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040 - Card, picture, or sign exhibiting

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040564000 Lamp box 47
040542000 Luminescent 39
040546000 Edge illuminated 27
040582000 Reflective 22
040559000 External light source 12
040581000 Colored light 6
040550000 Light bulbs arranged in the outline of indicia 6
040552000 Three-dimensional alphanumeric structure 4
20090013570Apparatus and methods for the thermal regulation of light emitting diodes in signage - Apparatus and methods for the thermal management of one or more light emitting diode (LED) modules disposed within a channel sign are disclosed. The apparatus, in various aspects, detects the ambient temperature generally proximate the LED module and regulates the current flowed onto the LED's within the LED module based upon the ambient temperature. Methods for thermal management of the one or more LED modules disposed within a channel sign are disclosed herein.01-15-2009
20110277362Direct point LED signs - A direct point LED sign employs the use of flat head LED's embedded within a mirrored reflective panel where an upper layer of varying distance from the mirrored surface comprises a crushed ice diffuser with an irregular front surface which reflects and intensifies light passing therein creating an enlarged surface area of the LED's. This in turn greatly increases the readability of the character members in road and highway signs, commercial signs, or individual letters, numbers, and symbols.11-17-2011
20110271569DISPLAY WITH MULTI-FACETED ILLUMINATION EFFECT - A display presenting a multi-faceted illumination effect includes a housing having an opening and a light source within the housing. A cover at least partially covers the opening of the housing and has a plurality of facets that are angled with respect to each other. One or more of the angles are formed such that facets abutting at the angles are visibly distinct to an observer outside the housing when illuminated by the light source within the housing to produce the multi-faceted illumination effect.11-10-2011
20120023794PORTABLE SOLAR LIGHT FOR SPORTS ENTHUSIAST - The present lighting units provide an effective means by which a sports fan may express his support for a favorite team or school, whether it be a professional team, a collegiate team or college, or a high school team or high school. The portable lighting unit includes a housing having the appearance of a plurality of connected tiers, each of the tiers having a differing dimension such that the tiers convey a stair-step configuration. To represent the sports team or school, at least two three-dimensional alphabetic characters are affixed to a front surface of the tiers. A solar-powered lighting fixture is attached to the uppermost surface of the top tier to provide illumination for outdoor or indoor use. The housing and lettering may feature the team colors. A method of producing the lighting unit is also provided.02-02-2012
040553000 Having multiple function (i.e., illumination per se) 4
20120180349Electrical System Devices, Indicia-Bearing Bodies, and Kits Including Same - An illustrative electrical system device includes a mountable electrical system device body defining a retaining region between first and second retaining surfaces for retaining an indicia-bearing body. The retaining region extends to at least one of first and second opposite sides of the electrical system device body to receive the indicia-bearing body from the at least one of the first and second opposite sides, indicia-bearing bodies, and a kit including an electrical system device and an indicia-bearing body, are also disclosed.07-19-2012
20100299983ILLUMINATION ASSEMBLY FOR SHOP ILLUMINATION - For illuminating an object and generating a light image, e.g. for presentation of the object, an illumination assembly comprises a reflective part for illumination and a diffractive part for generating the light image. A light source such as a LED light source is used for generating the light.12-02-2010
20100275478Combination Exit Sign and Emergency Light Bar - A combination exit sign and emergency light is provided, wherein the emergency light is disposed along a bottom, portion of the exit sign. The bottom portion of the housing is formed with a recessed section intermediate opposing side flange portions, with a light bar incorporating LEDs being mounted in the recess section to provide emergency lighting during power outages and emergency situations. The bar is white in color on the outside, except a bottom portion of the bar is left clear for the free transmission of light. With this construction, at least a substantial majority of fight generated by the LEDs will be directed out of the bottom portion, while the side portions are also preferably lit thereby providing a more intense light out of the bottom portion to assure adequate illumination leading to a suitable exit.11-04-2010
20090241390Apparatus, Methods and Systems for Providing Lighting and Communication - Provided are apparatus, methods and systems for providing lighting and communication. An apparatus may include a solid-state lighting panel including multiple solid-state light emitters and an input module that is configured to receive an input signal from a lighting panel group controller that is configured to collaboratively control multiple solid-state lighting panels.10-01-2009
040549000 Extruded frame 1
20110030252Illuminated Point of Sale Signage System - An illuminated point of sale sign is disclosed which includes a frame, a lighting system and a battery electrically connected to the lighting system, the lighting system and the battery being disposed within the frame, and a light sensor disposed outside the frame and electrically connected to the lighting system and the battery. The frame includes projections which define receptacle perimeters adapted to receive and accommodate existing real estate signs made of thin corrugated plastic or lexan.02-10-2011
040545000 Gas filled tube 1
20100064559ELEMENT FOR SIGNS, PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING IT, SYSTEM AND SIGN OBTAINED THEREWITH - The invention concerns an element for signs (03-18-2010
040563000 Indirect 1
20120055056LIGHTING DEVICE - A lighting device configured for projecting a unique lighting to illuminate letters, figures and shapes displayed on the top of the device is disclosed. The letter and figures are interchangeable and maybe customized to individual tastes and interests. The lighting device comprises a chamber containing a light source and a plurality of reflector strips disposed in the inner portion of the chamber. The letters and figures are inserted into a longitudinal aperture at the top of the chamber and snapped onto a lip that protrudes from an aperture wall. An inclined reflector strip comprising of a plurality of flat portions and angled portions directs the light toward the bottom and sides of the letters and figures that permeates through the substantially transparent material the letters and figures comprise to produce the unique lighting effect. Alternatively, angled reflector tabs are used in lieu of the inclined reflector strip.03-08-2012
