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By applying separate fastener

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029 - Metal working


029428000 - Assembling or joining

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029525020 Multipart cooperating fastener (e.g., bolt and nut) 68
029525050 Fastener deformed after application 57
029525110 Threaded fastener 48
029525080 Nonresilient fastener 11
029525130 With supplemental joining 8
20130067719DOOR MIRROR - A door mirror fabricating method includes the steps of fixing a mirror surface angle adjusting unit to a back face of a mirror holder to thereby configure a mirror unit assembly, accommodating the mirror unit assembly into a mirror housing from a side of a mirror exposure opening of the mirror housing, bringing a back face of the mirror surface angle adjusting unit of the mirror unit assembly and an inner face of the mirror housing into contact with each other, and fixing the mirror unit assembly to the mirror housing by fixing a fastening component penetrated through the mirror housing to the mirror surface angle adjusting unit from a side of the mirror housing opposed to the mirror exposure opening.03-21-2013
20130133174DRIVE PIN FOR SOIL REINFORCING CONNECTOR DEVICE - A drive pin mechanical fastener is disclosed and has an elongate body extending from a head. A frustoconical indicator shroud is disposed about the elongate body and has a first end and a second end. The first end of the indicator shroud is arranged about the elongate body proximate the head and the second end extends away from the head. The indicator shroud is movable from a first position, where the indicator shroud is frustoconical, to a second position, where the indicator shroud is flattened and exposed and thereby provides an indicator to an installer that the drive pin is properly installed.05-30-2013
20130042461SHAPE MEMORY POLYMER DEVICES - Various shape memory polymer (SMP) devices are disclosed. Many of these SMP devices can be used as attachment and/or release mechanisms for any number of different applications. These SMP devices can use various characteristics of the SMP material to allow for various shape changes. These shape changes, in some embodiments, can be used to provide for release and/or attachment devices, for example, SMP bolts, SMP screws, SMP collars, SMP pillars, SMP panels, and/or SMP rivets, to name a few. An SMP device can include a first geometric state and a second geometric shape. The first geometric shape can restrict motion of two distinct objects relative to one another and the second geometrical shape can allow motion of two distinct objects relative to one another.02-21-2013
20110192015FASTENABLE MEMBER FOR SEALING, BAFFLING OR REINFORCING AND METHOD OF FORMING SAME - There is disclosed a member for sealing, baffling and/or reinforcing components of an automotive vehicle. The assembly generally includes a carrier, an expandable material and at least one fastener.08-11-2011
20110192014Net patching devices - A patching system for a net in a frame with hard points at select nodes of the net includes a patching device with a pair of spaced sockets each configured to receive a hard point therein. A member interconnects the pair of spaced sockets and is configured to properly space the hard points. Another patching device is for reconnecting hard points to the net frame.08-11-2011
20110192013TRIM ATTACHMENT METHOD AND ASSOCIATED PRODUCT - A decorative trim assembly and the process of manufacturing includes providing a clip, supplying an elongated metal bright strip, and inserting the clip inside the metal bright strip. Subsequently, bending the assembled bright strip with the clip along its longitudinal extent provides a final conformation of the structure. It is subsequently secured to a weatherstrip by snap-fit operation. The end customer maintains the ability to service the decorative trim piece independently of the weatherstrip system.08-11-2011
20120174382QUICK RELEASE CAMERA MOUNTING DEVICE AND METHODS OF USE - A camera mounting device and associated method are disclosed. The device can securely affix a camera to a strap of varying properties. The device provides a strap attachment mechanism used to connect the device to a strap such as a belt or a backpack strap. The device also includes a camera attachment mechanism used to attach a camera to the device while allowing its locking and release through a quick release mechanism. The device also includes a lens support extension with a support extension sized and oriented to provide secondary support to a long lens of a camera, such as a lens of a SLR-type camera.07-12-2012
20130074315FASTENER WRENCHING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A fastener wrenching apparatus for applying a torque to a fastener includes a reaction support having a head and a foot opposite the head. The foot engages a distal end of the fastener such that the distal end of the fastener is rotatably fixed thereto. A torquing device is supported by the reaction support. The torquing device includes a housing and an output rotatably supported by the housing. The output is disposed proximate the head of the reaction support and rotatably fixedly connects to a proximal end of the fastener. The output rotates the proximal end of the fastener relative to the reaction support and the distal end of the fastener to apply the torque to the fastener. A lock mechanism releasably fixes the reaction support and the torquing device relative to one another.03-28-2013
20100011563Flexible Fastening Machine Tool - A flexible fastening machine tool having first and second facing pedestals is mounted on first and second pairs of rails. The pedestals are movable along the rails in a Y-axis direction. A rail base is provided and the second pair of rails is mounted on the rail base. A third pair of rails that extend in an X-axis direction are mounted to the floor, and the rail base is positioned on the third pair of rails, such that the second pedestal is movable along the third pair of rails in the X-axis direction toward and away from the first pedestal. A first movable carriage is mounted on the first pedestal and a second movable carriage is mounted on the second pedestal. A frame member is supported by the first and second carriages and the frame member holds a workpiece. The first and second carriages are independently movable toward and away from the first and second pairs of rails such that the fixture frame is capable of being raised, lowered and tilted. A C-frame is mounted on the third pair of rails and the C-frame is capable of performing tooling operations on the workpiece.01-21-2010
20130031770CONNECTION SYSTEM FOR ELONGATE HOLLOW BODIES AND METHOD FOR CONNECTING ELONGATE HOLLOW BODIES - The invention relates to a connection system for elongate hollow bodies (02-07-2013
20100107399Fiber Optic Drop Terminal Mounting Plate - There is provided fiber drop terminal (“FDT”) assemblies for providing selective connections between optical fibers of distribution cables and optical fibers of drop cables, such as in multiple dwelling units. The FDT assemblies include a mounting plate that enables the FDT to be conveniently and securely mounted to a generally vertical surface, such as a wall. The mounting plate is structured such that the base of the FDT must be removed before the mounting plate can be removed, and the cover of the FDT is structured that neither the base nor the mounting plate can be removed without first removing the cover. The cover may be selectively locked to the base and/or mounting plate with a locking fastener; therefore, only technicians able to remove the locking fastener may remove the cover, base, and/or mounting plate of the FDT assembly.05-06-2010
20120180302PORTABLE UTILITY SHELF - A portable utility shelf having a first shell pivotably connected to a second shell. A channel having a slot is located in the front surface of at least one of the shells. A fastener is mounted in the slot in the channel. The fastener allows for mounting one shell on an attachment surface and pivoting the utility shelf to an open position to create a work surface on the other shell.07-19-2012
20130086793LIFTING BAR AND LIFTING BAR CONNECTOR - A patient lift connector for attaching and detaching a patient lifting bar to a load supporting member in a patient lifting system is described. The connector includes a connector body including a connecting block configured to be fixedly attached to the patient lifting bar. The connector also includes a pin holder coupled to the load supporting member and configured to be inserted through the connector body and into the connecting block, and an attachment latch secured to the connector body and configured to move between an open position and a closed position within the connector body. When the attachment latch moves from the closed position to the open position, the pin holder is allowed to be inserted into the connecting block and thereby allow the lifting bar to be attached to the load supporting member.04-11-2013
20130086792Decklid Hinge Spring Installation Mechanism - A mechanism for installing a spring in a vehicle decklid includes a bracket supported on the decklid to rotate about an axis, including a leg extending radially from the axis, a spring secured to the bracket, a stop, and an attachment engaged with the bracket for rotating the bracket about the axis and extending the spring to an installed position where a force applied by the spring to the leg forces the bracket into contact with the stop, said contact preventing rotation of the bracket in a direction that extends the spring.04-11-2013
20120216390COMPONENT ASSEMBLY CONSISTING OF A FASTENER ELEMENT AND A SHEET METAL PART AND ALSO A METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SUCH A COMPONENT ASSEMBLY - A component assembly comprises a sheet metal and a fastener element. A flange has a larger diameter and a shaft of smaller diameter extends away from the flange and merges at its end remote from the flange into a cylindrical rivet section. The fastener element is used with sheet metals with thicknesses in the range of 3 mm and larger. With thin sheet metal parts the sheet metal has a smooth pierced cylindrical opening with a diameter corresponding to the diameter of the shaft. The cylindrical rivet section is reshaped to a rivet bead contacting the sheet metal underside. Medium thickness sheet metal parts have a stepped hole with the hole region of larger diameter receiving the rivet bead. For thick sheet metal parts the sheet metal has a conical pierced hole and the cylindrical rivet section is reshaped to a conical rivet bead wedged in the conically diverging hole.08-30-2012
