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042 - Firearms

042090000 - IMPLEMENTS

042111000 - Sight devices

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042124000 Mount or mounting 47
042122000 Having a reticle (including adjustable) 31
042120000 With a collimating or sighting-in device 4
20090193704Night sight and method of making the same - A night sight includes a notched bottom portion, permitting the use of a large objective lens for maximized light gathering capability while also permitting the night sight to be mounted with its center line relatively close to the center line of the barrel of the weapon with which it is used. This configuration permits the night sight to be mounted so that its center line is the same as the center line of a daytime telescopic sight used in conjunction with the night sight. The night sight includes a focusing assembly having decreased sensitivity to tilt or decenter, and a collimator mounted within a spherical bearing so that the collimator may be precisely aligned during assembly of the night sight. The night sight thereby ensures that an image viewed through the night sight appears to originate from the same angle as that with which the image entered the objective lens, and further resists a need to compensate for parallax during aiming.08-06-2009
20100251593Device for Automatic Calibration of Scopes for Firearms - This patent defines a device for automatic calibration of optical sights for firearms. Only one shot has to be fired to achieve this. The device can be integrated with an optical sight or fitted as a separate unit mounted on the sight.10-07-2010
20110041377Dual Mode Reflex and Telescopic Sight Combination - A combined reflex/telescopic sight that includes a telescopic optical element train and a view window, offset from the optical element train. A transition assembly is positioned to receive light from the optical element train and the view window and has an image display, a collimating lens-set positioned to transmit light to the image display and a luminous reticle. This assembly may be placed in a first mode wherein light from the optical train travels through the collimating lenses to the image display and light from the view window is blocked. In a second mode light from the optical train is blocked and light from the luminous reticle travels through the collimating lens set and is combined with light from the view window and a resulting combined image appears at the image display. Finally an actuation assembly is adapted to permit a user to switch the transition assembly between modes.02-24-2011
20120017486Firearm and Archery Sighting Device - A sighting device includes a sighting target having a generally planar piece of material with horizontal and vertical indicia that segment the material into four quadrants. Two upper quadrants are separated from two lower quadrants by the horizontal indicia and two left side quadrants are separated from two right side quadrants by the vertical indicia. The juncture of the horizontal and vertical indicia defines a bulls-eye, the bulls-eye also having indicia indicative of a target. The target may be included in a kit having various tools for measuring lateral and vertical distances between an actual impact point and the bulls-eye that indicate appropriate numbers of clicks to be made to a sighting scope mounted to a weapon such as a rifle, compound bow, or crossbow.01-26-2012
042129000 Lens cover, scope hood, or shade 3
20100095577FLIP-UP COVER MECHANISM - A flip-up cover mechanism. An annular body includes two opposite through holes. A displacing member is disposed in the annular body and includes two opposite push portions and a first flange. The push portions respectively protrude from the annular body via the through holes. A cover is rotatably connected to the annular body and includes a second flange detachably engaged with the first flange. A torsion spring is connected between the annular body and the cover. When the second flange is engaged with the first flange, the cover is closed in relation to the annular body and the torsion spring is twisted to provide restoring resilience. When the push portions are respectively pushed through the through holes, the displacing member is elastically deformed to separate the first flange from the second flange and the cover is lifted from the annular body by the restoring resilience provided by the torsion spring.04-22-2010
20090019759Telescopic sight optical glare reduction device - A telescopic rifle sight shade has a flat body made of flexible and durable material. The device has a strap dimensioned and configured to wrap around a rifle sight and an overhanging shade portion which may extend out from the sight. Fasteners on the device allow it to be fastened to itself. The material of the device may be neoprene, butyl, other polymers, other rubbers, other elastomers, leather, fabrics, composites and combinations thereof.01-22-2009
20100037506Cover for a Telescopic Sight - A covering device for an elongated telescopic sight that is mounted on a gun shaft, wherein the elongated telescopic sight has a first end and a second end, the covering device comprising a first pocket having an opening and a coverable end and a second pocket having an opening and a coverable end, wherein the first pocket is coupled to the second pocket by an intermediate member, oriented non-linearly relative to the second pocket, and is facing in at least a substantially opposite direction as the second pocket; wherein the first pocket is coverable upon the first end of the telescopic sight, the intermediate member is wrappable around, underneath or over at least a portion of the gun shaft and the second pocket is coverable upon the second end of the telescopic sight.02-18-2010
20090320348ASSISTED SIGHTING SYSTEM FOR SNIPERS - A spotter scope including an illuminator that generates a ranging signal is disclosed. The spotter scope further includes an imaging device with a focal plane array which detects backscatter radiation created by the ranging signal, and a controller which calculates a distance to a target. The controller also creates a wind profile between the spotter scope and the target based on scintillation statistics of backscatter detected by the focal plane array and provides corrective aiming instructions based on the wind profile.12-31-2009
