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036 - Boots, shoes, and leggings

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036113000 Occupational or athletic shoe (e.g., roof climbing, gardening, etc.) 300
036088000 Foot-supporting or foot-conforming feature 222
036103000 Having particular outsole (e.g., sectional sole) 143
036136000 Shoe attachment (e.g., ornament, pocket, etc.) 140
036100000 Convertible from one style or color to another 101
036003000 Ventilated 96
036102000 Resilient or flexible shoe 69
036084000 Made of material other than leather 53
036110500 Sandals 43
0367001R0 Overshoes 31
036107000 Having shoe-reinforcing plate 28
036097000 With adjustment of shoe size 18
036105000 Having particular heel (e.g., closure at rear of wearer's heel) 17
036098000 With coating, treatment or impregnation of shoe 15
036109000 With leg portion 9
036099000 Having plural similar parts (e.g., two tongues, etc.) 9
036200600 Heated 7
036800300 Dancing 7
036112000 Shoe for children or dolls 6
036004000 Rubber 4
20080307670Footwear with Free Floating Upper - A novel shoe construction provides a unique fit and feel to the shoe wearer's foot. The shoe construction is a variation in what is typically called vulcanized shoe construction. Wherein the conventional vulcanized shoe construction bands of flexible material are permanently adhered or vulcanized to the shoe sole and to a portion of the upper adjacent the shoe sole, in the shoe construction of the invention upper sections of the bands are let loose by being unattached to the shoe upper. In addition, a toe cap of the shoe and a heel counter of the shoe are secured to the shoe sole, but are unattached to the shoe upper. This construction results in a shoe that not only has a unique appearance, but also has a unique feel to the shoe wearer's foot with the upper surrounding the foot being free floating along the sides of the foot as well as across the toes and heel of the foot.12-18-2008
20110179668Method and Product for Manufacturing Vulcanized Footwear or Cupsole Footwear - A vulc style and cupsole style footwear and a method for manufacturing the footwear are disclosed. The footwear includes a midsole that is directly attached to the upper. The midsole may be attached to the outsole by adhesive. In the method of manufacturing the footwear, the upper and an outsole are disposed a set distance apart. Polyurethane or other material for providing cushioning to the footwear is either injected between the upper and outsole or poured onto the outsole and the upper is traversed over the outsole so as to define the mold for defining the midsole. The polyurethane is directly attached to the upper and adhered to the outsole/cupsole.07-28-2011
20080201981Spray-formed reinforcement for footwear - A reinforcing elastic polymer, such as a urethane/rubber material, is selectively spray-applied over upper, midsole or outsole components of articles of footwear. Such a material sprayed over the toe area of baseball shoes, for example, that is subjected to increased wear during use, serves to improve the durability of that area. A cleated midsole constructed of a lightweight foamed material such as EVA, has an elastic polymer outsole layer selectively spray-applied over the outer surface of the cleated midsole to form a combination midsole/outsole that provides improved durability and traction, as well as superior shock absorption characteristics.08-28-2008
036106000 Lacking particular shoe part (e.g., without upper) 3
20120023782Thermal Therapy Boot - A thermal treatment boot device is provided for the purposes of securing thermal treatment means to a foot or leg. The device comprises a supporting boot, a plurality of pocket recesses, and a set of securing straps. The supporting boot is shaped similar to a standard boot, but lacking a front portion. This structure allows a user with an injured foot or ankle to easily slide in and out of the same without bending the ankle joint. The device is secured to a user's foot and leg by a plurality of straps extending from one side of the supporting boot to the opposing side, wherein they are attached by a fastening means. Thermal treatment packs or ice may be inserted within pocket recesses along the lateral sides, posterior, and base of the supporting boot according to a user's preference and the nature of the injury.02-02-2012
20120011745Article of Footwear Comprising a Plurality of Strips - An article of footwear comprising a plurality of strips is disclosed. The connections between continuous portions of the article can be strengthened by weaving a plurality of strips through apertures disposed in one or more continuous portions. One continuous portion may include a tongue portion of an article. The attachment of the tongue portion to a front of an article may be strengthened by weaving a plurality of strips through apertures.01-19-2012
20100115797Shoe outsole with cut-out heel region - The present invention relates to an outsole for a shoe which lessens the impact on a wearer's heel region to aid in preventing and treating heel spurs. The rear portion of the outsole comprises a heel region having a cut-out in a center part of the heel region such that the center part of the heel region never contacts a surface when worn. This aspect is central to the function of the present invention since the positioning of the cut-out eliminates impact on a wearer's heels. Rather, pressure from impact is distributed from the center of the heel to the outer edges of the heel region which symmetrically flank the cut-out. Finally, the present invention relates to a shoe comprising an upper attached with an outsole or formed as one piece with an outsole as previously described.05-13-2010
036111000 Animal shoe 3
