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Shoe attachment (e.g., ornament, pocket, etc.)

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036 - Boots, shoes, and leggings

036083000 - BOOTS AND SHOES

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036137000 Light-reflecting or illuminating means 25
036139000 Noise maker 3
20130031808Shoe with push button (or squeezable) device to activate sound recording and LED's for entertainment, educational, teaching purposes or to enhance the theme of the shoe - When referring to “shoe” below, it is deemed to mean all types of footwear.02-07-2013
20090282703PSYCHOACOUSTIC FOOTWEAR - Psychoacoustic footwear includes a heel adapted to generate a sound during walking. The sound may be produced electronically or mechanically. In a mechanical implementation, the heel may include a chamber with an opening. A vibrating object within the heel, such as a tuning fork or key, emits an audible sound when the object is struck. A pendulum, hammer, or other mechanical device may be provided to controllably strike the object. Movement and contact with a hard surface during walking produces a distinctive sound that is subtle, yet audible to nearby bystanders. The sound draws attention of bystanders and may evoke favorable emotional reactions. The heel may be comprised of plastic, metal, wood or composites. Electrical implementations may include a speaker, sound producing and/or amplification circuitry, a power supply and a switch for generating or amplifying sound.11-19-2009
20090260261OVER-THE-SHOE DANCE TAP ATTACHMENT - An over-the-shoe tap plate carrying accessory slipper for tap dancers is a unitary molded slipper made of a stretchable elastic material having a top strap held relative to a sole by upright straps, and being stretchable to fit over a street shoe. The accessory slipper carries heel and toe tap plates that are removably affixed to the bottom of the sole of the accessory slipper, and which are attached with screws that are threaded into embedded nuts in the sole.10-22-2009
036138000 To facilitate removal or donning of shoe 1
20090217552Front-opening footwear systems - The present invention relates to articles with cavities capable of receiving objects as a result of extending an opening into a cavity capable of receiving the objects. For example, the opening in an article of footwear can be extended into the toe box to allow for the easier insertion and removal of a foot. The present invention also relates to systems that permit the article to be secured to the object after it has been inserted.09-03-2009
20130025165ATTACHING OBJECTS TO FOOTWEAR - A shoe or other type of footwear includes a foot covering through which a threaded connector part passes. An ornament or useable object includes a mating threaded connector, enabling attachment of the object to the footwear. A resilient ring or washer is positioned between the mating threaded connectors, and enables rotation of the object to a desired orientation after a sufficiently secure connection is formed between the object and the footwear.01-31-2013
20130025164METHOD AND ARTICLES FOR ADORNMENT OF FOOTWEAR - An adornment for application to an article of footwear includes a decorative element sized and shaped for conforming application about the quarter of a shoe and two or more fasteners operably affixed to the decorative element and adapted to removably affix the decorative element directly to the quarter of the shoe. The decorative element may be formed as a decorative panel, a decorative construct, a decorative strip or the like. In the case of a panel or construct, clips or clasps are used for engaging the cuff about the throat of the shoe. In the case of a decorative strip, a novel use of magnetic fasteners is disclosed.01-31-2013
20110192057Footwear Systems - Footwear systems, particularly sandals, wherein footwear portions for each foot when placed together are disguised and do not initially appear to be footwear. Such footwear may be utilized to encourage adjoining footwear storage by children and may also be used as toys when not utilized as footwear. The articles of footwear may resemble a tree, a palm tree, a light bulb, fish, an umbrella, a chess piece/chess pieces, a vehicle, a cloud, a cactus, a piece of fruit, a volleyball, a basketball, a baseball, a softball, a tennis ball, a golf ball, etc. Other designs include a lightning bolt, a star, a sea horse herds, a spoon and fork, flowers, a ladybug, birds, etc.08-11-2011
20090300948FOOTWEAR ADORNMENT, SYSTEM FOR ACCESSORIZING FOOTWEAR, AND METHODS THEREFOR - An adornment for an article of footwear having a forefoot portion that includes a thong portion adapted to be positioned between a wearer's toes, and a forefoot cover connected to the thong portion. The adornment includes a clip that has a legged structure having a pair of spaced apart legs, or elongate extensions, adapted to straddle a portion of the footwear and a mount supported relative to the elongate extensions. The adornment also includes a decorative accessory disposed on the mount and may be adapted to releasably engage the mount.12-10-2009
20120174443SHOE CHARM HOLDER DEVICE - A charm holder device for attaching charms to a heel breast of a shoe located between the shank and the heel of the shoe. The charm holder device includes an attachment portion attached to the shoe, a shoe engaging portion coupled to the attachment portion and a charm engaging portion with a charm keeper coupled to the shoe engaging portion. The charm keeper receives charms or beads. The attachment portion may be attached to the outsole of the shoe only or be in a bore located on the heel breast of the shoe and extending from the insole to the outsole.07-12-2012
20120174442Decorative Boot Clip - An interchangeable fashion accessory that is capable of attaching to the rim of a boot, giving the appearance of a customized look to the exterior of a boot without making permanent alterations. A support member will fasten the accessory to the boot, while a decorative member will provide ornamental and aesthetic improvements to the boot.07-12-2012
20100101117SHOE HAVING SECURELY PRINTED TAB - Provided is, among other things, a shoe having a sole that includes multiple layers and an upper attached to and extending above the sole. In addition, the shoe includes a tab having: (1) a first portion, located between adjacent layers of the sole and thus hidden from view, that is imprinted with identification information pertaining to the shoe and (2) a second portion that is visible during ordinary use of the shoe.04-29-2010
20130047471ARTICLE OF FOOTWEAR - The present disclosure provides an article of footwear including: a footwear upper formed of one or more pieces, each piece comprising one or more layers; and a footwear lower attached to the footwear upper to provide a sole supporting member to the article of footwear; wherein the one or more pieces used to form the footwear upper are molded into a three dimensional configuration. Also provided is a method for forming the same and an inner lining for an article of footwear.02-28-2013
20130086820FOOTWEAR HAVING INSECT REPELLENT - Footwear is disclosed. The footwear includes a sole. A strap is secured to the sole. The strap aids in retaining the footwear on an individual's foot. The footwear further includes an insect repellent. The insect repellent may be on a strip. The strip is retained on the strap. The strip can be removed from the strap and replaced with a different strip. One of the strap or insect repellent strip has at least one opening for disposition about a post contained on the other of the strap or the insect repellent strip.04-11-2013
20130086819Women's Boot Wallet and Pocket System - A women's boot wallet with additional pockets, generally disposed of laterally and formed within the inner lining of the footwear. Designed for storing items such as, keys, credit cards, identification and/or other specialized inserts. These pockets eliminate the need to carry a handbag, limiting the risk of having these items lost or stolen. In one embodiment the object to be stored is placed directly into an open recess along the side of the shoe near the upper portion of the calf, such as a cell phone. In another embodiment, a series of recesses are created to form a wallet for inserting credit cards and the like. Attached to this wallet is a small pocket made of flexible material generally enclosed through the use of a zipper or Velcro™. This pocket system may be used as a permanent fixture to the boot or as a removable system of pockets.04-11-2013
20100269373SHOE TYING AID AND METHOD - A shoe can be tied using only one hand if provided with a tying aid in the form of a generally T-shaped unit comprising a leg having two laterally extending ears. The leg is secured between rows of eyelets on the opposed flaps of the shoe by one or more of the lengths of lace extending across the gap between the flaps. The lengths of shoelace that would otherwise be tied in a bow are instead wrapped around the ears of the tying aid in alternating fashion, preferably twice around each ear, in a manner similar to the manner in which a mooring line is secured to the cleat of a boat.10-28-2010
