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030124000 With material-holder or disposal 51
030142000 Cutlery 44
030138000 With sharpening feature 11
030123300 With means to apply transient fluid to tool 8
030123500 With skin-removal means 7
030140000 With heater 4
20090188114Cutting device and cutting method - A cutting device capable of heating a blade uniformly and to an appropriate temperature and capable of cutting a member with small cutting resistance at a low angle (acute angle) is provided. Electricity is passed through a metallic thin blade to cause the blade to self-heat, and this enables the blade to cut an unvulcanized rubber member with small resistance and with restricted deformation of the member. The thin blade is durable because of its strip shaped shape and can be uniformly heated because it self-heats by an electric current.07-30-2009
20100186238Electric heated knife assembly - An electric heated knife assembly is disclosed. The electric heated knife assembly includes an electric heated knife and a corresponding stand while the electric heated knife consists of a metal blade with high resistance, a blade holding part, a handle and a rechargeable battery inside the handle. A switch and two contacting points for charging are arranged on front end of the handle. The stand is for setting and storage of the electric heated knife and is connected to an external power source by a wire with a plug. Two electrically conductive contacts corresponding to two contact points for charging on front end of the handle are set on surface with an insertion hole of the stand. Without being used, the electric heated knife is set on the stand and is charged according to users needs. When in use, press a switch on the handle so that the metal blade is heated by the power of the rechargeable battery. Thus the convenience of use of the electric heated knife is improved without restrictions of operation and cleaning of conventional electric heated knife.07-29-2010
20110258858Heated cutting blade, cutting head, and blade mounting structure requiring less current and providing improved cutting and method - The present invention provides a method and apparatus of reducing current requirements by increasing resistance of the blade structure by reducing the cross sectional area of at least one section of the blade so that the electrical current requirements for heating of the blade to cutting temperature are reduced wherein the power supply and substantially entire unit may be mounted within a hand held unit. Methods of shaping blades to perform various heat distributions for specialty blades for custom cutting are disclosed. Further, an improved blade mounting structure is provided which includes structure for maintaining the legs of the blade parallel to the direction of cut and provides for easy insertion of new blades by maintaining a slotted blade cradle stable and in alignment with the blades and a clamp member away from the blade when the clamp mounting structure is loosened.10-27-2011
20080235952Heated line cutter and whipper - An exemplary embodiment providing one or more improvements includes a heated blade for cutting a synthetic line or rope as well as heated sealing cylinders for sealing the cut or raw ends against raveling. The cutter can accommodate lines of a variety of diameters. The cutter is powered by a rechargeable battery and is portable and safe for use in a marine environment. Other embodiments seal the raw ends by shrinking a heat-shrinkable tubing over the raw ends.10-02-2008
030141000 Spoons with fluid conductors 3
20110197453Infant feeding device and method - A feeding device including a compressible handle connected to a tube for aspirating and dispensing food to infants. A spoon like bowl at an end of the device opposite the handle and wherein at least a portion of the tube is beneath the bowl and the tube is in a portion supporting the bowl and includes a tube opening for dispensing food beneath the bowl.08-18-2011
20120066911INFANT FEEDING SPOON WITH ATTACHMENTS FOR DISPENSING FOOD - An infant feeding device, including a reservoir section, including a viewing window and a cylindrical gear ratchet for metering delivery of a food product into an infant's mouth; a rubber piston mounted on a handle configured to engage with the reservoir section so that when operated the rubber piston and the reservoir section operate to take in or expel the food product via an opening in an attachment end of the reservoir section; and an attachment arm removably coupled to the attachment end of the reservoir section for removably securing a plurality of attachment ends thereto.03-22-2012
20100050440UTENSIL AND METHOD FOR COLLECTING AND POURING POWDERS AND FLUIDS - A utensil and method for collecting measuring and pouring powders and fluids, the utensil is made as a single unit including a collection container, holding handle containing a tube which has one opening in the wall of the collection container and a discharge opening at the end of the handle. The method includes collecting the substance into the collection container, moving the utensil to the place of dispersal, and pouring the collected substance through the discharge opening.03-04-2010
