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033 - Geometrical instruments

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033228000 Process 60
033263000 Structurally installed 51
033286000 Alignment device 45
033290000 Level (i.e., surveyor's type) 21
033293000 Rod or target 17
033268000 Celestial 12
033285000 Horizontal angle measurer 6
033282000 Vertical angle 5
20100095539OPTICAL DEVICE AND MEASURING METHOD - An optical device capable of measuring a condition such as deflection of a cylindrical body such as utility pole or cylindrical column precisely and rapidly is provided. The optical device has a telescope with a projection plate. The projection plate has a reference scale made of a plurality of full or substantially full circles arranged concentrically about a central axis of the telescope or a plurality of circular arcs arranged symmetrically about the central axis.04-22-2010
20080276472Apparatus for measuring angle in relation to a remote surface - An apparatus for making measurements is disclosed. The apparatus includes a straight elongated element and a first laser distance meter rotatably coupled to a first end of the straight element. The apparatus further includes a second laser distance meter rotatably coupled to a second end of the straight element. The apparatus further includes a processor for determining a current angle of the straight element in relation to a remote straight surface based on distance readings from the first and the second laser distance meters. The apparatus further includes a display located on the straight element for displaying the current angle of the straight element as determined by the processor.11-13-2008
20090241359Surveying device and surveying system - The present invention provides a surveying device, which comprises a light source for emitting a distance measuring light 10-01-2009
20110030230MARKING AND/OR LEVELING DEVICE - The invention relates to a marking and/or leveling device (02-10-2011
20100088908DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING VERTICAL POSITIONS - The invention relates to a device and a method for determining the vertical spacing of objects while carrying out positioning tasks with a vertical travel portion. The object of providing a device and a method for determining the vertical spacing of objects while carrying out positioning tasks with a vertical travel portion, which, or with which, respectively, a vertical spacing determination can easily be carried out even after a power failure with a low outlay for apparatus, is achieved by a device for vertical spacing determination in that at least a first pressure sensor (04-15-2010
033275000 Combined 4
20100024229Measuring device - A measuring device (02-04-2010
20090241358Multi-Point Measuring Method and Surveying Device - There are provided a telescope unit (10-01-2009
20110000095High Precision Hand-held Engineering Survey/Position Data Collector - A self-contained, hand-held, wireless engineering survey data collection system and method includes a survey data collector ruggedized to MIL-STD-810F, having a housing with a hand-held form factor, and a processor, memory module, data storage, and power source. A user interface is supported by the housing and communicably coupled to the processor. A survey module configures the processor, memory module, data storage, and user interface to capture and store engineering survey data. Communications ports enable communication with peripheral devices. A survey-grade GPS module configured for positioning accuracy within a margin of error of 3 cm, is supported by the housing and communicably couplable to the processor. A GPS antenna port is supported by the housing and communicably couplable to the GPS module. The survey data collector is thus configured to capture engineering survey data including position data generated by the GPS module.01-06-2011
20120240419Razor Blade Tape Measure Multi-tool - A multi-tool assembly with retractable tape measure, collapsible right angle square, straight edge arm with built-in razor blade knife and protractor, complete with a set of three retractable screwdrivers, all mounted in a single, compact, housing assembly.09-27-2012
033299000 Instrument support 3
20090100692LASER MARKER - A light source unit holder, on which a light source unit is mounted, is rockably supported via a gimbal mechanism, and projects a brightline using a laser beam emitted from the light source unit, the gimbal mechanism includes a pair of shafts that support the rocking body rockably from both sides thereof, a spherical-body receiving hole is formed at a tip of the pair of shafts, and also in the rocking body a spherical-body receiving hole is formed in a position to which the tips of the pair of shafts face, and a spherical body is interposed between the spherical-body receiving hole of the pair of shafts and the spherical-body receiving hole of the rocking body, the latter spherical-body receiving hole facing the spherical-body receiving hole of each shaft, so that the rocking body is rockably supported, for preventing dynamic sensitivity of the gimbal mechanism from decreasing.04-23-2009
20100186245Geodetic Apparatus - A geodetic apparatus, in particular tacheometer or theodolite, comprises an optical device for sighting objects, a first support on which the optical device is supported such that the optical device may turn around a first axis, and a first gear unit for transmitting a drive torque on the optical device so as to turn the optical device around the first axis. In thegeodetic apparatus, the first gear unit comprises a worm and a worm gear meshing with each other, wherein the worm has a plate-like body and a spirally extending worm thread is formed on a first side face of the body, and the worm gear has a plurality of teeth evenly distributed along a circle.07-29-2010
