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Combined manufacture including applying or shaping of fluent material

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029 - Metal working


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029527200 Coating 34
029527500 Metal casting 18
029530000 Filling of opening 6
20130067720METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING LENS MODULE - A method for assembling a lens module is provided. The lens module includes a lens barrel, a lens holder, a lens and a filter. The lens barrel includes a first portion and a second portion. The method for assembling the lens module includes the steps of; providing a tray which defines a plurality of perforations, each of which is for accommodating the lens barrel; spreading glue on the second portion, and affixing the filter on the second portion by means of glue; solidifying the glue; cleaning the inside of the lens barrel after the filter is mounted on the second portion; cutting the filter into a plurality of filter portions whose shape matches the shape of the second portion; and placing the lens holder with the lens into the lens barrel complete with a filter portion after the lens barrel has been cleaned.03-21-2013
20100154196METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING GOLF CLUB HEAD - A method for manufacturing a golf club head composed of a metal main body and a non-flat metal face member which are welded each other is disclosed. In order to make the non-flat metal face member, an in-process face material is cut out from a rolled metal plate having a constant thickness. And a turnback is formed around the in-process face material by press working. Before making the press working, the region of the in-process face material corresponding to the turnback is decreased in the thickness by a cutting work.06-24-2010
20130036599METAL PALLETS WITH POLYMER HORNS - The invention relates to a method (02-14-2013
20130036600Electrified Bird Repellent Track - An animal deterring device has a carrier with a first conductive trace that is separated from a second conductive trace. The carrier has a bottom with a first glue trough disposed beneath the first conductive trace. The first conductive trace is coupled to the carrier by a first fastener that extends from the first glue trough to the first conductive trace.02-14-2013
20120216391LEADLESS OIL FILLED PRESSURE TRANSDUCER - An oil-filled pressure transducer having reduced back pressure, comprising an alignment plate having a sensor accommodating aperture, a sensor module inserted into the sensor accommodating aperture, a header surrounding the alignment plate, the header having a protruding top surface, and a diaphragm disposed on the protruding top surface to create a relatively small oil accommodating region between the diaphragm and the sensor. This configuration reduces the oil volume required for operation, which ultimately reduces the back pressure applied against the diaphragm.08-30-2012
20130067721FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM - A flexible, multi-product, multi-technology, expandable facility for manufacturing products, such as biologicals, pharmaceuticals, or chemicals, and manufacturing processes using elements of such a facility.03-21-2013
20120102720METHOD FOR PRODUCING COILS - The present invention provides a method of producing a hollow coil comprising: a process of winding an enameled wire around a flexible cylindrical piece to form a coil; a process of bending the cylindrical piece along with the enameled wire; a process of curing or gluing the enameled wire wound around the cylindrical piece to maintain the shape of the coil; and a process of removing the cylindrical piece from the coil to form a hollow coil.05-03-2012
20080295313Manufacturing method for golf club head - A manufacturing method for golf club head includes creating a striking plate blank and a club head body initially; disposing a pile of cladding powder on the back of said striking plate blank; heating said pile of cladding powder by a high-energy beam to form at least one protrusion on the back of said striking plate blank, so as to shape the striking plate; and coupling the striking plate to the club head body to form a golf club head.12-04-2008
20110277310SNOWMAN FRAME AND METHOD FOR USE - The present invention relates to a simple and easy to make snowman with a limited amount of snow. The system does not require the lifting of heavy snow balls, typically used in the making of a snowman, and provides for small children to be able to handle the snow without adult help. Further, this invention provides a quick and affective decorating system which can be reused and positioned securely anywhere on the figure.11-17-2011