20090255126Lemon fork a salutary utensil for serving lemon wedges - Bar tenders and waitresses serve lemon with a beverage. There has been at least one case of polluted lemon wedges attributed to handling and numerous other cases of undesirable service.10-15-2009
20130025131KNIFE WITH SOUND EMITTING MEANS USING THE FLOW OF AIR - A knife with a handle and a blade, associated with means adapted to emit sound using an air flow, the said means being incorporated inside the body of the said handle, and being of the whistle type, and comprising a recess connected to a mouthpiece located upstream, through which the said flow of air is introduced, and connected to an exit window located downstream. An air compression chamber located downstream from the mouthpiece, opens through a hole into an expansion chamber (or pressure relief chamber) which is itself connected to the said exit window. The compression chamber is such that its section along a plane orthogonal to the air flow reduces, preferably in a linear manner, in the direction of the expansion chamber. The exit window has a bevelled edge on the side opposite the compression chamber. The compression chamber opens onto two parallel expansion chambers having different lengths.01-31-2013
20100162570Combination Tool - A combination tool is described that has a housing that includes a first side and an opposed second side, a third side and an opposed fourth side. The sides connect together to define the housing. The housing includes a first end portion and an opposed second end portion that define a longitudinal axis. The combination tool includes a razor mechanism that is connected to the housing. The razor mechanism receives and moves a cutting blade between a first position in the cavity and a second position wherein the cutting blade extends through the housing. The housing defines a channel that includes a floor, a first sidewall and a second sidewall. The first sidewall and the second sidewall have first edges that are connected to the floor and second edges that connect to the first side of the housing. The first sidewall includes a first slot and the second sidewall includes an opposed second slot. The first slot and second slot are positioned in fixed spaced relation from the floor and the second edge. The slots are configured to receive a rasp. The slots are positioned to recess a cutting surface of the rasp in the channel such that at least a portion of the sidewalls extend between the cutting surface and the second edges. A claw is defined in the housing that includes a first tong and a second tong. The claw extracts fasteners from soft materials.07-01-2010
20120180318NUCLEAR POWER PLANT CONSTRUCTION PREPARATION UNIT, NUCLEAR POWER PLANT CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM, AND NUCLEAR POWER PLANT CONSTRUCTION METHOD - A nuclear power plant construction preparation unit includes: a device main body which enters into a space; a moving part which causes the device main body to enter into the space; an eddy-current inspection sensor which is provided on the device main body, and which detects a target portion of a member surface within the space; a punch marking part which is provided on the device main body, and which performs marking on the member surface; and a control part which controls the moving part and the marking device based on detection results from the target portion detection device, to thereby perform marking at a relative position with respect to the target portion.07-19-2012
20100005665Craft knife with automatic light - A craft knife has an automatic light and is constructed of two electrically conductive cylindrical handle parts insulated from each other by a dielectric possessing on one end a clear blade/tool clamping collet with the capacity to transmit light from its base or threaded end, to its spherical end and thus illuminate the blade, blade tip and work area.01-14-2010
20100000094POWER TOOL WITH UV ILLUMINATION - A handheld power tool can include a tool housing having a trigger assembly. A motor can be disposed in the tool housing. The motor can drive an output member and be activated by the trigger assembly. A cutting member can be driven by the output member. A UV light source can be coupled to the tool housing. The UV light source can project UV light onto an area proximate to the cutting member.01-07-2010
20120216411HAIR CUTTING DEVICE WITH COMB UNIT RECOGNITION - A hair cutting device (08-30-2012
20120216410Clipper deflector for deflecting air and cuttings away from operator - A motor cooling air flow deflector comprises a channel over at least one of the air flow outlet vents for electric motor cooling air from the periphery or circumference of a generally cylindrical housing of a clipper. The channel may be an inverted U-shaped structure having a span covering at least 120 degrees of the housing, and preferably more than 180 degrees. The inverted U-shaped structure is provided with a downwardly directed first end with a flared input and a second end with a vane for directing air flow out of the channel and backwardly along the housing of the clipper. The channel is adapted to conform to the variations in the generally cylindrical shape of the housing. The air flow deflector may be an attachment to an existing clipper or it may be fabricated or molded into the housing of a clipper.08-30-2012
