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Gas or vapor contact with treated material

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034 - Drying and gas or vapor contact with solids

034282000 - PROCESS

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034467000 Treatment of gas or vapor 81
034487000 Gas or vapor flow directing or control 52
034493000 Temperature of treating gas or vapor controlled 28
034444000 Sheet, web, or strand 25
034498000 With treated material motion 25
034513000 Heat conserving 12
034516000 Special gas or vapor 8
034486000 Timing of application of gas or vapor to treated material based on drying variables 7
034497000 Temperature of treating chamber regulated 4
20110308103APPARATUS AND METHOD OF DRYING LAUNDRY WITH DRYING UNIFORMITY DETERMINATION - An apparatus and method of drying laundry in a treating chamber with a partially dry laundry load determination.12-22-2011
20090183385CONTROLLING METHOD OF DRYER - The present invention relates to a control method of a dryer that is capable of sensing whether a fire occurs inside the dryer and capable of extinguishing the fire. A control method of a dryer includes steps of: performing drying by using dry hot air; measuring temperature inside a drum during the step of performing drying by using dry hot air; and primarily and secondarily sensing whether a fire occurs inside the drum based on the sensed temperature.07-23-2009
20090126220Method for detecting the standstill of a drum in a tumble dryer, and tumble dryer which is suitable for this purpose - A method for detecting the standstill of a drum in a tumble drier during the drying of damp laundry by means of process air which is heated by a heating device in an inflow channel in front of the drum and passes into an outflow channel after passage through the drum, wherein the conductivity of the laundry is measured in the drum and the change in the conductivity is evaluated with regard to the detection of the standstill of the drum. Here, the temperature of the process air is measured by means of a temperature sensor which is arranged in the outflow channel after the drum, and the change in the temperature of the process air is evaluated with regard to the detection of the standstill of the drum. The invention also relates to a tumble drier which is suitable for this purpose.05-21-2009
20110146101METHOD FOR OPERATING A CLOTHES DRYER USING LOAD TEMPERATURE DETERMINED BY AN INFRARED SENSOR - A method for controlling a clothes dryer based on a characteristic of the load determined by temperatures provided by an infrared sensor.06-23-2011
034482000 Material speed or quantity controlled 2
20100132218DRYER WITH STATIONARY DRYING CYCLE - Systems and methods for operating a clothes dryer to provide a stationary drying cycle are disclosed. The systems may include a dryer having a drying compartment, a heating element configured to supply heat to the drying compartment and a controller for controlling operation of the dryer. The controller may be configured to cause the drum to remain stationary during the stationary drying cycle, and cause the heating element to supply heat to the drying compartment at a level appropriate for stationary drying. The methods may include receiving, at the controller, a stationary drying cycle setting and receiving, at the controller, an indication to start a drying cycle, wherein the drum remains stationary during the drying cycle.06-03-2010
20090205219HOPPER STRUCTURE - A hopper structure for treating granular material, comprising an inner sidewall section arranged, in use, as an upper tubular sidewall, a tapered lower section having a delivery mouth and an elongated insert body wherein said insert comprises an upper portion and a lower portion arranged at said lower tapered portion of the hopper and having its conicity facing away from said upper portion, said upper portion axially extending from the base of the lower portion up to at least one half of the upper tubular section at an angle λ≧0 with respect to a vertical line.08-20-2009
034508000 Gas or vapor directed above and below treated material 2
20090260255DRYING APPARATUS FOR PLATE ELEMENTS FOR ELECTRONICS AND THE LIKE, AND RELATIVE METHOD - A drying apparatus for silicon or alumina-based plate elements, such as the type for electronics, or other types of plates for electronics, comprises an oven that develops along a path and having a drying chamber that develops along the path, on a relative lying plane. The oven has an entrance (10-22-2009
20090249642METHOD OF THERMALLY TREATING WOOD - There is provided a method of treating wood in a treatment chamber. A plurality of wood pieces are provided in the treatment chamber. The wood pieces are positioned in a spaced-apart wood array configuration and define a non-linear path therebetween for circulating a gas flow. A gas flow is then circulated along the non-linear path between the wood pieces in a general gas flow direction.10-08-2009
