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With prestressing of part

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029 - Metal working


029428000 - Assembling or joining

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029447000 By temperature differential (e.g., shrink fit) 22
029450000 Elastic joining of parts 18
029453000 By snap fit 11
029452000 Prestressing rod, filament or strand 6
029448000 Of skin on frame member 2
20090056100Method for attaching guide means to a flexible sheet-like structure and preparatory device therefor - The invention relates to a method for attaching guide means (03-05-2009
20130008010Apparatus For Installation Of A Textile Deck Assembly In An Article Of Furniture - A method and apparatus for applying tension to a fabric decking on an article of furniture are described. The apparatus includes a cylindrical base having a central axis and that is adapted to be placed in proximity to a frame of the article of furniture. A plurality of spaced needles are coupled to, and extend away from, said base. The needles are aligned in a row parallel to the axis of the cylindrical base. The needles extend away from the base a distance greater than a thickness of the fabric decking material. The apparatus also includes a rotation mechanism coupled to the base and operable to impart a rotational movement to the base about the axis, between a first, ready position for engagement with the fabric decking material, and a second stretched position.01-10-2013
20080256776Assembly apparatus and method for the assembly of a fuselage section - The present invention provides an assembly apparatus for supporting a fuselage section of an aircraft or spacecraft in an adjustable assembly position, with at least one stiffening bow for detachably stiffening the fuselage section and a rotational support, which rotatably supports the at least one stiffening bow. Also provided is a method for the assembly of a fuselage section of an aircraft or spacecraft in which an assembly position of the fuselage section is prescribed. In further steps, the fuselage section is reinforced with a stiffening bow and the stiffening bow is rotatably supported. The stiffening bow is then turned in such a way that the fuselage section rotates into the assembly position.10-23-2008
20100115755Method of Inserting Self-Expandable Stent in a Sheath - A method is disclosed comprising providing a self-expandable stent having a polymeric component. The stent is exposed to a relative humidity of 20% to 100% (RH) or a plasticizing agent is applied to the polymeric component. The diameter of the stent is reduced. The stent having a reduced diameter is inserted in a constraining sheath such that the sheath constrains the stent in a reduced diameter, such that removal of the stent from the sheath causes the stent to self-expand to a greater diameter.05-13-2010
20130031769DOUBLE FLANGED BUSHINGS AND INSTALLATION METHODS - A dual bushing installation kit includes a first metal bushing and a second metal bushing. The first metal bushing can include a first body having first and second ends. The first and second ends are connected by a first outer surface having a first outer circumference and a first inner surface having a first inner circumference. The second metal bushing is defined by a second body having first and second ends. The first and second ends are connected by a second outer surface having a second outer circumference and a second inner surface having a second inner circumference. The second outer circumference is dimensioned to be substantially conforming with the first inner circumference such that the second bushing is closely receivable by a first opening of the first bushing. Both the second outer circumference and the first inner circumference can be expanded in an outwardly radial direction.02-07-2013
20100071191WINDING MEMBER MANUFACTURING METHOD, WINDING MEMBER MANUFACTURING APPARATUS, WINDING MEMBER PERIPHERAL LENGTH MEASURING APPARATUS AND PRE-TENSION APPLYING APPARATUS - [Problems] To provide power transmission chain manufacturing method and apparatus which can prevent a pin against damage when, by increasing a pre-tension, a more proper residual compression stress is applied to a link.03-25-2010
20090307892METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING BRAKE, AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INSPECTING BRAKE - A brake includes an annular boot which can be expanded and contracted according to movements of a piston and is assembled to an opening part of a cylinder and to an annular groove on an outer peripheral face of the piston. The boot is assembled by: engaging one end of the boot with the opening part of the cylinder in a state where the piston is contained in the cylinder; moving the piston so that at least a part of the piston is withdrawn from the cylinder and that the other end of the boot is pressed by a pressing face of the piston; and fitting the other end of the boot into the annular groove of the piston, while a movable range of the other end of the boot is restricted by an expanding allowance of the boot whose one end is engaged with the opening part of the cylinder.12-17-2009
20100269324PRESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A pressing apparatus is used to press a number of hooks of a speaker mesh to a shell. The pressing apparatus includes a workbench, a first pressing board located above the workbench, a number of bending members extending down from the first pressing board, a second pressing board located above the first pressing board, and a number of pressing members extending down from the second pressing board and slidably passing through the first pressing board. The number of bending members press inner sides of distal ends of the hooks to bend out in response to the first pressing board moving towards the workbench; and the number of pressing members press the distal ends of the hooks to bend further to hold the shell in response to the second pressing board moving towards the workbench.10-28-2010
