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029825000 Conductor or circuit manufacturing 1233
029602100 Electromagnet, transformer or inductor 234
029623100 Electric battery cell making 212
029596000 Dynamoelectric machine 192
029600000 Antenna or wave energy "plumbing" making 89
029593000 Including measuring or testing of device or component part 64
029610100 Resistor making 43
029594000 Acoustic transducer 43
029622000 Switch making 26
029887000 Insulator making 16
029599000 Superconductor 11
029623000 Fuse making 10
029595000 Indicating transducer 9
20130000102Protective Telecommunications Enclosure Systems and Methods - Protective containers for electronic equipment, and methods of testing and manufacture thereof, are provided. The cabinets provide a HEMP protection level to electronic equipment housed therein that meets a HEMP protection level according to01-03-2013
20130074320A METHOD OF INCORPORATING AN ELEMENT IN A DATA CARRIER - A method of placing an element onto a data carrier, where there is a placement actuator arranged to be able to secure the element. A transport layer is advanced until the element is located between the placement actuator and the data carrier in a desired position. The actuator is moved towards the data carrier so that it secures the element. The transport layer is then retracted to detach the element from it and then the placement element is moved towards the data carrier to bring the element into contact with the data carrier at the desired position.03-28-2013
20090038140Marine seismic streamer having soluble encapsulant surrounding seismic sensors therein - A seismic streamer includes a jacket covering an exterior of the streamer. At least one strength member extends along the length of the streamer and is disposed inside the jacket. At least one seismic sensor is disposed in a sensor spacer affixed to the at least one strength member. An encapsulant is disposed between the sensor and the sensor spacer. The encapsulant is a substantially solid material that is soluble upon contact with a void filling material. A void filling material is disposed in the interior of the jacket and fills substantially all void space therein. The void filling material is introduced to the interior of the jacket in liquid form and undergoing state change to substantially solid thereafter.02-12-2009
20130025116METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING ANTI-ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE SHIELDS - A method for manufacturing anti-EMI shields on a computer chassis includes the following steps. An anti-EMI plate and a plate on the computer chassis are separately cut into desired dimensions by a cutting machine. The anti-EMI plate and the plate with are washed with cleaning agent. The anti-EMI plate is glued on an EMI area of the plate. The plate is pre-dried with the anti-EMI plate by a drying machine. The anti-EMI plate is pre-pressed onto the plate by a pressing machine. The anti-EMI plate is pressed onto the plate by the pressing machine. The plate is quick dried with the anti-EMI plate by the drying machine. The plate is stamped into desired shape with the anti-EMI plate by a stamping machine.01-31-2013
20130025115WIRELESS SENSOR UNIT AND A MAINTENANCE METHOD FOR A WIRELESS SENSOR - A wireless sensor unit and a maintenance method. The sensor unit includes a sensor capable of forming a measurement signal, electronics capable of receiving a measurement signal from the sensor and sending the signal wirelessly to a wireless network, and a power supply for providing supply voltage for the sensor and electronics. The unit is divided into two parts, a first part and a second part such that the first part includes the electronics and is may be mounted permanently to a fixed object like a wall, and second part including the power supply and the sensor. The second part is capable to be repeatedly mounted and detached to the first part.01-31-2013
20110192017METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A CAPACITIVE MEASURING APPARATUS - A method for manufacturing a measuring apparatus for capacitive determining and/or monitoring of at least the fill level of a medium. The measuring apparatus has a probe unit and an electronics unit. During a measurement, the electronics unit supplies the probe unit with an exciter signal and receives from the probe unit a received signal, from which the electronics unit ascertains a capacitance value. The probe unit is coated with an insulation layer, the coated probe unit is connected with the electronics unit and inserted into a container containing a calibration medium, the coated probe unit is covered completely by the calibration medium and an associated received signal is gained, and, with the associated received signal, at least one adjustable component of the electronics unit is set.08-11-2011
20110192016Energy conversion materials fabricated with boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) and BNNT polymer composites - Electroactive actuation characteristics of novel BNNT based materials are described. Several series of BNNT based electroactive materials including BNNT/polyimide composites and BNNT films are prepared. The BNNT based electroactive materials show high piezoelectric coefficients, d08-11-2011
20130081258TWO-PHASE, WATER-BASED IMMERSION-COOLING APPARATUS WITH PASSIVE DEIONIZATION - Cooling apparatuses, cooled electronic modules and methods of fabrication are provided for fluid immersion-cooling of an electronic component(s). The method includes, for instance: securing a housing about an electronic component to be cooled, the housing at least partially surrounding and forming a compartment about the electronic component to be cooled; disposing a fluid within the compartment, wherein the electronic component to be cooled is at least partially immersed within the fluid, and wherein the fluid comprises water; and providing a deionizing structure within the compartment, the deionizing structure comprising deionizing material, the deionizing material ensuring deionization of the fluid within the compartment, wherein the deionizing structure is configured to accommodate boiling of the fluid within the compartment.04-04-2013
20120174385PACKAGE SUBSTRATE DYNAMIC PRESSURE STRUCTURE - Devices and methods for their formation, including electronic assemblies having a shape memory material structure, are described. In one embodiment, a device includes a package substrate and an electronic component coupled to the package substrate. The device also includes a shape memory material structure coupled to the package substrate. In one aspect of certain embodiments, the shape memory material structure is formed from a material selected to have a martensite to austenite transition temperature in the range of 50-300 degrees Celsius. In another aspect of certain embodiments, the shape memory material structure is positioned to extend around a periphery of the electronic component. Other embodiments are described and claimed.07-12-2012
20130074319METHOD OF MAKING AN ELECTROMECHANICAL PERSONAL CARE DEVICE - A method of making a handheld, electromechanical device useful in mammalian body-care includes the steps of: a) forming a one-piece housing having a single opening defined by a rim; b) assembling a unitary insert; c) inserting the unitary insert through the single opening of the housing; d) removably applying a cover having an exterior surface to close the opening of the one-piece housing; and e) attaching the unitary insert to at least one of the one-piece housing and the removable cover. The rim of the one-piece housing circumscribes a rim area, and the one-piece housing has a projected area that is substantially larger than the rim area. The unitary insert is dimensioned to be insertable through the opening defined by the rim, and it has a frame having disposed thereon electromechanical elements interconnected in an electrical circuit. The cover closes off the opening of the one-piece housing.03-28-2013
20090158581Process for Making a Multilayer Circuit Device Having Electrically Isolated Tightly Spaced Electrical Current Carrying Traces - A process for making a multilayer circuit device having electrically isolated tightly spaced electrical current carrying traces, comprising of providing an insulative substrate having a first side coated with a layer of conductive metal intended to form a ground plane; providing a plurality of seed layer traces of a predetermined width of approximately 25 microns or less separated from each other by a predetermined distance of approximately 25 microns or less on a second side of the insulative substrate, the narrowness of such separation being essentially limited only by characteristics of the photoresist material to be deposited and developed therebetween and to withstand subsequent processing; developing ribs or barriers of photoresist forming vertical walls rising above the spaces separating the seed layer traces and defining valleys or channels thereover; depositing a desired thickness of conductive material over the seed layer traces and in the valleys or channels between the vertical walls; stripping away the resist ribs or barriers to leave conductive traces to be variously used as ground lines, signal lines and power lines; repeating the previous steps to develop a plurality of circuit boards; stacking the several circuit boards and joining them together with layers of insulative material; identifying particular ones of the traces as signal lines and other traces as power lines and/or ground lines; interconnecting at least some of the ground lines on one board to ground lines and/or ground planes on other boards by conductors extending through vias; interconnecting signal lines to signal input and output terminals; and perhaps to signal lines on other boards through vias; and interconnecting power lines to power input and output terminals, and perhaps to power lines on other boards through vias.06-25-2009
20120180306Automobile key fob cover and method of assembly thereof - A preferred embodiment of the invention includes a method for replacing the cover of an electronic key fob used for remote keyless access to an automobile that was damaged due to normal wear-and-tear on the cover or from stress placed on the cover of the key fob at the opening where the key chain is attached. The method of the present invention provides a replacement electronic key fob cover of similar or different design and in the original or different color.07-19-2012
20130086797METHOD OF ASSEMBLY OF A VIDEO DISPLAY SYSTEM - A method for assembling a display system includes positioning and selectively engaging a plurality of modules together to form a first tier, lifting the first tier, positioning and selectively engaging a plurality of modules together to form a second tier, and attaching the second tier to the first tier.04-11-2013
20090307894METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING WATER-PROOF ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method being applied to manufacture a water-proof electronic device (12-17-2009
20090094816Method for producing a structure having a perforated sealing strip and structure obtained - The structure comprises facing substrates bonded to one another by crushing a closed peripheral sealing strip delineating a closed cavity in which a microsystem is disposed between the substrates. Before crushing, the sealing strip comprises perforated patterns delineating a plurality of voids inside the strip.04-16-2009
20130067725Handheld Medical Devices Including Microwave Amplifier Unit At Device Handle - A method of manufacturing a medical device includes the initial steps of providing a handle assembly and providing a microwave-signal-amplifying module. The handle assembly includes a handle body defining a chamber therein. The handle body is configured to support an energy applicator at the distal end thereof. The microwave-signal-amplifying module includes a microwave amplifier unit adapted to amplify a high-frequency input signal to generate a high-frequency output signal. The microwave-signal-amplifying module includes one or more connector portions including one or more electrical connectors adapted to be removeably coupleable to one or more electrical conductors associated with the handle body. The method also includes the step of positioning the microwave-signal-amplifying module into the chamber to bring the one or more electrical connectors of the one or more connector portions into electrical engagement with one or more electrical connectors associated with the handle body.03-21-2013
20130055552METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING KLYSTRON TRANSMITTERS FOR USE IN WEATHER RADAR SYSTEMS - A Klystron transmitter for use in weather radar systems has a transmitter module for operating with any of various Klystron tubes designed for different frequency ranges, such as a low S-Band range, a high S-Band range, and a C-Band range. Each of the Klystron tubes is designed to have similar operating characteristics, such as output power and operating voltages. In addition, the transmitter module has driver circuitry for driving the Klystron tube of the transmitter, and such driver circuitry is operable over a wide frequency range so that the same driver circuitry can be used for any of the contemplated bands. Accordingly, the same core transmitter circuitry can be used for any of the Klystron tubes allowing a manufacturer to control which of the contemplated bands is implemented by selecting the appropriate Klystron tube and stable local oscillator (STALO) for the desired band. By using the same core design of the transmitter circuitry for all of the Klystron tubes, the overall manufacturing and implementation costs of Klystron transmitters can be significantly reduced.03-07-2013
20090271971METHODS OF MAKING NANOTUBE-BASED SWITCHING ELEMENTS AND LOGIC CIRCUITS - Nanotube-based switching elements and logic circuits. Under one embodiment of the invention, a switching element includes an input node, an output node, a nanotube channel element having at least one electrically conductive nanotube, and a control electrode. The control electrode is disposed in relation to the nanotube channel element to controllably form an electrically conductive channel between the input node and the output node. The channel at least includes said nanotube channel element. The output node is constructed and arranged so that channel formation is substantially unaffected by the electrical state of the output node. Under another embodiment of the invention, the control electrode is arranged in relation to the nanotube channel element to form said conductive channel by causing electromechanical deflection of said nanotube channel element. Under another embodiment of the invention, the output node includes an isolation structure disposed in relation to the nanotube channel element so that channel formation is substantially invariant from the state of the output node. Under another embodiment of the invention, the isolation structure includes electrodes disposed on opposite sides of the nanotube channel element and said electrodes produce substantially the same electric field. Under another embodiment of the invention, a Boolean logic circuit includes at least one input terminal and an output terminal, and a network of nanotube switching elements electrically disposed between said at least one input terminal and said output terminal. The network of nanotube switching elements effectuates a Boolean function transformation of Boolean signals on said at least one input terminal. The Boolean function transformation includes a Boolean inversion within the function, such as a NOT or NOR function.11-05-2009
20090056102METHOD FOR FABRICATING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A method for fabricating a semiconductor device includes (a) depositing an insulating film on a semiconductor substrate; (b) forming a recess in the insulating film; (c) depositing a conductive film on the insulating film while filling the recess with the conductive film; and (d) polishing the conductive film. Step (d) includes a first polishing substep of using a first polisher pad conditioned with a first dresser and a second polishing substep of using a second polisher pad conditioned with a second dresser different from the first dresser.03-05-2009
20110010924Inertial sensor with dual cavity package and method of fabrication - Inertial sensor having a body with first and second cavities on opposite sides thereof, a sensing element in the first cavity, electronic circuitry in the second cavity, electrical conductors interconnecting the sensing element and the circuitry, and leads connected electrically to the circuitry and extending from the body for mounting the sensor and making connections with the circuitry.01-20-2011
20080295316Method for making electronic device having metallic connecting structure - An exemplary method for making an electronic device includes: providing a hot press machine having a press head; placing a bonding film on an inner surface of a metallic housing; turning on the hot press machine and heating the press head to a first predetermined temperature; after heated to the first predetermined temperature, driving the press head to press the bonding film to the metallic housing for about two minutes, thereby attaching the bonding film on the metallic housing; placing the metallic element according to the corresponding bonding film of the metallic housing; heating the press head to a second predetermined temperature; and after heated to the second predetermined temperature, driving the press head to press the at least one metallic element to the metallic housing for at least two minutes, thereby attaching the at least one metallic element on the corresponding bonding film.12-04-2008