20110047854TELESCOPIC SIGHT - The invention relates to a telescopic sight with an objective to face a target object to be observed in a working position, an eyepiece to face an observer, a visual observation beam path, an inner tube with an inversion system, means for adjusting the direction of the sight line of the telescopic sight, a rangefinder and with a scope housing, in which are integrated the rangefinder, which has a transmitter for emitting a measurement beam and a receiver for receiving the reflected measurement beam, and arranged in the region of the observation beam path a beam splitter element, which couples the emitted measurement beam into the part of the observation beam path extending toward the objective and/or decouples the received reflected measurement beam from the part of the observation beam path extending toward the objective. The transmitter of the rangefinder, the receiver of the rangefinder and the beam splitter element are fixed in an immovable fashion with respect to each other and to the inner tube of the telescopic sight such that they are also movable by the means of the telescopic sight for adjusting the direction of the sight line.03-03-2011
20130212922OPTICAL DEVICE HAVING LIGHTWEIGHT HOUSING - A rifle sighting system, that includes a metal base assembly and a train of optical elements affixed to the base assembly, and including a front optical element having a front surface and having a rear optical element having a rear surface. A cover, made of light weight material is affixed to the base assembly and sized and shaped to cover and protect the train of optical elements, other than the front surface of the front optical element and the rear surface of the rear optical element.08-22-2013
20120030988ROTARY-RING FIREARM SCOPE - An optical sighting system comprises an adjustable optical system and an adjustment member. The adjustable optical system comprises at least one optical adjustment, and an optical pathway that extends along a longitudinal axis of the optical sighting system. The adjustment member is coupled to the at least one optical adjustment, such that the adjustment member comprises an axis of rotation about which the adjustment member rotates to actuate the at least one optical adjustment. The axis of rotation about which the adjustment member rotates is substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the optical sighting system. The at least one optical adjustment comprises a vertical optical adjustment and/or a horizontal optical adjustment, and depending on the embodiment, the axis of rotation about which the adjustment member rotates substantially coincides with the longitudinal axis of the optical sighting system or is different from the longitudinal axis of the optical sighting system.02-09-2012
20090064561MEMORY INDICIA SYSTEM FOR AN OPTICAL RIFLE SCOPE AND A METHOD FOR FORMING AN INDIVIDUAL ALIGNMENT RANGE IN AN OPTICAL SCOPE - The memory indicia system allows to make a distinctive alignment range on an optical scope of a firearm. The system comprises a basic indicia indicator, which is to be attached to the alignment turret of an optical scope, and one or more additional indicia components to be attached on the basic indicia indicator. Both the basic indicia indicator and additional indicia component have at least a range value indicating the alignment distance, an alignment mark, and a cartridge code as indication of the type of cartridge used. The basic indicia indicator and the additional indicia component are film-like components the one side of which has a film adhesive covered by a removable protective film. The components are attached to the rim of the optical scope's alignment turret after the firearm has been aligned. The memory indicia system also comprises a separate cartridge item indicator to be attached to a cartridge box.03-12-2009
20110239516SIGHTING TELESCOPE WITH A REVERSAL-SYSTEM SUPPORT NOT REQUIRING A TIGHT FIT - The sighting telescope comprises an external tube and receives within it an inner tube that contains an optical reversal system with at least two optical elements which are fitted into optical mounts and are displaceably supported in the direction of the sighting telescope's longitudinal axis, as a result of which a displacement of the lenses causes a change in magnification, the mounts within a guide sleeve being supported while prestressed by an elastic device.10-06-2011
20090241399Rifle scope with friction reducing element - Rifle scopes with friction reducing elements include a scope body, a movable optical adjustment element connected to the scope body, and a turret rotatably connected to the scope body. The turret includes a contact element contacting the adjustment element at a location of contact. The contact element is rotatable with respect to the turret. The adjustment element at the location of contact differs in hardness from the hardness of a second portion of the adjustment element. The contact element at the location of contact and the adjustment element at the location of contact are of essentially equal hardness.10-01-2009
20090000176Rifle scope with textured profile - A riflescope. In the illustrative embodiment, the inventive riflescope is implemented with a housing having an exterior surface and a texture applied to the surface of the housing. In the best mode, the texture has an elevation of 250 microns above the surface of the housing. In more specific embodiments, the texture is uniform and geometric.01-01-2009
20110162250Optical sighting system - An automatic optical sighting system generates at least one adjustment for an adjustable optical system based on at least one detected condition, an appropriate dynamic model of a projectile in flight, and a solution of the equations of motion in flight, so that the projectile will have a trajectory between an origin and a selected target that helps the projectile to hit the target.07-07-2011