20090094864Animal limb protective boot - A protective boot for an animal including a generally cylindrical leg portion having a top end and a bottom end and a top closure affixed to and circumscribing the top end of the leg portion that is drawn inward against the leg of the animal to protect against the infiltration of extraneous material into and against the self-removal of the protective boot by the animal. The base portion of the protective boot is sealed to the bottom end of the leg portion and is enhanced with a non-slip material to provide substitute traction for the animal. At least one strap is fixedly connected to the leg portion and is operable to reduce the diameter of the leg portion in the vicinity of the strap. The protective boot is sealed at each seam or point of attachment between elements so that the boot is waterproof.04-16-2009
20120066932DISPOSABLE, PROTECTIVE CANINE SOCK/BOOT REQUIRING NO FASTENERS - A disposable dog boot comprising a single, seamless piece of flexible latex or polymer material having a bulbously shaped, bottom closed end and a top open end of a smaller cross-section, wherein when a paw of the dog is slipped into the boot, the bottom end covers and loosely conforms to the paw to protect the paw, and the top end flexibly and removably secures, through the material's elasticity, the boot to a leg of the dog.03-22-2012
20080229618Animal paw cover - An animal paw cover having a side surface, a bottom surface and an opening. An elastic band is provided along the circumference of the opening. The animal paw cover is substantially sack-shaped. The bottom surface of the paw cover is sized to have an area substantially equal to an area of an underside of a paw of an animal intended to wear this paw cover, and a height of the side surface does not substantially exceed a height of the animal's paw. Further, the elastic band constricts the opening to a size substantially smaller than the animal's paw.09-25-2008
036009000 Felt and fabric 1
20110308115DYNAMIC FIT SLEEVE AND INDEPENDENT LACING SUPPORT CAGE FOR RUNNING FOOTWEAR - A footwear and footwear construction method that creates the footwear upper sleeve (shoe upper) using at least two overlapping, layered panels of fabric oriented 90 degrees with respect to each other. A lacing system creates a support cage for the foot, which is independent from the footwear upper. The lacing support cage can be asymmetrical in several respects to accommodate the physically asymmetrical shape of the foot. The lacing system includes fingers independent from the footwear upper. The fingers then end in lace eyelets.12-22-2011
036110000 Shoe for cast on foot 1
20090133292FOOTWEAR ORTHOSIS - The present invention is an apparatus and method of orthopedic footwear for post-surgical or diabetic patients or for sanitary use. The footwear has an ambidextrous bottom sole. In a higher part thereof, there is a groove of at least 10 mm, in which an off-loading plantar insoles or medicine or bandages can be inserted. These have been built-in the bottom sole using an ortho-dynamic concept which allows the patient a controlled deambulation. To that end, the present invention prevents sheer force on the plantar part of the bottom sole and the foot and in particular on the metatarsal and/or tarsal part of the foot.05-28-2009
036800100 Bathing 1
20130055589Protective aquatic/bodysurfing shoe - A Protective Aquatic/Bodysurfing Shoe is offered providing substantial protection for the bottom, sides, the Achilles heel area and particularly the top of the foot. A lightweight, pliable, completely enclosing shoe, it fits tight against the wearer's foot thereby minimizing drag or resistance to movement in the water.03-07-2013
20130025159Material Elements Incorporating Tensile Strands - An article of footwear or other product may include a material element having a first layer, a second layer, a third layer, and at least one strand. The second layer is positioned between the first layer and the third layer, and the second layer is formed from a thermoplastic polymer material. The strand is located between the first layer and the second layer, and the strand lies substantially parallel to the second layer for a distance of at least five centimeters. In this configuration, the thermoplastic polymer material may join the first layer and the third layer to the second layer. The thermoplastic polymer material may also join the strand to the second layer.01-31-2013
20130025158Fulcrum athletic shoe - This embodiment relates to athletic footwear devices, more particularly, athletic footwear, soles, insoles, inserts and slip-ons. They incorporate the use of natural or manmade materials therein, that are strategically produced for height, length and severe drop off shape (FIGS. 01-31-2013
20100115792METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A WATERPROOF AND VAPOR-PERMEABLE SHOE AND SHOE OBTAINED WITH THE METHOD - A method for manufacturing a waterproof and vapor-permeable shoe, including preparing a semi-manufactured component of an upper for a shoe, to be arranged spread out on one or two flat surfaces, arranging on the inner part of the semi-manufactured component of an upper a waterproof and vapor-permeable membrane, then preparing an adhesive bonding between the semi-manufactured component of an upper and the membrane so as to not inhibit the vapor-permeability of the assembly. Flat shapes, suitable of shaping complementarily with respect to different thicknesses of stitched seams and of superimposed parts are prepared, and the membrane is coupled to the semi-manufactured component of an upper, with the outer part arranged resting on the shape. The upper is finished associated with an insole, and a sole.05-13-2010
20130081307FOOTWEAR HAVING A WOVEN PORTION - An article of footwear is constructed from moldable foam and includes a sole portion and an upper. The upper includes a woven portion that is constructed by interweaving a number of vertical bands with a number of horizontal bands. The vertical bands can have beveled edges to reduce a bulging effect resulting from the interwoven bands.04-04-2013