20130160282ELECTRONIC PARTS MOUNTING APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC PARTS MOUNTING METHOD - It is an objective to provide an electronic parts mounting apparatus and an electronic parts mounting method for making it possible to mount various types of electronic parts having equivalent electric characteristics on a single substrate. Before a mount head 06-27-2013
20120198688APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR COVER GLASS REMOVAL - Improved techniques are disclosed for disassembly of portable electronic devices. A portable electronic device can have a portable device housing having a cover piece. The techniques can apply controlled forces to remove the cover piece from the portable device housing. The controlled forces can include rotational and/or translational forces. The techniques allow for removal of the cover piece with little or no damage to the portable electronic device. For example, the cover piece can pertain to a glass cover member (e.g., cover glass) that forms an outer part of a portable device housing.08-09-2012
20100281679FABRICATING METHOD FOR MULTI-LAYER ELECTRIC PROBE - A method of fabricating a multi-layer electric probe. The method includes forming a first strip layer. The first strip layer has a first conductivity and a first mechanical strength. Then, a second strip layer is solidly adhered to a surface of the first strip layer to form a structural body, wherein the second strip layer has a second conductivity and a second mechanical strength. The combination of the second conductivity and the second mechanical strength with the first conductivity and the first mechanical strength produces the desired capabilities of enduring current and mechanical strength.11-11-2010
20110138608METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING PRINTING DEVICE - A dither mask is used in a halftone process that is performed by the printer that includes the preceding and following heads. The dither mask includes preceding and following head storage regions. The preceding head storage region is used for a printing portion of the preceding head. The following head storage region is used for a printing portion of the following head. The dither mask is generated by determining, using comprehensive evaluation values, storage elements in which thresholds are to be stored under the condition that dots are permitted to be formed by the preceding and following heads at the same position in the region corresponding the overlapping regions.06-16-2011
20110283521Electrically powered steering apparatus - An electrically powered steering apparatus in which at least one torque selected from a steering torque and a motor torque is transmitted from a torque transmission shaft to a rack-and-pinion mechanism to steer steered wheels. The torque transmission shaft has a torque-side shaft provided with a magnetostrictive film of a magnetostrictive sensor for sensing torque; and a pinion shaft provided with a pinion of the rack-and-pinion mechanism. The torque-side shaft and the pinion shaft are separate components which are linked together.11-24-2011
20120285003Heat Conducting Mounting Structure, Method and Radio Base Station Housing Arrangement for Mounting Electronic Modules - Heat conducting mounting structure for mounting of electronic modules, comprising first surface area that is adapted to face a second surface area of the electronic module; cavity means embedded at a distance from the first surface area; said cavity means is adapted to receive a cooling means; attachment means at the first surface area adapted for attaching the electronic module; and wherein the attachment means is adapted for a transfer of the heat energy from the electronic module to the mounting structure. Further a method for mounting the electronic module on the heat conducting mounting comprising the step of adjoining an attachment means with a fixing means and the fixing means with the electronic module to obtain at least one immediate connection pressure area between the first surface area of a wall and the second surface area of the electronic module. Also a radio base station housing arrangement is provided.11-15-2012
20110271517APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING LIGHT EMITTING DIODE SIGNBOARD - The present disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for fabricating an LED signboard, through which an LED signboard is fabricated by printing a circuit pattern with a conductive ink. The method includes generating a design, forming a circuit pattern by printing a conductive ink on an insulation matrix based on the design via a printer, and mounting an LED on the circuit pattern.11-10-2011
20110296670APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ELIMINATING OUTGASSING OF SPORTS LIGHTING FIXTURES - An apparatus and method for reducing lumen depreciation caused by other than lamp lumen depreciation. In one aspect, manufacturing and assembly of the fixture uses clean-room light techniques. In another aspect of the invention, materials that have a propensity to outgas are shielded from direct exposure to light energy. Other aspects of the invention include other methodologies to eliminate causes for lumen depreciation.12-08-2011
20110296671Display Modules and Methods of Fixing Flexible Circuit Boards Therein - A method of fixing a flexible circuit board. The method comprises the following steps: providing a flexible circuit board having a locating hole, providing a display module frame having a locating element corresponding to the locating hole, passing the locating element through the locating hole, bonding the flexible circuit board to the frame and deforming the locating element for to fix the flexible circuit board on the frame.12-08-2011
20090119902STACKED MULTIPLE ELECTRONIC COMPONENT INTERCONNECT STRUCTURE - Forming a stacked multiple electronic component interconnect structure includes mounting a first double sided land grid to a first surface of a flexible cable and attaching a second double sided land grid array to a second surface of the flexible cable. A first electronic component is attached to a first surface of the first double sided land grid array and a second electronic component is secured to a second surface of the second double sided land grid array to form a stacked multiple electronic component interconnect structure. The stacked multiple electronic component interconnect structure is attached to a circuit board having an electronic component interface cavity. The second electronic component is mounted in the electronic component interface cavity. Finally, the method includes attaching a force member to apply a compressive force to the stacked multiple electronic component interconnect structure to maintain electrical contact between the first and second electronic components.05-14-2009
20100005645RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY INCLUDING NANOTUBE SWITCHING ELEMENTS - Random access memory including nanotube switching elements. A memory cell includes first and second nanotube switching elements and an electronic memory. Each nanotube switching element includes conductive terminals, a nanotube article and control circuitry capable of controllably form and unform an electrically conductive channel between the conductive terminals. The electronic memory is a volatile storage device capable of storing a logic state in response to electrical stimulus. In certain embodiment the electronic memory has cross-coupled first and second inverters in electrical communication with the first and second nanotube switching elements. The cell can operate as a normal electronic memory, or can operate in a shadow memory or store mode (e.g., when power is interrupted) to transfer the electronic memory state to the nanotube switching elements. The device may later be operated in a recall mode where the state of the nanotube switching elements may be transferred to the electronic memory.01-14-2010
20110214280REPROCESSING OF A PHYSIOLOGICAL SENSOR - Because reprocessing or refurbishing of physiological sensors reuses large portions of an existing sensor, the material costs for refurbishing sensors is significantly lower than the material costs for making an entirely new sensor. Typically, existing reprocessors replace only the adhesive portion of an adhesive physiological sensor and reuse the sensing components. However, re-using the sensing components can reduce the reliability of the refurbished sensor and/or reduce the number of sensors eligible for refurbishing due to out-of-specification sensor components. It is therefore desirable to provide a process for refurbishing physiological sensors that replaces the sensing components of the sensor. While sensing components are replaced, generally, sensor cable and/or patient monitor attachments are retained, resulting in cost savings over producing new sensors.09-08-2011
20100101073SPARK PLUG MANUFACTURING METHOD - There is provided manufacturing method of a spark plug that includes a center electrode and a ground electrode with a discharge gap left therebetween. At least one of the center electrode and the ground electrode has an electrode body containing a base metal and a noble metal tip welded to the electrode body. The spark plug manufacturing method includes a laser welding step for welding the noble metal tip and the electrode body by placing the noble metal tip at a given position on the electrode body, irradiating a pulsed laser onto the noble metal tip and the electrode body and thereby sequentially forming welding spots corresponding to pulses of the laser in a circumferential direction of the noble metal tip, wherein at least one of the laser pulses is an initially increasing type laser pulse having a laser intensity waveform in which a laser intensity increases with time during a predetermined initial period from a pulse start time.04-29-2010
20110167617METHOD FOR ELECTRICALLY SECURING AN ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY OF AN ELECTRICALLY CONTROLLED LIGHTING SYSTEM OR SYSTEM WITH VARIABLE OPTICAL PROPERTIES AND USE OF THE ELECTRICALLY SECURED SYSTEM - A method of making an electrical power supply of an electrically controllable system having variable optical properties, when fitted near water, electrically safe, the electrically controllable system comprising a carrier substrate that bears an electroactive element placed between first and second electrodes supplied with a periodic voltage U(t) having a given maximum RMS value U07-14-2011
20120023737Methods of Making Z-Shielding - Disclosed are methods of building Z-graded radiation shielding and covers. In one aspect, the method includes: providing a substrate surface having about medium Z-grade; plasma spraying a first metal having higher Z-grade than the substrate surface; and infusing a polymer layer to form a laminate. In another aspect, the method includes electro/electroless plating a first metal having higher Z-grade than the substrate surface. In other aspects, the invention provides methods of improving an existing electronics enclosure to build a Z-graded radiation shield by applying a temperature controller to at least part of the enclosure and affixing at least one layer of a first metal having higher Z-grade than the enclosure.02-02-2012
20120023736SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR STATOR BAR SHAPE TOOLING - Certain embodiments of the invention may include systems and methods for providing stator bar shape tooling. According to an example embodiment of the invention, a method is provided for shaping an element. The method can include providing at least one constraining surface, wherein the at least one constraining surface is fabricated at least in part by selective laser sintering, and deforming an element with the at least one constraining surface to define at least an external shape of a formed element.02-02-2012
20120110831METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REPLACING AN ENERGY CONTAINER SUPPLYING POWER TO A DRIVING ENGINE OF AN AUTOMOBILE - The invention relates to a method for replacing an energy container supplying power to a driving engine of an automobile resting on the ground and including a longitudinal axis, a transverse axis and a vertical axis, the replacement method including a first step of positioning the automobile relative to the ground without any action from the driving engine of the automobile, characterised in that said method includes a step of releasing the linking restraints linking the energy container to the automobile.05-10-2012
20120110830METER PULLER WITH SAFETY SHIELD - A tool for installing and removing an electrical power meter comprising a sleeve member adapted for sliding movement about the meter and having a first end opposite a second end, a plurality of releasable gripping hooks mounted on the first end of the sleeve member for selectively engaging the meter, an attaching hook member extending outwardly from the first end of the sleeve member, and a shield secured to the second end of the sleeve member.05-10-2012
20120110829Lock Retention System and Method - An apparatus and method for securing an electrical meter to a meter socket box. In certain embodiments, the method comprises providing a ring comprising an annular body portion having a split forming first and second ends of the annular body portion, the ring having central axis, and further disposing at least a first flange on the first end of the annular body portion. The method further comprises disposing a retaining member on the first flange, the retaining member having a central axis generally parallel to the central axis of the ring. The retaining member, in some embodiments, comprises a body defining a bore, wherein the radial cross section is continuous in at least a portion of the bore along the central axis of the retaining member. The method further comprises providing a housing wherein at least a portion of the housing comprises a receiver element and further comprises a housing body defining a cavity, wherein the housing body forms an open end in communication with the cavity so as to receiveably capture at least a portion of the first flange and second end of the annular body portion, and wherein a first aperture is formed through the receiver element. Further, the first aperture is coaxially alignable and in communication with the bore of the retainer so as to receive a barrel lock.05-10-2012
20110197430SPRING ACTUATED CLAMPING MECHANISM - A spring actuated clamping mechanism has a backer plate with an upper surface and a lower surface. A set of apertures is formed along the periphery of the backer plate. The upper surface of the backer plate has at least one backer plate recess, and preferably four recesses, formed therein. A threaded aperture is also formed in the backer plate. A compression plate is also provided. A second set of apertures is formed along the periphery of the compression plate. The lower surface of the compression plate has at least one compression plate recess, and at least one compression plate aperture. At least one compression spring is disposed between the backer plate and the compression plate. A screw tension release mechanism is screwed into the backer plate threaded aperture and inserted through the compression plate aperture. When the release mechanism is loosened, backer plate is forced downwardly, applying a uniform force to all electrical contacts on the printed circuit board or card to which the clamping mechanism is attached.08-18-2011
20100077598Cable wrap system - A wire protection system includes a cover configured to enclosed a wire. The cover has a plurality of spikes extending outwardly from an outer surface of the cover. The plurality of spikes is configured and spaced relative to each other to deter an animal from chewing on the cover.04-01-2010
20090288288TORQUE SENSOR AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The torque sensor includes a plurality of coil units having a substantially cylindrical shape, the coil units including a plurality of detection coils arranged to face a magnetic characteristic change portion formed on a rotary shaft. The coil units include a first coil unit and a second coil unit, and the first coil unit and the second coil unit are disposed in the axial direction of the shaft. The first coil unit and the second coil unit are fixed in an integrally molded resin. Thereby, there is provided a torque sensor having a high productivity and an easy configuration and a method of manufacturing the torque sensor.11-26-2009
20110197429Method of Magnetically Driven Simultaneous Assembly - Magnetically Driven Simultaneous Assembly is a method for the integration of devices onto substrates. It is a non-statistical, fully controllable and deterministic, simultaneous method of assembly with error checking and handling that is capable of scalable, versatile, and high-yield integration. The method employs a combination of magnetic and gravitational forces (as well as a bonding agent) to assemble devices onto substrates. Devices, coated with a layer of a soft magnetic material, are moved from an initial to a final location by the action of an array of electromagnets above a template. Various devices of arbitrary geometries, with different physical properties and functionalities, are positioned simultaneously above specific desired locations and dropped onto a template under the action of gravity by locally weakening the applied magnetic field. Desired locations on the template correspond to sites on a substrate that contain recesses matching the specifics of the devices. When all desired devices are placed on top of the template, a substrate is brought into contact with that template and devices are transferred from the template to the substrate (for example, by pressing or by rolling). Devices are physically secured onto a substrate by a bonding agent (such as a layer of an adhesive or a hard magnetic material) applied inside of the recesses. Sensors monitor the accuracy of the placement of devices on a template and provide continuous, real-time feedback to an external control unit that automates the process of assembly. If devices are not situated properly on a template, then a specified technique is employed to correct such errors before the final process transfers the devices onto a substrate, thus assuring an accurate, 100% yield.08-18-2011
