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With blade moving means

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030 - Cutlery

030165000 - CUTTING TOOLS

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
030276000 Rotary blade 71
030277400 Including a motor 27
030275400 With support or attaching means 15
030273000 Base-supported 3
20130074347RECHARGEABLE PLATE JOINER - An attachment portion of a battery pack serving as a power supply is formed on a rear end of a motor housing of a rechargeable plate joiner, and the battery pack is slid and attached to the attachment portion of the horizontally disposed motor housing from above. In this state, a center of gravity position of the battery pack is positioned on an axis line of an output shaft of a motor.03-28-2013
20120240416DUST-PROOF STRUCTURE OF MOVABLE COVER SUPPORTING PORTION OF CUTTING MACHINE - In a handheld cutting machine that is constructed such that a user holds the machine by hand and performs cutting processing while moving the same, in which a lower portion of a circular cutting blade protruded from a lower surface side of a base that is placed on a cutting object is covered by a movable cover, an enough clearance is set between a supporting annular ring of a movable cover and a rotating boss portion of a bearing box in order to smoothly open and close the movable cover while a ring spring is interposed between the supporting annular portion and an axial restricting portion to increase dust-proofness of the a movable cover support portion.09-27-2012
20080216327CUTTING TOOL ATTACHED TO PACKAGE FOR WOUND LINE - A cutting tool for flexible line, the cutting tool being attached to the package for the flexible line, comprises a base member having a groove adapted to receive the flexible line when the cutting tool is in use and a blade recessed within the groove, the blade being adapted to cut the flexible line when the line is forced into the blade during use of the cutting tool. The cutting tool further includes an arm member in operative relationship with and complementary to the base member, which arm member is capable of producing and applying mechanical advantage in a manner that forces the flexible line received within the groove against the blade to thereby sever the flexible line.09-11-2008
030277000 Impact 1
20110047803Multi-Impact Hand Tool - A multi-impact hand tool comprises a sleeve, a tool head, a movable rod, a spring and an impact block. With only one impact operation, the multi-impact hand tool can provide a multi-impact effect, thus improving the working efficiency. In addition, the impact force can be directly transferred to the tool head for performing the chiseling operation, thus improving the working efficiency.03-03-2011
20080263873TAPE CUTTER DEVICE - [Object] To provide a tape cutter device that allows a cutting blade to be disposed at a non-adhesion-surface side of an adhesive tape and that can easily form a fold, including a non-adhesion portion, at a cut end portion of the adhesive tape after a cutting operation.10-30-2008
20120291293OPEN-CLOSE WORK IMPLEMENT - An open-close work implement is provided which an operator does not need to operate carefully while adjusting closing force applied to an open-close operation part by delicately increasing or reducing the closing force, wherein an object can be easily held without being damaged by an extremely simple operation of merely gripping or squeezing the open-close operation part (11-22-2012
20120023757Wafer cutting tool - The inventive concept is directed to a circular cutting device, especially designed or used in cutting circular wafer in an ostomy application. The device consists of a handle having at one end thereof a circular backup plate. On top of the backup plate is located a plastic cutting receiving plate. The circular backup plate has at its center a threaded rod to receive a circular cup thereon. The cup has at its lower circular edge a razor-like cutting edge which will cut a perfect wafer when screwed down onto the plastic cutting receiving plate by way of the threaded rod.02-02-2012
20110167648Rotary Foam Insulation Cutter - A power tool for trimming soft materials has a power driver with a drive train engaged with a cylindrical cutter body wherein the power driver rotates the cutter body about its longitudinal axis. A plurality of mutually spaced apart cutter teeth are fixed to an exterior surface of the cutter body. The cutter teeth each have a top surface and a sidewall surface, the sidewall surface extensive between the top surface and an exterior surface of the cutter body. The top surface of each of the cutter teeth is a four-sided convex polygon and the sidewall surface includes four mutually discrete surfaces corresponding to the sides of the polygon, with each of said discrete surfaces extending between the top surface and the cutter body.07-14-2011
20100095534Cutting Tool Adapter for Rotary Power Tools - A cutting tool adapter that, in the preferred embodiment, removably attaches to a rotary power tool, such as die grinder or the like, to convert the rotary power tool into a cutting tool for cutting asphalt composition shingles, linoleum flooring, carpet, drywall and other work materials. In a preferred embodiment, the cutting tool adapter comprises an adapter body, a blade support integral with the adapter body, a cutting blade removably attached to the blade support and a vibrating mechanism disposed inside a chamber of the adapter body and rotatably connected to a rotating assembly of the power tool to rotate therewith and vibrate the cutting blade. In a preferred embodiment, the vibrating mechanism comprises an elongated shaft having one or more eccentric weights attached thereto and disposed above the cutting blade. One or more bearings attached to the shaft can be used to rotatably support the shaft inside the chamber.04-22-2010
20120073144Portable Working Machine - A portable working machine comprising: an engine; a frame which holds the engine; front handle and a rear handle which are provided to the frame; and a power conversion unit for transmitting an output from the engine to drive a working tool, wherein the engine, the power conversion unit and the working tool being held by the frame via an elastic member, and wherein the front handle and the elastic member are disposed so that an axis passing through a center of an attachment portion of the front handle and an axis passing through a center of an attachment portion of the elastic member substantially coincide with each other.03-29-2012
20080235956HINGED CUTTING TOOL CONFIGURED FOR SEVERING ELONGATED FOLIAGE PROTRUDING THROUGH AN OPENING IN A SCREEN - A hinged foliage cutter adapted for use against a surface of a screen enclosure includes a cutting head with a substantially flat top side to maintain contact with the screen during use. A handle is hingedly attached to a distal end of the cutting head. A cutting blade and comb assembly are attached to a proximal end of the cutting head. The comb assembly includes a plurality of comb teeth abutting the cutting blade and extending beyond the tip of the cutting blade by a determined length. The distal end of the handle is configured for releasable attachment to an extension pole to facilitate reaching the interior side of a screen roof of a screen enclosure. As the cutting head is moved along the surface of the screen, protruding foliage within the path of movement is directed by the comb into the cutting blade, which severs the foliage.10-02-2008

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