20110277311VAPOR CHAMBER MANUFACTURING METHOD - A vapor chamber manufacturing method, comprises steps of material preparation, powder filling and sintering, pre-punching, supporting structure infilling, the first pressing, the first sealing, fluid injection, and vacuum processing; a sealing structure comprises a semi-finished vapor chamber with a vacuum cavity, a fluid injection port positioned on one side of the vapor chamber, and a supporting structure filled in the vacuum cavity and supporting the shape of the vapor chamber, wherein the fluid injection port is formed of one portion of one side of the vapor chamber by pressing and sealing, no fine metal pipe as fluid injection port is required herein; after the step of fluid injection, an integrated step of vacuum pumping, pressing and sealing is conducted within a vacuum chamber, to provide the product with higher performance and lower rejection rate.11-17-2011
20120285000METHOD_OF_PRODUCING_A_VEHICLE_HEAT-INSULATING_WALL_AND_VEHICLE_HEAT-INSULA- TING_WALL.pdf - A method of producing a vehicle's heat-insulating wall is disclosed. The vehicle's interior lining is distinguished by structure comprising an outer wall, made from steel or aluminum, layer of a rigid grid having substantially uniform pattern of openings, made for instance from an expanded metal mounted over a plurality of supports spaced across the inner surface of the outer wall, layer of self-rising heat-insulating foam deposited between the inner surface of the outer wall and the rigid grid, and a decorative layer, preferably a polyurea resin. The provided grid is sufficiently rigid for withstanding without damage forces applied to it in the process of leveling excess of the deposited foam material having solidified after it had risen up through the openings of the grid.11-15-2012
20100170079METHOD FOR DETECTING AND REMOVING NITRIDE LAYER FORMED ON THE SURFACE OF A STEEL ALLOY - A method of treating a component made of a non magnetic alloy on which a magnetic surface layer has formed includes: (a) engaging a magnet of a calibrated magnet gauge with a surface of the component; (b) disengaging the magnet from the surface of the component and measuring a force required to disengage the magnet; (c) correlating the force with a thickness of the magnetic surface layer; and (d) if the thickness of the surface layer is greater than a predetermined minimum thickness, removing the surface layer.07-08-2010
20120110827Trench drain system and method of installation on level floor surface, paticulary for shower rooms - A trench drain system and method of installation thereof on a level floor surface. An elongate channel member is placed on the floor surface. A preformed elongate sloping member having a thick end tapering to a thin end in inserted into the channel with its thin end closest to the channel drain opening, thereby forming an inclined sloping surface. A grate extends over the channel inlet. The area adjacent the channel is filled to the height of the channel, whereby water thereon flows through the grate into the channel, along the inclined surface and out through the drain opening. The channel can be placed adjacent a vertical wall whereby wall tile may be installed over a channel top edge. The floor area adjacent the channel is filled with preformed sloping sheet members or with plastically formable material positioned at an incline using a floor height setting post.05-10-2012
20090188102AUTOMATED SOLAR CELL ELECTRICAL CONNECTION APPARATUS - The present invention generally relates to an automated solar cell electrical connection device that is positioned within an automated solar cell fabrication system. The automated solar cell electrical connection device includes a module and process for automatically attaching a junction box to a composite solar cell structure during the fabrication of a completed solar cell device. The automated solar cell electrical connection module may include a composite solar cell structure conveyor for positioning the composite solar cell structure, an adhesive dispense module for applying adhesive to the junction box, a flux dispenser for applying flux to electrical connection tabs in the junction box, a vision system for locating features on the composite solar cell structure, a robot for positioning the junction box onto the composite solar cell structure, a heating element to make electrical connections between the junction box and the solar cell device, a potting material dispensing assembly for dispensing potting material into the junction box, and a system controller for controlling the functions of the module.07-30-2009