20110173853BILLBOARD SYSTEM AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - Disclosed herein is an improved billboard system and method of use thereof. One or more vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) are mounted onto the top portions of posts supporting new or previously constructed billboards. The vertical axis wind turbines, which are configured to rotate regardless of the direction of the wind, generate electrical power that is used to provide the power needs of lighting display elements (lights, screens, etc.) found on the billboard. The turbines are also used to charge batteries that may later be used to supply power to the billboard during periods when the turbines do not generate sufficient power or when one or more of the turbines are not operational. Surplus power not used to power the display elements or charge the batteries may be transmitted to the utility power grid. The billboard system may be monitored and controlled from a remote location via a communications network.07-21-2011
20130042510LED LIGHT MODULE FOR BACKLIGHTING - An LED light module and a backlit sign using at least one of the LED light modules are described. The LED light module comprises at least two LED light sources that are spaced apart from each other. Each of the LED light sources is covered by a lens and at least two of the lenses have a different shape than each other. The LED light module produces a uniform intensity of light on a backlit surface. The LED light module can include three LED light sources. Two of the lenses covering the LED light sources emit light that is distributed off-axis and a third of the lenses covering the LED light sources emits light that is distributed substantially on-axis. The backlit sign comprises a housing, at least one LED light module disposed in the housing and a backlit surface on the housing extending over the LED modules.02-21-2013
20090211130THIN INTERNALLY ILLUMINATED SIGN - An internally illuminated sign includes a case at least partially lined with highly reflective layer and a display surface. The sign also includes light sources that emit light in directions approximately parallel to the display surface.08-27-2009
20100154261ILLUMINATED TRIM PANELS - A vehicle trim panel is illuminated from behind to create an illuminated design (e.g., logo and/or lettering) includes a transparent layer and an opaque layer with an opening(s) in the shape of the design. An opaque or partially opaque design piece may be placed over the opening(s) in the opaque layer and be lit around its edges. The vehicle trim panel may be formed by forming a panel with a transparent layer and an opaque layer. An opening in the opaque layer may be formed by removing opaque material (e.g., by machining or laser etching) or by masking (the mask is placed between the opaque layer and transparent layer and removed taking a portion of the opaque layer with it). A design piece may be placed over the location of the opening in the opaque layer.06-24-2010
20130074384METHOD FOR ILLUMINATING A LIGHT BOX - A light box (03-28-2013
20090158628Wet floor caution sign - The wet floor caution sign is either a cone-shaped or paneled sign. The surface of the caution sign has illuminated indicia displayed on it so that pedestrians may quickly become aware of the unsafe condition of the floor. The sign has indicia in the form of either a graphic image or lettering is illuminated by a light source(s). The light source(s) may include circuitry causing the light source(s) to flash.06-25-2009
20090019744Signage retrofit kit for vending machines - A holder of product identification indicia incorporated with a specifically printed illuminated sign in a beverage vending machinc. The holder allows enhanced product identification relating to a separate, existing selection button panel. The holder is securely attached to the back of the illuminated sign that has clear viewing windows registered to the holder. Specifically, it is intended as a retrofit kit for existing beverage vending machines to allow the display of product contained in the machine by use of significantly larger product identification indicia than the existing product identification indicia. The larger display windows may be specifically correlated to the existing selection mechanisms, by way of numbers, letters, symbols, connecting lines and/or colors.01-22-2009
20100269383POWER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CONTROLLER - An apparatus and method provides for managing solar power to a LED illumination device such as a street sign so that the power from a power storage device is monitored and variations in applied power to the LED device can be dynamically made to preserve power or increase power as appropriate. A controller may control the power management based on preprogrammed time periods, environmental factors, and solar availability. Historical tracking of available power may provide a basis for computing available power.10-28-2010
20120222340SOLAR RECHARGEABLE SELF ILLUMINATED TAG - A self illuminated display board attached to a transparent material, like a window. The board contains a message or logo or picture illuminated by one or more light sources. When lighting conditions are strong, a solar panel tied to the main board recharge an energy storage device. When lighting conditions are low, the energy storage device powers the light source.09-06-2012
20090235566DISPLAY SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method of displaying an image, including an array of cylindrical or tubular members, optionally retained within one or more base and/or header structures, and having an image applied onto some or all of the cylindrical or tubular members. The cylindrical or tubular members, and/or the media onto which the image is applied can be entirely or partially transparent or translucent, so that the image is partially see-through.09-24-2009
20090235565Apparatus and method for displaying an informational carrier - The present invention relates to an apparatus for displaying an information carrier to passers-by in the vicinity, in particular a carrier on which advertising information is visible, comprising: —a stationary support; —an elongate post arranged on the support; —a carrier which is to be provided with the information to be displayed; —translating means for translating the information carrier reciprocally in longitudinal direction along the post; —rotating means for rotating the information carrier relative to the stationary support.09-24-2009
20090313868HOUSING FOR REFRIGERATED DISPENSING APPARATUS - A bar-top refrigerated liquid dispenser in which one or more housing walls include integrated back-lighted billboard display panels having side edges with embedded light emitting diodes and other edges with associated reflectors.12-24-2009
20110277361SIGN COMPRISING A FILM-BASED LIGHTGUIDE - A device includes a light transmitting film defining a lightguide region. A first region is defined within the lightguide region representing a region of one or more of an indicia, a graphic, and an image that is visible by light extraction when illuminated by light propagating within the film in a waveguide condition, wherein the first region includes a plurality of light extraction features that redirect a portion of light traveling within the film in a waveguide condition out of a first face of the opposing faces of the film in the first region, and the first region has a luminance less than 50 cd/m11-17-2011