20130055572Personal Protection Ring Device - A personal protection ring device and system worn on a finger that utilizes a relatively unseen spiked weapon that can be used in self-defense situations.03-07-2013
20090271987Clip-handle scissors - A pair of scissors having a pair of looped handles has a clip such as a carabiner-style inwardly-opening gate mounted on the outer-most perimeter of one or both of the looped handles. Where the clip is a carabiner, the distal end of each gate, distal from the gates hinge, is oppositely disposed relative to the fulcrum of the pair of scissors. The non-gate portion of each of the looped handles containing a gate includes a hooked portion adjacent the distal end of each gate. The hooked portion includes a stop to limit movement of the gate. A resilient loop is mounted around the levers of the scissors between the handles and fulcrum so as to urge the scissors closed.11-05-2009
20120222311TABLEWARE INTEGRATED WITH TOOTHPICK - A tableware integrated with a toothpick includes a handle (09-06-2012
20080295336CUTTING TOOL HAVING THE FUNCTION OF A SHOVEL - A cutting tool includes two shanks pivotally connected with each other and each having a first end provided with an operation member which has a first side formed with a cutting blade and a second side formed with a shovel portion and a second end provided with a grip portion. Thus, the operation members of the shanks co-operate to provide a cutting or shearing function and to function as a shovel. In addition, the cutting tool can provide a cutting or shearing fiction and can function as a shovel so that a user can operate the cutting tool to perform two different works without having to replace a different tool, thereby facilitating the user operating the cutting tool.12-04-2008
20100126023Combination String Trimmer and Blower Tool - A multi-purpose tool (05-27-2010
20110289781Child's Paper Trimmer Device - A child safe paper trimmer device is utilizable by children and those lacking hand eye coordination or hand strength to conveniently utilize typical scissors arrangements. A child safe cutting blade is rotatably mounted so that it can be moved in any direction across a work surface, such as paper, to make a desired cut. A variety of mounting and tethering approaches are also described.12-01-2011
20110289780BLADE ILLUMINATOR - An illuminated utility device comprising: a handheld utility device, or said utility device includes a handle and a blade; a light source that directs light towards the blade from the handle; and a power source within the handle said power source providing energy for the light source. The light source may include a LED light that directs light along the edge of the blade and the power source may include batteries.12-01-2011
20100101095TACTICAL KNIFE - Certain embodiments of the present invention provide a tactical knife. The knife, in certain embodiments, includes a handle and a blade. The blade may further be formed so as to include a sharp edge, a sharp serrated edge, a non-sharp serrated edge and a gut hook. In certain embodiments, the handle may house a light source so the knife may be used in poorly lit environments and/or in combination with a gun. A power source may be housed inside of the handle and the handle may also include a dome switch to operate the light source. Sufficient sealant is placed in strategic locations throughout the handle so as to make the knife of certain embodiments of the present invention water resistant.04-29-2010
20090165307Combined fork and chopstick assembly - A pair of chopsticks comprising a first chopstick having a long narrow body, at least one tine on a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a connection means disposed on the first chopstick body; a second chopstick having a long narrow body, at least one tine one a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a connection means disposed on the second chopstick body; and wherein the at least one tine of the first chopstick is proximate the at least one tine of the second chopstick when the connection means of the first chopstick is releasably secured to the connection means of the second chopstick.07-02-2009
20100088899Carabiner with folding utility knife - A carabiner with a folding utility knife is provided, and the carabiner comprises: a handle element with two opposing first and second ends, the handle element has a cavity; a gate element for connecting the first and second ends of the handle element to form a handle element aperture, the gate element has opposing ends, at least one end of the gate element is pivotally attached to at least one end of the handle element, the gate element is movable to a closed position and an opened position; a blade; and a blade holder compartment having a front end and rear end, the rear end of the blade holder compartment is pivotally attached to at least a portion of the handle, the blade holder compartment comprises a cavity for receiving the blade, and the front end of the blade holder compartment has an aperture for allowing a portion of the blade to protrude from the aperture, and the blade holder compartment is movable to a closed position and an opened position.04-15-2010
