossil fuel characterized in that such a compressed dry powder of plant fiber is contained. The application of a carbon dioxide adsorber for use at combustion of fossil fuel, comprising a compressed dry powder of plant fiber is disclosed.05-06-2010
044440000 Plural benzene rings bonded directly to each other or to the same acyclic carbon 1
20080244966FUEL COMPOSITIONS - Use of a Fischer-Tropsch derived fuel component, in a fuel composition, is provided reducing the tendency of the composition to dissolve metals; increasing its thermal stability; reducing the concentration of a metal deactivator, antioxidant or detergent additive in the composition; or increasing the storage stability of the composition. The composition is preferably a diesel fuel composition.10-09-2008
20090013590LOW SULPHUR DIESEL FUEL AND AVIATION TURBINE FUEL - A process for the production of a synthetic low sulphur diesel fuel and a low soot emission aviation fuel is disclosed. The process includes fractionation of a Low Temperature Fischer-Tropsch feedstock into a light kerosene fraction and a heavier diesel fraction in a volumetric ratio of at least 1:2 to form the light kerosene fraction having a smoke point greater than 50 mm, a freezing point of below −47° C., a BOCLE lubricity wear scar less than 0.85 mm, and an anti-oxidant additiveless thermal stability tube deposit rating at 260° C. of less than 1 useable as a low soot emission aviation fuel and/or an aviation fuel blend stock, and the heavier diesel fraction having CFPP according to IP309 of below −5° C., a density@20° C. of at least 0.78 kg/l, and a viscosity@40° C. of above 2 cSt useable as a synthetic low sulphur diesel fuel and/or a diesel fuel blend stock.01-15-2009
20110277378PROCESS FOR LIQUEFYING A CELLULOSIC MATERIAL AND ITS PRODUCTS - A process for liquefying a cellulosic material to produce a liquefied product from cellulosic material is provided. Products obtained from such process and use of such products to prepare biofuels is also provided.11-17-2011
20080289250Fuel Composition - Unleaded blend compositions, as well as formulated gasolines containing them have a Motor Octane Number (MON) of at least 80 comprising either: 11-27-2008
20090126264Fuel Composition - The present invention provides a fuel composition capable of suppressing reduction of fuel consumption, maintaining the excellent exhaust gas properties of a Fischer-Tropsch synthetic oil. The fuel composition comprises a Fischer-Tropsch synthetic oil and a petroleum-based hydrocarbon mixture A having the following properties (1) to (5) in an amount of 10 to 30 percent by volume on the basis of the total mass of the composition: (1) 15° C. density: 800 Kg/cm05-21-2009
20100018111SYNTHETIC POWER FUEL - A synthetic power fuel includes fuel and Isopropyl alcohol, and the fuel is a mixture of hydrocarbon compounds of C01-28-2010
20100307052INTEGRATED BIOFUEL PROCESS - The instant invention pertains to new processes which produce an energy source effectively, efficiently, and in a more environmentally friendly manner. The process comprises hydrolyzing a lignocellulosic feedstock to form lignocellulosic hydrolyzate and a hydrolyzate residue. The lignocellulosic hydrolyzate is treated to produce hydrogen. The hydrolyzate residue may be reacted with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst to yield the energy source.12-09-2010
20120266529Fast pyrolysis system - A fast pyrolysis system includes an auger housing having an inlet, an outlet, and an inner wall. A rotatable auger is mounted in the housing. The auger has surfaces defining at least one spiral channel. The spiral channel is tapered from a first depth adjacent the housing inlet to a second lesser depth adjacent the housing outlet. The auger is rotatable to propel particulate materials from the housing inlet toward the housing outlet to heat the particulate material to a first temperature sufficient to convert at least a portion of the particulate material into a vapor. A heat exchanger transfers a heat of vaporization from a heated medium to the auger housing inner wall. A filter assembly is connected downstream to the housing outlet in order to filter char fines from the vapor. A condenser is connected downstream to the filter assembly and is adapted to condense the vapor stream into bio-oil.10-25-2012
20110232171METHOD OF MAKING A REFORMATE - A device and method for producing a reformate fuel from a hydrocarbon gas source. The invention enables the conversion of a dilute hydrocarbon gas into a more easily consumable reformate fuel. Gases having low concentrations of hydrocarbons are concentrated using a concentrator into a gaseous or liquid concentrated VOC fuel. The concentrated VOC fuel is then converted into a reformate using a reformer. The reformate is more easily consumed by an energy conversion device such as a combustion engine, fuel cell, sterling engine or similar device that converts chemical energy into kinetic or electrical energy. The reformer enables complex hydrocarbon fuels that are not normally suitable for use in an energy conversion device to be converted into a reformate. The reformate may be directly supplied into the energy conversion device.09-29-2011
20120017496HYDROPROCESSING PROCESS WITH IMPROVED CATALYST ACTIVITY - This invention relates to a hydroprocessing process with improved catalyst activity when hydroprocessing petroleum based feedstock or an oxygen containing feedstock. This invention also relates to a hydrotreating process with improved hydrodesulfurization (HDS) activity of a hydrotreating catalyst such as Co/Mo by co-feeding carbon monoxide or its precursors. Such inventive process confirms that adding a small amount of CO to H2 in a hydrotreater for a few days leads to an increase in product sulfur due to the inhibition of CO on the hydrotreating catalyst such as Co/Mo. However, it has been unexpectedly found that after the CO was removed from the hydrogen stream, product sulfur levels decreased to values below they were before CO addition which means the activity of the hydrotreating catalyst increased after the CO treatment.01-26-2012

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