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029 - Metal working

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029729000 Means to assemble electrical device 345
029244000 Puller or pusher means, contained force multiplying operator 78
029270000 Means comprising hand manipulatable tool 73
029243500 Overedge assembling means 66
029281100 With work-holder for assembly 33
029762000 Means to disassemble electrical device 29
029283000 Work gripper, anvil, or element 27
029213100 Valve applying or removing 22
029822000 Including work conveyer 21
029237000 Coupling to conduit 21
029281500 Including means to relatively position plural work parts 21
029283500 By deforming 19
029791000 Multiple station assembly or disassembly apparatus 19
029235000 To apply or remove a resilient article (e.g., tube, sleeve, etc.) 19
029705000 With means to test work or product 17
029239000 Spreading parts apart or separating them from face to face engagement 15
029720000 With signal, scale, illuminator, or optical viewer 14
029240000 By rotation of work part 12
029809000 With magazine supply 12
029726000 Heat exchanger 11
029724000 Roller or ball bearing 10
029225000 Spring applier or remover 10
029701000 With means to regulate operation by use of templet, tape, card or other replaceable information supply 9
029709000 With control means energized in response to activator stimulated by condition sensor 9
029771000 Means to interrelatedly feed plural work parts from plural sources without manual intervention 8
029728000 Means to place sheath on running-length core 7
029282000 Tube, sleeve or ferrule 7
029798000 Means to drive self-piercing work part 6
029281600 Work-supported apparatus 4
20100122445Methods and apparatus for installing fasteners - Improved methods and apparatus for installing fasteners are disclosed. In one general aspect, a threaded fastener has a first end for engaging an anchor and includes means for turning the fastener at a second end. Also included are means for simultaneously both drawing the threaded fastener away from the anchoring means and turning the threaded fastener with respect to the anchoring means to advance the fastener through the anchoring nut.05-20-2010
20090113689APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR EFFECTING PIN-TO-SHOULDER TOOL SEPARATION FOR A FRICTION STIR WELDING PIN TOOL - An apparatus and method for separating a pin tool from a shoulder tool, after the pin tool and shoulder tool have become welded together during a friction stir welding operation. In one exemplary embodiment a frame is used to support the shoulder tool. A fluid pressure actuating assembly is used for gradually exerting a force on the pin tool while the shoulder tool is held stationary within the frame. The gradually increasing force gradually breaks the weld and separates the pin tool from the shoulder tool without damaging the pin tool.05-07-2009
20090106964Automatic Device for the Production of Metal Frameworks - The invention relates to an automatic device for the production of metal frameworks. The inventive device first places an assembly of longitudinal metal bars (04-30-2009
20090070977Jig And Fixture For Wind Turbine Blade - A method and apparatus for assembling a wind turbine blade includes a jig and fixture for positioning one of a leading edge section of the blade and a trailing edge section of the blade over at the other of the leading edge section and the trailing edge section, and for securing the leading edge section to the trailing edge section.03-19-2009
029243000 Tool chuck and tool 3
20100175237SYSTEM FOR MOUNTING AN ABRASIVE TOOL TO A DRIVE PLATE OF GRINDING AND POLISHING MACHINES - Thus, according to one aspect, the invention provides A system for mounting an abrasive tool to a drive plate of a polisher or grinding tool, the system comprising: an intermediate element mounted to a surface of the drive plate via a first securing means; and a second securing means for securing the abrasive tool to the intermediate element. The intermediate element may be a tool mounting plate and the second securing means is at least one pin and spring assembly. The intermediate element may be a ring and the second securing element comprises magnets and pins. The intermediate element may be a circular bracket and the second securing element comprises rotary slot attachment.07-15-2010
20090293249Tool for removing a chisel - A tool for removing a chisel, in particular from a chisel holder, having a base element which receives an actuating member, wherein the actuating member has an expeller mandrel. The actuating member is adjustable along a displacement direction. In order to be able to perform the removal simply and rapidly, the actuating member of this invention is indirectly or directly coupled to a piston of a fluid-charged cylinder, or to an electric motor unit.12-03-2009
20130000090Tool For Removing A Chisel - A tool for removing a chisel, in particular from a chisel holder, having a base element which receives an actuating member, wherein the actuating member has an expeller mandrel. The actuating member is adjustable along a displacement direction. In order to be able to perform the removal simply and rapidly, the actuating member of this invention is indirectly or directly coupled to a piston of a fluid-charged cylinder, or to an electric motor unit.01-03-2013
029802000 Vehicle wheel 3
20090241330BEARING ASSEMBLY TOOL FOR USE IN A BICYCLE - A bearing assembly tool for use in a bicycle comprises a contacting member, a handle, an engaging member, a screw, a press member, and a limiting member. By way of the screw, the contacting member and the engaging member, or the press member and the limiting member, a bearing can be assembled into or removed from a workpiece.10-01-2009
20090271976DEVICE FOR ASSEMBLING AND DISASSEMBLING INNER SUPPORT OF VEHICLE TIRE - A device for assembling and disassembling an inner support of a vehicle tire, comprising a supporter, a fastening belt, a retracting device, a securing device, and a gear unit. The retracting device and the securing device are disposed on the supporter. One end of the fastening belt is connected to the retracting device, the other end of the fastening belt is connected to the securing device. The retracting device is connected to the gear unit. The device facilitates assembling and disassembling on demand and allows for a simple and fast disassembling process.11-05-2009
20090293267DEVICE FOR MANUFACTURING A PRE-ASSEMBLY FOR A TYRE - Device for manufacturing a cut-to-length pre-assembly for a tyre, wherein in the pre-assembly first and second side walls are situated on either side of an inner liner. The device comprises a supply conveyor for conveying the cut pre-assembly to the building drum. The device is provided with a first side wall measuring device for measuring the length of the first side wall of the cut pre-assembly and for giving a first side wall measuring signal indicative of the measured length of the first side wall, with a second side wall measuring device for measuring the length of the second side wall of the cut pre-assembly and for giving a second side wall measuring signal indicative of the measured length of the second side wall, and with an inner liner measuring device for measuring the length of the inner liner of the cut pre-assembly and for giving an inner liner measuring signal indicative of the measured length of the inner liner.12-03-2009
029819000 Running-length work 2
20080250631METHOD AND DEVICE FOR HANDLING ELONGATE STRENGTH MEMBERS - A method and device for handling an elongate strength member. In the method, an elongate strength member with a plurality of elongate composite rods, or metal wires or plastic fibers are bundled together with the composite rods, or metal wires, or plastic fibers in a generally parallel and untwisted and un-spiraled arrangement when the elongate strength member is extended along a generally straight path, wherein the composite rods are longitudinally and rotatably moveable relative to each other. It is then twisted relative to a longitudinal dimension of the elongate strength member and the path of the elongate strength member is curved, such as by coiling.10-16-2008
20100050427ELASTOMERIC TRACK FIELD-REPAIR ASSEMBLY - The field-repair assembly is used for temporarily repairing a ruptured or otherwise damaged elastomeric track mounted on a vehicle and generally allows the vehicle to proceed, preferably on its own, to a maintenance site located nearby where replacement or permanent repair of the track can be undertaken. The assembly comprises a plurality of spaced-apart and generally parallel support members, each of which being generally transversely disposed on the ground engaging outer surface of the track. The transverse members are secured to each side of the track via retention brackets. The transverse members are further linked together via flexible cables which are fixedly mounted to retention brackets. The assembly further comprises a bridging element generally mounted to a subset of the transverse members. The bridging element is generally located over the damaged area of the track and on the outer surface thereof for providing continuity and support to the damaged track.03-04-2010
029723000 Nuclear device 2
20110000081Underwater cutting device for the handle of MTR plate-type feul - An underwater cutting device for the handle of MTR plate-type fuel has a housing that has an accommodation space for a feed pneumatic cylinder to drive a slidable base for lateral movement. And in front of the accommodation space there is a cutting chamber. A primary motor is located on the slidable base to drive the saw blade inside the cutting chamber to move and cut laterally with the slidable base that is driven by the feed pneumatic cylinder. A positioning block is located on the side with the housing and in the moving path of the saw blade. In the positioning block there is an accommodation space to hold the MTR plate-type fuel. Above the positioning block there is at least a pressing pneumatic cylinder to immobilize the MTR plate-type fuel and facilitate the saw blade to cut and remove the handle of MTR plate-type fuel. On the side of the bottom of the cutting chamber there is a filtration motor to absorb the metal cutting debris and deliver the debris through a conduit to the filter frame that contains filter for filtration.01-06-2011
20110219609UNDER VESSEL LOCAL POWER RANGE MONITOR EXCHANGE TOOL - A tool for use in servicing an LPRM assembly of a nuclear reactor vessel includes a structural member having a first bore that is structured to receive an LPRM device associated with the LPRM assembly, a headpiece provided at a first end of the structural member, and a nut engaging assembly slideably mounted on the structural member. The headpiece has a plurality of projections structured to mate with a plurality of bores provided in a seal of the LPRM assembly to enable the seal to be removed, and the nut engaging assembly has a housing that defines a second bore and that has first and second nut engaging portions. The nut engaging assembly is free to slide along the structural member and over the headpiece to a position wherein the engaging portions extend beyond the headpiece so that they may be used to remove the assembly nut.09-15-2011
029801000 Means to assemble or disassemble container and fluid component 2