20090139076Method for Undermounting a Sink - A method for undermounting a sink to a countertop includes preparing a countertop and a sink. Thereafter a primary channel is routed within the backside of the countertop, the primary channel including a base and being shaped and dimensioned for receipt of the sink flange, and a secondary channel is routed within the base of the primary channel along an interior circumference of the primary channel. Substrate material is then removed from the secondary channel to expose an underside of the decorative laminate and adhesive is applied within the secondary channel so that the underside of the decorative laminate is fully covered. A bead of adhesive is applied to the base of the primary channel and the sink flange is placed within the primary channel. A support plate is secured around the sink flange to provide support and a central portion of the countertop defined by the primary channel is cut out to expose the bowl of the sink.06-04-2009
20100170080METHOD FOR CONSTRUCTING A MULTIPLE PIECE GOLF CLUB HEAD - A method for manufacturing a golf club head is disclosed herein. The method includes using four pieces (face component, sole component, crown component and a weight chip) to manufacture a golf club head with greater benefits than the prior art. The method includes tacking an aft-body to a face component prior to welding, and using 2-axis welding.07-08-2010
20090249608Method for Producing a Transparent Body that Incorporates an Object - The invention relates to a production method for incorporating an object into a multi-part, transparent casing. According to the method, an object is aligned on a first joint surface of a first casing part and is pressed into said part using a second casing part with a second joint surface. The first joint surface of the first casing part and the second joint surface of the second casing part are then fused by pressure and temperature, forming a region between the casing parts that is devoid of a visible seam.10-08-2009
20120240383PRODUCTION METHOD OF FORMING MOLD - A forming mold having a base member 09-27-2012
20100257721Methods For Manufacturing Face Plates For Golf Club Heads - In one embodiment, a method of manufacturing a face plate for a golf club head comprises providing a label for the face plate of the golf club head, providing a mold apparatus, positioning the label in the mold apparatus, providing a mold compound in a non-solid form, positioning the mold compound over the label and in the mold apparatus, and changing the mold compound to a solid form defining the face plate after positioning the mold compound over the label and in the mold apparatus. Other examples, methods, and related apparatuses are disclosed herein.10-14-2010
20100223778METROLOGICAL SCALE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A metrological scale for scale reading apparatus is described, along with a method of manufacture of said metro-logical scale. The scale comprises a fibre reinforced substrate, such as a carbon fibre composite, and a layer of material, such as a plated or stuck on layer of metal, into or onto which scale markings are made. The method of manufacture of said metrological scale comprises the steps of: making a scale body comprising a layer of material, and a fibre reinforced composite substrate, wherein the qualities of the substrate are tailored to achieve the required coefficient of thermal expansion; and, making graduations in or on the layer of material of the scale body to form a scale.09-09-2010
20100242256METHOD FOR TOLERANCE COMPENSATION BETWEEN TWO COMPONENTS AND A TOOL FOR EXECUTION OF THE METHOD - A method for tolerance compensation in an overlap joint between a first and a second body section of adjacent fuselage rings includes introducing a plurality of holes into a first body section corresponding to a pattern of rivets; arranging the first and second body section in an overlapping configuration so as to form an overlap; injecting a filler mass through the plurality of holes into a gap formed in the overlap; and hardening the filler mass.09-30-2010
20110126397PVD TARGET WITH END OF SERVICE LIFE DETECTION CAPABILITY - A PVD target structure for use in physical vapor deposition. The PVD target structure includes a consumable slab of source material and one or more detectors for indicating when the slab of source material is approaching or has been reduced to a given quantity representing a service lifetime endpoint of the target structure. Each detector includes an enclosure which may be made by forming a plurality of bores in a bulk material and separating the bulk material into a plurality of discrete enclosure units each including one of the bores. Alternatively, the enclosure of the detector may be made using a mold having one or more mold members and an extrusion, casting, electrical chemical plating, and/or sheet forming method.06-02-2011
20120030927Modular Building Block System and Method of Manufacture - A block for use in a building panel includes a plurality of layer components. Each of the layer components is separately formed from the others. Each of the layer components provides a load-bearing support function, an environmental protection function, and/or a utility function. The constructive material used to form each of the layer components and a configuration of each of the layer components are selected so as to allow the building panel to meet at least one predetermined criteria when the block is disposed in the building panel and coupled to other blocks.02-09-2012