20130031801Footwear With Interchangeable Bootie System - An interchangeable bootie system includes an article of footwear and a plurality of interchangeable booties. Each bootie includes a support system configured to provide targeted support to different regions of the foot. This allows a user to select a bootie that provides the desired type of support for an athletic activity. An interchangeable bootie system with midsole portions having different types of cushioning systems is also disclosed. This allows a user to select a bootie with the desired type of support and the desired type of cushioning for an athletic activity. An interchangeable bootie and midsole insert system is also disclosed. Each midsole insert fits inside a bootie and includes a cushioning system configured to provide targeted cushioning to different regions of the foot. This allows a user to select a desired type of cushioning for an athletic activity.02-07-2013
20130074368Article Of Footwear With Tongue And Heel Openings - An article of footwear may have an upper and a sole structure secured to the upper. The upper includes a tongue opening and a heel opening. The tongue opening extends through a tongue of the upper, and the tongue opening is located in a rearward area of the tongue. The heel opening extends into a heel region of the upper. In donning an article of footwear a first finger may extend through an opening in a tongue of the article of footwear. A second finger is located through an opening in a heel region of the article of footwear. The fingers are separated to expand a size of an ankle aperture of the article of footwear, and foot is inserted into the article of footwear through the ankle aperture.03-28-2013
20130036627ARTICLE OF FOOTWEAR FORMED FROM TWO PREFORMS AND METHOD AND MOLD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - A method of manufacturing a midsole includes placing first and second preforms into a midsole recess of a mold, with first and second portions of the mold defining a first overflow chamber connected to the first recess; closing the mold by positioning the first and second portions in contact with one another; heating the mold for a predetermined period of time at a predetermined temperature such that the first and second preforms melt and bond together to form a midsole, with a portion of each of the first and second preforms flowing into the first overflow chamber to form a first overflow portion; removing the midsole from the mold; allowing the midsole to expand; and cutting away the first overflow portion.02-14-2013
20130086815Footwear Lacing System - A lacing system for an article of footwear may include a lateral series of lace-receiving elements and a medial series of lace-receiving elements. A first lace extends consecutively through a first lateral lace-receiving element, a second lateral lace-receiving element, a fourth medial lace-receiving element, a fifth lateral lace-receiving element, a third medial lace-receiving element, and again through the first lateral lace-receiving element. A second lace extends consecutively through a first medial lace-receiving element, a second medial lace-receiving element, a fourth lateral lace-receiving element, a fifth medial lace-receiving element, a third lateral lace-receiving element, and again through the first medial lace-receiving element.04-11-2013
20130086816AUTOMATED TIGHTENING SHOE - An automated tightening shoe with a single crisscrossed laces or closure panel and a tightening mechanism which operates in one direction to cause automatic tightening of the crisscrossed laces or closure panel to tighten the shoe about a wearer's foot, and which can be released easily so that the shoe can be removed from the wearer's foot. An actuating wheel partially projecting from the rear sole of the shoe provides a convenient and reliable actuating means for movement of the automated tightening mechanism in the tightening direction.04-11-2013
20120216422SHOE WITH IMPROVED HEEL FIT PERFORMANCE - First eyelet holes are arranged in two rows along a notch and a shoelace 08-30-2012
20120216421METHOD FOR REALIZING SHOES AND A SHOE OBTAINED WITH SUCH A METHOD - A method for realizing shoes comprises the steps of: 08-30-2012
20130055591Waterproof Footwear and Method for Its Production - Footwear, having an upper, which is constructed with an outer material having an outer-material end region on the sole side and with a waterproof functional layer which is arranged on the inner side of the outer material and has a functional-layer end region on the sole side; an inner sole and a joining device which joins the outer-material end region to the inner sole, around at least part of the periphery of the upper and allows for a space to be left between the outer-material end region and the inner sole, in such a manner, that the joining device can be flowed through by sealing material that is liquid during application.03-07-2013
20120285041Modular Shoe System - The systems and methods described herein are directed to a modular shoe system that can include an internal support structure. Additionally, the internal support structure can include support features that can at least assist in providing different levels of support, compression, and/or comfort along various areas of the internal support structure. Furthermore, the internal support structure can have customized configurations and characteristics of support features in order to generally improve the fit and feel of the modular shoe system for a user.11-15-2012
20130160324ARTICLE OF FOOTWEAR HAVING AN ELEVATED PLATE SOLE STRUCTURE - An article of footwear is provided having an elevated plate structure incorporated in the sole structure and optionally including a fluid-filled chamber. The elevated plate structure can include an upper plate and a plurality of legs extending downward toward the outsole. End portions of the legs can engage an upper region of the outsole. The elevated plate structure can form a cage region that can optionally include a fluid-filled chamber substantially disposed therein. The elevated plate structure can further include a lower plate disposed at an upper region of the outsole, which can form a lower portion of the cage region. Portions of the legs can be integrated with impact-attenuating members in the heel region in various configurations and can provide features for the impact-attenuating members, such as support, impact-attenuation and adjustable impact-attenuation features.06-27-2013