20120102713Door Handle Assembly - A handle assembly for a vehicle door includes a back plate, including a recessed region displaced away from the exterior surface of the vehicle door. A handle aperture is provided within the recessed region of the back plate with at least one pin mount integrally formed within the recessed region of the back plate. The pin mount includes a void and a slot that is narrower than the void. A handle is pivotally mounted to the back plate and located at least partially within the recessed region, the handle having at least one integrally-formed pin extending at an angle substantially parallel to the body of the handle; the pin operable to be seated in the aperture to allow pivotal movement of the handle. The handle further includes a spring locator operable to retain a handle spring prior to mounting the handle to the back plate.05-03-2012
20110283515SNAP-IN CABLE HANGER CLIP - A clip for a snap-in cable hanger with a top from which at least two clip arm(s) extend and at least one of the clip arm(s) formed with a clip tab projecting proximate a distal end. The top having a length greater than a diameter of the mounting hole and a width dimensioned to fit within a spring space when the snap-in cable hanger is seated upon the mounting hole. The clip arm(s) spaced apart proximate the diameter of the mounting hole, having a length longer than a depth of the mounting hole.11-24-2011
20110258831SHIM PLACEMENT TOOL - A tool for placing a shim between a housing and a component biased towards the housing is provided. The tool can include a handle and a pair of spaced-apart tongs extending outwardly from the handle. In addition, a shim support surface can be located between the pair of spaced-apart tongs. The spaced-apart tongs and the shim support surface can be dimensioned for a shim to nest between the tongs on the shim support surface.10-27-2011
20090320269Method of Manufacturing Slow Acting Pocketed Spring Core - A method of manufacturing spring cushions (12-31-2009
20080271303SNOWMOBILE SKI - A snowmobile ski with a pair of outboard keels and laterally projecting, upwardly slanting, lateral wings attached proximate the outboard keels is disclosed. A ski of this structure has improved flotation and resistance to side slippage in turns.11-06-2008
20110138604METHOD OF ESTABLISHING A PRESS FIT OF A COMPONENT ON A SHAFT - The present invention relates to a method of establishing a press fit of a component with a mounting hole on a shaft. It aims at providing a method that allows exact positioning of the component to be mounted on the shaft as well as a flexible way of use. To this end, the method is so conceived that an inner surface of the mounting hole of the component and/or a circumferential surface of the shaft is/are partially fused so that calotte-shaped projections protruding beyond the inner surface of the mounting hole and/or the circumferential surface of the shaft will form, that the component and/or the shaft is/are subsequently cooled, so that the calotte-shaped projections will solidify, and that the component is then slipped onto the shaft until the mounting hole is positioned in a fastening area of the shaft. In addition, the present invention also relates to components for establishing a press fit of a shaft-hub connection.06-16-2011
20100146767MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - Grasping of an elongated plate shaped spacer is performed such that a portion of each face of grasping members is brought into contact with the side of the elongated plate shaped spacer, wherein the region of contact between the grasping members and the side of the elongated plate shaped spacer is gradually spread toward the edge of the elongated plate shaped spacer in the longitudinal direction thereof. Thus, a method of manufacturing an image display apparatus can be provided wherein elongated plate shaped spacers can be positioned on a substrate with high positional precision.06-17-2010
20100223776ENDOVASCULAR PROSTHESIS - An expandable endovascular prosthesis comprising: body having a proximal end and a distal end; a first expandable portion disposed between the proximal end and the distal end, the tubular first expandable portion being expandable from a first, unexpanded state to a second, expanded state with a radially outward force thereon to urge the first expandable portion against a vascular lumen; and a second expandable portion attached to the first tubular expandable portion; the second expandable portion being expandable upon expansion of the tubular first expandable portion. The endovascular prosthesis is particularly useful in the treatment of aneurysms, particularly saccular aneurysms. Thus, the first expandable portion serves the general purpose of fixing the endovascular prosthesis in place at a target vascular lumen or body passageway in the vicinity at which the aneurysm is located and, upon expansion of the first expandable portion, the second expandable portion expands to block the aneurysmal opening thereby leading to obliteration of the aneurysm. A method of delivering and implanting the endovascular prosthesis is also described.09-09-2010
20100212138Method For Forming A Patient Specific Surgical Guide Mount - A resection guide locator includes a bone engagement portion with surfaces that are complementary to the surface topographies of a bone to be resected during surgery. A housing includes a socket defined by a resilient annular wall that is sized and arranged so to accept a resection guide by press-fit to thereby position and hold the resection guide within the socket. The resection guide is maintained in a predetermined, preferred position while the surfaces are releasably locked in position on the bone. A method is disclosed for forming and using the resection guide locator.08-26-2010
