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024 - Buckles, buttons, clasps, etc.

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024300120 Article held by clip 26
024300300 Eyeglass holder including retaining means 12
024300130 Article held by flexible connector (e.g., chain) 10
024005000 Flower 8
024300400 Neck supported holder 6
024300110 Article held by clip with spring (e.g., leaf, coil) member 6
024007000 Napkin 4
20110061206Personal Napkin Holder - The Personal Napkin Holder is a necklace with clips on each end which will be attached to a cloth or paper napkin to protect clothing when dining. The necklace may be beads, a chain, or ribbon. The clips may be binder clips, alligator clips or specialty clips capable of holding the napkin securely. The necklace is worn around the back of the neck with clips at front to attach to the napkin that protects the wearer's clothes.03-17-2011
20080222851NAPKIN HOLDER - Disclosed is a napkin holder for easy use and easy carrying. A napkin holder comprises a neck band and the fixing holes are positioned at both end portions of the neck band to hold a napkin, a bib or a towel. The fixing holes may be formed in assorted sizes and various shapes to fix the. napkin, bib and towel, and the neck band may be formed using rubber material like silicone or plastics like soft PVC so that the napkin holder may be formed using elastic materials and used semi-permanently.09-18-2008
20090106945Adjustable napkin clip assembly - An adjustable napkin clip assembly which includes a pair of integrally molded one-piece napkin clips adjustably carried at opposite end portions of an elongated elastic cord that extends about a person's neck, wherein each of the napkin clips frictionally engages the cord in slidable relation to facilitate positional adjustment thereon and includes of a pair of hinged jaws that are resiliently biased toward an open position and movable to an interlocking closed position to pinch and hold the napkin in place.04-30-2009
20120042479Clip for fabrics - A unitary one piece badge holder for attachment to a garment, e.g., fabric pocket. The holder includes a substantially planar clip body having a front and rear surface and side edges. An opening in the clip body passes through the front and rear surfaces forming a periphery structure in the clip body. The structure has an interior wall surrounding the opening. A substantially planar flexible central spring member having front and rear surfaces and a surrounding edge surface appends from a top portion of the periphery structure. The opposing free end terminates within the opening near a bottom portion of the structure. The spring member and periphery structure are within the same plane. The gap between the surrounding edge surface of the spring member and the interior wall of the periphery structure decreases in width from the bottom portion of the peripheral structure to the top portion of the peripheral structure. Preferably a plurality of projecting elements project from the surrounding edge surfaces of the spring member and from the front surface of the central spring member to assist in firmly holding the fabric in the clip. A badge mounting member projects from the front surface of the top portion of the periphery structure upon which a badge can be mounted. When the spring member is flexed, preferably toward the rear surface of the clip body, out of the plane of the clip body, it creates a spring force. With the garment fabric placed over, preferably, the front surface of the spring member and pushed toward the top of the periphery structure, the spring force returns the spring member toward the plane of the clip body to grasp the fabric while the gap pinches the fabric to firmly secure it in the clip while displaying the badge.02-23-2012
024010000 Pencil 3
20110191987CLIP ATTACHMENT STRUCTURE FOR A WRITING INSTRUMENT - A clip mounting structure for a writing implement has a shaft tube, a clip mounted at the rear part of the shaft tube, and an insertion member inserted into the rear part of the shaft tube. A clip mounting section to which the rear part of the clip is fitted and aligned is formed at the rear part of the shaft tube. Mounting sections curved in the direction along the inner peripheral surface of the shaft tube are formed at opposite sides of the rear part of the clip. Fitting recesses into which the mounting sections of the clip are fitted are formed in the outer wall of the insertion member. With the mounting sections of the clip fitted in and engaged with the fitting recesses in the insertion member, the insertion member is inserted into the rear part of the shaft body to fit the rear part of the clip into the clip mounting section of the shaft tube. Thus, the insertion member is engaged in position inside the shaft tube.08-11-2011
20090165261Clip for a Writing Implement - A ballpoint pen body 07-02-2009