20100180426PARTICLE REDUCTION TREATMENT FOR GAS DELIVERY SYSTEM - Methods and apparatus for reducing particles in a gas delivery system are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method of fabricating a gas distribution apparatus, such as a gas distribution plate or nozzle, for a semiconductor process chamber includes providing a gas distribution apparatus having one or more apertures adapted to flow a gas therethrough. A slurry is flowed through the one or more apertures to remove a damaged surface from sidewalls of the plurality of apertures. In some embodiments, the gas distribution apparatus may be oxidized before or after flowing the slurry through the one or more apertures. In some embodiments, the gas distribution apparatus may be conditioned by providing RF power to the gas distribution plate for a desired period of time.07-22-2010
20110113615METHOD FOR FORMING A REINFORCED TOOLBOX - A method for forming a reinforced toolbox includes the step of: injection molding step: injection molding a toolbox with plastic material; extruding step: extruding a protector strip with aluminum; cutting step: cutting the protector strip into a plurality of protectors; assembling step: assembling the protector with the toolbox.05-19-2011
20090307893Surgical Tools Facilitating Increased Accuracy, Speed and Simplicity in Performing Joint Arthroplasty - Disclosed herein are tools for repairing articular surfaces repair materials and for repairing an articular surface. The surgical tools are designed to be customizable or highly selectable by patient to increase the speed, accuracy and simplicity of performing total or partial arthroplasty.12-17-2009
20110072638Method and System for Manufacturing Electrosurgical Seal Plates - A method of manufacture for an end effector assembly is provided. The method includes providing a pair of jaw members. A step of the method includes forming one or more seal plates positionable on one of the pair of jaw members. Etching a dam along a side of the one or more seal plates is a step of the method, wherein the etched dam inhibits the flow of a plastic on the one or more seal plate such that a height of the plastic with respect to the at least one seal plate during an overmolding process may be controlled. The method includes positioning the one or more seal plates on the one of the pair of jaw members; and overmolding the seal plate to one or more of the pair of jaw members.03-31-2011
20110047780METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING IRON CORE AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING IRON CORE - An annular core member having an opening portion located at a position rotated by 90 degrees from a reference position, where the opening portion is oriented in the counterclockwise direction, and an annular core member having the opening portion located at the reference position, where the opening portion is oriented in the clockwise direction, are prepared to form an iron core by a rotary lamination apparatus by rotating the annular core members and by a predetermined angle (90 degrees) such that a first end, in the annular core member, which is at the position rotated by 90 degrees from the reference position and has no rotation uneven part, is circumference-positionally identical in the laminating direction with that of a fourth end, in an annular core member, which is at the reference position and has no rotation uneven part.03-03-2011
20110047779METHOD FOR MAKING MOLDS WITH 3-DIMENSIONAL COOLING PATHS - A method for making molds with curved cooling paths includes a step of obtaining a drawing of a mold by using computers and the drawing including the positions of concavities, cooling paths and reference points; a step of manufacturing the mold by way of pour casting according to the drawing so as to obtain a mold having the concavities, the cooling paths and the reference points, and a step of trimming the concavities of the mold according to the reference points and opening two ends of each of the cooling paths to obtain a final mold.03-03-2011
20100263195Structural Components for Oil, Gas, Exploration, Refining and Petrochemical Applications - A method to form a pipe system which meets level II fire endurance standard according to IMO A 18/Res.753 fire testing protocol, for use in oil, gas, exploration, refining and petrochemical applications is provided. In the pipe system, each pipe section comprises a plurality of layers, an inner layer in contact with the corrosive petroleum product comprising a thermoplastic material, a structural layer comprising a composite material, and an outer layer comprising a fire resistive material. The method comprises applying energy to join the corrosion resistant layers of the separate pipe sections together forming a joint, applying an external wrap around the joint and at least a portion of the composite structural layers of the at least two pipe sections, and bonding the external wrap to the joint and the composite structural layers by chemical curing, thermal treatment, or combinations thereof.10-21-2010