20130055595FOOTWEAR CONSTRUCTION - A footwear article having a cartridge enclosing a fluid, the cartridge including a cartridge inlet and a cartridge outlet, and a fluid circulation system for circulating the fluid into the cartridge inlet and out of the cartridge outlet. The fluid circulation system may include a pump having a pump inlet in fluid communication with the cartridge outlet and a pump outlet in fluid communication with the cartridge inlet. Preferably, the cartridge further encloses particulate matter suspendable in the fluid. The pump may be a bellows pump. The cartridge is preferably interchangeable and can be attached and detached from the footwear article.03-07-2013
20130061497Lace Tag For Footwear - An article for mounting on a lace of an article of footwear is provided. The article may include a first wall disposed in a first plane and a second wall extending from the first wall in a second plane, wherein the second plane is different than the first plane. In addition, the article may include a third wall extending from the first wall in a third plane, wherein the third plane is different than the first plane. Further, the article may include at least a first side wall extending between the first wall, the second wall, and the third wall, the first side wall having a substantially T-shaped slot configured to receive a lace of an article of footwear.03-14-2013
20090007459FOOTWEAR ADORNMENT, FOOTWEAR ACCESSORY HOLDER, AND METHODS THEREFOR - A footwear accessory holder including a mount attachable to the footwear for receiving at least one display item and a display item retainer movably disposed on the mount. The mount being movable between an open position to allow the display item to be received in the mount and a closed position to prevent the display item from being removed from the mount.01-08-2009
20110308113Article of Footwear With Color Change Portion And Method Of Changing Color - An article with a color change portion and a method of changing color is disclosed. The article includes at least one color change portion capable of changing colors. The color change portion can change colors according to one or more performance parameters. The article can be connected to a computer and the color change portion can be controlled using the computer.12-22-2011
20110277352DEVICE FOR DISPLAYING IMAGE ON APPAREL - An image displaying device includes a background layer that is substantially opaque. The device also includes a display layer that is semi-transparent. The display layer includes an inner surface facing the background layer, and the inner surface is substantially smooth. The display layer further includes an outer surface facing away from the background layer, and the outer surface includes a plurality of raised areas and a plurality of recessed areas. The display layer has increased light transmissivity through the recessed areas and decreased light transmissivity through the raised areas such that a contrast of light transmissivity between the raised and recessed areas generates an image.11-17-2011
20090038182Footwear with built-in scale - A shoe is described, which has a means for the wearer to determine and monitor his or her body weight by way of a specially designed built-in scale. The measurement of the wearer's weight will be registered by standing still for a set period of time (usually a few seconds) with both feet parallel to one another, approximately shoulder width apart, actuating sensors placed within the weight bearing areas of the soles of the footwear.02-12-2009
20110296716APPARATUS FOR RELEASABLY SECURING FOOTWEAR - The invention relates to an apparatus for releasably securing footwear and, more specifically, to fasteners secured to lateral portions of a pair of shoes that releasably secures the first and second shoes together upon removal from an individual. Advantageously the invention ensures that the shoes are not separated or lost upon removal in, for example, public areas such as indoor playgrounds.12-08-2011
20110296715Augmented Footwear for Gripping and Holding in Micro-gravity Environments - This invention relates generally to human space flights to Earth orbit and beyond. It is designed for use in micro-gravity environments, to allow the wearer to make use of one or both feet as prehensile appendages. The invention enables the operator to use their feet for gripping, holding and manipulating. It achieves this by means of flexible footwear with molded extensions that protrude from under the toes and ball of the foot, creating additional leverage for the flexion and extension of the toes. The basic embodiment of the invention consists of six (6) main components. 1. A solid extrusion, positioned under the metatarsal bones of the foot, extending downward from the plantar surface. 2. A second solid extrusion, positioned under the first phalange of the foot, extending downward from the plantar surface. 3. A third solid extrusion, positioned under the second, third, fourth and fifth phalanges collectively, extending downward from their plantar surfaces. 4. A foot covering, encompassing the phalanges and metatarsus of the foot, and integrating the three extrusions. 5. A means for anchoring or securing the foot covering to the user's foot. 6. A means for allowing full flexion and hyperextension of the phalanges, and by extension, the extrusions positioned under the phalanges.12-08-2011
20090165337Attachable and detachable modification for high heeled shoes - A device that is a shoe heel attachment is provided, the device functioning to increase the surface area of the distal end of the heel portion of a high-heeled shoe, the device including an anchor portion and a planar portion. The device protects the heel of a high value shoe from abrasion and moisture that results from walking on permeable ground surfaces such as grass, mud, and snow, and improves the safety of the wearer from falls that would otherwise result from insertion of the heel into catching spaces such as sidewalk cracks and subway grate coverings.07-02-2009
20100263237TOE NAIL POLISH GUARD - The present device generally relates to a toe nail polish guard and more particularly, the device relates to a toe nail polish guard for assisting a user after receiving a pedicure. The device acts as a removable portion of an article of footwear which attaches to the front of the footwear. A series of toe dividers separates the toes and protects them from contacting each other. The device is secured to the footwear by a securing mechanism.10-21-2010
20120110873SHOE ADAPTED TO BEING ADDED WITH PICTURES - A shoe that can be added with pictures, the shoe is provided on any surface thereof with at least a transparent bag, the bag at least has a pocket, the peripheries of the bag are stuck on the surface; the pocket of the bag is inserted therein with a picture which is accommodate in the bag, and the content of the picture can be shown on the surface through the transparent bag.05-10-2012
20110113654SHOE WITH A LOOP-FABRIC BODY05-19-2011
20120285046SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR IMPROVED CUSTOMIZABLE, EMBELLISHED FOOTWEAR - The footwear preferably comprises a sandal or a flip flop and the eyelet may be located anywhere on the footwear, preferably on a strap. In some exemplary embodiments, an embellishment extends over one or more straps of the footwear without being coupled at the eyelet.11-15-2012
20120192459Strap-On, a shoe and foot securing piece - The strap-on is a small functional and ornamental piece, not attached to a shoe, with an almost circular base and a long oval shaped strap-like top that is worn on a shoe and foot, engaging the shoe at the heel, to fasten the shoe to the foot. With a strap-on, the wearer can conveniently wear 1, 2 or 3 shoes sizes higher than the wearer's normal shoe size. The strap-on can exist with one long strap or with two straps placed adjacently. The strap-on can be made from leather, rubber, plastic and cloth. The strap-on can include hooks, buttons, snaps, buckles and other mechanisms or attachments all of which could be made of rubber, plastic, leather, precious jewels or metals thus having the secondary function of being ornamental. The strap-on is worn in pairs, one for the left foot and one for the right foot.08-02-2012
20100083540Surface protector - A surface protector is disclosed that is adapted to be removably affixed to at least a portion of a surface-contacting layer of a mobile entity. The surface protector may include a protective cover corresponding to a surface-contacting layer of the mobile entity, the protective cover defining first and second opposing sides. A first fastening element may be disposed on the first side of the protective cover for attaching the first side of the protective cover to the surface-contacting layer of the mobile entity. The protector may aid in preventing a transfer of substances located on the mobile entity from a first environment to a second environment. In alternative aspects of the invention, the surface protector may be used to protect the mobile entity itself from unwanted substances coming into contact with the mobile entity.04-08-2010