20110088256GAS CARTRIDGE LOADING MECHANISM - A gas cartridge loading mechanism has a sensor member movable toward a collar retaining portion and mounted to undergo pivotal movement between a locked position and an unlocked position, and a stopper configured to prevent movement of the sensor member when the sensor member is disposed in the locked position and to allow movement of the sensor member when the sensor member is disposed in the unlocked position. The sensor member is configured to move in the locked position when a gas cartridge is set with improper orientation, and to move in the unlocked position when the gas cartridge is set with proper orientation.04-21-2011
20120266458GASKET REMOVAL AND VENTING TOOL - A tool, method and system are provided adapted to remove a gasket from a glad hand fitting, and also to vent pressurized air from between two coupled glad hand fittings. A tool is provided with an angled tool head, adapted to be received in a glad hand fitting and to be positioned against a surface of the guard arm of the glad hand. The tip of the tool head is positioned against the gasket and the tool is pivoted against the glad hand to bias the gasket out of the recess in the glad hand fitting.10-25-2012
029234000 Tube and coextensive core 1
20100223771CONCENTRIC CAMSHAFT AND METHOD OF ASSEMBLY - A method of assembling a camshaft may include locating a first lobe member of the camshaft on a first shaft and inserting a locking pin into a first bore in the first lobe member and into a second bore in the first shaft. The locking pin may include a first recess extending into a first end thereof defining a first annular wall. A first retaining member may be forced into a first recess. The forcing may displace the annular wall in an outward radial direction and into a frictional engagement with the first bore.09-09-2010
029805000 Toy doll 1
20080201942Combining device for the ballplayers of a football playing table - A device for the ballplayer of a football-playing table includes a head and a body combined together. The body is bored with a combining hole with a stepped surface extending downward to form a stop ring, and the stepped surface is cut with two opposite notches. A neck under the head has its lower end fixed with two opposite projections extending outward and respectively matching with the two notches of the stepped surface, having its bottom disposed with an insert pin extending downward. A metallic tube is inserted through the lateral insert hole of the body and bored with a diametrical hole for the insert pin to be inserted therein. In assembling, the neck is first fitted in the combining hole and then turned to let the projections sustain the stop ring and insert the insert pin in the metallic tube to combine the ballplayer with the metallic tube.08-28-2008
029804000 Tumbler lock 1
20090000113Tool for pin tumbler locks - A tool for loading pin stack elements into a pin tumbler lock includes a cylindrical shank of diameter similar to the diameter of the lock plug, a loading groove extending along at least a shank portion corresponding to the length of the set of pin chambers and intersecting with the shank axis; a set of parallel loading bores formed in the shank, extending between the loading groove and the outer surface of the shank, each loading bore dimensioned to contain pin stack elements, the loading bores further having a spacing along the shank in a direction parallel to its axis equal to the spacing of the chambers; and a loader element mounted within the loading groove in adjustable positioning with respect to the loading bores, operative for selectable transfer of a pin stack element from each loading bore to a chamber in axial registration therewith.01-01-2009
029238000 Compressing parts together face to face 1
20120311835GAS TURBINE SYSTEMS INVOLVING ROTOR BAYONET COVERPLATES AND TOOLS FOR INSTALLING SUCH COVERPLATES - Gas turbine engine systems involving rotor bayonet coverplates and tools for installing such coverplates are provided. In this regard, a representative turbine assembly for a gas turbine engine includes: a turbine disk operative to mount a set of turbine blades; and a coverplate having an annular main body portion and a spaced annular arrangement of tabs extending radially inwardly from the main body portion with open-ended gaps being located between the tabs, the tabs being operative to secure an inner diameter of the coverplate to the turbine disk.12-13-2012
029722000 Including means to provide a controlled environment 1
20080201939SYSTEM AND PROCESS FOR ASSEMBLING CAMERA MODULES - Exemplary system and process for assembling a camera module are provided. The system includes a worktable, a light intensity sensor, a lens module holding device and a controlling unit. The worktable provide placement of the image sensor module thereon, thus a center of the image sensor having a coordinate value thereof. The lens module holding device can hold and move the lens module above the worktable, and it has a light source to emit parallel light that converged at a focus point, wherein the light intensity sensor can detect the focus point location and generating a signal associated with a coordinate value of the focus point. The controlling unit can receive the signal and instruct the lens module holding device to move the lens module toward the image sensor module so that the optical axis of the lens module is aligned with the center of the image sensor.08-28-2008
029821000 Including means to vibrate work 1
20080229574Self chip redistribution apparatus and method for the same - The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for self chip redistribution. The apparatus of the present invention comprises a glass base on which a trench and a cavity formed by a layer of photo resistance. Chips are picked from a sawed wafer and placed on the glass base and moved by fluid flow to the front of index bar. The glass base and the index bar vibrate with low frequency to fill chips into chip cavities. The present invention further provides a method for self chip redistribution, comprising providing a self redistribution tool, transferring redistributed chips onto a panel forming tool, forming a chip panel and separating said chip panel from panel forming tool.09-25-2008
029808000 Means to insert or extract pen point 1
20130167370PEN TIP PEENING MACHINE - Disclosed peening machines may include a first disc having grooves on a periphery of the disc, wherein the grooves are configured to hold a first workpiece; a second disc having grooves on a periphery of the disc, wherein the grooves are configured to hold a second workpiece. The first and second discs are coaxially aligned with each other and a groove of the first disc is positioned to be aligned with a groove of the second disc. A first reciprocating push rod is positioned to be aligned with a groove of the first disc, a second reciprocating push rod is positioned to be aligned with a groove of the second disc, and a reciprocating peening needle is positioned perpendicular to the first and second pushrods. The peening machine may assemble metal pen tips to ink guide cores by peening the metal pen tips to the ink guide cores.07-04-2013
029233000 Brake lining to brake shoe 1
20100122442TURBINE BLADE FABRICATION - A method includes joining an integral bulkhead and a blade shell to form a blade and separating the blade into two blade segments at a location including the integral bulkhead such that each blade segment comprises a portion of the integral bulkhead and a portion of the blade shell.05-20-2010
20080271310METHOD OF RETROFITTING A CIRCULAR SAW - Provided is an apparatus for lifting a retractable lower safety-guard on a circular saw. In one representative implementation, an actuator is attached to the circular saw and an elongated arm is coupled to the actuator such that operating the actuator causes the elongated arm to lift. In addition, an engagement element is attached to the retractable lower safety-guard of the circular saw. When lifted, the elongated arm engages the engagement element, thereby retracting the retractable lower safety-guard of the circular saw. Preferably, the actuator is configured, and is located sufficiently close to a power switch for the circular saw, so that the actuator can be operated simultaneously with the power switch using a single hand. Also provided are retrofitting techniques for attaching such a device to an existing circular saw.11-06-2008
20130042468DISASSEMBLING TOOL - The present invention provides a disassembling tool including a cylinder and a clamping assembly. The cylinder includes two ear members, two pivoting holes, a casing hole and an opening. The clamping assembly includes two pulling arms and a clamping arm. The two pulling arms have a linking relation with the clamping arm. The clamping arm has a teeth section, used for increasing a fixing ability of the clamping arm. After fixing the tie rod in the cylinder, the two pulling arms drive the clamping arm pivot with respect to the pivoting hole. When the clamping arm pivots, the teeth section of the clamping arm clamps the tie rod, forcing the tie rod to rotate and become loosened. Because the clamping arm can completely pivot over the casing hole, the disassembling tool can easily disassemble not only tie rods with various sizes, but tie rods with even smaller sizes.02-21-2013
20090019688APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SECURING PEWS - A pew securing apparatus and method features a base having a plurality of barbs extended at an angle therefrom, with the base being secured to the underside of a leg of a pew. The weight of the pew causes the barbs to penetrate a carpeted surface. The combination of the weight of the pew and the angle of the barbs causes the pew to resist lateral movement when in position. In one embodiment, two (or more) apparatuses may be utilized, and it may be desired to position one so that the plurality of barbs extend in a first direction, and a second so that its plurality of barbs extend in a second, different direction.01-22-2009
20130205583Easy Bilge - The easy bilge is designed to make the replacement or installation of bilge pumps or other instruments in tight spaces easy to achieve. The bilge pump or other device is fastened to the assembly arm which is fastened to the mounting plate. The mounting plate is in turn epoxied to the interior hull of the boat. This makes it so the assembly arm can be removed at any time to replace any instrument or pump and be reinserted with little or no effort.08-15-2013
20130031775Apparatus For Connecting A Fuel Injector To A Test Machine - A surge chamber configured for releasably connecting a fuel injector to a fuel injection testing machine in an adjustable manner to accommodate the various fuel injector orientations produced by different manufacturers. The apparatus generally comprises a surge chamber receiving a quick connect assembly that is connected to a coupler adapted to connect to the fuel injector being tested. The chamber comprises a swivel cap that permits rotation of the chamber about its longitudinal axis. Such rotation may be desirable where the fuel injection inlet does not connect to the fuel injector at a 90-degree angle, or where the configuration of the fuel injection testing machine requires the injector to be oriented at a certain angle to properly engage a spray chamber.02-07-2013