20120246880CAP FOR WRITING MATERIAL, CLIP FOR WRITING MATERIAL, AND WRITING MATERIAL - A tubular shaped cap body for protecting a pen tip, which cap body includes an elastic member which is formed with an attachment hole in its side surface, and a clip member which is provided with a base part and a grip part which is provided at an outside surface of the base part. The clip member is provided with respect to the cap body so that the base part receives a front end of a writing instrument and the grip part extends through the attachment hole to the outside of the cap body.10-04-2012
024300200 Arm or leg carried holder 3
20090139061SUPPORT CLAMP FOR MEDICAL LINE - A support device or clamp connects to a soft, flexible tube, such as a medical line, to hold the tube in an open condition. The device includes a flexible body with interengaging structure that biases the body into a desired shape when in a closed position or condition. The desired shape generally matches the outer shape of the medical line. An adhesive is disposed on the support device so as to contact the secured portion of the medical line to inhibit the walls of the line from collapsing or creasing. The support device may include base structure that has an adhesive lower surface for attaching the support device to a patient's skin.06-04-2009
20100139048Hand-Mounted Accessory Carrier System and Method - A hand-mounted carrier is provided comprising a panel member overlaying at least a portion of the back of the hand. The carrier includes an upper surface facing away from the hand and a lower surface facing toward the hand. The upper surface defines a mounting area thereon for securing at least one accessory. At least one loop member is attached to the panel member for at least partially wrapping around at least one finger of the hand to partially anchor a portion of the panel member to the hand. At least one strap is attached to the panel member for at least partially wrapping around the wrist of the hand to anchor at least a portion of the panel member to the hand.06-10-2010
20120246879Retainer Apparatus - A retainer apparatus for removably engaging a tablet computer to a user's leg, the retainer apparatus includes a pair of opposed clips each being removably engagable to an outer periphery of the tablet, via a detachable extension member that is disposed to span between the opposing pair of clips resulting in the clips being compressed as against the tablet outer periphery at an angle that creates a moment that in effect rotates each clip to rotatably bind the clip to the tablet outer periphery for improved frictional contact between the clip and the tablet outer periphery. Also included in the retainer apparatus is a disconnectable band element that is removably attached to the extension member and is adapted to extend around and removably engage the user's leg.10-04-2012
024300600 Key ring holder 2
20100287738Gym clip - A gym clip with clip body housing and one or more clip bodies each hold a spring clip. The spring clip can be used to hold a gym towel, or a key ring that can hold the user's keys. A hollow portion in the housing can hold paper currency. A belt clip located on the underside of the housing can be fastened to a user's belt or pants pocket lip or waistband. The housing includes a retaining ledge that can retain a plurality of clip bodies so that multiple items can be held at the same time.11-18-2010
20130139357Apparatus for Comfortably Hanging Keys and Other Key-Ring Accessories within a Slash-Type Clothing Pocket - A key-hook comfortably hangs keys and other key-ring accessories within a clothing pocket, which prevents the keys and other key-ring accessories from contacting and wearing out the bottom of the clothing pocket. The key-hook includes a key-ring loop, a curved bridge, and a hook. The hook is connected to the key-ring loop by the curved bridge, which allows the edge of the clothing pocket to smoothly move against the key-ring loop and into the hook. The hook has a shank section, a bend section, a point section, and a gap. The edge of the clothing pocket is positioned within the gap and is embraced by the shank section, the bend section, and the point section. The shank section has a first concave portion, and the point section has a second concave portion, a convex portion, and a rounded tip. The gap also has a wide opening and a narrow space.06-06-2013
024013000 Pin attached 2
20090300886Pin-Retained Clip - A fastener including a pin holder and a pin in which is provided a holding portion in a leading extreme portion vicinity, wherein the pin holder, by bend forming a central portion of a longitudinal direction of a thin plate-like spring material, is formed to have a triangular side view shape formed by an apex and a pair of inclining portions on either side thereof and, as well as providing a pin holder hole for inserting a pin in the apex, a pair of holding members, of a length such as to lock onto the holding portion of the pin inserted into the pin holder hole, protrude from a peripheral portion of a longitudinal direction in the pin holder hole, in the same direction as the inclining portions.12-10-2009