20120198684METHODS OF MICROPATTERNING PAPER-BASED MICROFLUIDICS - Methods of patterning hydrophobic regions onto hydrophilic substrates are described.08-09-2012
20110107586METHOD OF MAKING AN EARTH-BORING PARTICLE- MATRIX ROTARY DRILL BIT - A method of making an earth-boring rotary drill bit comprising a bit body configured to carry a cutter for an earth formation includes providing a plurality of hard particles in a mold to define a particle precursor of the bit body; wherein the particle precursor is configured for infiltration by a molten matrix material, the resulting particle-matrix composite material having a first coefficient of thermal expansion. The method also includes disposing an insert within the particle precursor, the insert having a second coefficient of thermal expansion that is greater than the first coefficient of thermal expansion. The method further includes infiltrating the particle precursor of the bit body and insert with the molten matrix material and cooling the molten particle-matrix mixture to solidify the molten matrix material and form a bit body comprising a particle-matrix composite material having a plurality of hard particles and an insert disposed in the matrix material.05-12-2011
20090031550Method Of Making Disc Brake Pads - The subject invention provides for disc brake pads and a method of designing disc brake pads. The brake pads include a backing plate and a friction pad having a center section, an outer edge, an inner edge and a friction surface. The method includes the step of developing a finite element model of a precursor brake pad design using dimensional and material property information of the backing plate and friction pad to perform a normal mode analysis of the precursor brake pad design. The method proceeds with the step of performing the normal mode analysis using the finite element model to determine whether there is an area on the friction surface having an excitation amplitude that is greater than a threshold value of amplitude. If an area having an excitation amplitude greater than the threshold value is determined, the precursor brake pad design is modified to provide a brake pad design having a relieved portion in the area.02-05-2009
20110113614METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING HONEYCOMB STRUCTURAL BODY AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING EXHAUST GAS CONVERTING APPARATUS - A method for manufacturing a honeycomb structural body having a honeycomb unit includes obtaining a honeycomb molded body including a compound containing a phosphate group zeolite and an inorganic binder. The honeycomb molded body has a plurality of through holes that are defined by cell walls and arranged in a longitudinal direction of the honeycomb molded body. The honeycomb molded body is dried. The dried honeycomb molded body is fired to obtain the honeycomb unit. At least one of the honeycomb unit and the dried honeycomb molded body is stored so that a difference in moisture content is approximately 5 mass % or less between a moisture content of the cell walls at a center part of a cross section perpendicular to the longitudinal direction and a moisture content of the cell walls at an outer periphery part of the cross section perpendicular to the longitudinal direction.05-19-2011
20120304449COMPONENT WITH A PASSAGEWAY MADE BY THREE-DIMENSIONAL PRINTING - A component is provided that includes at least one passageway. In another aspect, a component, such as a lamp or a vehicular washer jet, is made of layers of material, a light curable material and/or multiple built-up materials. Another aspect uses a three-dimensional printing machine to emit material from an ink jet printing head to build up a component.12-06-2012
20120060352REINFORCEMENTS, BAFFLES AND SEALS WITH MALLEABLE CARRIERS - There is disclosed a process of forming reinforcements, baffles and seals having malleable carriers. The process typically includes application of an activatable material to a malleable carrier and contouring of the activatable material the malleable carrier or both.03-15-2012
20120042504KEYED DRIVE FOR DISPENSE FROM ROTATING ONE-PIECE BLOW-MOLDED BOTTLE - This is a toner-dispensing unit using a blow-molded, one-piece toner bottle with integral tabs. The tabs are uniquely designed so that they can only be used with specific marking machines. The tabs fit into mating slots in a drive dog so that installation, while usually a blind installation of bottles, is easily accomplished. The one-piece, blow-molded bottle with integral tabs used with mating slots in a drive dog provides an improvement over prior used toner-dispensing units.02-23-2012