20110265332FOLDABLE TETHERED HAND TOOL - A foldable hand tool is provided with a retractable tether having a fixed end attached to a retractor assembly. The foldable hand tool includes at least one tool pivotally coupled to a handle assembly. The retractor assembly is coupled at the pivot point of the foldable tool. The retractable tether runs in a channel inside the handle assembly to eliminate tether damage from a stowed tool. When the free end of the tether is attached to an anchor point on a support structure or an article of clothing or equipment worn by a user, the retractable tether limits the distance that the foldable hand tool may extend away from the user.11-03-2011
20080289188Retractable and Sanitary Food Buffet Utensil - A food buffet utensil for use with a food buffet having a shield includes a base member attachable to the food buffet shield. A housing is coupled to the base member and defines an open bottom. The food buffet utensil includes a cord having a first end connected to a reel and a second end extending therefrom, the reel being selectively movable between retracted and extended configurations. The food buffet utensil includes a utensil body having a handle coupled to the second end of the cord, the handle being displaced from the housing when the reel is at the extended configuration and a portion of the handle being positioned in the housing when the reel is at the retracted configuration. An ultraviolet LED is positioned in the housing such that ultraviolet light is emitted when the ultraviolet LED is electrically energized.11-27-2008
20080244910Hand-Held Circular Saw, In Particular Plunge-Cut Saw - A power saw (10-09-2008
20110197452KITCHENWARE APPLIANCE AND/OR FOOD PREPARATION APPARATUS - A manually operated kitchenware apparatus which has a suction operated mounting foot that can be operated by twisting or rotating a body of the apparatus. The apparatus can also have a removable cutter blade and a handle that receives a plurality of interchangeable grating blades.08-18-2011
20110203114Safety Slice - The Safety Slice (FIG. 08-25-2011
20090038159THUMB UTENSIL WITH CUTTING BOARD - An apparatus facilitating a cutting operation includes a knife; and a hand-mountable cutting board utensil. The utensil includes: a cutting board for disposition between the thumb and an index finger of the hand, the cutting board having an exposed cutting surface for orienting toward the index finger and a second surface for orienting toward the thumb; and a retainer having two lateral sides and being configured to receive and releasably retain the thumb along a longitudinal length of the retainer. The cutting board includes portions that extend transversely to a direction defined by the longitudinal length respectively beyond the two lateral sides of the retainer, each portion having exposed, oppositely facing front and back surfaces.02-12-2009
20090241346Transverse Angulated Utility Knife - A utility knife is useful for operations such as glazing, roofing, carpeting and sheet rock fabrication wherein the knife is used in close proximity to window edges, walls or corners. A blade-holding portion of the utility knife has a planar bottom wall and structure for mounting the blade at a small angle relative to the bottom wall so that the blade is able to flex and substantially conform to the plane of a surface upon which the planar bottom surface of the utility knife is supported. A handle portion of the utility knife is offset from the planar bottom surface so as to position a user's hand away from the surface on which the utility knife is supported.10-01-2009
20090241345Utility knife with a pivotal actuator served as an auxiliary handgrip - A utility knife includes a handle and an actuator pivotably secured to the rear end of the handle and served as an auxiliary handgrip. In a storage position the actuator is fastened at the bottom of the handle. The actuator is adapted to dispose about perpendicular to the handle by pivoting such that subsequently moving the actuator axially through an axial slot of the handle will extend front portions of a blade and a blade carrier out of the handle. In this position, a user can exert a greater force in cutting an object by grasping both the handle and the handgrip.10-01-2009
20090313831HAND-HELD CIRCULAR SAW, IN PARTICULAR PLUNGE-CUT SAW - A power saw including a body housing enclosing a motor, a saw blade operatively coupled to the motor, and a cutting head at least partially covering the saw blade, wherein the cutting head is rotatable relative to the body housing and is configured to be set relative to the body housing in at least two different fixed positions.12-24-2009
20110232102Serving Placemat and Food Service Article - This invention relates to a serving placemat and ribbed tray receptacle that provides a portable eating area for young children and adults with special eating needs. The tray separates and traps food and liquid spillage that falls through the placemat and is readily disassembled for cleaning. This product speeds cleanup of table tops after eating meals. A tethered eating implement may be attached to the food service article.09-29-2011
