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034 - Drying and gas or vapor contact with solids

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034201000 Houses, kilns, and containers 116
034108000 Rotary drums or receptacles 109
034072000 With means to treat gas or vapor 105
034524000 With automatic control 80
034096000 For hair on head 48
034060000 For diverse operations on treated material 41
034090000 Combined 25
034611000 Sheet, web, or strand 22
034239000 Supports 20
034086000 With waste gas heat and/or power conservers 19
034058000 With apparatus using centrifugal force 17
034104000 For hollow article 15
034092000 Vacuum 13
034165000 Gravity flow type 12
034089000 With indicating or testing means 9
034088000 With display, inspecting, or illuminating means 8
034576000 With fluid current conveying of treated material 8
034236000 Treated material handling or conveying 7
034095000 Means to remove liquid from treated material by contact with solids 6
034085000 With apparatus cleaner and/or escaping material collector 5
20110258872DRYER - A dryer is provided. The dryer may include a main body having an inner space formed therein, a fixed drum provided in the inner space of the main body, and a tumbling device coupled to the drum. The fixed drum may have a non-circular cross-section as it is rotated. The tumbling device may tumble laundry items received in the fixed drum as it slides along an inner circumferential surface of the fixed drum.10-27-2011
20100058605Clothes dryer with water tank - A clothes dryer having an improved configuration to allow a user to safely pull out a water tank is disclosed. The clothes dryer includes a body having a water tank housing, a water tank detachably mounted into the water tank housing and serving to store water collected from an object to be dried, and a safety guide to limit movement of the water tank in a first direction when the water tank is separated from the water tank housing in the first direction, so as to allow a user to guide movement of the water tank in a second direction. The safety guide includes a first stopper provided at the water tank housing, and a second stopper provided at the water tank to correspond to the first stopper when the water tank is separated in the first direction.03-11-2010
20120036730INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRY DRIER WITH FILTER CLEANING DEVICE - The industrial tumble dryer comprises a casing (02-16-2012
20100011608EXHAUST AIR DRYER WITH HEAT EXCHANGER - An exhaust air dryer with a drying chamber for items to be dried. The dryer includes a process air fan, a heat exchanger which includes a heat source, a heat sink of a heat pump, and a flushing device for flushing of a first inflow surface of the heat source and a second inflow surface of the heat sink with a liquid which is assigned to the heat source and the heat sink for removing of soil; and air ducts interconnecting the drying chamber, the process air fan, and the heat exchanger for conducting process air.01-21-2010
20090019718Apparatus and method for cleaning electronic jacks of debris - Methods and apparatus are provided for cleaning jacks in portable electronic components. In one embodiment of the present invention, an adaptor plug is designed having a hollow shaft and the end of the plug is designed with holes that communication with the hollow shaft. The plug can be inserted into a jack, which can operate to open one or more switches within the jack, thereby freeing any debris that may have accumulated under the switches. Compressed air can then be applied down the hollow shaft and out the holes in the plug to displace the debris and clean the jack. In another embodiment, the end of the plug can be constructed such that it rotates about an axis to increase the likelihood that the jack will be cleansed.01-22-2009
034179000 Stationary receptacle or tube with agitator or conveyor 4
20120317830Hood Assembly for Controllably Cooling Extruded Section Members of Aluminium and Other Metal Materials at an Output of an Extruding Line Therefor. - An improved hood assembly for controllably cooling extruded section members of aluminium and other metal materials at an output of an extruding line therefor, characterized in that said hood assembly comprises a plurality of air delivery spouts inclined according to angles varying from 20° to 60° with respect to a sliding longitudinal direction of said section member through said cooling line.12-20-2012