20090119903EMI SHIELDS AND RELATED MANUFACTURING METHODS - An electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield according to one embodiment generally includes a frame and a cover. The frame includes peripheral walls each having at least one folded portion forming an outer sidewall and an inner sidewall. The cover includes a lid portion and a plurality of edge portions extending downwardly from the lid portion. The shield includes at least one dimple configured to be engagingly received in at least one opening for releasably retaining the cover to the frame.05-14-2009
20090119901FOAM SKIN INSULATION WITH SUPPORT MEMBERS - A wire includes a conductor. A foam insulation surrounds an outer surface of the conductor. A jacket surrounds the foam insulation and presents a plurality of projections on an inner surface thereof, which extend toward the conductor, yet do not purposefully contact the conductor. With the foam insulation having a lower dielectric constant than the jacket material, the electrical performance of the wire is improved, while maintaining a good crush resistance.05-14-2009
20110167616METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING TACTILE SENSITIVE MATERIAL UTILIZING MICROCOILS - Provided is a material for tactile sensor, which is easy to be formed, and in which the shape, size and orientation of coils dispersed in the medium are sufficiently controlled. The tactile-sensitive material comprises a medium and a plurality of micro coils dispersed in the medium and constituting a LCR resonance circuit, and wherein each of the plurality of micro coils comprises at least one spiral coil portion, and coil axes of the plurality of micro coils are aligned along at least one direction and/or directed in at least one plane. When a tactile stress is applied to the tactile-sensitive material, the C component is varied significantly, which contributes to the improvement in sensitivity of the tactile sensor. Further, by providing a core at the coil center, the sensitivity is more improved.07-14-2011
20110203103METHOD OF INSTALLING A CAPACITOR TO A SERVICE ENTRANCE PANEL TO REDUCE KW CONSUMPTION - A method for installing a power factor correcting circuit to be applied at the electric service panel of a facility is disclosed which is comprised of a series of measurements under controlled load conditions, and a series of installation steps. The method of the invention is comprised of power factor measurements taken under minimum load conditions, single reactive load conditions, and full load conditions. The method of the invention applies to single and poly-phase electrical systems.08-25-2011
20110203104Thermal and Electrical Conductivity Probes and Methods of Making the Same - According to the present disclosure, a system for sensing attributes of tissue in at least one direction is provided. The system includes a thermal conductivity probe having a sensor configured to measure thermal conductivity in the target tissue in at least one direction, and an electrical conductivity probe having a sensor configured to measure electrical conductivity in the target tissue in at least one direction, a power supply operatively coupled to the thermal conductivity probe and being configured to supply power to the thermal conductivity probe, an impedance analyzer operatively coupled to the electrical conductivity probe, and a computer operatively coupled to at least one of the power supply, the multimeter and the impedance analyzer.08-25-2011
20100287762PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING ELECTRONICALLY CONDUCTIVE COMPONENTS - A method of forming a device, such as an electrode array for a cochlear implant. The method comprises a step of forming a predetermined pattern of relatively electrically conductive regions and relatively electrically resistive regions in a sheet of biocompatible electrically conductive material, such as platinum foil. The method can comprise a step of working on the sheet to remove predetermined portions therefrom to form the one or more discrete relatively conducting regions. The step of working on the sheet can comprise embossing the sheet, cutting or slicing the sheet, or using electrical discharge machining (EDM) to remove unwanted portions of the sheet, the EDM equipment having a cutting tool comprising an electrode.11-18-2010
20090007412Probe Tips and Method of Making Same - A probe includes a substrate and a tetragonal structure disposed on the substrate that has four end points. Three of the end points are disposed adjacent to the substrate. A fourth of the end points extends outwardly and substantially normal to the substrate. In a method of making a probe tip, a plurality of tetrapods are grown and at least one of the tetrapods is placed on a substrate at a selected location. The tetrapod is affixed to the substrate at the selected location.01-08-2009
20130118000MODULAR VEHICLE AND ASSOCIATED METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION - A method of constructing a modular vehicle is provided. A modular vehicle includes a chassis and a plurality of docking fixtures carried by the chassis. The docking fixtures may include an electrical power connection, a fluid connection and a data communication connection. The modular vehicle may also include a plurality of modules removably connected to respective ones of the docking fixtures. The plurality of modules may include at least an energy supply module, such as a fuel cell, an energy storage module and a cooling module. At least one module may include an electrical power connection coupled to the electrical power connection of a docking fixture, at least one module may include a fluid connection coupled to the fluid connection of a docking fixture and at least one module may include a data communication connection coupled to the data communication connection of a docking fixture.05-16-2013
20090064482CONTACT, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING CONTACT, CONNECTION DEVICE INCLUDING CONTACT, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING CONNECTION - To provide a contact, formed in an amorphous state, having better spring properties as compared to conventional one; a method for manufacturing the contact; a connection device including the contact; and a method for manufacturing the connection device.03-12-2009
20120066893METHOD FOR PRODUCING PORTABLE DATA CARRIERS - The invention relates to a method for producing portable data carriers (03-22-2012
20110225803CONFORMAL SHIELDING EMPLOYING SEGMENT BUILDUP - A meta-module having circuitry for two or more modules is formed on a substrate, which is preferably a laminated substrate. The circuitry for the different modules is initially formed on the single meta-module. Each module will have one or more component areas in which the circuitry is formed. A metallic structure is formed on or in the substrate for each component area to be shielded. A single body, such as an overmold body, is then formed over all of the modules on the meta-module. At least a portion of the metallic structure for each component area to be shielded is then exposed through the body by a cutting, drilling, or like operation. Next, an electromagnetic shield material is applied to the exterior surface of the body of each of the component areas to be shielded and in contact with the exposed portion of the metallic structures.09-22-2011
20090211078ANALYTE SENSORS AND METHODS - A sensor, and methods of making, for determining the concentration of an analyte, such as glucose, in a biological fluid such as blood or serum, using techniques such as coulometry, amperometry, and potentiometry. The sensor includes a working electrode and a counter electrode, and may include an insertion monitoring trace to determine correct positioning of the sensor in a connector. The sensor is calibration-adjusted, eliminating the need for a user to enter a calibration code or for the meter to read a calibration code.08-27-2009
20090249609Method for manufacturing a series of electric terminals - A series of electric terminals in which each member of the series has an identical receptacle portion at one end and a unique cable attachment portion at an opposite end is manufactured by forming a generic strip of partially formed terminals having a receptacle portion at one end in a first progressive die forming operation for all members of the series of electric terminals. Strips of completely formed electric terminals of particular members of the series of electric terminals are then completed in respective unique die progressive die forming operations using the generic strip of partially formed terminals. A modular die may be used for forming the strips of completely formed electric terminals from the intermediate generic the strip of partially formed terminals.10-08-2009
20090241321Spark Plug Construction - An adapter, used with a spark plug body and an engine block, is disclosed. The body defines an axis and has adjacent one end, a coaxial metal ring. A coaxial metal tube extends from the ring towards the other body end and is threaded in said block in use. An insulator, having a portion inside the tube, extends axially, from inside the tube, beyond the ring, and has a void therethrough. A positive electrode occupies the void and extends axially beyond the insulator to a terminus. In use, the adapter is secured to said body and comprises: a positive electrode extender in electrically-conducting relation to the positive electrode and a ground electrode extender in electrically-conducting contacting relation to the ring. The adapter is configured such that a gap defined between the positive and ground extenders comprises a channel which opens axially away from said body and is substantially unobstructed axially.10-01-2009
20110138609Systems, Circuits, and Methods for an Adaptive Solar Power System - The installation of an adaptive solar power system may comprise determining physical dimensions of a surface. A back sheet comprising an interconnect circuit for coupling a plurality of cell tiles may be configured to match the physical dimension of the surface. Tiled solar cells, comprising a solar cell and encapsulating and glass layers, may be inserted into the solar cell tiles. As such, each solar cell of an inserted tiled solar cell is individually addressable through the use of the interconnect circuit. Moreover, the interconnect circuit is programmable and allows for dynamic interconnect routing between solar cells.06-16-2011
20100154199CONSTRUCTION METHOD OF SOLAR BATTERY MODULES - A construction method of solar battery modules by which solar battery modules are fixed using a fixing member, including: connecting a first frame body of a solar battery module between a pedestal and a to-be connected portion on a side opposite to a side of a plate-like portion extending outward farther than the pedestal with respect to an axis of the fixing member; sliding the fixing member to a position of a structural member such as a rafter along the first frame body; fixing the fixing member to a support member by the plate-like portion extending outward farther than the pedestal; and connecting a first frame body of a second solar battery module different from the first solar battery module between the pedestal and the to-be connected portion on a side identical to a side of the plate-like portion extending outward farther than the pedestal with respect to the axis.06-24-2010
20130212867MITIGATING ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE USING DUMMY PLUGS - A method of mitigating EMI in an electronic device includes selecting a subset of surface-mount socket connectors on an electronic device to be connected with corresponding working plug connectors and connecting the working plug connectors with the selected subset of socket connectors by inserting the working plug connectors into the selected subset of socket connectors. The method further includes positioning a dummy plug in each of the unselected surface-mount socket connectors, the dummy plug comprising a flexible foam material configured to attenuate electromagnetic radiation by absorption and having a dummy plug profile generally matched to a socket profile of the corresponding socket connector.08-22-2013
20100162554TENSIONED TOUCH PANEL AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - A tensioned touch panel includes a support structure having a substrate with a generally planer conductive surface disposed thereon and an insulating spacer generally about the periphery of the substrate. A pretensioned conductive member overlies the support structure. The spacer separates the conductive membrane and the conductive surface thereby to define an air gap therebetween. A conductive membrane is secured to the support structure under sufficient tension to inhibit slack from developing in the conductive membrane as a result of changes in environmental conditions. A method of assembling a tensioned touch panel is also provided.07-01-2010
20120102722Analyte Sensors and Methods - A sensor, and methods of making, for determining the concentration of an analyte, such as glucose, in a biological fluid such as blood or serum, using techniques such as coulometry, amperometry, and potentiometry. The sensor includes a working electrode and a counter electrode, and may include an insertion monitoring trace to determine correct positioning of the sensor in a connector. The sensor is calibration-adjusted, eliminating the need for a user to enter a calibration code or for the meter to read a calibration code.05-03-2012
20100186217LIGHTWEIGHT AUDIO SYSTEM FOR AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS AND METHOD - A lightweight radio/CD player for vehicular application is virtually “fastenerless” and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as well as the circuit boards required for electrical control and display. The case and frontal interface are of composite structure, including an insert molded electrically conductive wire mesh screen that has been pre-formed to contour with the molding operation. The wire mesh provides EMC, RFI, BCI and ESD shielding and grounding of the circuit boards via exposed wire mesh pads and adjacent ground clips. The PCB architecture is bifurcated into a first board carrying common circuit components in a surface mount configuration suitable for high volume production, and a second board carrying application specific circuit components in a wave soldered stick mount configuration. The major components and subassemblies are self-fixturing during the final assembly process, eliminating the need for dedicated tools, fixtures and assembly equipment. The major components and subassemblies self-interconnect by integral guide and connection features effecting “slide lock” and “snap lock” self-interconnection. The radio architecture includes improved push buttons employing 4-bar living hinge linkage and front loaded decorative trim buttons.07-29-2010
20120240386TOOL COMPENSATION METHOD AND DEVICE - A Method and machine tool for compensating a wear of an electrode that machines a workpiece. The method includes selecting a current pocket from plural pockets of the workpiece; updating a wear compensation to be applied to the electrode for the current pocket based on wear compensation of a previous pocket, where the previous pocket is adjacent to the current pocket; and applying the updated wear compensation to the electrode for machining the current pocket.09-27-2012
20090313807Cooktop Replacement - This invention allows people to upgrade cooking top of an existing electronic kitchen range to easy to clean, energy efficient glass, ceramic, or stainless steel flat cooktop, while keeping most other features of the old range.12-24-2009
20090077787METHOD OF MANUFACTURING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH A UNITARY OUTER BODY - Various embodiments of the present invention provide for methods of manufacturing an electronic device that utilizes a unitary outer body. In one embodiment, a method is provided for installing an exterior component into an interior chamber of the unitary outer body through an opening in the outer body. The exterior component may be sized such that it cannot fit into an open end of the outer body when it is coupled with an interior component. As the unitary outer body cannot be disassembled to receive the coupled components into its interior, a method of the present invention inserts an end of the exterior component into the unitary outer body through an opening provided in the outer body to couple with the interior component.03-26-2009
20100192355METHODS OF FORMING A FILTERING CAPACITOR FEEDTHROUGH ASSEMBLY - A method of forming a filtering capacitor feedthrough assembly for an implantable active medical device includes inserting a terminal pin into an aperture of a capacitor, the capacitor configured to be electrically grounded to an electrically conductive feedthrough ferrule or housing of the implantable active medical device, then disposing an electrically conductive continuous coil within the aperture between the terminal pin and the capacitor and then fixing the continuous coil to the terminal pin or the capacitor. The continuous coil includes an inner diameter defined by a plurality of coils, the terminal pin extending through the inner diameter of the continuous coil so that the plurality of coils circumferentially surround the terminal pin. The electrically conductive continuous coil mechanically secures and electrically couples the terminal pin to the capacitor.08-05-2010
