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036 - Boots, shoes, and leggings

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036500100 Closure 75
036047000 Blanks 11
036055000 Linings 2
20110047823WATERPROOF/BREATHABLE MOISTURE TRANSFER LINER FOR SNOWBOARD BOOTS, ALPINE BOOTS, HIKING BOOTS AND THE LIKE - The waterproof/breathable moisture transfer liner for a snowboard boot includes an inner liner selected from technically advanced fabrics which are carefully selected. A series of layers are provided outside the inner liner including foam material layers, breathable membranes, a supportive mesh or a moldable foam, and an outer shell fabric. The applicability of the liner to alpine, cross country and hiking boots, along with appropriate variations for each application.03-03-2011
20120073163Boot - The present invention relates to a boot comprising an outer layer and an inner layer, wherein an intermediate layer which can comfort the user better while wearing is arranged between the outer layer and inner layer. When a user is wearing the boot, such boot can make the user's foot more comfortable.03-29-2012
036460500 Prepared for lasting 1
20090044425Footwear and Related Methods of Manufacturing Same - Footwear and related methods of manufacturing the same are provided herein. In one embodiment of the present disclosure, a method of manufacture of footwear is provided. The method includes providing a upper, the upper defining a lower perimeter. An outsole is provided, the outsole including a lip extending along the upper perimeter of the outsole. A thread is stitched through the lower perimeter of the upper and at least a portion of the lip of the outsole whereby a foot receiving space is defined between the upper and the outsole. A last is inserted into the foot receiving space defined by the upper and the outsole to set the shape of the upper.02-19-2009
036057000 Seams, stays and pipings 1
20110088284Detachable Shoe Cover For Open Toe Shoe Or Boot - The present invention provides a detachable, partial shoe/boot cover to be an accessory to open toe post -operative shoes and cam walker boots, as well as other open toe type shoes and or boots. The detachable shoe cover consists of a base, a cover, and a hook and loop attachment system. The base is made of a rigid, yet flexible material allowing it to form to the shape of the shoe it will be attached to. The base is sized to stretch from interior mid-point of the shoe sole to the exterior mid-point of the shoe sole around the toe of the shoe. The cover will be attached to the base and made of soft, flexible fabric. The hook and loop attachment system will allow the cover to be attached to the shoe and easily removed when needed. The cover allows the wearer some comfort and protection from the elements of weather and helps prevent foreign matter from infiltrating an open toe shoe/boot.04-21-2011
036056000 Pulls 1
20120180338SHOE CONVENIENTLY PUT ON AND TAKEN OFF - A shoe that is conveniently put on and taken off includes an outsole, an upper, a supporting piece, and a guiding piece. The upper is attached on the outsole and has a counter and a collar extending upward from the counter and configured as a shoehorn. The supporting piece is attached to the counter and the collar of the upper. The guiding piece is attached to an instep of the upper. Because of the supporting piece having a predetermined hardness and the collar having a shape like a shoehorn, the rear of the upper can be served as a shoehorn for helping a user's foot in slipping into the shoe. In addition, the guiding piece can avoid the instep of the upper from becoming crease and unsmooth. As a result, the shoe is convenient for the user to put on without bending his back and using his hand.07-19-2012
20130025157Upper with Zonal Contouring and Fabrication of Same - A composite panel portion of an upper may include a contouring element located between a backing and an outer panel. The outer panel conforms to the contouring element and the backing so as to form a raised contour.01-31-2013
20130031800Shoe Vamp - A shoe vamp includes an inner fabric layer including a pattern of decoration on an outer surface; an outer thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) layer including a transparent zone which is transparent when subjecting to heat, the transparent zone being formed on the pattern of decoration; and an intermediate perforated layer formed between the fabric layer and the TPE layer.02-07-2013
