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043 - Fishing, trapping, and vermin destroying

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043042000 Artificial bait 204
0431801R0 Rod 128
043430100 Line-attached bodies, hooks and rigs 117
043400500 Methods of fishing 63
043540100 Holder 50
043170500 Illuminated, e.g., luminous 36
043017000 Signal devices 27
043007000 Nets 25
043034000 Trap hooks 12
043015000 Automatic hookers or catchers 11
043260100 Motor-operated 9
043530500 Disgorgers and gags 8
043170100 Electric current or sonic wave energy 8
043440980 Lines and/or leaders 7
043440990 Bait distributors, e.g., chumming devices 6
043006000 Harpoons and spears 6
043170200 Releasing devices 4
20090090038Lure retrieval systems and method - A system for freeing a fishing lure at the end of a line where the lure has been snagged on sub surface debris, which features a retriever with a unique guide for guiding the retriever along the fishing line to impact the lure. The guide permits an exceptionally simple and fast method of attaching and detaching the guide. Additionally, the retriever may serve as a sinker.04-09-2009
20100058642FISH LURE BREAK AWAY SYSTEM - A fish lure break away system, having a lure attachment member, a hook section with at least one elongated shank, an eyelet, an eyelet guide, and a least one curved bend terminating in a tip section. The eyelet defines an eyelet gap having a predetermined width. In one embodiment the lure attachment member has a predetermined breaking strength in combination with a selected thickness and a selected flexibility such that the lure attachment member can be squeezed by a user through the eyelet gap and thereby attached to the eyelet.03-11-2010
20110258902Geiboy's bait retriever/hook remover - The retriever/hook remover is a device for retrieving fishing lures that have become hung on various objects below and above the surface of the water. It can also be used to remove the hooks from the mouth of the fish after it has been caught.10-27-2011
20120055066Fishing lure retriever - A lure retriever for retrieving a snagged fishing lure attached to a fishing line includes a hollow central body member having a first threaded end and a second end, and a longitudinal slot extending through part of the central body member, at least one chain member connected to the central body member, and a first end cap having a complementary threaded surface to enable threaded connection to said first threaded end and having a longitudinal slot extending at least through part of the first end cap and wherein when the first cap is connected to the first threaded end the slots can be both positioned in alignment to permit line passage therethrough and nonalignment to prevent line passage therethrough.03-08-2012
043005000 Fish landing devices combined with tackle, e.g., gaffs, grapples 3
20090013582METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LIFTING FISH - A fish lifting device is disclosed for use with fishing pole apparatus comprising a fishing line having a high-test leader at its distal end. The fish lifting device comprises a plate having first and second ends and at least two side portions. A first opening is formed in the plate proximate its first end, and a second opening is formed in the plate between the first opening and the second end of the plate. A first elongated channel is formed in the plate and extends from the second opening toward the second end of the plate, and a second elongated channel is formed in the plate between one of the sides and the second opening. A fish lifting device according to the present invention may further comprise a utility line which is operatively secured to the plate by engaging the first opening.01-15-2009
20120204468Fishing Gaff - A fishing gaff has a handle with an offset portion. A shaft extends longitudinally from the offset portion. Generally equidistantly spaced openings are formed in the shaft to facilitate movement through the water. A hook extends from the end of the shaft. Overmould material along portions of the handle provide offset grip segments to enhance leverage.08-16-2012
20120240448Gill Hook - A gill hook for landing fish is disclosed, the hook has an elongate member having a handle at one end and a comparatively large hook at the opposite end.09-27-2012
043041000 Enclosed or protected 3
20090077858Bobber and sinker for fishing - An improved method for overhead casting and retrieving a fishing jig and bait. The fishing caster provides a generally cylindrical, hollow body having a flat, closed top, a wall and an open bottom. The body presents a body axis from top to bottom. Drag upon reeling in is reduced by a plurality of elliptical vents formed in the wall, each vent presenting an elliptical axis substantially in alignment with the body axis, and by a cone within the hollow body, extending downwardly from the top.03-26-2009
