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029407090 With aligning, guiding, or instruction 36
029407050 Quantitative measuring or gauging 30
029407040 Using optical instrument (excludes mere human eyeballing) 8
029407020 Torquing threaded assemblage or determining torque herein 4
20080209707Method for Attaining a Predetermined Clamping Force in Threaded Joints - METHOD FOR ATTAINING A PREDETERMINED CLAMPING FORCE IN THREADED JOINTS through the employment of a plurality of equations and graphs converted into digital data and applied to a system of intelligent monitoring, being part of a computer program or specific software dedicated to operate manual or automatic spindle machines, the needed parameters being measured at the axle of the equipment connected to the wrench that acts over a threaded fastener, such as a bolt, nuts or equivalent element during the fastening operation, the acquisition of the data for calculation and utilization the variable “torsion angle” θ, θ09-04-2008
20090260209SCREWING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING SCREWING OPERATION - A screwing apparatus includes a support member having a horizontal support surface. A single urging member has an urging surface opposed to the support surface. The urging surface is set parallel to the support surface. A driving mechanism is configured to drive at least one of the support member and the urging member to move to change the distance between the support member and the urging member. Driver bits have the tip ends opposed to the support surface, respectively. The driver bits are driven to move toward and away from the urging surface.10-22-2009
20120210552Position Make-Up Indicator System - A method is shown by which threaded pipe sections are connected to form a tubular joint having proper sealing positioning at proper make-up torque. A make-up stencil plate is manufactured for each specific size of pipe to be coupled at the specific taper and make-up loss of a given connection with very tight tolerance. The plate is placed on the pin pipe end of the connection. A dial indicator is placed on the outer surface of the pipe pin end with the indicator flush with the end of the stencil plate. Once the indicator is set to zero, the stencil plate is removed. Then a bucking unit or power tong is applied to the coupling. When the face of the coupling hits the tip of the indicator and the indicator is within the given tolerance, the operator stops the make-up process.08-23-2012
20120073104Bolt preloading check system - A bolt system for indicating a level of preload of a bolt that is connectable to a subject to be fixed is disclosed The bolt system includes the bolt with a bolt head, a first sleeve attached to the bolt between the bolt head and the subject and a second sleeve attached to the bolt between the bolt head and the subject. The first sleeve is an inner sleeve and the second sleeve is an outer sleeve that fits around the first sleeve. One sleeve is longer than the other sleeve. When the preload is below a maximum value, the longer sleeve transmits the preload between the bolt head and the subject. When the preload is above the maximum value, the longer sleeve is compressed in such a way that both sleeves transmit the preload between the bolt head and the subject.03-29-2012
20130025104METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR MARKING A CYLINDER HEAD - A system includes a first sensor positioned at a first location that senses a pallet identifier associated with a transfer pallet. A component is associated with the transfer pallet. A second sensor positioned at a second location remote from the first sensor senses the pallet identifier associated with the transfer pallet. A marking machine proximate to the second location marks the component with a component identifier associated with component unique birth data based on the pallet identifier.01-31-2013
20110197414SENSOR ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD FOR EASY INSTALLATION INTO A VEHICLE - A method for installing a sensor arrangement into a vehicle having a vehicle chassis, wherein the vehicle chassis is in a defined position during the installation, and the sensor arrangement is attached directly or indirectly to the vehicle chassis, wherein the sensor arrangement includes one or more acceleration sensors with three linearly independent measuring directions, and the sensor arrangement has an electronic control unit which is configured in such a way that it includes a sensor calibration mode, wherein, after the attachment of the sensor arrangement, the at least one acceleration sensor senses the gravitational acceleration, after which the electronic control unit in the sensor calibration mode calculates and stores one or more relative positioning parameters from at least the detected direction of the gravitational acceleration (g), which positioning parameters include at least information about the relative positioning between the sensor arrangement and the vehicle chassis.08-18-2011