20100050448Bolt as-builter survey cone - Survey tool for performing as-built survey measurements with improved accuracy by engaging with and centering on stationary fasteners. The survey tool has a substantially conical receiver with a narrow end and a wide end, the wide end adapted for centering on stationary fasteners of various sizes. A connector is coupled to the narrow end of the conical receiver and is adapted for engaging a rod.03-04-2010
033281000 Vertical and horizontal angle measurer 3
20100180456MOTOR DRIVE APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD FOR A SURVEYING INSTRUMENT - A motor drive apparatus for a surveying instrument and a control method for controlling a surveying instrument enables a fast rotation of an instrument axis with high angular resolution. The motor drive apparatus for a surveying instrument includes a first motor for rotating an instrument axis. The first motor includes a stator and a rotor having a rotation axis and a plurality of step positions relative to the stator. The motor drive apparatus also includes a mounting unit for mounting the first motor so as to be pivotable around the rotation axis and an adjusting unit for rotating the stator of the first motor around the rotation axis.07-22-2010
20090235541SURVEYING INSTRUMENT, SURVEYING SYSTEM, METHOD FOR DETECTING MEASURED OBJECT, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM FOR DETECTING MEASURED OBJECT - A surveying instrument for measuring three-dimensional position of a measured object, has a detecting section for detecting a direction of the measured object by rotational emission of two or more fan-shaped laser beams in which at least one beam is inclined; an optical system including a tracking-light-emitting section for emitting a tracking light and a distance-measuring-light-emitting section for emitting a distance-measuring light; a tracking-light-receiving section for receiving the tracking light reflected by the measured object; and a driving section for driving the optical system in order to collimate the measured object according to an output of the detecting section and an output of the tracking-light-receiving section.09-24-2009
20090133273Position control arrangement, especially for a surveying instrument, and a surveying instrument - In a position control arrangement for controlling the rotational position of a movable unit, especially for a surveying instrument, an electric motor is arranged to rotate the movable unit around an axis of rotation, and there are controllers for enabling the motor to stop the movable unit in a desired rotational position. The motor is a direct drive motor, the shaft of which forms the axis of rotation for the movable unit, and the motor is arranged to selectively operate in either a first, normal mode for rotating the movable unit to a desired position, or in a second, friction mode for providing resistance to a forced rotation of the movable unit from a predetermined position to a new position. A control unit detects the presence of a forced rotation and automatically changes the mode of operation in response thereto.05-28-2009
033276000 Multisight line 2
20130111769System and Method for Duplicating Angles in Nature - An angle finder method is disclosed. Said angle finder method comprises aligning a cross-point of a plurality of adjustable reticles with a vertex of an angle in an object, rotating said adjustable reticles from an initial angle to an aligned angle matching said angle in said object, and transferring said aligned angle to a transfer medium. Wherein, said plurality of adjustable reticles are held within a view window and an angle finder comprises said view window and said adjustable reticles.05-09-2013
20110061251Small Form-Factor Size Sensor - The subject matter disclosed herein relates to determining a distance from a mobile device to a remote object or a size of the remote object.03-17-2011
033262000 Body related 1
20090320302Square foot alignment device - In such sports, as golf, foot alignment in a stance is an important. To obtain proper foot alignment is hard. There are many aids one could use to help a person to obtain a proper alignment. But, this invention/patent idea of a “ray line beam device” that is attached to the shoe gives a person an opportunity to line their feet properly.12-31-2009
20090113731ARRANGEMENT FOR DEPICTING A LINEAR MARKING - An arrangement for depicting a linear optical marking on a surface, including a radiation source emitting light, such as laser radiation, as well as a first lens arranged in the beam path having a first and a second surface penetrated by the radiation, of which one surface features a parabolic or elliptical trace at least partially in cross section, formed of curved sections of different radii, the trace extending symmetrically with respect to a plane of symmetry of the lens, along which runs the beam directed in parallel, preferably by means of a second lens. In order to achieve a uniform power distribution along the line, it is proposed that the first surface formed of sections with different radii faces the radiation.05-07-2009
20090064514Compact Multifunction Sight - A multifunction sight is disclosed. The multifunction sight includes an body, a receiving aperture, an emitting aperture, a parabolic reflector, and an optical detector. The receiving aperture passes radiation in a first band and a second band into the body where the first band is different from the second band. The emitting aperture that passes the radiation in the first band out of the body. The parabolic reflector displays a point source such that the point source is visible from the emitting aperture. The point source appears aligned with where the multifunction sight is aimed irrespective of a visual alignment with the emitting aperture. The optical detector is affixed to the body and coupled to the radiation in the second band, and receives coded radiation with the second band.03-12-2009