20110277360System and Method for Mounting a Badge on a Vehicle - A system and method for mounting a badge to a component of a vehicle is provided. The system comprises a mounting base including first and second fastening apertures defined therein, and a trim ring coupled with the mounting base having an opening defined therein. The badge is adapted to be securely mounted between the trim ring and the mounting base so that the badge is positioned within the opening in the trim ring. The system further includes a flexible fastening member that is configured to be positioned within the first and second fastening apertures, positioned around at least a portion of the component of the vehicle, and between the mounting base and the badge to fasten the badge to the vehicle.11-17-2011
20100263246TRANSPARENT SIGNBOARD AND FABRICATING METHOD THEREOF - A transparent signboard and a method for fabricating the same are provided. The transparent signboard includes: a transparent substrate; an electrode layer made of polymer or carbon nanotube and comprising a plurality of conducting parts separated from each other with respect to a predetermined pattern region interposed therebetween, and a non-conducting part formed on the predetermined pattern region and integrally formed with the conducting parts; and a light-emitting device configured to connect the separated conducting parts to each other.10-21-2010
20110283575TUBE-LIKE ADVERTISING DEVICE THAT IS FIXED BETWEEN TWO STRUCTURAL MEMBERS AND INCLUDES A CLEAR OUTER MEMBER - An advertising device, where one exemplary use is as a “stripper pole” having associated ad material. The ad material can be placed inside a portion of the pole and be visible through a protective cover, and be dynamic. Additionally, the stripper pole may be in a variety of sizes and shapes and may include lighting, rotating mechanisms, engraving and suspended objects. The advertising device includes a connecting element that attaches to at least one end, and optionally between two ends, with a gap between an inner element and an outer element where advertising material can be placed in the gap.11-24-2011
20110296724ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH PATTERN-DISPLAYING FUNCTION - An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a housing defining a chamber and at least one light source. The housing has an inner surface and an opposite outer surface. The outer surface defines a plurality of light-transmitting recesses that have been configured in a desired pattern. Each of the recesses has a gradually changing thickness. The at least one light source is fixed in the chamber and transmits light to the recesses, thereby displaying the desired pattern of the recesses on the outer surface of the housing.12-08-2011
20120186117Open/closed sign(s) - The purpose of this invention is to allow one to determine is a sign is an “open” sign or a “closed” sign from a greater distance than would be possible if one had to rely on the ability to read said sign. By incorporating the colors “red” and “green” the sign's written message doesn't have to be read.07-26-2012
20120023792FLOOR DISPLAY - The present invention relates to a floor display comprising a floor panel, which panel comprises an upper surface, which upper surface of the panel mostly follows a line from the front of the bottom surface to the top of the side surface, hereby forming an inclined panel. It is the object of the invention to achieve a floor display at the floor in shops or supermarkets. This object can be achieved with a floor display if the upper surface of the panel forms a display area, which display surface comprises a transparent cover, which transparent cover is fixed to the panel at the panel front and at the side surface against the wall or shelf. It can hereby be achieved that the floor near walls or shelves is used for advertisement. As for all customers in shops or supermarkets, the floor is a very important place to use for advertisement.02-02-2012
20120110881DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device includes a display panel for irradiating light, a transparent substrate comprising an active portion for passing through the image light and a decoration portion surrounding the active portion, and a decoration layer filling a groove at the decoration portion.05-10-2012
20130097903End Stand Display System and Side Saddle Display and Product Holder - A display system for use with an end stand or end cap shelving system is provided. The display system is formed from a first blank of material and a second blank of material. The blanks are cut and provided with fold lines, score lines and perforations necessary to fold the blanks into a set up display system. A lighting system can be incorporated into the display system. A side saddle display and product holder is also provided.04-25-2013
20110203147LIGHTING ARRANGEMENT COMPRISING A CARPET WITH BACK LIGHTING FOR PROVIDING DYNAMIC LIGHT EFFECTS WITH THE CARPET - The invention provides a lighting arrangement comprising a carpet structure, and a control unit, The carpet structure comprises a carpet back lighting system comprising a carpet back lighting unit having a lighting unit front face and a unit back face. The lighting unit front face comprises a light source arranged to generate light. The carpet back lighting system comprises a plurality of said light sources. The carpet structure comprises a light transmissive carpet unit comprising a carpet unit front face and a carpet unit back side. The light transmissive carpet unit is selected from the group consisting a carpet and a carpet tile. The lighting unit front face of the carpet back lighting unit and the carpet unit back side of the light transmissive carpet unit are adjacent. The light transmissive carpet unit is arranged to transmit at least part of the light travelling in a direction from the carpet unit back side to the carpet unit front face. The control unit is configured to receive one or more input signals and is configured to generate, in response to the one or more input signals, one or more output signals to control the light generated by the light sources. Such lighting arrangement can fulfil all kinds of functions.08-25-2011
20100281721MULTI-FUNCTION SOLAR-POWERED LIGHTING SYSTEM - A solar-powered lighting system includes a substrate, wherein at least one solar chip is disposed on one lateral side of the substrate, and at least one light source is disposed on one lateral side of the substrate. Solar light enters the substrate and propagates therein. Solar light energy is collected by the at least one solar chip which transforms the solar light energy into electrical power for the at least one light source to emit light to the substrate, before propagating therein and leaving the substrate.11-11-2010
20080276506Sign Device - A sign device comprises a unitary body which is fully enclosed across a top and sides of a hollow interior so as to be weatherproof. A display supported within the hollow interior is arranged to display alpha-numeric information through a translucent display portion on the front wall of the unitary body in an active state and is arranged to be not externally visible through the display portion in an inactive state. The exterior surface is textured and arranged to resemble a natural rock to further disguise the inactive display. An indicator indicates on the rear wall which one of various modes is being displayed on the front wall by the active display. The display can display an alarm condition, for example a building alarm responsive to a fire or an unauthorized entry into a building or a personal remote alarm activated by a building occupant requiring assistance.11-13-2008