20100107441Shoe with writing surface - A shoe is provided with a writing surface so that temporary expressive indicia can be applied to the shoe. The writing surface is preferably in the form of a side surface of the shoe extending between a tread and a foot contacting surface of the shoe. The side surface is preferably formed of patent leather compatible with a dry erase marker provided as a writing implement. In a most preferred form of the invention, the shoe includes a bore which acts as a housing for the marker or other writing implement to conveniently store the writing implement when not in use. The bore or other housing also keeps the writing implement fresh by sealing the writing implement within the bore when not in use, especially when the writing implement is a dry erase marker.05-06-2010
20090094857Method and apparatus to stretch shoe uppers - An improved shoe stretching apparatus is configured to facilitate ready operation of the apparatus inside a shoe while minimizing the hand strength required to use the apparatus.04-16-2009
20130055590Article of Footwear Including Upper Having a Mesh Material - An article of footwear includes include an upper and a mesh material. The mesh material may be incorporated into the upper. The mesh material may include high tensile strength strands and non-high tensile strength strands. The high tensile strength strands and non-high tensile strength strands may interlock so that the high tensile strength strands are substantially held in place. The mesh material may be provided as a woven material or a knitted material. The mesh material can have a stylish design, which can be a plaid pattern, herringbone pattern, seersucker pattern, or other pattern.03-07-2013
20130160323Shoe Upper Structure - A shoe upper structure includes an upper layer and a lower layer. The upper layer includes a slot and a plurality of shoelace holes. The upper layer further includes a plurality of blocks having patterns thereon. The lower layer is engaged with an inner surface of the upper layer and can be connected with a shoe sole. Front ends of the lower and upper layers are associated to form a front closing edge, and rear ends of the lower and upper layers are associated to form a rear closing edge. Two sides of the lower layer are spaced from two sides of the upper layer so that the upper layer can be stretched up, and a rear section of the slot can form a heel opening. The upper and lower layers and the front and rear closing edges are integrally formed with elastomeric yarns by a warp knitting machine.06-27-2013
20120233883Forming Portion Of An Article From Fabrication Scrap, And Products Thereof - Material scraps can be collected and resized. The resized scrap can be distributed to create a recovered material layer, which layer (with or without one or more carrier layers and/or additional elements) can then be subjected to heat and/or pressure so as to create a pliable composite panel. That pliable composite panel, or a portion thereof, may then be used to create an upper shell or another article.09-20-2012
20120233882Article Of Footwear Incorporating A Knitted Component - An article of footwear may include an upper incorporating a knitted component. An inlaid strand extends through the knitted component. A combination feeder may be utilized to inlay the strand within the knitted component. As an example, the combination feeder may include a feeder arm that reciprocates between a retracted position and an extended position. In manufacturing the knitted component, the feeder inlays the strand when the feeder arm is in the extended position, and the strand is absent from the knitted component when the feeder arm is in the retracted position.09-20-2012
20120096742HEEL COUNTER SUPPORT FOR SHOE - A heel counter support for a shoe can allow a wearer to conveniently put on various kinds of shoes, such as low shoes, athletic shoes and a shoehorn, and can prevent the heel counter from being bent. The heel counter support, which is embedded in the uppers of a heel counter of the shoe, includes: a support member that is formed in the same arc as the heel counter as being viewed from the plane, is joined to a lower end of a shoe sole, and is made of rigid synthetic resin; and an arc-shaped tension-maintaining portion that is joined to an upper end portion of the support member and is made of soft synthetic resin to thereby naturally raise the heel counter up. The tension-maintaining portion has an upper end that is bent a little forward so that a wearer can easily insert the foot into the shoe.04-26-2012
20120023777Footwear And Other Products Incorporating Cultured Leather - A variety of products may incorporate cultured leather, which is produced in vitro. Examples of products that may incorporate cultured leather include footwear, apparel, athletic equipment, furniture, handbags or any other consumer or industrial product that commonly incorporates conventional leather or synthetic leather.02-02-2012