20080216352Article of Footwear with Multiple Cleat Sizes - An article of footwear including different cleat sizes is disclosed. The article of footwear includes cleats of a first size along the medial side of the outsole and cleats of a second size along the lateral side of the outsole. The cleats also include spherical indentations along their tips. The outsole also includes an internal structural plate with notches associated with the cleats.09-11-2008
20120096743Deposition of Electronic Circuits on Fibers and Other Materials - Fibers, such as textile fibers, having electrical components deposited thereon. More particularly, one or more electrical components are formed directly onto the surface of at least one fiber. The fiber having the electrical component formed thereon may then be interlaced with other fibers to form a larger piece of fabric, which can be employed to produce an article of clothing. A group of transistors and piezoelectric components forming an accelerometer may be woven onto one or more natural or synthetic fibers. The fibers may then be employed as the warp, weft, or both, of a woven piece of fabric, or used to form a knitted piece of fabric. The fabric piece can then be cut and sewn to form a wearable item, such as a shirt, a pair of pants, a hat, or the upper piece of a shoe that includes the accelerometer.04-26-2012
20120285042Article of Footwear with an Intermediate Sized Outsole - An article of footwear may include an upper with a first size and an outsole with a second size that is different from the first size. A midsole of the article of footwear may be configured with an upper portion that fits the first size of the upper and a lower portion that fits the second size of the outsole.11-15-2012
20120291310Fully-Opening Footwear Systems - The present invention relates to articles with cavities capable of receiving objects as a result of extending an opening into a cavity capable of receiving the objects. For example, the opening in an article of footwear can be extended into the toe box to allow for the easier insertion and removal of a foot. The present invention also relates to systems that permit the article to be secured to the object after it has been inserted.11-22-2012
20120291309FOOTWEAR ASSEMBLIES HAVING REINFORCED INSOLE PORTIONS AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - Footwear assemblies including reinforced insole portions and associated methods of use and manufacture are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a footwear assembly includes an upper coupled to an insole. The insole includes a first surface opposite a second surface. The first surface is configured to face a user's foot when inserted in the upper. The upper at least partially wraps around and is stitched directly to the second surface of the insole. The footwear assembly further includes a midsole adjacent to the second surface of the insole, and an outsole adjacent to the midsole.11-22-2012
20090025257WATERPROOF FOOTWEAR APPLICATION - A waterproof article of footwear, comprising an upper consisted of one or more cut-shaped portions of a flexible waterproof material and a sole coupled to said upper, characterized in that said upper is assembled by stitches applied between peripheral edges of said cut-shaped waterproof material portions, said stitches being covered with a waterproof coating able to couple to said stitches and said upper according to a closeness relationship to each other; and a method of manufacture thereof.01-29-2009
20120066931Shoe with Composite Upper and Foam Element and Method of Making Same - A bonded mesh composite panel can be used to form a three-dimensional upper shell that includes extensions used for double-lasting and/or to otherwise provide a shelf to support foam padding. The foam padding may be, e.g., a foam midsole. The extensions of the upper shell may be located in a lower portion of the shell and may be bonded to the foam midsole in a heel, midfoot and/or forefoot regions.03-22-2012
20130212906REGRIND POLYURETHANE WITH GLYCOL OR POLYOL ADDITIVE - A surface element including a recycled polyurethane and a glycol or polyol additive is provided. The surface element has an increased tearability as compared to the recycled polyurethane. An article of footwear and methods of preparing an article of footwear are also provided.08-22-2013
20130212907Article Of Footwear Incorporating A Knitted Component With A Tongue - Articles of footwear may have an upper that includes a knit element and a tongue. The knit element defines a portion of an exterior surface and an opposite interior surface of the upper, with the interior surface defining a void for receiving a foot. The tongue is formed of unitary knit construction with the knit element and extends through a throat area of the upper.08-22-2013
20120102784SHOE, PARTICULARLY SPORTS SHOE - The invention relates to a shoe, especially to a sports shoe, comprising a shoe upper (05-03-2012
20120102783Strand-Wound Bladder - An article of footwear or another product may incorporate a pressure chamber that includes (a) a bladder at least partially formed from a polymer material that is sealed to enclose a pressurized fluid and (b) a strand wound around the bladder and secured to the bladder. In manufacturing the pressure chamber, a bladder with an elongate configuration may be formed. A strand is wound around the bladder, and the strand is secured to the bladder. When incorporated to a sole structure of the article of footwear, for example, a portion of the bladder that includes the strands may be exposed at an outer surface of the sole structure.05-03-2012