20080276505Backlit faceplate for data appliances and related methods - A display for a data-appliance cabinet comprises a panel having front and rear surfaces and dimensions matching a front-side portion of a data-appliance cabinet allocated to an absent accessory device, a translucent window through the panel, a light source for illuminating the translucent window via the rear surface of the panel, and means facilitating installation of the backlit display.11-13-2008
20080216367Road-Marking System - The road-marking system for influencing the distance between vehicles (09-11-2008
20100139135RETRACTABLE BANNER STANDS WITH COOPERATING BANNERS - A display comprising a retractable banner stand assembly has a base with a pair of banners extendable therefrom, each banner having a forward surface and a rearward surface. When extended, the banners are arranged in a spaced back face to front face visually overlapping relationship with each banner having graphics on the forward sides of the banner. A forward banner having a different shape than a rearward banner whereby significant portions of the rearward banner may be viewed from directly in front of the banner stand assembly. The precise portion of the rearward banner viewable being dependent upon the viewing angle in front of the display. The base including a housing with each banner being retractable into said housing. In a preferred embodiment the graphics will be aesthetically complementary from the forward banner to the rearward banner; for example, a portion of the graphics on one banner may continue on another banner. An object partially portrayed on one screen can be continued on another screen as a different “depth” or distance from the viewer and may be a different color, shading, or size.06-10-2010
20090172981Three-dimensional sign and method of making same - The present invention and associated process is generally related to three-dimensional signage. More specifically, one embodiment of the present invention includes a predetermined number of generally flat plates which are separated from each other and secured relative thereto, with a series of spacers and fasteners. This arrangement provides display in the third dimension that will more efficiently display a message to the consuming public. Further, the invention and associated process is adapted to receive a predetermined number of lights and/or mirrored surfaces to increase the advertising effect on the consuming public.07-09-2009
20110138663MODULAR LED LIGHT-EMITTING MARKER - A modular LED light-emitting marker having a pedestal with a back side, a light-emitting marking side and a holding space. At least a LED circuit board is accommodated into the holding space of the pedestal. The LED circuit board contains a LED setup surface, which faces the light-emitting marking side of the pedestal. The LED circuit board also contains an electrical connecting line penetrating out of the pedestal. A waterproof cladding is assembled between the LED circuit board and the pedestal, and used to fully seal the LED circuit board. A reflecting surface is set onto the light-emitting marking side of the pedestal. The reflecting surface is provided with LED through-holes. A protruding LED unit is arranged onto the LED setup surface The exterior of the protruding LED unit is protruded out of the waterproof cladding and reflecting surface.06-16-2011
20120066945ADVERTISING DISPLAY AND METHOD - A poster clamp comprising first and second members, the members comprising first and second gripping surfaces, respectively, for gripping opposing sides of a poster or a like, and a poster mounting system comprising a hoarding and a plurality of such clamps, and a wire on which the clamps are to be mounted for tightening a poster within the frame of the hoarding.03-22-2012
20110138664FRAME WITH REMOVABLE SIGN - A frame with removable sign has a rectangular opaque housing, a translucent cover, two parallel rails spaced apart upon the longitudinal edges of the cover and a stile connecting to the ends of the rails upon one lateral edge of the cover, a face panel sliding over the cover where the face panel includes various indicia, and magnets and adhesive for non-mechanical securement of the sign. The face panel sliding engages the cover and remains in place using friction or a mechanical means. The face panel has its indicia as transparent upon an opaque background. The housing also includes an embodiment capable of attachment to a vehicle. The frame with removable sign fits upon a housing that suspends from a window, door, fence rail, or other linear shape.06-16-2011
20090313869DEVICE FOR PRODUCING LIGHT AND ITS APPLICATIONS TO LIGHTING AND LIGHTED SIGNAGE - The light production device includes at least one first light source associated with a principal waveguide. The principal waveguide includes an envelope for the propagation of the light, that has an index of refraction higher than the index of refraction of the internal part of the principal guide in contact with the envelope; the device includes optical injection means that are difference from the principal waveguide, the length of which is less than the length of the principal waveguide, and which allow at least a part of the light produced to be injected into said envelope of the principal waveguide, and diffusion means suitable for diffusing toward the exterior of the envelope, on at least a portion of the envelope of predefined length, at least a part of the light circulating in the envelope of the principal guide.12-24-2009
20100257764APPARATUS OF GENERATING MESSAGES - A message generating apparatus is disclosed. A message generating apparatus, comprising: a message generating panel, the message generating panel comprising a first layer and a second layer, the first layer comprising a first base substance and a first see-through pattern. a light transparency of the first see-through pattern being higher than a light transparency of the first base substance, the second layer comprising a second base substance and a second see-through pattern, a light transparency of the second see-through pattern being higher than a light transparency of the second base substance is provided. The message generating panel can be configured to generate a message by a light having passed through the first see-through pattern and the second see-through pattern. The first see-through pattern and the second see-through pattern can be configured to generate a plurality of messages according to an angle of the light incident to the message generating panel.10-14-2010
20120137550Lighted Signage Structure - A signage structure includes a first drum, a valance and a plurality of bracket assemblies. The first drum is suspended from a ceiling and includes a first frame supporting a first material having an outer circumferential surface for displaying indicia. The first frame has an upper frame ring and a lower frame ring. The valance is located outwardly from the outer circumferential surface of the first drum and includes at least one curved section having a plurality of spaced apart lights positioned along the interior side of the valance. The plurality of bracket assemblies include arms that couple the upper frame ring of the first drum to the valance. A first end of each arm is configured to attach to the upper frame ring of the first drum and a second end of each arm is configured to attach to the valance.06-07-2012