20100024275SIGHTING OPTICS AND METHODS FOR SIGHTING - One embodiment of sighting optics according to the teachings provided herein may comprise a front sight and a rear sight positioned in spaced-apart relation. The rear sight includes optical element having a first focal length and a second focal length. The first focal length is selected so that it is about equal to a distance separating the optical element and said front sight, whereas the second focal length is selected so that it is about equal to a target distance. The optical element thus brings into simultaneous focus for a user images of the front sight and the target.02-04-2010
20110067288COMBINATION SIGHT - A combination sight comprises a magnifying optical sight and a non-magnifying optical sight arranged in parallel. The combination sight is characterized in a switchable component capable of assuming two states so as to deflect a beam path through the combination sight, wherein the first state allows for a user to observe a target through the non-magnifying sight and the second state allows for a user to observe a target through the magnifying sight while keeping an aiming eye static.03-24-2011
20110067287MOUNTING DEVICE FOR WEAPON - A mounting device for mounting an accessory to a rail of a weapon includes a base portion and first and second side portions. One side portion is movable to grip the rail. An elongated connecting member has a first end engaging the first side portion and a second end connected to a camming device. The camming device engages the second side portion and pulls the elongated connecting member to move the side portions to an engaged position. A locking mechanism locks the camming device in the closed position. The locking mechanism includes a locking element that is movable between a lock position and an unlock position. The locking element has an engagement portion that selectively engages the camming device when the locking element is in the lock position thereby locking the camming device in the closed position.03-24-2011
20120124884BALLISTIC RANGING METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR INCLINED SHOOTING - A portable system for facilitating inclined shooting of projectile weapons comprises a ranging system, an inclinometer and a processor. The ranging system measures a line-of sight range distance from a vantage point to a target that is elevated or depressed relative to the vantage point, and the inclinometer measures an inclination angle of a line of sight between the vantage point and the target. Based on information from the rangefinder and inclinometer, the processor determines a predicted altitude-compensated inclined shooting (ACIS) trajectory at the line-of sight range distance for a preselected projectile. The ACIS trajectory is based on a bullet path height correction between a bullet path height at a first altitude and a bullet path height at a second altitude, a range distance of the target from the vantage point, and selected meteorological atmospheric information.05-24-2012
20120167441Universal device mount - A method for mounting an electrical device to plurality of weapons includes attaching a universal mounting member having a head to the electrical device and receiving the head into a first track of first weapon mount to from a first mated coupling. The method further includes inserting a screw through the first track and into the head to secure the mated coupling.07-05-2012
20120266515Rifle scope with adjustment stop - Rifle scopes with adjustment stops include a scope body, a movable optical element defining an optical axis enclosed by the scope body, and a turret having a screw operably connected to the optical element for adjusting the optical axis in response to rotation of the screw. The turret has a stop element selectably engaged to the screw. The body defines a stop surface positioned for engagement by the turret stop element to limit rotation of the screw, such that the relative position at which the stop element is secured to the screw defines a zero position of the screw and the movable optical element. The stop element is held against the stop surface by an indexing portion while the relative position at which the stop element is secured to the screw to define the zero position is determined.10-25-2012
20130180154Adjustment Mechanism for Firearm Scope Zoom - A mechanism for adjusting the zoom of a firearm scope includes an elongated, generally cylindrical body which may be formed integral with or as a separate component for attaching to the zoom ring. A plurality of annularly spaced openings or fins are formed on the body and extend between the proximal (close to the shooter) and distal ends thereof. The length of the body is such that at least one of the openings or fins is always present adjacent the thumb rest area of the firearm (e.g., rifle) handle. As such, a shooter need only move their trigger hand thumb to reach and engage an opening or fin to rotate the body which causes simultaneous rotation of the zoom ring.07-18-2013
20130167425LOCKING ADJUSTMENT DEVICE - A locking adjustment device for changing an adjustable setting of a device such as a riflescope locks in a baseline position to provide expedient feedback regarding an adjustment position of the adjustable setting. The device includes a guideway extending around an axis and a knob mountable over the guideway for rotation about the axis. The guideway includes a notch and a curved slide surface sized to slidably receive a guide tab carried by the knob. The guide tab is biased so as to urge at least a portion of the guide tab into the notch when the knob is rotated to a locked position, thereby preventing inadvertent rotation of the knob from the locked position. A button carried by the knob is depressible to urge the guide tab out of the notch and thereby allow the knob to be manually rotated away from the locked position.07-04-2013
20100307047Sight accessory - The instant invention is a sight accessory that attaches to a scope. The double vision blocker attaches with hook and loop fasteners and is further secured by a plurality of “O” rings. The blocker allows the user to sight with both eyes open preventing the occurrence of double vision. This creates an opportunity for the user to be more accurate on a consistent basis. The device is also suitable for use for both right handed and left handed users without any modification. The sight accessory can be attached to archery sights, scopes and any other instrument used for sighting.12-09-2010

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