20130097893Decorative heel cover for high heel sandal shoes - A reusable, decorative, form fitting shoe cover for women's open back high heel sandal shoes. The cover comprises a continuous body made of stretchable material and has two openings; a top loop for heel insertion and a bottom loop for top lift exposure. The body comprises an expandable form fitting top portion, two lateral side portions, an underside portion, and an elongated heel portion.04-25-2013
20100275465FOOTWEAR ASSEMBLIES WITH REMOVABLE SCENT BLOCKING PORTIONS AND ASSOCIATED METHODS OF USE AND MANUFACTURE - A footwear assembly configured in accordance with one embodiment of the disclosure includes a footwear product, such as a boot, shoe, overshoe, etc., with a scent blocking extension member removably attached to an upper of the footwear product. The extension member can be tightened around the lower leg or ankle of a user to block scent from exiting the inside of the footwear product. The extension member can be made from material that is treated or otherwise configured to block scent (e.g., human scent). The extension member can be removably attached to the footwear product to allow the user to remove the extension member if not required, or to wash the extension member separate from the footwear product.11-04-2010
20090288317FOOTWEAR DEVICE WITH SCROLLING LIGHT EMITTING DIODE DISPLAY - A footwear unit having a pre-programmable, self-programmable and re-programmable display inorganic and organic LED with a panel that is operably aligned with a window located on the outside surface of the footwear unit and a sensor on said programmable display for receiving a program signal. The programmable display has two or more modes of operation for displaying information on the panel. Inside of the programmable display unit is a controller that controls the display of information on the panel as well as for wirelessly transmitting said program signal to said sensor wherein said program signal provides data that determines what information is displayed on said panel. The controller also stores information or data that later can be viewed on the panel.11-26-2009
20090007458VIBRATING FOOTWEAR DEVICE AND ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM FOR USE THEREWITH - A footwear device for enhancing an entertainment experience in accordance with an embodiment of the present application includes a first actuator mounted in the footwear device and operable to impart a vibration to the footwear device based on an indication of reproduced sound included in the entertainment experience. A vibration signal is provided to drive the vibration of the footwear device and may be based on reproduced audible information and/or enhanced information optimized to maximize vibration. The present application also relates to an entertainment system for use with the vibrating footwear device.01-08-2009
20130212911BATTERY CASING FOR ILLUMINATING FOOTWEAR - A method is for manufacturing a battery box for footwear comprising: providing a first member and providing a second member. The method also includes connecting the first member and the second member such that the first member and the second member include a space. The method also includes placing the first and the second member in the footwear such that the first and the second member form a structure in the footwear.08-22-2013
20090265960Protective Cover Device for a Skate Boot - A protective cover device for a skate boot comprises a panel member including a central portion spanning part of the skate tongue and two side portions extending outwardly and downwardly from the central portion to span towards respective inner and outer sides of the skate. Anchor members at the outer side anchor the panel member to the skate boot using apertures which receive portions of the skate laces therethrough. The anchor members at the outer side also form hinges onto which the panel member is pivotally coupled for selectively providing access to the laces for fastening. An anchor member at the inner side comprises a strap which is selectively fastened to a mating fastener on a bottom side of the skate boot.10-29-2009
20130118041FOOTWEAR ACCESSORY DEVICE - A footwear accessory device includes a thin, flexible element having a first major surface and a second major surface opposite the first major surface. The thin, flexible element forms a base portion, a first leg portion that extends from a first end of the base portion and a second leg portion that extends from the first end of the base portion. A decorative element is coupled to one of the leg portions and is exposed at the first major surface of the flexible element. One or more first fastening devices are coupled to the base portion and a second fastening device is coupled to each of the first and second leg portions. The one or more first fastening devices are configured to securely engage respective ones of the second fastening devices.05-16-2013
20080271347Fragrance releasing scented shoes and shoe soles - The present invention provides at least one sole and at least one shoe comprising an outside wearable surface layer of a shoe sole comprising an added fragrance that is released and has an aroma when the shoe is at rest or there is friction being applied to the sole surface.11-06-2008
20090199437DEVICE FOR FOOTWEAR08-13-2009
20090019735FOOTWEAR PROTECTION DEVICE - An apparatus including a flexible first member for removable attachment to a footwear device and a second member attached to the first member for interacting with the footwear device and being configured to sweep foreign objects away from and prevent entry of the foreign objects into an interior of the footwear device.01-22-2009
20090064542Adaptable performance sole apparatus - This embodiment is named THE ADAPTABLE PERFORMANCE SOLE APPARATUS. Its purpose is to be adapted to the choice of footwear/bare feet thus enhancing the shock action and comfort regardless of the footwear it's being attached to. This adaptable performance sole apparatus gets its attach ability from straps and/or attaching mechanisms and can be attached to shoes, sneakers as well as bare feet. The shock producing element shown in FIG. 03-12-2009
20120192460Top of the Boot - A tube of material comprising a decorative portion with an inner layer having an attachment member(s) inserted therein. The attachment member(s) is connected to the rim of a boot through user interaction with the boot. Various jewelry items have connection member(s) attached to the inner layer. Each of the connection member(s) is attached to another connection member and or to a decorative jewelry item. A tube comprising a decorative portion; an inner layer sewn at its border to the decorative portion; and a sock sewn to a top side of the sewn border so that it folds inwards into the sock. A connection member(s) is attached to the inner layer. Each of the connection member(s) is further attached to another connection member and or to a decorative jewelry item. The connection member(s) is from the group of: a spring activated jeweler's lock, a keychain ring and a strip of material.08-02-2012
20090241381Shoe Accessory - The shoe accessory includes a platform for supporting a conventional shoe. The shoe accessory's base has a convex or other non-planar surface that causes the shoe accessory to be stable in a longitudinal (heel-toe) direction, and unstable in a lateral (medial/lateral) direction. The non-planar surface may be defined by a ridge segment on the platform's bottom side. One or more straps are provided to temporarily secure the wearer's conventional shoe to the platform in a non-destructive manner. A generally U-shaped heel retainer may be provided adjacent a rear portion of the platform for receiving the heel of the shoe. The shoe accessory makes a flat-soled shoe laterally unstable while allowing for longitudinal stability and a naturalistic gait, and thus facilitates exercise of leg and foot muscles during normal walking, etc.10-01-2009
20090241380Boot glove incorporated with boot glove sock - A boot glove for embellishing all the footwear healthy, economically and safely is disclosed. The boot glove comprises of a boot glove body and a boot glove sock. The boot glove body is worn over the boot for covering and enhancing the boot with at least one embellishment. The boot glove sock encloses the human foot and is incorporated with the boot glove body in order to avoid slipping down of boot glove in the event of a malfunction. A cuff that can be attached to the sock provides additional comfort and grip while on a walk. The boot glove sock is made from a material that absorbs perspiration, prevents bad odor building up in the boot glove sock and avoids irritation and itching caused by bacteria.10-01-2009
20100037489Athletic or Other Performance Sensing Systems - Articles of footwear and other devices include modules, e.g., for sensing physical and/or physiological characteristics associated with use of the footwear or other devices. Such devices include: (a) a housing, optionally an asymmetrical housing, for receiving an electronic module; (b) release mechanisms for removably mounting the module in the housing; and/or (c) activation/authentication systems for selectively activating the module. Additionally, methods of making articles of footwear or other structures that include such housings, electronic modules, release systems, activation systems, authentication systems, etc. are described. Performance sensing systems and methods of using the above devices for sensing performance characteristics also are described.02-18-2010