20100218406Shaped LED Light Bulb - An LED light bulb where the LED light bulb itself is molded into various shapes. The plastic lens used to surround the diode is shaped when manufactured to resemble various items, such as stars, crosses, hearts, trees, pinecones, bulbs, flat panels with designs, or any other shape the user desires. Because the entire light bulb is the LED, uniform and consistent light can be emitted from every part of the plastic lens that makes up the shaped LED light bulb, allowing the user to view the shaped LED light bulb from any angle. The shaped LED light bulb can be used individually, or strung together to form a strand of shaped lights.09-02-2010
20110119973INVISIBLE, LIGHT-TRANSMISSIVE DISPLAY SYSTEM - An invisible, light-transmissive display system with a light resistant material is provided. Substantially invisible holes penetrate through at least a portion of the light resistant material in a predetermined light-transmissive display pattern.05-26-2011
20110088298Signage apparatus having simple magnet-based structure for ease of modification - A readily modifiable modular sign apparatus is especially useful for fast food restaurants as backlighted menu boards in both indoor and outdoor applications. The apparatus comprises a preferably translucent substrate or mounting board which is preferably planar and has a front surface and a back surface. Precisely positioned holes are prepared at selected locations. These holes are formed to be aligned with thin metal shims which are affixed on the back surface of the mounting board and receive cylindrical magnets on the front surface. The magnets are attached directly to the rear of printed sheets, each of which may have wording or pictorial information or both. The magnets contact the metal shims through the mounting board holes, and are held firmly in position by virtue of both the magnetic attractive force and the shape of the walls of the mounting board holes. The printed sheets may be provided with price carriers to permit personnel to change just food prices without the requirement to replace the entire printed sheet. In the preferred embodiment of the present invention, a free-standing unitary LED backlighted sign, employs the magnet-based features hereof to secure an advertising display in a framed configuration wherein a magnet-secured frame adds to securely positioning a printed sheet.04-21-2011
20110239502VISUAL PRESENTATION CLIP ASSEMBLY - A visual notification device comprising a clip having a visual presentation may be attached to a food or drink container to indicate that a consumer who has temporarily left their seating or standing location, or food or drink container unattended, will return thereby avoiding the loss of a seating or standing location, or the disposal of unconsumed food or drink. The clip includes head with a front and rear face for displaying visual information such as text, an image, a logo, a trade name, an emblem, etc., an elongated body, a clip leg extending from the back of the clip behind the body, and a cap for connecting the assembly to a key ring or other attachment device.10-06-2011
20110239501SIGNAGE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING MERCHANDISE ON SHELVES - A signage system comprises a plurality of signs adapted to be mounted on a shelf or other such merchandise display device. The signs include a mounting portion, for attaching to the shelf, and a sign portion. The sign portions are provided with a shape corresponding to common shapes of traffic or road signs. The system of the invention may therefore be used to attract or direct customers to certain specific products.10-06-2011
20110146120EMERGENCY EXIT INDICATOR INCORPORATING LED UNIT - An emergency exit indicator includes a flat housing and a light source received in the housing. The housing has a length greater than a width thereof. The housing includes a panel provided with a sign thereon to indicate emergency exit. The light source includes a plurality of LEDs each being covered by a lens. Light of the LED goes through the lens and is then illuminated on the sign to cause the sign to be visible. The lens has two opposite sides along a lengthwise direction of the housing longer than other two opposite sides along a widthwise direction of the housing, such that the light through the lens along the widthwise direction of the housing is converged in a narrower manner than the light through the lens along the lengthwise direction of the housing.06-23-2011
20100293825ADAPTER WITH AT LEAST ONE ELECTRONIC COMPONENT - An adapter (11-25-2010
20100275477TRANSPARENT DISPLAY BOARD - A transparent electrically-illuminated sign is disclosed. The transparent electrically-illuminated sign includes a first transparent board, a second transparent which is installed apart from the first transparent board at a certain distance, facing the first transparent board, a plurality of LEDs, a transparent electrode, a filling material which is transparent and filled between the transparent electrode and the second transparent board, and a controller. The transparent electrode is formed on one of both faces of the first transparent board as the transparent electrode is coated thereon, in which the face coated by the first transparent electrode faces the second transparent board. The transparent electrode forms at least more than one close circuit plate which is divided into a cathode plate and a plurality of anode plates. The cathode plate is connected by each cathode lead of the plurality of LEDs, which are separated from each other by a certain distance. The cathode plate forms a cathode power supply terminal at a certain position thereof to input power from the outside. The anode plates are correspondingly connected by the anode leads of the LEDs, respectively. Each of the anode plates forms an anode power supply terminal at a predetermined position thereof to input power from the outside. The controller is connected to the anode power supply terminals, such that it can control power supplied to the cathode and anode plates to turn on and off the LEDs. Therefore, the transparent electrically-illuminated sign configured to be thin and transparent can display moving images, as each LED is turned on and off, consuming low power.11-04-2010
20110154700ILLUMINATED SIGN FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES - An illuminated sign for various electronic devices comprising: a plurality of LED lights on a first side, where the lights provide a customized display; an adhesive backing on a second side, where the backing provides a means to attach the sign to an external panel; a means to supply power to the plurality of LED lights; and an internet connection, where a user submits design requirements prior to installing the sign. The customized display may include at least one of a sign depicting text, a logo or other artistic design. In one particular embodiment, the input means for customizing the sign are accessible via an internet connection.06-30-2011