20100043211APPARATUS FOR REMOVING CAPS FROM TUBULAR CONTAINERS - It is described an apparatus for removing caps (02-25-2010
20120210568UNINSTALLER FOR TAKING OUT BRAKE CALIPER PISTON - An uninstaller for taking out brake caliper piston includes: a handle; an engagement member having a column-shaped plug section with a predetermined original outer diameter, one end of the plug section being connected with the handle, the engagement member further having an expander for expanding outer diameter of the plug section, the expander being disposed in the plug section and movable between a restored position and an expanded position, when the expander is positioned in the restored position, the plug section being kept with the original outer diameter, when the expander is positioned in the expanded position, the plug section having an expanded outer diameter larger than the original outer diameter; and a drive section for driving the expander to reciprocally move between the restored position and the expanded position.08-23-2012
20090288291Device for the Lateral Fitting and Removal of a Compressor Barrel - Apparatus for lateral fitting and removing of a compressor barrel into and out of a casing of a turbocompressor, the barrel having an inner core section with split disks which are bolted together coaxially, a cap rotatably mounted on a bearing block, and a rotor, wherein the disks are bolted to the cap and the rotor, and wherein the casing is vertically split and has a suction connection and a pressure connection. A support arm has a proximal end which can be releasably connected to the bearing block and a distal end which extends beyond the rotor and is displaceably supported on the casing when the proximal end is connected to the bearing block. A support device can be releasably mounted to the bearing block oppositely from the support arm, the supporting device being movable laterally on a guide to move the barrel into and out of the casing.11-26-2009
20130047424BRAKE CALIPER PISTON ADJUSTER - A brake caliper piston adjuster includes a plate for adapting the adjuster to a brake caliper bracket. A spring provides compressive resistance between the plate and a washer, which has a piston adapter on an opposite side. A driver extension, which may be disposed through the plate, the center of the spring, and the washer, engages the piston adapter and allows a user to twistingly engage the piston adapter with a wrench.02-28-2013
20120216395APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING A MULTILAYER TUBE FOR THE HYDRAULIC CONNECTION AND WIRING OF SOLAR PANELS - An apparatus for manufacturing a multilayer tube for the hydraulic connection and wiring of solar panels, comprising 08-30-2012
20100269328Device for mechanically decoupled fastening of an aircraft component perfused by hot gas - Device for mechanically decoupled retention of components perfused by hot gas in an aircraft, with a coupling member for coupling to a component emitting hot gas and to a component accepting hot gas, with a holder, with a flange, and with a bellows, the holder being fittable to a housing or frame connected to the component emitting hot gas, the bellows being fastened by one end to the flange and by the other end to the holder, and the coupling member being fastened to the flange. By virtue of the device, both an angular misalignment and radial and axial positional misalignment can be equalised.10-28-2010
20130067730Container Label - A system and method for placing a label on a container is described herein. Specifically, a system for labeling a container can comprise a closed-form band having an inner surface, an outer surface, a height, and a circumference capable of circumscribing a container, and a sign affixed to said outer surface of said band.03-21-2013
20130067733Electro-optical Assembly Fabrication - A flip-chip bonder fabricates an optical assembly by horizontally positioning a flexible portion of a substrate including a waveguide with the waveguide exposed at one end edge of the substrate; bending a portion of the flexible substrate to place the waveguide exposed end in approximately a vertical position; vertically positioning a bond head containing an optical component upon the waveguide exposed substrate edge to optically mate the optical component with the exposed waveguide; and fixably mounting the optical component to the substrate edge.03-21-2013
20130067732Method for Installing a Pipeline While Minimizing Associated Ground Disturbance - A method of installing a pipeline under land or relatively shallow water with minimal disturbance of the surface environment is provided wherein a subsurface, horizontal hole is drilled between spaced apart sites established between a source location and a destination location, and pipe segments are then run through the horizontal hole to connect the locations. The method drills the horizontal hole by positioning a first horizontal drilling rig at a source location and a second horizontal drilling rig at a destination location, and the using the rigs to drill a horizontal hole between the source and destination locations by means of a transverse reaming process.03-21-2013
20130067734Assembly Kit for Building a Rack - An assembly kit for building a rack includes a plurality of longitudinal members to be arranged vertically, a plurality of cross members to be arranged horizontally, a plurality of node elements that connect the longitudinal members and cross members to each other, and a plurality of rails that accommodate rack bottoms, drawers, and the like. The longitudinal members are provided with holes used to hook in the rails on first lateral surfaces of the longitudinal members facing each other, wherein the holes are T-shaped and include breakouts adjacent to the first lateral surfaces. The rails are longer than the open distance of a front longitudinal member from a rear longitudinal member by the depth of the breakouts and are provided with U-shaped folded edges. The width of the vertically extending section of the T-shaped hole corresponds to the length of the free leg of the U-shaped folded edge.03-21-2013
20130067731PART MOUNTING APPARATUS - A part processing apparatus includes a plurality of part mounting devices, each of which is rotatable. Parts are mounted on the plurality of part mounting devices, and the parts are rotated on the devices during a part processing operation. A rotational input shaft is coupled to all of the plurality of part mounting devices so that all of the part mounting devices rotate together. A part processing robot may be movable between a plurality of positions located adjacent each of the part mounting devices. Alternatively, the part mounting devices may be movable to a plurality of different positions so that each of the part mounting devices can be located adjacent to the part processing robot.03-21-2013
20130055560ROBOT CELL APPARATUS AND PRODUCTION SYSTEM - Provided is a robot cell apparatus in which a cooperatively operable area for a pair of robot arms can be widened and which has an excellent workability. The present invention includes a table with a plane having a quadrangular shape in plan view, a workpiece being placed on the plane. Proximal ends of robot arms are respectively fixed to two corners at diagonal positions among four corners of the plane of the table. A cooperatively operable area in which the pair of robot arms are cooperatively operable is formed in a space above the plane of the table.03-07-2013
20130061463DEVICE FOR LOADING SELF-EXPANDING STENTS - A loading device for self-expanding stents that utilizes a rod with a stop on one end, a compressible sleeve that is slidably mounted on the rod and a compressible member slidably mounted on the rod and configured to increase the diameter of the compressible sleeve when forced against it.03-14-2013
20130061462Device for Deblocking Optical Workpieces, In Particular Eyeglass Lenses - A device for deblocking optical workpieces, having a first moving device for rotating a workpiece, which is blocked on a blocking piece, about a workpiece rotational axis and a nozzle for dispensing a pressurized stream in a direction that is essentially transverse to the workpiece rotational axis onto a point of incidence in an edge region between the blocking piece and the workpiece. The device also has a second moving device for generating a relative movement between the nozzle and the workpiece. The second moving device has a nozzle guiding portion on which the nozzle is mounted and by which the nozzle can be positioned with respect to the blocking piece in a cam-controlled manner in order to aim the pressurized stream towards the point of incidence in a defined manner.03-14-2013
20130180102ROOF TRIM DITCH MOLDING FITTING TOOL - A system for securing moldings to associated roof ditches of a vehicle moving down an assembly line. The system comprises a plurality of rollers coupled to a plurality of lift booms. The lift booms include suitable means for raising and lowering the lift booms relative to an associated vehicle roof surface as well as means for permitting the lift boom to free float during at least a portion of an application cycle. The lift boom also has weights affixed to the lift boom proximate to the rollers with gravity producing force necessary to adhere the molding to the vehicle.07-18-2013
20080295319Tool - A tool is proposed to assist detachment of an apparatus which has a housing adhering flatly on a pane, particularly of a sensor on the front windscreen of a vehicle, in which the apparatus housing has a surface with an exposed edge spaced from the pane. The tool has the form of a lug which has at least one engagement member on one longitudinal end, which engagement member can be engaged on the exposed edge of the apparatus and is provided with an opening or recess for a lever tool at a longitudinal distance from the engagement member. The tool is applied to the apparatus by engaging the engagement member behind the exposed edge on the apparatus housing. Then the lever tool, e.g. a simple bar or a screwdriver, is pushed through the opening or recess and is applied to bear on the top of the apparatus housing. The free end of the lever is then slowly raised, thereby lifting the housing off the pane.12-04-2008
20120266454ROAD WHEEL PROTECTION MEMBER - A protection member for a vehicle road wheel includes a first planar surface and a second planar surface with a central aperture extending therethrough. The protection member further includes a plurality of unequal length pins spaced about the aperture and extending in a direction away from the second surface. The plurality of pins are configured and positioned to engage holes of said road wheel utilized for mounting the road wheel to an axle of the vehicle. The protection member further includes a plurality of spoke receiving features spaced about and extending from the second surface. The spoke receiving features have a complimentary configuration for substantially aligning with a complimentary configuration of spokes of the road wheel. When the road wheel is disposed on the second surface the plurality of pins detachably couple the protection member to the road wheel.10-25-2012
