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030166300 Saw 299
030173000 Plural cooperating blades 265
030272100 With blade moving means 124
030286000 With guard and/or guide 56
030278000 With material receiving opening 27
030296100 With support or attaching means 26
030299000 Plural blade 26
030169000 Scrapers 21
030314000 Push and/or pull type 9
030312000 Plural handle or grip 7
030167000 Chisel 7
030319000 Traveling roller blade 5
20100101098Blade unit for rotary paper trimmer - A rotary paper trimmer includes work board and a blade unit is slidably engaged with the rail on the work board. The blade unit includes a space and a locking member is inserted into the space and biased by a spring. The locking member includes two hooks. A blade carrier carries a blade and includes two lugs which are inserted into two insertion holes in the blade unit. The lugs have two respective through holes with which the hooks of the locking member are engaged. The blade carrier is easily removed from the blade unit by pushing the locking member to disengage the hooks from the through holes of the lugs of the blade carrier, so that a new blade can be installed again.04-29-2010
20110099818Hand held rotary cutting devices - A hand held rotary cutting device having an annular cutting blade with an interior diameter entirely protectively enclosed by a housing, and with a sharpened periphery partially protectively enclosed by the housing, wherein the housing has similarly configured front and rear components that are movable between an open position that permits removal of the cutting blade for cleaning, and a closed position wherein the front and rear components cooperate to rotatably support the cutting blade, and to define an elongate handle that overlies a housed portion of the cutting blade. Cutting pressure, stability and unusually effective guidance are supplied to the cutting blade by novel C-shaped lower portions of the front and rear components of the housing that extend continuously along opposite sides of the cutting blade just above and quite near to where selected portions of a long, exposed C-shaped reach of the sharpened periphery of the cutting blade is available to sever thin food such as pizza.05-05-2011
20090144990Cutting Wheel Assembly - The present invention is a portable compact cutting wheel assembly designed to be easy and convenient to use for cutting food items. The cutting wheel assembly includes a handle, a rotatably attached cutting blade and a conformal blade cover that fits over the cutting blade and secures to the handle for clean storage.06-11-2009
20130091714APPARATUS AND METHOD UTILIZING A MAGNETIC FORCE TO APPLY A FORCE TO A MATERIAL - A roller comprising a magnet is used to apply a force to a material between the magnet of the roller and a magnetically susceptible surface. A handle of the roller may be moved by a user to roll the roller over the material to apply the force along a length of the material.04-18-2013
20120060378FOLDING PIZZA WHEEL - A pizza wheel includes a handle that is configured to fold or unfold into a variety of configurations. In a stowed, two handle halves are positioned upright, parallel to a plane defined by a cutting wheel. In a deployed position, the handle halves are rotated apart from one another to positions about 90 degrees from the original stowed position.03-15-2012
030308100 Hatchet, ax, or adze 4
20120036723Axe - An axe comprising a blade (02-16-2012
20120304474Splitting Implement - A splitting implement comprises a first head member, a second head member attached thereto, and a handle on which the first head member is disposed. The first head member is configured for splitting a surface or an object, and the second head member may be similarly configured, except that the second head member is of such dimensions that it does not strike the object or surface until after the first head member strikes the object or surface. The second head member may assist the first head member in penetrating the surface or object and in splitting the surface or object. In the event that the splitting implement becomes embedded in the surface or object, the second head member may increase the leverage that the splitting implement may exert for extracting the splitting implement from the surface or object.12-06-2012
20100205813ICE-AXE SHAFT EQUIPPED WITH A GRIP WITH AN ADJUSTABLE FINGER BRACE - An ice-axe gripping shaft comprising a grip made from plastic material, equipped with a stop for the user's hand to rest against, and an intermediate finger brace for positioning the user's finger, Adjustment means of the finger brace comprise a locking lever articulated on the finger brace, and a plurality of notches staggered at regular intervals along a positioning zone to form a rack. The locking lever is equipped with a cam designed to engage in the locked position in one of the notches to immobilize the finger brace in a predefined adjustment position.08-19-2010
20120167400ADJUSTABLE AXE - Axes for mountaineering activities such as technical ice climbing, extreme mixed climbing, and dry-tooling are provided. Such axes may include a main body having a proximal portion connected to a handgrip and a distal portion connected to a tool, in which there is defined an axis X parallel to the vertical use plane of the axe, tangential to the outer end of the handgrip and the tip of the tool and intersecting the longitudinal axis (Y) of the handgrip and the longitudinal axis (Z) of the tool, so as to respectively form angles α and β, wherein said proximal portion of the main body is removably and adjustably connected to said handgrip, so as to modify the inclination of said handgrip according to said angle α, is provided.07-05-2012
030310000 Sweep cutter 4
20080289195Circle cutting device - A rotary disc assembly for use with a cutting tool to cut circles from a material. The rotary disc assembly includes an outer ring frame having an inner flange and a rotary disc, rotatably attached to the inner flange of the outer ring frame. The rotary disc has a radial channel so that when it is placed on the material and the cutting tool is inserted into the radial channel and affixed therein, and when the cutting tool and the rotary disc are rotated relative to the outer ring frame, the material is cut to form a circle.11-27-2008
