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040 - Card, picture, or sign exhibiting

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040606010 Sign support 218
040591000 Automotive vehicle carried 37
040603000 Stretched or tensioned 37
040600000 Magnetic attaching feature 22
040594000 Adhesive attaching feature 18
040586000 Person carried 17
040607130 Fastener 9
040605000 Modular 7
040612000 Highway or street marker 6
040624000 Billboard type 5
20100018097Elevating billboard and control method thereof - The present invention relates to an elevating billboard and control method thereof, which includes a hollow column, a billboard stent, and a windlass controlling a motor, forward relay and back relay, wherein a hollow cylinder is fixed with the billboard stent and rings the column so as to slide along the column up and down, a fixed pulley disposed on the top of the column, a free end of a guy cable of the windlass connecting with the hollow cylinder by the fixed pulley. By using the motor of the windlass and the fixed pulleys, the invention is easy to assemble, disassemble or maintain, and is capable of completing the up and down movement easily and quickly. And using the real-time monitor of the anemoscope, the invention completes the up and down movement easily and quickly by wind scale.01-28-2010
20080216371Sign system for roads - A sign system for roads includes a back sign. The back sigh has a mount affixed to the ground that is adjacent to a road. A back sign device is affixed to the mount. The mount has a front face that is visible to oncoming traffic. The back sign device is located on a rear face visible to traffic that has passed the back sign, wherein a driver may observe the back sign device in a mirror mounted upon their vehicle after passing the back sign device and the back sign provides information to the driver. The sign system for roads may further include a broadcasting unit. The broadcasting unit may be in communication with a receiving unit being positioned in a vehicle and is adapted to communicate with the driver. When the driver of said vehicle approaches the back sign, the receiving unit can alert the driver of additional information.09-11-2008
20100170124Advertisement With the Street Sign - Present invention relates generally to an advertisement on the roadway. In particular, it relates to an advertisement device located with the municipal street sign, positioned directly on the municipal street sign, in close proximity to a municipal street sign, or adjacent to a municipal street sign. Whenever street sign appears on the street, such as on a municipal light posts, on the cross streets, or a street sign on the municipal or privately owned building. The invention allows a vehicle driver to see the advertising simultaneously with the road sign without taking their attention off the road.07-08-2010
20110247251BILLBOARD - A billboard having a self-supporting, non-combustible panel which has a base layer for printing inks that cure under ultraviolet light. In order to obtain noncombustible billboards, it is proposed that the panel be produced from fibre cement and provided with a directly applied acrylate coating, optionally containing colour pigments, as base layer for acrylic-based printing inks.10-13-2011
20100018098Stormproof billboard and control method thereof - The present invention relates to an stormproof billboard and control method thereof, which includes a column, a billboard stent, a rotating element, a motor, an electromagnetic brake, an anemoscope, a trigger switch, and an electric control assembly, wherein the control element respectively connects with the electromagnetic brake, the motor and the trigger switch, the electric control assembly controls the work of the motor and the electromagnetic brake by the wind speed signal measured by the anemoscope and the signal of the trigger switch. By using above structure, the invention can change the windward section of the stormproof billboard by the wind speed and the wind direction, such that effectively reduces the wind load, makes the stormproof billboard more secure in use. The invention is easy to control and secure to use, makes the advertisement have a good effect, it is worth to use the stormproof billboard.01-28-2010
040617000 Hanging 5
20090272017Hanging display apparatus - Taught is a suspended display apparatus, comprising: a plurality of display boards and hanging wires, the display boards being connected to each other via the hanging wires, wherein a top edge attachment point is set at the center of gravity on the upper edge of each display board, a bottom edge attachment point is set at one end of the lower edge of each display board; and the bottom edge attachment point of the upper display board is connected with the top edge attachment point of the lower display board via the hanging wire. A hanging plate is added on each display board, and is intersected with the display board to adjust the balance and shape of the whole structure. Each display board is featured with two-dimensional picture or three-dimensional physical model, which can rotate freely in a range of 0 to 360 degrees.11-05-2009
20090013575Hanger - A hanger for fluted polypropylene board has head and a shaft, the shaft having at least one barb extending outwardly therefrom. A variation of the hanger for a foam board comprises a head and a shaft with the shaft having a screw thread located thereon, the screw thread stopping short of a tip portion of the shaft.01-15-2009