20080289243SUPPORT DEVICE FOR A FISHING LURE OR BAIT - A device for supporting a soft-bodied lure or bait includes a brace with a connector and a stop. Optionally, the brace is formed from a loop of wire. In such an optional embodiment, the connector may be formed by the loop. A stop may be sized and weighted to form weights. In an optional embodiment, the device may be received into an open-ended channel in the body of a lure or bait. In one such embodiment, the connector protrudes through one end of the channel and the stop protrudes through another end of the channel. A fishing line may be connected to the connector through a hook or the like received by the connector.11-27-2008
20110131863Diverter Cone Device - The present invention relates to a fishing rig having a fishing line, a fixture, a conical diverter and a hooking device. The conical diverter has a cylindrical wall portion that is contiguous with and extends from a conically-shaped wall portion having an aperture in the narrow end that allows the fishing line to pass through. The aperture has a diameter that is larger than a thickness of the line and smaller than a width of the fixture, which is attached to the line. The line passes through the aperture so that when the fishing rig is pulled through water, the fixture is positioned inside the conical diverter and prevents the narrow end of the conical diverter from traversing the line toward the hooking device beyond the fixture, thereby allowing the conical diverter to be pulled through the water ahead of and spaced from the hooking device.06-09-2011
043270400 Fixed support line handling means, e.g., trawls 3
20110083356Telescopic outrigger pole - A telescopic outrigger for use with fishing vessels. The outrigger of the instant invention has multiple tubes that are circular in shape and each include a means for securing to an adjoining tube and locking in a position relative thereto. The circular shape allowing for ease of sealing the connecting components from the elements. An internal locking mechanism for positive interlocking of adjoining tubes can be accessed externally for ease of servicing. The extension of the adjoining tubes by the locking mechanism allows for movement of the outrigger pole from a stowage position to a deployment position and vice versa.04-14-2011
20110083355ADJUSTABLE FISHING OUTRIGGER APPARATUS - An adjustable outrigger for use on a marine vessel for supporting and selectively positioning a fishing outrigger pole includes a rotatable driving device which is coupled to a ball screw mechanism a rotatable member of which is coupled to a piston and to a track pitched in a direction along an axis to concurrently rotate the outrigger pole about the axis and angulate the outrigger pole in a plane perpendicular to that axis.04-14-2011
20110083357TWIST GRIP DRIVE HANDLE OUTRIGGER POSITIONER - A twist grip drive handle outrigger device for use on a fishing vessel having a first tubular member for holding of an outrigger pole, which is rotatably journaled to a second tubular member that is mounted to a fixed structure. The second tubular member houses a twist grip drive handle assembly that allows manual rotation of the outrigger pole. The driver assembly constructed and arranged to provide an unlocked condition by the twisting of the handle thereby allowing adjustment of the outrigger pole upon rotation of the first tubular member. The rotation of the first tubular member allows for movement of the outrigger pole from a stowage position to a trolling position and vice versa.04-14-2011
043420740 Spreaders or separators for plural lines and/or hooks 2
20090077860Fishing rig - A fishing rig that reduces the likelihood of snags on submerged objects. The fishing rig includes a flexible rod and a retainer secured to the top of the rod. The retainer has a ring for fastening a fishing line to the rig. A float is secured to the rod adjacent the retainer. A sinker is secured to the bottom of the rod. A spreader is secured to the rod between the retainer and the float. The spreader has a pair of outstretched arms, each of which has an outer end with an aperture therein. Two flexible leaders have inside ends that are connected to the ring and have outside ends extending respectively through the apertures. A fishhook is fastened to the outside end of each one of the flexible leaders.03-26-2009
20090139131DEVICE FOR CONNECTING TWO FISHING LINES - The invention involves a fishing device used for operatively connecting a first fishing line and a second fishing line from a first fishing rod and a second fishing rod, respectively, to a hook. The fishing device includes a spreader bar having a first connector at a first end, a second connector at a second end, and a third connector interposed between the first end and the second end. The first connector is shaped to connect with the first fishing line. The second connector is shaped to connect with the second fishing line. The third connector is shaped to operatively connect with the hook. The spreader bar is shaped to remain streamline when pulled through a body of water. The spreader bar thereby acts to inhibit the first fishing line from entangling with the second fishing line.06-04-2009