20120102782Fluid-Filled Chamber With A Stacked Tensile Member - A fluid-filled chamber may have a barrier, a stacked tensile member, and a fluid. The barrier may be formed from a polymer material that is sealed to define an interior void. The stacked tensile member may be located within the interior void and includes a first tensile element and a second tensile element that are joined to each other. Additionally, opposite sides of the stacked tensile member are joined to the barrier. The fluid is located within the interior void and may be pressurized to place an outward force upon the barrier and induce tension in the stacked tensile member. In some configurations, each of the tensile elements may be a spacer textile.05-03-2012
20120137542WELLNESS SHOE AND METHOD - A shoe body including an upper operably connected with an outsole. The shoe body has a front portion and a back portion. An insole is disposed inside the shoe upper and has a substantially inelastic heel portion and a substantially elastic toe portion. A substantially rigid pressure plate is adjacent to the substantially elastic toe portion.06-07-2012
20100199519Valve for Magnetorheologic Fluids - A valve for magnetorheological fluids is formed with a control duct in which the magnetic field of a magnetic device, consisting of a permanent magnet and coil, acts on the fluid. The viscosity of the fluid is directly proportional to the magnetic field strength, with the result that the flow resistance of the valve can be varied via the coil current. The respective control duct is arranged in the end-face region of the coil and runs radially with respect to the center line of the valve, with the result that high flux densities can be achieved in the control duct. A permanent magnet is arranged in the inner space of the coil and, even under currentless operating conditions, can close the valve up to a certain blocking pressure.08-12-2010
20120266492Heat Retention and Insulation System for Wearable Articles - The present application relates to an insulation pack in a wearable article, such as a footwear article. In one example embodiment, the insulation pack includes a perforated air retention and communication layer, an insulating compressible layer, and a reflective layer. In a compressed state, when the wearable article is worn by a wearer, the perforated air retention and communication layer and the insulating compressible layer maintain a lofted air space which is in air communication with an inner body space of the wearable article and acts as an insulating layer. Further, the reflective layer reflects radiated body heat. Thus, the insulation pack may provide a heat retention and insulation system for the wearable article by reducing body heat lost via radiation and conduction.10-25-2012
20120266493Footwear with Position Determination Unit - The present disclosure provides a footwear article containing a position determination unit for locating an individual. A system for locating an individual is also provided, the system comprises a position determining unit integrated with a footwear article and at least one of a central station and an output device.10-25-2012
20090126228SHOE - A shoe includes a sole, a potential generating unit, a first conductive unit and a second conductive unit. The sole has a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface. The potential generating unit has a high potential outputting terminal and a low potential outputting terminal. The first conductive unit is electrically connected with the high potential outputting terminal of the potential generating unit and is exposed to the first surface of the sole. The second conductive unit is electrically connected with the low potential outputting terminal of the potential generating unit and is exposed to the second surface of the sole.05-21-2009
20110107620Article of Footwear with Integral Upper and Sole - An article of footwear with an integral upper and sole and a method of assembling the article of footwear are disclosed. The method includes folding the article of footwear from a flat configuration and attaching top and bottom lateral edges to form the article of footwear. A kit of parts containing an article of footwear with an integral upper and sole and a set of instructions is also disclosed.05-12-2011
20120167413Shoe Having An Inflatable Bladder - An article of footwear including a sole and an upper with an exterior and interior surface, and one or more bladders which comprises at least one of the exterior or interior surfaces of the upper. The bladder comprising sheets of polyurethane or polyester film attached together to form an airtight seal. The article of footwear also includes a inflation mechanism for selectively introducing air in the one or more bladders. The inflation mechanism is located under the foot of the wearer to be activated by the normal action of the wearer to inflate the one or more bladders. The article of footwear may also include an assembly for connecting several tubes to one under foot inflation mechanism. The article of footwear may also include inflatable laces that are inflated by an underfoot inflation mechanism.07-05-2012
20120304493Fashion Shoe Having A Removable Insole and Footbed Cover - The present invention generally provides a woman's fashion shoe with a removable insole fitted inside a sleeve so as to appear as part of the shoe. The sleeve both conceals the insole and holds it in place. The invention allows women to wear fashion shoes comfortably with prescription or off the shelf orthotics.12-06-2012
20120304492LAST, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE LAST AND FOOTWEAR MADE FROM THE LAST - Provided are a last for making an article of footwear, an article of footwear that is made from the last and a method for manufacturing the last. The last has dimensions defined by a last length, a joint girth, an instep girth and a heel breadth. In the last, a ratio of the last length to the joint girth is between 0.920 and 0.976, a ratio of the last length to the instep girth is between 0.945 and 1.006, and a ratio of the last length to the heel breadth is between 0.255 and 0.259. The last can provide a shape suitable for comfortably accommodating the elderly foot.12-06-2012