20100192356HANDHELD COMPUTING DEVICE - A handheld computing device is disclosed. The handheld computing device includes an enclosure having structural walls formed from a ceramic material that is radio-transparent.08-05-2010
20100154198Sensing unit and method of making same - In a sensing unit according to the present invention, a spring portion having a support portion and a movable portion is conductive. A signal of a sensor portion provided on the movable portion of the spring portion is transmitted via the spring portion. Hence, the sensing unit according to the present invention has a simple constitution with a small number of components, and a wire does not necessarily have to be provided for each sensor portion. As a result, a reduction in manufacturing cost, simplification of the manufacturing process, and so on are achieved.06-24-2010
20100223779ELECTROWETTING DISPLAY DEVICES AND FABRICATION METHODS THEREOF - Electrowetting display devices and fabrication methods thereof are presented. The electrowetting display device includes a first substrate and a second substrate with a polar fluid layer and a non-polar fluid layer insolvable to each other and interposed between the first and second substrates. A first transparent electrode is disposed on the first substrate. A second electrode is disposed on the second substrate. A dielectric layer is disposed on the second electrode. A hydrophilic partition wall structure is directly disposed on the dielectric layer defining a plurality of pixel regions. A layer of low surface energy material is disposed on the dielectric layer within each of the pixel region.09-09-2010
20120192406GOLD REMOVAL FROM ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS - In some embodiments, a method removes gold plating on an electronic component. The method includes forming a gold and solder mixture on the electronic component via a first incrementally controlled heating procedure; incrementally cooling the electronic component via a first cooling procedure; wicking part or all of the gold and solder mixture from the electronic component to a metallic screen via a second incrementally controlled heating procedure; and incrementally cooling the electronic component via a second cooling procedure.08-02-2012
20120240385Cylindrical Bi-Planar Gradient Coil for MRI - Cylindrical bi-planar gradient coil assemblies for use in open magnetic resonance imaging, wherein each of the coil assemblies contains in sequential order (i) a circular primary coil set placed flat above a cylindrical planar substrate, (ii) cooling means, (iii) 0th and 2nd order shims, (iv) shield layers, and (v) 1st order shims. In use the gradient coil assemblies are disposed symmetrically to each other about a plane of symmetry parallel to each.09-27-2012
20120240387METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REPLACING A CONTAINER OF INPUT ENERGY FOR A DRIVE MOTOR OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A method for replacing a container of input energy for a drive motor of a motor vehicle including at least one iteration of a phase including the following: recognizing the type of container to be deposited; making, if needed, at least one tool suitable for the container type; using the at least one tool to take down the container; depositing the container; and using the at least one tool to mount a new container. The making at least one tool suitable for the container type includes dismantling, on the at least one tool, a first device for activating and deactivating a first mechanism for locking the container onto the motor vehicle and mounting, on the at least one tool, a second device for activating and deactivating a second mechanism for locking the container onto the motor vehicle.09-27-2012
20100018029Rinsing Wafers Using Composition-Tunable Rinse Water in Chemical Mechanical Polish - An apparatus for manufacturing integrated circuits on a wafer includes a polish pad; a rinse arm movable over the polish pad; and a post-polish cleaner. The post-polish cleaner includes a brush for brushing the wafer; and a nozzle aiming at the wafer. The apparatus further includes a mixer configured to mix an additive and di-ionized water; and a pipe connecting the mixer to at least one of the rinse arm and the nozzle.01-28-2010
20090205193GAS SENSOR ELEMENT TREATMENT METHOD - A gas sensor element is heated at a temperature of 500° C. or higher for 15 minutes or more in a treatment atmosphere containing one or more gases selected from the gas group consisting of nitrogen (N08-20-2009
20090188103METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR MOVING A SUBSTRATE CARRIER - Systems, methods, and apparatus are provided for electronic device manufacturing. The invention includes removing a first substrate carrier and a second substrate carrier from a moving conveyor using an end effector assembly and concurrently transferring the first and second substrate carriers from the moving conveyor to a support location via the end effector assembly. Numerous other aspects are provided.07-30-2009
20090113695METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING METALLIC KEYPAD HAVING RIPPLE LUSTER - A method for manufacturing a metallic keypad has a ripple luster. First, a metallic thin plate is prepared. The metallic thin plate is subjected to an etching process, thereby forming a plurality of hollowed portions on the metallic thin plate. The hollowed portions are used to define a pressing region for the key and icons for the surface of the pressing region. The metallic thin plate is cut to form a metallic keypad having a predetermined shape. Then, after an electroplated layer is coated on the surface of the metallic keypad, a layer of protective film is adhered on the non-electroplated surface of the metallic keypad. Finally, the metallic keypad is disposed into a mold. A plastic material is injected into the mold, so that the plastic material forms a pattern layer. Finally, an adhesive layer is applied on the non-electroplated surface of the metallic keypad. The elastic layer having a plurality of protrusions is adhered on the surface of the adhesive layer. Via the above steps, the metallic keypad having a ripple luster is manufactured completely.05-07-2009
20110072639BATTERY ASSEMBLY FOR USE IN AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A battery assembly for use in an electronic device is provided. The battery assembly may include a battery cell (e.g., a rechargeable battery cell), a battery connector for providing power from the battery cell to the electronic device, and a flex circuit electrically coupling the battery cell to the electronic device. The battery connector may be located adjacent the battery cell, and may include one or more alignment mechanisms for ensuring that conductive pads of the battery connector align properly with corresponding conductive elements of the electronic device. The battery cell may be fixed to the electronic device using an adhesive layer (e.g., double sided tape) placed between the cell and the electronic device. A tab may extend beyond the periphery of the battery cell to allow a user to pull or peal the battery cell from the electronic device for replacement or repair. In some embodiments, a tool may be used to grasp the tab.03-31-2011
20110113616SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A DISPLAY DEVICE HAVING AN ELECTRICALLY CONNECTED FRONT PLATE AND BACK PLATE - A system and method for manufacturing a display device having an electrically connected front plate and back plate are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprises printing conductive raised contours onto a non-conductive back plate, aligning the back plate with a non-conductive front plate such that the raised contours align with conductive routings on the front plate to electrically connect the raised contours and the routings, and sealing the back plate and the front plate.05-19-2011
20110126398METHOD FOR PRODUCING PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL - To realize a plasma display panel having display performances of high precision and high brightness with low power consumption, after formation of base film (06-02-2011
20100319183METHOD FOR MAKING MICROSTRUCTURED OBJECTS - Described herein are casting and molding methods useful for making microstructured objects. By including a plurality of microfeatures on the surface of an object, other characteristics may be imparted to the object, such as increased hydrophobicity. Some of the casting and molding methods described herein further allow for manufacture of objects having both microfeatures and macro features, for example microfeatures on or within macro features or selected macro feature regions.12-23-2010
20110005063ARRAY SUBSTRATE, DISPLAY PANEL HAVING THE SAME AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - In an array substrate, the array substrate includes an insulation member in each pixel area and a color filter layer that surrounds each insulation member. The color filter layer includes color filters having two or more colors that are different from each other, and a color filter is formed in each pixel area. An insulation member is arranged in each pixel area and all the insulation members include the same material. The insulation members are partially removed in each pixel area to form contact holes having the same size.01-13-2011
20120266450METHOD OF MANUFACTURING IN-PLANE SWITCHING MODE LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY - Provided is a method for manufacturing an in-plane switching mode liquid crystal display, which can prevent the problem of bubble generation caused by an Ag dot during the attachment process of a liquid crystal panel and a cover substrate, and improve the yield of an Ag dot process. A method for manufacturing an in-plane switching mode liquid crystal display according to an embodiment of the present invention may comprise: forming a liquid crystal panel by interposing a liquid crystal layer between a color filter substrate and a TFT array substrate; attaching a polarizer, with a protective film attached thereon, on the color filter substrate; forming an Ag dot to be in contact with an edge of the protective film, the color filter substrate, and the TFT array substrate; removing part of the Ag dot by removing the protective film; and attaching a cover substrate on the color filter substrate.10-25-2012
20120266451Temperature sensor and method for its manufacture - A thermal, flow measuring device for determining and/or monitoring the flow of a measured medium through a measuring tube. The thermal, flow measuring device includes: a first pin-shaped shell and at least a second pin-shaped shell; a first resistance thermometer and at least a second resistance thermometer. At least the first resistance thermometer is embodied so as to be heatable, wherein the resistance thermometers, in each case, have a first surface, and at least a second surface, which lies opposite the first surface. The first pin-shaped shell surrounds the first resistance thermometer, and the second pin-shaped shell surrounds the second resistance thermometer. The pin-shaped shells are fillable with a fill material. In each case, at least one spacer is placeable between the pin-shaped shell and the first surface of the resistance thermometer, and the second surface of the resistance thermometer is at least partially covered with fill material.10-25-2012
20100180429CARBON NANOTUBE HEATER - A method for making a planar heater is provided. A first electrode and a second electrode are connected to a carbon nanotube structure having a plurality of micropores. The carbon nanotube structure is fixed on a surface of a planar supporter. A material is supplied into the carbon nanotube structure to achieve a carbon nanotube composite structure.07-22-2010
20110107588METHOD OF MANUFACTURING A SPARK PLUG - A process of manufacturing the spark plug that includes a step in which a receiving die having an insertion hole and a taper portion is used, wherein a thread portion of the spark plug is inserted into the insertion hole and a seat portion of the spark plug is brought into contact with the taper portion, and a pressing force is applied to a rear end portion of a metallic shell of the spark plug so as to bend a rear end opening portion of the metallic shell, and to thereby form a crimped portion, whereby an insulator and the metallic shell are fixed together.05-12-2011
20110030197METHOD OF CONSTRUCTING A TUNABLE RF FILTER - A method is disclosed for the fabrication of a tunable radio frequency (RF) power output filter that includes fabricating a core body and then forming a plastically deformable metallic shell over the exterior surface of the core body.02-10-2011
20100132184IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICE WITH IMPROVED BACK-FILL MEMBER AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE THEREOF - An implantable medical device and methods of manufacture are provided for implantation in a body. The device includes a device housing having an interior cavity and electronic circuitry located in the interior cavity of the device housing. The electronic circuitry detects a physiologic condition of the body and delivers a therapy to the body. The device further includes a feed-through assembly having a feed-through housing that is joined to the device housing. The feed-through assembly includes conductors held in the feed-through housing and electronically connected to the electronic circuitry. A back-fill member is joined to the feed-through housing. The back-fill member has an opening there through communicating with the interior cavity of the device housing. A sealing element is hermetically secured in the opening through the back-fill member. The sealing element and back-fill member are formed of different first and second materials, respectively. The second material is generally harder than the first material. For example, the sealing element may constitute a titanium ball configured to be deformed when pressed into the opening in the back-fill member, where the first and second materials constitute titanium and a titanium alloy, respectively. The back-fill member is dimensioned relative to a support tool to permit the back-fill member to self-align during an initial sealing operation by shifting and/or tilting relative to a support tool.06-03-2010
20100132183LOCKING MECHANISM FOR LOCKING A REMOVABLE DATA CARRIER - A locking mechanism is provided for locking a removable data carrier in a support structure of an electronic device. The locking mechanism includes a movable locking element, indicating unit and a locking element control unit. The movable locking element is movable between a locked position and an unlocked position, where the locking element, in its locked position, prevents the removal of the data carrier from the support structure.06-03-2010
20110239440METHODS FOR MAKING A SENSITIVE RESONATING BEAM ACCELEROMETER - A method of making a resonating beam accelerometer (RBA). In an example process, a proof mass device and resonators are created from a quartz material. A direct bond is formed between the proof mass and the resonators by applying a predefined amount of pressure at a predefined temperature for a predefined amount of time. One or more damping plates are created from a quartz material. A direct bond is formed between the damping plates and the proof mass device. The proof mass device is created by applying a predefined amount of pressure at pressure at temperature to two bases, two proof mass portions, and a flexure. The proof mass bases are on opposite sides of the flexure. The proof mass portions are on opposite sides of the flexure. A gap is present between the proof mass bases and the proof mass portions.10-06-2011
20110131793METHOD FOR MOUNTING CURRENT SENSORS - A plurality of current sensors on a support is attached to bracket which is secured in an electric power distribution panel.06-09-2011
20100011566INTEGRATED FILM PEELING AND MOUNTING DEVICE METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE USING THE SAME - Disclosed is an integrated device which can peel a protective film from a board assembly and mount the board assembly on a backlight unit. The integrated peeling and mounting device includes: an index rotary unit having a shaft for rotating heads facing in different directions; an alignment calibration unit for calibrating an aligned state of the board assembly and the backlight unit; and a mounting unit for mounting a board assembly adsorbed to a first head of the index rotary unit on the backlight unit.01-21-2010
20100058575ELECTRICAL INSULATION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ELECTRICAL POWER STORAGE COMPONENT SEPARATION - An electrical insulation system and method for electrical power storage component separation is disclosed. Some implementations of the system use various forms of polyurethane elastomer based material such as tapes to electrically separate various components of electrical power storage devices such as battery packs. These components can include cells, connecting tabs, printed circuit assemblies, solder joints, nickel strips, and other conductive members.03-11-2010
20100064504RAILWAY BEACON AND RELATED PRODUCTION METHOD - A railway beacon having a casing (03-18-2010
20110247195Multimode Signaling on Decoupled Input/Output and Power Channels - A multimode system with at least two end points may include a multimode signaling path that, in some embodiments, is a multimode cable or a multimode board and is pluggably connectable to packages at each end point. Each end point may include a processor die package coupled to a socket. The socket may also receive a connector that couples the cable to the package. Power supply signals and input/output signals may be decoupled at each end point.10-13-2011
20110056068Interposer and method for manufacturing the same - The interposer includes a glass substrate 03-10-2011