20090249637APPARATUS FOR COOLING BULK MATERIAL - An apparatus for cooling bulk material, comprising a grate having a device to feed cooling gas, conveying elements configured to convey a layer of the bulk material along a conveying direction, and a planar blowout device. The grate forms a substantially smooth supporting surface for the layer of the bulk material. The supporting surface is provided at least partially with the planar blowout device. The planar blowout device has a fabric as a spatially extended dispersion element on which the bulk material directly rests, and a support structure arranged under the fabric. Webs arranged transverse to the conveying direction can result in pockets that enable a stationary layer composed of cooling material to be located above the dispersion elements.10-08-2009
20080313917Drying process of triturated crushed sugar-cane or others for latter briquetting or others) - Improvement introduced into the process of drying crushed cane or other bagasses for subsequent briquetting or other processes constituted by drying unit (12-25-2008
20120279080Turbulence Bar Assembly - A turbulence bar assembly for a cylinder that extends in an axial direction includes a plurality of bars that extend in the axial direction and at least one hoop. The at least one hoop has one or more hoop segments that are connected to the plurality of bars and one or more couplers that are in engagement with the one or more hoop segments to expand and contract a radial dimension of the at least one hoop in response to movement of an adjustment block in the axial direction.11-08-2012
034242000 Chamber seals 4
20090007451Arrangement and method for sealing of a pocket space between drying cylinders in a paper machine or similar, runnability component, and method for manufacturing a runnability component - The invention relates to an arrangement and a method for sealing of a pocket space between drying cylinders (01-08-2009
20090100701System for sealing an apparatus - An apparatus for processing materials provides a material processing chamber, formed from an enclosure having a top and a bottom. The bottom has an opening therein, and a shaft extends through the opening and into the chamber. A bearing assembly may be arranged about a lower portion of the shaft, the bearing assembly including a bearing extension arranged about a portion of the shaft. The bearing extension has a portion thereof extending through the opening of the bottom of the chamber. A first seal assembly forms a first seal between the bearing extension and the bottom of the chamber, and a second seal assembly forms a second seal between the bearing assembly and the shaft.04-23-2009
20090000145SEAL UNIT OF GAS DRYER - This invention is concerning a gas dryer, especially a seal unit of gas dryer. The seal unit is assembled on the chamber rear wall, an end of heating disk is compressing on the seal unit. Said seal unit comprises seal loop shaped as a ring, this seal loop is composed of inner fix part with the shape of flat-sheet ring and outer seal part shaped as a closed ring. This seal unit involved in this present invention would bring effective sealing performance, decrease the leakage of hot-air, fast drying speed and have high efficiency. Additionally, the seal unit is of easily produced, high reliability and better consistency of production quality.01-01-2009
20120186099CONNECTION SYSTEMS FOR REFRIGERATION FILTER DRYER UNITS AND METHODS FOR THEIR MANUFACTURE - A high pressure connection and method for making a high pressure connection between an existing filter dryer unit and a refrigeration system using a radically curable composition. The radically curable composition can be an anaerobically curable composition.07-26-2012
034192000 Removable shelf or tray type 3
20090025248Food Dehydrator - A food dehydrator apparatus comprising a plurality of modular food trays, each tray comprising a generally horizontal drying rack having an upper and lower surface and openings providing for air passage extending generally vertically through the tray, a wall located at the periphery of the tray, the wall extending generally vertically at the periphery, and having a top and bottom edge, and an inner and outer wall surface, and a plurality of legs extending from the lower surface of the tray and below the lower edge of the wall, where the trays are stackable, whereby when a first tray is adjacent a second tray, the top edge of the wall of the first tray and the bottom edge of the wall of the second tray form a close fit preventing air passage therebetween, and where when the first modular food tray is position with the legs set on a substantially flat support surface, a gap is formed between the wall bottom edge and the support surface.01-29-2009
20080222909DRYING APPARATUS - The present disclosure is related to an apparatus suitable for cleaning, refreshing, steaming, deodorizing, and/or drying cloth items. Such appliance comprises a molded base form with an associated heater/blower assembly and a water receptacle, a rigid, telescoping framework hingedly affixed to the base form, and a collapsible enclosure defining a void space, and having at least one access port thereto and a plurality of removable shelves for inclusion therein.09-18-2008