20090056186Overhead adjustable track support arrangement - A system for supporting display panels from an overhead support, comprising: two or more spaced-apart, elongated, hollow, extruded fixed rails which are attachable to an overhead support together with one or more spaced-apart, elongated, hollow, extruded moveable rails. A plurality of connectors are slidably disposed within the fixed rails, the connectors having a projection extending though an elongated gap in the moveable rail and into slidable receipt in the fixed rail. The moveable rails provide support for a display supporting clip.03-05-2009
20090056187Sign support arrangement - A sign holder arrangement for the support of a sign from an overhead support. The holder arrangement comprises an upper sign holder assembly clamped upon an upper edge of the sign and a lower sign holder assembly clamped upon a lower edge of the sign. At least one outer support clip is disposed peripherally around the upper sign holder. The clip has a cable attached thereto and to the overhead support to hold the sign therefrom.03-05-2009
20130145662SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR HANGING OVERHEAD SIGNS FROM A CEILING - A system is provided for hanging an overhead sign from a ceiling. The system includes an elongated member, a connector member, and a fastening mechanism. The elongated member includes an elongated portion and a set of two nodes formed on opposing ends of the elongated portion. A first node is configured to be coupled to the overhead sign. The connector member includes a hook, an extended portion, and a disk. The extended portion defines a first end and a second end opposite the first end. The hook extends from the first end of the extended portion and is coupled to the second node. The disk extends radially outwardly from the second end of the extended portion for rotatable attachment to the ceiling. The fastening mechanism is inserted through the second node and the hook of the connector member.06-13-2013
040618000 Interchangeable 4
20130125435MATTRESS DISPLAY WITH A REMOVABLE PORTION - A mattress display with a removable portion is provided. A mattress display is typically used for the showing and/or selling of a mattress. A removable portion may be affixed to the mattress display with an attachment means, such as a zipper, or the like. Information associated with the mattress being sold may be permanently or temporarily displayed on the removable portion in a manner such that the information is visible to customers. Furthermore, the removable portion may be completely removed from the display and subsequently a different removable portion may be added to include updated information associated with the mattress without the need to replace the entire mattress display.05-23-2013
20110107636Exhibitor Number Display System - An equestrian identification system that includes a series of numbered panels that are attached to a panel receiving patch. A dense hook interface is provided upon an interface surface of the numbered panels. A dense loop interface is provided upon an interface surface of the panel receiving patch. The panel receiving patch is applied to a proper area of a saddle pad, an equestrian's attire, or other allowable object. The numbered panels are provided in a plurality of sets, each set being numbered from 0 through 8. The number of sets are respective to the number of digits required for identification; usually either three or four. The panel receiving patch can be colored to match or compliment the object to which is it being applied thereon.05-12-2011
20100192435TACTILE SIGN - A tactile sign (08-05-2010
20080202006Sign panel attachment - A mounting system is provided for flexible message panel assemblies. An end cap is secured to the panel assembly with an elastic flexible tether which allows the end cap to be fitted over an end of a rib supporting the panel. Stored force in the elastic tether holds the corner of the message panel in position.08-28-2008
040590000 Trailer, wagon or cycle carried 3
20080216368Display Device - A public transport vehicle vending trolley display device (09-11-2008
20090019747Signage System for a Cargo Vehicle - A system for mounting signage onto the door area of a vehicle is disclosed. The system includes a mounting assembly, a display pan, and one or more inserts removably received within the display pan. The fastener assembly permits the selective reorientation of the display pan from a first position, in which the pan is oriented along the rear face of the cargo area, to a second position, in which the display pan is oriented away from the rear face of the cargo area. The inserts may include an indicia panel, a backing panel, an electroluminescent panel, and/or a support or cushioning panel. In operation, the system is mounted onto the rear facing surface of a cargo vehicle containing overhead or swing-open doors.01-22-2009