20090260224Device and Method for Securing Accessories to Fused Beads - A device for attaching an accessory to an array of fused beads includes a head and a shank. The head may include an ornamental device that is formed as a single unitary body with the head, or an ornamental device may be attached to the head. The shank may be configured to fit snuggly within the axial cavity of one of the beads in the array.10-22-2009
20090293263Premo rock-out - The present invention comprises the guide plate, two guide pins and a knock plate with four connected blades. This tool is a precise, quick and dust free cutting device. It is used to remove the cut out for utility box in wall board installation. The guide pins are inserted into already installed utility box screw openings. When wall board is put into position, guide pins will pierce through board locating the utility box. The guide plate is then placed over pins to direct knock plate in the right position. The knock plate has metal blades that will cut through wall board, allowing easy location and cutting of wall board.12-03-2009
20110277317INSTALLATION GUIDE - In one embodiment, a guide for installing a photoconductive film on to a photo imaging plate includes a movable channel located near the photo imaging plate, for example in a digital printing press. The channel has a bed and a pair of sidewalls extending parallel to one another along opposite sides of the bed such that the lateral movement and skew of a photoconductive film lying on the bed is constrained by the sidewalls. The channel movable between a first position in which an open end of the channel is away from the photo imaging plate and a second position in which the open end of the channel is immediately adjacent to and aligned with the photo imaging plate for installing a photoconductive film on to the photo imaging plate.11-17-2011
20120186075SYRINGE CAP REMOVER - An apparatus for removing a sheath from a syringe. The sheath provides a sterile cover for a needle of the syringe. The apparatus includes a substantially cylindrical housing defining an opening for receiving a sheath attached to a syringe, and a driver mounted on the housing and being slideable along the housing between first and second axially displaced positions. The apparatus further includes a plurality of radially deflectable fingers mounted within the housing and being coupled to the driver for movement therewith. The fingers are configured such that movement of the driver from the first to the second position causes the fingers to slide over the sheath and engage with a formation on the sheath. Movement of the driver from the second position towards the first position causes the fingers to push the sheath off the syringe. Also provided is an injection device including the apparatus.07-26-2012
20110000080COMBUSTOR-TRANSITION-PIECE GUIDE JIG AND METHOD OF DETACHING AND ATTACHING COMBUSTOR OF GAS TURBINE - A combustor-transition-piece guide jig is constituted by two rails, a fixing member, and a holding member. The fixing member is provided at one ends of the rails and attached to a combustor attachment port. The rails are inserted from the combustor attachment port toward inside of the combustor casing and fixed to the combustor attachment port by the fixing member. The rails come into contact with a combustor-transition-piece guiding part provided on a combustor transition piece to guide a movement of the combustor transition piece in one direction.01-06-2011
20120285006ANCHOR POSITIONING EQUIPMENT IN THE PREFABRICATION OF PANELS OF REINFORCED CEMENT MORTAR - Anchor positioning equipment for pre-fabricating panels of reinforced cement mortar (11-15-2012
20120285005FORMING APPARATUS - In a forming apparatus, inner frames are arranged in a forming roll stand so as to move up and down. Mechanical structures of convexo-concave engagement are provided on opposed faces between respective roll chocks and yokes and the inner frames. After connection with a pressing device is released, the roll chocks and yokes are guided utilizing the moving-downward motion of the inner frames, and a stack body is formed in series so as to be withdrawn from the roll stand. The stack body is disassembled utilizing the moving-upward motion of the inner frames, and the roll chocks and yokes can be guided to the desired positions inside the stand and locked.11-15-2012
20110283526METHOD FOR TAUT SHEATH SPLICING OF ALL-DIELECTRIC SELF-SUPPORTING FIBER OPTIC CABLE - An apparatus for splicing a fiber optic cable comprises a clamp for clamping a first portion of a first fiber optic cable, a bail for connecting the clamp to a support structure, a splice closure for splicing a second portion of the first fiber optic cable to a second fiber optic cable, and means for connecting the splice closure to the bail. A method of splicing a fiber optic cable, using the apparatus is also included.11-24-2011
20110296675MEANS FOR RAPIDLY ASSEMBLING A SPACECRAFT - A structure for rapid assembly of a self-contained apparatus, such as a spacecraft or satellite, has horizontal and vertical manifolds joined at corners to form a rigid self-contained frame, side panels attached by fasteners inserted into the vertical and horizontal manifolds, and top and bottom panels attached by fasteners inserted into the horizontal manifolds. Cutout sections are provided on opposite ends of each manifold to enable electrical and/or fluid lines to extend across the corners formed by the manifolds. The vertical manifolds can have a 90-degree angle for a square or rectangular shaped spacecraft, while a 120-degree angle creates a hexagonal shaped spacecraft. A hinged vertical manifold may be used for two different angular configurations. An alternate embodiment employs quick-insertion-nut (QIN) assemblies embedded into the edges of the side panels to which the top and bottom panels are directly fastened to eliminate the use of manifolds.12-08-2011
20110296676System For Attaching Two Components Together, Such As An Aircraft Engine And The Mounting Pylon Thereof - The invention relates to a system for attaching two components together, such as an aircraft engine and the mounting pylon thereof. According to the invention, at least two of the front (12-08-2011
20100101079TAPE FEEDER FOR COMPONENT MOUNTER HAVING A PRESSURE-ACTIVATED DISCHARGE DOOR OPENING - A tape feeder for supplying components to a component mounter via a carrier tape on which the components are disposed at predetermined intervals, wherein the carrier tape and components are covered with a cover tape, is described. The tape feeder may comprise a frame including a receptacle. The receptacle may have an inlet port for receiving the cover tape separated from the carrier tape, a space for containing the cover tape received through the inlet port, and a door opening through which the cover tape is discharged. The tape feeder may additionally comprise a door configured to open or close the door opening and an opening/closing member configured to fasten the door closed and thereafter open the door when an inner pressure of at least a predetermined value is applied by the cover tape received in the receptacle.04-29-2010
20110197436Core removal with mattresses of cellular material - The invention relates to device (08-18-2011
20090307897ASSEMBLY APPARATUS FOR ATTACHING DECORATIVE PIECES - A assembly apparatus for attaching decorative pieces to electronic devices includes a seat, a first cover, a second cover, and a transmitting member. The seat includes a disengaging portion and an attaching portion. The disengaging portion has a recess, a protrusion and at least one positioning column in the recess. The attaching portion defines a receiving room for receiving a shell. The first cover is detachable mounted on the disengaging portion and defines at least one first through hole. The second cover is detachable mounted on the attaching portion and defines a second through hole. The transmitting member includes a latching portion. The latching portion is inserted in the first through hole to attract a decorative piece, and is inserted in the second through hole to release the decorative piece on the shell.12-17-2009
20090133246USE OF A DEVICE TO JOIN THE PARTS OF A MODEL DESIGNED FOR USE IN TESTS IN A WIND TUNNEL AND THE CORRESPONDING DEVICE - The model is designed in such a way that the parts are joined by specially adapted magnets. This adaptation involves the use of at least one shell (05-28-2009
20080209715Manufacturing Equipment of Electric Resistance Welding Pipes Having Excellent Characterization of Welded Seam - Manufacturing equipment of electric resistance welding pipes is provided in which lateral edges of a strip for an electric resistance welding pipe is shaped with appropriate tapering immediately before electric resistance welding so that welding quality is kept excellent. Cutting or shaving means is provided after a leveler. At least one finpass forming stand is provided which includes a fin having tapering having at least 2 stages.09-04-2008
20110167626STRUCTURE FOR INSTALLING SPLIT-STYLE DIAMOND GRINDING DISK - A structure for installing a split style diamond disk, having a fixing plate, a spring press plate, a connection plate, and a plurality of fast installation grinding blocks. The spring press plate is fixed to the fixing plate through screws with springs sleeved thereon, and the connection plate runs through the spring press plate and connects with the fixing plate by screws. The fixing plate has a plurality of L-shaped grooves provided therein, through which the fast installation grinding blocks are mounted on the fixing plate. The fast installation structure is mounted on an equipment shaft through the connection plate. The structure improves the capacity utilization and work efficiency of the grinding blocks.07-14-2011
20090282673Device for locking lens - A lens-fastening apparatus for assembling a voice coil motor of a camera module is provided. The voice coil motor has a lens holder. The lens-fastening apparatus includes a guiding plate; a rotation stopping jig having a central and a lateral portions, disposed on the guiding plate, and fit with the lens holder for stopping a rotation of the lens holder; a focusing ring for rotating the lens; a first pressing device pressing the central portion of the rotation stopping jig to fasten the rotation stopping jig on the guiding plate; and a second pressing device pressing the lateral portion of the rotation stopping jig.11-19-2009
20090165291PREFABRICATED STAND FOR HYDRONIC SYSTEMS - A stand assembly for hydronic circulation systems includes a fixed back portion. A selectively movable platform portion is connected to the back portion. The stand assembly is selectively movable between a folded shipping position and an unfolded installation position by selectively moving the platform portion.07-02-2009
20120291266Carrier and Pressing Device Having the Same - A carrier and a pressing device for attaching a panel to a casing are disclosed. The carrier includes a carrier main body; a carrier plate; a plurality elastic components; and a supporting component. The carrier plate is configured to carry the panel. The supporting component is connected to the carrier main body and the carrier plate to be a pivot for the carrier plate to rotate around the carrier main body. Each of the elastic components is connected to the carrier plate and the carrier main body, such that the carrier plate may restore upon having force applied thereon and tilt, so as to be adapted to the different sizes of the panel and the casing. Therefore, the panel is completely attached to the casing, and the attachment of the panel and the casing is thus effectively improved.11-22-2012