20100146822DANCE SHOE - A dance shoe, a method of detecting and signaling a predefined configuration of a dance shoe for example during dancing and the use of a detector and/or a signal means in a dance shoe is described. The dance shoe comprises a detector for detecting a configuration of the dance shoe, and a signal means operably associated with the detector so as to generate a signal upon detection of a predefined configuration by the detector. The predefined configuration is provided by a curvature of an area of the dance shoe.06-17-2010
20100162591SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SECURING ACCESSORIES TO CLOTHING - A system and method for securing accessories to shoes and other articles of clothing is described. One illustrative embodiment is a system for attaching a decorative accessory to a shoe, the system comprising a shaft having first and second ends; a first shoulder secured to the first end of the shaft, the first shoulder being configured for insertion through an expandable hole in an upper portion of the shoe and configured to engage an inner surface of the upper portion of the shoe; a second shoulder secured to the second end of the shaft, the second shoulder being configured to engage the shoe; and a third shoulder adjacent to the second shoulder, the third shoulder comprising the decorative accessory. Another illustrative embodiment is a system for securing a decorative accessory to a shoe, the system comprising a shoe having an upper portion, the upper portion having an inner surface, an outer surface, and at least one stretchable hole; a shaft having first and second ends; a first shoulder secured to the first end of the shaft, the first shoulder being configured for insertion through the at least one stretchable hole in the upper portion of the shoe and to engage the inner surface of the upper portion of the shoe; a second shoulder secured to the second end of the shaft, the second shoulder being configured to engage the shoe; and a third shoulder adjacent to the second shoulder, the third shoulder comprising the decorative accessory.07-01-2010
20120102787INTERLOCKING SHOE STRUCTURE - A system for attaching a shoe to a skateboard is described. An interlocking structure attached to the shoe substantially prevents vertical and/or lateral movement of the shoe in relation the skateboard when the interlocking structure is pressed against another interlocking structure. The interlocking structures may register in a plurality of vertical and/or lateral positions. One or both of the interlocking structures may comprise a plurality of protrusions of a pointed or rounded shape.05-03-2012
20100223816FOOTWEAR FOR DISPLAYING VISUAL CONTENT - A footwear for displaying visual content, such as logos and images, includes an upper member, a sole member, a controller unit, a display screen, and a power source. The sole member is coupled to the upper member. The controller unit is capable of storing the visual content, and, is adapted to be configured within one of the upper member and the sole member. The display screen is operatively coupled to the controller unit for receiving the visual content from the controller unit, and, is adapted to be mounted on a surface of the upper member for displaying the visual content. The power source is operatively coupled to the display screen and to the controller unit for providing power to the display screen and to the controller unit. The power source is adapted to be configured within one of the upper member and the sole member.09-09-2010
20100223815Footwear with integrated display - An article of footwear comprising a display device integrated within its body. At least one audio device is also integrated within the body and is in communication with the display device. A receiver, integrated within the body, communicates audio and video signals, which can include live network television broadcasts and other streaming content, to the display device and audio device. An integrated or remote processor and data storage medium can receive, store, and communicate audio and/or video files for playback using the display and audio devices. A unique luxury item is thereby provided, suitable for the dual purpose of providing the convenience of a portable television and video/music player, coupled with an enhanced means for expression of affluence or a selected lifestyle.09-09-2010
20100242309Shoe sole with embedded gemstones - The shoe sole with embedded gemstones is a shoe sole having opposed upper and lower surfaces with a plurality of gemstones being embedded therein, adjacent to the upper surface. The shoe sole includes a base layer, with the plurality of gemstones each partially projecting above the upper surface of the base layer such that the gemstones contact the user's feet when the shoes are worn. Alternatively, a removable insole for shoes may be provided, with the shoe insole similarly forming a base layer having opposed upper and lower surfaces, with a plurality of gemstones being embedded within the base layer. Similarly, the plurality of gemstones each partially project above the upper surface of the base layer such that the gemstones contact the user's feet when the shoes are worn.09-30-2010
20120192461SYSTEM FOR ATTACHING ITEMS TO FOOTWEAR - A system for attaching a tool to a boot or other footwear includes a first coupling element which is attached to the outside of the boot, and a second coupling element which is attached to an implement and is releasably attachable to the first coupling element. The coupling elements may include a securing element which holds the second coupling element on the first coupling element.08-02-2012
20100242310ACHILLES AND FOOT ARCH STRETCHING DEVICES AND METHODS PERFORMED THEREWITH - Therapeutic devices and methods suitable for stretching the Achilles tendon. Each device includes a base portion and at least one wedge portion. The wedge portion has heel and toe ends, inside-foot and outside-foot edges, and an upper surface. The upper surface has a nonuniform elevation relative to the base portion as a result of the wedge portion having a fore-aft taper in the fore-aft direction and a lateral taper in the lateral direction, wherein the inside-foot edge has an increasing elevation toward the toe end. The wedge portion further has a nonconstant lateral width as a result of the toe end being wider than the heel end. The fore-aft and lateral tapers are sufficient so that placement of a user's foot on the upper surface causes supination and locking of the foot and enables stretching of the Achilles complex.09-30-2010
20100077638Overshoe for athletic shoes - A lightweight yet durable, self-adhering, protective overshoe with integrated cleaning bosses providing a more efficient and complete method for athletic cleat or boot cleaning, maintenance, handling and storage.04-01-2010
20080229621Attachment device for attaching objects to laced footwear - This is a two-piece device (known as a “bozzee”) that can be used on all laced footwear. It is an elongate body member configured to fit within the laces of laced footwear. It is comprised of a plastic platform that is tied into the laces and sits on top of the tongue of the footwear and an elastic sleeve retention member that slips over the platform and secures in place any appropriately sized object that one wishes to carry on his or her shoe. The platform has one hooked end that serves as a retainer region in the laces towards the toe of the footwear, a slightly upturned end that serves as a retainer region under the knot in the laces. The hooked end of the device easily slides under the lace so that the shoe does not have to be completely untied to get it off and on, and has a concave bottom that fits comfortably on top of the tongue. The device fits on most types of shoes and is easy to transfer between shoes. The band secures any manner of objects on the shoe including sensors for sports kits; small pedometers, watches, coins, medications and/or any other appropriately sized object that a person would care to take on a run, walk or hike. The device is easy to use, and can be transferred between different types of footwear without modification.09-25-2008
20090107011SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SECURING ACCESSORIES TO CLOTHING - A device for attachment to the strap of a shoe to provide personalization and ornamental features to the shoe. The device includes a band or cover that includes the ornamental features or to which an ornamental device can be attached. The band or cover is attached to the strap of the shoe in a variety of manners including expandable loops attached to each end of the strap, being constructed in a tubular manner and slid over the strap, or being attached to the strap with loops and being expandable to create tension.04-30-2009