20110138656FOOTWEAR WITH IMPROVED UPPER - A boot including a sole assembly and an upper, the boot extending lengthwise from a rear end to a front end, widthwise between a lateral side and a medial side, and heightwise from the sole assembly up to an upper end, the boot including a first envelope that extends along a lower portion and an upper portion. For at least one of the lateral side and medial side, the first envelope includes a front lower flap, a rear lower flap, as well as a rear upper flap, the front lower flap partially extending along the rear lower flap, and the rear upper flap partially extending along the rear lower flap, the front lower flap and rear upper flap extending along the same surface of the rear lower flap.06-16-2011
20110088282Composite Shoe Upper and Method of Making Same - A bonded mesh composite panel of an upper includes a substrate layer formed from a substrate material, a mesh material layer and one or more skin material layers. The mesh composite can be fabricated by first arranging panels of substrate, mesh and skin layer material into an assembly corresponding to the locations of those panels in a completed upper. The assembly may include separate layers of hot melt bonding material interposed between the substrate, mesh and skin layers. The assembly is pressed at an elevated temperature so as to melt the bonding material and the skin layers and bond the elements together. Before the pressed assembly completely cools, it is then pressed a second time in an unheated press. A heat-conductive compressible pad can be used in the pressing process to create a surface effect in the skin layers that reveals a patterns of an underlying mesh layer.04-21-2011
20100236097PROCESS AND MACHINE FOR WATER PROOFING SEMIMANUFACTURED FOOTWEAR, CLOTHING ITEMS AND ACCESSORIES, AND SEMIMANUFACTURED PRODUCTS OBTAINED WITH SAID PROCESS OR MACHINE - A semimanufactured product including footwear, clothing items and accessories, which has a three-dimensional conformation with at least one inner surface and one outer surface. At least one waterproofing sheath entirely or partially covers the inner surface of the semimanufactured product, adheres to the inner surface by means of at least one glue layer and includes at least one piece of semi-permeable membrane. The at least one piece of semi-permeable membrane is cut with a size of the inner surface of the semimanufactured product and is folded so as to superimpose two edges which are welded to form at least one strip and to give the waterproofing sheath a three-dimensional conformation similar to the semimanufactured product.09-23-2010
20100018075Composite Element With A Polymer Connecting Layer - A composite element includes a base layer, a thermoplastic polymer material, a thread, and a cover layer. The base layer has a first surface and an opposite second surface. The polymer material is separate from the base layer, extends into the base layer, and is at least partially located at the first surface. The thread has a section lying adjacent to the first surface layer and substantially parallel to the first surface throughout a distance of at least five centimeters, and the thread is bonded to the base layer with the polymer material. The cover layer is located adjacent to the first surface and bonded to the base layer with the polymer material, and the section of the thread is located between the cover layer and the base layer.01-28-2010
20120144698THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANE INFUSED MESH - Embodiments of the present invention relate to a thermoplastic polyurethane (“TPU”) infused mesh material that is molded to form at least a portion of a shoe. The TPU infused mesh may be formed as an upper, a portion of sole or other components of a shoe. The TPU infused mesh is formed, in an exemplary embodiment, through the application of liquid TPU to a surface of a spacer mesh. The liquid TPU infused spacer mesh is then cured, cut to a pattern, and heat molded to form a desired portion of the shoe. The heat molded TPU mesh is coupled to other portions of the shoe (e.g., sole) to form an article footwear in an exemplary embodiment.06-14-2012
20120005922ARTICLE OF FOOTWEAR HAVING A TEXTILE UPPER - An article of footwear and a method of manufacturing the article of footwear are disclosed. The footwear may include an upper and a sole structure. The upper incorporates a textile element with edges that are joined together to define at least a portion of a void for receiving a foot. The textile element may also have a first area and a second area with a unitary construction. The first area is formed of a first stitch configuration, and the second area is formed of a second stitch configuration that is different from the first stitch configuration to impart varying textures to a surface of the textile element. Various warp knitting or weft knitting processes may be utilized to form the textile element.01-12-2012