20120151746Apparatuses, Systems and Methods for the Attachment of Substrates to Supports with Light Curable Adhesives - Disclosed are apparatuses, systems and methods for attachment of substrates to supports. Disclosed are integrated pick-and-place curing apparatuses and systems and methods for using them. Integration of pick-and-place and curing functionalities provides higher efficiency and effectiveness compared to approaches which separate the two functions. Also disclosed are systems and methods for simultaneous attachment of a plurality of substrates to a support. Substrates include, within certain embodiments, arrays of biological polymers which are unaffected by the disclosed pick-and-place curing approaches.06-21-2012
20110094085METHOD FOR PRODUCING CONTOUR STRIP - A method for producing a contour strip includes a rough rolling step for rolling a plate material to form a contour molding material, a slitting step for slitting the contour molding material at the middle position in the width direction of a thick portion or a thin portion at both side edge portions thereof to form a contour slit material, and a stretching step for stretching the contour slit material to obtain a contour strip. Rolling is carried out in the rough rolling step so that Δt is 0.01 or less, e is 0.15 or less, D04-28-2011
20100287759APPARATUS FOR SETTING A CORE IN A MOLDING MACHINE, A MOLDING MACHINE, AND A METHOD FOR SETTING A CORE - The object of the invention is to provide an apparatus for setting a core, a molding machine, and a method for setting a core where the configuration of the apparatus and the machine is simplified and the accuracy of the core-setting is high. The apparatus is one for setting a core in a molding machine that comprises an upper flask, a lower flask, a match plate clamped between the upper flask and the lower flask, and an upper and a lower squeezing member for forming molding spaces by having the upper and lower squeezing members be inserted into the upper and lower flasks, respectively, wherein a core is set in the lower mold in a state that the upper mold, the lower mold, and the match plate are separate from each other, the apparatus comprising: a jig for a core having a means for holding a core and a rotary shaft and being rotatably supported by the rotary shaft wherein the means for holding a core detachably holds the core at the jig; and a carriage for a core for rotatably supporting the rotary shaft of the jig and being transported to and from a position above the lower mold; wherein an actuator for elevating the match plate transported between the upper flask and lower flask elevates the jig for the core and the carriage for the core that are transported to a position above the lower mold, which actuator is attached to the molding machine.11-18-2010
20120246913CURABLE RESIN COMPOSITION, SURFACE PROTECTION METHOD, TEMPORARY FIXATION METHOD, AND SEPARATION METHOD - Provided is a method for protecting the surface of a member to be processed, which comprises providing a protective film made of a photocurable resin composition for surface protection on the surface of the member to be processed, processing the member to be processed, and removing the protective film from the member to be processed, wherein the photocurable resin composition comprises (A) a polyfunctional (meth)acrylate, (B) a monofunctional (meth)acrylate, (C) a resin having a cyclopentadiene skeleton and (D) a photopolymerization initiator, which comprises from 1 to 50 parts by weight of (A), from 5 to 95 by mass of (B) and from 0.1 to 50 parts by mass of (C).10-04-2012
20120227247Controlling Temperature in Exothermic Reactions with a Phase Change Material - An apparatus may comprise a tool capable of holding a part during curing of the part, and a passive temperature control system. The passive temperature control system may have a phase change material selected as having a phase change temperature that may be capable of controlling heat generated by the part during curing of the part held by the tool.09-13-2012
20100236052DEVICE AND METHOD FOR FORMING A BARRIER TO A SMOKING ARTICLE - A device for and a method form a barrier comprised of a distributed zone of fluid in a filter of a smoking article. The device includes a container for a fluid which forms a wet impact barrier when inserted into the smoking article, and a delivery feature communicating between the container and an outlet of the delivery feature, for transfer of the fluid to filter of the smoking article. The delivery feature is formed by a tube of significantly lesser diameter than the diameter of the smoking article. The combination of container and delivery feature provides for placement of a defined quantity of fluid at a predetermined location within the smoking article, such as by injection through a side wall of the filter in the vicinity of the filter/tobacco boundary.09-23-2010
