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037452000 Tooth or adaptor 89
037450000 Removable digging edge having integral tooth adaptor 4
20090320333TOOTH AND ADAPTOR FOR DREDGING MACHINE - The tooth and adaptor for dredging machines object of the present invention relates to a tooth or wear member which, attached to an adaptor or adaptor member, creates an assembly the purpose of which is to deepen and clean the beds of ports, rivers, channels, etc., removing therefrom sludge, stones, sand, etc., the adaptors being attached to the blades of the propellers and thus forming the cutter head of the dredging machine. The constructive features of the coupling between the tooth and the tooth bar or adaptor allow making better use of the cutting material of the tooth and a simple and quick replacement thereof in the adaptor, between other advantages.12-31-2009
20100162594Quick Release Screw Connector For Earth-Moving Equipment - A connector for earth-moving equipment subjected to contact with earth, abrasive materials and the like has a nut with a body and a hole extending through the body. A bolt with a shank adapted to extend into the hole has an enlarged head at one end of the shank. Cooperating thread formations are defined on the shank and in the hole. The thread formations have cooperating matching cross-sections that decrease from a vicinity of the head of the screw towards the other end of the screw and that extend over a circumference of less than 360° and typically of no more than 270°. The connector is adapted to connect various components, including teeth and adapters, to each other and to lips at the front end of earth moving buckets and the like.07-01-2010
20120131820WEARING ELEMENT WITH ENHANCED WEAR RESISTANCE - Wearing element with enhanced wear resistance related to wearing elements, such as cast steel teeth to be specially used in machinery for earth-moving, ground-engaging and/or rock-cutting applications, as well as to inserts to be included within the wearing elements, to enhance their wear resistance thus prolonging their service life05-31-2012
20080201995Excavator attachment apparatus for loader bucket - An excavator attachment apparatus for converting a loader bucket to an excavator bucket and from an excavator bucket back to a loader bucket includes an elongate mounting bar to be connected only to the side walls of the bucket and extend along the lip of the bucket between the side walls, and a plurality of teeth connected to the mounting bar, with each tooth having an open groove extending into the tooth, the groove to be extended over the lip of the bucket to firmly hold the excavator attachment on the lip of the bucket without direct connection to the lip.08-28-2008
037460000 Specific material (e.g., specialty steel, heat treatment of material, specific hardness test) 2
20090071042Grader blade with tri-grade insert assembly on the leading edge - A grader blade includes a grader blade body that has a recess in a bottom edge, and a tri-grade insert assembly is received within the recess. The tri-grade insert assembly includes a leading insert, a mediate insert and a trailing insert. The leading insert has an impact wear resistance and fracture wear resistance greater than the mediate insert and the trailing insert. The trailing insert has an abrasion wear resistance and down-pressure wear resistance greater than the leading insert and the mediate insert. The mediate insert has an impact wear resistance and fracture wear resistance greater than the trailing insert and an abrasion wear resistance and down-pressure wear resistance greater than the leading insert.03-19-2009
20130145660ROLLED STEEL LIP FOR AN EXCAVATOR BUCKET - A lip for excavator buckets that is manufactured of rolled steel which gives it better mechanical properties than cast lips, achieving a better weight and decreasing manufacturing times. The lip has a machined slot formed in each nose. The slots allow the deformity and wear of the noses to be verified, facilitating repair operations.06-13-2013
037451000 Distinct wear element mounted between teeth 1
20090217556Lock For Securing Wear Parts To Earth-Working Equipment - A lock for securing a wear part to earth-working equipment that is foldable between a retaining position to hold the wear part to the equipment and a release position that permits removal of the lock and release of the wear part from the equipment. The lock includes a retainer for releasably holding the lock in the retaining position. The retainer may comprise a threaded wedge received into a complementary threaded passage.09-03-2009
037447000 Oscillating or reciprocating 1
20110308117NIPPER - Provided is a vibration-type nipper. The vibration-type nipper comprises a body including a vibration space and a coupling unit for coupling with a boom positioned at an upper portion or a fixing bracket of heavy equipment, a housing positioned in the vibration space and including a vibrator, a plurality of supporting means supported to opposite sides of the housing and the body corresponding to the housing and supporting the housing allowing the housing to vibrate, a nipper blade installed on the housing and extending downwards, and vibration-dampening means mounted on the body at an upper portion of the vibration space and distributing vibration generated when the housing collides with the body due to elevation of the housing.12-22-2011
20090056174Soil slicing spade bit and machine using same - Soil is captured into a bowl attached to a frame of a scraper machine by maneuvering the machine while a cutting bit attached to the bowl slices through the underlying soil. The bowl is supported on the frame, and the soil cutting is accomplished via a spade bit attached to the bowl at a cut opening. The spade bit has a cutting edge with a forward protrusion flanked by swept back segments. A top surface of the spade bit may be contoured with a central ridge flanked by a twist contour surface to urge soil towards opposite sides of the bowl.03-05-2009
20130212916Wear Assembly - A wear assembly with strain relief protects exposed surfaces of excavating equipment such as a bucket lip. Wear components may include a seat where loads are applied, welding flanges flanking the seat on opposite ends of the component welded to the equipment, and strain relief areas between each welding flange and the seat. The strain relief balances stresses from loading in the wear assembly across the weld flange to limit cracking from stress concentrations. Strain relief may include modification of material properties or modification of component configuration to reduce stiffness of the component between the weld flanges and the seat.08-22-2013
20090107016Method and apparatus for attaching a work tool to a loader - A restraint apparatus is provided for limiting pivotal movement of an attachment receiver of a loader when the attachment receiver is coupled to a mounting frame of a work tool.04-30-2009
20110131843Wear Assembly - A wear assembly for securing a wear member to excavating equipment that includes a base having a nose and a wear member having a socket. The nose and socket are each provided with one or more complementary stabilizing surfaces in central portions thereof.06-09-2011
20130008062WEAR ASSEMBLY FOR AN EXCAVATOR BUCKET - A wear assembly for an excavator bucket comprises a cast lip, a lower wing shroud and a retaining member. The cast lip includes two upstanding wing plates. Each wing plate has a wing face on a side of the wing plate and a plate retaining formation formed on the wing face. The plate retaining formation has a plate retaining face. The wing shroud is mounted to the wing plate. The wing shroud includes a shroud retaining formation having a shroud retaining face. The retaining member includes a first bearing formation having a first face opposing and engaging the shroud retaining face, and a second bearing formation having a second face opposing and engaging the plate retaining face. The retaining member has a longitudinal axis extending between the first bearing formation and the second bearing formation. The longitudinal axis is located in a plane substantially parallel to the wing face.01-10-2013

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