034511000 Natural ambient air drying of material 1
20090056162Apparatus and method for reducing a moisture content of an agricultural product - This invention relates to an apparatus and a method that reduces a moisture content of an agricultural product, particularly by using moisture sensors and/or temperature sensors. The apparatus includes at least one moisture sensor, optionally at least one temperature sensor, a controller, a flow regulator and/or a dryer. The method includes obtaining a moisture content and a temperature to calculate a product flowrate and optionally an energy input. A product flowrate signal is used to vary the flow regulator and an energy input signal is used to vary the energy regulator.03-05-2009
034507000 Treating gas or vapor drawn through material 1
20110047814DRYING DRAWER AND METHOD OF DRYING - A dryer drawer system is provided comprising a generally multisided drying chamber having opposed side walls, a rear wall, and at least one access door, wherein the door is sealable to the chamber. The dryer drawer further comprises a heater for heating air circulating in the chamber and at least one fan for circulating air in the chamber. The multisided drying chamber includes an air inlet and an air outlet, a sensor for sensing the temperature of the air in the chamber, a first damper for selectively opening and closing the air inlet, a second damper for selectively opening and closing the air outlet, and a controller for controlling operation of the fan, the heater and the dampers. The controller is operative in a first operational mode to open the air inlet and the air outlet to provide air flow through the chamber and in a second operational mode to close the air inlet and the air outlet to provide a recirculating air flow within the chamber. The controller can selectively switch between the first and second modes as a function of the sensed temperature in the chamber.03-03-2011
034518000 Piling or arranging material treated 1
20110308104GREEN CUBE CLOTH DRYER - Exemplary embodiments describe a clothes drying apparatus and a method for using a clothes drying apparatus. The clothes drying apparatus can include a base portion with at least one blower. A drying chamber can be positioned above the base portion. A clothing frame can be housed within the drying chamber; the clothing frame having at least one vertical support member extending from the base portion, and at least one horizontal support frame member. A top portion can be removably coupled to the drying chamber.12-22-2011
20130025154CLOTHES TREATMENT APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A clothes treatment apparatus (01-31-2013
20100083525DEVICE AND METHOD FOR HEAT-TREATING A POURABLE PLANT PRODUCT - A device for heat-treating a pourable plant product, in particular for roasting coffee beans, comprises a roasting vessel. The roasting vessel is formed by a rotor bowl and a lid device. The rotor bowl is rotated relative to the lid device about a vertical axis by means of a drive means. A hot air generator is connected to the roasting vessel via a feed channel. According to the invention, the hot air generator and the feed channel are components of the, in particular fixed, lid device.04-08-2010
20110289794CONTROL METHOD OF DRYER - A control method of a dryer is disclosed. A control method of a dryer including a heat pump having a inverter compressor includes determining a driving condition of the dryer; and adjusting at least one of an electric power supplied to the inverter compressor and a driving velocity of the compressor based on the driving condition.12-01-2011
20100115788Steam Generator and Laundry Dryer Having the Same and Controlling Method Thereof - A water supply device for a drying machine and a method for controlling the same are disclosed. The water supply device includes a common hose (05-13-2010
20130081301Stiction-free drying of high aspect ratio devices - A method of removing a water-comprising rinse/cleaning material from the surface of a device which includes high aspect ratio features (an aspect ratio of 5 or greater) where sidewalls of the feature are separated by 50 nm or less without causing stiction between the feature sidewall surfaces. The method relies on the use of a low surface tension drying liquid which also exhibits a high evaporation rate. The method also relies on a technique by which the drying liquid is applied. Increasing the evaporation rate of the drying liquid and application of the drying liquid in the form of a vapor helps to eliminate stiction.04-04-2013