20100229416SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - Provided is a substrate processing apparatus that can decrease the time necessary for cooling a processed wafer for improving the throughput. The substrate processing apparatus comprises: a process chamber configured to process a substrate; a substrate supporter configured to support the substrate and load the substrate into the process chamber; a transfer mechanism configured to carry the substrate to the substrate supporter; and a non-sealing type shield part installed between the substrate supporter and the transfer mechanism.09-16-2010
034237000 Trays or floors 3
20130067761DRYING APPARATUS - The present invention provides a drying apparatus, which uses to dry a pre-formed material of alignment film on a first surface of a substrate. The drying apparatus comprises a heating platform, a first support net, a plurality of support pins and a first elevating mechanism. The heating platform uses to heat a second surface of the substrate; the first support net comprises a plurality of first filaments, and the first filaments commonly define a plurality of first meshes; the support pins are set in at least one portion of the first meshes; and the first elevating mechanism controls the support pins to rise and lower, so that the support pins are higher or lower than the first support net. Thus, the present invention can avoid the first surface of the substrate from remaining Mura after the drying step.03-21-2013
20130055582CLOTHES DRYING APPARATUS - A clothes drying apparatus mounted to a building structure (e.g., a ceiling, wall, or floor) and including a slider track coupled to the building structure, and a frame (e.g., at least two frames) secured to the slider track for sliding between a stored position and an extended position. The frame is pivotable relative to the building structure. For example, the frame can be secured to the slider track, and the slider track can be pivotable relative to the building structure. Preferably, the slider track includes an inner member coupled to the building structure and an outer member coupled to the frame. The apparatus can further include transverse brackets supporting the slider track. For special mounting situations, the apparatus can further include longitudinal brackets supporting the transverse brackets and/or a back mounting bracket at least partially supporting the transverse brackets.03-07-2013
20130180124SPORTS EQUIPMENT RACK - An improved sports equipment frame includes frame having a main vertical member including an upper end and a lower end, and a plurality of extensions projecting laterally from the main vertical member; and a bowed hanger extending from the main vertical member for draping an article of clothing, the hanger elevationally located between the upper and lower ends of the vertical member. In a preferred embodiment, the sports equipment rack includes pant leg restrainers for suppressing movement of the legs of pants during spray washing, and a headgear support plate having a generally flat upper surface that is larger than the cross sectional area of the vertical member. The sports equipment rack is lightweight, compact and portable, and is suitable for storing, organizing, washing and drying various types of sporting equipment and clothing.07-18-2013
034241000 Gas or vapor distributing and applying agitators 3
20090199425Processing device for improved utilization of fuel solids - The invention provides an apparatus for comminuting coal or other fuel solids in a shear field, and for optionally coating the solids with catalysts for combustion, liquefaction, and or gasification during the milling process. The apparatus further provides for control of water content in the solids may be controlled before, during and after the milling in order to obtain micronized solids with fine hydration layers. The output fuel solids of the apparatus can burn at low temperatures, avoiding emissions of nitrogen oxides, and they also have improved properties for surfactant-free suspension in either water or oil media, as well as for liquefaction and gasification.08-13-2009
20120042534SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DRYING A SHOWER - An application for a shower drying system that directs air downwardly onto the walls, surfaces and/or shower curtain of a shower enclosure. In one embodiment, the air is heated. The movement of the air in the downward direction helps urge droplets of water on the shower surface towards a drain at the lower level of the shower enclosure. Remaining water on the surfaces is evaporated into water vapor that is exhausted from above the shower enclosure, thereby reducing mold and mildew.02-23-2012
