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033 - Geometrical instruments

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033483000 Rules 26
033413000 Cord type 22
033452000 Plural straightedges, relatively moveable 20
033404000 Wall guide and plumb (e.g., building construction) 11
033474000 Plural straightedges nonadjustably fixed at right angles (e.g., T-square, triangles, squares) 11
033430000 Base attached 6
033451000 Combined with level 5
20120180331Device for three dimensional representation of horsebacks - A device for three-dimensional representation of horsebacks through measurement points, comprising: plural vertically telescoping and column shaped segments which are connected with a frame and which include flexible transversal elements at their upper end which flexible transversal elements are bent like an umbrella and have flexible curvatures, wherein the vertical segments are configured to be variably offset from one another in the frame and configured fixable in a temporary manner and the curvature of the transversal elements that are bent in the shape of an umbrella is adjustable and fixable in a temporary manner, wherein the transversal elements include measuring points which are configured variably arrangeable in a vertical plane through devices for adjusting the curvature of the transversal elements, and wherein the measuring points of the transversal elements are arranged in the surface of the three-dimensional contour of the horseback.07-19-2012
20090013546HAND-HELD LEVEL AND PLUMB TOOL - A hand-held level and plumb tool that includes a homogeneous, L-shaped body, a first level indicating device, and a second level indicating device. The L-shaped body has first and second legs arranged at a 90° angle. The first leg defines an interior side, an exterior side, a central panel extending between the sides, and a length in extension of the first leg from the second leg to a free end. A slot is formed through a thickness of the central panel and extends along at least a majority of the length. The first level indicating device is assembled to the central panel of the first leg at a location spaced from the slot. The second level indicating device is assembled to the second leg. One or both of the legs can include measurement-related indicia selected in accordance with staircase construction standard dimensions.01-15-2009
20090188123Positioning Scale Device - A positioning scale device includes a main scale body (07-30-2009
20090064516Multi-purpose tool - A multi-purpose tool includes a graduated extension pivotably and lockably connected to a leveling extension. The graduated extension includes graduations for measuring length, angles, pitch, or a combination of these measurements. Angles may also be measured with a graduated disc. The leveling extension includes at least one bubble level for checking the horizontal or vertical orientation of the leveling extension. The leveling extension may include graduations for measuring length, angles, pitch, or a combination of these measurements. The tool may be extended such that the graduated and leveling extensions are collinear, having a total length of 16 inches end to end. A multi-purpose tool may be conveniently used to take the place of several separate tools such as a speed square, a T-bevel, and an extended torpedo level. The tool may also allow quick determination of the required distance between wall studs, rafters, and floor joists.03-12-2009
20110138643Angle Square - An angle square includes a basic ruler, a pivotal ruler and a light-projecting element. The basic ruler includes a space defined therein. The pivotal ruler is pivotally connected to the basic ruler between an idle position in the space and an active position out of the space. The light-projecting element is connected to the pivotal ruler.06-16-2011
033427000 Square and sliding nonpivotal straightedge(s) 4
20090106993MULTI-PURPOSE PLUMBING, MEASURING, LEVELING AND SECURING APPARATUS - An apparatus for measuring, leveling, securing and plumbing. The apparatus contains a slide element slidably mounted to a body element. The body element is fixed to a base element. The slide element defines a viewing channel for viewing a side level fixed to the body element. The slide element has a pair of longitudinal trapezoidal rails fixed to the back of the slide element and running its length. The body element has a pair of longitudinal trapezoidal channels along the front of the body element. The channels within the body element receive the rails of the slide element to slidably fix the slide element to the body element. The slide element may be moved along the body element to a set position, the apparatus aligned, and the slide element locked into place for measuring or plumbing.04-30-2009