20110056067Wi-Fi Access Point Device and System - An access point device and system that offers Wi-Fi access and is easily integratable into its environment is provided. The access point device and system is advantageously well suited for integrating operative aspects of a Wi-Fi access point in a wall using, for example, standard switch and outlet boxes and/or standard wall plates. The access point device and system can advantageously be well suited for incorporating a wiring structure such as, for example, a 110 block or the like, suitable for use in connecting to a wired network. Further, the access point device and system may beneficially permit the integration of complementary connections within the access point including, for example, data, voice, video, CATV or other like connection types.03-10-2011
20110252629METHOD FOR PRODUCING CERAMIC BODY - Provided is a method for producing a ceramic body, which is capable of preventing the ingress of moisture into a void between a conductor and the ceramic body more effectively in the ceramic body including the conductor therein. Ingress of a supercritical fluid containing an oxide sol precursor is achieved into a void between an internal electrode layer and a ceramic laminate. After that, the oxide sol is turned into a gel, and subjected to a heat treatment, thereby filling the void between the internal electrode layer and the ceramic laminate with an oxide.10-20-2011
20110146056METHOD AND DEVICE OF MANUFACTURING SPEAKER - The disclosure is related to a method and a device of manufacturing a speaker. First, a roll element is fabricated by a roll-based manufacturing process and by using a material feeder, and the roll element is cut into many sheet elements by using a cutter. An inserting device is used to insert the sheet elements into a temporary storage device, and an extracting device is used to extract the sheet elements from the temporary storage device and place the sheet elements on another roll element fabricated by another roll-based manufacturing process and by using another material feeder. The sheet elements and the other roll element are combined. The roll elements and sheet elements may be vibrating membranes and porous electrodes of a flat speaker.06-23-2011
20110173799Multi-Port Chlorine Generator - A chlorine treatment apparatus includes a housing with a cavity containing a chlorine generator for chlorinating a liquid such as water and at least three openings to the cavity. The chlorine generator may be an electrolytic cell. Some embodiments may include one or more plugs for closing the openings. The plugs may be keyed to operate with only certain of the openings. Yet other embodiments may include sensors for monitoring various aspects of the liquid such as temperature, salinity, flow rate, and chlorine concentration.07-21-2011
20080313882Sensing unit and method of making same - In a sensing unit according to the present invention, a spring portion having a support portion and a movable portion is conductive. A signal of a sensor portion provided on the movable portion of the spring portion is transmitted via the spring portion. Hence, the sensing unit according to the present invention has a simple constitution with a small number of components, and a wire does not necessarily have to be provided for each sensor portion. As a result, a reduction in manufacturing cost, simplification of the manufacturing process, and so on are achieved.12-25-2008
20110041316HANDHELD ELECTRONIC DEVICE INCLUDING MULTI-COMPARTMENT SHIELDING CONTAINER AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - A handheld electronic device may include a portable housing and a shielding container within the portable housing. The shielding container may include a shielding frame and a shielding lid carried thereby. A printed circuit board may be within the shielding container. The shielding frame may include a planar base with at least one opening therein, a pair of opposing side walls integrally formed with the base and extending upwardly therefrom, and a pair of opposing end walls integrally formed with the base and extending upwardly therefrom. Also, the shielding frame may include at least one intermediate partition wall integrally formed with the base and extending upwardly therefrom to define a plurality of container compartments. The partition wall may also extend only partway between the opposing side walls to define at least one partition end gap therewith.02-24-2011
20120030930PORTABLE COMPUTER UNIFIED TOP CASE - A top case assembly for a portable computer is disclosed. The assembly may include an integral unified (e.g., homogenous) top case formed from a single part. The integral top case provides an enclosure, frame and cosmetic exterior of the portable computer. The integral top case also serves as the primary structure of the portable computer. The assembly may include a variety of subassemblies such as keyboards, touchpads, circuit boards, and drives that are carried by the underside of the integral top case. The integral top case may be formed from aluminum slab that has been machined to form walls, openings, attachment areas and cosmetic areas of the top case.02-09-2012
20120198687INFORMATION HANDLING SYSTEM DISPLAY INTEGRATION SYSTEM AND PROCESS - LCD panel inventory for manufacture of portable information handling systems is managed to support consumer and business information handling systems by adapting LCD panels having a substantially identical construction as the LCD panels are pulled from a common inventory. LCD panels placed in the inventory have a polarizing surface suitable for use with consumer information handling systems and are treated with an anti-glare film when pulled from the inventory for assembly into business information handling systems.08-09-2012
20110252628Multi-sectioned arms for portable electronic devices - Multi-sectioned arms are used as a basic mechanism for coupling the display and the base of a portable computer. With this mechanism, one single computer can support all of the following capabilities. The display can move continuously, relative to the back edge of the base, along any combination of up and down, backward and forward, and left and right directions. The display can be tilted up and down as well as sideway for viewing angle adjustment, and also set to portrait and landscape orientations. When the display is in conventional open or close positions, each arm can be folded and parked alongside and parallel to as well as away from the edge of the base. The arms can be detached from the computer. The base and the display can overlay each other in four ways. Finally, mechanical mechanisms for implementations of the arms and connections to the computer including friction joint mechanisms and attachment mechanisms for connecting the arm to the display and the base, are presented. A method of assembling the multi-sectioned arm is presented.10-20-2011
20110162196PROCESS FOR MAKING HIGH ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY ALUMINIUM PLATES - The process can include obtaining a rectangular aluminium panel size; obtaining a cast aluminium ingot having a length and width housing said aluminium panel size; sawing the annealed aluminium ingot along its length and across its width, thereby yielding a plurality of aluminium panels having said aluminium panel size and a given plate thickness; and cutting the plates across the thickness of the aluminium panels.07-07-2011
20110107587Method for constructing a lamp for radiating a warning signal - A method for constructing a lamp for radiating a warning signal within a desired polar angular range around a mean polar direction includes the steps of fixing a base body at a mounting location, arranging each of an annular support element having an annular reflector, an inner and an outer annular optical system concentrically around a lamp axis to form an optical arrangement and arranging a plurality of lighting elements on the annular support element in an annular distribution around the lamp axis. The annular reflector, inner annular optical system and outer annular optical system and portions thereof are shaped to reflect and/or direct light radiated by the plurality of lighting elements in such a manner that light emerges from the outer annular optical system in a direction within the desired polar angular range around the mean polar direction.05-12-2011
20110113617METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING WIRELESS RECEIVER - A method for manufacturing a wireless receiver is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: providing a metallic casing having an accommodating space with both opposite ends thereof and having an front opening and a rear opening in communication with the accommodating space; forming a positioning base having a mounting trough by joining to the accommodating space of the metallic casing, the mounting trough being in communication with the accommodating space and rear opening; providing a receiving module, assembling the receiving module in the accommodating space, the receiving module being fixed by inserting it into the mounting trough via the rear opening; and providing a housing, assembling the housing to the rear opening, the housing sealing the rear opening to block the receiving module from sliding out of the rear opening. Therefore, the whole size of the wireless receiver can be reduced.05-19-2011
20110131792SHADOW MASK ALIGNMENT AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A magnetic handling assembly for thin-film processing of a substrate, a system and method for assembling and disassembling a shadow mask to cover a top of a workpiece for exposure to a processing condition. The assembly may include a magnetic handling carrier and a shadow mask disposed over, and magnetically coupled to, the magnetic handling carrier to cover a top of a workpiece that is to be disposed between the shadow mask and the magnetic handling carrier when exposed to a processing condition. A system includes a first chamber with a first support to hold the shadow mask, a second support to hold a handling carrier, and an alignment system to align the shadow mask a workpiece to be disposed between the carrier and shadow mask. The first and second supports are moveable relative to each other.06-09-2011
20110083318QUARTZ GUARD RING CENTERING FEATURES - An electrode assembly and method of centering an outer ring around an electrode assembly in a plasma reaction chamber used in semiconductor substrate processing. The method includes positioning the outer ring around an outer surface of a backing member of the electrode assembly, and inserting at least one centering element between the outer ring and the backing member. The centering element can be a plurality of spring-loaded centering elements received in a cavity on the outer surface of the backing member, the centering elements having a first end adapted to contact the outer ring and a second end adapted to receive a spring. The outer ring surrounds an outer surface of the backing member, such that the plurality of spring-loaded centering elements are positioned between the outer surface of the backing member and an inner surface of the outer ring.04-14-2011
20110162195IRRIGATED TIP CATHETER AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THEREFOR - An irrigated tip electrode design includes a shell generally surrounding a plug which jointly define a chamber that is fed with fluid by a lumen. The fluid is distributed to the outer surface of the tip electrode through fluid passages. The chamber is advantageously isolated from a region of the tip electrode occupied by electrical and/or electromagnetic components in the tip electrode. Lumens occupied by the these components terminate in blind holes that have no communication with the chamber. A method of fabricating includes providing a shell configured from a rod to provide an open interior cavity, sealing and partially filling the cavity with a plug to form a chamber, then forming fluid passages between the cavity and an outer surface of the tip electrode, and providing a lumen through which fluid can enter the chamber and exit therefrom through the fluid passages.07-07-2011
20110162194Disassembly Apparatus and Disassembly Method of Rotating Electric Machine - A disassembly apparatus of a power generator installed in a nacelle has an I-shaped beam, a pressing plate, anchor bolts, a trolley and a chain block. The I-shaped beam extends horizontally above the frame of the power generator. The pressing plate is disposed on the I-shaped beam. The anchor bolts extend along both sides of the I-shaped beam to pierce the pressing plate and are screwed into threaded holes extending downward of the frame. The trolley is provided movably to roll on the upper surface of the lower flange. The chain block is hung from the trolley. The flange removed from the frame is hung and moved vertically by the chain block, and is moved horizontally by the trolley.07-07-2011
20110167615METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISASSEMBLING DISPLAY DEVICE - In the disassembling method of a display device of the present invention, the display device has a display panel, and metal plate unit having a panel member formed of a chassis member disposed on the back surface of the display panel and a circuit board as an electric circuit member attached to the chassis member through an attaching member. The disassembling method has a mounting step of mounting metal plate unit on stage whose tilt angle can be adjusted by mechanism section and a cutting step of cutting the attaching member in parallel with the surface of stage with saw blade that abuts on the attaching member by the own weight of metal plate unit based on the tilt angle of stage.07-14-2011
20110185563COMPOSITE CERAMIC DEVICE FOR MEASURING THE TEMPERATURE OF LIQUIDS - A method of manufacturing a shield assembly for protecting a thermocouple including assembling a first mold including a tubular shield having a cavity for receiving the thermocouple, assembling a second mold having a second tubular shield having a second elongated cavity with an open end, filling the first and second mold cavities with a liquid mix of refractory ceramic material and letting the liquid mix dry and thereafter disassembling the first and second molds to free the first and second tubular shields and curing the refractory ceramic material.08-04-2011
20100018030Cylindrical housing and method of producing same - A cylindrical housing has a coaxial opening having a circular cross-section and at least one line having an oval cross-section, extending parallel to a longitudinal axis. To produce the cylindrical housing, the coaxial opening is produced with a large diameter having at least one bore with a small diameter extending parallel to the opening in a cylindrical blank, and subsequently a mandrel is inserted into the coaxial opening, wherein forces are then applied onto a circumferential surface of the drilled cylindrical blank for the production of the cylindrical housing. Another possibility for production is to roll a metal strip such that a concavity is formed, to create a bore therein and to apply forces in order to level out the concavity. An oval cross-section is imparted on each bore extending in concavities. The metal strip is wound about a mandrel to create the coaxial opening of the circular cross-section.01-28-2010
20100125998CABINET INCLUDING OPTICAL BULKHEAD PLATE FOR BLOWN FIBER SYSTEM - A cabinet is provided for managing the connections between a feeder cable and a distribution cable wherein the distribution cable is a blown optical fiber. The cabinet includes shelves for holding splices between the feeder cable and the distribution cable. The shelves also include microduct holders for holding each of the microducts associated with the distribution cable.05-27-2010
20090235515Plug and Play Utility Control Modules - A utility control device, such as a light socket, a switch or a plug socket, is designed with universal terminals so that when plugged into a pre-wired utility box (box socket), the terminals will make the proper electrical connections with the premises wiring. Systems and methods are disclosed for arranging the premises power grid such that any device type can be “plugged” into the shells that are pre-wired inside the utility box.09-24-2009
20120144656METHOD OF PRODUCING AN IMAGE SENSOR HAVING MULTIPLE OUTPUT CHANNELS - A method for producing an image sensor includes providing a horizontal shift register electrically connected to a pixel array for receiving charge packets from the pixel array. A non-destructive sense node is provided that is connected to an output of the horizontal shift register. A charge directing switch is provided that is electrically connected to the non-destructive sense node. The charge directing switch includes first and second outputs. A charge multiplying horizontal shift register is provided that is electrically connected to the first output of the charge directing switch. A bypass horizontal shift register or an amplifier is provided that is connected to the second output of the charge directing switch.06-14-2012
20110061224MODULAR REACTIVE DISTILLATION EMULATION ELEMENTS INTEGRATED WITH INSTRUMENTATION, CONTROL, AND SIMULATION ALGORITHMS - A method for creating laboratory-scale reactive distillation apparatus from provided modular components is described. At least two types of modular distillation column stages are provided. A first type of modular stage comprises two physical interfaces for connection with a respective physical interface of another modular stage. A second type modular stage comprises one such physical interface. At least one type of tray is provided for insertion into the first type of modular stage. A clamping arrangement is provided for joining together two modular stages at their respective physical interfaces for connection to form a joint. The invention provides for at least three modular stages can be joined. At least one sensor or sensor array can be inserted into each modular stage. At least one controllable element can be inserted into each modular stage. The invention provides for study of traditional, advanced, and photochemical types of reactive distillation.03-17-2011