20120174429SUBSTRATE TREATMENT METHOD - A substrate treatment method employs a substrate holding unit, a gas ejection nozzle, and a gas supply unit. The substrate holding unit is configured to hold a substrate. The gas supply unit is configured to supply a gas to the gas ejection nozzle. The gas ejection nozzle is disposed to be positioned adjacent a center portion of the substrate held by the substrate holding unit. The gas ejection nozzle has a gas ejection port. The gas ejection nozzle is configured to eject the gas radially from the gas ejection port over the substrate held by the substrate holding unit to form a gas-flow for covering the substrate.07-12-2012
20100132216DRYER WITH A HEAT PUMP AND AN ELECTRICAL HEATING ELEMENT AND ALSO A METHOD FOR ITS OPERATION - The invention relates to a dryer with a drying chamber for the items to be dried, a process air duct, a fan in the process air duct, a heat pump with a heat sink and a heat source thermally coupled to the process air duct, and also an electrical heating element. The electrical heating element is arranged in the direct vicinity of the heat source, with a first distance between the electrical heating element and the heat source being smaller than a second distance between the electrical heating element and an entry for the process air into the drying chamber. The invention also relates to a method for operating this dryer.06-03-2010
20130160320DRYING/CARBONIZING DEVICE AND METHOD THEREOF - This drying/carbonizing device is formed from providing within a drying chamber: a plurality of tubes, to one end of which an inlet is formed and to the other end of which an outlet is formed, of which the upper and lower ends are interconnected to each other to form a single chain, and which have rotatable screw conveyers therewithin that are disposed in a manner so that the outward paths and return paths vertically alternate; horizontal tubes that are attached at appropriate intervals along the lengthwise direction of the plurality of tubes and that are horizontal discharge tubes connected to the plurality of tubes; vertical tubes that are connected to the ends of the horizontal tubes and that are provided in the vertical direction; and a bottom collection tube that is provided horizontally to the bottom, links the ends of the vertical tubes, and removes gas.06-27-2013
20130055585DRYING METHOD AND DRYING APPARATUS - A drying method includes a step of heating an object to be dried provided in a drying chamber to a predetermined temperature, a step of maintaining the predetermined temperature, a step of increasing an air pressure inside the drying chamber to a predetermined air pressure that is higher than an atmospheric pressure, and a step of decreasing the air pressure inside the drying chamber to be lower than the predetermined air pressure.03-07-2013
20120222327APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DRYING SPORTS PADS AND APPAREL - A drying apparatus for drying sports pads or apparel is provided. The drying apparatus may include a first member and a second member. The first member may be aligned substantially perpendicular to the second member and slid into the second member to form the drying apparatus. The drying apparatus may be inserted into the sports pads or a portion of the apparel to permit air to flow throughout the innards of the sports pads or apparel, thereby facilitating the drying of the sports pads or apparel.09-06-2012
20130061493METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THE AIR-BASED SOLAR THERMAL GENERATION OF PROCESS HEAT - A device is provided for the air-based solar thermal generation of process heat in order to assist in drying processes. The device may add the solar-thermally generated hot air as a function of the relative temperature of the solar-thermally generated hot air as a partial flow of the process air generated by other systems.03-14-2013
20120233875GELATIN CAPSULE FORMULATION AND DRYING SYSTEM - A gelatin capsule drying system that includes a structure divided into first, second and third zones, a first air handler unit positioned to discharge air into the first zone, a second air handler unit positioned to discharge air into the second zone and a third air handler unit positioned to discharge air into the third zone. The system further includes a series of tumble dryers that extend from the first zone, through the second zone and into the third zone, and an HVAC unit that provides air to the first, second and third air handler units.09-20-2012
20100083526VEHICLE DRYER WITH BUTTERFLY INLET VALVE - A vehicle dryer includes an energy-conserving rotatable inlet butterfly valve to selectively admit or block air to a fan encased in a blower housing. The valve includes a plate mounted on a shaft that extends across the inlet portion of the blower housing. The plate is rotated by its shaft to either an opened position for admitting air into a blower housing, or a closed position for blocking air from entering into the blower housing. A crank arm is coupled to the valve shaft, and a pneumatic cylinder includes a piston rod for turning the crank arm through a ninety-degree angle, thereby rotating the valve plate between its opened and closed positions.04-08-2010