20080276450SAW BLADE CHANGING TOOL - A blade changing tool for changing a blade for saws, particular table saws, is provided. The tool includes a body having a face that includes at least one recess for receiving and engaging a saw blade. Typically, the face will include a plurality of axially offset recesses resulting in a stepped face. A blade face abutment surface and a riser extending therefrom combine to form the recesses. The risers may be concave in shape giving the recesses a circular segment shape. The body also includes at least one blade engaging catch that engages teeth of the blade to prevent rotational movement of the blade while it is being loosened or tightened. The tool may be free of undercuts to facilitate straight-pull molding. Also, the stepped face may be an external face to facilitate visually inspecting the engagement between the blade and the tool.11-13-2008
20120291265Pressing Device - A pressing device for attaching a touch panel to a casing is disclosed. The pressing device includes a main body, a pressing mechanism, a mounting base for mounting and positioning the casing, a plurality of guiding poles, and a carrier for carrying the touch panel. The guiding poles pass through the pressing mechanism for guiding the pressing mechanism to move in a perpendicular direction corresponding to the mounting base. The pressing mechanism has a protruding portion for pressing the casing, and the protruding portion is formed corresponding to the outline of the casing, such that the pressing force applied on the casing is even and the casing would not sway. The main body has a plurality of tracks, so as to have a carrier with a large area moving thereon. Thus, the carrier has sufficient area for carrying a touch panel.11-22-2012
20090183360Domestic appliance combination - A domestic appliance combination comprising at least a first domestic appliance and a second domestic appliance arranged thereabove is disclosed, these being connected to one another for installation into a common built-in housing, with the second domestic appliance being connected to the first domestic appliance by means of a clamp-connection. A method for connecting at least two domestic appliances one above the other is also disclosed, which comprises a step involving fastening the second domestic appliance by means of a clamp-connection.07-23-2009
20120066898Methods and Apparatuses For Generating Patterns On Workpieces - A pick-and-place tool configured to pick and place at least one die on a workpiece includes a mounting head. The mounting head includes a die position determining unit configured to one of measure and detect an actual position of at least one die during a time between the placement of the at least one die on the workpiece and the picking up of a subsequent die for placement on the workpiece.03-22-2012
20090064488FASTENER - A fastener for fastening at least two work pieces together comprises a body and a pin. The body has a head, a shaft extending from the head and an open hollow core extending into the shaft. The shaft has a retaining means spaced from the head to accommodate the work pieces. The retaining mechanism has a contracted configuration where it is sized to pass through holes in the work pieces and an expanded configuration where it is expanded in size or spacing such that the shaft is unable to be removed from the holes in the work pieces. The retaining mechanism defines a constriction in the core at which the core has a first width when the retaining mechanism is in its contracted configuration. The pin is locatable in the core. The pin has a least a first portion with an external width greater than the first width of the core. The pin is movable within the core and is arranged to cause the retaining mechanism to change to the expanded configuration as the first portion of the pin moves into contact with the constriction.03-12-2009
20090070990METHOD FOR MOUNTING A DRIVE SHAFT OF A COMPRESSOR - The invention concerns a method for mounting a drive shaft (03-19-2009
20110126403FIXING ASSEMBLY - A component, e.g. a prosthetic ball and socket joint like an acetabular cup of a prosthetic joint, having a male or female location feature in a surface thereof for mutual interfit with a fixing member of a fixing assembly for securing the fixing member to the surface of the component and optionally for securing the component to a second component by means of a fixing screw.06-02-2011
20090241323REFRIGERATOR HANDLE MOUNTING ARRANGEMENT - A refrigerator includes a universal handle that may be selectively mounted to a front face portion or a side edge of a refrigerator door. The universal handle includes first and second handle ends separated by an intermediate portion, wherein each of the handle ends includes a recessed section. Each of the recessed sections includes a mounting arrangement formed therein, which is adapted to receive either a bracket for mounting the handle to the side edge of the door or a clip for mounting the handle to the front face portion of the door.10-01-2009
20100154207ASSEMBLY FOR PLACING AN INSERT INTO COMMUNICATION WITH AN ANALYTICAL CHEMICAL INSTRUMENT - An assembly for placing an insert into communication with an analytical chemical instrument having a first portion of tubing and a second portion of tubing includes a clamp arm assembly having first and second opposable clamp arms and a first fitting subassembly in communication with the first portion of tubing and configured to engage a first portion of an insert, wherein the first fitting subassembly is received within the first clamp arm. The assembly further includes a second fitting subassembly in communication with the second portion of tubing and configured to engage a second portion of the insert, wherein the second fitting subassembly is moveably received within the second clamp arm and biased in a direction toward the first fitting subassembly. Further included is an actuator assembly configured to move the second clamp arm toward the first clamp arm to secure the insert between the first and second fitting subassemblies.06-24-2010
20100154208Method and system for the re-conditioning of a vehicle headlight fixture or headlight fixture lens or any combination thereof - A system and method for the reconditioning of a vehicle headlight fixture or vehicle headlight fixture lens. The present invention includes at least one mode of transportation and a plurality of components useful for reconditioning a vehicle headlight fixture or vehicle headlight fixture lens, thus providing a portable method and system to reconditioning of a vehicle headlight fixture or vehicle headlight fixture lens.06-24-2010
20090077795Replaceable Staking Insert - A rotating assembly. The rotating assembly may include a wheel, a slot positioned about the wheel with the slot having a staking recess positioned therein, a wheel attachment positioned within the slot, and a staking insert positioned within the staking recess. The staking recess axially retains the staking insert and the wheel attachment radially retains the staking insert.03-26-2009
20100218369CABLE HARNESS PRODUCTION SYSTEM - A cable harness production system for producing a cable harness includes at least one elongated substantially vertical post that can be fixed to a foot on a bearing plate and, which carries on the tip thereof, either a receiving element for receiving a functional element connected to the cable harness or a cable laying aid for directly guiding the cable harness. The receiving element or the cable laying aid can be mounted onto the tip and the form of the tip is complementary to that of a recess on the lower side of the receiving element or the lower side of the cable laying aid.09-02-2010
20100218370Convenient Trash Bag Retention - A method for easy holding of a trash bag in a trash can: The method comprises of at least one retainer. Each retainer is made of two magnetically coupled pieces which can engage or disengage with each other, with one of the two pieces (the 109-02-2010
20100242266INSERTION AID FOR LOADING NEEDLE BOARDS - An insertion arrangement (09-30-2010
20100319189REPLACEABLE HEARING PROTECTION MEMBRANE FOR HEARING DEVICES - A device as hearing aid to be worn in the ear or in or at the auditory canal comprises at least a sound or acoustic exit opening with a protection element (12-23-2010
20120266455DEVICE FOR ASSEMBLING A WINDOW SASH HAVING AN INTEGRATED INSULATING GLASS PANE - A device for assembling a window sash having an integrated insulating glass pane. The window sash has a frame made from a plastic hollow profile section. On the inner face thereof, the frame has two webs parallel to each other which are adhesively secured to two glass panes that are held spaced apart by the two webs. The device has a horizontal conveyor, which is provided to be vertically adjustable, on an underframe.10-25-2012
20110239447Recessed fitting installation tool - The “recessed installation tool” is for remote installation of a fire sprinkler head adaptor, or other device while it is positioned in a recessed or obstructed area that does not allow standard installation methods. This invention is a device for installing sprinkler heads from the type of overhead sprinkler systems commonly found in residential or commercial buildings. The device (or tool) would accommodate the “CPVC CUT BACK KIT” and the specific use of this tool is for obstructed or recessed fire sprinkler heads or adapters with minimum access holes or cuts. It being unique as it is a “code compliant” way to cut back a fire sprinkler head in or above hard ceilings such as drywall, stucco, or plaster without opening up the ceiling to perform the task. This tool is the only code compliant way to reinstall the “head adapter” without damaging the sprinkler head with the CPVC® cement, glue or bonding agent. This installation tool keeps the waterway open as the cement, glue or bonding agent dries. This tool also installs the slip by thread adapter for hose bibs or other fittings of standard ½″, ¾″ or 1″ size that need to be adjusted that are concealed above or behind block, stucco or drywall.10-06-2011
20090320278ASSEMBLING DEVICE WITH COMPLEMENTARY RECEIVING MEMBERS - An assembling device for attaching a light guide plate and a reflecting member together is provided. The assembling device includes a first receiving member and a second receiving member. The first receiving member defines a first recess therein for accommodating the light guide plate. The second receiving member defines a second recess therein for accommodating the reflecting member. The assembling device has an open position and a closed position. The light guide plate is capable of being loaded in the first recess and the reflecting member is capable of being loaded in the second recess when the assembling device is in the open position. The first receiving member and the second receiving member are aligned with and parallel to each other when the assembling device is in the closed position.12-31-2009