20100186236BEVERAGE UTENSIL - A beverage utensil for enhancing the enjoyment of a multiple phase beverage includes a bowl portion and a handle portion extending upwardly away from a section of a rim of the bowl portion. The beverage utensil may be used in combination with a beverage container having a diameter only slightly larger than the diameter of the bowl portion of the utensil to facilitate collection and consumption of non-liquid materials of a multiple phase beverage.07-29-2010
20080289187Carabiner-handle scissors - A pair of scissors having a pair of looped handles has a carabiner-style inwardly-opening gate mounted on the outer-most perimeter of one or both of the looped handles. The distal end of each gate, distal from the gates hinge, is oppositely disposed relative to the fulcrum of the pair of scissors. The non-gate portion of each of the looped handles containing a gate includes a hooked portion adjacent the distal end of each gate. The hooked portion includes a stop to limit movement of the gate.11-27-2008
20090217532Food Delivery System and Methods - The present invention generally relates to a system and methods by which the delivery of a food item for personal consumption may be facilitated. More specifically, the present invention is directed to systems and methods that include the use of simplified utensils by which food may be managed and prepared for consumption. Certain embodiments of the simplified utensils include one or flavoring retainers by which flavoring agents can be retained and conveyed to a diner or diners and the flavor of a food item altered during consumption of a food item.09-03-2009
20090126198CHILDREN'S CUTLERY - A piece of children's cutlery includes a work unit, a fixing unit, a plastic deformation unit, and a grip unit. The work unit is connected at an end to a front end of the grip unit, the fixing unit is connected at an end to a rear end of the grip unit opposite to the work unit, the plastic deformation unit is connected at two opposite ends to the work unit and the fixing unit, and the grip unit is enclosed around the plastic deformation unit and the ends of the work unit and the fixing unit connected to the grip unit. The grip unit and the plastic deformation unit enclosed therein may be adjusted by bending them to an extending direction and a curvature most suitable for holding by a user in a habitual position.05-21-2009
20110005085Eating Devices Which Reduce Tremors of the Hand - There is provided an eating device including a grip configured so as to enable the grip to be grasped by a human hand. The grip is elongated and includes at least one side surface. An eating utensil having a front portion and a rear portion is provided. The front portion is configured to make contact with food and the rear portion extends from the side surface of the grip so that the front portion of the elongated utensil extends away from the side surface of the grip.01-13-2011
20110113634Eating Utensil Incorporating Dental Flosser - An eating utensil such as a disposable plastic fork, spoon, knife, or combination thereof, is combined with a dental flosser and optionally with at least one other oral hygienic device for personal use after eating in a location where oral hygienic facilities may not be otherwise available. In some embodiments the oral hygienic device may be permanently attached to the eating utensil, which can serve as a handle for using the oral hygienic device. In other embodiments the oral hygienic device may be displaced in a snap-off or bend-away manner at score lines to facilitate use of oral hygienic device, either still attached to the utensil or removed for separate use, optionally configured with a thumb-finger grip tab.05-19-2011
20120198700AVOCADO TOOL - An avocado tool includes a handle having a first end and a second end, with a different tool head on each end. At the first end, the tool head is in the form of a tool configured for slicing avocados. At the second end, the tool head is in the form of a masher.08-09-2012
20110314679Serving Utensil Having Pan Lifting Element - The present invention is directed to a serving utensil for selectively engaging a serving pan for removal from a steam table. The utensil is of the type used in buffet-style service settings. The utensil includes a serving element on one end and a handle on the other end. The serving element may comprise a bowl, tines, prongs, tongs and the like. The handle includes a flange extending from a face thereof for selectively engaging the serving pan of the steam table such that the flange is selectively insertable between the pan and the steam table such that the user may lift the serving pan from the steam table for removal of the serving pan for cleaning or replacement.12-29-2011