20090145010INNER SCATTERING BILLBOARD - An inner scattering billboard includes a light directing body, an advertising membrane and a light source. The light directing body contains a plurality of light directing particles inside to diffuse and direct light. Thus light rays emitted from the light source into the light directing body are scattered to allow the light directing body to become a planar light source of even luminosity. The advertising membrane has an advertising symbol located on the surface to be evenly illuminated. The billboard can be made thinner. An LED may be adopted as the light source to save electric power and reduce user's operation cost.06-11-2009
20080250684Outdoor Fluorescent Lamp Fixture - Provided is a lamp supporting device mounted in an illuminating advertising signboard, particularly which is formed as an assembly type that makes carrying and storage thereof convenient thereby being generally used without limitation in various sizes (length) of lamps with simple replacement of a center frame, and can arrange lamps in a way being overlapped thereby avoiding blackening and in a plurality of lines while freely adjusting the width between the lamps.10-16-2008
20110113661Signage apparatus having simple magnet-based structure for ease of modification - A readily modifiable modular sign apparatus is especially useful for use as easily changed advertisement media such as in department stores and retail stores. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a preferably translucent substrate or mounting board which is preferably planar and has a front surface and a back surface. Precisely positioned holes are prepared at selected locations. These holes are formed to be aligned with thin metal shims which are affixed on the back surface of the mounting board and receive cylindrical magnets on the front surface. The magnets are attached directly to the rear of printed sheets, each of which may have wording or pictorial information or both. The magnets contact the metal shims through the mounting board holes, and are held firmly in position by virtue of both the magnetic attractive force and the shape of the walls of the mounting board holes. The printed sheets may be provided with indicia carriers to permit personnel to change just numerical data such as prices without the requirement to replace the entire printed sheet. In the preferred embodiment of the present invention, such indicia carriers are affixed directly to the front surface of the printed sheets by a separate magnetic structure that provides easy access to the numerical indicia.05-19-2011
20110119972SAFETY KICK PLATE DEVICE AND MANUFACTURING METHODS - The present invention is a safety kick plate device and improved manufacturing thereof. The safety kick plate device includes a base component including a communication element through which a light emission component is visible. A communication protection element provides reinforcement and strength to the communication element as well as mitigates damage to the light emission component.05-26-2011
20100299981Display for dispensing maching - An improved display is disclosed for a dispensing machine having a plurality of switches for dispensing a plurality of products. The improved display comprises a plurality of illuminators located in proximity to the plurality of switches. A decorative panel indicates the types of the plurality of products for dispensing by the dispensing machine. A mounting fixes the decorative panel for enabling the plurality of illuminators to illuminate the decorative panel. A control is connected to the plurality of switches for energizing the plurality of illuminators in response to an actuation of a selected one of the plurality of switches for indicating the dispensing of one of the plurality of products by the dispensing machine.12-02-2010
20110167688TRAILER HITCH LIGHTED DISPLAY WITH INTEGRAL STEP - A lighted display for mounting upon a vehicle having a trailer hitch receiver. The lighted display includes an elongated base member with a trailer hitch mount affixed midway along the base member. The base member also incorporates a horizontal step plate extending outward from upper edge of the base member allowing easier access to the rear of the vehicle. The base member is configured to receive multiple lighting elements within an elongated vertical channel. The lighting elements are connected to a trailer wiring plug which is configured to engage the vehicles trailer wiring connector. A message board is positioned within the vertical channel of the base member. The message board is made of a semi-translucent material which allows a portion of the light from the lighting elements to pass. The message board is partially masked with an opaque material, the unmasked portions forming the desired message for display. Upon illumination of the vehicle driving lights, one or more of the lighting elements are illuminated at the low light intensity level. Upon illumination of the vehicle brake light, one or more of the lighting elements are illuminated at the high light intensity level. And upon illumination of the vehicle turn signal light one or more of the lighting elements are illuminated at the high light intensity level in coordination with and on the corresponding side of the vehicle as the vehicle turn signal light.07-14-2011
20110088299PLASTIC SHEET, AND DECORATIVE ILLUMINATION SIGNBOARD - An object of the present invention is to provide a decorative illumination signboard capable of effectively downwardly emitting light while suppressing an upward emission of light with a simple configuration and a plastic sheet used in the decorative illumination signboard.04-21-2011
20120036748DIY LED sign panel arrangement - A DIY LED sign panel arrangement for use as an illuminative signboard includes a LED supporting frame which includes a plurality of module holders and a wire arrangement interconnecting the module holders for electrical communications, a power unit for providing power, and a plurality of LED modules. The LED module includes a casing, a LED unit having an illuminating surface for providing illumination, and a module connector on the casing for securing the LED units into position. The LED modules are arranged for forming an adjustable LED module pattern on the LED supporting frame as a text object or a graphical object serving as a sign, such that a user can design his own LED signboard simply by placing the LED modules onto the LED supporting frame as desired.02-16-2012
20090205232SUPPORT DEVICE FOR ELECTRIFIED SIGN INSERT - A sign holder for supporting electrified sign inserts that may vary in width, comprises a base having a groove into which the sign insert can be placed. In the preferred embodiment, two or more gaskets are positioned in the groove with each gasket including a resilient section adapted to engage the sign insert so as to retain the sign insert securely in place within the groove. Each of the gaskets also includes an electrical conductor, such as an electrical wire, which may be embedded in the gasket, in a position where it makes electrical contact with the electrical terminals on the sign insert.08-20-2009