20110192001METHOD OF FORMING A GOLF CLUB HEAD WITH IMPROVED AERODYNAMIC CHARCTERISTICS - A method of forming a golf club head having improved aerodynamic characteristics. The method comprises a largest tangent circle method utilizing a cartesian coordinate system. The method results in the highest point of the crown surface located within a crown apex zone, wherein this location aids in the improved aerodynamic properties of the golf club head.08-11-2011
20130081246SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR IN-PROCESS NON-CONTACT OPTICAL SURFACE ROUGHNESS MEASUREMENT - A system for measuring the roughness of a target surface in a manufacturing line is disclosed. Particularly, in some embodiments, the system may include a manufacturing line configured to provide movement of the target surface through a manufacturing process, a non-contact optical surface roughness measurement device configured to measure the surface roughness of the target surface on the manufacturing line, and a control system communicatively coupled with the non-contact optical surface roughness measurement device configured to receive an indication of a measured surface roughness of the target surface.04-04-2013
20120174368SWITCHABLE CORE ELEMENT-BASED PERMANENT MAGNET APPARATUS - A method for producing a switchable core element-based permanent magnet apparatus, used for holding and lifting a target, comprised of two or more carrier platters containing core elements. The core elements are magnetically matched soft steel pole conduits attached to the north and south magnetic poles of one or more permanent magnets, inset into carrier platters. The pole conduits contain and redirect the permanent magnets' magnetic field to the upper and lower faces of the carrier platters. By containing and redirecting the magnetic field within the pole conduits, like poles have a simultaneous level of attraction and repulsion. Aligning upper core elements “in-phase,” with the lower core elements, activates the apparatus by redirecting the magnetic fields of both pole conduits into the target. Anti-aligning upper core elements “out-of-phase,” with the lower core elements, deactivates the apparatus resulting in pole conduits containing opposing fields.07-12-2012
20130074304Temperature-Robust MEMS Gyroscope with 2-DOF Sense-Mode Addressing the Tradeoff Between Bandwidth and Gain - The current invention is a novel gyroscope design, which yields devices robust to fabrication and environmental variations, allows flexible selection of operational parameters, and provides increased bandwidth with minimized sacrifice in gain regardless of the selected frequency of operation. The gyroscope has a single degree-of-freedom (DOF) drive-mode and a 2-DOF sense-mode. The drive-mode operational frequency and the sense-mode bandwidth can be selected arbitrarily in the proposed design, relaxing the tradeoff between the gain, die size, and detection capacitance. The symmetry of the structure ensures the optimal location of the drive-mode resonance relative to the sense-mode operational region, even in presence of fabrication imperfections.03-28-2013
20130047395SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INFLATION SYRINGE WITH IMPROVED DISPLAY AND MODULARIZED COMPONENT ASSEMBLY - An inflation syringe having an improved display and modularized component assembly. More particularly, the present invention relates to methods and apparatuses for providing both numeric and non-numeric indications of an inflation pressurization associated with an inflation syringe. A modularized component assembly for an inflation syringe allowing independent components to be tested independent of the other components of the inflation syringe.02-28-2013
20130086786BONDING ALIGNMENT TOOL AND METHOD - An apparatus is disclosed for detecting flag velocity during a eutectic process for bonding two wafers. The apparatus includes a plurality of sensors for detecting a time and/or velocity of a plurality of flags within a flag-out mechanism. The apparatus also includes one or more displays displaying time durations associated with the movement of the flags during the bonding process. Also disclosed is a method of aligning wafers in a eutectic bonding process. The method includes determining one or more time durations associated with the movement of the flags in the plurality of flags. The method also includes determining if a misalignment has occurred based on the one or more time durations associated with the movement of the flags.04-11-2013
20130067711DEVICE FOR FASTENING SCREW ONTO WORKPIECE AND METHOD OF JUDGING LOOSENING OF SCREW - In judging loosening of a crew, a measuring section measures a position of a bit as a relative position in relation to a placement surface of a screw supplying device when the screw is acquired from the screw supplying device. The measuring section also measures the position of the bit as a relative position in relation to a workpiece surface when fastening of the screw onto a workpiece has been completed. A judging section judges that screw loosening has not occurred when, based on the first and second bit positions, a difference between the first and second bit positions falls within an allowable range. The judging section judges that screw loosening has occurred when the difference does not fall within the allowable range.03-21-2013