20120096737METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MOISTURE SENSOR NOISE IMMUNITY - A method of controlling the operation of a clothes dryer with a moisture sensor having a conductivity circuit with spaced contacts.04-26-2012
20090178297Heating and dehumiidifying system for compressed-air driven paint-drying guns - A drying system for waterborne materials, more particularly, water-borne basecoat paints, wherein the incoming compressed air, normally conducted through a plurality of dryer guns for use within the drying process, is heated at a position upstream or outside of the paint-drying booth so as to improve the drying time of, for example, the waterborne basecoat paints. In addition, the compressed air, as well as ambient air, is also conducted through desiccant dryers so as to further improve the drying time of the materials.07-16-2009
20100083524Apparatus and process for drying items of laundry, using a heat pump and a heat exchanger - An apparatus for drying laundry including a process air system for guiding a process air stream along a process air path having a treatment chamber therealong at which the process air stream contacts laundry, a first fan for moving the process air stream, a cooling location of a heat exchanger, a heating location of a heat pump downstream of the heat exchanger, and a heater in addition to the heat pump for heating the process air stream; and a secondary air system for guiding a secondary air stream along a secondary air path, the secondary air path including a second fan for imparting motion to the secondary air stream, a heating location of the heat exchanger, and a cooling location of the heat pump, and, within the secondary air path, the cooling location of the heat pump is located downstream of the heating location of the heat exchanger.04-08-2010
20090282695DRYER WITH DRYING SEQUENCE USING AN ADDITIVE - The invention relates to a method of treating textiles in a dryer, in particular in an exhaust air and/or a condenser dryer or in a washing machine having a drying unit, wherein the method comprises at least one program sequence of supplying (S) at least one additive into a drum of the dryer, and within the at least one additive supplying sequence (S) changing the drum rotation direction and/or changing the air flow rate and/or air flow or fan rotation direction.11-19-2009
20090165328Dryer, set up for operation drawing of electric power, and method for operating it - The invention relates to a dryer having a drying chamber, a process air channel in which is located a heater for heating the process air and wherein the heated process air can be ducted into the drying chamber by means of a blower, a motor and a controller, which dryer is set up for operation drawing an electric power that never exceeds a pre-specified value P07-02-2009
20130118027VARIABLE AIRFLOW IN LAUNDRY DRYER HAVING VARIABLE AIR INLET - A laundry treating appliance and a method for operating the appliance to supply air into a treating chamber through an air inlet and controlling the supplied air by varying the effective area of the air inlet.05-16-2013
20090044421METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MANUFACTURING EXTREMELY FINE PARTICLES AND POROUS MATERIALS BY CONTROLLED LOW TEMPERATURE DRYING - A method and device for manufacturing extremely fine particles and porous materials by controlled low temperature drying. An ambient-pressure and ambient-temperature atomizer atomizes a particle precursor solution to create a precursor mist. The precursor mist and dryer gas are fed into a dryer tube through a tangential inlet (swirl generating inlet). The mixed stream forms a helical flow structure within the dryer tube. The swirling mist undergoes drying and particle formation at a relatively low temperature. The flow continues to swirl and drying process continues with repeated passes until the required drying duration is reached. This dryer structure allows for a compact dryer with full control of residence time.02-19-2009
20110219639METHOD FOR ESTIMATING THE HEALTH RISK OF A TEST SUBJECT - A method for drying a material to be dried is described, which is acted upon inside a drying chamber by a drying gas guided in a circuit and heated by means of a heat exchanger (09-15-2011
20100192402METHOD OF DRYING PRINTED MATERIAL AND APPARATUS THEREFOR - To carry out drying of printing ink with the use of Nano sized high-temperature dryness steam. Nano sized high-temperature dryness steam being clustered on Nano oder is generated and jetted to the print side of printed material so that the Nano sized high-temperature dryness steam imparts intramolecular vibrational energy to ink of the print side. Consequently, the Nano sized high-temperature dryness steam being clustered on Nano oder not only passes through fiber pores in the printed material but also collides with the ink of the print side. The Nano sized high-temperature dryness steam having collided with the ink of the print side imparts thermally excited energy as intramolecular vibrational energy to the ink containing polar molecules. The ink is dried by the intramolecular energy.08-05-2010