20100000068TOOL SET FOR THE INTRODUCTION IN A SHEATH OF A FLOW-MONITORING DEVICE FOR A FLUID PIPING, AND AN IMPLEMENTATION METHOD THEREFORE - The invention particularly relates to a tool set making it possible to introduce in a sheath (01-07-2010
20120266445INSERTED METAL REMOVAL SYSTEM USING HIGH FREQUENCY WAVE - Provided is an inserted metal removal system using a high frequency wave, in particular, a system for removing metal, inserted into a plastic part, using high frequency waves, thus improving the recyclability of the plastic part. For this purpose, the present invention provides an inserted metal removal system using a high frequency wave, the system including: a rotating table on which a plastic part with an inserted metal therein is placed and fixed and a matching box being moved up and down on the metal inserted into the plastic part by a balancer provided above the rotating table. The matching box generates and transmits high frequency waves to the metal part to melt the plastic surrounding the periphery thereof. A coil box including a heating coil mounted therein, inductively heats a heating unit provided at an end of the coil box by the high frequency waves transmitted from the matching box, and a cooler prevents the heating coil from overheating.10-25-2012
20110094083METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INSERTING SPRINGS INTO A GROOVE - The invention relates to a method for inserting a spring (04-28-2011
20110072634WEDGING RETAINER GASKET CONSTRUCTION - Sealing gasket construction for providing a fluid seal intermediate a pair of opposed, mating parts or structures, one of the parts having an edge and a void space defined along the edge. The gasket includes a retainer and a resilient seal element having a wedging portion extending radially beyond one of the retainer inner or outer perimeter. The wedging portion is configured in a free state to extend into the area of the void space and to be wedged against the other one of the interfacing parts, and thereby made to occupy at least a portion of the void space.03-31-2011
20110047776METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR MOUNTING A CRYSTAL - In various embodiments, a crystal is inserted within a flexible membrane through an opening formed by manipulation of the membrane.03-03-2011
20110185562FLUSHNESS SHIMS - A media player according to the invention is provided. The media player may include a scroll wheel and a housing including a retention ledge. The retention ledge may maintain the position of the scroll wheel with respect to the housing. A flexible printed circuit may also be included in the media player. The flexible printed circuit may include a first face and a second face. The first face may contact the scroll wheel. The second face may include tactile dome switches. Compressible shims may also form a portion of the media player and may be adjacent the second face. The compressible shims may control the distance between the scroll wheel and the retention ledge.08-04-2011
20120144652METHOD OF INSTALLING A MULTI-LAYER BATT, BLANKET OR MAT IN AN EXHAUST GAS AFTERTREATMENT OR ACOUSTIC DEVICE - A method is provided for installing a multi-layer mat (06-14-2012
20100011560ASSEMBLING DEVICE, ASSEMBLING METHOD AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF DRIVING BELT - An assembling device of a driving belt, in which two rows of rings are accommodated parallel to each other in a recess of a plurality of elements interlinked annularly in a manner to situate the recess to open to an outer circumferential side, in which protruding portions protrude from an outer circumferential side of inner walls of the recess toward a width center of the element to prevent detachment of the rings and from the recess, and in which the rings are held by the protruding portions in an inner circumferential side of the protruding portions. A ring holding mechanism immovably holds the first ring whose outer lateral side is being fitted into a space between one of the protruding portions and a bottom of the recess, and a ring moving mechanism pushes the second ring toward other protruding portion.01-21-2010
20100199483Pivoting Joints for Spinal Implants Including Designed Resistance to Motion and Methods of Use - Methods of assembling a vertebral anchor to a body shaped to receive a longitudinal member. The methods may include inserting a wear member and a head of an anchor into a cavity through an inlet in a first end of a body. The body may further include a second end with a channel to receive the longitudinal member. The method may include deforming the first end of the body and reducing a width of the inlet measured perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the body and capturing the wear member and the head in the cavity. The method may also include compressing the wear member against the head of the anchor and increasing an amount of interference between the wear member and the head.08-12-2010
20110146049Grooved-End Rubber Expansion Joint - A grooved-ended resilient expansion joint is disclosed. The expansion joint has a resilient expansion member with a central resilient portion and two resilient axially disposed cylindrical ends. Each cylindrical end has a radially outwardly raised distal cylindrical gasket portion with at least one inside shoulder having an inner diameter sized substantially the same as an outer diameter of a pipe to be joined. Each cylindrical end also has a neck portion between the central portion and the gasket portion that is sized to receive a grooved-ended pipe nipple.06-23-2011