20100293826Medallion Display Apparatus for Motorcycles - A display apparatus for a medallion in the form of a motorcycle engine timing cover with an integral recess for receiving and retaining the medallion for display on the motorcycle. In the preferred embodiment, the apparatus comprises a round timing cover member of the same general size and configuration as the stock timing cover for the motorcycle engine to be modified, and includes a plurality of screw holes arrayed around the periphery of the timing cover to correspond to the original screw holes in the engine. A center aperture in the timing cover member enables access to a medallion retained in the cover from the back side of the cover, when the cover is not installed on the motorcycle. The integral recess in the cover preferably comprises a shallow counterbore in the center of the front surface of the timing cover, coaxial with the center aperture. The recess may be defined by a circumferential ridge on the front surface of the cover, or as a counterbore into the front surface of the cover.11-25-2010
040601000 With raising or lowering means 3
20090145013Banner Support System - A banner raising apparatus is described for use with a halyard (06-11-2009
20110067279Expanding Advertising - An advertising device (03-24-2011
20110225860Copy Raising, Lowering and Tensioning System for a Billboard - A billboard system has a framework supporting at least one panel. A lower rail is fixed to the framework and has at least one downwardly opening channel. An upper rail is movable with respect to the framework. The upper rail has at least one upwardly opening channel. A billboard copy at least partially covers the at least one panel. Rods may be selectively located in the copy. Steps for tensioning the copy are also disclosed.09-22-2011
040597000 Suction cup mounting means 3
20130055603Advertisement Display Assembly - An advertisement assembly is configured to be removably secured to a structure. The assembly includes a mounting sub-assembly configured to be removably secured to the structure, and a plurality of advertising members secured to the mounting sub-assembly. The plurality of advertising members are configured to be perpendicular to a surface of the structure. Each of the plurality of advertising members may include planar surfaces connected to front and rear edges. Graphics are displayed on the planar surfaces. The graphics are configured to be viewed from a first point of view or perspective. The plurality of advertising members provide a relatively unobstructed view through the assembly from a second point of view or perspective.03-07-2013
20090038192Banner Station for Glassy Surface - Disclosed is a banner stand adapted to attach to and detach from a glassy surface. The banner stand includes a vacuum suction plate made of a soft material, a suction latching protrusion protruding from the vacuum suction plate; a lower support having a slanted lateral wall portion formed along a peripheral edge of an upper end of a base ring portion, the slanted lateral wall portion having operation ribs extending thereon at an interval; a suction plate operation member having rib guide protrusions guided on the operation ribs, a suction latching protrusion support, and a ball joint coupler; and a pole support having a pair of ball joints positioned on a bottom surface of a body so as to be coupled to the ball joint coupler of the suction plate operation member.02-12-2009
20120131826SUPPORT STAND AND DISPLAY DEVICE USING SAME - A support stand includes a base, a suction assembly, and a connecting plate. The suction assembly includes a suction cup, a receiving seat, and an adjusting member. The suction cup forms a connecting shaft. The connecting shaft extends through the base and engages with the adjusting member, thus positioning the suction cup in the receiving seat. The connecting plate connects the suction assembly to the base. A display device using the support stand is also provided.05-31-2012
040615000 Multiple layer 2
20080282591SIGN ASSEMBLY - A sign assembly includes a base material, a filmic substrate imaged with a design, and a sign assembly frame comprising a sign framing member of fixed position in relation to the base material. The sign framing member includes a projecting portion terminating at an inside edge of said sign framing member. The display sign is adhered to said base material. The inside edge of said sign framing member is located within the projected area of said display sign and is spaced from said base material and said filmic substrate. The display sign is capable of being applied through an opening defined by the inside edge of said sign framing member. The space between said inside edge of said projecting portion and said display sign comprises a void.11-20-2008
20080271354Method and apparatus for distortion free imaging on mirrored surface - A device and method for formation of indicia adjacent to a mirrored surface yielding substantially distortion free reflections of said indicia in said mirrored surface. Mirrors so formed can be employed as background for photographs and graphics and produced in small quantities and be free of double images of common mirror surface graphics.11-06-2008
040602000 With wind spilling feature 2
20100122481WINDPROOF BILLBOARD - A windproof billboard, including at least a body, a pair of first supports, multiple second supports, a rotating shaft, multiple linkage mechanisms, a transmission mechanism, a power mechanism, and at least one brake, wherein the first supports and the second supports are disposed on the ground, the bottom of the body is hinge connected to the first supports, the linkage mechanisms are hinge connected an upper part of the back of the body and fixed on the rotating shaft, and operate to drive the body to rotate with respect to the first supports, the rotating shaft abuts against one of the second supports, the power mechanism is fixed on the transmission mechanism and operates to drive the rotating shaft to rotate via the transmission mechanism, and the brake is disposed on one of the second supports and operates to fix the rotating shaft.05-20-2010