20120246963DRYING APPARATUS - An apparatus such as a hand dryer is configured to expel air in the form of a heated flowstream and an unheated flowstream. The heated flowstream results from active heating, such as would occur when the apparatus exposes the air to a heating element. The heating element heats the air to a temperature that is greater than the air in the unheated flowstream. The apparatus can direct each of the heated flowstream and the unheated flowstream to an exit plane, which defines a first side on which the apparatus prevents the heated flowstream from mixing with the unheated flowstream. The exit plane also defines a second side on which a target can reside. The heated flowstream can mix with the unheated flowstream on the second side, wherein mixing can occur when the heated flowstream and the unheated flowstream impinge on the target.10-04-2012
034091000 Convertible 2
20110072678Composite Machine For Drying Dishes And Cleaning Vegetables And Fruits - A composite machine for drying dishes and cleaning vegetables and fruits includes a dish-drying body, an ozone generator, a cover and a switching element. The cover selectively covers the dishes or allows the vegetables and fruits to be received therein. The switching element is switchable to be electrically connected to the dish-drying body or the ozone generator. The dish-drying body generates hot air to dry the dishes when the switching element is electrically connected to the dish-drying body. The ozone generator generates ozone to clean the vegetables and fruits when the switching element is electrically connected to the ozone generator. With this arrangement, the operation of drying dishes or cleaning vegetables and fruits can be executed as demands. Thus, the utility rate of the machine is increased and the space can be used more effectively. As a result, the cost is reduced and the maintenance is easy.03-31-2011
20080235980CENTRIFUGAL SPRAYER AND HAIR DRYER HAVING THE SAME FOR APPLICATION OF A HAIR TREATMENT LIQUID - A hand held personal care appliance, such as a hair dryer, has a liquid delivery system for delivering a spray of liquid from the appliance. The liquid delivery system has a reservoir for containing a supply of liquid and a liquid transfer system. A rotatable drum has a surface in fluid communication with the liquid transfer system for receiving liquid onto the surface of the drum. A drive system rotates the drum such that the liquid is thrown from the drum by centrifugal force of the rotating drum for delivering liquid from the appliance in the form of a spray of droplets. In some embodiments, the fluid transfer system includes a first wick for delivery of the liquid to the drum and a second wick for delivery of liquid to the first wick. The reservoir and other parts of the liquid delivery system may be a disposable cartridge.10-02-2008
034147000 Spiral treated material path type 2
20100043246ROTARY BIOMASS DRYER - A biomass drying system includes a rotary biomass dryer that includes a helically threaded auger shaft rotatably driven by a prime mover, such as an electric motor. No external source of heat is required to dry a wet biomass material that is supplied to an input of the biomass dryer. Instead, the helical threads on the shaft have a variable width, designed to gradually increase the compression applied as the biomass material is advanced through a generally cylindrical bore in the biomass dryer. A variable compression nozzle is disposed at a distal end of the bore and can be adjusted to achieve a desired level of a parameter such as the moisture content of the dried biomass material produced by the system. The variable compression nozzle, which can be automatically controlled, includes longitudinally extending segments that are forced radially inwardly to increase the compression force applied to the biomass material.02-25-2010
20120036731MEANS FOR DRYING OF A PARTICULATE MATERIAL WITH A GAS - A device to bring a gas into contact with a particulate solid bulk material, comprising a first and a second tubular, radially gas-permeable element (02-16-2012
034184000 Rotary or swinging carrier or rack 1
20120011737LABORATORY TYPE QUICK FILM DRYING OVEN - The drying oven of the present invention comprises a holey plastic plate that can make planetary rotation. The drying mechanisms may consist of classical resistance heaters, blowing heaters and/or coolers, and ultraviolet, infrared and microwave radiation sources in horizontal, vertical or intermediate angle arrangements. There is an absorbent material in a reservoir so as to absorb the excess energy transmitted by the system. The present system completes the drying procedure quickly with full automatization within a standard period without deteriorating the sample and reveals a product which is ready to further processing.01-19-2012
034087000 With means to interlock operable elements 1