20090172982Freestanding child on board indicator - A free-standing on-board safety device is disclosed. The free-standing on-board safety includes a base portion and a head portion coupled through a tapered body. The head portion is preferably substantially round and brightly colored. In use the free-standing on-board safety device is placed on front seat of the passenger vehicle in an up-right vertical position. In the up-right vertical position, the device is visible to a driver of the passenger vehicle and the head portion is visible to persons outside of the vehicle through one or more windows of the passenger vehicle. When placed in the up-right vertical position, the free-standing on-board safety device indicates the presence of a child, infant or pet in a back seat of the passenger vehicle.07-09-2009
20090172980Tower light display for gaming machine - An innovative approach to displaying gaming machine events and advertising for a gaming console is provided by replacing the commonly-used tower light with an integrated set of game and machine event indicators. The tower light may be used to display the actual game being played or, for example, the price of the game, and can be made of transparent material with separate indicator sections conveying game machine events and related information. The tower light is preferably controlled by a controller unit, with LED lights to light up the indicators.07-09-2009
20120102797LED ASSEMBLY HAVING IMPROVED DISCERNIBILITY, AN ATTACHMENT METHOD FOR THE SAME, AND A SIGNBOARD AND TRAFFIC SAFETY DISPLAY BOARD TO WHICH THE SAME HAS BEEN ATTACHED - The present invention relates to an LED assembly and products using the same. More specifically, the present invention relates to an LED assembly having improved discernibility from the far distance and near distance and from the front and sides, which is covered with a light-passing unit having a thin-film light-passing part and a thick-film light-passing part such that scattering of light is prevented and in which the light irradiation range is specified by the size of the light-passing unit such that light can penetrate far from the thin-film light-passing part but, even so, glare directly in front of the front surface of the LED is softened and, because the medium in the thick-film light-passing part is thick, some of the light passing through the medium is reflected on the inside and the light can also reach the side surfaces. The present invention also relates to signboards and traffic safety display boards using the LED assembly.05-03-2012
20120102798LIGHTING DEVICE - The lighting apparatus 05-03-2012
20120042549LED illuminated header valance with front illumination and downward directional lighting - A LED Illuminated header valance system to provide front illumination for graphic communication and downward lighting may include a transformer housing to power a LED light array, an extension arm housing to house the LED light array to provide a downward projecting light, a header mounting assembly to detachably connect the header valance system to the retail environment. The transformer housing may include a power cord to connect to a second header valance system, and the transformer housing may include a power outlet to connect to the power cord and the LED edge-lit panel.02-23-2012
20120000104LED STRIP FOR SMALL CHANNEL LETTERS - A light emitting diode, LED, strip (01-05-2012
20120011753POLYGONAL ILLUMINATED HAND SIGN - An illuminated hand sign system for providing traffic information when there is no availability of permanently installed sign, for example at a traffic accident or a short term road construction site. The system containing a handle supporting a two-sided sign portion formed of two sign halves each providing a different bit of traffic information, and an illuminating element located in between the two sign halves, and a power source for the illuminating element. A switch is provided to activate the illuminating element so as to render the traffic information more visible both during the day and at night.01-19-2012
20120011754ILLUMINATION PANEL - An illumination panel comprising a transparent core having opposing surfaces, a matrix of light releasing dots substantially covering one surface, and a protective layer in abutting contact with said surface whereby the dots act as an adhesive bonding the core to the protective layer.01-19-2012
20110179683Efficient LED sign or display illumination methods using overlapped modules on grids to increase sign or display surface brightness while obtaining better thermal management - A concept for reducing the distance between LED lamps and illuminated surface to produce high-brightness signs is disclosed. Currently, most electric-signs place LED modules at the cabinet enclosure base. Since enclosures are deep, surface illumination from LEDs drops significantly. LEDs are therefore driven at high currents for adequate brightness, degrading their lifetime. This invention reduces the gap G between LEDs and the sign-face, increasing surface illumination exponentially. Another benefit: light forwarded from LEDs produces no heat! No frontal thermal management is needed and a small G suffices. However, LEDs produce heat at the back, requiring thermal management. By placing LEDs closer to the sign-face, the distance increases between LEDs and the base, allowing for air flow and heat-sinking room. The proposed method increases LED-module density by overlapping two modules on a grid-node; these modules are mutually orthogonal, while both are orthogonal to the surface-normal. The higher density provides uniform illumination.07-28-2011
20120159819Angle and Alignment Adjusting Method for a Display - A light-emitting display system has an alignment mechanism to align or angle light-emitting tiles of the display. A first tile connects to a second tile by joining a first clamp portion on the first tile with a second clamp portion on the second tile. In an implementation, the alignment mechanism includes a replaceable angle adjustment insert that is inserted into at least one of the clamp portions, such as the first clamp portion. When the first and second clamp portions are joined, a surface of the second clamp portion presses against the insert and a desired angle between the first and second tile is formed. The insert can have any angle so that any desired angle can be formed between the first and second tiles.06-28-2012
20120159818METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING A SIMULATED NEON SIGN - A lighting apparatus for simulating a neon sign and method of making is provided. An outer housing having a central opening and defining a perimeter of the lighting apparatus can be connected with an inner housing configured as a plurality of symbols for conveying a message. Mounted within the interior of the outer and inner housing can be a series of lighting units such as SMD light emitting diodes. Respective outer housing and inner housing can have a cross-sectional inverted U-shape capped by a base member with the upper member having a curved diffuser for transmitting light through a transmissive plastic resin while integrally mounted black or opaque straight legs of a U-shape can enhance the simulated neon glow.06-28-2012
20100050488SIGNAGE SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a signage system (03-04-2010