20100126003DEVICE FOR QUICKLY REPLACING A WORK ROLL - A device for quickly replacing a work roll of a machine tool for the surface processing of plate- or strip-like work pieces. The work roll is journaled on suitable journal bearings and the machine tool is provided with roll carrier arms for attachment to the journal bearings. Each of the roll carrier arms comprises a coupling plate and each of the journal bearings comprises a corresponding coupling block for connection to the coupling plate. The coupling plate is provided with a pair of locking pins and the coupling block is provided with a pair of pinholes, for receiving the pair of locking pins when the coupling plate and the coupling block are in a coupling position. The coupling block is further provided with a pair of locking bolts rotatably mounted internally thereof and capable of being reversibly moved between first and second operative angular position05-27-2010
20110047786Guide plate for a system for securing a rail on a substrate and a system comprising such guide plate - A guide plate for securing a rail on a substrate, at which a shoulder is provided at the side of the rail path has an underside facing the substrate and an upper side, lying freely in the installation position and facing away from the underside, on which a spring element is supported. With such a component it is possible to build a rail securing arrangement with a system, in which the forces are dispersed by a shoulder present at or in the solid substrate, whereby a cut-out is formed into the underside, the dimensions of which are adapted to the shoulder such that, in the installation position, the shoulder engages freely into the cut-out, and in that a reinforcement rib is formed at a roof surface opposite an opening of the cut-out, which projects in the direction of the opening over a height which is less than the cut-out.03-03-2011
20110047787MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ASSEMBLY DEVICE - A multi-functional assembly device includes a fixed barrel, a number of supporting boards, a rotatable barrel, and a driving device for rotating the rotatable barrel. The fixed barrel includes a number of sidewalls and defines a chamber surrounded by the sidewalls. The supporting boards are configured for holding the lens modules and are able to be secured on the inner surfaces of the sidewalls. The rotatable barrel includes a main body, a number of carrying devices, a number of glue dispensers, and a number of glue solidifying devices. The main body includes a first side surface, a second side surface, and a third side surface facing the inner surfaces of the sidewalls. The carrying devices, the glue dispensers, and the glue solidifying devices are installed on the first side surface, the second side surface, and the third side surface respectively.03-03-2011
20110247201SYSTEMS FOR REMOVABLY SECURING A DISPLAY COMPONENT TO AN ACCESSORY OR ITEM OF CLOTHING - A system for removably securing a component to a base. The system includes a plurality of attachment means, each having a first attachment mechanism fixedly secured to the base, and a second attachment mechanisms fixedly secured to the component. Each of the first attachment mechanisms is configured to correspond to, and engage with, one of the second attachment mechanisms to securely fasten the component to the base. The plurality of first attachment mechanisms and the plurality of second attachment mechanisms are configured such that a gap is formed between the component and the base, and a void is formed between the plurality of attachment means when the attachment mechanisms are engaged, to create a leverage point directly above the void that allows the attachment mechanisms to at least partially disengage and the component to be removed from the base when a force is applied to the leverage point.10-13-2011
20110247200FIBER HANDLER HAVING MULTIPLE SIDES - A fiber handler for handling a plurality of different fiber optic cable constructions is disclosed. Generally, the fiber handler comprises a first face that accepts a fiber optic cable of a first construction and a second face that accepts a fiber optic cable of a second construction. An alternate embodiment is disclosed that can accommodate up to four different fiber optic cable constructions. The fiber handler may interface with a fiber optic installation tool such as a fiber cleaving tool or a fiber splicing tool where it functions to align an optical fiber of the cable with functional components of the tool to be cleaved, fused, or the like.10-13-2011
20120030934VEHICLE BODY ASSEMBLY APPARATUS HAVING TRIAXIAL POSITION SENSING - Vehicle body assembly apparatus (02-09-2012
20120030933SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PUMPING FLUID USING A PUMP CASSETTE - A system and method for pumping fluid using a pump cassette. The system includes a control assembly for operating the pump cassette. A force assembly having a movable member is capable of applying force to the pump cassette to press the pump cassette against the control assembly. The movable member may be an expandable member, such as a bladder.02-09-2012
20120198690REMOVABLE FINAL SCRUBBER TUBE - A final scrubber in the inert carrier gas flow path of an elemental analyzer includes a manifold with valves for selectively bypassing a quick disconnect final scrubber housing that includes a filter tube and sealed gas fittings. The housing includes alignment members and a latch for positioning and locking the housing onto and in sealed engagement with the instrument's manifold. A switch detects the presence of the housing, and a control circuit controls valves to direct the inert gas flow though the filter tube or bypass the filter tube when the housing is removed. With this system, the final scrubber can be removed and replaced quickly without the use of tools while the carrier gas continues to flow though the furnace without interruption. Also, the valves can be closed to allow for segmented leak detection of the instruments gas flow path.08-09-2012
20100281683ELECTRONIC DEVICE MANUFACTURING CHAMBER AND METHODS OF FORMING THE SAME - A non-polygon shaped, multi-piece chamber is provided. A non-polygon shaped, multi-piece chamber may include (1) a central piece having a first side and a second side, (2) a first side piece adapted to couple with the first side of the central piece, and (3) a second side piece adapted to couple with the second side of the central piece. The central piece, the first side piece, and the second side piece form a cylindrical overall shape when coupled together. Numerous other aspects are provided.11-11-2010
20110107591MEDICINE PACKAGING DEVICE AND CART FOR CHANGING PACKAGING UNIT - There is provided a medicine packaging device that can resolve the problem in which fine mechanical adjustments are needed for changing setting conditions of a packaging part or when the packaging part fails. The medicine packaging device has a device body 05-12-2011
20120060362TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE ACTUATOR ATTACHING STRUCTURE - Provided is a temperature sensitive actuator attaching structure wherein the ease of attachment is improved. A heat generating element (03-15-2012
20110061226Machine for making preassembled drainage units - The barrel of a machine for passing a light weight synthetic aggregate into a sleeve of disparate materials, such as netting and geotextile material, has a tongue extending from a portion of the periphery of the terminal end of the barrel to balance the air flow from the barrel and achieve a uniform filling of the sleeve. A ring is also disposed about the end of the barrel to blow jets of air onto the sleeve to block blowback of aggregate between the sleeve and barrel.03-17-2011
20100024206SPINDLE INCLINATION DETECTOR AND MACHINE TOOL INCLUDING THE SAME - An object of the present invention is to provide: a spindle inclination detector capable of surely detecting spindle inclination with a simple configuration; and a machine tool including the spindle inclination detector. Spindle inclination detectors (02-04-2010
20100024205MODULE SYSTEM FOR MANUFACTURING TWO AND THREE STABLE POSITIONS FLUID-OPERATED ACTUATORS - In a module system for manufacturing variants of two and three stable positions fluid-operated actuators a cylinder housing of both variants of two and three stable positions actuators are manufactured from a blank, including at least one opening for the cover and being identical for the variants of said two and three stable position actuator, and being at least prepared for the arrangement of: 02-04-2010
20120036707COMPONENT CARRIER - A component carrier is described for fastening a component on a mounting wall having a through-opening, including a receptacle device for the component, an installation device for establishing a fixation of the component carrier on the mounting wall, and a retaining device for the pre-fixation of the component carrier in the through-opening. The retaining device includes a pin structure and a rib structure extending along the pin structure, the pin structure and rib structure forming a fixation area, using which the retaining device is fixable in the through-opening. Furthermore, the retaining device includes a securing structure situated on the free end of the pin structure opposite to the rib structure, which prevents the retaining device from being pulled out of the through-opening.02-16-2012
20120167378ANTI-ROTATION DEVICES AND SYSTEMS - A system is provided that is configured to mount a first component to a second component. The system includes an engagement device and an attachment device. The engagement device is attached to the first component. The attachment device is configured to mate with the engagement device to thereby provide mounting of the first component at one of a plurality of angles with respect to the second component while at least inhibiting rotation of the first component with respect to the second component.07-05-2012
20120144663APPARATUS FOR ATTACHING RADIOPAQUE MARKERS TO A STENT - A mandrel for supporting a stent and rollers for pressing a radiopaque marker into a stent are disclosed. The mandrel can have a forward portion for carrying the stent and a rear portion for urging the stent forward portion into a gap between the rollers. The mandrel may be pushed or pulled into the gap, which is sized to allow the rollers to press the marker into engagement with the stent. Prior to moving the mandrel into the gap, the marker may be placed on a surface of the stent or partially inside a recess in the stent. Several markers can be efficiently and uniformly pressed onto the stent by moving the mandrel into the gap in one continuous movement in an axial or lateral direction. Markers can also be pressed onto the stent by placing the stent in the gap and rotating the stent about its central axis.06-14-2012
20110302772Pedal and Peg Tool - An architecture is presented that provides an improved tool for installing, adjusting and removing pedals and pegs for bicycles and the like. The improved tool comprises a handle portion and a head portion. The head portion further comprises a cutout portion with a tab for receipt of a peg and an opening for receipt of a pedal nut, while the handle portion facilitates easy and secure handling of the improved tool.12-15-2011