20120216389Sectional sportboard system - A sectional sportboard including a first and second separate sections having opposing mating surfaces transverse to a longitudinal axis of the sectional sportboard. The first section and the second section each having at least two hollow receptacles, the hollow receptacles in each section having an opening forming a continuous circumference aperture in the mating surface, and corresponding receptacles axially aligned and located parallel to the longitudinal axis, one or more pairs of first through holes extending at an angle from a first section outer surface to a position on the first section mating surface, and one or more pairs of first blind holes located in the second section mating surface at a position and an angle axially corresponding to the one or more pairs of first through holes, each of the through holes and blind holes having an aperture with a continuous circumference in the respective mating surface.08-30-2012
20130055546DISC CUTTERBAR QUICK-CHANGE KNIFE WITH RETAINING PIN ASSEMBLY - A quick connect apparatus for connecting a knife to a rotary disc cutterhead comprising a spring-loaded connector and a locking device which, when installed, prevents unintentional release of the knife from the cutterhead. The quick connector with locking device replaces a conventional bolted connection and reduces the time necessary to remove and reinstall a knife on a rotary cutterhead compared to a bolted knife connector while improving knife retention compared to known quick-change knife connection mechanisms.03-07-2013
20090271969METHOD OF MAKING A ONE-PIECE SIDEWALL LINER WITH LOGISTIC SLOT - A method of forming an inner wall of a sidewall configuration of a trailer is provided which comprises the steps of: (a) providing a plurality of posts, each post having slots provided therethrough; (b) providing at least one pre-configured punching die; (c) providing a one-piece continuous liner; (d) securing the one-piece continuous liner to the plurality of posts; and (e) punching slots through the one-piece continuous liner with the at least one pre-configured punching die. In a first embodiment of the method, step (d) is performed before step (e). In a second embodiment of the method, step (e) is performed before step (d).11-05-2009
20130212862APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR LOCATING A NUT ON A BLIND SIDE OF A FASTENER HOLE - An apparatus and its method of use locate a first piece of a two piece fastener assembly, for example a nut of a nut and bolt fastener assembly on a blind side of a fastener hole in a structure wall where the fastener hole on the blind side of the wall is not manually accessible or not easily manually accessible. The apparatus then holds the nut in alignment with the fastener hole enabling the bolt of the fastener assembly to then be inserted through the fastener hole from the structure exterior and connected to the nut in the interior of the structure.08-22-2013
20110010920RAIN GUARD - A rain guard assembly for providing shelter to an occupant entering or exiting a vehicle is described. Generally, the retractable rain guard assembly may comprise a housing integrally mounted within a roof of an automobile, a covering retractably held within the housing and having one or more engagement portions positioned along a free end of the covering, and one or more securement members positioned along a door of the automobile and aligned in a manner corresponding to positions of the one or more engagement portions. The one or more securement members are actuatable to engage to corresponding engagement portions such that opening of the door relative to the roof extends the covering therebetween. The covering may be engaged remotely, such as by a key fob, or automatically by a water detection sensor on the automobile.01-20-2011
20110010919FLUSH-MOUNT, BLIND FASTENER - A threaded blind fastener intended for installation in aerodynamically smooth or aesthetically critical panels, further adapted to minimize discontinuities on paintable surfaces of the head resulting from clearances between male and female threads that may adversely affect the quality of paint coverage.01-20-2011
20130061449FAUCET LEVER SAFETY LOCK - A faucet lever safety lock prevents operation of various faucets by preventing use of the faucets' handles. The faucet lever safety lock may comprise one or more struts configured to locate one or more handle engagement devices at a faucet's handles when the faucet lever safety lock is assembled. The handle engagement devices engage to prevent their movement and operation. The faucet lever safety lock may be secured in an assembled configuration via a coupling device that ensures that the handle engagement devices maintain their relative position. The coupling device may be releasable to allow the faucet lever safety lock to be disassembled to allow operation of the faucet.03-14-2013
20130061450MULTI-PURPOSE BEADING FOR SWIMMING POOL LINERS - An elongate beading for attaching a pool liner to a pool wall includes a substantially planar liner attachment portion having an outer surface for attachment to a pool liner and a hook portion having a pair of opposed first and second legs interconnected by a connector portion. The first and second legs and connector portion have inner surfaces defining a channel and the first leg is substantially coplanar with the liner attachment portion. The second leg defines with the connector portion a downwardly facing shoulder and includes a narrowing intermediate its ends which defines first and second sections, the second section being the free end portion which is separable from the first section. The free end portion tapers outwardly from the narrowing towards its free end, includes a plurality of spaced apart raised ribs on its surfaces and terminates in an enlarged protuberance.03-14-2013
20090235513HEADREST-MOUNTED MONITOR - A monitor adapted for mounting in an automobile headrest is provided. A screen structure of the monitor is pivotable about an upper edge thereof, such that the monitor occupies little volume within the headrest. A viewing angle of the screen structure is independently adjustable by a viewer, such that the viewer can continuously select the optimum viewing angle with changing conditions inside the automobile. The screen structure automatically retracts into a housing when struck. Thus, the monitor poses little risk of injury to passengers. The housing of the monitor is attachable to the headrest with screws, which provides a very sturdy connection and reduces the chances of the housing becoming detached from the headrest during a vehicle collision. The hinged connection between the screen structure and the housing is preferably constructed of interconnected components made from sturdy materials, such as metals. Hinge components are optionally secured with metal fastening members and fastening apertures made of metal and strong plastics. The hinges are thus unlikely to break during a vehicle collision.09-24-2009
20110277308INTEGRATED SECURITY LOCK - A substantially flexible connector, and method of manufacture for a portable electronic device comprising: a lockable attachment mechanism at a first end of said connector for securing the portable electronic device to said connector; a securable attachment mechanism at a second end of said connector for securing said connector to a fixed point; and a power supply connector integrated with said connector. Further, a method of securing a portable electronic device, the method comprising: providing a substantially flexible connector; attaching the lockable attachment mechanism to the portable electronic device; in response to attaching the lockable attachment mechanism, locking the lockable attachment mechanism; and securing the securable attachment mechanism to a fixed point.11-17-2011
20100263193Support Beam Shear Fitting - Methods of securing a support beam to a structure such as a cargo roller tray or a passenger cabin is achieved using a shear fitting. The shear fitting has a back plate which fastens to the support beam. The shear fitting additionally has parallel lugs which extend from the back plate and fasten to the structure. Web extenders which extend from the shear fitting perpendicular to the lugs may additionally be used to further fasten the support beam to the structure.10-21-2010
20120000060CONNECTING MECHANISM - A method for connecting at least a first component and a second component together, wherein each said component comprises at least one keyway arrangement extending along the component and keyways of the keyway arrangement are spaced apart from one another. The method comprises the steps of: aligning the keyway arrangements of the first and second components such that the keyways intermesh to provide a continuous keyway passage extending longitudinally between the intermeshed keyways; and, extending a keyway connector comprising an arrangement of keys longitudinally within the continuous keyway passage such that the keys are retained by the keyways of the keyway arrangements. In the slip flange assembly 01-05-2012
20110271515TWO PART COUPLING CONNECTED BY A CLIP - A coupling formed of a tubular body defining an internal channel. The body is formed of a first part for connecting the channel to a circuit element and a second part defining a housing for a pipe end, the first and second parts including mutually engaged end portions, wherein the housing extends into the end portion of the second part and the end portions include facing openings for receiving a clip element for securing the parts to each other. The opening of the second part opens into the housing and the clip element has a locking portion that is elastically deformable from a retaining state to a free state for extracting the clip element. The clip element projects into the housing such that the pipe end prevents the locking portion from deforming to its free state and being extracted.11-10-2011
20110271514POSITIONING ASSEMBLY FOR COMPOSITE STRUCTURE - A positioning assembly for a composite structure. An illustrative embodiment of the positioning assembly includes at least one vertical carriage support, at least one vertical carriage carried by the at least one vertical carriage support, at least one vertical motor drivingly engaging the at least one vertical carriage, a transverse carriage support carried by the at least one vertical carriage, a riser block carried by the transverse carriage support and at least one horizontal motor drivingly engaging the riser block.11-10-2011