20100313449OUTER SOLE SUPPORT - The present invention relates to an shock-absorbing pad for the outer sole of a shoe comprising: a cushioned pad, where the cushioned pad is configured in the shape of a shoe sole; a group of openings within the cushioned pad; and straps, where said straps may be inserted through the openings and provide a mechanism to attach the cushioned pad to the outer sole of a shoe. In one exemplary embodiment, the group of openings may include four openings in two rows and two columns. At least one strap may be utilized with the cushioned pad. In another particular embodiment, two straps are utilized with the cushioned pad.12-16-2010
20110126430ELASTIC SNAP ACCESSORY SYSTEM - An accessory-fastening device for securing an ornamental item onto an article of footwear that is resistant to accidental dislodgment including a sole for contacting the ground mounted to an upper that has a snap hole and a sheet of flexible material having a top side and a bottom side affixed to the upper proximate the snap hole, a snap stud affixed to the sheet of flexible material that extends outward from the article of footwear, and a snap socket which is attached to an ornamental item to removably fasten the ornamental article to the snap stud. The sheet of flexible material that covers the snap hole provides a means of energy absorption and the dissipation of energy caused by the normal activity of a foot bend.06-02-2011
20110126429Ornamental device for footwear - An ornamental device for footwear of the type having a plurality of eyelets for a shoelace. The ornamental device comprises a mini bungee cord to engage with two opposite eyelets of the footwear. A decorative component is provided. A mechanism is for removably retaining the decorative component to center of the mini bungee cord.06-02-2011
20120266499SHOES - The invention relates to a shoe comprising a part (10-25-2012
20100180472Attachment assembly for decorative shoe accessory - Attaching a three-dimensional ornamental article to a shoe upper is achieved using a stiff elongated strip that is bent to form an arcuate upper portion and a J-shaped lower portion. The upper portion is fitted to follow the contours of the top and sides of the ornamental article, while the lower portions are inserted through spaced openings formed in the shoe upper. The bottom ends of the lower portions face each other when they are positioned between the insole and outsole of the shoe. Once the outsole is secured with the insole, the ornamental article becomes securely attached to the shoe.07-22-2010
20100180473FRAGRANCE RELEASING SCENTED PLUG OR INSERT COMPRISING SHOES AND OUTSOLES - The present invention provides at least one outsole and at least one shoe comprising an outside wearable surface layer of a shoe sole comprising an added fragrance provided in an insert or plug that is released and has an aroma when the shoe is at rest or there is friction being applied to the sole surface.07-22-2010
20110239487BOOT COVERS - A boot cover for a boot having an elongated tubular throat portion is provided which includes a textile sheath having an upper edge and a lower edge, the upper edge having a length sized to at least partially encircle the throat portion of the boot at an upper attachment location offset from a mouth of the boot, and the lower edge having a length sized to at least partially encircle the throat portion of the boot at a lower attachment location in the lower region of the boot. The boot cover also includes an attachment system coupled to the textile sheath to removably attach the boot cover to the throat portion of the boot in a secure manner. The textile sheath is configured to conceal a substantial portion of the throat portion of the boot when the boot cover is attached thereto. Methods of attaching boot covers to a boot are also provided.10-06-2011
20110239488Shoe Housing - The invention relates to a shoe with a sole unit, where the sole unit includes a recess for removably receiving a housing of an electronic assembly, for example, an electronic pedometer, an accelerometer, or a speed sensor. Further, the invention relates to a housing for receiving an electronic assembly, for example, a pedometer, an accelerometer, or a speed sensor, where the housing has an outer shape corresponding to the shape of a recess formed in a shoe sole.10-06-2011
20110239486Article Of Footwear With A Detachable Wrap - An article of footwear with a detachable wrap is disclosed. The detachable wrap removably attaches to a lacing area of an upper and extends under the article of footwear through a channel in a midsole of the sole structure. The detachable wrap may change the appearance of the article of footwear and additionally provide support to a foot of the wearer.10-06-2011
20100037488Multi-point decorative shoe system - The multipoint decorative shoe system is a closed type of footwear. The entire exterior upper is made from the looped side of hook and loop fasteners. Decorative accessories are provided. An accessory has a top and a bottom surface. The top surface of the accessory consists of a decoration. The decoration is composed of a woven fabric, molded plastic or casted metal. The accessory will have an upper decoration with a lower plane having the hook side of the hook and loop fastener being adapted to releasably couple with the upper side of the loop fasteners on the shoe. A multitude of accessories can be coupled, removed and relocated any point on the exterior upper of the shoe in an unlimited number of combinations.02-18-2010
20100058619Sandal with Charms Suspended in Fluid and Attachable Charms - The invention is a sandal that includes a base and at least one strap connected to the base. The strap includes at least one chamber that is at least translucent and that is preferably transparent. A fluid is located in the chamber, and a plurality of charms is suspended in the fluid located in the chamber. The sandal may be constructed as a thong-type sandal and many different types of charms may be placed in the chamber. The fluid may optionally be colored and may optionally have glitter or simulated snow suspended therein. A removably attachable charm may optionally be attached to the strap.03-11-2010
20110047831PROPRIOCEPTIVE ELEMENT WITH ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - A proprioceptive element including a base for attachment to a bottom surface of a sole of a shoe, the base including a flange nut with a first set of threads formed thereon, a height adjustment ring including a threaded portion which mates with the first set of threads of the flange nut of the base, and a bulbous cap element having a curved outer contour and which is attached to the height adjustment ring, wherein turning of the height adjustment ring on the flange nut of the base adjusts the height of the bulbous cap element with respect to the base.03-03-2011
20100275464FOOTWEAR - The present application relates to an accessory item for temporary manual attachment to, and temporary manual removal from, an item of footwear, the accessory item comprising a first magnetic material part and a second magnetic material part, the first magnetic material part and the second magnetic material part are arranged to temporary attach to a magnetic material part on an item of footwear, wherein the first magnetic material part is spaced from the second magnetic material part.11-04-2010
20110154691SHOE ACCESSORY - Apparatus and methods secure an open-backed shoe during use. The apparatus prevents the bottom of a pant leg from slipping between a person's heel and a shoe bed of the shoe when walking. The apparatus is external to the shoe and comprises an anklet, which is worn around the ankle and adjustable to the size of an individual's ankle. The anklet is coupled to a heel strap that couples to a heel loop, which attaches to a heel of the shoe.06-30-2011
20110041363Magnetic inter-changeable decoration - A magnetic inter-changeable decoration is for a shoe. The shoe is comprised of a sole and a top. The bottom surface has a periphery and a heel portion. A foot retaining strap is provided. The strap has ends coupled to the sole. A central extent is provided between the ends. Top and bottom faces are provided. A magnetic snap is provided. The snap has an upper magnetic side (female part) and a lower side with prongs. The prongs are inserted into the upper face of the strap. Finally, a decorative item is provided. The decorative item has an upper plane adapted to have decorations and a lower plane having a second magnetic snap (male part) being adapted to releasably couple with the upper side of the first magnetic snap. The first and second magnetic snaps are essentially coextensively in size and able to fit together.02-24-2011
20110162237COVER FOR EMBELLISHING FOOTWEAR - A decorative cover for embellishing footwear is disclosed, having a cover incorporated with a sock. The cover is worn over the footwear for covering and enhancing it with at least one embellishment. The sock encloses a user's foot and is incorporated with the cover at the top of the sock to prevent the cover slipping down. To hold the cover down over the footwear, a disconnecting strap extends under the arch of the footwear. To hold the cover securely against the footwear, a zippered seam runs along the rear of the cover parallel to a user's leg.07-07-2011