20100287785ELECTRICIANS SQUARE - A tool for measuring and marking conduit entry holes in a distribution box. The tool includes a rectangular ruler having a short edge attachment groove proximal to a short edge of the ruler which is configured for engagement by a locking assembly. The tool further includes a handle having a tip face and a side face, and a side face locking assembly that is slidably engaged into the short edge attachment groove. Engagement of the side face locking assembly into the short edge attachment groove couples the handle to the ruler and facilitates the measurement and marking of a depth dimension and a lateral location of one or more conduit entry holes on the distribution box.11-18-2010
20100154234Sliding square for tape measure - The present invention relates generally to a sliding square that can be slipped over a standard retractable tape measure that is extendable perpendicularly to abutment wall allowing 0-90 degrees angle lines to be scribed at measured distances from the end of a work piece. Sliding Square also may include a depth gage, bubble levels on the x and y planes, a protractor scale along with linear dimensions along its right angle straight edge side and standard rafter pitch angles to be defined. Abutment wall t's into base 06-24-2010
20080307661Gps Coordinate Transformer - A coordinate transformer that includes foldable horizontal and vertical members utilizes GPS provided map coordinates to assist with location determination on a handheld map. Typically, GPS receivers provide accurate location information but their display size, memory and battery life prohibit the amount of topographic information that can be displayed in context, to a user. Through the use of the coordinate transformer, an ambulatory user is provided with an accurate location indication displayed within the context of a large portion of an actual topographic map, and the user is also able to determine the coordinates of a location of interest on the map for transfer to an internal or external unit.12-18-2008
033418000 Square and pivoted straightedge 3
20120159797MULTI-POSITIONAL COMBINATION INSTRUMENT - A multi-positional combination instrument including a graduated member received in an interstice formed between elongate members of a positioning arm, wherein the positioning arm is axially and angularly positionable, and the graduated member includes at least one substantially planar edge and markings formed in or on a working face thereof.06-28-2012
20110107610Step and rafter tool - A tool for use when laying out lines on stair stringers or roof rafters along which cuts are to be made. The step and rafter tool includes a framing square, an angle bracket and two carriage bolts with washers and wingnuts. Each leg of the framing square has a longitudinal slot which is about 90% of the length of the leg. The angle bracket has two central longitudinal slots in the first flange, each of which is about 40% of the length of the angle bracket. The angle bracket is positioned against the framing square so that two carriage bolts are place within holes formed by the overlapping slots of the bracket and square with washers and wingnuts assembled therein. With the wingnuts loose, the angle bracket can be positioned wherever is desired with respect to the framing square and then the wingnuts are tightened. The second flange of the angle bracket now provides a shoe which can slide on the narrow side of a board to be marked and cut for use as a stair stringer or a roof rafter, and thereby stabilize the framing square in place to act as a marking guide. Various indicia, guide marks and data tables are engraved into the legs of the framing square to aid in set up and marking. The edges of the slots in the framing square also provide useful marking guides which are a known distance from other outer or inner edges of the framing square legs.05-12-2011
20100139106HINGED MEASURING AND MARKING DEVICE - An apparatus and method for a hinged measuring and marking device is disclosed herein. The device utilizes a first member, containing a flat surface with a straightedge for marking or measuring, coupled to a second member, also containing a flat surface with a straightedge for measuring or marking wherein the first member is coupled to the second member in a direction perpendicular to the straightedge of the first member. The straightedges of the first and second members are coplanar for marking an approximately contiguous line on a single plane or on two intersecting planes. The first member and the second member can be rotated between 0 and 180 degrees with respect to each other to accommodate marking a line on the two intersecting planes.06-10-2010
033415000 Multiplane angularly adjustable 2
20120311879MESMETRU - This invention called MesMetru pertains to the field of forensic technique of measuring incriminating objects and evidence and consists of three groups of identical blades, printed with metric measurement units, joined together in the 0 common point of each unit, forming a unitary measurement unit that can help us make the measurement of the three sides of any object: length, width and height through a single use of the measurement unit and take a single photograph that highlights the sizes of the three sides.12-13-2012