20110283519DEVICE TO CONVERT A CLUTCH PURSE TO A STRAP PURSE - In the preferred embodiments, the device includes a rod, a strap whose two ends are attached to the ends of the rod, and an apparatus for affixing the rod to a clutch bag, thereby converting the bag to one with a strap. In a first variation, the rod is equipped with clips that are adapted to clip onto the bag, holding the rod, for instance, under a flap of the bag. In a second variation, the rod includes two telescoping sections, and the device includes a compression spring which biases the two sections of the rod away from each other. This arrangement may allow the rod to be placed inside the bag with its two ends in compression between opposing interior surfaces of the bag, thereby holding it in a fixed position relative to the bag.11-24-2011
20110283520CERAMIC LAG BOLT AND USE THEREOF IN HIGH TEMPERATURE INSULATION INSTALLATION - A method for securing a hot face insulation to a cold face insulation of an enclosed heating area includes (a) providing a first insulating material having a first and second side; (b) providing a second insulating material having a first and second side, wherein the second insulating material provides for higher temperature insulation than the first insulating material, wherein the first side of the first insulating material is positioned against and secured to the interior surface of the enclosed heating area; (c) positioning the second insulating material against the first insulating material so that the first side of the second insulating material abuts the second side of the first insulating material; (d) providing an auger bolt as an anchor; and (e) inserting the auger bolt into the second side of the second insulating material, through the second insulating material, and into the second side of the first insulating material.11-24-2011
20110296667PROJECTOR MOUNT AND METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INSTALLING A DEVICE IN A SUSPENDING CEILING - A system for installing a device in a suspended ceiling grid includes a device housing, and a frame adapted to be received in the suspended ceiling grid. The device housing is received in an aperture defined by the frame. A plurality of structures releasably secures the device housing to the frame. Embodiments of the invention provide simpler and more effective methods and systems for mounting ceiling mounted devices above a suspended ceiling such that the device can be installed in a minimal amount of time by one person.12-08-2011
20110167613Flexible Connection and Release Device and Method - A flexible connection and release device which allows quick release while under load. The device comprises a first link; a second link; a first sling having one end attached to the first link; a second sling having one end attached to the second link; a tab attached to the first sling; a grommet contained in the tab; a curved length of a first flexible cable connected between two fixed points in the first sling on either side of the tab; a second flexible cable; and a pin or a third flexible cable. The links are connected together with multiple turns of the second flexible cable which forms a loop at its center. The curved length of the first flexible cable is passed through the loop in the second flexible cable and through the grommet so that a part of the first flexible cable protrudes from the grommet. The pin or third cable is passed through the protruding part of the first flexible cable to lock the first flexible cable in place.07-14-2011
20110258835FASTENING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR FASTENING AN ELEMENT IN A KEYHOLE-SHAPED CUTOUT IN A WALL - A fastening device for fastening an element in a keyhole-shaped cutout in a wall includes a retaining element which in the fastened state of the fastening device is configured to rest against a front side of the wall, and to at least partially cover an edge of a narrower opening of the keyhole-shaped cutout. The fastening device also has a locking element which in the fastened state of the fastening device is configured to engage through a wider opening of the keyhole-shaped cutout, and to retain the fastening device from a back side of the wall.10-27-2011
20120023733MEDICAL DEVICE02-02-2012
20100122448Method and System of Affixing a Plaque to a Solid Surface - A method and system of affixing a plaque to a solid surface is provided. The method includes the steps of providing at least one opening in a face of the solid surface and inserting a plaque support into the at least one opening. The plaque support includes a body defining a passageway therethrough and having a first end and a second end. The first end has a flange portion. Further, at least one outer tab member extends radially outward toward the first end and at least one inner tab member extends radially inward toward the second end. The outer tab member engages the solid surface upon insertion of the plaque support into the at least one opening. The method and system further include providing the plaque with at least one installation fastener. The at least one installation fastener is inserted into the passageway of the plaque support, such that the at least one inner tab member engages the at least one installation fastener.05-20-2010
20130212864Method and Apparatus for Securing a Watthour Meter Box - A locking bracket and a lock housing wherein the locking bracket generally comprises a clamping member and a fastening lever that attaches to a wall of a meter box base. The lock housing generally comprises a unitary member with a perpendicular flange. The meter box lid is secured to the meter box base when the locking bracket is secured to the side wall and used in combination with the lock housing and a locking shaft.08-22-2013
20080235933MECHANISM FOR MOUNTING AND DISMOUNTING BEARING - A mechanism and method for locking a bearing to a shaft includes a split sleeve and a receptive flange adapted to be fixed to the bearing. A positioning flange is coupled to the split sleeve. A screw extends through the positioning flange and threadingly engages the receptive flange. Rotation of the screw in a first direction axially drives the sleeve into engagement with the bearing to collapse the split sleeve into engagement with the shaft.10-02-2008
20130212863ADJUSTABLE TUNING PIN ASSEMBLY - A tuning pin assembly for mounting a first structural component to a second structural component. A locating pin is fixed to the first component and has a shaft with an outer surface that is concentric about a pin axis. An eccentric cap has a radially inner pin engagement surface that is mounted on the outer surface and is concentric about the pin axis, a radially outer alignment surface that is eccentric about the pin axis and slides into an alignment hole in the second component to align the second component relative to the first component. A first rotation resistance feature is located on at least one of the outer surface of the locating pin and the pin engagement surface of the eccentric cap engaging between the outer surface and the pin engagement surface to resist torque applied to the eccentric cap to rotate the cap.08-22-2013
20110219605ANCHORAGE SYSTEMS AND DEVICES - A releasable anchorage device for securing seats to tracks in vehicle floors has an elongate body with a fixed, non-slidable downward protrusion at its front end, an actuating lever at its rear end, and sets of slidable securing feet movable relative to the protrusion by the lever operating via an actuating mechanism. The mechanism includes an elongate drive rod connecting the lever to a middle set or front set of the feet which have an anti-rattle mechanism to grip the track, such as by longitudinally-inclined upper surfaces thereon. A rear set of feet may also be slidable and can move together with the middle feet. The lever is easily accessible, being at the rear end, but operates to provide an anti-rattle engagement with the track at an intermediate point along the device, spaced from the rear end, where the prevention of rattling is particularly needed.09-15-2011
20110219604PROTECTIVE SHEET ASSEMBLY - A protective sheet assembly includes a sheet member. The sheet member comprises a first layer and a second layer. The first layer is formed from a breathable material. The second layer is coupled to the first layer, and formed from a reflective member.09-15-2011
20120066887METHOD OF ALIGNING AN IMAGING DEVICE IN AN OPTICAL SYSTEM - In an optical system including an optical bench and an imaging device that is configured to be mounted to the optical bench, a method of aligning the imaging device on the optical bench includes the steps of: 03-22-2012
20090049676Method for fastening sheet material - The invention relates to a system of fastening sheet material cladding onto substrates with hammer driven fasteners. The fasteners are cylindrical and have a first diameter at a tip end which is larger than a second diameter at a head end. When the fastener is driven through sheet material a hole is produced which is larger in diameter than the portion of the fastener adjacent the head. The sheet material is free to move laterally relative to the fastener because of the oversized hole that is produced by the oversized tip of the fastener. Additionally, deformation or dimpling is avoided because the small-diameter portion of the fastener does not produce axial frictional forces on the sheet material as it passes through the sheet material.02-26-2009
20090100663Two gun tool dolly for firing and inserting three or more nails into plate, header, or footer frame members being attached to wall stud members - A two gun tool dolly which is capable of firing and inserting two, three or four nails into plate, header, or footer frame members at predetermined locations thereof so as to fixedly secure top and bottom plate, header, or footer members to stud frame members of a wall structure or wall panel.04-23-2009
20110225801METHOD OF FABRICATING A MICRO-MECHANICAL COMPONENT - The invention relates to a method (09-22-2011
20090241320Fasteners - A fastener 10-01-2009
20110138606METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONNECTING A HOSE TO A FITTING - An application for a clamp tool that has stop edges and ear edges. In one embodiment, stop edges close against each other while the ear edges, being cut deeper than the stop edges, do not touch each other and provide a space between which an ear of a clamp is position and closed by the clamp tool without cutting or nicking unnecessarily into the ear of the clamp. In some embodiments, the width of the stop edges is made to provide an alignment tool for proper alignment of the clamp on a hose over features of a fitting06-16-2011