20120102754Safety Cutter with Guard-actuated Blade Deployment - A cutter apparatus includes a housing shaped to be hand-held, a blade holder configured to support a blade, and multiple actuators for extending the blade from the housing, the actuators including a safety actuator (e.g., a blade guard) that drives at least one of the other actuators while repositioning to extend the blade. The multiple actuators include, for example, a slider and a blade guard configured such that the slider when pushed forward repositions independently of the blade guard to extend the blade from the housing and such that the blade guard when pushed forward repositions the blade as the blade guard is deployed.05-03-2012
20100050439UTENSIL - A serving utensil comprises a handle having a gripping portion that is gripped by the user. A serving receptacle is operatively connected to the handle. There is mounted to the serving utensil a serving scraper having a resilient arm with a bowed shape. The resilient arm has a scraping end and a mounting end. A mounting means at the mounting end is for mounting the resilient arm to the serving utensil forwardly of the gripping portion of the utensil used to grip the utensil and rearwardly of the serving receptacle. A scraper-remover is disposed at the scraper end of the resilient arm so that food can be scraped off of the food receptacle of the utensil when the serving scraper is actuated by the user.03-04-2010
20120311868Feedback Spoon with Wireless Connectivity - Embodiments of the disclosed technology comprise a gripping spoon or other utensil with an electrode on each of the working portion and the handle. Upon making contact with each electrode, a positive reward is given in the form of a light or sound (such as music) either on the spoon itself or on a separate device which receives a transmission indicating that the circuit has been completed. As such, the utensil, such as a fork or spoon, may comprise a transmitter therein. Further, the working end of the utensil, in embodiments of the disclosed technology, has insulation or a non-conductive portion on the edges of the working end. In a spoon, this is in the form of insulation near the edges, on both the top and bottom sides. In a fork, this may involve insulation of the entire outer prongs and tips of the prongs. This forces the child or other user of the utensil to place the utensil in his or her mouth, rather than just touch the tip.12-13-2012
20100325895CONDIMENT DISPENSING UTENSIL - A utensil apparatus for dispensing a quantity of condiment. The condiment dispensing utensil is constructed such that it contains an internal reservoir of a condiment, such as a salad dressing. The condiment dispensing utensil assembly can then be used to dispense a bite-sized portion of the condiment to the food on the utensil as it is consumed. The utensil allows the user to control the amount of condiment that is consumed at a single meal. Said utensil can later be cleaned for reuse or disposed of if constructed for only a single serving use. The utensil also comprises a pump mechanism for controlling the amount of condiment that is dispensed with each bite or scoop of food.12-30-2010
20110119924Stetho-Tool - A device allows users to have a penlight and shears/scissors handy for medical procedures. The device may be detachable from a holster which can be secured to a stethoscope tube. The penlight and shears may be a formed as a single unit, held by the holster.05-26-2011
20120297628UTENSILS WITH INTEGRATED STAND - A utensil with an integrated stand includes an elongated angular handle having an endpoint for making contact with food products and the mouth of a user. A downward protrusion located on the handle adjacent to the endpoint includes a lower section for making contact with a foreign surface to prevent the endpoint from making contact with the foreign surface while not in use.11-29-2012
20120090181PERSONAL CARE APPARATUS - A personal care apparatus (04-19-2012
20130118016APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING BUILT-IN INDICATOR FLAGS - Certain embodiments provide an apparatus for integrating an indicator flag into an item. The apparatus includes an upper portion and a base. The upper portion includes a cutting blade and a first attachment. The cutting blade is operable to cut the indicator flag into the item. The base includes a second attachment and one or more cutting grooves. The second attachment is operable to couple with the first attachment such that upper portion is movable towards the base. The one or more cutting grooves are operable to mate with the cutting blade when the upper portion is depressed and the upper portion moves towards the base.05-16-2013
20120272527COMBINATION CHOPSTICK UTENSIL - A combination chopstick utensil including a first chopstick member and a second chopstick member. The combination chopstick utensil includes a pair of base members coupled to each of the first and second chopstick members having a separation facilitation structure configured to facilitate separation of the pair of base members. The combination chopstick utensil includes a utensil coupled to the pair of base members and extending therefrom substantially opposite of the first and second chopstick members. The first and second chopstick members are substantially non-parallel when in a combined chopstick utensil configuration. The utensil is a spoon.11-01-2012