20120066946SIGN ASSEMBLY - A sign assembly includes a base, a pair of spring members, and a panel. The spring members include a resilient portion that includes attachment means at a first end to enable attachment of the spring member to the base. The spring members also include a generally straight rod that extends from a second end of the resilient portion. The panel defines a pair of openings at a lower edge configured to slidably receive the rod of the spring members. The amount by which the rod slides into the panel is configured to secure the panel in an upright position.03-22-2012
040587000 Tire or wheel 2
20100170123VEHICLE WHEEL DISPLAY ASSEMBLY - The present invention relates to a selectively attachable wheel cover for a motor vehicle. The invention comprises a base member and a display member. The base member is selectively secured to the vehicle rim and the display member is rotatably mounted relative to the base member such that it can rotate in relation to the base member and, thus, the vehicle rim. In one aspect, a portion of the display member is sufficiently weighted such that, when the rim rotates (when the vehicle is in motion) the display member remains substantially static.07-08-2010
20110209370MOBILE PRESENTATION DEVICE - The invention relates to a mobile presentation device (09-01-2011
040598000 Football line or down marker 1
20100236115Indicia display device - A device having movable slats for visual display of a plurality of indicia, such as numbers, letters and/or symbols. The internal slat supporting structure is secured to prevent movement of portions thereof when struck or jostled. In some embodiments, the indicia are associated with the downs in a football game.09-23-2010
040616000 Embossed, molded, rolled or stamped 1
20090119962METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR THE DISPLAY OF PROMOTIONAL IMAGES - Methods and apparatuses for the display of promotional images are provided wherein a promotional image is displayed on a waste receptacle.05-14-2009
20130081311Modular Display System - A modular product display system comprising a first horizontal shelf having opposing ends; two or more display panels disposed on a top surface of said first horizontal shelf; one or more side walls, each having a height and supporting each opposing end of said shelf; wherein said display panels are modular and each comprise a rear panel perpendicularly disposed to a bottom panel suitable for product placement.04-04-2013
20090013572MULTI-PANEL BILLBOARD ACCESSORY - An accordion sign assembly includes a sign holder and an accordion sign. The sign holder has an elongate shape and an upper surface. The accordion sign includes a plurality of sections for displaying indicia, the sections defining a top edge, a bottom edge, and being interconnected at a plurality of pleats. The accordion sign also includes a plurality of tabs connected to the bottom edge of the plurality of sections at a plurality of fold lines that are substantially orthogonal to the plurality of sections. The plurality of tabs are folded relative to the plurality of sections to extend substantially orthogonally from the plurality of sections. A plurality of fasteners secures the plurality of tabs to the sign holder.01-15-2009
20100071240METHODS OF MAKING GUIDE SIGNS - The present application generally relates to methods, materials, and equipment for manufacturing a signs. Some embodiments of the present application relate to methods of manufacturing a digitally printed, multi-panel sign. Some embodiments of the present application relate to a laminator for use in laminating optically active sheeting to a substrate.03-25-2010
20130047480Toki-Top. A New Symbol And Its Utilization In The Field Of Social Interaction. The Toki-Top Symbol As A Method For Initiation Of Direct Human Communication - The concept of this invention—is creating a new method of social interaction by establishing a symbol/sign/logo, which would encourage people to seek direct human contact, while identifying the individuals who are open to direct communication. The symbol should serve as an informative tool, letting the public know that a person who has the symbol on any of his personal items is approachable, and the message (if any), handwritten next to the symbol—is a real-life talk, a real-life message. Some of these people may need help, while others may want to help or just have a conversation. This new method of social interaction serves as an opposite to the social online networking. The utilization of the Toki-Top (proposed nickname) symbol should not limited by any age group, social, ethnical, religious, or any other affiliation.02-28-2013
20130180140PACKAGING DISPLAY SYSTEM - A plurality of merchandise containers may include at least two adjacent sidewalls wherein at least two containers has a first predetermined image portion and a second predetermined image portion of a primary image. The sidewalls are disposed adjacent to each so that the first predetermined image portion and the second predetermined image portion collectively depict the primary image between at least two of the containers. The primary image may depict an article of manufacture. The primary image may depict a representative product to be retained or transported in the merchandise containers.07-18-2013
