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037266000 Scraper blade 40
037231000 With specific means to facilitate connection to, or disconnection from, vehicle 39
037197000 Process 30
037244000 Motorized rotary excavating tool 22
037219000 Snow or ice surface groomer 18
037232000 Vehicle mount with obstacle responsive trip, or yieldable tool (e.g., brush) 8
037234000 Including specific hydraulic control system to position implement 6
037264000 Scoop 6
037241000 Combined or convertible 5
20120279093COMBINATION SNOW BLOWER AND PLOW, AND RETROFIT KIT - A combination snow blower and plow apparatus provides at least two operating configurations including (i) a standard-width snow blowing configuration, and (ii) an expanded-width plowing and blowing configuration. Optionally, the apparatus may further be capable of an expanded-width snow plowing configuration. In some embodiments, the apparatus includes a pair of snow-pushing plate assemblies that are pivotably attached to a snow blower mechanism, and are repositionable or reconfigurable to provide different plowing or blowing configurations, such as by directing snow into a snow blower intake or by pushing an accumulation of snow ahead of the blower mechanism. In other embodiments, the apparatus includes a pair of removable snow-pushing wings. The snow-pushing plate assemblies may be configured as a kit for retrofitting existing snow blowers. Optionally, inlet-blocking plates may be used to block the snow blower intake and form a substantially continuous plow across the front of the snow blower mechanism.11-08-2012
20110247245Apparatus for Multi-Functional Snow Use - An apparatus for multi-functional snow use. In a first orientation, the apparatus can be used to shovel snow, while in a second orientation, the apparatus can be used for recreational sledding. The apparatus is not reconfigured but rather simply reoriented depending on the apparatus' intended use. The apparatus has a substantially-planar base with first and second lengthwise-extending end edges, first and second widthwise-extending side edges, and top and bottom surfaces. Each side edge has at least one handle. A flange is fixed to the first end edge and oriented upwardly at a relief angle relative to the base. The flange may also include a hand grip. A blade is fixed to the second end edge.10-13-2011
20090293320SNOW BLOWER WITH EDGE BLADES - The combination of a snow blower and edge blades. The snow blower of the type having an auger housing which includes a back wall, a planar left vertical wall and a planar right vertical wall wherein the walls defining the housing of the auger. The planar left vertical wall includes a left forward edge and the planar right vertical wall includes a right forward edge. There is an edge blade affixed to each outer side of the vertical walls proximate the forward edges; wherein the edge blades include a cutting face with a leading edge spaced form the vertical wall thereby creating a snow gap between the vertical walls and a snow removal edge.12-03-2009
20100132229Powered Implement Machine - A user-walk-behind self-propelled implement machine having a frame, a motor, a handle, and a plurality of wheels. The machine may operate one of a plurality of implements, including a shovel blade, a hitch, an aerator, a dethatcher, a lawn sweeper, a spreader, a wheel barrow, or a lawn mower. The implement may also be a sweeping brush, and wherein the brush is driven to rotate by a belt attached to the motor. The machine has a receiver to connecting the implement to the frame. The motor drives axles. Tiller tines or wheels are connected to the axles. When the implement is a shovel, a user operates the shovel by engaging the motor and steering the shovel to plow snow from a surface.06-03-2010
037227000 With melter 4
20090307936PORTABLE SNOW BLOWER - An apparatus for removal of at least one of snow and ice from a surface includes a housing having a predetermined shape, at least one intake port and a discharge port and a handle engageable with the housing for carrying and operating the apparatus. A heating member is mounted adjacent the discharge port and a powered blower is disposed within the housing for drawing air through the at least one intake port and exhausting the air through at least a portion of the heating means and through the discharge port, whereby the exhausted air is heated by the heating means. A nozzle is engageable with the housing adjacent the discharge port for applying the exhausted heated air under pressure onto the at least one of snow and ice and a control switch is provided for selectively activating and deactivating the powered blower.12-17-2009
20100313451SNOW REMOVAL VEHICLE - A snow removal vehicle is described and it has an enclosed snow melting chamber provided with a plurality of high pressure steam jets which are connected to one or more steam generators. The enclosed snow melting chamber has a water collecting reservoir in a lower portion thereof below a bottom wall of the snow melting chamber. The bottom wall has passages to channel water from the snow melting chamber to the water collecting reservoir. The vehicle body has a front entry opening communicating with the snow melting chamber and an auger screw is mounted in the front entry opening to eject snow inside a forward end of the snow melting chamber. Snow propelling wheels are secured along at least a front end portion of the snow melting chamber to propel snow ejected from the auger along the snow melting chamber for contact by the high pressure steam to melt the snow. An outlet evacuating valve is provided to evacuate water collected in the water collecting reservoir. The vehicle may also be equipped with a hopper shute for use in a stationary mode to melt snow dumped in the shute.12-16-2010
20090217554ENCLOSED SNOW MELT SYSTEM - An upright induction chamber (09-03-2009