20110214299CIRCLE CUTTER - A circle cutter has a hand crank, a center positioning unit and a cutter unit. The center positioning unit is mounted on one end of the hand crank and has an awl-free foot positioning a center of a circle to be cut or drawn without generating a pierced hole. The cutter unit is mounted adjustably on the hand crank and has a cutting depth adjustable assembly providing multiple cutting depths for cutting things with different thickness. Therefore, to cut or draw a circle with the circle cutter is hole-free, labor-saving and flexible.09-08-2011
20110302792Cutting Device for Craft Products and Method of Using the Same - A circle cutter for a sheet product comprises a center knob assembly, an arm, and a cutting assembly. The center knob assembly comprises a base portion adapted to contact a sheet product and fix a position of the cutting assembly relative to the sheet product. The arm is adapted to rotate about the center knob assembly. The arm has a friction reducing element proximate an end of the arm The cutting assembly comprises a cutting portion having a cutting blade. The cutting assembly is releasably fixed to the arm to cut a generally circular pattern into the sheet product as the arm rotates about the center knob assembly.12-15-2011
20120042525Cutting Device for Food Products and Method of Using the Same - A circle cutter for a food sheet comprises a center knob assembly, an arm, and a cutting assembly. The center knob assembly comprises a base portion adapted to contact a food sheet and fix a position of the cutting assembly relative to the food sheet. The arm is adapted to rotate about the center knob assembly. The cutting assembly comprises a cutting portion having a rotatable cutting blade. The cutting assembly is releasably fixed to the arm to cut a generally circular pattern into the food sheet as the arm rotates about the center knob assembly.02-23-2012
030308000 Cleaver type 2
20120023759Non-stick knife - A non-stick knife for daily use comprises a handle; a metal piece attached to the handle; a wavy blade on the upper edge of the metal piece at the distal-end from the handle, with the section of the wavy blade being a wedge; a second blade at the bottom of the metal piece, with an arc shape part at the near-handle end for bone chopping; a crimped isolation groove above the center of the second blade on one side of the metal piece; and a slide for separating the materials which the knife cuts from the crimped isolation groove. This knife has the improved features of non-stick, bone cutting and chopping compared with the regular knives.02-02-2012
20100000098CLEAVER WITH UPSET-FORGED BOLSTER - The present invention relates to a cleaver (01-07-2010
030320000 Adjustable blade 2
20100218387HAIRDRESSER'S TOOL - A multifunctional hairdresser's tool, with which, in combination with an assortment of replaceable blades, different cutting techniques can be carried out. The tool comprises a holder (09-02-2010
20100307011COMBINATION BLOWER, TRIMMER AND EDGER FOR TENDING VEGETATION - An engine is connected to the upper end of a drive shaft housing and a work head with a string trimmer or blower or both is operatively connected to the lower end of the drive shaft housing and is rotatably driven by an engine rotating a drive shaft inside the drive shaft housing and connected to the working head. The drive shaft housing is rigidly connected to the working head and may be rotated about its longitudinal axis relative to the engine in any desired amount of rotation, but the preferred degree of rotation is 135° to move the working head from a trimming position with the rotating trimmer string in a horizontal position to an edging position with the rotating trimmer string in a vertical position and with the working head being displaced to the operator's right side for better viewing and control and operator comfort. In one embodiment, a gear driven crank handle is rigidly connected to the drive shaft housing and is itself rotated 135° as the drive shaft housing is rotated 135° to place the handle in a position that is comfortable to use. Further, the amount of air flowing through the blower is regulated by an air outlet regulating valve and a separate air intake regulating valve.12-09-2010
20130025134POWER OPERATED ROTARY KNIFE - A rolling bearing strip for a power operated rotary knife providing bearing support for rotation of a rotary knife blade with respect to a blade housing. The rolling bearing strip includes: a plurality of rolling bearings disposed in spaced apart relation; and a flexible separator cage for positioning the plurality of spaced apart rolling bearings, the flexible separator cage including interlocking first and second ends, the first end of the separator cage including a wall defining a projecting member and the second end of the separator cage including a wall defining a receiving member, the first end projecting member and the second end receiving member being in opposed facing relationship and the first end projecting member extending into the second end receiving member to secure the first end to the second end and form an annular, continuous rolling bearing ring.01-31-2013
20100000096Stackable Pieces of Flatware - A stackable cutlery element having a handle and a functional element shaped onto the handle. To achieve maximum stability, the handle of the cutlery element is designed as a wall with longitudinal ribs arranged on the edge of both sides, so that an essentially H-shaped cross-section is formed. For additional stabilization, an end rib is arranged on the longitudinal end of the handle opposing the functional element on both sides of the wall. The end rib and the two longitudinal ribs on both sides are designed so that when the cutlery elements of this invention are stacked, the end rib and the longitudinal ribs of the first side of a cutlery element engage positively in the end rib and longitudinal ribs of the second side of the further cutlery element to connecting to them in the stacking direction.01-07-2010