20130061442METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION - It is intended to make it possible to, even in a situation where a program and/or data to be written to a memory device of an electronic control unit provided in an automatic transmission become different in content, depending on a specification of a vehicle to be mounted with the automatic transmission, manage the electronic control unit while distinguishing only by a difference in hardware configurations thereof. Disclosed is a method which comprises: an assembling step (03-14-2013
20120233834SYSTEMS, DEVICES AND METHODS FOR ASSEMBLING AUTOMATIC INJECTION DEVICES AND SUB-ASSEMBLIES THEREOF - Exemplary embodiments provide automated assembly systems, devices and methods for assembling components for use in forming an automatic injection device. Exemplary assembly systems monitor, in real time, the frictional forces experienced as a plurality of components are assembled. The detected forces are used in providing real-time feedback to automatically control the assembly process and to determine whether the components are assembled properly.09-20-2012
20120110812MANUFACTURING CELL AND ELEMENTS OF THE CELL - A manufacturing cell has a plurality of stations arranged in two rows having a main aisle therebetween. Each of the plurality of stations has a station-aisle interface that provides an interaction area to the main aisle. The manufacturing cell also comprises a plurality of storage units that are located within the cell along the main aisle and a guided forklift truck that traverses the main aisle without requiring steering control of a stock handler operating the forklift truck within the main aisle to relocate containers from the storage units to designated station-aisle interfaces and to remove containers from the designated station-aisle interfaces when work is completed at the corresponding stations.05-10-2012
20080289164Spring testing apparatus and method - A force measuring apparatus and method for testing a spring for a surgical cartridge. The apparatus and method permit an operator to measure the force applied by the spring when it is in the state it will be in when mounted in a cartridge. Therefore, a spring that exerts an insufficient force is rejected, and a spring that exerts a sufficient force is accepted and then mounted in a cartridge. A rejected spring is ejected from a pocket in the apparatus, and an accepted spring is mounted in the cartridge.11-27-2008
20120137487METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MOUNTING INTERIOR COMPONENTS IN AN AIRCRAFT - A method for mounting interior components in an aircraft includes premounting a first interior component and premounting a second interior component. At least one of the first and the second interior component is secured to a mounting device and the first and second interior components are connected to form an individual module. A plurality of individual modules secured to the mounting device are interconnected to form a large module which is secured to the mounting device. The large module is detached from the mounting device and transported to a final-mounting position in an aircraft fuselage element. The detached large module is then mounted in the aircraft fuselage element.06-07-2012
20130152356MATERIAL REMOVAL SYSTEM FOR USE WITH ARTICLES HAVING VARIATIONS IN FORM - A method of removing unwanted material from an article having a variable form can include scanning the article and determining, based on the scanning, a location of the unwanted material, determining tool paths of a cutting tool which will result in removal of the unwanted material, and displacing the cutting tool along the tool paths, thereby removing the unwanted material. A material removal system for removing unwanted material from an oilfield drill bit can include a rotary indexing device which rotates the drill bit about a longitudinal axis of the drill bit, a scanning device which scans an outer surface of the drill bit, and a controller which determines a geometry of the drill bit, based on at least one scan by the scanning device, determines a location of the unwanted material, and determines tool paths of a cutting tool for removal of the unwanted material.06-20-2013