20120060355ACTUATOR MANUFACTURING METHOD - An actuator manufacturing method includes alternately stacking a plurality of dielectric elastomer layers and a plurality of conductive rubber layers along the direction of thickness to form a sheet, and wrapping the sheet formed about a core to form a rolled sheet. When the sheet formed in the step of alternately stacking is wrapped about the core, the sheet is formed by the dielectric elastomer layers and the conductive rubber layers. Therefore, even if the dielectric elastomer layers in the sheet are made to be thin, the thickness of the entire sheet is prevented from being excessively thin.03-15-2012
20110154648ELECTRONIC SENSING OF BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL AGENTS USING FUNCTIONALIZED NANOSTRUCTURES - This invention provides for an apparatus and a method for detecting the presence of pathogenic agents with sensors containing functionalized nanostructures integrated into circuits on silicon chips. The nanostructures are functionalized with molecular transducers that recognize and bind targeted analytes which are diagnostic of the pathogenic agent of interest. The molecular transducer includes a receptor portion, which binds the analyte, and an anchor portion that attaches to the nanostructure. Upon binding of the analyte, a change in molecular configuration represented by the newly formed receptor-analyte complex creates a force that is transmitted to the nanostructure via the anchor portion of the transducer. The effect of the force transmitted to the nanostructure is to alter its conductivity. The change in conductivity of the nanotube thus represents a signal that indicates the presence of the pathogenic agent of interest.06-30-2011
20110154647Fabrication of notebook computer and its casings - Provided is a notebook computer, which essentially includes a data processing unit, and a display unit pivotally connected with one side of the data processing unit. Display unit has a first casing member, a second casing member, and a third casing member. The first casing member is immovably disposed on the third casing member. The second casing member is separably combined upon the first casing member, which includes a plurality of first through slots, second through slots and many protrusions. The second casing member includes a plurality of first baffles and second baffles. It is featured that the first casing member and second casing member can be easily combined with or separated from each other. No matter whether it's the combination or separation, the second casing member won't be loosed once they are combined. Further combination of the casing members for the notebook computer is also provided in the invention.06-30-2011
20100077597PROBE NEEDLE, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE PROBE NEEDLE AND METHOD FOR CONSTRUCTING A THREE-DIMENSIONAL STRUCTURE - A method for manufacturing a probe needle having beams and a contactor placed on tips of the beams comprises preparing a Si wafer 04-01-2010
20120011704COMPUTING - SYSTEM IDENTIFIER USING SOFTWARE EXTRACTION OF MANUFACTURING VARIABILITY - A system for generating a computing system specific value comprising, a computing system not comprising any specialized hardware to generate a device specific value, a software product tangibly embodied in a machine-readable medium, comprising instructions operable to cause computing system to perform operations comprising: generating a digital value which is substantially dependent on manufacturing variation among like devices of computing system.01-19-2012
20120011705Integrated lancet and bodily fluid sensor - A lancing device integrated with a sensing strip and method of making and using the same are provided. A lance and analyte sensing strip are combined in a single, preferably disposable, device. In a preferred embodiment, a slot is provided in a support member so the lance can be engaged by a lance driver and driven into the skin producing a bodily fluid sample from a wound. The sensing area of the sensing strip is adjacent to the wound location reducing dexterity requirements for patients.01-19-2012
20120151747PROCESS FOR PRODUCING OF A THERMOELECTRIC GENERATOR APPLICABLE IN AN EXHAUST LINE OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A method for producing a thermoelectric generator configured to be used in an exhaust system of a motor vehicle. The thermoelectric generator includes a plurality of tubular thermoelectric modules arranged in a housing and including external pipes, internal pipes, p-doped and n-doped thermoelectric elements, and external rings. The thermoelectric modules are separated from one another on a face side by pipe bottoms. The method steps include connecting, by a gas-tight connection, the external pipes with the housing and the pipe bottoms; applying an electrically insulating coating onto inside surface of the external pipes; sliding the internal pipes including the p-doped and n-doped thermoelectric elements, and the external rings into the external pipes; shrinking the external pipes and fitting the external pipes into the internal pipes.06-21-2012
20110094088SOLAR CANOPY CONSTRUCTION METHOD - A method of accelerating a solar canopy construction project, including (a) preparing complete architectural and construction plans for a versatile solar canopy support system including (i) at least two substantially horizontally disposed zee channel support beams for supporting at least two zee channels, (ii) and at least two zee channels for supporting at least one solar power array and fixedly attached to the at least two zee channel support beams, each zee channel having a first end disposed at an upper portion of one zee channel support beam and having a second end disposed at an upper portion of another zee channel support beam, each zee channel including a longitudinal axis substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of each zee channel support beam, and (iii) wherein the architectural and construction plans for a versatile solar canopy support system provide are sufficient to cover a plurality of solar canopy project configurations and site conditions; and (b) obtaining approval for the architectural and construction plans for the versatile solar canopy support system from a state agency responsible for approving construction on public school sites, wherein no further state agency approval is required to begin construction of a particular instance of a versatile solar canopy support consistent with the approved versatile solar canopy support system on any public school site within the state in which the state agency resides.04-28-2011
20120117789Methods of Making a Cell Stack for an Electrical Purification Apparatus - An electrical purification apparatus and methods of making same are disclosed. The electrical purification apparatus may provide for increases in operation efficiencies, for example, with respect to current efficiencies and membrane utilization.05-17-2012
20110088247MOUNTING BRACKET AND METHOD - The present invention is directed to a bracket for mounting housing for accommodating electrical components. The bracket comprises a base member capable of being mounted to a surface. The bracket may also comprise a sidewall extending from the base member and a system for mounting the electrical component housing to the sidewall of the base member, so that when the electrical component housing is connected to the bracket, a space is defined between the base member and the electrical component housing.04-21-2011
20120311849MANUFACTURING METHOD OF A HEAT CONDUCTIVE DEVICE FOR A LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE - A manufacturing method of heat conductive device for an LED has steps of forming a heat sink and an engagement recess in the heat sink by cold forge, punching a heat-conducting disc to form an LED carrier having a mounting portion and a heat-conducting wall formed around the mounting portion, soldering multiple LEDs on the LED carrier, and heating the heat sink to thermally expand the heat sink and assembling the LED carrier and the heat sink so that the heat-conducting wall is assembled with the engagement recess and further chilling the heat sink to thermally retract and tightly hold the LED carrier. The manufacturing method increases contact area and reduces air gaps between the LED carrier and the heat sink to effectively enhance the heat-conducting efficiency of the LED carrier so that the LEDs are operated at a suitable operating temperature to secure a prolonged life duration.12-13-2012
20100180428Randomized circular grids for low-scatter EM shield - A randomized elliptical grid disposed on a sensor window for electro-magnetic and/or radio-frequency shielding of sensors, and a method of applying same. Grids may be made of electrically conductive or resistive material and may include elliptical or circular shapes. The shapes are in physical contact with each-other and preferably do not contain straight lines to reduce detection artifacts caused by the coating. Grid element shape, size, orientation, and grid pattern density may be randomized or varied across a sensor window.07-22-2010
20120210561ELECTRIC INSULATOR - An electric insulator is provided that can be used between an electrified wire of an electric fence and a fence post. The electric insulator generally comprises a body having a lateral aperture. The lateral aperture extends for the entire length of the body and is configured to allow a wire to be laterally inserted into, or removed from, a central channel of the electric insulator. The electric insulator may include one or more fins to assist in securing the electric insulator to a fence post.08-23-2012
20120210560METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A CONDENSER MICROPHONE - A method for manufacturing a condenser microphone includes forming a diaphragm module using microelectromechanical system (MEMS) techniques. The diaphragm module includes a diaphragm that is deformable by energy of sound waves, and a diaphragm spacer that extends from one side of the diaphragm and controls a tension of the diaphragm. The method further includes providing a backplate with vent holes, aligning the vent holes of the backplate with a central region of the diaphragm, and connecting the backplate to the diaphragm spacer to construct a transducer unit. The diaphragm spacer, the diaphragm and the backplate cooperate to form an air chamber in fluid communication with an environment external to the condenser microphone. The backplate and the diaphragm cooperate to form a condenser. The method further includes enclosing the transducer unit in a housing that includes a shell and a circuit board to form the condenser microphone.08-23-2012
20090100664LAND GRID ARRAY (LGA) INTERPOSER UTILIZING METAL-ON-ELASTOMER HEMI-TORUS AND OTHER MULTIPLE POINTS OF CONTACT GEOMETRIES - A method of producing a land grid array (LGA) interposer structure, including an electrically insulating carrier plane, and at least one interposer mounted on a first surface of said carrier plane. The interposer possesses a hemi-toroidal configuration in transverse cross-section and is constituted of a dielectric elastomeric material. A plurality of electrically-conductive elements are arranged about the surface of the at least one hemi-toroidal interposer and extend radically inwardly and downwardly from an uppermost end thereof into electrical contact with at least one component located on an opposite side of the electrically insulating carrier plane. A plurality of slots are formed in the sidewall of said interposer for the venting of gases and pressure therethrough.04-23-2009
20100011565METHODS OF FORMING A LENS SHEET FOR A PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR CELL SYSTEM - The present application is directed to methods of forming an integral lens sheet for use with a photovoltaic solar cell subassembly. The integral lens sheet is constructed from a parquet member and one or more individual lenses. One embodiment of a method may include positioning an individual lens over each of the apertures in the parquet member. The size of the lenses may provide for peripheral sections of the lenses to overlap the parquet member. Each of the lenses may be welded to the parquet member by directing a laser beam through the peripheral sections and onto the parquet member. The laser beam may form a laser weld between the parquet member and an underside of the individual lenses.01-21-2010
20120073116Method for Manufacturing Electrophoretic Display Device - A method for manufacturing an electrophoretic display device includes forming partition walls for defining a plurality of pixel regions on a lower substrate; filling charged particles into the plurality of pixel regions; filling a pixel solvent in the plurality of pixel regions having been filled with the charged particles; and attaching the lower substrate and an upper substrate to each other.03-29-2012
20120073115ASSEMBLY OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device is provided. The electronic device may include a plate placed behind a screen formed from a window and a display module to provide the screen with additional stiffness (e.g., to resist dropping events). The window may be maintained in the electronic device by trapping the window between a bezel and the display module. In some embodiments, the window may include a chamfered edge operative to be received by a recessed edge in the bezel. In some embodiments, the input mechanism of the electronic device may be metallic and need to be grounded, but may be surrounded by plastic components or other non-grounding components. The electronic device may include screws operative to pass through a circuit board to reach a frame, which may serve as a ground, where the screws are located in proximity of the button. In some embodiments, the circuit board may include an additional component for grounding the button03-29-2012
20120186070METHOD FOR RETROFITTING A POWER PLANT - A method for retrofitting a power plant includes the steps of: removing the original active part, removing the original non-active part, providing a new active part that is larger than the original active part, and at least partly extends over a zone that was before occupied by the original active part, and at least partly extends over a zone that was before occupied by the original non-active part, and is housed within the foundation.07-26-2012
20100325871METHOD OF MANUFACTURING HARD DISK DRIVE BASE - The base improves manufacturing efficiency and yield and has an advantage in cost. The base includes a panel having a through-hole, a motor holder, having a cylindrical shape that protrudes from a first face of the panel in a thickness direction of the panel, integrally formed on the panel corresponding to the through-hole, the motor holder holds a motor fitted to an inner circumferential surface of the motor holder through adhesives, and the motor holder is provided with at least one depression pressure-formed on the inner circumferential surface thereof, thereby eliminating cutting processing, facilitating accuracy control, suppressing nonconformity such as corrosion because no base material is exposed, requiring no measures against burs and the like, improving production capacity and yield, and resulting in cost advantages, too.12-30-2010
20100325870METHOD AND DEVICE FOR TRANSPORTING ELECTRONIC MODULES - Electronic modules are transported with respect to equipment for manipulating and testing electronic modules. The transport is formed from a thin support having openings for receiving electronic modules. A locating mechanism associated with the thin support serves to locate the support relative to transport and testing equipment. A mechanism is further provided for holding the received electronic modules within the openings during transport and testing.12-30-2010
20100325869NOVEL ASSEMBLY METHODS FOR MEDICAL ELECTRICAL LEADS - A method for making a medical electrical lead electrode assembly includes the steps of: forming an insulative carrier from an insulative material; coupling at least one conductive component to the carrier by inserting a pre-formed tab of the conductive component through the carrier, from a first side thereof to a second side thereof, so that the conductive component is secured to the carrier with the tab extending along a surface of the second side of the carrier and an inward facing surface of an electrode portion of the conductive component being disposed against a surface of the first side of the carrier; coupling an elongate flexible conductor to the tab of the component; and forming an insulative layer over the second side of the carrier, the tab and the conductor electrically coupled to the tab.12-30-2010
20100325868METHOD FOR MAKING CALIBRATION-ADJUSTED SENSORS - A sensor, and methods of making, for determining the concentration of an analyte, such as glucose, in a biological fluid such as blood or serum, using techniques such as coulometry, amperometry, and potentiometry. The sensor includes a working electrode and a counter electrode, and may include an insertion monitoring trace to determine correct positioning of the sensor in a connector. The sensor is calibration-adjusted, eliminating the need for a user to enter a calibration code or for the meter to read a calibration code.12-30-2010
20120260495Method for Noise Reduction in Transformers - A method for reducing noise in an electric transformer uses a rigid fastening member during transportation which is uncoupled during its operation, leaving the live part of the transformer coupled to a tank through damper elements reducing vibration transmission from the live part to the tank, reducing the noise emitted by the transformer.10-18-2012