20090282707Snow melting and removal machine - A snow melting and removal machine includes a cart carrier movable by hand, the cart carrier including a support frame, front and back wheels and a handle that a user holds to control the direction and speed of the cart carrier. A heating system is mounted upon the cart carrier. The heating system includes a torch assembly comprising torches, wherein the torch assembly is coupled to a gas tank feeding gas through a controller to the torch assembly, wherein flames emitted from the torches directly contact ice and snow thereby melting same. A distribution assembly is provided for treatment of melted snow and ice to prevent the accumulation of ice on the cleared surfaces.11-19-2009
037235000 Vehicle mount including power lift 3
20120233892Riser for a snow blowing attachment - A riser for a snow blowing attachment has a snow blowing attachment frame including a wheel axle and two spaced attachment arms extending perpendicularly therefrom; a pair of wheels rotationally connected to the wheel axle and adapted to support the snow blowing attachment frame above a driving surface. A pair of spaced parallel elongated connecting members each pivotally connected to the spaced attachment arms and adapted to be removably connected to two lower points of a three point hitch. A wishbone frame member having two spaced distal ends respectively pivotally connected to the spaced attachment arms, and a proximal end positioned a distance from the wheel axle. A stem member attached at one end to the proximal end of the wishbone frame and extending in substantially the same direction as the two spaced attachment arms.09-20-2012
20090119954SELF POWERED LANDSCAPING ATTACHMENT FOR VEHICLE - A snowplow or other landscaping implement for mounting by a single point attachment such as a trailer hitch receiver on a host platform or the rear of a vehicle. The implement includes a main battery for intermittently powering a mechanical actuator or blade lifting mechanism where the functions are remotely controlled by the vehicle or host platform operator controlling at least one solenoid for switching on main battery power when needed. There is also a main battery trickle charging system connectible for power to an electrical circuit on the host platform or vehicle through a connector, and configured to draw only a limited level of current only when the main battery needs it and the source electrical circuit can readily provide it.05-14-2009
20120030974SNOWGROOMER INCLUDING A WINCH ASSEMBLY TO AID HANDLING OF THE SNOWGROOMER ON STEEP SLOPES, AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE WINCH ASSEMBLY - A snow groomer, equipped with a winch assembly to aid handling of the snow groomer on steep slopes, has a frame; a user interface; a control unit; and the winch assembly, which has a support structure fixed or connected to the frame, a drum that rotates with respect to the support structure about an axis, a cable fixed or connected at one end to the drum and wound about the drum, an actuator assembly for rotating the drum about the axis, and a sensor for determining the position of the drum about the axis; the control unit being configured to control the cable as a function of the position of the drum and the geometry of the drum.02-09-2012
037198000 Railway clearer 2
20130025168System Adapted For One or More Electrically Propellable Vehicles (A Snow Plough Arrangement) - The present invention comprises a snow plough arrangement (01-31-2013
20100251579RAILROAD SNOW REMOVAL SYSTEM - A snow removal system wherein snow removers located in remote locations can be monitored and controlled at a computing device. Data collected by sensors on the snow removal unit or data collected from a secondary source can be used to control the operation of the snow removers. In one embodiment, data regarding whether it is snowing at a particular location can be collected by moister sensors on the snow removal device and verified by on-line contemporaneous weather reports corresponding to the same location.10-07-2010
037285000 Manually powered 1
20130199061SNOW REMOVAL DEVICE - A plow device includes a plow member and a handle that is pivotally connected to the plow member. The plow member is generally U-shaped, and retains snow or other loose material as the U-shaped member slides over a ground surface.08-08-2013
037225000 With compressor die 1
20080307680Snow Block Forming & Transportation Device & Method of Use Thereof - A new snow block forming & transportation device & method of use thereof which generally comprises a main block form housing body, a main housing body integrated handle, an internal cap spring, a spring well, a snow release push button cap, a snow release plunger shaft, a plunger and plunger plate, and a snow shaping trowel, and which allows a user to easily and quickly create, transport, and position, uniformly shaped block of snow for the use of creating snow structures.12-18-2008
20100236106Snowblower Attachment - A snowblower attachment includes a protective guard plate and attached skids for keeping an impeller of a snowblower from contacting the ground below the snowblower.09-23-2010
20090282706V-Blade Snow Plow With Improved Cutting Edge - A snow plow assembly comprises an A-frame assembly, a V-blade assembly pivoted to one end of the A-frame assembly, and a lift frame assembly pivoted to the other end of the A-frame assembly, the lift frame assembly adapted to be removably attached to a vehicle. The V-blade assembly comprises a pair of blades hinged together along inboard ends thereof, each blade of the pair of blades including first and second cutting edge plates removably secured to the blade, the first cutting edge plate fabricated of a first material, the second cutting edge plate fabricated of a second material, the first material having a greater resistance to abrasion wear than the second material.11-19-2009
20110258887JET SNOW CLEARING DEVICE - A jet snow clearing device including a housing unit having an intake, a hot air jet nozzle and a combustion chamber, a high-pressure blower unit including a drive motor, a transmission shaft and an axial fan, a fuel injection unit including a fuel inlet pipe connected to the combustion chamber and at least one nozzle connected to the fuel inlet pipe, and an ignition unit including an igniter connected to the housing unit and positioned in the combustion chamber is provided.10-27-2011

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