20120055042WATERPROOF AND VAPOR-PERMEABLE SHOE - A waterproof and vapor-permeable shoe, comprising a sole, provided with a vapor permeation region, an assembly insole, which is covered, toward the sole, by at least one first gasket made of waterproof material, which has at least one vapor-permeable or perforated portion above the vapor permeation region, which, once assembled, covers an upper shoe assembly, which comprises at least one vapor-permeable lining, a vapor-permeable upper, and a waterproof and vapor-permeable upper membrane that is between them, the upper shoe assembly being associated with the assembly insole, and at least one second gasket, which adheres so to form a waterproof seal to the first gasket and is glued to the lower edge of the upper, the second gasket forming a waterproof sealing region of the upper shoe assembly and the first gasket to the sole.03-08-2012
20120055043Article of Footwear with Multi-Layered Support Assembly - An article of footwear including an upper and a sole assembly secured to the upper and including a support assembly having an upper member and a lower member spaced from the upper member. first layer is positioned beneath and in contact with the upper member and has a wave shaped profile with a plurality of first wave crests and first wave troughs. A second layer is positioned above the lower member and has a wave shaped profile with a plurality of second wave crests and second wave troughs.03-08-2012
20120204445FOOTWEAR - Footwear is disclosed having an upper secured to a sole and defining at least a front portion. An apron portion having first and second lateral portions and a lower end, each of the first and second lateral portions including a free lateral outer edge can be attached at the lower end to the front portion. A first fastener for releasably connecting the first and second lateral portions together is also provided, the first fastener being configurable between a fastened position in which the first and second lateral portions are held adjacent one another, and an unfastened position in which at least an upper portion of each of the first and second lateral portions, respectively, can be readily separated.08-16-2012
20120204446LAYERED PRODUCT FOR LASER BONDING, SHOE, AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING SHOE - A laminate for laser bonding of the present invention contains a bonding sheet that is melted by irradiation of laser light and a first member laminated on one surface of the bonding sheet and formed of a thermoplastic foam. The difference between the melting point of the first member (Mfoam) and the melting point of the bonding sheet (Msheet) (Mfoam−Msheet) is −50° C. to 20° C. and the difference between the melt viscosity of the first member (Vfoam) and the melt viscosity of the bonding sheet (Vsheet) (Vfoam−Vsheet) is 3.0×1008-16-2012
20120110870CLOSING PART FOR A SHOE AND CORRESPONDING SHOE SYSTEM - The invention relates to a closing part (05-10-2012
20120210603Devices With Internal Flexibility Sipes, Including Siped Chambers For Footwear - Devices with internal flexibility sipes, such as slits, provide improved flexibility, improved cushioning to absorb shock and/or shear forces, and improved stability of support. Siped devices can be used in any existing product that provides or utilizes cushioning and stability. These products include human and other footwear, both soles and uppers, as well as orthotics; athletic, occupational and medical equipment and apparel; padding or cushioning, such as for equipment or tool handles, as well as furniture; balls; tires; and any other structural or support elements in a mechanical, architectural, or any other product.08-23-2012
20120210604WATERPROOF AND VAPOR-PERMEABLE SOLE FOR SHOES AND SHOE PROVIDED WITH SAID SOLE - A waterproof and vapor-permeable sole for shoes, including a vapor-permeable lower component made of polymeric material. An upper functional layer, which as a whole is impermeable to water and permeable to water vapor, affects at least part of the extension of the vapor-permeable surface of the lower component. An upper component is arranged substantially on top of the functional layer and includes a plurality of pumping elements, which are directed toward the upper part corresponding to the inside of the shoe. The functional layer is joined at least perimetrically and hermetically to at least one component of the sole.08-23-2012
20120151797OPERATING PROCESS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF AN INSOLE FOR FOOTWEAR AND INSOLE THUS OBTAINED - Machining process for the manufacture of an insole for footwear, having a tape at the bottom face of the insole and around the entire periphery thereof, except only for that horseshoe arch that surrounds the heel of the shoe if desired, the outer edge of said tape being attached to and aligned with the edge Ia) of the insole so that the inner edge of said tape is free to be folded and detached from the bottom face of the insole. An insole for footwear is also described.06-21-2012
20120151795FOOTWEAR LACING SYSTEM - A shoe includes a shoe upper, a first lace and a second lace. The shoe upper includes a heel end, a toe end, and a mid-foot portion between the heel end and the toe end. The first lace is connected to the shoe upper and includes a wide portion and a narrow portion with a tapered portion in-between. The wide portion of the first lace is fastened to the mid-foot portion of the shoe upper at a first position that is nearer to the toe end than the heel end. The second lace is also connected to the shoe upper and also includes a wide portion and a narrow portion with a tapered portion in-between. The wide portion of the second lace is fastened to the mid-foot portion of the shoe upper at a second position that is nearer to the heel end than the first position.06-21-2012