20100000117Laundry Dryer and Method for Controlling the Same - The present invention relates to a dryer and a method for controlling the same. The dryer includes a selectably rotatable drum (01-07-2010
20090038177Apparatus and Method for Thermally Removing Coatings and/or Impurities - This invention relates to apparatus for thermally de-coating and/or drying coated and/or contaminated materials. The apparatus comprises at least one support, an oven (02-12-2009
20100058609DRYING METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DRYING OBJECT - A technology can efficiently dry the high-boiling point solvent contained in the object and achieve the space-saving and energy-saving of a drying apparatus. A drying method for drying an object containing a first solvent while conveying the object into a chamber (03-11-2010
20110067261MOISTURE REMOVAL FROM RAILCARS - A method of preventing a porous product positioned within an interior area of a railcar bin from caking includes positioning a first vertical pipe at least partly into the product, positioning a second vertical pipe at least partly into the product, capturing moisture from within the granular product and within the railcar bin through the first and second vertical pipes, and expelling the moisture from the railcar bin. The first and second vertical pipes each has a first open end and a second open end and may optionally include apertures along a length of each of the vertical pipes. The second vertical pipe is spaced from the first vertical pipe at a distance sufficient to create natural convection.03-24-2011
20110056089DRY POWDER INHALER - A processing method and apparatus are disclosed for processing an inhaler component of a dry powder inhaler so as to remove any electrostatic charge and improve inhaler performance in drug delivery to the respiratory tract. The method includes exposing the inhaler component, while it contains an amount of medicament, to a gas in a chamber at a first predetermined pressure; exposing the inhaler component, in the chamber, to gas at a second pressure greater than the first pressure; and repeating the exposure of the inhaler component to gas at a pressure no greater than the first predetermined pressure.03-10-2011
20090145002Dryer extension and method of drying an object - A dryer extension. The extension connects with the dryer for dispensing heated air beyond an exhaust outlet of the dryer. The extension comprises a tube section having a first end, a second end and a tube body disposed between the first end and the second end. The tube body has an inner wall and outer wall defining a hollow channel between the first end and the second end. The tube body further has a plurality of apertures defined through the outer wall and the inner wall and in communication with the hollow channel. The extension further comprises an adapter that connects with the tube section. The adapter has a proximal end, a distal end and an adapter body disposed between the proximal end and the distal end. The proximal end removably connects with the dryer and the distal end connects with the first end of the tube section such that forced air dispelled by the hair dryer flows out the exhaust outlet, within the hollow channel of the tube section and out of the plurality of apertures.06-11-2009
20110162229DEVICE AND METHOD FOR REMOVING FLUIDS AND/OR SOLIDS - A device for removing fluids from particulate materials, including a container having a circular process chamber with a cylindrical external contour, an input device for inputting the materials into the process chamber, a discharge device for discharging the particulate materials freed of the fluid from the process chamber, a feed device for feeding a fluidizing agent from below into the process chamber, and at least one conditioning device for conditioning the fluidization agent in the direction of flow prior to the feed device.07-07-2011
20100071226METHOD FOR THE OPERATION OF A HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE USED FOR TAKING CARE OF LAUNDRY - A method for operating a household appliance used for taking care of laundry. In the method, a Peltier heat pump of the household appliance is activated and is supplied with electric power for drying the laundry. The power supplied to the Peltier heat pump is varied during the drying process in accordance with a reached process phase of the drying process.03-25-2010