20130036652Game changer II - The Game Changer II (GCII) is a device designed to enhance the performance and presentation of rubber fishing baits used in fishing. GCII's sliding plunger bar allows for a straight and centered hole to be pre-set in rubber fishing baits. This pre-set hole is pivotal when applying the hook or jig head to the rubber bait in-that it allows the hook to follow the pre-set hole through the center of the bait.02-14-2013
20130047487Fish Release Device for returning of fish exhibiting barotrauma to sufficient depths prior to release of fish such that effects of barotrauma are successfully reversed and fish can survive. - A fish release device is claimed, comprising a spring-loaded set of opposing members with tip portions capable of retaining the lip of a fish suffering from barotrauma to a depth sufficient to reverse the effects of barotrauma prior to releasing the fish. The opposing members cross over each other such that the jaws can be temporarily opened merely by tugging upward on the line attached to the device. Once the jaws are opened, the fish normally swims away rapidly, before the jaws close again. The device is small, compact, and can be used with a variety of fish species and sizes.02-28-2013
20120233905SLEEVE - A sleeve configured to be disposed substantially within an ice fishing hole, including a cylindrical body member having a top aperture, a bottom aperture, an interior surface, and a tapering exterior surface, such that an exterior diameter of a top portion of the exterior surface is larger than an exterior diameter of a bottom portion of the exterior surface. The exterior surface of the cylindrical body member includes a hydrophobic layer. The sleeve includes an L-shaped flange extending as a ring outwardly from a region between the top portion and bottom portion of the exterior surface of the cylindrical body member, thereby preventing the sleeve from falling through the ice fishing hole and thereby substantially covering the ice fishing hole. The sleeve includes a cover member sized and shaped to fit over the top aperture of the cylindrical body member.09-20-2012
20120233904FISHING LEADER STORAGE WALLET - Disclosed herein are examples of fishing leader storage wallets and devices. A fishing leader storage wallet may include a plurality of single-piece flaps for storing a fishing leader on an exposed surface of the single piece flaps.09-20-2012
20110289817FLUOROCARBON FISHING HOOK AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - Devices and methods for forming a new and improved fishing hook is provided. Various materials, including fluorocarbons and polycarbonates, and combinations thereof are provided to produce a translucent or transparent device that maintains desirable material properties such as weight, tensile strength, ductility, and flexibility.12-01-2011
20110138675Radio controlled fish finding lure float - The fishing lure float has long been available as an indicating device to alert fishermen of the presence of nibbling or striking fish The claims presented herein, advance the original fishing lure float beyond its former, limited role as an indicator. The Radio Controlled Fish Finding Lure Float combines recasting, trolling, and fish finding capability into one unit, while keeping the water and the environment as undisturbed as possible, all at an affordable price. More advanced releases of this technology allows for the detection of a force hitting the end of the lead line. Similarly, means for indicating the submergence of the float can be added to even more advanced models. The addition of global positioning technology to the float allows for the recording of locations and monitoring of aquatic life in specific areas. The addition of the remotely controlled lead line spool winch aids in the control of depth of the lead line. By combining the above features onto a larger, more stable platform, and with the aid of solar collectors, cameras, and a tether line spool, unmanned automated activities may be controlled from afar by computer systems for the aid in rudimentary offshore operations.06-16-2011
20090293336ELECTRONIC FISHING DEVICE AND A RELATED SYSTEM, METHOD, AND USE - An electronic fishing device for facilitating trolling a fish-catching element in water and a related system, method, and use, the fishing device including: a first sensing element for obtaining a first indication relating to water temperature, a second sensing element for obtaining a second indication relating to the depth of the device, a steering member for adjusting the depth of the device, a processing unit for controlling, via the first and/or second indication provided by the first and second sensing elements, the steering member so as to guide the device relative to at least one element selected from the group consisting of: the position of the thermocline layer, a predetermined depth, and a predetermined temperature. In addition to fishing the disclosed device may be utilized in marine or other underwater research.12-03-2009