20120151798ARTICLE OF FOOTWEAR WITH DUAL LACING SYSTEM - An article of footwear including a dual lacing system is disclosed. The article of footwear includes a first lace and a second lace. The first lace and the second lace include portions that are interdigitated, these portions being disposed towards an entry hole of the upper. The laces also include provisions for releasably fastening to the sides of the article of footwear.06-21-2012
20120151796FOR A SHOE, IN PARTICULAR FOR A SPORTS SHOE - The invention relates to a shoe in which the specific characteristics of the midsole, namely the width, length, thickness and front/rear profile thereof, midsole materials used with a certain type of deformation (Shore hardness and elasticity), and lateral reinforcements emerging from the midsole and surrounding the upper are suitable for increasing in an extremely noticeable manner both the performance (speed and reduced fatigue) and the user comfort (reduced impact on knees, back, leg muscles), for use when jogging or walking on uneven outdoor surfaces, as well as for jogging or walking on roads. Furthermore, the characteristics of the midsole (spike surface and deformation in contact with the ground) improve the safety of the user by providing enhanced grip on sloping terrain, as well as on snow-covered or wet terrain.06-21-2012
20120117822Articles And Method Of Manufacture Of Articles - Various articles, such as footwear, apparel, athletic equipment, watchbands, and the like, and methods of forming those articles are presented. The articles are generally formed, in whole or in part, using rapid manufacturing techniques, such as laser sintering, stereolithography, solid deposition modeling, and the like. The use of rapid manufacturing allows for relatively economical and time efficient manufacture of customized articles. Portions of the articles may be manufactured using rapid manufacturing and those portions may be joined with portions formed using conventional, non-rapid manufacturing techniques. The methods may also include performing a scan of an appropriate body part of a user, such as a foot, in order to create a customized article of footwear for the user.05-17-2012
20120124866SHOE HAVING LACE FITTING STRUCTURE - A shoe having a sole, an upper including a first opening and a second opening, and shoelace means, the upper including: a first side edge portion having a plurality of first eyelets; a second side edge portion arranged between the plurality of first eyelets and having one or more second eyelets which the shoelace means engages with; a movable portion for allowing the second eyelet to move with respect to the first eyelets both in a transverse direction across the second opening and a diagonal front-back direction that is perpendicular to the transverse direction and is extending along the instep; and a main portion covering a medial side surface, a lateral side surface, a toe, the instep and a back surface of a foot, the main portion including the first side edge portion and excluding the second side edge portion and the movable portion; the second eyelet is relatively displaced via the movable portion with respect to the main portion both in the transverse direction and the diagonal front-back direction in response to a change in a direction of a resultant force between a first tensile force and a second tensile force acting upon the second side edge portion from a V-shaped portion of the shoelace means engaging with the second eyelet while transitioning from a flat-footed position to a heel-raised position.05-24-2012
20120159812ARTICLE OF FOOTWEAR WITH FOREFOOT PLATES - An article of footwear includes an upper and a sole assembly secured to the upper. The sole assembly has an upper plate and a lower plate in a forefoot portion of the sole assembly, and a plurality of lower plate arms curving downwardly from the upper plate.06-28-2012
20120131818SHOE HAVING LACE FITTING STRUCTURE - A shoe including a sole 05-31-2012
20120246973Article Of Footwear Having A Knit Upper With A Polymer Layer - An article of footwear has an upper and a sole structure secured to the upper. The upper includes a knitted component and a polymer layer. The knitted component is formed of unitary knit construction and extends along a lateral side of the upper, along a medial side of the upper, over a forefoot region of the upper, and around a heel region of the upper. The polymer layer is bonded to the knitted component and may form a majority of an exterior surface of the upper. The polymer layer may be formed from a thermoplastic polymer material.10-04-2012
20120260526Method Of Lasting An Article Of Footwear With A Fluid-Filled Chamber - A method of manufacturing an article of footwear may include assembling at least a portion of an upper of the article of footwear, the upper having a lower perimeter edge. A lasting element is secured to the upper adjacent to the lower perimeter edge. The lasting element includes a barrier and a tensile member located within the barrier, the tensile member being secured to opposite sides of the barrier. In addition, a sole structure of the article of footwear is joined to at least one of the upper and the lasting element.10-18-2012
20120297643Shoe with Composite Upper and Method of Making the Same - Uppers for article of footwear may include one or more skin layers attached to a base layer, wherein at least one of the skin layers is at least partially transparent or translucent. The transparent or translucent skin layer may be applied over other elements of the upper (e.g., other skin layers, base layers, reinforcing layers, etc.) to provide interesting color change options and color palettes for the upper. Additional aspects of this invention relate to production of curved tongue composite structures and/or footwear having a bonded (hot melt) side seam for forming the upper (and optionally do not include a rear heel seam).11-29-2012