20120198726RETRACTABLE MEMBERS FOR FOOT WEAR - Embodiments of the present invention relate to footwear, such as boots, shoes, specialty field shoes, woman's shoes, etc, and, more particularly, to a retractable members and retractable member systems adapted to control extension and retraction of the retractable members relative to the bottom of the footwear.08-09-2012
20110162236ORNAMENTAL ATTACHMENT FOR FOOTWEAR - The present invention relates to an ornamental attachment configured to be connected to a shoelace of a shoe, the ornamental attachment comprising a body and one or more brackets mounted to said body, the one or more brackets being configured such that in use a plurality of shoelace sections extend between eyelets of the shoe and the one or more brackets, wherein the one or more brackets are arranged such that in use the shoelace sections extend outwardly away from the body and outwardly away from one another. The present invention further relates to a combination of footwear and the ornamental attachment and to the use of an ornamental attachment for providing an ornament on a piece of footwear.07-07-2011
20110099850Moisturizing Footwear and Soles - Footwear for moisturizing a user's feet comprising a multilayered sole and an upper portion coupled to the sole. The sole includes a top layer, an intermediate layer, a bottom layer and two refillable pouches containing a moisturizing lotion situated between the intermediate and bottom layers at the heel and ball of the foot location. The top, intermediate layers and top surfaces of the pouches include a plurality of aligned apertures allowing the moisturizing lotion to pass through and contact a user's feet. The individual soles of the present invention comprise a top layer, a bottom layer, an adhesive layer for sticking the soles to regular footwear and two refillable pouches situated between the top and bottom layers. The top layer and top surfaces of the pouches include a plurality of apertures for the moisturizing lotion to pass through.05-05-2011
20100223814Skate cover - An exemplary embodiment provides one or more improvements including inexpensive covers for providing warmth and distinctive colorations and indicia to ice skating team members. Other embodiments are adopted for use with in-line roller skates. Embodiments are constructed from a single piece of fabric. Embodiments protect the sole of the user's skate boot from contact with ice and snow.09-09-2010
20110072689ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR SAFETY FOOTWEAR - A protective sole of an item of footwear for electric and electrostatic charges comprises a sole unit comprising at least a midsole portion and an outsole portion. The midsole portion is connected on top of the outsole, with the midsole portion oriented toward the wearer while the outsole portion is against the ground when the item of footwear is worn. An electronic device is inserted in the sole unit, and comprises circuitry with a first contact end exposed on a top surface of the midsole portion to be electrically connected with the wearer, and a second contact end to be electrically connected with the ground via the outsole portion. A substrate supports the circuitry and is adapted to be mounted in the sole unit. Electronic components are between the first and the second contact ends, on the circuitry, and concurrently performing a ground of electrostatic charges and insulation against electric discharges. A body made of an electrically insulated molding compound or conformal coating is accommodated in the sole unit, the body being sized to completely cover the at least one electronic component.03-31-2011
20110258885SHOE ASSEMBLY FOR STRENGTH TRAINING AND FITNESS EXERCISE - Insole constructions for shoes including flexible components that allow for the connection of attachments having various devices are described. The insole constructions provide a supported attachment point for various components while not compromising the flexibility of the shoe. The insole constructions allow for attachment of devices at the heel, toe or sides of the shoe. Devices for attaching to shoes having the insole construction are also described, along with apparatuses for use with shoes having the insole construction.10-27-2011
20100018081HEEL ACCESSORY - A heel accessory for a footwear article is adapted to engage a foot support, such that the wearer's legs can be stretched and the back of the wearer's heels can be comfortably rested on the foot support of a motorcycle. The heel accessory includes a base portion connected to the footwear article and a block portion extending from the base portion. The block portion includes an interface that is shaped to correspond to the foot support, such that the wearer's legs can be stretched and rested while riding.01-28-2010
20080271348SHOE SNAP FOR ATTACHING EMBELLISHMENTS TO SHOES - A snap for decorating a shoe with ornamental objects. The snap includes a first section and a second section. The first section is secured to the shoe. The second section is adapted to be received by the first. The second section is also fitted with an ornamental object to decorate the shoe.11-06-2008
20120304499Transferable, Independently Attachable, Self Supporting Footwear Wrap For Stylish Decoration - A footwear wrap for decorative attachment to footwear and the wearer's leg without the need for any fasteners fixed to the footwear. A fabric strap has a central fastener, such as a buttonhole, which permits a central portion of the strap to be secured to a footwear component. The strap, after being looped around a shoe attachment point, can have its end threaded through the enclosed hole and its central region tightened around the attachment point. A first two part fastener has connectable male and female components that are longitudinally spaced from the central fastener on one side of the central fastener for permitting the strap to be attached to itself by the first two part fastener. A second, similar, two part fastener is longitudinally spaced on the opposite side of the central fastener for a similar purpose.12-06-2012
20090249655Clock sandal - Clock sandal with a flexible sole plate, a pair of flexible foot retaining straps, a time keeping device and a time keeping device retaining loop. The sole plate includes a thin flexible top layer of material. The sole heal portion includes a hollow cavity which is covered by a hinged top plate. The foot retaining straps are each attached to the left and right heal portion of the sole plate. The straps join to form a single strap that is fixedly connected to the portion of the sole plate that corresponds to the space between the wearer's big toe and second toe. The time keeping device retaining loop is fixedly attached to the single strap at the strap joining location and the time keeping device is frictionally retained within the time keeping device retaining loop.10-08-2009
20110314702Athletic or Other Performance Sensing Systems - Articles of footwear and other devices include modules, e.g., for sensing physical and/or physiological characteristics associated with use of the footwear or other devices. Such devices include: (a) a housing, optionally an asymmetrical housing, for receiving an electronic module; (b) release mechanisms for removably mounting the module in the housing; and/or (c) activation/authentication systems for selectively activating the module. Additionally, methods of making articles of footwear or other structures that include such housings, electronic modules, release systems, activation systems, authentication systems, etc. are described. Performance sensing systems and methods of using the above devices for sensing performance characteristics also are described.12-29-2011
20120042544SHOE CHARM HOLDER DEVICE - A device for a shoe with a sole assembly including at least an outer sole and an insole connected to a heel through a shank and a heel breast. The device includes a cap comprising a cap head mounted to a hollow shaft with internal threads therein. The hollow shaft of the cap is received within a bore extending from the insole to the outer sole on the heel breast of the shoe between the heel and the shank of the shoe. A shank having a first end comprising threads and a second end. The first end of the shank is received by the hollow shaft of the cap to fasten the shank to the cap on the heal breast of the shoe.02-23-2012
20120042545INTERCHANGEABLE FASHION FOOTWEAR COMPONENT - An interchangeable fashion footwear component has a decorative cuff which fits around the perimeter of the opening of the shaft of a boot. The decorative cuff may be held in place by an adjustable strap which extends downwardly into the heel portion of the boot engaging the user's heel or any part of the underside of the foot when the boot is worn. The decorative cuff may include an elastic component to accommodate various boot opening circumferences. The decorative cuff may include an adjustable fastener to accommodate various boot opening circumferences. The adjustable strap may be shortened or lengthened to match the shaft length of the boot. The strap may be removable for washing separately from the decorative cuff.02-23-2012