20080276507Lighted signage using reflected light behind the signage - An apparatus and method for displaying back-lighted images to viewers moving along a path of travel past viewing boxes containing transparent images illuminated by substantially vertical light sources which are then reflected to obtain a shallow light box depth relative to the transparent images, the light sources being located behind the transparent images, relative to the viewer.11-13-2008
20120090206HitchPix - The invention displays manually inserted themed artwork in a plastic unit which is inserted into a standard 2″ hitch box at rear of vehicle. The full color themed artwork is visible when brake light is off and enhanced when brake light is on. The unit body contains the LED light, reflective background, red colored plastic light diffuser, and electrical pigtail connector which plugs into the vehicle's 12 volt DC receptacle. Unit has a unique clear acrylic swing-down door that holds the acetate artwork in a built-in channel immediately behind the door. Unique acetate artwork is manually interchangeable. A square foam washer takes up tolerance between the metal hitch box and the plastic unit body. An O-ring mounted around the inside of the clear acrylic door provides a weather-tight seal protecting internal parts and artwork acetates.04-19-2012
20120240434DISPLAY DEVICE - The present invention provides a display device, including a display plate having a front surface and a back surface located on a side opposite to the front surface, a transparent material through which a light is transmissive being formed into the plate-like display plate; a printed member disposed on the back surface of the display plate so as to have a display portion formed therein, a first portion through which a light is transmissive and a second portion through which the light is non-transmissive being formed in the printed member by carrying out printing, the display portion being composed of at least one of a symbol, a character and a pattern by the first and second portions; and a radiating portion for radiating a light to the display portion from a portion on a side opposite to the display plate with respect to the printed member.09-27-2012
20080222932Display cabinet for light emitting diode lights and method of use - An LED light display cabinet include a fan mounted in the interior of a cabinet housing. The fan draws air into the housing via one or more outside air inlets, and exhausts it to atmosphere via a chamber. A chamber is formed adjacent the rear door of cabinet and includes an opening in communication with the fan outlet and includes second air inlets, and baffles. The chamber permits outside air to be drawn into the chamber to cool the interior of the cabinet and exhausted out the rear of the cabinet. If the fan does not operate, air can still be drawn through the chamber for cabinet cooling.09-18-2008
20130111790ENERGY-SAVING BILLBOARD MODULE - An energy-saving billboard module includes a solar energy module, a billboard, a light-emitting element, a storage cell, and a controller, which are accommodated in an outer frame. The billboard is adhered on the solar energy module and has transparent patterns. A light sensor is disposed on a top of the outer frame for sensing the luminance of sunlight to generate a sensing signal. The solar energy module receives sunlight and generates an electric power to charge the storage cell for outputting another electric power. The controller and the light sensor are supplied with the electric power outputted from the storage cell. The electric power of the storage cell is controlled by the controller based on the sensing signal so as to enable the light-emitting element to generate an emitting light for irradiating onto the billboard, so that the patterns of the billboard can be displayed.05-09-2013
20110265360Light film device - A light film apparatus having an illuminated graphics panel with at least two segments that can be individually powered. A controller manages a power which is delivered from a power supply to each of the segments, so that each of the segments is either powered on, powered off or powered to an intermediate level. With the independent control of power to the different segments, it is possible to create a three-dimensional appearance of a moving image from a generally two-dimensional panel arrangement. A housing can be mounted so that the graphics panel abuts or is closely mounted to a mounting surface.11-03-2011
20110308120LED ASSEMBLY HAVING IMPROVED VISIBILITY, ITS ATTACHING METHOD AND BANNER USING IT - The present invention relates to an LED assembly and a banner using the same. In particular, the present invention relates to an LED assembly, an attaching method of the same, and a banner using the same to prevent light from scattering by covering an LED with a light-permeable part which comprises light-permeable thin and thick films and to limit light emission range to the size of the light-permeable part, wherein the light-permeable thin film transmits light a long distance and also releases intense light directly in front of the front side of the LED, and the light-permeable thick film transmits the light laterally by reflecting a part of the light, which passes through a medium, inside, because the medium is thick, thereby improving shapability and visibility from a long distance to a short distance.12-22-2011
20120085006LIGHTING FIXTURE COMPRISING INTEGRATED TILE ARRAY - A lighting fixture comprising a mounting frame adapted to be mounted to a vertical mounting surface. The mounting frame supports a panel. The panel may include decorative indicia on a front surface thereof. Further, the panel may include an array of tiles thereon. The lighting fixture also comprises a mounting frame adapted to support the panel and a plurality of support arms projecting from the mounting frame. Each of the arms supports at least one lamp socket. The lighting fixture further comprises a secondary light source coupled to the mounting frame at a location between the front surface of the panel and the wall. The lighting fixture comprises control electronics adapted to selectively apply power to the light source and the at least one lamp socket. In some embodiments, the secondary light source is responsive to an activation signal from at least one of a presence detector and a photodetector.04-12-2012
20130205626LED LIGHTING DEVICE WITH BACKUP SWITCHING FUNCTION - An LED lighting device with backup switching function has a device main body, configured with at least one LED fitting part and one power supply part. At least one LED component is configured on the LED fitting part and has a main lighting circuit. A backup lighting circuit is fitted inside the same LED component as the main lighting circuit or inside a different LED component. A backup switching processor is electrically connected to and fitted between the main lighting circuit and backup lighting circuit and is connected to the power supply. Based on the automatic detection function of the backup switching processor, in case of short circuit or broken circuit of the main lighting circuit, the switching processor will automatically switch to the backup lighting circuit and maintain continuous lighting of the LED component, and consequently increase the lifecycle of the LED component and reduce repair frequency and cost.08-15-2013

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