20080236019Game fish disabling device, and method - A game fish disabling device, and method of disabling a game fish. The game fish disabling device is preferably configured as a pole type device with a sliding “hammering” action to generate and transmit a disabling force or blow to the game fish, in particular the head of the game fish.10-02-2008
20100005698Device for Releasing Gas Trapped in Fish - A device for venting gases from the swim bladder of fish is provided. The device includes a puncturing member that can be extended, locked in the extended position and retracted into a case. Gases are vented from the case through the puncturing member.01-14-2010
20120066954Trolling Teaser - A trolling teaser including a tubular hull having at least one substantially planar end face. The tubular hull has a circumference defined by a wall. A plurality of channels is formed in the wall of the tubular hull.03-22-2012
20100000141Fish pressure equilbrating tool - A tool for releasing excess air from the swim bladder of a fish. The present invention includes a puncturer situated in a housing and a push rod which extends out of the housing for pushing the puncturer out of the housing and into the swim bladder of the fish. When the tool is employed, the excess air passes through the puncturer into the housing and then out vents located in the side wall of the housing. The puncturer is spring biased to remain in the covered position until the user applies an external force to the push rod to expose the puncturer.01-07-2010
20100180487Ice fishing device for protecting a fishing line - An ice fishing line protection device, for protecting micro fishing line as light as one or two pound test, comprising an elongated tube with an internal passageway through which a fishing line may pass. The protection device floats in an ice fishing hole protecting the line from abrasions. The protection device opens to release the line or it can be extracted from the ice hole entirely when a fish is caught.07-22-2010
20090064563Casting and throwing tool for center pin fishing reel - A casting and throwing tool for center pin fishing reels. A ring or molded handle allows an angler to control the tool. The fishing line is strung through an open loop connected to the ring or handle. The angler can use the open loop to control the cast much easier than other techniques used for center pin fishing reels. Using the tool, a user can guide the line to the fishing pole more efficiently due to less restriction from the open loop than encountered using hand techniques. The tool prevents injuries such as cuts caused by the friction of the line.03-12-2009
20110041379Bait rigging holder - The present invention describes a bait rigging holder constructed from only a single block of material such as plastic. The bait holder is provided with a first pair of side members having a trough or slot extending along the entire length of these first pair of side members. A second pair of side members extend from the end of the first pair of side members and are also provided with a slot or trough therethrough. The height of the second pair of side members is less than the height of the first pair of side members. The bait rigging holder is utilized to rig a bait fish, such as a ballyhoo by allowing a fisherman to appropriately attach the bait fish to a hook, such as a circle hook.02-24-2011
20100000140Fish handling pliers - A fish handling pliers includes two levers pivotally coupled together, and each has a jaw member at one end and a handle member at the other end, a protrusion is extended from one of the levers and has a lock notch, the other lever includes a channel for pivotally receiving a latch device which includes a catch for engaging with the lock notch of the other lever and for latching the levers together, and a spring biasing device for biasing the catch of the latch device to engage with the lock notch of the protrusion, or for disengaging the catch of the latch device from the protrusion, and for allowing the user to easily handle or operate the fish handling pliers.01-07-2010