20120102716METHOD OF ASSEMBLING A HANDLE TO A SELECTIVE ONE OF A FRONT FACE AND A SIDE EDGE OF A REFRIGERATOR DOOR - A method of assembling allows a refrigerator handle to be selectively mounted to a front face portion or a side edge of a refrigerator door. The handle includes first and second ends separated by an intermediate portion, wherein each of the handle ends includes a recessed section. Each of the recessed sections includes a mounting arrangement formed therein, which is adapted to receive either a bracket for mounting the handle to the side edge of the door or a clip for mounting the handle to the front face portion of the door. The method includes selectively attaching the handle to the front face of the door through the clip, or to the side edge with the mounting bracket.05-03-2012
20120102715SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONNECTING AN AUTOMATION CONTROLLER AND A PROGRAMMABLE MODULE - An interlocking system for connecting a programmable module and an automation controller of an industrial control and automation system is provided. The interlocking system includes a key comprising a shaft with a head and a first attachment feature. The interlocking system also includes a first keyhole in a programmable module cover. The first keyhole is configured to enable the head to pass upwardly there through. The interlocking system also includes a second keyhole in an automation controller cover. The second keyhole is configured to enable the first attachment feature to slide downwardly there through such that disengagement of the key from the second keyhole is resisted. The interlocking system also includes a second attachment feature on a lower surface of the automation controller cover. The second attachment feature is configured to engage with the first attachment feature when the first attachment feature is rotated about an axis of the shaft.05-03-2012
20100251534TOOL-LESS RACK RAIL SYSTEM INCORPORATING CLAMPING MECHANISM - A rack rail system engageable with a post of a rack. The rack rail system includes a rail assembly and a flange provided on at least an end of the rail assembly. The flange includes a pin insertable into an aperture of the post when the flange is adjacent to the post. The rack rail system further includes a clamp pivotably connected to the flange and movable from an open position and a closed position. The clamp receives both the post and the flange in the closed position.10-07-2010
20110113613Intelligent Fastener System - A method and apparatus are used to visually recognize and install fasteners on a structure. An electronic image of the fastener is recorded, and is processed by a computer operated image recognition program to identify the fastener. The computer provides installation instructions an installation tool based on the identity of the fastener.05-19-2011
20090165283Flange fitting for bathtubs and spas - A fitting arrangement is provided for coupling to a tub or spa wall featuring a wall fitting for inserting through a mounting opening in the tub or spa wall and having one or more corresponding rotational locking members; and a jet body having one or more rotational locking members for snapping onto one or more corresponding rotational locking members of the wall fitting as the jet body is advanced into the wall fitting to prevent the jet body and wall fitting from separating from one another.07-02-2009
20100293776METHOD FOR FASTENING A RETAINER OF AN AIRBAG - The invention concerns a method for fastening a retainer of an airbag, in particular of a window bag, to a body of a motor vehicle. The method for fastening including the steps of: arranging the retainer on the body by inserting a hollow pin in a corresponding bodyshell opening; positioning a tool on the retainer; and pressing a pin into an opening of the hollow pin to radially expand the hollow pin, and thereby securing the hollow pin in the corresponding bodyshell opening.11-25-2010
20120240381MOLDED CONNECTION JOINT AND/OR HINGE - A system that facilitates an interlocked joint without the need for a locking pin is provided. The system includes a first member having multiple first fingers extending in an outward direction from a side of the first member and multiple first openings defined between each of the first fingers. The system further includes a second member having multiple second fingers extending in an outward direction from a side of the second member and multiple second openings defined between each of the second fingers. When the first member mates with the second member the first fingers are aligned with and engage the second openings and the second fingers are aligned with and engage the first openings such that the first member and the second member are interlocked and inseparable in a tensile direction.09-27-2012
20110056065COMPENSATING FOR FASTENER LOCATION VARIABILITY - A particular method includes disposing a first structure and a second structure adjacent to each other. A fastener is extended from the second structure through a hole and a counterbore defined in the first structure. A first bushing is placed over the fastener by receiving the fastener through an elongated opening defined in the first bushing. When the fastener is not centered relative to the hole, the first bushing is rotated around the fastener and a position of the fastener is adjusted in the elongated opening until the first bushing is received into the counterbore defined in the first structure. The fastener is received through an opening defined in a second bushing. The first structure and the first and second bushings are secured onto the fastener.03-10-2011
20110146051Method Of Mounting A Heat Exchanger In A Gas Turbine Engine Assembly - A method of assembling a heat exchanger in a gas turbine engine assembly is provided. The method includes providing a structural body including a wall having an elongated slot, providing a heat exchanger operably associated with a bracket, and providing a slip joint for coupling the bracket to the structural body. The slip joint includes a standoff, an elongated member, and a biasing member disposed about the elongated member. The standoff is inserted through the wall so that the biasing member imparts a predetermined biasing force between the bracket and the structural body. The slip joint allows relative sliding movement between the bracket and the structural body when a sliding force due to thermal expansion or contraction is greater than the biasing force.06-23-2011
20120198683NAIL-SHAPED FASTENING ELEMENT - A nail-shaped fastening element having a shank, at whose one end a tip is configured and at whose opposite other end a head is configured, and having a sleeve-shaped washer is disclosed. At a first end facing the tip, the sleeve-shaped washer has a first collar that narrows the opening cross section of the sleeve-shaped washer and, at a second end facing opposite the first end, it has a second circumferentially outwardly disposed collar.08-09-2012
20120030924VEHICULAR BODY ASSEMBLY LOCKING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A vehicle body positioning and locking devices for use in assembling a vehicle body positioned on a movable vehicle support positioned at a vehicle build station. The locking device includes a remote vehicle locking device for selectively securing and locking a vehicle body to a support pallet. The support pallet is accurately and precisely positioned at a build station through alignment and inserting engagement of locating pads in at least one four-way and at least one two way receiver mounted to a build station foundation. A compliant body clamp design is included to provide a desired clamping force between the pallet and a vehicle body across a range of motion of the body clamp to accommodate vehicle build variances.02-09-2012
20110252625SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR INSTALLING A HAND GUARD ON A FIREARM - Embodiments of the invention can include systems and methods for installing a hand guard on a firearm. In embodiments, a method of installing a hand guard on a firearm can be provided. The firearm includes a barrel, a barrel nut, and a delta ring. The delta ring is retracted away from the barrel nut. A number of hand guard members are positioned about the barrel. An annular groove associated with each hand guard member is mated with a portion of a flange of the barrel nut. The flange is secured within the annular groove of at least one hand guard member. The delta ring is advanced over a portion of some or all the hand guard members.10-20-2011
20110252626FASTENER FEED METHOD AND APPARATUS - Fasteners, such as rivets, are fed to a fastener insertion tool (10-20-2011
20110067225Hydraulic line connector - A female member for retrofit to a hydraulic line connector includes a body portion having a body passage that is connected to a hydraulic component. A cylindrical wall portion extends from the body portion and defines a bore that is selectively in fluid communication with the body passage. An opposing pair of slits are formed through the cylindrical wall. A spring clip has a rectangular cross section and includes a first leg featuring a first arcuate portion, a second leg featuring a second arcuate portion and a closed end portion positioned between and attached to the first and second legs. The first and second legs are removably received by the opposing pair of slits of the cylindrical wall. The bore of the cylindrical wall receives a male member having a circumferential or annular shoulder that is engaged by the first and second arcuate portions of the first and second legs when the male member is positioned within the bore.03-24-2011
20110138607CONNECTION ARRANGEMENTS FOR MINE CONVEYOR SECTIONS - Arrangements are for use with interconnected conveyor sections, such as push beams, commonly found in mining applications. In one embodiment, a mechanism includes an elongated dog-bone shaped coupler having a first and second end for insertion between the conveyor sections. A first end of the coupler is secured to a first conveyor section, while a second end of the coupler is received in a recess formed in a second conveyor section. A pivotally mounted cam includes a recess for mating with the upwardly projecting, flared portion of the second end of the coupler. The cam pivots automatically upon being engaged by a free end of the coupler to allow it to pass and then pivots to capture it in place, thereby simply establishing a secure manner of connection. In another, the ends of the conveyor sections are specially adapted to form an articulating joint.06-16-2011
20090100662Automated three nail gun tool dolly - A new and improved automated gun tool dolly which comprises a plurality of nail guns, such as, for example, three nail guns, which are mounted upon a horizontally movable carriage assembly in a vertically and horizontally staggered mode so as to be disposed within a diagonal array. Movement of the carriage assembly along horizontally oriented guide rails is automatically controlled, such as, for example, by means of a programmable logic controller (PLC), such that the three nail guns are sequentially and continuously disposed at predetermined firing positions at which the nail guns are sequentially fired so as to insert nails within predetermined regions of 2×4 or 2×6 plate, header, or footer members of a wall panel or wall structure.04-23-2009