20120266449Plug-In Overhead Light - A plug-in overhead light is shown with an overhead female type, twist lock, electrical plug. The plug-in overhead light has a male type, twist lock, electrical plug. Upon plugging in the overhead light and twisting to lock, additional structural support for the overhead light is provided. Other than just the twist lock, electrical plug, the junction box is anchored to a ceiling joist and supports the overhead light projecting there below. A decorative cover extends over the junction box and may be used to hold the light globe in position. The male type, twist lock, electrical plug has a bulb socket on the end opposite the electrical plug.10-25-2012
20120297608COMPONENT ALIGNING APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MANUFACTURING METHOD - A component aligning apparatus includes a component aligning jig, in which electronic components to be aligned have a rectangular parallelepiped shape whose length dimension is L, width dimension is W, and thickness dimension is T, the component aligning jig includes electronic component accommodating recesses opening on a surface, the depth Z of the accommodating recesses is shorter than the length L of the electronic components so that a single electronic component is held in each of the electronic component accommodating recesses while partially projecting upwards from each of the recesses with the WT surface on one side facing up, and letting s be the shortest separation that is larger than the thickness T and is the narrowest distance between opposing inside surfaces of each of the accommodating recesses when each of the accommodating recesses is seen in plan view, W>S>T.11-29-2012
20120124819ELECTROSTATIC CHUCK ELECTRICAL BALANCING CIRCUIT REPAIR - The present invention includes methods and apparatus for repairing an electrical connection between bipolar electrodes contained within an electrostatic chuck and a conductive mask disposed atop the electrostatic chuck, known as a balancing circuit. Embodiments of the invention are particularly useful after removal of an electrostatic chuck for refurbishment.05-24-2012
20120317791FABRICATION OF A HIGH PERFORMANCE NEUTRON DETECTOR WITH NEAR ZERO GAMMA CROSS TALK - A fabrication method is provided for making a high efficiency neutron detector using a scintillator medium coupled with fiber optic light guides. The light guides provide light pulses to photo sensor and thereby to high speed analog to digital conversion and digital electronics that perform digital pulse shape discrimination for near zero gamma cross talk.12-20-2012
20120079709PRODUCING A DEFORMABLE SYSTEM WITH A VIEW TO DISPLACING AN OBJECT ENCLOSED IN THE LATTER - The invention relates to a method for displacing an object in a solid system involving the following steps: placing the object in a matrix which is solid at a first temperature and capable of softening due to the effect of a temperature increase; if necessary, increasing the temperature until the matrix softens; applying an external action to the object so as to move it inside the matrix; lowering the temperature until the matrix solidifies.04-05-2012
20110265312FILTER MEDIA WITH IMPROVED CONDUCTIVITY - Filter media are provided having improved conductivity to enhance filtration efficiency and/or dissipate static charge, and methods for making the same. In one exemplary embodiment, the filter media can include a filtration substrate, and at least one conductive coating disposed on at least a portion of the filtration substrate. In use, the conductive coating is coupled to an energy source and it is effective to emit ions when energy is delivered thereto to increase the efficiency of the filtration substrate and/or to dissipate or eliminate static charge generated during filtration.11-03-2011
20100229372METHODS FOR MEASURING A SET OF ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS IN A PLASMA - Methods using a probe apparatus configured to measure a set of electrical characteristics in a plasma include providing a chamber wall including at least a set of plasma chamber surfaces configured to be exposed to a plasma, the plasma having a set of electrical characteristics. The method includes installing a collection disk structure configured to be exposed to the plasma, wherein the collection disk structure having at least a body disposed within the chamber wall and a collection disk structure surface that is either coplanar or recessed with at least one of the set of plasma chamber surfaces and providing a conductive path configured to transmit the set of electrical characteristics from the collection disk structure to a set of transducers. The method may includes coupling a thermal grounding element with the conductive path for providing thermal grounding to at least the conductive path and may alternatively or additionally include disposing an insulation barrier configured to substantially electrically separate at least one of the collection disk and the conductive path.09-16-2010
20100229371TUBULAR STRUCTURE FOR FIXING PARTICULATE MATTER DETECTION DEVICE - A tubular structure for fixing particulate matter detection device 09-16-2010
20120279048ROBUST CONSUMER ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method includes providing a molded elastomeric mat having an input protrusion, an output device receiving surface including an output device contact, and a battery receiving indentation including a power supply contact. The method further includes insert molding an output conductive path into the elastomeric mat, the output conductive path electrically coupling a circuit carrier output contact to an output device contact, and insert molding a power supply conductive path into the elastomeric mat, the power supply conductive path electrically coupling a circuit carrier power contact to the power supply contact. The method includes interfacing the elastomeric mat with a circuit carrier, aligning the input protrusion with a circuit carrier input contact, interfacing a display device with the output device receiving surface, electrically connecting the display device with the output device contact, and positioning the elastomeric mat into a housing.11-08-2012
20120279047METHOD OF FABRICATING A COOLED ELECTRONIC SYSTEM - A method of fabricating a liquid-cooled electronic system is provided which includes an electronic assembly having an electronics card and a socket with a latch at one end. The latch facilitates securing of the card within the socket. The method includes providing a liquid-cooled cold rail at the one end of the socket, and a thermal spreader to couple the electronics card to the cold rail. The thermal spreader includes first and second thermal transfer plates coupled to first and second surfaces on opposite sides of the card, and thermally conductive extensions extending from end edges of the plates, which couple the respective transfer plates to the liquid-cooled cold rail. The extensions are disposed to the sides of the latch, and the card is securable within or removable from the socket using the latch without removing the cold rail or the thermal spreader.11-08-2012
20120279049Dual Power Pin Connector Assembly For A MIG Welding Machine - A dual power pin connector assembly for connecting both a MIG welding gun and a spoolgun to a welding machine. The dual power pin connector is comprised of a busbar portion that electrically and mechanically couples the positive output terminal of the welding machine power supply to a wire drive for the MIG welding gun. The connector is further comprised of an integral quick release assembly/clamping portion that electrically and mechanically connects the positive power supply terminal to a power supply cable for the spoolgun. The clamping portion receives and retains a power pin coupled to one end of the spoolgun power cable in a receptacle that is manually tightened and loosened.11-08-2012
20120324714SOLID-STATE IMAGING DEVICE AND CAMERA SYSTEM - A method for manufacturing a solid-state imaging device including the steps of providing a pixel array including pixel circuits arranged in a matrix; and a pixel drive unit configured to drive the pixel array to perform a reset of the pixel array, a signal storage, and an output operation. The pixel drive unit includes a pixel reset control portion to supply a signal for resetting a pixel to the pixel circuits of a plurality of rows. The pixel reset control portion performs a reset control so that a row in which the reset signal is cancelled and a row in which the reset signal is continued always exist in one reset row change operation, and a row in which the reset signal continues to be supplied exists during two or more reset row change operations.12-27-2012
20100199486Flow-Fill Spacer Structures for Flat Panel Display Device - A preferred embodiment of the invention is directed to support structures such as spacers used to provide a uniform distance between two layers of a device. In accordance with a preferred embodiment, the spacers may be formed utilizing flow-fill deposition of a wet film in the form of a precursor such as silicon dioxide. Formation of spacers in this manner provides a homogenous amorphous support structure that may be used to provide necessary spacing between layers of a device such as a flat panel display.08-12-2010
20100132185METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING ELECTRONIC COMPONENT - A triaxial acceleration sensor which has a structure including a cover joined to a substrate including a mechanically operable functional unit to be sealed, is adapted in such a way that the joined state can be reliably obtained so as to not interfere with a displacement of the functional unit. A sealing frame is made of a heated polyimide on a periphery of an upper main surface of a substrate provided with a functional unit, and a sealing layer made of a polyimide is formed over an entire lower main surface of a cover. For integrating the substrate and the cover so as to seal the functional unit, the sealing frame and the sealing layer are joined to each other by heating and pressurizing the sealing frame and the sealing layer at a temperature that is about 50° C. to about 150° C. higher than a glass transition temperature of the polyimide while bringing the sealing frame and the sealing layer into contact with each other. In this case, a recess is formed in the vicinity of a portion of the sealing layer to be brought into contact with the sealing frame so that a bump, generated from the sealing layer which is deformed in the joining step, is prevented from protruding toward the functional unit.06-03-2010
20130014380METHOD OF ASSEMBLING AND ADJUSTING A MULTI-BEAM SCANNING OPTICAL APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING A MULTI-BEAM SCANNING OPTICAL APPARATUSAANM Tanimura; KenAACI Osaka-shiAACO JPAAGP Tanimura; Ken Osaka-shi JP - Provided is a method of assembling and adjusting multi-beam scanning optical apparatus including a light source unit having multiple light emitting points, a deflecting unit configured to deflect multiple light beams emitted from the light source unit, and an imaging optical system configured to image the multiple light beams deflected by the deflecting unit on a surface to be scanned, the method including: adjusting incident positions of the multiple light beams in a sub-scanning direction, which are entered into an imaging optical element constituting the imaging optical system to adjust irradiated positions of the multiple light beams on the surface to be scanned; and adjusting the irradiated positions of the multiple light beams on the surface to be scanned in the sub-scanning direction without changing the incident positions.01-17-2013
20130014379Method of Forming a Secondary for Linear Drive Motor Comprising Sheet of Highly Permeable Magnetic Material Having Synchronized Motor Teeth, Encoder Teeth, and Commutation Tracks Integrally Formed ThereinAANM Trammell; Glenn S.AACI Fort SmithAAST ARAACO USAAGP Trammell; Glenn S. Fort Smith AR USAANM Qiao; RuiAACI Fort SmithAAST ARAACO USAAGP Qiao; Rui Fort Smith AR US - A method for forming a secondary for a motor, for instance a linear drive motor, includes providing a sheet of highly magnetic permeable material with a plurality of slots extending through the sheet spaced along a length of the sheet. The slots define a plurality of teeth in the sheet and enable the sheet to be conformable to a mounting surface when forming the secondary of the motor. The top surface of the sheet has a plurality of pockets formed adjacent the plurality of slots. The pockets extend parallel to the width and are spaced along the length of the sheet. The pockets form a sensor operatively connected to a control of the motor. The sensor may be an encoder, and/or operatively connected to a control for controlling commutation of the motor, and/or setting positional limits, absolute positional information, and/or providing information about the sheet.01-17-2013
20130019460Personal Energy Memorabilia - In a method for enhancing memorabilia, a store of energy harvested from the body of a person or animal relevant to an item of memorabilia is associated with the item. In representative embodiments, energy storage devices charged with such harvested energy are comprised in or secured with items of memorabilia or items accessory to them, where they may additionally power electronic devices.01-24-2013
20130019459METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SENSOR UNIT - A method for manufacturing a sensor unit includes the steps of: Step 1 is providing a substrate having sensor unit areas. Each sensor unit area is partitioned into two individual circuit areas. A signal emitting device and a signal detecting device are respectively disposed on the two circuit areas. Step 2 is forming a packaging structure to cover the two circuit areas, the signal emitting device, the signal detecting device, and a cutting area between the two circuit areas using a mold. Step 3 is cutting the packaging structure along the cutting area to form a separation cut groove. Step 4 is assembling a separation member onto each sensor unit area. The separation member is disposed on the separation cut groove so that the signal emitting device and the signal detecting device on the same sensor unit area are isolated from each other.01-24-2013
20130167360MICROMACHINED NEURAL PROBES - A neural probe includes at least one shaft, at least one first electrode disposed on a first side of the at least one shaft, and at least one second electrode disposed on a second side of the at least one shaft. The at least one second electrode is separately addressable from the at least first electrode.07-04-2013
20100077596Manifold Assembly Having a Centralized Pressure Sensing Package - A hydraulic manifold assembly includes a manifold containing a plurality of hydraulic channels that direct fluid to a centralized location and a package disposed at the centralized location to measure fluid pressure at pressure ports corresponding to the hydraulic channels. The manifold assembly directs fluid to the single package rather than scattering fluid outputs to multiple sensor locations, simplifying the overall assembly configuration.04-01-2010
20100071194Ultrasonic system and method for affixing a screen sub-assembly to a plate - In one embodiment of the present invention, a method of affixing a screen sub-assembly to a substrate includes the steps of depositing a thermoplastic material on a surface of the substrate and placing the screen sub-assembly on top of the substrate. The screen sub-assembly includes a screen element and a thermoplastic material. The method also includes the steps of placing the screen sub-assembly and the substrate on a movable surface and driving the movable surface across a base support surface so as to position the screen sub-assembly and the substrate below an ultrasonic welding device. The ultrasonic welding device is actuated to emit ultrasonic energy that results in the screen sub-assembly being affixed to the substrate. The substrate can be formed of a perforated metal plate and a coating of thermoplastic powder.03-25-2010
20110232077UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS HUB AND METHOD OF CONNECTING PERIPHERAL DEVICES TO COMPUTERS - USB hubs and methods of connecting peripheral devices to multi purpose computers wherein the devices or cables thereto are pushed downward into a USB port on the hub resting on a desk or other horizontal surface. Holding the hub with another hand may be unnecessary. Some hubs also have USB ports on a side to which other peripheral devices may be connected while holding the hub with another hand. Some hubs have several USB ports on the side which may be in a horizontal line when viewed in a side view. Some hubs have another port on top for connecting peripheral devices with one hand. Hubs may have a housing with a top, bottom, and at least one straight or curved side and a surface may curve upward from a substantially vertical side. Different embodiments have a power port, indicator lights, feet, or a combination thereof.09-29-2011
20080222876SYSTEM FOR ATTACHING ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS TO MOLDED INTERCONNECTION DEVICES - A system for connecting electrical devices to one another is provided. This system includes a horizontal or non-horizontal substrate and an anchor connected to or formed integrally with the substrate. The anchor is either a raised structure or a recessed structure, and further includes at least one retention member formed integrally with the anchor. At least one electronic component is mounted within the anchor and the at least one retention member secures the component to the substrate. At least one electrical trace is disposed on the substrate and the at least one electrical trace extends into the anchor, contacts the at least one electronic component, and forms an electrical connection between the substrate and the at least one electronic component.09-18-2008