20100088916HEARING AID DRYER - An application for a hearing aid drying/disinfecting system includes a closable container with an internally mounted ultra-violet lamp for disinfecting the hearing aid. A heating element creates an internal temperature that is higher than ambient temperature and a fan circulates air through shielded vents from the outside of the container through the container and back out, thereby drying the hearing aid contained within the drying/disinfecting system.04-15-2010
034093000 Solar 1
20090113741LAUNDRY TREATING MACHINE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - A laundry treating machine is disclosed. The laundry treating machine includes a case having a laundry receiving space for receiving laundry defined therein, the case being located above another laundry treating machine, a hot air supply unit for supplying hot air into the laundry receiving space, a manipulation part for allowing a user to select a drive course, a control unit for controlling the hot air supply unit to be driven according to the course selected by the manipulation part, and a guide unit for assisting the user to put the laundry in the laundry receiving space.05-07-2009
034143000 Stationary press type 1
20130025151LAUNDRY PRESS APPARATUS AND METHOD - A press for pressing batches of fabric articles to remove excess fluid therefrom utilizes a specially configured frame having upper and lower plates. The frame supports a vessel having an interior that receives a batch of fabric articles therein. A press having a ram and a disk is supported at the lower end portion of the ram. The disk engages an upper surface portion of the batch of articles. The ram and disk move between upper and lower positions, the lower position being a pressing position that engages the disk with the fabric articles. The frame includes a plurality of rods that connect to the upper and lower plates, spacing the plates apart. The rods each have upper and lower end portions, each with a diameter that is larger than the diameter of a central portion of said rod that is positioned in between the upper and lower plates.01-31-2013
034107000 For slender rigid articles 1
20110154677Ringed Umbrella Dryer - An apparatus for removing water from an unfurled umbrella having a member with bristles to receive the axial length of an unfurled umbrella such that the at least one bristle support member surrounds the umbrella by at least 180 degrees, so the plurality of bristles compress the umbrella and remove water from the umbrella as the umbrella passes through the member with bristles.06-30-2011
034191000 Reversible or pulsating treating gas or vapor flow 1
20110173835METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR DRYING CONDENSED DISTILLER'S SOLUBLES (CDS) TO PRODUCE DRIED DISTILLER'S SOLUBLES (DDS) - Dried distiller's solubles is described. Methods for drying condensed distiller's solubles into dried distiller's solubles are presented. The methods may include introducing the condensed distiller's solubles into a drying gas stream and recovering dried distiller's solubles from the drying gas stream.07-21-2011
20090178298Device for fluid removal after laser scoring - An apparatus for drying a surface of a substrate during laser scoring. During the laser scoring process, a narrow cooling liquid jet follows the laser beam to create and propagate a partial vent. Precision of the scoring and overall stability of the process depend upon the accuracy of the alignment of the beam and the fluid stream. In one aspect, the apparatus has a conduit with at least one interior chamber in communication with at least one nozzle orifice. The conduit is configured to be in communication with a pressurized gas source to introduce the pressurized gas into the chamber. The pressurized gas forms a curtain of gas that is used to clean the cooling fluid therefrom the surface of the substrate.07-16-2009
20120011739HAND DRYER APPARATUS - A hand dryer apparatus includes a high-pressure airflow generator that generates a high pressure airflow, a control circuit that controls the high-pressure airflow generator, a power connecting unit that connects a commercial power source to the control circuit, a main body that forms a hull by housing the high-pressure airflow generator, the control circuit, and the power connecting unit, and nozzles that are formed in the main body and blows out the high pressure airflow created by the high-pressure airflow generator; further includes a panel composing a part of the main body and is detachable by a tool, and switching units that are housed in the main body and can switch a setting of the hand dryer apparatus, and enables access to the power connecting unit and the switching unit by removing the panel.01-19-2012

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