20100236051HYBRID PRESSURE VESSEL WITH SEPARABLE JACKET - A pressure vessel is provided including an inner tank formed from a tank liner surrounded by a wound layer of composite filaments. A protective jacket is disposed on the inner tank that facilitates stacking and portability of the pressure vessel and helps to define an air passage for convective heat transfer between the hybrid tank and the environment.09-23-2010
20110119898METHOD FOR MACHINING A LAMINATE - In a method for processing a laminate, which comprises at least one solid plate, particularly a glass plate, prior to a lamination step at least one location marking is applied to the solid plate and at least one distance and/or angle value of the solid plate is determined with respect to the location marking. Following the lamination step, the laminate is processed, wherein the laminate and a processing tool are automatically positioned relative to each other as a function of the location marking and the at least one distance and/or angle value. Prior to lamination, the solid plate can be easily measured, the edge thereof can be detected both mechanically (such as by a sensor) and without contact (such as optically, by way of a camera), and common, in particular automated, methods can be used for measuring. Following lamination, which makes a detection of the edges of the solid plate more difficult, processing can be carried out, supported by the applied location markings and the detected distance and/or angle value (or a plurality of such values). It is therefore no longer necessary to still detect the edge of the solid plate after lamination.05-26-2011
20100205798FILTER UNIT - A method of producing a filter unit, such as an air/oil separator, having a tubular filter element bonded at one end to an end cap, is proposed. The method includes the steps of: providing a tubular filter element and an end cap; melting a portion of the end cap; and embedding an end of the filter element into the melted portion of the end cap. The melted portion, on cooling, solidifies to bond the tubular filter element to the end cap. The end cap can be formed of thermoplastic containing an electrically conductive filler. The end cap can be formed of a thermoplastic having a melting point of at least 180 C. The method may further include, after the embedding step, a step of forcing melted thermoplastic from the melted portion radially against a side wall of the tubular filter element.08-19-2010
20120137501METHOD OF FORMING CONDUIT RECEIVING PASSAGEWAYS IN A REFRIGERATOR - A method of forming a passageway in an insulated door of a refrigerator includes the steps of forming a conduit by inserting a mandrel in the space between a door liner and outer skin, filling the space with foam insulation, and removing the mandrel. In one embodiment, the mandrel is encased with a polymeric skin prior to the inserting step, such that, when the mandrel is removed, the skin remains at the boundary of the passageway so formed. In another embodiment, the method includes mounting fluid and/or electrical conduits to an inside surface of the door liner and subsequently injecting the foam insulation to surround the conduits. In yet another embodiment, fluid and/or electrical conduits are mounted to an outer surface of the door liner. A cover is then positioned over the conduits.06-07-2012
20130014377METHOD OF MANUFACTURING METAL SEPARATOR FOR FUEL CELLAANM Watanabe; YasuhiroAACI WakoAACO JPAAGP Watanabe; Yasuhiro Wako JPAANM Sakano; MasaakiAACI WakoAACO JPAAGP Sakano; Masaaki Wako JP - A method of manufacturing a metal separator for a fuel cell includes providing an opening in a metal plate which is to be a part of the metal separator for the fuel cell, integrally molding a sealing member on both sides of an outer peripheral edge of the metal plate to cover the opening, and trimming the sealing member to remove a covering portion of the sealing member that covers the opening and to provide a fluid communication hole, at least one of a fuel gas, an oxidant gas, and a cooling medium being to pass through the fluid communication hole in the fuel cell.01-17-2013
20110146055METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SPECTROMETER - First, a box 06-23-2011
20110146054COLD APPLIANCE - A method of manufacturing panels and a cabinet panel for a cold appliance (06-23-2011