20090205212ROTATING LASER TRANSMITTER - The transmitter has a generally flat, circuit board stator, a rotor including a plurality of magnets mounted in a ring around a central opening, and a bearing, supporting the rotor for rotation about an axis that extends through the central opening, A pentaprism assembly including an optics holder is mounted on the rotor for rotation therewith. The pentaprism assembly receives a beam of laser light through the central opening and redirects at least a portion of the laser light outward in a direction normal to the rotation axis. A laser source, mounted on the stator, provides a beam of laser light through the central opening to the pentaprism assembly. The beam of laser light is aligned with the rotation axis. The laser source includes a collimating lens positioned within the rotor. A shield plate of magnetic material beneath the stator exerts a force on the rotor in conjunction with the magnets, taking play out of the bearing. The transmitter uses Hall effect sensors on the stator to control switching current to coils on the stator. The transmitter also uses the outputs of the Hall effect sensors and a timer output to control dithering of the laser beam.08-20-2009
20110099821IMAGE CALIBRATION DEVICE INTEGRATED WITH OPTICAL LOCATER - The present invention discloses an image calibration device integrated with an optical locater. The image calibration device includes an image calibrator and the optical locater. The image calibrator can be arranged on an image capturing device to act as a reference to calibrate the image taken by the image capturing device. The optical locater has at least one pointing light source, which is located on a surface of the image calibrator, so that the pointing light source is used to assist in marking the location aimed by the image calibrator, thereby realizing the area captured by the image capturing device.05-05-2011
20090126209Measuring instrument - A measuring instrument includes a body, a horizontal optical module, and several vertical optical modules; the horizontal optical module is fixed on a top of the body, and has a brushless motor and a prism, which work together to make emitted light of the module cover a horizontal plane to form as a horizontal making line for use in construction; the body has several fixing members, which are fixedly positioned around the horizontal optical module such that horizontal central lines of every two adjacent ones of the fixing members are perpendicular to each other; the vertical optical modules are fixedly joined on the fixing members respectively such that light emission directions of every two adjacent ones of the vertical optical modules are perpendicular to each other, and light emitted from each of the vertical optical modules covers a vertical plane.05-21-2009
20100050447LASER DEVICE - A laser device, including a cradle with a laser unit exiting from this, the cradle being connected to a base element, relative to which the cradle can be adjusted in terms of inclination by at least one actuating drive. In order to achieve a secure mounting of the cradle for the laser unit with simple structural means, while at the same time eliminating any play between the mutually tilting parts, it is proposed that the cradle be connected to the base element, first, by a solid joint, and secondly by two adjusting drives, wherein the adjusting drives are arranged with respect to the solid joint so that the lines of connection between lengthwise axis of the solid joint and the adjusting drives subtend a right angle.03-04-2010
20120137528Laser Guided Striping Tool - A guidance system is used with a striping tool for creating a straight line on a surface. The guidance system has a dust resistant housing, a laser, a power supply, and a laser support arm. The dust resistant housing has an opening through which a laser beam may pass. The laser is disposed within the housing and aligned such that a beam from the laser will pass through the opening. The power supply provides power to the laser. The laser support arm is pivotally affixed to the striping tool. The housing is affixed to the arm such that the laser within the housing is aligned to pivot in a plane perpendicular to the surface and along a straight line created by the striping tool. The arm is pivotal to allow projection of a beam from the laser to the surface in the direction of movement of the striping tool.06-07-2012
20130000133Rotary Laser Irradiating System And Rotary Laser System - A rotary laser irradiating system, comprising a light emitting unit (01-03-2013
20130167384Laser Centering Tool for Surface Areas - A laser centering tool for surface areas used to find the center point of a surface. The laser centering tool uses single or multiple laser sources to project a plurality of lines on a horizontal or vertical surface. It may comprise of multiple lasers, rotational plates, prism, beam splitter, gear housing, and/or a gear mechanism. At least one center laser line remains stationary between at least two edge laser lines. The edge lasers may be moved to outline the edge of a surface. At least one center laser projects a beam that indicates the center point of the edge lasers. The edge laser lines may be moved by rotational plates, a set of mirrors, or prism.07-04-2013

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