20090188101A Method and Apparatus For Joining Metal Using Self-Piercing Rivets With Preheating - A method for joining elements together, the method comprising the steps of: positioning the elements relative to one another; enhancing the formability of at least a portion of at least one of the elements using a laser; and joining the elements together using a mechanical fastening method.07-30-2009
20110088242REUSABLE TEMPORARY FASTENING DEVICE FOR PREASSEMBLING AT LEAST TWO PREVIOUSLY PERFORATED STRUCTURAL MEMBERS - A fastening device for preassembling structural members includes a hollow cylindrical body; a bearing ring provided at a proximal end of the hollow body and against which one of the structural members is intended to bear in a fastening position; a pulling threaded rod extending through the hollow body to be inserted into the structural members; a tightening means connected to the pulling threaded rod for maintaining the structural members against each other, the tightening means including a removable tubular end piece for mounting on a proximal threaded end of the pulling rod that can be locally axially compacted under the action of a force applied on said pulling rod in order to form a radial bead for sandwiching the structural members between the latter and the bearing ring; the fastening device including a sheath.04-21-2011
20120060351SHAFT CONNECTION USING A BAND - The present invention relates to a connection of two shafts, for example a driving shaft and a driven shaft in a wind turbine. In particular, the invention relates to a connection making use of a band to lock the two shafts together. The two shafts are inter-connectable by connecting an interconnection part of the first shaft and an interconnection part of the second shaft. The band is positioned and wound around an outer surface enclosing the interconnection parts of the shafts. The shafts are locked together by providing pressure to the interconnection parts from the windings of the band.03-15-2012
20120151745PLATE JOINT FOR A PARTS FIXTURE MADE OF CARBON FIBER COMPOSITE - A plate joint for joining two plates together includes a first plate and a second plate, with each of the first plate and second plate having a first edge and an opposite and generally parallel second edge. The first plate and second plate are connected together in a generally orthogonal orientation relative to each other with a finger joint defined by a notch in each plate which interlock with each other. The first edge of the first plate and the first edge of the second plate each have a groove therein which axially align with each other in and end-to-end manner. A locking pin is press fitted into the grooves in each of the first plate and the second plate.06-21-2012
20110314657Device for Deterring Unwanted Removal of Cable from Conduit - A system for securing at least one cable in a conduit having first and second ends, the at least one cable being housed in the conduit and extending therethrough. The system includes a first inhibiting device disposed at the conduit proximate the first end and a second inhibiting device disposed at the conduit proximate the second end. Each of the inhibiting devices includes a stopper having a proximal end, a distal end, and a passageway formed therethrough for receiving the at least one cable. First and second thickening devices are respectively disposed adjacent each stopper. Each thickening device is operable to secure to the at least one cable. The first and second thickening devices cooperate with a respective one of the stoppers to deter removal of the at least one cable from the conduit when the thickening devices are secured to the at least one cable.12-29-2011
20120000059Object Connector - An object connector is described to include at least one arm and at least one slot. The arm of the object connector includes a channel for gripping an object. The slot of the object connector includes at least one undulating side designed to receive another object connector. The object connector can include more than one arm or more than one slot. The object connector described herein can be used with both common household objects and specially designed objects to build desired structures or assemblies. The object connector described herein can be made of many different materials depending upon the purpose the object connector is designed for, which includes entertainment, industrial application, household use, etc.01-05-2012
20120000061PUSH-PIN FASATENING SYSTEM - A fastening system and method of use is disclosed. The fastening system includes a substrate, an aperture and a fastener. The fastener includes flexible wings that allow for insertion of the fastener into an aperture of a vehicle component.01-05-2012
20100218360Fastening Apparatus and System - An improved apparatus for holding multiple locking clips and applying a single locking clip to an article resting on a surface in which a pivotable feed detent lever insures that only one clip is provided at a time and the clip has a frangible member that maintains the side members of the clip in an open position until the clip reaches the articles whereupon the frangible link is broken permitting the clip to be locked about the articles.09-02-2010
20110067224FASTENING SYSTEM WITH FABRIC LAYERS - The present invention relates to a fastening system for deepened mounting of a dowel comprising a compressable insulation material, a dowel with a pressing plate, a first fabric layer to be applied to the underside of the pressing plate, as well as a second fabric layer for creating a fabric overlapping with the first fabric layer, and a respective mounting method.03-24-2011
20110088243FASTENING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FASTENING AN ELEMENT OF AIRPLANE INTERIOR EQUIPMENT - The invention relates to a method for fastening an element of airplane interior equipment to a supporting structure in an airplane, comprising the steps of connecting the element of the airplane interior equipment to a first fixing device by using a first locking device, pivoting the element of the airplane interior equipment relative to the supporting structure, and connecting the element of the airplane interior equipment to a second fixing device by using a second locking device. Thus the element of the airplane interior equipment is fastened relative to the supporting structure.04-21-2011
20120131787NOVEL ASSEMBLY KEY, DOOR KITS AND METHODS OF USING THE SAME - The present document describes a key for releasably connecting members at a right angle, furniture and door assembly kits comprising keys, and members having mating connectors along their ends for releasably connecting said members at a right angle through their mating connectors.05-31-2012
20120124815WIRE HARNESS ARRANGEMENT METHOD - A wire harness arrangement method for fixing a wire bundle including a plurality of wires constituting a wire harness to a wire harness arrangement path on a vehicle body panel with a plurality of clamp members is provided. A position of a clamp attachment hole to be formed on the vehicle body panel is set such that a separation distance that is equal to or larger than a first predetermined dimension is remained between an edge portion of the vehicle body panel at a side of the wire harness arrangement path and the wire bundle held by the clamp members. An installation interval of the clamp members is set such that a swing width of the wire bundle suspended between the clamp members adjacent to each other due to vibration of a vehicle body is smaller than the first predetermined dimension.05-24-2012
20120124814METHOD AND DEVICE FOR SECURING A DISPLAY ELEMENT - Device for securing and locking a display element (05-24-2012
20120124813METHOD AND TOOL FOR ASSEMBLING A BONE ANCHORING DEVICE - A method for assembling a bone anchoring device includes inserting a bone anchoring element in a first holder of a tool and inserting a receiving part in a second holder of the tool, actuating the tool from a first configuration towards a second configuration to insert a head of the bone anchoring element into the receiving part; continuing actuation of the tool towards the second configuration to move a locking ring and a receiving part body of the receiving part relative to each other until the locking ring assumes a second position with respect to the receiving part body in which the locking ring is latched to the receiving part body in a position where the locking ring compresses a portion of the receiving part body to compress the head, such that the head is held in and cannot be removed from the receiving part body and the bone anchoring element is held adjustably at a first angular position relative to the receiving part, and removing the attached bone anchoring element and receiving part from the tool. The tool is configured for the execution of the steps according to the method.05-24-2012
20120159769NOTCHED FASTENER STOCK - An improved fastener stock is comprised of a pair of longitudinal and continuous side members to which are coupled to a plurality of equidistantly spaced cross-pieces. The pair of longitudinal and continuous side members are extended in a parallel spaced relationship, and the series of cross-pieces are arranged at spaced intervals between the side members so as to connect the side members. Along at least one of the side members, a series of engagement notches are present at spaced intervals between each of said cross-pieces members, and the engagement notches are rectangular or square in shape. A method of applying a fastener to an article is provided. The method includes initially feeding a substantially continuous fastener stock from a supply, engaging at least one engagement notch, urging said fastener stock forward, feeding said fastener stock to a needle assembly, cutting a fastener from said fastener stock, and inserting said fastener into an article.06-28-2012
20120159768WHEELCHAIR DOCKING SYSTEM - A wheelchair docking system is provided to prevent accidental movement of a wheelchair away from a transfer object, such as a bed or toilet, while a person is transferring between the wheelchair and the object. The system includes a latch assembly and a post assembly, one of each which is mounted on the wheelchair and on the transfer object. The latch assembly is moveable between an open position to receive and release the post assembly and a closed position to retain the post assembly. The latch assembly is biased to the closed position. A lock is provided in the latch assembly to hold the latch assembly in the open position. In an alternative embodiment, the post assembly has interchangeable parts for mounting on different objects, and a clamp which is opened and closed by a dual-function pivotal post member.06-28-2012