20130133177MANUFACTURING A MICROFLUID MIXER - A method of manufacturing a microfluid mixer includes pouring a ceramic precursor into a first mold, a second mold and a third mold. The first mold forms a base plate, the second mold forms a top plate, and the third mold forms a first plate. The ceramic precursors are gelled in the first mold, the second mold and the third mold to form a green base plate, a green top plate and a green first plate. The plates are removed from the respective molds. The green base plate, the green top plate, and the green first plate are co-fired to form a ceramic base plate, a ceramic top plate and a ceramic first plate. The ceramic base plate is interlocked with the ceramic top plate and the ceramic first plate, and a diaphragm is disposed upon one of the first plate and the top plate.05-30-2013
20130097849AUTOMATED MULTI-STAGE MACHINE FOR FORMING COMPOSITE DETAILS - A system for forming composite material parts comprises a charge station, a tool station, a forming station, a cooling station, a pick and place apparatus, and a transfer unit. The charge station may receive a first charge. The tool station may receive a first tool. The forming station may form a second charge against a second tool. The cooling station may cool a third charge and a third tool. The pick and place apparatus may retrieve the first charge from the charge station and the first tool from the tool station and transport both the first charge and the first tool to the forming station. The transfer unit may transport the second charge and the second tool from the forming station to the cooling station while at the same time transporting the third charge and the third tool from the cooling station to the tool station.04-25-2013
20130185922Electrosurgical Instrument And Method Of Manufacturing The Same - A method for manufacturing a pair of jaw members configured for use with an electrosurgical forceps is provided. One or more pairs of seal plates are stamped from a sheet metal. The seal plates are positioned into respective mold cavities. An insulative substrate is introduced into the respective mold cavities. The insulative substrate is allowed to harden in the respective mold cavities to form respective jaw housings with seal plates secured thereto. The jaw housings are removed from the respective mold cavities to form a pair of jaw members.07-25-2013
20130185923METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING AN INSULATED PIPE USING A BAG - The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing an insulated pipe comprising an inner pipe, an insulation material and a casing. The manufacturing method of the present invention concerns in particular the process of moulding an insulation material onto the inner pipe, comprising the step of covering the inner pipe with a closed bag with open ends and subsequently inserting the bag covered inner pipe into a mould. Hereafter the insulation material is injected in a liquid state into the mould between the inner pipe and the bag. The insulation material in a liquid state will after injection start to expand and finally solidify. During those processes, the bag is pressed towards the inner wall of the mould.07-25-2013
20110314658GANGWAY HANDRAIL AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A handrail for a gangway and a method for manufacturing the same where the handrail comprises a single, continuous piece of plastic.12-29-2011
20120055010MANUFACTURE OF COMPOSITE LIGHT DIFFUSING GLASS PANELS - Disclosed is a method of making a composite light diffusing panel, comprising providing a first glass lite with a light transmissive fabric layer applied to surface thereof; applying a primary sealant to the surface of the first glass lite using an edge referencing method to meet horizontal dimensional requirements; mounting a spacer to the primary sealant on the surface of the first glass lite to form a first subassembly; applying a primary sealant to the surface of a second glass lite also using an edge referencing method to form a second subassembly; and topping the second subassembly atop the first subassembly to form an assembled composite light diffusing panel. Also disclosed is a flipping apparatus that can be used in the method.03-08-2012
20120084966METHOD OF MAKING AN INTERACTIVE KEYBOARD - Various methods of making an interactive keyboard in which a plurality of mechanically-depressible keys are situated over a display device, each of the mechanically-depressible keys being configured to permit through-key viewing of images produced by the display device, is provided. One example method includes providing a mold which defines a mold cavity. The method further includes introducing keycap material into the mold cavity. In such an example, the keycap material and the mold interact to produce a molded keycap having a viewing portion with one or more optical layers that are at least partially see-through and configured to provide one or more optical effects in connection with light that is incident upon the one or more optical layers.04-12-2012

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