20090172992FISHING REEL, FISHING INFORMATION DISPLAY APPARATUS, AND FISHING INFORMATION DISPLAY SYSTEM - A fishing reel has a reel unit that is mounted on the fishing rod, a spool that is rotatably attached to the reel unit, a tension detector that detects tension applied to the said fishing line, and a communication portion that transmits to a fishing information display apparatus data of the tension applied to the fishing line detected by the tension detector. The fishing information display apparatus is provided externally of a fishing reel, and receives data communicated from the fishing reel. The fishing information display apparatus includes a body member, a display portion provided in the body member, a communication portion that receives from the fishing reel data of the tension applied to the fishing line, and a controller that is displays on the display portion the data of tension received from the fishing reel. A navigator away from an angler can certainly have information of the fishing situation.07-09-2009
20120005939FINE LINE AND STRING THREADING DEVICE - A tool for holding a fishing lure eyelet, or other small structure, with a small aperture while a flexible line is extended through the aperture. Two pivotably mounted and spring-loaded levers have a jaw formed near one end and a handle near the opposite end. Each jaw has a pocket formed in its face. When the jaws are closed, preferably by a spring, the pockets register to hold a lure eyelet. The handles ends can be compressed to open the jaws against the spring. A tapered guide passage extends between the exterior of the jaws and the pockets to guide the line from a flared end to the aperture in the pocket where the guide passage narrows, and another passage guides the line out of the pocket. A blade and anvil on the handle ends can cut the line after a lure is tied.01-12-2012
20120260556Fish Release Device for returning of fish exhibiting barotrauma to sufficient depths prior to release of fish such that effects of barotrauma are successfully reversed and fish can survive - A fish release device is claimed, comprising a spring-loaded set of opposing members with tip portions capable of retaining the lip of a fish suffering from barotrauma to a depth sufficient to reverse the effects of barotrauma prior to releasing the fish. The opposing members cross over each other such that the jaws can be temporarily opened merely by tugging upward on the line attached to the device. Once the jaws are opened, the fish normally swims away rapidly, before the jaws close again. The device is small, compact, and can be used with a variety of fish species and sizes.10-18-2012
20110225868Reducing By-Catch of Seabirds - An apparatus for reducing by-catch of seabirds or turtles during fishing include a fish hook (09-22-2011
20080244955BAIT SPEED LOADER - A device for attaching an elastic band to a lure having a narrowed end is provided. The device includes a body portion for supporting the elastic band. A cavity is defined in the body portion. An open end leads to the cavity for receiving the lure. The cavity has a first diameter at a first distance from the open end and a second diameter at a second distance from the open end. The first diameter is greater than the second diameter and the first distance is less than the second distance. The first diameter is approximately equal to a diameter of the lure and the second diameter is approximately equal to a diameter of the lure at the narrowed end.10-09-2008
20120246994ICE HOLE COVER - An ice fishing hole cover comprising a cover body having a top surface, a bottom surface, and an edge surface surround the cover body, a fishing line access extending through the cover body from the top surface to the bottom surface, a fishing line removal guide extending from the fishing line access to the edge surface of the cover body, and a set of vent hole preventing the ice hole from freezing or closing up.10-04-2012
20130139427BAIT-HOOKING APPARATUS - Embodiments of the present disclosure generally pertain to bait-hooking apparatus and methods. A bait-hooking apparatus in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure comprises a handle, a stationary portion, and a pivoting portion. The stationary portion is rigidly secured to the handle and the pivoting portion is pivotally secured to the stationary portion. The stationary portion and the pivoting portion form a funnel having a tapered nozzle. The funnel has a plurality of holes, and the nozzle has a plurality of slots. The pivoting portion comprises a lever coupled to the funnel for pivoting the pivoting portion away from the stationary portion thereby opening the funnel and the nozzle.06-06-2013
20130199077FISHING SWIVEL SNAP DEVICE - The present invention is a swivel snap device to hold and assist in removing one or more fishing swivel snaps and lures that includes a plastic base with a planar surface, a pair of arms that includes a top arm and a bottom arm with an aperture disposed at each arm's proximal end and a wire spring connector with a pair of extensions and a wire spring that provide a spring-loaded torque force to the extensions. The invention includes a pair of strong metal alloy v-groove ends that includes a v-shaped groove disposed on the v-groove end that are disposed on the distal end of each arm and a top surface that is disposed on the top of the top arm.08-08-2013

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