20130152357TEST ARRANGEMENT FOR A CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR STAGE - A system for testing a compressor is provided. The system comprises one or more compressors connected together in series to a test compressor wherein an output of the test compressor is connected to an input of a first compressor in the series, forming an overall loop, one or more process fluid coolers in the overall loop, one or more orifices in the overall loop, a control valve in the overall loop, and a first plurality of sensors configured adjacent to a process fluid input of the test compressor and a second plurality of sensors configured adjacent to a process fluid output of the test compressor.06-20-2013
20110239432CALIBRATION METHOD IN A MACHINE FOR PROCESSING PLATE ELEMENTS - A calibration method and machine for detecting a location mark (10-06-2011
20120198677FABRICATION PROCESS FOR MASTERING IMAGING LENS ARRAYS - A process and method for fabricating a master lens array for use in the manufacture of duplicate lens arrays is provided. The fabrication methods provided herein are capable of maximizing the quality of the master lens array in an efficient and cost effective manner, thereby reducing the propagation of errors in the lenses formed using the master lens array.08-09-2012
20100064495QUALITY CONTROL METHOD AND MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR PIPE - According to the present invention, penetrators can be adequately determined as flaws. In particular, a welded zone of a pipe is subjected to ultrasonic flaw detection at least in a pipe axial direction, and the quality of the pipe is evaluated using observed values in units of a predetermined area in a pipe thickness direction and the pipe axial direction. The length of one side of the predetermined area is an ultrasound beam width or more and a pipe thickness or less. The quality of the pipe can be evaluated while shifting the predetermined area in the pipe axial direction by using an average value of the observed values within the predetermined area. The length of one side of the predetermined area can be made an ultrasound beam width or more and a pipe thickness or less.03-18-2010
20110247190Method of Forming a Golf Club Head with Improved Aerodynamic Characteristics - Methods of forming a golf club head having improved aerodynamic characteristics are disclosed herein. A preferred method is the largest tangent circle method, which utilizes a Cartesian coordinate system. The method results in identification of the highest point of the crown surface located within a crown apex zone, and this location aids in the design of improved aerodynamic properties of the golf club head.10-13-2011
20110162185FASTENING SYSTEM HEAD, FASTENING SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR FEEDING AND FASTENING ELEMENTS - A fastening system head for attachment to a movable frame, in particular to a robot, has a carrier to which a fastening tool is attached which is rotatable about an axis of rotation. The fastening tool has a holding device for an element fastenable to a component, and has a fastening drive device to move the holding device along a fastening direction for fastening. The axis of rotation is oriented crosswise to the fastening direction. A feed mechanism is included to feed elements to the fastening tool. At least one additional feed mechanism is provided on the fastening system head, for feeding elements to the fastening tool.07-07-2011
20110162184AUTOMATED MONITORING FOR CLINCHING JOINTS - A system for monitoring clinched joints performed by an apparatus that moves a punch relative to a die. The system determines acceptability of a clinched joint by correlating the amount of punch advancement toward the die in the formation of the joint and the diameter of a button formed by the joint.07-07-2011
20110119886METHOD FOR DESIGNING AND MANUFACTURING MODEL PIECES OF VARIABLE CONFIGURATION - It is applied in those processes in which it is required to modify the configuration of a first piece (05-26-2011
20120144642Generating and Detecting Acoustic Resonance in Thin Films - A method and apparatus for film thickness measurements by inducing and detecting acoustic resonance in a sample is disclosed. Acoustic resonance is induced by generating acoustic waves using heterodyned laser beams to frequency-tune a periodic waveform; the detection is done by monitoring changes in a continuous wave, constant intensity laser probe beam. The laser beams and optical system are fiber-optic based.06-14-2012
20120151730JOINT ARTHROPLASTY DEVICES AND SURGICAL TOOLS - Disclosed herein are methods, compositions and tools for repairing articular surfaces repair materials and for repairing an articular surface. The articular surface repairs are customizable or highly selectable by patient and geared toward providing optimal fit and function. The surgical tools are designed to be customizable or highly selectable by patient to increase the speed, accuracy and simplicity of performing total or partial arthroplasty.06-21-2012