20090025259Sandal charm chain - The present invention in a first embodiment comprises a charm chain depending from two sandal adapted fasteners designed to be fastened on closed cell foam sandals either at pivots holding a strap onto the sandal or else at the periphery of the upper of the sandal. The fasteners may be elastic material in an annular shape such as a ring, a flower, or any other shape, with an aperture therethrough or similar designs. In embodiments, the fasteners may be clips adapted to hold between their jaws the thickness of closed cell foam typically found in such sandal uppers, this same thickness usually being present on the strap as well so that the invention clips may attach there as well if desired. In other embodiments, a single fastener is suspended at a single location and a charm in turn depends from the fastener, possibly including a clip.01-29-2009
20110094126Shoe tongue centralizer - The shoe tongue centralizer assembly includes a binding post and a centralizer band which, together prevent the tongue of any type of laced shoe, boot or other footwear from significant movement either laterally or longitudinally in the footwear.04-28-2011
20100251575Lightweight Shoe with Decoration Structure and Manufacturing Method Thereof - In a lightweight shoe with a decoration structure and its manufacturing method, the shoe is made of a sole, a body and a decoration ring, and the sole is made of a foaming material, and the colored decoration ring is made of PVC, TPR or TPU and installed between the top rim of the sole and the body and exposed to the exterior for decorating the shoe.10-07-2010
20120124867MAGNETICALLY ALIGNED FOOTWEAR - The present invention is directed to a pair of shoes and integral shoe alignment means comprising a first magnetic device fixed at a selected position along the instep side of a left shoe and a second magnetic device fixed to the instep side of a right shoe opposite the first magnetic device. The first magnetic device and the second magnetic device are positioned to attract and magnetically align the left shoe and the right shoe in proper position for foot placement into the magnetically aligned shoes.05-24-2012
20100050479FOOTWEAR ACCESSORY - A strap for a shoe has a first resilient and flexible fabric element extending from a first end to a second end and a clear flexible element substantially fixed at respective ends of the clear flexible element to corresponding ends of the first fabric element. Methods of assembly and of use are described.03-04-2010
20100011623REPLACEABLE ORNAMENT FOR FLIP-FLOP SANDAL - A flip-flop or other article of apparel includes a fastening member at least a substantial portion of which is embedded into article of apparel and releaseably receives mating fastening member that is attached to an ornament.01-21-2010
20120186109Flip Flop Style Sandals with Interchangeable/Removable Decorative Strand or Jewelry Adorned Uppers - A flip-flop style sandal with interchangeable decorative strand or jewelry-adorned uppers comprises a sole with attached foot retaining strap. A set of a plurality of fastening faces is provided, which include an upper fastener receiver side, i.e., male snap fastener, which is coupled with the top face of the foot-retaining strap, extending the upper receiver side. A decorative strand accessory is provided. The decorative strand is made of a string ornamented or decorated between a plurality of fastening faces. Individual fastening faces on the strand have an upper flat side and a lower fastener receiver side, i.e., female snap fastener. The lower fastener receiver side on the decorative strand is adapted to releasably couple with the upper fastener receiver side of the fastener faces connected to the foot-retaining strap. The decorative strand accessory fastener faces, and the fastener faces connected with the foot-retaining strap are coextensive in spacing.07-26-2012
20120227288SPINNING SHOE - A spinning shoe having an upper and sole member in which the sole member has a spinning assembly in the forefoot. The spinning assembly is placed within a recess in the forefoot region of the sole member. Thus, the user may walk about in the spinning shoe in a normal mode or spin about a vertical axis by placing the user's weight on the forefoot region and then spin about on the vertical axis.09-13-2012
20120297647SHOE AND FOOT AESTHETIC AND CIRCULATORY ENHANCEMENTS - The invention relates to a customized shoe and foot aesthetic apparatus which can be detached and attached to various shoes of the user so that a custom aesthetically pleasing apparatus which may interface with standard manufactured shoes, and create an enhanced aesthetically pleasing appearance to the individual user is created.11-29-2012
20110225851Ornamentation for a Footwear Upper - An ornamentation attachable to a strap, such as a strap of on an item of a footwear. The ornamentation comprises a base, an ornament associated with the base and a mounting means for mounting the base to the strap. The ornament may be associated with the base in any appropriate way; for example, by being formed integrally with the base, permanently attached to the base or removably attachable to the base. The base is configured for engagement by the mounting means. The mounting means comprises an elastic band adapted to be hooked onto curved end portions of the base.09-22-2011
20110225850SHOE MOLDING AND FIXING STRUCTURE - A shoe molding and fixing structure which includes: a shoe body, having a shoe heel, wherein the shoe body is worn by a predetermined user, and an accommodation space is formed at a bottom of the shoe body through the shoe heel; and at least one ring body, wherein the ring body is capable of being jacketed on the shoe body and the user, and the ring body is disposed around the accommodation space.09-22-2011
20110225849POCKET SYSTEM - A pocket system including a pocket inside the leg portion of a boot, wherein the leg portion provides an interior space between the leg portion of the boot and a leg of a wearer of the boot suitable for tucking-in a leg of a trouser, and the pocket is so constructed and arranged to receive insertion and removal of a PDA, and to surround the same for safekeeping. An embodiment of the pocket system comprises a removable lining serving as a purse or wallet.09-22-2011
20110258884Heel Helper - A device designed to eliminate women from stepping on the backs of their slacks when wearing open-back shoes and therefore, providing a safer and more stable fashion experience. Heel Helper is a removable device that slides up the heel of the shoe and buckles around the ankle so that the shoe can be safely worn with slacks while also providing an aesthetically pleasing look.10-27-2011
20120279088STORAGE DEVICE FOR SHOELACE - In one embodiment, a storage device encloses the laces of footwear. The storage device comprises a lower member, an upper member, and a joint that permits articulated motion between the lower member and the upper member in a first direction along the longitudinal axis of the storage device. The upper member comprises an enclosure with an inner cavity that receives the laces therein. In one example, the outer member comprises a pair of closure members that articulate in a second direction toward the longitudinal axis.11-08-2012
20130000155Boot Pocket - The “Boot Pocket” named invention herein is a pair of cuffs that surrounds and secures to a pair of boots by means of a multiple fastener zipper system. The cuffs are constructed with a pocket that enables the user to carry personal items and valuables and secure them to a pair of boots while being worn. The cuffs adhere to a pair of boots by means of anti-slip silicone strips sewn into the back side of the cuff. The boot pockets are valuable at sporting events, concerts, schools, and other social venues where carrying a pocketbook, purse, wallet, or other means to carry valuables is prohibited or inconvenient. The boot pockets can be made from a variety of fabrics and materials to change the appearance of any pair of boots and address any venue from casual to sporting to formal.01-03-2013
20130000156Walking Shoe - A walking shoe that senses a fall and urges a user of the shoe to perform movement for fall prevention. When the walker stumbles or almost falls, a microprocessor is activated, based on a sensing signal of a pressure-sensitive sensor that senses a pressure applied to a tread to detect a lifting velocity and/or a lifting amount of the foot based on a detection signal of an acceleration sensor, and when the lifting velocity and/or the lifting amount is lower than a reference value, the microprocessor actuates a stimulator that stimulates a bottom of the foot. At this time, since the user reflexively lifts the foot, the user can avoid stumbling.01-03-2013
20130008058MODULAR FOOTWEAR DISPLAY APPARATUS - This invention is a removable module for customization of the display of images, animations or videos on footwear. It may synchronize with other like modules for a more dynamic and broader display across multiple pieces of footwear. In addition, it has a unique and sturdy attachment mechanism comprising a L-shaped attachment bar that locks into the data receptacle of the display. This allows stable binding of the module to footwear when in use and rapid attachment and removal.01-10-2013