20120131788COUPLING PIN AND METHOD OF USE THEREOF - A coupling pin comprising a carriage member and a riding member longitudinally slidable over the carriage member. The carriage member and riding member being mutually inclined longitudinally, and together complementing each other to form a uniform pin. The pin may be inserted into an aperture such that the carriage member is first disposed therein, and a force subsequently applied to the riding member causing it to move longitudinally with respect to the carriage member, into a load-bearing position.05-31-2012
20100287757Connection mechanism for a uterine mobilizer - A new connecting mechanism for the Valtchev® uterine mobilizer, model VUM-11-18-2010
20120167373CAPTIVE FASTENERS WITH MULTIPLE RETAINING FUNCTIONALITY - Captive panel fasteners are configured to be held captive on a panel by multiple retaining elements. The fasteners include longitudinal grooves along a cylindrical portion of the fastener, a retaining ring over the cylindrical portion, a primary structure for retaining the retaining ring on the cylindrical portion, and secondary structure for retaining the cylindrical portion within a bore of the panel. The retaining ring includes radially inwardly extending opposing prongs that fit into the longitudinally extending grooves. A stop point may be provided in the longitudinally extending grooves, or an end of the fastener may be flared, to retain the retaining ring on the fastener. The prongs may also be slightly flexible and flared to grip the longitudinally extending grooves. The secondary structure can include one or more spring loaded pins in the fastener extending externally outward.07-05-2012
20120186067SCREW HAVING UNDERSIDE CUTTERS AND POCKETS - A screw has a generally flat was head. On an underside of the head are a plurality of cutters or cutting wedges arranged circumferentially around the shank of the screw. The cutters cut or carve off material when the screw is inserted into a fibrous material like wood to thereby facilitate countersinking of the screw head. The cutters may be triangular or quadrilateral wedges. One or more pockets are disposed radially inwardly of the cutters for receiving fibrous material to help lock the screw in place, i.e. prevent the screw from loosening over time. These pockets may circularly shaped pockets disposed circumferentially around the shank. Alternatively, a single annular pocket may be provided around the shank.07-26-2012
20120186066LADDER ACCESS SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USING SAME - Embodiments of the disclosure may provide a ladder access system. The ladder access system may include a base having a clamp disposed proximal an excavation end thereof. The clamp may be configured to secure the base to an excavation support structure. A first side rail may be disposed on a first side of the base and a second side rail may be disposed on a second side of the base. The ladder access system may also include a gate disposed at a surface end of the base and extending between the first and second side rails. The ladder access system may further include a ladder support disposed proximal the excavation end of the base and extending from the first or second side rail, the ladder support being configured to uphold an upper end of a ladder disposed in an excavation and leaning thereupon.07-26-2012
20120255158JOINT TYPE PREFAB ASSEMBLY - A modular connector and modular bolt can be adapted to connect first and second prefabricated building components together. The modular connector can include a recess having a multistage notch structure that can be coupled with protrusions of a modular bolt. The chamber can also include a moveable butting element that is operably coupled with the multistage notch structure, where the moveable butting element can be adapted to move further into the chamber when the modular bolt is received by the multistage recess structure such that a relative position of the second prefabricated building component is adjustable with respect to the first prefabricated building component.10-11-2012
20120227245CONNECTION SYSTEM FOR MECHANICAL COMPONENTS - Disclosed herein are building components, systems and methods of constructing and uses thereof. In some examples, a building component is disclosed including a housing with at least one recess and at least one connector assembly disposed within the at least one recess within the housing, wherein each connector assembly includes a shaft capable of being received by the at least one recess within the housing and at least one latching mechanism disposed on the shaft and configured to form a releasable connection with another building component.09-13-2012
20080301927METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING CUSTOM CHAIRS - A method for manufacturing a chair assembly (12-11-2008
20120260488FLANGE CONNECTOR AND GASKET ASSEMBLY - A flange connector and gasket assembly for connecting and sealing duct sections includes a tubular member having an inner end incrementally smaller than its outer end, a gasket-seating trough adjacent to the inner end for receiving a sealing gasket, and an annular flange, extending radially outward from the outer end of the tubular member. The outer perimeter of the annular flange has a rolled edge rolled back toward the inner end of the tubular member, and a sealing gasket secured to the gasket-seating trough of the tubular member for sealing the duct section to be connected. The sealing gasket includes a substantially flat base portion, preferably of J-shaped or L-shaped cross-section, and a flexible, preferably hollow sealing portion of substantially circular cross-sectional shape affixed to and extending radially outward from the base portion for engagement with an outer end of the duct section to be connected and sealed.10-18-2012
20110225800APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR INSERTING A FASTENER - The present invention provides a device for the insertion of fasteners into the ground for the purpose of anchoring sheet-like materials such as geotechnical mats in soil stabilization or for securing forms of netting to prevent crop wastage. A further aspect of this invention provides a form of securing fasteners by a method that reduces damage or impediment in the operation of the fastener insertion device.09-22-2011
20120297607COUPLING FOR VENTILATION ASSEMBLY - A coupling for a ventilation duct assembly for use with interconnecting ventilation duct elements and method of assembly is disclosed comprising a first and a second ventilation duct element formed from a flexible panel shaped and foldable into a ductwork element with a male end smaller in diameter than a female end and with an abutment for restricting movement of the female end over the male end of an adjacent ductwork element. A C-shaped collet is also provided and shaped to fit over the interconnecting male and female ends of the formed ductwork elements for interconnection of adjacent shaped ductwork elements, and sized to extend between adjacent slideable locking elements from corresponding adjacent shaped ductwork elements. A fastener fastens the collet around the shaped ductwork elements, and links extremities of the C-shaped collet together11-29-2012
20120279042Pitching Screen - A pitching screen which provides a first pitching lane and a second pitching lane in a single pitching screen configuration to allow both left-handed pitchers and right-handed pitchers to pitch without repositioning the pitching screen.11-08-2012
20120279041SIDE STEP BAR MOUNTING SYSTEM FOR TRUCKS - The present invention provides a side step bar mounting system comprising at least two mounting assemblies wherein each of the assemblies includes a first bracket, a second bracket, and an isolator assembly comprising a first bushing, a second bushing, a sleeve, at least one isolator washer and a fastener; the first bracket includes a vehicle mounting feature for attaching the first bracket to a vehicle structural member and a fastener feature for attaching to the fastener; the second bracket includes an entry assist member feature for attaching the second bracket to an entry assist member; each of the second bracket, the first bushing and the second bushing includes a sleeve feature for accepting the sleeve; the sleeve includes a channel for allowing the fastener to go through the channel.11-08-2012
20120324706Harness - A harness device and method are provided. The device includes a strap having first and second opposite ends. The strap defines first and second arm loop portions positionable about corresponding shoulders of the individual and being movable between a first open configuration allowing a corresponding shoulder to be positioned therein and a second configuration for capturing the corresponding shoulder to be positioned. The strap further defines first and second leg loop portions selectively receivable about legs of the wearer and adjustable via an adjustment mechanism to tighten the leg loop portions around the wearer's legs. A connection point is defined by the first and second ends of the. A belt is operatively connected to the strap and is positionable about a waist of the individual.12-27-2012
20120324709TWO-PIECE HANDLE DESIGN FOR PRESSURE COOKER - An improved pressure cooker design including a two-piece handle utilizing a common connection point to a cover to increase resistance to damage due to over tightening of connecting screws while simultaneously allowing the use of a conventional handle size with a reduction in overall packaging size. The two-piece handle design includes a cover base portion and a cover grip portion wherein a pair of nuts are mounted within the cover base portion to receive coupling screws at both ends of the nuts for joining the cover and the cover grip portion to the cover base portion. Tightening of the coupling screws provides for continuous metal on metal contact eliminating damage to weaker polymeric materials while allowing a consumer to quickly and easily attach the cover grip portion of the two-piece handle to the cover base portion at a point of use so as reduce overall packaging dimensions.12-27-2012