20130091685METHOD OF APPLYING PRE-TIGHTENING FORCE ON AN ANCHOR BOLT - The present invention provides a method of applying a pre-tightening force on an anchor bolt, which comprises: installing washers with a predetermined dimension between tower flange and fastening nuts, the washers are configured to support the supporting bridge of tensioner; applying a pre-tightening force on the anchor bolts in an inner ring and the anchor bolts in an outer ring installed on the tower flange with the tensioners. According to the present invention, the method of applying a pre-tightening force on an anchor bolt adopts the washer with a predetermined dimension to replace the conventional washer, such that the tensioner will not directly contact the surface of tower flange, and pressure of the tensioner is transmitted uniformly to tower flange via the washer, avoiding damage to paint on the surface of tower flange and improving installation quality and service life of the tower.04-18-2013
20130145599ASSEMBLY COMPRISING A RADIALLY INTERMEDIATE JOINT AND CORRESPONDING METHOD OF JOINING TWO COMPONENTS - An assembly comprising a first component joined to a second component by means of an intermediate joint is provided. The first component has a first joining surface arranged coaxially and spaced in a juxtaposition around a second joining surface of the second component, such that a groove is defined between the first and second joining surfaces. The groove comprises an arcuate section formed in that one of the first and second joining surfaces comprises a concave portion and the other of the first and second joining surfaces comprises a convex portion, radially opposite from the concave portion. The intermediate joint is formed by an insert ring, made of a high strength material, pressed into the groove and deformed such that material of the insert ring fills the concave portion and surrounds the convex portion. Consequently, the first and second components are locked relative to each other in both axial directions.06-13-2013
20100299906APPARATUS AND METHOD OF FORMING THE BRAKE ACTUATOR - A apparatus for forming a brake actuator that includes a flange case defining a peripheral groove circumscribing a push rod movable axially in relation to the flange case whereby the push rod presents a push rod guide bushing on the bearing surfaces of the push rod guide bushing being in contact with a seal. An automatic manipulator of the apparatus moves in multi-axial directions relative the flange case. A tucking tool of the automatic manipulator holds the seal. The tool includes at least two members movable relative to one another. First member rotates around the axis of the tucking tool and presents a tucking surface for forcing the seal into the peripheral groove of the flange case. Second member gradually injects the seal into the peripheral groove and pushed the seal into the back wall of the peripheral groove.12-02-2010
20100306988Article Selection And Placement Assembly And Method - An apparatus is disclosed for applying tags with attached elastic anchor bands onto the tops of objects such as bottles in a high speed packaging application. The apparatus includes an infeed assembly for feeding a web in which multitudes of tags and bands are defined by score lines along which the tags and bands are detachable from the web. A conveyor assembly receives the web and conveys it along a path in an upstream direction. A rotating selector wheel bearing peripheral vacuum cups is disposed above the path and a rotating placing assembly is disposed below the path. The placement assembly includes an array of radially arrayed openable and closable jaw assemblies having extendable and retractable pins at their distal ends. As the web approaches the selector wheel and placing assembly, the adjacent pins of a pair of adjacent closed jaw assembles rotate up through the elastic band of each tag to capture the elastic band. A vacuum cup of the selector wheel then engages each tag and pushes down on the tag to detach it and its elastic band from the web. The detached tags are then carried around the placing assembly on the pins and, at the same time, the adjacent jaw assemblies are opened and their ends spread apart by respective cam mechanisms to spread the pins and thus stretch the elastic band. The rotating jaw assemblies then move the stretched elastic bands over the tops of respective bottles being conveyed along a path below the placing assembly and the pins are retracted by a cam mechanism to release the elastic bands. The elastic bands then snap onto the tops of their respective bottles to secure the tags to the bottles.12-09-2010
20130205567FATIGUE-RESISTANT NICKEL-TITANIUM ALLOYS AND MEDICAL DEVICES USING SAME - Superelastic and/or shape memory nickel-titanium alloys having an increased fatigue life that is superior to known nickel-titanium alloys are disclosed. The nickel-titanium alloys have a minimum fatigue life that may be at least about 10 million strain cycles at a strain greater than about 0.75%. The minimum fatigue life may be due, at least in part, to the nickel-titanium alloy having at least one of an oxygen concentration of less than about 200 ppm, a carbon concentration of less than about 200 ppm, the absence of oxide-based and/or carbide-based inclusions having a size greater than about 5 microns (μm), the presence of an R-phase, or combinations of the foregoing. Articles manufactured from such fatigue-resistant nickel-titanium alloys can be more durable because they are more resistant to repetitive strain and crack propagation.08-15-2013

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