20100132226ATTACHABLE CUFF FOR A BOOT - The present invention relates to a fashion accessory, in particular an attachable cuff for a boot. The attachable cuff for a boot comprises a cuff; a cuff attachment means affixed to said cuff; and a boot attachment means affixed to a boot; wherein the cuff attachment means and the boot attachment means mate with each other and removably attach the cuff to the boot. Preferably, the cuff attachment means is affixed to an interior surface of the cuff; and the boot attachment means is affixed to an interior surface of the boot. Alternatively, the boot attachment means is affixed to an exterior surface of the boot. The cuff attachment means and the boot attachment means are selected from a group consisting of hook and loop tape, buttons and buttonholes, snaps, zippers, hooks and eyes, tongue and groove closures, and the like. In an alternative embodiment, the attachable cuff for a boot comprises a cuff and a cuff attachment means affixed to said cuff; wherein the cuff attachment means removably attaches the cuff to the boot or to a leg of a user. In this alternative embodiment, the cuff is fashioned like a garter.06-03-2010
20130019506SHOE ORNAMENT STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A shoe ornament structure, comprises: a base layer, a sub-base layer, a ground color layer, a ornamental layer, a blocking wall and a transparent layer. The ground color layer has a predetermined thickness and is formed on the sub-base layer. The ornamental layer is formed with different grains or color or materials and located on the ground color layer. The blocking wall of a height 0.5-0.7 mm is formed on ornamental layer, and the transparent layer is formed in the area defined by the blocking wall.01-24-2013
20130174451SHOE OR BOOT WITH AN INTEGRATED ELECTRICAL DEVICE - The invention relates to a shoe having an electrical device integrated in the shoe, an operating part for manual control of the device by means of at least one operating element of the operating part, an electrical contact element which is connected to the device via an electrical conductor, a housing for the electrical contact element, a housing part of the housing which is connected securely to the shoe having a recess for receiving the contact element in the recess, the housing having a closing element which is connected securely to the housing part and covers the recess in a closed position of the closing element, the closing element having a first connection element and the housing part having a second connection element which can be connected detachably to the first connection element for fixing the closing element in the closed position.07-11-2013
20130133231SHOE WITH INTEGRAL PUMP - A shoe, such as an athletic shoe, includes a pump assembly integral therewith. The pump assembly includes a pump which produces a stream of pressurized air and a delivery assembly which operates to deliver the stream of pressurized air to an end use location exterior of the shoe. The shoe may comprise an athletic shoe and may be utilized to inflate sports balls such as basketballs, footballs, and volleyballs.05-30-2013
20130139411APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING STABILITY FOR HEELED SHOES - Apparatus and methods for providing enhanced stability to the wearer of a heeled shoe. In one embodiment, the apparatus enables individuals to walk on soft or uneven surfaces while wearing heeled shoes with increased stability. The stability apparatus is composed of a substantially planar plastic body having one or more means to permit affixing the apparatus to the bottom of a heeled shoe. The bottom surface of the apparatus may be further adapted to provide additional support by comprising a material which provides traction. The apparatus is in one embodiment minimally visible from most angles which a third party would view the shoe to which it is attached. This may be further facilitated by forming the apparatus out of a transparent material.06-06-2013
20080201990FOOTWEAR AND DECORATIVE ATTACHMENT THEREFOR - One embodiment of the invention is directed to a kit that includes a pair of footwear that each have an upper with a patch attachment section for releasably engaging a patch and at least one pair of patches. The pair of patches can depict a character (e.g., a make believe character, cartoon character, movie character etc.). When the pair of patches depict such a character, an embodiment of the kit further includes a descriptor of the character that is used to provide a child with a reference point for playing with the patches or the footwear with the attached patches and for playing with other children that have patches for different characters. Another embodiment of the invention comprises marketing a kit with a follow-on kit that has one or more pairs of additional patches that are adapted to engage the footwear. Yet another embodiment of the invention comprises a pair of footwear that are each capable of accommodating two or more patches and there is a correlation between the views of an item or character and the location on the footwear that accommodates the patch. For example, if the patches depict a sports car, the patches that depict a front view of the car are adapted to be placed on the portion of the upper that is above the wearer's toes or metatarsals and the patches that depict side views of the car are adapted to be place on the side portions of the upper.08-28-2008
20080201989Attachment for Footwear and Related Footwear - The invention relates to an attachment for footwear, the footwear comprising a sole having a heel (08-28-2008
20090044430Customized Interchangeable Apparel Logo - The current invention has been developed to provide apparel and accessory manufacturers an opportunity to capitalize on consumer's identification with its logo/trademark. Apparel and accessory manufacturers, especially athletic shoe manufacturers, have created a multi-billion dollar business selling shoes with a particular logo/trademark. Adults and youth often have several pair of athletic and other shoes which only the color of the logo/trademark varies in color. The current invention will allow manufacturers to produce a shoe that will allow the user to change the color and/or style of the logo/trademark. The shoe would come with a removable logo/trademark which can be interchanged with another logo/trademark of the same brand. To prevent an unauthorized manufacturer from selling the interchangeable logo/trademarks, each shoe is equipped with a female receptacle which will engage with a predetermined male post locking the logo/trademark into place. Each manufacturer would have a female receptacle and male post unique to it. Manufacturers can, on a seasonable basis, for example, change the style of its logo/trademarks and/or the female receptacle and male post to assure sales.02-19-2009
20100307031FOOTWEAR FITMENT - A shoe fitment comprising a body member whereby the fitment can be mounted on a shoe, and a display mounted on, or incorporated in, the body member for viewing from outside a shoe on which the fitment is mounted. The display serves to provide one of decoration and/or information. Typically the display is a three dimensional component mounted on the body member and, in a preferred version, the display is a three dimensional component mounted on the body member which display is at least partly free to move relative to the body member. In another version, the display is a surface which includes a letter and/or a number the surface being a part of, or being attached to, the body member.12-09-2010
20130180134FOOTWEAR ACCESSORY - A footwear accessory is provided. The footwear accessory comprises a decorative upper portion and a resilient flexible lower portion coupled to the decorative upper portion. The footwear accessory is worn over a foot wearing an open top shoe to retain the shoe on the foot. The upper decorative portion comprises decorative features.07-18-2013
20130180135PUPPET/SLIPPER COMBINATION - A slipper that also functions as a puppet having a vamp with decorative creature or character cartoon features thereon, a flexible sole that can be transversely folded to align the rear of the sole with the toe of the vamp to simulate the mouth of a creature or character.07-18-2013
20130180136SHOE CHARM HOLDER DEVICE - A charm holder device for attaching charms to a shoe is shown and described. The charm holder device allows a charm to be selectively attached to and detached from the shoe. In certain examples, the charm holder device includes a substantially planar surface that is attached to the shoe and a decorative body projecting away from the substantially planar surface. A charm keeper is attached to the decorative body for attaching charms. In some of the described examples, the charm holder device is placed between the heel of the shoe and a ground-contacting portion of the shoe's sole such that the charm holder and the charm are spaced apart from the ground-contacting portion of the sole in a direction perpendicular to the ground-contacting portion of the sole.07-18-2013
20120017472COLOR-CHANGEABLE SHOES - Shoes which are made of, or coated with, color-changeable materials, and which further can have holes and be decorated with pin members.01-26-2012

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