20120192435METALLIZED CUTLERY AND TABLEWARE AND METHOD THEREFOR - A plastic cutlery item molded from a plastic material, such as polystyrene, having a metallic coating that imparts to this cutlery item the appearance of metal cutlery or silverware. In one embodiment the plastic cutlery or tableware items are molded using injection molding techniques, and subjected to a vacuum metallizing process in an individualized non-contiguous manner, where a thin metallic layer is deposited on at least one of their surfaces. The resultant items simulate the appearance of metal cutlery or tableware. In one embodiment of the invention the plastic cutlery or tableware articles are molded from a clear polystyrene resin and are coated with a thin stainless steel layer through vacuum sputtering deposition on only one of the sides. The abrasion resistance of the metallic coating can be enhanced by subjecting the articles to a post-metallizing holding period or by applying a clear protective overcoat.08-02-2012
20080244912Optical Shaving Apparatus - A compact and portable optical shaving device cuts hair shafts using electromagnetic radiation. In various embodiments, the optical shaving device includes a power source that connects to one or more optical components (e.g., arranged in an array). An optic, such as a blade, can connect to and aligns with the array of optical components. The optical component(s) can provide light to the optic based on electrical energy from the power source. The optical component(s) or the optic can manipulate and direct the electromagnetic radiation to cut the hair shafts.10-09-2008
20120151777KNIFE WITH BALANCE ADJUSTMENT FEATURE - A knife is provided with a balance adjusting feature. The knife may have a blade and a handle tang. The handle has at least one balance mount, each balance mount comprising an aperture in the tang. Each balance mount is configured to accept at least one balance weight. By connecting or disconnecting weights from the balance mounts, the center of mass of the knife changes, thus permitting a user to customize the balance of the knife.06-21-2012
20090133268Grip-over knife - The present invention is a culinary knife, intended for one handed use, comprising a handle and a blade having a cutting edge as its bottom perimeter. The entire length of the handle of the knife is joined contiguously against the spine of the blade leaving no aperture between them. This joining of the handle and blade results in the user gripping onto rather than around the handle of the knife. The handle does not extend beyond the rear of the blade, thus the user grips the knife above part of the cutting edge. This provides the user the ability to apply direct downward force for cutting and provides enhanced ability to use the palm and digits to apply finely directed force and movement to the knife. Both the location of the user hand and its proximity to the blade further enhance fine control and ease of use of the knife.05-28-2009
20100175269DINING AND/OR SERVING CUTLERY MADE OF FERRITIC STAINLESS STEEL WITH A MARTENSITIC BOUNDARY LAYER - The invention relates to dining and/or serving cutlery made of a steel material which is formed from a ferritic core with an essentially martensitic boundary layer. In the dining and/or serving cutlery of the invention, the surface hardness of the boundary layer, determined according to the hardness test according to Vickers HV 3, is thereby greater by 30 to 300% than the lowest hardness of the core, likewise measured according to Vickers HV 3.07-15-2010
20120260505UTILITY KNIFE AVOIDING ACCIDENTAL DETACHMENT OF BLADE - The invention discloses a utility knife preventing its blade from accidental detachment. Prior utility knives may lose constraint on the blade due to tilting of the retaining member when the blade receives external force from the blade holder pulling outward, causing the blade to detach accidentally from the blade holder. In the present invention, the line of the action force in the engagement area of blade and retaining member extends over the axis of axle pin where the retaining member is mounted, so that when the blade receives external force pulling it outward from the blade holder, a counterclockwise torque is formed to the retaining member to allow the retaining member constrain the blade more tightly and thus prevent the blade from accidental detachment.10-18-2012
20120079723SCRAPER CHEF KNIFE - A chef knife is provided. The chef knife includes a blade and a handle. The blade has a length and a spine, wherein the spine of the blade defines a flat surface running the entire length of the blade. The spine of the blade protrudes outward from the handle, such that the spine rises above the top surface of the handle. The blade has a cutting edge, wherein the cutting edge extends below and under the handle. The blade has a depth, which depth increases from the point of the blade to the heel of the blade. Under the condition that the knife is oriented in the cutting position, the handle is angled downward with respect to the plane defined by the flat surface of the spine and the handle is angled upward with respect to the plane defined by a main portion of the cutting edge.04-05-2012
20120079722Six cutting edge featured utility knife blade - A tri pointed shaped utility blade that has a sharp edge around its outer periphery or said perimeter sides.04-05-2012
20100170095Knife - A knife having an interlocking arrangement between handle assembly and the blade assembly provides a durable connection between the knife's blade and handle. Additionally, by directly connecting the blade assembly to the hilt section of the knife, the connection between the blade assembly and handle assembly is not only strong, but also, the size of the blade is not limited by the size of the hilt section on the handle assembly.07-08-2010
20080229586Seafood Utensil - A seafood utensil functioning as both a seafood fork and cutting tool, the seafood utensil including a grip portion operably configured for gripping between the thumb and forefinger of a diner, a first tine including a pivot operably configured to function as a fulcrum when cutting shellfish, and a second tine including an edge operably configured to cut through shellfish, the first tine and the second tine being in spaced apart relation.09-25-2008

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