20120011742COMBINATION STRUCTURE FOR SHOE SHELL - A combination structure for a shoe shell has a shoe body, a toecap mounted on a front end of the shoe body and at least one connecting part disposed between the shoe body and the toecap. Each of the at least one connecting part has a female connector and a male connector formed respectively on the shoe body and the toecap and is mounted with each other. Connecting the toecap to the shoe body through the at least one connecting part is quick, process improvement and time saving. Furthermore, the toecap is attached securely to the shoe body and not easily detached from the shoe body.01-19-2012
20120186102Multi-layer Decorative Vamp and method of its Manufacture - A method for producing the multi-layer decorative vamp according to the first embodiment includes the steps of (a) providing a base, a first plate, and a second plate, which have been cut to a predetermined shape respectively; (b) arranging the base and the first and second plates in a predetermined order; (c) stacking the first and second plates and the base, and the first plate disposed between the base and the second plate to form a stacked array; (d) hot pressing the stacked array.07-26-2012
20120186103SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PRINTING A PATTERN ON FOOTWEAR - The invention provides a method for applying a pattern onto the upper of a shoe or other footwear. The footwear is preferably made by injection molding where raw materials are injected into a mold to form the shape of a footwear.07-26-2012
20110119957ARTICLE OF FOOTWEAR INCLUDING A COMPOSITE UPPER - An upper made of a composite material is disclosed. The composite material comprises a layer of carbon fiber material and a flexible substrate. The composite material also includes a thin outer coating of TPU. The upper is generally flexible and lightweight.05-26-2011
20120297642Shoe with Composite Upper and Method of Making the Same - Uppers for article of footwear may include one or more skin layers attached to a base layer, wherein the skin layers overlap with one another in varying ways (e.g., with a first skin layer overlaying a second skin layer at some locations and the second skin layer overlaying the first skin layer at other locations). If desired, at least one of the skin layers may be at least partially transparent or translucent. The skin layer(s) may be applied over other elements of the upper (e.g., other skin layers, base layers, reinforcing layers, etc.). Additional aspects of this invention relate to production of curved tongue composite structures and/or footwear having a bonded (hot melt) side seam for forming the upper (and optionally do not include a rear heel seam).11-29-2012
20130174446FUNCTION SCREEN PRINTING ON UPPER - Described are shoes, in particular a sports shoe, wherein at least a portion of an upper of the shoe includes a first layer and a functional second layer, wherein the functional second layer is directly printed onto the first layer.07-11-2013
20120255200Upper Structure for a Shoe - The upper structure for a shoe includes an upper body formed of stretchable material and covering at least the tiptoe of the foot of a shoe wearer. The structure further includes a toe pressing member located at a position corresponding to toes of the foot, surrounded by the upper body, and formed of non-stretchable material. The toe pressing member presses the toes of the foot from above when the toes of the foot come into contact with the backside of the upper body at the time of dorsal flexion of the foot.10-11-2012
20130152423Shoe Upper Material - A shoe upper material includes a raw material layer. The raw material layer has a thermoform layer through vacuum thermoforming disposed thereon. The upper surface of the thermoform layer protrudes from the upper surface of the raw material layer. The raw material layer is made of animal leather, artificial leather, or composite leather, with a thickness of 0.4-3.0 mm. A base fabric is disposed below the raw material layer, wherein the thickness of the base fabric is 0.1-2.8 mm; the thermoform layer can be vacuum thermoformed entirely with the upper surface of the raw material layer or be vacuum thermoformed with multiple portions of the upper surface of the raw material layer respectively. The thermoform layer include one of the upper medial, the upper lateral, the toe piece, the tongue piece, and the rear quarter or any combination of more than one. 06-20-2013
20130180129NOVEL METHOD - A method for treating an item which, in use, is subjected to flexing, to reduce its susceptibility to water penetration over time during use, said method comprising forming a water repellent coating or surface modification on the surface of the item by ionisation or activation technology.07-18-2013

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