20110179619Method and Device for Producing Photovoltaic Modules - An apparatus and a method for automatically joining components of photovoltaic elements are disclosed. The apparatus includes: a) at least two manufacturing lines and at least two assembly bridges for joining the substrates, films and glass panes, b) a stacking device for film feeding and a conveyor belt for feeding the glass panes, c) devices for centering and suctioning the films and the glass plates, d) devices for transporting and fixing the film transport frame and the glass transport frame e) devices for lowering the films and the glass plates from the respective transport frames, and f) devices for further transport.07-28-2011
20120131782METHOD FOR MAKING A MOULD FOR A WIND TURBINE ROTOR BLADE - A method for making a mould for a part of a wind turbine rotor blade to be moulded in the mould, the method comprises determining whether a geometrical property of the mould is within an acceptable limit; and if the determined geometrical property is not within the acceptable limit adjusting the mould so as to bring the geometrical property to be within the acceptable limit. The mould needs not be manufactured to the final and narrow tolerances required for making wind turbine generator rotor blades, but adjustment to desired geometrical properties can be carried out according to determined geometrical properties and desired tolerances. This ensures that rotor blades can be produced with desired geometrical and aerodynamic properties and with narrow tolerances. Also, the mould can be made lighter whereby it will be less costly and easier to move and to manipulate.05-31-2012
20100115750Medical boom with articulated arms and a base with preconfigured removable modular racks used for storing electronic and utility equipment - The present invention is directed to a medical boom with articulated arms and a base cabinet designed to accommodate modular equipment and utility racks that include video processing, computer, and electronic, and other utility equipment that can be easy inserted and removed from the base cabinet, as well as a method of manufacturing and using the same. The boom includes a stationary base that is configured to be installed into an operating room and one or more boom arms supported by the stationary base and configured to extend over an operating table in the operating room. The structural base includes one or more bays configured to receive a modular rack of electrical equipment. In various embodiments, the structural base cabinet further incorporates wiring to connect the equipment installed in the modular racks to video monitors and other equipment mounted on the articulated booms. The modular racks are preconfigured with a variety of electronic equipment such as computers, video processors and the like. The modular racks are installed in the base cabinet subsequent to the cabinet's structural installation in the operating room and may be readily removed or replaced at a later time.05-13-2010
20120255151METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REPOSITIONING A TANDEM AXLE ASSEMBLY OF A TRAILER - A portable device is used to aid a semi-truck driver in the repositioning of a tandem axle assembly of a trailer. The portable device may be easily attached and removed from the trailer's sub-frame during operation. The device will signal the driver visually when reaching the desired position during adjustment of the tandem axle assembly to a new location. The device may reduce time and increase safety for the driver during the tandem axle assembly repositioning operation. The device may be positioned at or near the desired tandem axle assembly position. A flap may pivotally hang in a position where a tire from the tandem axle assembly may deflect and pivot the flap when the tandem axle assembly reaches its desired position. A driver may see this flap deflection and know, with certainty, that they have achieved the desired tandem axle assembly position.10-11-2012
20120227233WORKPIECE ALIGNMENT DEVICE - An alignment device has a carriage, two rails on the carriage that are configured for a workpiece to pass therebetween, and a finger that protrudes a distance from the carriage. The finger is configured to be disposed on a carrier for the workpieces. The workpieces may be solar cells and may pass through the rails on a conveyor belt. The alignment device may move in order to align the workpieces as the workpieces are loaded into a carrier.09-13-2012
20120260482METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ASSEMBLING A CLUTCH - A method and apparatus for automatically assembling a clutch of an automatic transmission of a motor vehicle. The method and apparatus includes providing an assembly station having an assembly table with a clutch fixture connected to the assembly table and adaptable to receive a clutch housing. At least one tray is connected to the assembly table and is adaptable to receive clutch components of the clutch. At least one robotic arm is engageable with the clutch housing and the clutch components for loading and unloading the clutch housing onto and from the clutch fixture and the clutch components from at least one tray. A manipulator connected to and in communication with the at least one robotic arm automatically engages an appropriate tool for assembling the clutch components into the clutch housing. At least one assembly fixture is removably connected to the clutch fixture and connectable to the clutch housing for assisting in the assembly of the clutch components to the clutch housing.10-18-2012