20120324708METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR A MODULAR CONNECTOR - It is provided a plugging port for connecting an element to a receiving port of an article in a releasable manner. The plugging port includes a flat portion projected from a body part of the element, two thickened guiding portions, and an elongated boss structure projecting from the flat portion. The flat portion has two parallel borders of certain length and an external border perpendicular to the two parallel borders. The two thickened guiding portions are connected respectively to the two parallel borders, each guiding portion extending parallel to the respective connected border. The elongated boss structure extends parallel to the external border.12-27-2012
20120324707PIVOT JOINT ASSEMBLY - A pivot joint assembly has a first part with a hole. A pivot pin passes through the hole. A second part is carried by the pivot pin to be rotatable relative to the first part. A bush has an annular sleeve with an inner face engaging the pivot pin and an outer face engaging a bore wall of the first part. A sealing ring between the bush and the first part. The sealing ring has a body attached to the first part, and a sealing member extending away from the body in a radial direction to a sealing lip which engages the bush without being attached thereto. The sealing member is resiliently compressed to urge the sealing lip towards the bush to maintain engagement with the bush in the event that the bush moves away from the body in the radial direction.12-27-2012
20120090156CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM AND METHOD UTILIZING CD AND OTHER ELECTRONIC MEDIA CASES - A construction system for joining a plurality of CD cases comprising a plurality of component clips, wherein each component clip defines a front recess formed by a front upper arm, a front lower arm and a front support back connecting the two front arms, wherein the front arms are generally parallel; and wherein each clip further defines a groove on each of the two front arms adjacent to the support back within the front recess. A method of using a component clip comprising the steps of orienting the component clip and a CD case such that the CD case is adjacent but not within a first recess; and sliding the CD case into the first recess so that at least one lip on the CD case is received in one of the grooves in two opposing arms.04-19-2012
20120090155METHOD OF FASTENING A GUARD RAIL BY MEANS OF A GUARD RAIL BOLT, THE GUARD RAIL BOLT AND THE TOOL FOR FASTENING THE GUARD RAIL BOLT - A self-expanding and self-undercutting guard rail bolt includes a dowel having a guard rail fastening end and a ring. The fastening end is configured to be driven in rotation, and the ring is configured to rigidly connect to a first screwing end of the dowel by an incipient fracture portion. The self-expanding and self-undercutting guard rail bolt further includes a counter-dowel screwed to the dowel by a second screwing end. The counter-dowel includes an expansion cone, and an anti-rotation head having at least one edge which projects beyond a periphery of the dowel to prevent rotation of the counter-dowel about an axis of the guard rail bolt.04-19-2012
20120284997TOOL AND METHOD FOR HANDLING A PART - A tool and method for handling a part within an electrical power transmission system is disclosed, the part having a flange with a hole through the flange. A first jaw and a second jaw are connected to pivot relative to one another and have respective ends that converge upon closure, for example to hold the flange between the respective ends. The first jaw may have a tooth extended at the respective end of the first jaw for fitting within the hole in the flange to hold the flange between the respective ends when the tool is in a closed position. The tool may be a hot stick adapter, or may include a hot stick made at least in part of dielectric material. An actuator may be connected to operate one or both of the first jaw and the second jaw from a user end of the hot stick.11-15-2012
20130008013Releasable Hanging System - A releasable hanging system having a loop fastener component and a hook fastener component. The loop fastener component includes a flexible patch carrying a field of engageable fibers exposed on a front side of the patch and an adhesive on a back side of the patch. The hook fastener component includes a resin base carrying an array of male touch fastener elements. A significant majority of the male touch fastener elements each extend from the base to a distal tip to overhang the base in a single, common direction. The fastening system can be used to hang an object on a vertical surface such that the male touch fastener elements of the significant majority bear the weight of the object in a downward direction, and such that the significant majority of the male touch fastener elements are oriented so as not to inhibit lifting of the object in an upward direction.01-10-2013
20130008014VEHICLE EXPANSION RETAINER - A method and apparatus for retaining accessories to a vehicle.01-10-2013
20130139374Attachment arrangement, a connecting device, and also a method - An attachment arrangement for attaching a component to a base item, with at least one fixing device for fixing one section of the component on a section of the base item. At least one connecting device with a connecting element and at least one receiving element are provided. One of the elements is arranged on a component section and the other of the elements is arranged on a base item section. The two elements detachably engage with one another in a form fit. Loads can be transferred at least in the direction of a first axis, and a relative movement is possible between the elements in the direction of a second axis, different from the first axis. A connecting device is disclosed for such an attachment arrangement. A method is disclosed for purposes of attaching a component to a base item by means of such an attachment arrangement.06-06-2013
20130167358STRUCTURAL COUPLER - In the present disclosure, a structural coupler is disclosed for coupling together structural members, such as trusses. The structural coupler is dimensioned such that it can be installed at an end and within an inner channel of the structural member. The structural member includes a gusset member, a face member and a reinforcing member. The face member is connected to the gusset member and the reinforcing member is connected to both the gusset member and the face member. To couple structural members together, the face member of the structural member installed at an end of a first structural member is mated with the face member of the structural member installed at an end of a second structural member. The structural couplers are then joined together using a coupling mechanism.07-04-2013
20130097845EXPANSION PLUG - When it comes to an expansion plug (04-25-2013
20130174406SPRING CLIP AND METHOD OF USE FOR INSTALLING RAILINGS - A spring clip that has a first portion and a second portion. The first portion has a base with at least one aperture and a resilient flange portion that extends away from and above the base and faces a first direction. The second portion has at least one tubular extension that extends through the at least one aperture of the first portion beyond the base and engages the first portion. The at least one tubular extension has an aperture such that the at least one aperture in the first portion and the aperture in a second portion have a common axis. In addition, the flange portion can be compressed from a first position to a second position over the base and when the flange portion will move toward the first position when it is released from the second position. An installation tool is provided for inserting the spring clip into a longitudinal cavity of a railing section.07-11-2013
20130174407CLOCKED RETAINING ASSEMBLY AND TECHNIQUE - A clocked retaining assembly for use in an automotive powertrain is provided. The clocked retaining assembly includes an inner component and an outer component. The inner component has an outer side having a plurality of inner spline teeth separated by a plurality of inner grooves formed in the outer side. The outer component has an inner side having a plurality of outer spline teeth separated by a plurality of outer grooves formed in the inner side. The outer component forms a continuous inner circumferential slot through the outer spline teeth around the inner circumference of the inner side. The inner spline teeth are disposed in the inner circumferential slot. A pin extension is disposed in an inner groove an outer groove. The pin extension prevents the inner component from rotating with respect to the outer component. A method for retaining the inner and outer components is also provided.07-11-2013
20130133175PIN RETAINER FOR DRAGLINE PINS - A locking device that connects to a grooved end of a dragline pin includes a lock block and a lock pin. The lock block has a through opening sized to receive the end of the pin. There is a bore formed in the lock block and transversely intersecting the through opening which is dimensioned to receive the lock pin. The lock pin is configured to pass through a portion of the grooved end of a received dragline pin received in the through opening to lock the dragline pin and any attached dragline component.05-30-2013
20130091690CABLE CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY - A cable connector assembly comprises a first stop, a second stop, and a connector. The first stop is configured and arranged to receive a first end of a cable, and the second stop is configured and arranged to receive a second end of the cable. The connector is configured and arranged to pivotally interconnect the first stop and the second stop.04-18-2013
20130091689Wall-Mountable Support Rack for Equipment - A wall mountable rack for equipment, and an associated method of assembly for the rack and a method of use for the rack is disclosed. Exemplary equipment that may be mounted in the rack includes power strips, patch panels, servers, tower computers, tape drives, hubs, switches, cabling and other equipment related thereto.04-18-2013
20130111733LATERAL PIN RETENTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A pin joint includes a pin having a longitudinal axis. A bushing for use with a lateral pin retention system may be positioned around the pin. The bushing includes an arc groove disposed radially about an outer surface of the bushing. A retaining plug for use with the lateral pin retention system includes an engagement head shaped to engage the arc groove and may be attachable to a linkage of a machine.05-09-2013