20100071227Apparatus And Method For Providing And Maintaining Dry Air Conditions For Storage Of Moisture-Sensitive Electronic Components - An enclosure for storing of moisture sensitive devices (MSD's). The enclosure includes a plurality of compartments, each continuously purged with dry air supplied by a commercially available de-humidifier. MSD's housed in said compartments are thus protected from absorbing moisture which could cause cracking of the devices after being mounted on printed circuit boards and subjected to the high temperatures associated with wave solder and solder reflow processes.03-25-2010
20120167410SPRAY DRYING TECHNIQUES - The present invention generally relates to microfluidics, and to spray drying and other drying techniques. In some aspects, an article containing one or more channels or microfluidic channels is used to mix one or more fluids prior to spray drying. The mixing may occur immediately before the fluids are expelled through a nozzle or other opening into a drying region of the spray dryer. In one set of embodiments, for example, a first fluid is exposed to a second fluid, then the fluids are exposed to air or other gases before being expelled through a nozzle. In certain instances, the first fluid may contain a dissolved species that may precipitate upon exposure to the second fluid; such precipitation may occur immediately before expulsion through a nozzle or other opening, thereby resulting in controlled precipitation as part of the spray drying process.07-05-2012
20120036734METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INHIBITING PITCH FORMATION IN THE WET SEAL EXHAUST DUCT OF A VENEER DRYER - A method and apparatus for operating a dryer used to reduce the moisture content of sheet material. A drying chamber is provided and includes a plurality of drying sections and a single point exhaust system. A seal section located at the input end of the dryer includes an exhaust passage through which a gas sample is drawn by a sampling fan. Gases within the seal section are a combination of ambient air drawn through restricted passages at the entry to the seal section and exhaust gas that bleeds into the seal section from the drying chamber. A controller monitors the temperature of the sampled gases and ambient air and adjusts the rate of exhaust flow from the main exhaust system as a function of the temperature differential. A heating system is also provided for heating the seal exhaust gases above the pitch condensation temperature for the flow.02-16-2012
20120304486Drying Silicon Particles and Recovering Solvent - Apparatus to dry milled silicon particles has solvent spray nozzles, solvent drainage, gas inlet, and gas exhaust. This drying can occur, for example, following an acid etch and a deionized water rinse. The drying apparatus is an enclosed system with a lid that contains a solvent feeding tube and exhaust ventilation. This enclosed system design creates an effective low temperature drying system in an inert atmosphere. The apparatus can handle a variety of different particle sizes, inhibits the growth of surface oxides on the particles by using lower temperatures, and allows reuse of solvent.12-06-2012
20110088279DRYNESS DETECTION METHOD FOR CLOTHES DRYER BASED ON CHARGE RATE OF A CAPACITOR - A dryer having an improved automatic dryness detection circuit is provided. Wet clothing in the dryer bin contacts a sensor and causes a pulse to be sent to a microcontroller if the resistance of the clothes is low enough. The microcontroller disregards pulses which are shorter than a threshold time and counts pulses which are longer than a threshold time. The microcontroller issues a termination signal if the rate of pulses is lower than a threshold rate.04-21-2011
20110088278DRYNESS DETECTION METHOD FOR CLOTHES DRYER BASED ON PULSE WIDTH - A device and method are provided for detecting a root moisture content of clothing in a clothes dryer. The dryer has two conducting bars situated in the dryer bin. A pulse generator circuit is coupled to the conducting bars. A microcontroller is coupled to an output of the pulse generator circuit. The pulse generator circuit generates a pulse when wet clothing contacts the conducting bars in the dryer bin. The microcontroller receives the pulses and counts the pulses that are longer than a threshold length. The microcontroller issues a termination signal based on the number of counted pulses.04-21-2011
20120131815METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR WAFER WET PROCESSING - A gas dispenser in a process module for wet processing of wafer-shaped articles is substantially smaller than the article to be processed and is movable laterally of the article as it dispenses inert gas above the article.05-31-2012