20110283578COLLATION OF MARKETING SIGNS - A collation of printed marketing signs for delivery or distribution to a retail store includes at least a first group of marketing signs and a second group of marketing signs. Each group has at least one stack of marketing signs for altering product display structures in a retail store and each marketing sign in each stack has a same non-rectangular shape. The first group of signs includes a first level of priority and the second group of signs includes a second level of priority. The first level of priority indicates that the first group of signs be set in the store before the second group of signs, which have the second level of priority.11-24-2011
20090038190DOOR OPENING INDICATOR DEVICE - A door opening indicator device comprising a signaler that uses a color code based on the color red and the color green for an anticipated arrangement of people accessing through them.02-12-2009
20100083544Planar sign geometry - A planar sign (04-08-2010
20090165345Decorative Signpost - A system and method for installing a decorative exterior on a standard signpost is disclosed. A first exterior shell is mounted on one side of the post, and a second exterior shell is mounted on the other. Discs halves are also provided which, when installed between the post and the shells, cause the shells to be securely fastened to the post.07-02-2009
20090249666METHOD OF AND SYSTEM FOR TWO-WAY SEE-THROUGH BANNER AND WINDOW IMAGING - A two-way see-through banner. The two-way see-through banner includes a first side having a first image printed thereupon, a second side having a second image printed thereupon, and a plurality of perforating holes through the banner. The perforating holes are created only after the first image and the second image have been printed on the first and second sides of the banner.10-08-2009
20100146831BACKLIT SIGN AND METHOD OF MARKETING MOTORCYCLE ACCESSORIES - A sign is provided for promoting the sale of motorcycle accessories. The sign includes a primary display with a picture of a motorcycle for which accessories are available and a caption box that corresponds to each accessory. The caption box includes an individual picture of the accessory and textual information about the accessory. A method of marketing accessories is provided in which a motorcycle is displayed to consumers and accessories for that motorcycle are displayed along with information about those accessories.06-17-2010
20100218407SIGN CONTAINING FOOD NUTRITION INFORMATION FOR GROCERY SHOPPERS - Disclosed is printed matter for display in the proximity of food items at the grocery store that associates the printed information with the food product by use of a printed photograph of the food product and name of the food product. It also relates the benefits and efficacy of consuming the food product and its components to the consumers age, physical condition and/or gender, in words, symbols or characterizations of people and color coding of the media. It also highlights the beneficial components of the food product without the need for reading the small print on product labels. The present invention aids a grocery shopper to easily acquire and understand the efficacy and component information of the food product on the grocery store shelf.09-02-2010
20090038191Evidence Tracking - A system uses a large loop antenna, connected with a transceiver operating below 1 MHz. The loop antenna is deployed from a spool to surround a crime scene, and may carry indicia communicating that it is a crime scene boundary. The system interrogates devices, including evidence bags and badged personnel, as they enter and leave the scene. The system can optionally log the time of salient events. A second loop antenna can log evidence bags as they enter a vehicle. The devices can be silenced by the transceiver and thus collisions can be reduced and avoided among responses from devices. The system performs “area reads” that would not be possible if higher RF frequencies were employed.02-12-2009
20090064551INFORMATION CARRIER - The method facilitates for an individual to orientate himself in a building including the installation of at least an information carrier at a location selected with regard to a configuration of the building. The information carrier includes a visual representation of at least a section of a floor of the building and at least some information associated with the building. The visual representation is a perspective view of the section of the floor.03-12-2009
20110239504CUSTOMIZABLE EMERGENCY EXIT SIGN KIT - An exit sign kit includes a sign plate with an outer surface having text and a plurality of arrows. The kit also includes a device that is capable of removing an arrow from the sign plate without damaging the sign plate. In one configuration, the kit includes flexible substrates that carry a liquid or gelled solvent capable of removing the arrows from the sign plate. The flexible substrate may be alcohol-based. The method for providing an exit sign includes the steps of supplying a sign plate having a plurality of arrows and removing at least of the arrows from the sign plate.10-06-2011