20110314664PRESSURE-LOSS ADJUSTING-MEMBER INSTALLATION TOOL - [Problem to be Solved] To provide a pressure-loss adjusting-member installation tool that can install a number of pressure-loss adjusting members at desired positions easily.12-29-2011
20110094095APPARATUS FOR EXTRACTING A MANDREL FROM A SHELL WOUND THEREON - An apparatus for separating from a mandrel a shell snugly surrounding the mandrel has a base, a frame fixed on the base, and a holder on the base forward of the frame and adapted to support the shell surrounding the mandrel with an end of the mandrel juxtaposed with the frame. At least two stripper jaws on the frame can move radially of the mandrel of the shell on the frame between outer positions spaced radially outward from the shell and inner positions engageable with the shell. An extractor slide can shift longitudinally on the base rearward of the frame and carries a gripper extendable through the frame to grasp the end of the mandrel. The slide can shift the gripper axially away from the frame to brace the shell axially through the jaws against the frame and pull the mandrel out of the shell.04-28-2011
20120117793CONNECTION DEVICE FOR A SUBMERSIBLE CONNECTOR - The invention relates to a device (05-17-2012
20110072650JOINT JIG OF SPIRAL DUCT MANUFACTURING APPARATUS - Provided is a joint jig of a spiral duct manufacturing apparatus including an uncoiler around which a metal plate member is wound; a wave bending device which cuts the metal plate member supplied from the uncoiler into a straight line and waves and forms a single folded portion and a double folded portion at both edges of the cut metal plate member; a ball caster which bends the projecting wave portions of the metal plate member supplied from the wave bending device upward; a pair of transfer rollers which transfer the metal plate member supplied through the ball caster; upper and lower pressing rollers which are installed adjacent to each other in the vertical direction and press the single folded portion and the double folded portion of the metal plate member; and upper and lower cutters which cut a spiral duct pressed by the upper and lower pressing rollers. The joint jig is installed on the front surface of the upper and lower pressing rollers so as to form the metal plate member, transferred by the transfer rollers, into a cylindrical shape. As the joint jig is installed in the spiral duct manufacturing apparatus, an elbow can be easily manufactured. When the elbow is manufactured, the elbow can be freely moved. Therefore, there is no trouble in forming the elbow.03-31-2011
20120117792ASSEMBLY FOR DELIVERING PROTECTIVE BARRIERS ONTO STETHOSCOPE HEADS - An assembly structured to restrict contamination of individuals from association with the heads of stethoscope comprising a housing including a path of travel along which the head portion passes. Different embodiments include the dispensing of cleaning fluid or the delivery of protective barriers onto predetermined portions of the stethoscope heads, while passing along the path of travel. A dispenser assembly and a cooperatively disposed activating assembly are manually operated by moveable, driving engagement with the head portion passing through the housing. The activating assembly is thereby operatively positioned to activate the dispenser assembly when engaged by a head passing along the path of travel. Differently structured dispenser assemblies function to either deliver the cleaning fluid or individually dispense the barriers onto different heads, so as to either facilitate the cleaning or protective covering of exposed surfaces of the stethoscope heads, dependent on the embodiment utilized.05-17-2012
20120124825Lashing Platform - The invention relates to a lashing platform for inserting and removing retaining hardware for twist-lock containers, having a dead plate for a container, the dead plate being supported on a rigid base by hydraulic displacers, and having a pressure medium store fluidically connected to the hydraulic displacers, wherein the hydraulic displacers under synchronized asymmetrical loading of the dead plate.05-24-2012
20120124824APPARATUS FOR SURGICAL SYSTEMS WITH ELECTRO-MECHANICAL INTERFACES TO MOUNT ROBOTIC SURGICAL ARMS - In one embodiment of the invention, a method of mounting a surgical robotic arm to a set-up arm of a robotic surgical system is provided that includes sliding a pair of guide slots of the surgical robotic arm over a pair of guide tabs in the set-up arm; aligning electrical connectors in the set-up arm to electrical connectors of the surgical robotic arm; and coincidentally mating male electrical connectors to female electrical connectors while finally mating the guide tabs in the set-up arm to flanges of a housing of the surgical robotic arm.05-24-2012
20120210569Guidewire Loading Tool For A Catheter - A removable guidewire funnel tool aids in backloading a catheter onto a guidewire. The guidewire funnel tool includes a pliable loading coupler having a lumen therethrough. The lumen has a tapered distal section that serves to receive a guidewire and a tapered proximal section that receives and couples with a correspondingly tapered distal tip of the catheter. The guidewire funnel tool has a longitudinal slot or area of weakness along the entire length of the loading coupler and a grip tab to enable easy removal of the guidewire funnel tool after the guidewire lumen of the catheter is loading with the guidewire.08-23-2012
20100180431MIXING MACHINE WITH BOWL SUPPORT - A mixing machine includes a base, a head including a rotatable output member for receiving a mixer tool and a support column extending vertically from the base to the head. A bowl receiving assembly is below the head. The bowl receiving assembly is configured to move vertically along the support column and defining a bowl receiving location. A bowl lock assembly includes a moveable bowl lock member carried by the bowl receiving assembly and having an unlock position and a lock position. The bowl lock assembly is configured such that placement of the bowl lock member in the unlock position or the lock position depends on a vertical position of the bowl receiving assembly.07-22-2010
20120311853Extraction System for a Mineral Cutter Pick - A system for extraction of a mineral cutter pick (12-13-2012
20120210572SYSTEM FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF AN AXIAL FAN - A system for constructing an axial blower comprising an essentially circular-cylindrical blower pipe configured about a centre axis and an inner pipe serving as motor case; and presenting several mounting options for mounting of motor drives to the effect that it is possible to mount motor drives extending rearwards relative to the inner pipe and motor drives extending primarily within the inner pipe.08-23-2012
20120210571Apparatus For Attaching a Drive System and a Stand to a Ring in a Medicine Gantry - An apparatus for securing a drive system to a ring in a medical imaging gantry, the ring defining a central longitudinal axis. The apparatus includes a ring having an outer race and an inner race rotatively mounted within the outer race, the inner race defining inner race teeth about a portion of its circumference, The apparatus also includes a drive system having a drive gear, defining drive gear teeth that are engaged with the inner race teeth, and defining tooth clearance there between. A mounting assembly is also included having at least one mounting bar rigidly attached to the outer race outer facing surface, the mounting bar including a transverse face being substantially perpendicular to the ring outer race circumference, at least one mounting plate secured to the drive system and transverse face of the at least one mounting bar.08-23-2012
20120210570DISMOUNTING DEVICE FOR ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY OIL FILTER - A dismounting device is provided for efficiently and effectively dismounting an environment-friendly oil filter from an engine. The device includes an oil storage container that forms an oil discharge mouth and includes an oil guide tube extending into an internal oil storage space thereof. The oil guide tube has an exposed upper end carrying a pusher in which a central bore is defined and communicating the internal oil storage space of the container. The pusher has an upper portion forming a threaded section that is engageable with an internal thread of an oil discharge opening of the oil filter and a push tube extendable into the oil filter to open an internal valve of the oil filter so that oil remaining in the filter is allowed to flow into the central bore of the pusher and is conducted by the oil guide tube into the oil storage space of the container.08-23-2012
20120073126VALVE LOADER METHOD, SYSTEM, AND APPARATUS - A valve loading system is provided that uses a valve loader to transfer a valve or other medical device from a storage cartridge into a deployment catheter. The valve or other medical device can be implanted or positioned within a patient using the catheter after the valve or other medical device has been compressed and loaded into the catheter using the valve loader. The process then can be repeated by using the valve loading system to load or introduce another valve or other medical device into the catheter.03-29-2012
20110119904OPTICAL CONNECTOR CONSTRUCTION TOOL - There is provided an optical connector construction tool, which is constructed as a single component, and is compact in size and simple, wherein the construction tool allows an operation of withdrawing a wedge to be more reliably performed, and a manufacturing costs to be reduced. The optical connector construction tool comprises a base plate, a wedge provided to a bottom surface of the base plate and inserted into a mechanical splice part of an optical connector, a pair of arms extending from both sides of the base plate, and protrusions projecting from the arms toward the base plate, the protrusions engaging with the bottom of the base plate and deflecting the base plate upward as a result of the arms being laterally brought together.05-26-2011
20110225809APPARATUS FOR REMOVABLY ATTACHING AN ITEM TO A SURFACE - The present invention generally includes an apparatus for removable attaching an item to a surface, including a first removable attaching means affixed on the item, and a second removable attaching means affixed to the surface: wherein, the first and the second removable attaching means are able to removable attach to each other.09-22-2011
20110265316OPENER FOR TEST HANDLER - An opener for a test handler is provided. Even when holding members of inserts of a carrier board are manipulated to release semiconductor devices that have been in a held state, a predetermined distance can remain between an upper surface of the opening plate and a lower surface of the insert, thus preventing the inserts from becoming defective.11-03-2011
20120090168ELECTROMECHANICAL JOINING MODULE HAVING A FORCE TRANSDUCER - An electromechanical joining module for applying a linear force to a joining element, includes a stator, which represents the stationary part of the joining module, a tappet, which can be linearly extended out of the stator and which has an outer tappet end, and a force transducer for detecting forces that are applied to the joining element during the operation of the tappet end. The force transducer is attached in the area of the tappet end and has sensor electronics for wirelessly transmitting measurement data by means of near-field and far-field telemetry.04-19-2012