20100325860MOUNTING CONDITION DETERMINING METHOD - A mounting condition determining method including: obtaining mounting information including information related to component mounting operations scheduled to be performed by a mounter (S12-30-2010
20110225787FITTING DEVICE USING ROBOT - A fitting device and a fitting method, by which the fitting process can be carried out without damaging workpieces, even when a sufficient moment cannot be detected by pressing the workpiece in the fitting direction. The device includes a fitting status judging part adapted to judge whether a second workpiece is in motion in a fitting direction relative to a first workpiece; a workpiece orientation searching part adapted to change a current orientation of the second workpiece when it is judged that the second workpiece is not in motion in the fitting direction, and search a proper orientation for the second workpiece based on a detected force or speed of the second workpiece in the fitting direction, during the change of the orientation; and a fitting motion commanding part adapted to command a robot which grips the second workpiece to continue the fitting operation, by using the searched proper orientation.09-22-2011
20110265301VARIABLE VEHICLE BODY FIXED FRAMER AND METHOD - An vehicle body framing apparatus and method for use in assembling vehicle body structures of varying vehicle types in a framing station positioned along an assembly line. The apparatus includes an overhead bridge frame that is connected to two pairs of vertical pillars positioned at a build station. One pair of the pillars is moveable to accommodate different lengths of vehicle bodies. The spaced pillars and overhead bridge provide substantially unobstructed access openings to the body sides of the vehicle to increase efficiency and quality of build. The device and method may include a bridge frame storage and transport system for remotely storing the different bridge frames not in use and then transporting a selected bridge frame to the build station for use.11-03-2011
20120324692Dual Path Gas Distribution Device - An apparatus for deploying two fluids separately into a reaction chamber is provided. The apparatus includes a first distribution network that is formed on a plate having a distribution face and a dispensing face. The first distribution network is defined by a plurality of recessed channels on the distribution face. The plurality of recessed channels includes a plurality of thru-ports that extend from the plurality of recessed channels to the dispensing face. The apparatus further includes a second distribution network that has passages formed below the plurality of recessed channels and above the dispensing face. A first set of ports extends from the passages to the distribution face and a second set of ports extends from a top surface of the distribution face to the dispensing face.12-27-2012
20120279035Optical rotary joints, methods of mounting same in a properly-aligned manner, and optical reflector assemblies for use therein - The present invention relates generally to optical rotary joints (11-08-2012
20120284986STENT CRIMPING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A stent crimping assembly is provided for crimping a stent from a first diameter to a reduced second diameter. The crimping assembly includes a plurality of movable wedges disposed about a rotational axis to form a wedge assembly. Each wedge includes a respective first side and a second side converging to form a tip portion. The tip portions are arranged to collectively form an iris about the rotational axis thereof. The iris defining a crimp aperture about which the movable wedges are disposed. Each wedge is associated with a stationary structure and an rotational actuation unit such that during rotation of the actuation unit about the rotational axis, the iris is caused to rotate about the rotational axis, relative the stationary structure, for inward movement of the wedges to decrease the size of the aperture and outward movement of the wedges to increase the size of the aperture.11-15-2012
20120137486CRIMPING APPARATUS HAVING A CRIMP QUALITY MONITORING SYSTEM - A crimping apparatus includes a ram having crimp tooling for crimping a terminal to a wire during a crimp stroke and a force sensor detecting a crimp force during the crimp stroke. The crimping apparatus also includes a controller that monitors the crimp quality of a crimp based on a frequency profile of the crimp. Optionally, the controller may create the frequency profile based on a force profile using a frequency transform algorithm. The frequency transform algorithm may be a Fast Fourier Transform algorithm.06-07-2012