20110209369Self-Supporting Sign And Method of Manufacturing Same - Self-supporting signs and methods of manufacturing same are provided herein. In one embodiment, a self-supporting sign comprises a generally planar base portion and a generally planar upper portion extending from the base portion. The upper portion is foldable relative to the base portion about a fold line for movement between a storage configuration in which the base and upper portions are generally coplanar and a use configuration in which the base portion is generally horizontal and the upper portion is raised relative to the base portion. Only folding about the fold line is necessary to move from the storage configuration to the use configuration, and the base and upper portions are sufficiently rigid such that the upper portion remains at the use configuration after being moved to the use configuration. The upper portion may be offset from the base portion between about 50° and 90° when at the use configuration.09-01-2011
20110030253DECORATIVE PLAQUE, SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - A decorative plaque of the present invention has at least two layers or parts. One of the layers is a base layer and another layer is a cover or top layer. The base layer may be formed from any material such as wood, polymeric material, metal, or combination thereof. The cover layer is fabricated from a transparent polymeric material. A plurality of indicia are sandwiched between the base and cover layers to capture the time and place where the person attended the venue. A method of fabricating the wall plaque and a system are disclosed.02-10-2011
20090145011Signcase system and method for manufacturing same - The present invention comprises a simple, inventive sign bracket for use in the creation of signs of surprising structural integrity in a range of dimensions, said bracket characterized by a profile comprising a sign body, a C-bracket, and optionally an interlocking sign hanger and/or an angle retainer.06-11-2009
20100024265Stationary Surface, For Example a Playing Field, and Method for Providing Signs on a Stationary Surface - A stationary surface, for example a playing field (02-04-2010
20120144706IN-STORE MARKETING SIGN - A marketing sign is constructed of a sheet material and includes at least one break-away section coupled to a main section by at least one score. The main section includes a free portion, a base portion and connecting portion. The free portion includes a price piece and a balloon piece coupled to the price piece at a fold. The base portion is configured to couple with a product display structure after the main section is detached from the break-away section at the at least one score. The connecting bend line couples the free portion to the base portion and has a first end located a space distance from a right side edge of the sheet material.06-14-2012
20120000105Directional signage - A signboard comprising a base; a plurality of signs formed on the base, the plurality of the signs comprising predefined shapes; and a perforation outline surrounding each of the plurality of the signs, the perforation outline adapted to allow for the removal of the plurality of the signs from the base.01-05-2012
20100011639Message Creation and Display Device - Broadly the present invention is a message creation and display device and method of using the same, the message creation and display device includes an elongate substrate, a message display surface for displaying a message, wherein the message display surface is disposed upon said elongate substrate, and a plurality of permanent markings disposed upon the elongate substrate outside of the message display surface.01-21-2010
20080282590Device For Marking a Wind Power Plant - The present invention concerns a wind power installation and in particular the identification of a wind power installation as an aviation obstruction. The object of the present invention is to provide a simple daytime identification which can be easily modified and which avoids the disadvantages of the blades identified by color marking. Apparatus for temporary signal identification of a wind power installation wherein the apparatus comprises a sheath which is of a predetermined colored configuration and also has releasable fixing means for releasably fixing the sheath to a rotor blade of the wind power installation, wherein during fixing the sheath at least partially encloses the rotor blade.11-20-2008
20130185969MOUNTING CLIP FOR MOUNTING A BANNER TO AN APPARATUS FOR RAISING AND LOWERING A BANNER - A clip for securing a banner to a banner mounting rail of apparatus for raising and lowering a banner in accordance with the invention includes a clamshell housing having two halves hinged together at one side of each housing half. One of the housing halves has at least one pin extending outwardly therefrom and the other of the housing halves having a receptacle in which the pin is received when the housing halves are closed together, wherein the pin pierces a banner received between the two housing halves when the two housing halves are closed together. An apparatus for raising and lowering the banner includes a housing, at least one cable secured to the rail, and a motor that winds and unwinds the cable on a tube arranged within the housing. The banner has a plurality of clips secured to the banner with the clips received in the inner channel of the rail.07-25-2013
20110314712POSTER CLAMP, AND SYSTEM AND METHOD USING SAME - A poster clamp (12-29-2011

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