20120090167TOOL FOR INSERTING OR REPLACING DRAWSTRINGS - A tool for inserting a drawstring into a drawstring passage has elongated leading and trailing bodies which are connected to each other by a flexible member. The trailing body defines at its rear end an aperture into which an end of a drawstring can be inserted, which drawstring can be secured to the trailing body by the cooperation with the trailing body of a drawstring retainer. The retainer is carried by the trailing body and is movable relative to that body toward and away from the rear end of that body. When the retainer is at its rear end limit of movement relative to the trailing body, the retainer is effective to cause a drawstring inserted into the aperture to be held in the insertion tool. The retainer can be spring-biased toward its rearward limit of motion in the insertion tool.04-19-2012
20130167366MOUNTING APPARATUS FOR CIRCUIT BOARD - A mounting apparatus includes a chassis and a fixing module. The chassis includes a bottom plate. The fixing module includes a securing member and a blocking member. The securing member is secured to the bottom plate. The blocking member is pivoted to the securing member and configured to block a circuit board, to prevent the circuit board from moving along a direction perpendicular to a plane that is perpendicular to the bottom plate.07-04-2013
20130167365FIXTURES FOR PIPE INSTALLATION, SEALING AND SECURITY - These fixtures aid in installing, sealing and securing pipe. Specifically, the invention aids in mating bell & spigot joints and securely capping open pipe ends of standard polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) pipe products as well as non-plastic piping by enabling equalized full circumference pressure on pipe ends to nudge, seal and/or secure pipe ends during installation or decommissioning.07-04-2013
20130167367KIT FOR MOUNTING ONE OR MORE APPLIANCES ON A POLE - A kit for mounting one or more appliances on a pole, the kit comprising a central ring for being mounted around a pole and having a through-hole, a fitting surface and a support surface, and a carrier having a base part and at least one support arm extending from said base part for supporting one or more appliances, wherein said base part is adapted to be fitted on said support surface and has a through-hole adapted for being fitted around said fitting surface.07-04-2013
20080222882DEVICE FOR ASSEMBLING ENGAGING PARTS - A device for assembling an engaging part being joined to a work piece includes a base, a driving part, a locating part, a press part and an expanding part. The base is a rectangular frame provides a rectangular hollow space. The driving part is disposed at one of the frame sides of the base. The locating part is disposed in the hollow space and beside the driving part. The press part is disposed in the hollow space and joined to the locating part such that it is capable of moving reciprocally. The work piece pan is disposed in the hollow space next to another frame side of the base and is opposite to the press part. The expanding part is disposed in the work piece pan for performing assembling job of the engaging part and the work piece simply, safely and effectively.09-18-2008
20110258847ROBOTIC CELL - A robotic cell enables a robotic station to be downsized and both high maintainability and high rigidity to be attained. To this end, the robotic cell for assembling parts by using multiple robots includes multiple booths for housing multiple trestles, on each of which a pair of robotic arms are mounted, with the trestles adjoining one another. Each trestle has an opening portion on one side surface thereof, through which a power controller box is carried in and out. To compensate for a decrease in rigidity of the trestle due to the opening portion, a connecting member is used for coupling two trestles adjacent to each other across the respective booths. Both end portions of each connecting member are fastened to the both trestles with screws, respectively.10-27-2011
20110258846APPARATUS FOR ASSEMBLY OF A PRESS-FIT MODULAR WORK PIECE - An apparatus for assembling a press-fit modular work piece is described that includes a surface member having a central opening. A hatch member is disposed on one side of the surface member, and is moveable between a first position where it does not cover the opening and a second position covering the opening. A work piece receiving member is disposed proximate the other side of the surface member across from the central opening for receiving components of the press-fit modular work piece. An actuator moves the work piece receiving member toward the opening so components of the work piece press against the hatch member when the hatch member is moved into the second position. The actuator moves the work piece receiving member to a position to receive components of the work piece when the hatch member is in the first position.10-27-2011
20130133186ASSEMBLY TOOL FOR ASSEMBLING LENS MODULES - An assembly tool for assembling a lens tube in a support frame includes a main body and a top cover rotatably connected to the main body. The top cover includes a positioning plate and a fastening assembly rotatably connected to the positioning plate. The fastening assembly includes a fastening member and a restricting member connected to the fastening member, and the fastening member is threaded with the positioning plate. The support frame is positioned on the main body, and the lens tube is positioned on the support frame. The restricting member is capable of engaging with the lens tube, and thus the lens tube is rotated into the support frame by rotating the fastening member.05-30-2013
20130091697METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INSULATING PIPING IN AN EXTERIOR WALL - A system for effectively insulating piping in a manner that protects the piping from freezing is disclosed. The insulation block is dimensioned particularly for installation into a building wall cavity. The insulation block has an interior side and an exterior side and a slot formed therein for receiving a pipe to be insulated. More particularly, the thickness of the insulation block is configured to match the dimensions of standard framing members wherein the slot for receiving the piping insures that the piping is positioned immediately adjacent the back surface of the interior sheathing material. The insulation block reliably provides a thickness of insulation material behind the piping. The insulation maintains the piping in thermal contact with the rear surface of the interior wall sheathing to facilitate heat transfer and provides an anti-condensation layer for cold water piping.04-18-2013
20130111740APPARATUS FOR ALIGNING WORKPIECES AND ALIGNMENT ASSEMBLY - An apparatus for aligning a ferromagnetic workpiece is provided. The apparatus includes a rotatable element having a surface, a holding unit and rare-earth magnet. The holding unit holds ferromagnetic workpieces, which are for engaging with the rare earth magnet. An alignment assembly for aligning a ferromagnetic workpiece is also provided. The alignment assembly includes a support member, a first bar and a second bar. The second bar urges the cap closer to the axis relative to the first bar to cause the ferromagnetic workpiece to tilt such that the extension tube is closer to the surface.05-09-2013
20130097855MEANS TO SECURE A LENS INTO LENS FRAME OF A SNOW GOGGLE - This invention relates to a means of securing a lens member into a snow goggle frame member, wherein the goggle frame member includes first insertion apertures, with first locating blocks at front edge, the lens member has a lens secured thereon, the lens includes first troughs to receive a corresponding first block therein, a pair of first rails are formed at respective sides of the first trough, each first rail has a first notch which includes a pair of second notches thereat, retainers are secured to the goggle frame and lens frame respectively, one end of the first insertion aperture includes a first insertion post at one end and a first insertion section at the other end thereof to receive the first insertion post therein, the first insertion section is then inserted into the first notch. The goggle may be replaced with various lenses and secured firmly.04-25-2013
20080201938Process and Device for Sticking Edging Material onto Lightweight Building Boards - The invention relates to a process for sticking edging material (08-28-2008
20080196242PROCESS OF ASSEMBLY OF MASTER CYLINDER - The invention relates to a method for fitting/removing a brake master cylinder (MC) of a motor vehicle providing the installation of a temporary retaining pin (g08-21-2008
20130145614ASSEMBLING APPARATUS - An assembling apparatus (06-13-2013
20080256788Assembly of Aircraft Components - A method of assembling parts to form an aircraft component, in which a first surface of a first part (for example a wing skin) is to be positioned in the assembly adjacent to a second surface of a second part (for example a rib foot). The method comprises the steps of taking measurements of the first part, taking measurements of the second part with a laser, and calculating the size and shape of the space that will be generated when the first and second parts are assembled. A shim of varying thickness in dependence upon the results of the calculating step is manufactured, for example by stereolithography, and the first and second parts are assembled with the shim positioned between the first and second parts, the varying thickness of the shim compensating for a varying spacing of the first and second surfaces.10-23-2008
20120272515DEVICE FOR BLOCKING AN OPHTHALMIC LENS - A blocking device (11-01-2012
20130152384APPLICATOR OF A ROLLED STRIP - An applicator of a rolled strip includes a grip, a lining and a pivotal tube. The grip is made of flexible material, formed tubular with a sealed bottom and an open top. The lining is inserted in the grip, formed tubular with two open ends. The lining has plural axial slots. The pivotal tube has one end inserted in the lining and another end inserted in an axial hole of a rolled strip. The pivotal tube can pivotally turn in the lining if not interfered by any foreign force. When a user holding the grip gives a radial force, the pivotal tube is to be squeezed by the lining to stop rotating, so that the user can adjust wrapping tightness of the rolled strip.06-20-2013
20130185931SLIDING DOOR ASSIST DEVICE - A sliding door assist device includes a guided cart attachment structure, a retracting structure and a door support structure. The retracting structure is pivotally coupled to the guided cart attachment structure to move between an extended position and a stowed position with respect to the guided cart attachment structure. The door support structure is coupled to the retracting structure such that the door support structure moves with the retracting structure with respect to the guided cart attachment structure between the extended position and the stowed position. The door support structure is configured to support a sliding door in a prescribed open position with the retracting structure in the extended position.07-25-2013

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