20130014368METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR IN-PROCESS QUALITY CONTROL DURING DRILL-FILL ASSEMBLYAANM Woods; Mark A.AACI RentonAAST WAAACO USAAGP Woods; Mark A. Renton WA USAANM Davies, JR.; John A.AACI RentonAAST WAAACO USAAGP Davies, JR.; John A. Renton WA USAANM Feikert; Edward E.AACI St. CharlesAAST MOAACO USAAGP Feikert; Edward E. St. Charles MO USAANM Inman; John E.AACI FrontenacAAST MOAACO USAAGP Inman; John E. Frontenac MO USAANM Blahut; Elizabeth DeniseAACI RentonAAST WAAACO USAAGP Blahut; Elizabeth Denise Renton WA USAANM Bickford; Jeffry G.AACI Federal WayAAST WAAACO USAAGP Bickford; Jeffry G. Federal Way WA US - A method for assembling a structure is described. The method includes locating a position in an assembly stack-up where a one-sided fastener is to be installed, drilling a hole through the assembly stack-up at the position, countersinking the hole to a specified depth, operating a calibrated probe to determine at least parameter associated with one or more of the hole and the stack-up proximate the hole, inserting the one-sided fastener into the hole, applying a rotational torque to the one-sided fastener to complete installation of the one-sided fastener, and comparing a measurement of angular displacement required to complete installation of the one-sided fastener to a range of angular displacement indicative of correct installation of the fastener.01-17-2013
20110232059METHOD AND DEVICE FOR FULLY AUTOMATICALLY SELECTING AND PACKING PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES - The invention relates to a method and to a device for fully automatically selecting and packing photovoltaic solar modules (09-29-2011
20130133167SHAPE ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM - Systems which may be employed to adjust the shape of a computer housing are provided. The systems may include a measurement apparatus that measures the positions of points on the housing. A determining apparatus may determine an offset between the position of the points and reference values. An adjustment apparatus may apply force to the computer housing with actuators based on the offset at each of the points. This process may be repeated or otherwise continued until the offset is within a predetermined range of acceptable values. Related methods, assemblies, and a non-transitory computer readable medium are also provided.05-30-2013
20130091678INTEGRATED CONTAINMENT SYSTEM - Embodiments of the invention generally provide a containment system having integrated bubble tight-dampers. In another embodiment, the containment system includes an integral auto-scan mechanism disposed in the housing of the containment system so that a filter element, disposed in the housing, may be leak tested without accessing the interior of the housing. In yet another embodiment, a method for testing a filter disposed in a containment system includes challenging an upstream side of a filter element disposed in a housing of the containment system with a test aerosol, and automatically moving a probe disposed within the housing to obtain samples for leak testing.04-18-2013
20120054996METHOD OF MONITORING A CRIMPING PROCESS, CRIMPING PRESS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - A method of monitoring a crimping process is disclosed, which determines whether an actual force stroke progression (Fa)/force time progression is, a) above, or, b) below an ideal force stroke progression (Fi)/force time progression in at least one point. The method shifts an upper border (Bu) and/or the lower border (Bl) of a tolerance band upwards in case a) and downwards in case b). Additionally, there is an absolute upper limit (Lu), at which an upward shifting of the upper border (Bu) is inhibited, and an absolute lower limit (Ll), at which a downward shifting of the lower border (Bl) is inhibited. Moreover, a crimping press and a computer program product for employing the inventive method are disclosed.03-08-2012
20130205558RETAINING DEVICE FOR AN INSTRUMENT - The present disclosure relates to a retaining device for an instrument, including at least one joint having at least two parts, and at least one drive unit associated with the joint designed to move the joint by driving at least one of the parts. The retaining device includes a securing device, which has a locking mechanism associated with the joint and a release unit that can be activated, wherein the locking mechanism interacts with the release unit such that the locking mechanism holds the joint in a locked position as long as the release unit is not activated. The securing device permits motion of the joint out of the particular locked position within a specified range of motion even if the release unit is not activated. The present disclosure further relates to a corresponding securing device for a retaining device and to an operating method for the securing device.08-15-2013

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