20080301962FRAMING TOOL - Apparatus using two hinged L-shaped squares to determine perpendicular with respect to a plane. Placing the apparatus against a plane with the squares offset angularly with respect to each other and placing an object to be secured to a plane adjacent to the hinge within fins parallel to the hinge permits securing the object perpendicular to the plane with one hand while holding the apparatus and object with the other hand.12-11-2008
033448000 With means for moving straightedge over a surface 2
20110179658ROLLING RULER - A rolling ruler comprises a blade member configured to facilitate taking a measurement. The blade member is coupled to a handle that is configured to be gripped by a user, wherein the handle acts as a housing for storing a plurality of electronic components, the plurality of electronic components providing predefined functionalities to the rolling ruler. Further at least one roller with a rolling surface that is partially exposed through a backside of the handle for contacting a surface to be measured is in operable contact with a portion of the plurality of electronic components to facilitate measuring distance based on rotations of the at least one roller.07-28-2011
20120055036APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SURFACE MARKING AT AN OUTSIDE CORNER - An apparatus and method for surface marking along an outside corner. In one embodiment, a marking tool includes a base portion and a marker retention portion. The base portion includes a first end and a second end along a longitudinal axis of the tool. The base portion includes a base surface along the longitudinal axis. The base surface is configured to movingly engage a first surface. The marker retention portion extends from the first end of the base portion. The marker retention portion is configured to retain a marking device and to position a marking face of the marking device to engage a second surface that intersects the first surface at an outside corner.03-08-2012
033429000 Square and fixed straightedge 1
20120192443SQUARE ROOT 1-2-3 - A framing square may be used with wood or metal framing material. The framing square may be designed to exactly fit the size of the framing material, so as not to overhand off a side of the framing material. The framing square may, for example, allow for use when laying out door and window openings when the frame is laying down.08-02-2012
033412000 Shaft aligning 1
20120246951METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ALIGNING A WIND TURBINE GENERATOR - A method and apparatus for aligning an input shaft of a wind turbine generator with an output shaft of a wind turbine are disclosed. Preferably, the method includes placing a push plate of a wind turbine alignment tool into pressing contact with a selected support flange of a wind turbine generator identified by a misalignment measurement device. With the push plate positioned, an indexing means of the wind turbine alignment tool is advanced along an adjustment link member of the wind turbine alignment tool to impart an alignment force onto the selected support flange to align the input shaft of the wind turbine generator with the output shaft of the wind turbine. The method preferably concludes by rechecking the alignment of the input shaft of the wind turbine generator with the output shaft of the wind turbine.10-04-2012
20110296700Straight edge circle tool - The tool is formed of an elongate rigid bar having a pair of straight side edges extending between opposite ends. Indicia are provided adjacent graduations correlating with distances away from center holes located at each end of the bar. A series of marking holes are provided at various distances away from the center holes. Thus, when a pin is provided through one center hole, a marking tool can be placed within a marking hole having a distance corresponding with a radius of a curve to be formed, and the bar can be rotated about the pin in the center hole while the marker is allowed to form a mark in an underlying workpiece. The straight edges of the tool can also be utilized for forming straight edges.12-08-2011
20120042531Apparatus for Holding and Aligning a Flat Material - An apparatus comprises a planar member comprising a top side, a bottom side comprising a flat surface and at least one aperture comprising a defined shape. At least one alignment tab comprises a top portion, a middle portion and a bottom portion. The middle portion comprises the defined shape and is configured to move vertically within the aperture. The top portion comprises a hook structure being configured to engage the top side to limit a downward movement of the alignment tab. The bottom portion comprises a vertical facing side being configured to engage an edge of a flat material. The apparatus is operable to align the flat material relative to the planar member by engaging the edge of the flat material with the vertical facing side and a vertical movement of the alignment tab enables the planar member to rest flat on the first flat material.02-23-2012

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