20130125374FASTENER JOINT WITH SEALING GASKET - A joint comprising: a first component having a face and a bore defined by a bore wall; a second component; a fastener joining the first component to the second component, the fastener comprising a head and a shaft protruding from the head; and a polysulphide gasket comprising a ring which is compressed between the head of the fastener and the face of the first component; and a collar between the shaft of the fastener and the bore wall. The gasket comprises a ring of sealing material surrounding a hole for receiving a fastener, the sealing material comprising an at least partially cured polysulphide sealant. The gasket has a region of increased thickness positioned towards the inner periphery of the ring which flows to form the collar.05-23-2013
20130125373COUPLING WITH PROJECTIONS HAVING ANGULARLY ORIENTED SURFACE PORTIONS - A mechanical coupling for joining pipe elements has segments joined end to end, each segment having projections with surface portions oriented angularly with respect to other surface portions to serve as a guide for the insertion of pipe elements between the segments when arranged in spaced apart relation around a ring gasket. A method of assembling a pipe joint includes engaging the surfaces with ends of the pipe elements and rotating the segments relative to one another to permit insertion.05-23-2013
20130125375FASTENER JOINT WITH SEALING GASKET - A joint comprising: a first component having a face and a bore defined by a bore wall; a second component; a fastener joining the first component to the second component, the fastener comprising a head and a shaft protruding from the head; and a polysulphide gasket comprising a ring which is compressed between the head of the fastener and the face of the first component; and a collar between the shaft of the fastener and the bore wall. The gasket comprises a ring of sealing material surrounding a hole for receiving a fastener, the sealing material comprising an at least partially cured polysulphide sealant. The gasket has a region of increased thickness positioned towards the inner periphery of the ring which flows to form the collar.05-23-2013
20110047777ABRASIVE FINISH MASK AND METHOD OF POLISHING A COMPONENT - A method of masking a component includes installing a flexible gasket over a portion of a component masking area leaving an unmasked area exposed. A backer is installed over the flexible gasket to compress the flexible gasket between the backer and the portion. The flexible gasket and the backer are secured to the component to provide an assembly. The assembly is deposited into a slurry with an abrasive media to polish the unmasked area, in one example. The flexible gasket and backer prevent abrasive media from reaching the masked area. The flexible gasket and backer can be removed from the component and reused on other similarly shaped components.03-03-2011
20130180097DEVICE AND METHOD FOR FASTENING A COMPONENT COMPRISING AT LEAST ONE OPENING ON A CARRIER PART - Device for fastening a component comprising at least one opening on a carrier part characterized by at least one fastening element projecting from the carrier part and welded to the carrier part, on which fastening element the component can be fastened, by mounting the component with its at least one opening onto the at least one fastening element, wherein the at least one fastening element comprises at least one elastic locking element, which locks on the component opening when the component is mounted on the fastening element.07-18-2013
20120272507ANCHORS FOR HOLDING A WIRE SHELF - A wall anchor is specially designed for mounting wire shelving systems to a wall. The wall anchor includes a threaded end to thread into the wall. The wall anchor is equipped with a clip that locks the shelving in place. Once the wall anchor is secured into the wall, wire shelving can snap in place in the clip. The wall anchor is made as a single piece, thereby providing quick and easy installation of wire shelving as compared with conventional two-piece designs. With the wall anchor, no hole preparation is necessary, the wall anchor has a tip that pre-drills its own small, precise hole in the wall, allowing the wall anchor to be used with gypsum wallboard, replacing plastic plugs and toggles.11-01-2012
20120272506FASTENING DEVICE WITH TOLERANCE COMPENSATION - A fastening device for fastening a first component B11-01-2012
20120272505Robot having obstacle avoidance mechanism - A robot is placed on a first surface of a panel. The robot includes a body and first and second feet connected to the body via joints. A flux conducting device is positioned on an opposing second surface of the panel, opposite the robot, so that each foot of the robot is magnetically coupled to the flux conducting device. The flux conducting device is moved along the exterior surface to pull the robot along the interior surface until an obstacle on the first surface is encountered. The robot decouples one of the feet from the flux conducting device, lifts the decoupled foot above the obstacle, and moves the decoupled foot past the obstacle.11-01-2012
20130180096SELF-ALIGNING COUPLER FOR SUPERPOSED SURFACES AND METHOD OF SELF-ALIGNING COUPLER FOR SUPERPOSED SURFACES - Self-aligning couplers and methods for aligning superposed surfaces include a circular and semi-spherical base formed on a first surface, a fastening element perpendicularly passing through the circular and semi-spherical base and associated to a second surface, and at least a semi-spherical insert disposed on the circular and semi-spherical base and concentric to the fastening element. The semi-spherical insert is cooperative with the circular and semi-spherical base and the fastening element for the self-alignment and superposed fastening of the first and second surfaces.07-18-2013
20110308063Connectors for Forming Joints Between Pieces of Finished Lumber and Methods Relating to Same - A connector for use in forming a joint between pieces of finished lumber features interconnected sleeves having respective open ends facing in different directions at outer ends of the sleeves opposite interconnected inner ends thereof for receiving ends of respective pieces of finished lumber. Each sleeve has four sides, two of which are defined by opposing side walls that are each flexible relative to a third wall interconnecting the two opposing side walls so that the opposing side walls are movable toward and away from one another to selectively change a width of a fourth side of the sleeve to accommodate variation between different pieces of finished lumber. A fourth side wall portion on each of the opposing side walls extends toward the other side wall to present an area through which at least one fastener is passable into the respective piece of lumber.12-22-2011
20120017420INTEGRATED BASE ASSEMBLY - A sofa includes a furniture base assembly that is easily assembled without the need of a jig or fixture, provides for a reduced number of component parts, and provides for aesthetically pleasing base assembly joints. In one embodiment, the front rail member and the back rail member are integrally formed with the corner block members, side rails are connected thus forming an integrated rail member and thereby dispensing with a base joint exposed on the front of the furniture product. The base is affixed to the sofa frame and upholstery is attached to the frame for providing a finished sofa with a showood base.01-26-2012
20120017419Tank plate erection system - A system for constructing a tank which is made up of a plurality of generally rectangular prism sections, which are hinged together on the back side to form a platform, having an end section hinged to a frame section, a cantilever frame extending from the end section, a counterbalance frame attached to said cantilever and extending parallel to the platform and opposed to the end section, with the end section and said counterbalance frame being separated by a pair of saddle wheels mounted to the cantilever frame. At least one additional saddle wheel is mounted on a frame section for cooperative operation with saddle wheels on the cantilever to support the system on the tank wall and to move the platform within the tank wall as it is constructed. The hinge connections between the sections allow the platform to be adjusted to the arc of the internal wall of the tank under construction.01-26-2012
20120291261HANGING STORAGE C-CHANNEL SPLICE SYSTEM - A hanging storage system is presented with an improved support beam splicing method that allows the use of short metal beams to carry the load of a long beam. The support beams are three-sided angle iron product with a C-shaped cross section designed to permit a system assembled from such products to carry increased weight of stored items.11-22-2012
20120055009DEVICE AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY CONNECTING TWO WORKPIECES - The invention relates to a device and a method for automatically connecting two workpieces by means of fasteners, the device having a magazine for receiving the fasteners. In order to improve a device for automatically connecting two workpieces to the effect that supplying the fasteners is less personnel- and cost-intensive, the invention proposes that a fastener nest (03-08-2012
20130199020FASTENING DEVICES AND SYSTEMS AND METHODS THEREOF - Fastening devices and systems and methods thereof. Fastening devices and systems and methods thereof can include a unitary or one-piece body having first and second ends configured and operative to be coupled together or to be coupled to their respective complement in another of said fastening devices. The first end can include a ring or annular portion and a projection that are sized and shaped to fit around an anchor and in an orifice, respectively, of the second end. Fastening devices and systems and methods thereof according to embodiments may be used with items, including footwear, apparel, luggage, a backpack, a bag, a purse, a boxing glove, a punching bag, football or lacrosse shoulder pads, or the like.08-08-2013
20130199021Remote Cam-lock Coupling Actuator and Discharge Containment Device - This invention relates to a means of remotely coupling and decoupling various devices connected to: 1) Municipal drinking (potable), reuse (non-potable), industry process water, and wastewater treatment systems; and, 2) Industrial fluid distribution systems by means of a remotely actuated cam-lock coupling actuator and discharge containment device capable of remotely locking and unlocking the locking handles found on conventional female cam-lock couplings while simultaneously containing the forceful spray discharge ordinarily encountered when decoupling occurs.08-08-2013
20120060350MANUFACTURING METHOD OF LAUNDRY MACHINE - A manufacturing method of a laundry machine is disclosed. The manufacturing method of the laundry machine includes a suspension preparing step configured to prepare a suspension unit (03-15-2012

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