20130139376METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A CONCENTRATED-PHOTOVOLTAIC PANEL - The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a concentrated-photovoltaic panel (06-06-2013
20130174410SYSTEMS FOR ASSEMBLING ELECTRONIC DEVICES WITH INTERNAL MOISTURE-RESISTANT COATINGS - A system for assembling electronic devices includes at least one coating element for applying a moisture-resistant coating to surfaces of a device under assembly, or an electronic device under assembly. As components and one or more moisture-resistant coatings are added to the electronic device under assembly to form a finished electronic device, at least one surface on which the coating resides and, thus, at least a portion of the coating itself, is located internally within the finished electronic device. Methods for assembling electronic devices that include internally confined moisture-resistant coatings are also disclosed.07-11-2013
20130174411DISASSEMBLY METHOD AND DISASSEMBLY DEVICE FOR DISPLAY DEVICE - The present disclosure relates to disassembly of a display device having a panel module in which a panel is joined to a support member by joint member (07-11-2013
20130167361ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MOUNTING DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MOUNTING METHOD - When a connected position detecting unit detects that a connected position of a tape reaches a predetermined position in the tape passage, head-feeding of an electronic component provided in a head of the connected new tape is provided. In the head-feeding, a tape feeder feeds the tape such that the electronic component in the head of the new tape is located in a component pickup port. When the connected position detecting unit detects that the connected position of the tape reaches the predetermined position in the tape passage, a mounting head picks up the electronic component from the new tape fed by the head feeding control unit and is mounted on a new board positioned by a board conveying path.07-04-2013
20130133178Automatic Removing Machine, Automatic Corner Lift-off Apparatus and Method for Polarizer of LCD Panel - An automatic corner lift-off apparatus for a polarizer of a liquid crystal display (LCD) panel is disclosed, which is suitable for use in a process of removing a polarizer during manufacturing of an LCD panel and comprises: a front clip, comprising a long arm and a short arm which intersect with each other to substantially form an “L” shape; a back clip, spaced apart from the front clip and being capable of cooperating with the front clip to perform a clipping action; and at least one sensor disposed on the front clip or the back clip, being configured to sense whether the polarizer has been successfully lifted off. Thereby, the present disclosure allows for fully automatic polarizer removing operations and can reduce work-related injuries and improve the success ratio of and efficiency of removing the polarizer.05-30-2013
20130091693THERMAL EXPANSION-ENHANCED HEAT SINK FOR AN ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY - A heat sink and method of fabrication are provided for removing heat from an electronic component(s). The heat sink includes a heat sink base and frame. The base has a first coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and includes a base surface configured to couple to the electronic component to facilitate removal of heat. The frame has a second CTE, and is configured to constrain the base surface in opposing relation to the electronic component, wherein the first CTE is greater than the second CTE. At least one of the heat sink base or frame is configured so that heating of the heat sink base results in a compressive force at the base surface of the heat sink base towards the electronic component that facilitates heat transfer from the electronic component. A thermal interface material is disposed between the base surface and the electronic component.04-18-2013
20130097851Method and Apparatus for Mounting a Power Converter - The present invention provides a power converter mounting system including a flange that cooperates with a power converter and an enclosure. The flange includes a through hole that cooperates with an opening in the enclosure to permit the power converter to extend therethrough. A number of fasteners connect to the flange and overhang a portion of the power converter. The fasteners are configured to be manipulated from a front side of the power converter. An outer perimeter of the flange extends beyond the opening in the enclosure. The flange is secured to the enclosure with a number of fasteners that are also operable from the front side of the power converter. The power converter mounting assembly is configured to secure a power converter to an enclosure so as to satisfy a variety of sealing requirements as well as allowing convenient servicing of the power converter system.04-25-2013
20130125385PRODUCTION METHOD OF SCINTILLATOR ARRAY - A method for producing a dual-array-type scintillator array, comprising forming first and second scintillator sticks having cell portions by providing first and second scintillator substrates with pluralities of grooves and cutting them in directions perpendicular to the grooves; arranging and fixing plural sets of the first and second scintillator sticks with the cell portions downward on a support plate via spacers; removing base portions from the first and second scintillator sticks by grinding to form first and second cell arrays comprising the first and second cells each arranged in line; forming an integral resin-cured assembly by filling the grooves and gaps of the first and second cell arrays with a resin for a reflector, curing the resin, and then removing the support plate; and cutting a resin layer between the first and second cell arrays in adjacent sets to divide the resin-cured assembly to sets of the first and second cell arrays.05-23-2013
20130125384Methods and Systems for Strengthening LCD Modules - Systems and methods for improving strength of thin displays, such as Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) displays, are disclosed. In one embodiment, a display can use an asymmetrical arrangement of layers (e.g., glass layers) where one layer is thicker than another layer. Different scribing techniques can also be used in singulating the different layers. The asymmetrical arrangement and/or scribing techniques can facilitate displays that are not only thin but also adequately strong to limit susceptibility to damage.05-23-2013
20100275435METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THERMOELECTRIC CONVERSION ELEMENT - Provided is a method for manufacturing a thermoelectric conversion element. The method includes a metal layer formation step of comprising spreading a metal compound which decomposes upon heating to generate a metal, on a surface of a thermoelectric conversion element main body heated to the decomposition temperature of the metal compound or higher.11-04-2010
20130145610COMMISSIONING OF A BUILDING SERVICE SYSTEM - The invention relates to adjusting at least one of installed building service sensors (06-13-2013
20120255161PLACE STATION FOR A PICK-AND-PLACE MACHINE - A place station for a pick-and-place machine, comprising: a place stage assembly comprising a place stage for supporting a substrate; a covering for providing a clean environment at the substrate, the covering comprising a first opening in a first face of the covering through which a placement operation may be performed to a limited area of the substrate; wherein the place stage and the covering are mounted for relative movement to allow the opening to achieve a selected relative position over the substrate.10-11-2012
20100306994MULTI-FLUID COOLING OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method of fabricating a multi-fluid cooling system is provided for removing heat from one or more electronic devices. The cooling system includes a multi-fluid manifold structure with at least one first fluid inlet orifice and at least one second fluid inlet orifice for concurrently, separately injecting a first fluid and a second fluid onto a surface to be cooled when the cooling system is employed to cool one or more electronic devices, wherein the first fluid and the second fluid are immiscible, and the first fluid has a lower boiling point temperature than the second fluid. When the cooling system is employed to cool one or more electronic devices and the first fluid boils, evolving first fluid vapor condenses in situ by direct contact with the second fluid of higher boiling point temperature.12-09-2010
20100306993Method and Apparatus for Detethering Mesoscale, Microscale, and Nanoscale Components and Devices - A method and apparatus for fabricating one or more electronic devices from wafer, die or other holder including designing a plurality of electronic devices (12-09-2010
20100306992Ventilator for Rapid Response to Respiratory Disease Conditions - The present specification discloses a ventilator system that can be manufactured quickly with minimal skill requirements and rapidly deployed in response to epidemic respiratory disease conditions. In one embodiment, the ventilator, having a minimal number of controls, is used to give ventilation or mechanical breathing to a patient suffering ARDS. The mechanical ventilation is based on pressure control and has variable pressure, breathing rate, and oxygenation. Preferably, the ventilator is rapidly deployable, easy and intuitive to operate, and capable of sustaining at least 75% of epidemic respiratory distress victims who require assisted ventilation until resuming normal breathing.12-09-2010
20120272511COMPONENT MOUNTING APPARATUS AND SUBSTRATE CONVEYANCE METHOD IN COMPONENT MOUNTING APPARATUS - An object of the invention is to provide a component mounting apparatus which includes a plurality of substrate conveying lanes and which efficiently controls the order of carrying in of substrates, thereby capable of improving productivity, and also is to provide a substrate conveyance method in the component mounting apparatus. In a configuration which includes: component supplying units (11-01-2012
20120272510MOUNTING SYSTEM, ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MOUNTING METHOD, SUBSTRATE PRODUCTION METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A mounting system including: a storage that stores plural formats for each substrate including divisional information of a mounting apparatus indicating which of plural mounting apparatuses that divisionally mount plural electronic components on a substrate mounts what electronic component on the substrate and information on a deviation amount of an electronic component indicating how much each of the electronic components mounted on the substrate and inspected by an inspection apparatus is deviated from its regular position; and a controller that changes, according to a change of an assignment of mounting, the divisional information in a format corresponding to the substrate for which the assignment has been changed, and controls the mounting apparatus that has mounted the electronic component and has been specified from the mounting apparatuses to mount the electronic component on the substrate after correcting a deviation amount based on the information on a deviation amount.11-01-2012
20130152377METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR USE IN A VENDING MACHINE - During operation of a vending machine, a dispensed product moves from a product dispensing location to a product retrieval location. To detect movement of the dispensed product to the dispensing location, the intensity of light at an array of pixels is monitored. The monitored array of pixels forms a portion of a larger group of pixels. A change in the intensity of light at pixels in the array of pixels is detected upon movement of a dispensed product to a product retrieval location.06-20-2013
20130152375Magnetic Platinum Catalyst and Method of Making and its Application as an Engine Fuel Enhancer - A magnetic platinum catalyst and its application as an engine fuel enhancer. The method of making the magnetic platinum catalyst includes: the use of neodymium magnetic alloy containing 25-50% of the neutral neodymium (NdFeB) alloys, processed into a diameter of 13 mm, a length 9 mm cylinder, as a catalyst carrier. The surface of the catalyst carrier is treated with antioxidant. A platinum group metal is used as the catalyst rare earth materials to produce a catalyst acid soaking solution. The solution includes 0.01-0.2% platinum and 0.01-0.15% rhodium. The pH of the solution is adjusted to 4 using oxalic acid. After soaking in the solution, draining, and drying, the carrier is placed in a muffle furnace and baked. The catalyst is firmly attached to the surface of the carrier to form a magnetic platinum catalyst having catalyzing ability. Such catalyst is used in connection with engine fuel to enhance its operation.06-20-2013
20130152376Power And Airflow Configuration For Modular Server - A method of allocating resources in a rack system includes establishing a budgeted amount of a resource for a defined amount of rack space in a rack system. Electrical modules are deployed in a particular space in the rack system having the defined amount of rack space such that the amount of the resource used by the electrical modules in the particular rack space is maintained within the budgeted amount of the resource.06-20-2013
20130180100METHOD OF ACTUATING A WIRELESS SENSOR OF ROAD CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT - A method of actuating a wireless sensor of road construction equipment. A bracket is secured to the road construction equipment that has a magnet and is able to receive a wireless sensor. An actuator is disposed within the housing of the wireless sensor that reacts to the magnetic field created by the magnet such that when the wireless sensor is attached to the bracket the sensor is operable and when detached from the bracket no longer operates.07-18-2013
20110308069Method of manufacturing cooling fin and package substrate with cooling fin - A method of manufacturing a cooling fin and package substrate that includes preparing a mold, which has a support base and a resin layer formed on the support base and including on a side thereof a groove, which is configured to form a cooling fin; printing fireable paste containing a carbon component on a side of the mold that has the groove configured to form a cooling fin; removing the support base to leave a cooling object; and firing the cooling object.12-22-2011
20120017423INTERCONNECT FOR MEMS DEVICE INCLUDING A VISCOELASTIC SEPTUM - Provided is a micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) device for use with an elongate structure. The MEMS device includes a generally planar substrate, a device wall layer formed upon the substrate, a septum cavity formed in the device wall layer, a channel formed in the device wall layer in fluid communication with the septum cavity, and a septum element disposed in the septum cavity. The septum element is formed of a viscoelastic material. The septum element defines a septum entry surface and a septum exit surface with the septum exit surface being exposed to the channel and disposed between the septum entry surface and the channel. The septum element is without any openings formed through the septum element extending between the septum entry and exit surfaces. Methods of manufacturing and interacting with the MEMS device are also provided.01-26-2012
20130192055METHOD FOR PRODUCING DISPLAY DEVICE - According to the present disclosure, a display device has a casing including a back cabinet, a flat type display panel placed in the casing, backlight device (08-01-2013
20120055012MODULARIZATION OF DATA CENTER FUNCTIONS - In one example, a data center may be built in modular components that may be pre-manufactured and separately deployable. Each modular component may provide functionality such as server capacity, cooling capacity, fire protection, resistance to electrical failure. Some components may be added to the data center by connecting them to the center's utility spine, and others may be added by connecting them to other components. The spine itself may be a modular component, so that spine capacity can be expanded or contracted by adding or removing spine modules. The various components may implement functions that are part of standards for various levels of reliability for data centers. Thus, the reliability level that a data center meets may be increased or decreased to fit the circumstances by adding or removing components.03-08-2012
20130199025STABLE THERMOELECTRIC DEVICES - The present invention relates to a thermoelectric device 08-08-2013
20120084968SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING PASSIVE WAVEGUIDE COMPONENTS - Various embodiments are directed toward systems and method for manufacturing low cost passive waveguide components. For example, various embodiments relate to low cost manufacturing of passive waveguide components, including without limitation, waveguide filters, waveguide diplexers, waveguide multiplexers, waveguide bends, waveguide transitions, waveguide spacers, and an antenna adapter. Some embodiments comprise manufacturing a passive waveguide component by creating a non-conductive structure using a low cost fabrication technology, such as injection molding or three-dimensional (3D) printing, and then forming a conductive layer over the non-conductive structure such that the conductive layer creates an electrical feature of the passive waveguide component.04-12-2012

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