20120079743Article of Footwear with Multiple Hardnesses and Method of Manufacture - A method of forming an article of footwear includes injecting a first material into a first cavity of a mold assembly to form a sole assembly, injecting a second material into a second cavity of the mold assembly, a first last being suspended within the second cavity, to form an upper of the article of footwear about the first last. The upper and the sole assembly are positioned in contact with one another. The upper and the sole assembly are cured and bonded together to form an article of footwear. The article of footwear is removed from the mold assembly and from the first last and allowed to expand to a first size. The article of footwear is placed on a second last having a second size that is smaller than the first size, and heated and cooled until it shrinks to the second size.04-05-2012
20120090199Article of Footwear with Vertical Grooves - An article of footwear with a sole that includes a plurality of vertical grooves is disclosed. The plurality of vertical grooves may be disposed on a sidewall and a lower portion of the sole. The vertical grooves can facilitate twisting of the sole.04-19-2012
20120246974REEL BASED CLOSURE SYSTEM - Disclosed is a closure system used in combination in any of a variety of applications including clothing, for example as a footwear lacing system comprising a lace attached to a tightening mechanism. The lace extends through a series of guide members positioned along two opposing footwear closure portions. The lace and guides preferably have low friction surfaces to facilitate sliding of the lace along the guide members so that the lace evenly distributes tension across the footwear member. The tightening mechanism allows incremental adjustment of the tension of the lace. The closure system allows a user to quickly loosen the lace and inhibits unintentional and/or accidental loosing of the lace.10-04-2012
20130174447Article of Footwear with Support Assembly Having Sealed Chamber - An article of footwear is disclosed and includes an upper and a support assembly positioned beneath the upper. The support assembly may include a top member, a chamber assembly positioned beneath the top member, having a base member and a plurality of hollow support members extending upwardly from the base member. A bottom plate may be secured to a bottom surface of the chamber assembly, sealing the hollow projections and forming at least one closed chamber. An outsole may be positioned beneath the support assembly.07-11-2013
20130125416Footwear Having Corresponding Outsole and Midsole Shapes - An article of footwear includes first and second midsole layers and first and second outsole layers. The second midsole layer defines a plurality of bores. A first outsole layer is translucent. A second outsole layer includes a plurality of non-contiguous abrasion-resistant members that correspond in shape and size to one or more of the bores in the second midsole layer.05-23-2013
20130125417Article of Footwear With Medial Contact Portion - An article of footwear with a medial contact portion disposed on the medial side of the article is described. The medial contact portion includes a plurality of raised elements that extend outwards from the surface of the upper on the medial side. The raised elements are configured to contact a ball during passing or trapping to absorb and dampen forces associated with the impact of the ball with the article to provide cushioning. The sizing and spacing arrangement of the raised elements on the medial contact portion provide sufficient surface area to allow a portion of the surface of the upper to contact a ball. In one embodiment, the upper is made from a synthetic leather material that has substantially the same coefficient of friction under dry conditions and wet conditions.05-23-2013
20130139409WELTED FOOTWEAR - An article of footwear having a shoe upper and a sandal type sole are made from an upper having a lower marginal edge with a plurality of spaced tabs extending from the lower marginal edge, a footbed having a peripheral edge, the tabs are folded over the edge onto the lower surface of the footbed, an outsole secured to the footbed and a welt strip cemented on a welt formed above the outsole and to the lower marginal edge of the upper. The welt strip is co-molded with the footbed, and thereafter separated from the footbed. In a preferred embodiment the welt strip is wrapped in fabric.06-06-2013
20110225845Shoe With A Flat Formed Shoe Upper - Shoes specifically designed to facilitate production via efficient shoe manufacturing methods and systems are described. In embodiments, the shoe upper is designed by way of a flat forming process, whereby the upper pattern is kept in a two-dimensional shape for most of the upper assembly and then stitched or otherwise affixed into a three-dimensional form in the final stage of upper assembly.09-22-2011
20130152424Footwear Having An Upper With Forefoot Tensile Strand Elements - Articles of footwear may include an upper with a forward lace-receiving element and a plurality of strands that extend forward from the lace-receiving element. In some configurations, the strands are located between a pair of material layers and lay substantially parallel to the material layers. In other configurations, the material layers form a loop structure, and the strands may extend at least partially around the loop structure.06-20-2013
20130152425FOOTWEAR WITH IMPROVED TIGHTENING OF UPPER - An article of footwear, or shoe, including an outer sole assembly and an upper, the upper including a vamp extending lengthwise from a rear zone to a front zone, widthwise between a lateral portion and a medial portion, and heightwise from the outer sole assembly to an apex, the shoe including a first device for tightening a first subdivision of the vamp and a second device for tightening a second subdivision of the upper. For at least one of the first and second subdivisions, the tightening device includes a linkage extending from an anchoring point in relation to the upper to a blocking point in relation to the upper, the anchoring point being located in the area of the vamp, the blocking point being located in the area of the vamp.06-20-2013

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