20100011613Apparatus for drying hearing aids - The invention relates to an apparatus for drying hearing aids. According to the invention, the drying apparatus includes a housing and in the housing a hearing aid shell for inserting the hearing aid and a fan, with the fan accelerating air by means of an electro-aerodynamic pump. The electro-aerodynamic pump is advantageously embodied to generate gas ions and to accelerate the gas ions through an electrical field. The electro-aerodynamic fan is advantageous in that it requires little space and, except for the air flow, operates at a low noise level.01-21-2010
20120266486Method of Controlling a Tumble Laundry Drier - A method of controlling a tumble laundry drier (10-25-2012
20120297639DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DRYING VEGETABLE AND LETTUCE LEAVES - The invention concerns a device for drying vegetable and lettuce leaves comprising a first transport belt that is permeable for air with a belt drive, an air circulation system with a dry air nozzle for blowing air through the first transport belt and a hood for sucking the air from the first transport belt, in the air circulation system a ventilator, a cooler and a heater, and a control system for setting the speed of the first transport belt and the speed, temperature and/or humidity of the circulating air.11-29-2012
20120079735CLOTHES TREATING APPARATUS WITH HEAT PUMP SYSTEM AND OPERATING METHOD THEREOF - A clothes treating apparatus includes a drum, an air suction unit forming a flow path of air introduced into the drum, an air exhaustion unit forming a flow path of air exhausted from the drum, a condenser heating air sucked into the drum through the air suction unit, an evaporator cooling air exhausted from the drum through the air exhaustion unit, a compressor compressing refrigerant introduced from the evaporator, and a variable expander expanding a refrigerant introduced from the condenser, and having a variable open degree. An operation method includes measuring a temperature of a refrigerant into the evaporator, and a temperature of a refrigerant into the compressor, and decreasing an open degree of the variable expander when a temperature difference between the two measured temperatures is less than a predetermined first value.04-05-2012
20130000142FUEL SYSTEM AND METHOD - A fuel system comprising a fuel tank, a vent tank having a duct open to the ambient atmosphere, a first vent line fluidically connecting the fuel tank ullage to the vent tank, a gas drying system including a pump and a dehumidifying device disposed within the vent tank, and a second vent line fluidically connecting a dry gas outlet of the dehumidifying device to the ullage, wherein the pump is operable to maintain a higher pressure within the ullage than in the vent tank so as to drive vapour rich gas from the ullage into the vent tank via the first vent line. Also, a method of operating the fuel system and a method of retro-fitting the gas drying system in an existing fuel system. The gas drying system may optionally be a gas drying/inerting system.01-03-2013
20100146809CONDENSATION DRYER AND METHOD FOR THE OPERATION THEREOF - A condensation dryer includes a drying chamber for objects to be dried, a process air channel, a heater in the process air channel for heating the process air, a heat exchanger in the process air channel for cooling the process air after passing through the drying chamber, a fan in the process air channel for conveying the process air, a rinsing container connected to a water supply, and a controller.06-17-2010
20130167399WAFER DRYING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF DRYING WAFER USING THE SAME - A wafer drying apparatus and a wafer drying method using the same. A wafer is dried by a marangoni drying process using DI-CO07-04-2013
20110209356DRYER AIR CIRCULATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A novel clothes dryer, and an adaptor for a conventional clothes dryer, are disclosed. The novel clothes dryer and the adaptor enable a method for operating a clothes dryer located inside a building. The method comprises the steps of drawing air directly from outside the building into a dryer inlet, heating the air to produce heated air, circulating the heated air among moist textiles in a dryer drum to evaporate moisture from the textiles to produce moist heated air, and then venting the moist heated air from a dryer air outlet directly to outside the building.09-01-2011
20080196267Washing machine and method for controlling the same - A washing machine, and a method to control same, prevents deposition of scale in a steam generator and removes deposited scale effectively. The washing machine, which has a rotary drum, a steam generator having a generator heater to supply steam to an inside of the rotary drum, and a water supply device to supply water to the steam generator, includes a control unit controlling the water supply device to allow water to pass intermittently through the steam generator to cool the steam generator when operation of the steam generator is terminated.08-21-2008

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