20110232042BadgeKeeper - Standard pin badges used for police, fire, EMS and security uniforms attach to thin uniform shirts with no other means of support. This gives the badge an unstable platform allowing the badge to flop around on the uniform. That movement creates an unprofessional appearance and possible safety risks of catching on equipment or other people when in close contact. The BadgeKeeper, resolves those issues by attaching behind a pin badge and under a uniform shirt to provide support, stabilization and added safety.09-29-2011
024300700 Receptacle type holder 2
20100139049Holder assembly for currency, credit cards and like objects - A holder assembly for paper currency, credit cards and other type of currency including an elongated band comprising a plurality of movably interconnected segments extending along a length thereof. A connecting assembly, which may be formed of a shape memory alloy of the type demonstrating pseudo-elastic properties, interconnects the plurality of segments and is structured to facilitate expansion or contraction of the band as well as to normally bias the band, as well as the plurality of segments, into a contracted orientation. In at least one embodiment a coupling assembly is connected to the band and is disposed and structured to vary the length of the band such that the longitudinal dimension thereof is adjustable whether the band is in the expanded or contracted orientation. In addition, a container may be connected to the band and structured to removably contain one or more card type objects.06-10-2010
20100229348Ring Cling - The invention is a small cube that is made of a flexible rubber material with a small, linear slit in the top of the device. This part of the invention is created in order to hold or store different articles of jewelry. The purpose of the slit is to allow the jewelry to enter the device. Attached to this, is a small metal clip. The metal clip allows the device to be secured to different articles of clothing. The metal clip contains a small metal ball which can bounce around within the clip, thereby causing a rattling sound. The purpose of this is to alert the user of the device's presence, therefore reminding them of the jewelry that has been stored within the rubber pouch.09-16-2010
024004000 Chatelaine safety hooks 1
20090126160Methods and apparatus for coupling an accessory to clothing items - A coupling element adapted to couple an accessory to a clothing item includes including an external surface and an internal surface surrounding an opening. The external surface is adapted to fixedly attach to the clothing item, and the opening and the internal surface are adapted to receive, engage and detachably couple with the accessory. Numerous other aspects are provided.05-21-2009
20120174342Retrofit system for tethering a hand tool - A retrofit system for tethering a hand tool includes a tool collar having a collar body, a first body end, a second body end, and a bore extending longitudinally therethrough, and a tethering tab having a first tab opening and a second tab opening transverse to the longitudinal axis of the tethering tab. The bore of the tool collar has a cross-sectional area that is less than the cross-sectional area of a first tool portion of the hand tool providing a snug fit of the tool collar on the first tool portion. The second tab opening of the tethering tab being spaced from the first tab opening and the first tab opening having a cross-sectional area larger than the cross-sectional area of the first tool portion providing for free rotation of the tethering tab around the first tool portion.07-12-2012
20120174341Universal mounting platform and method for attaching same to garments - A platform to which an article is attached on its front surface thereof and having two pair of spaced prongs extending from the back surface adjacent one edge portion thereof and facing inwardly and opposing spaced prongs adjacent the opposite edge portion of the platform. The prongs snugly fit within spaced horizontal loops of a MOLLE/PALS compliant garment or similarly designed garment. The garment must be temporarily folded horizontally to attach the prongs to garment loops and when released the webbing between the prongs and the back surface bunches up and is wedged therebetween.07-12-2012
20130067691REVERSIBLE CONNECTION DEVICE BETWEEN A CASING FOR LEAD WEIGHTS AND THE CORRESPONDING POCKET OF A DIVING JACKET - A device for reversible connection between a casing for lead weights and a corresponding pocket of a diving jacket is described. The device has an elastically insertable and releasable buckle with a male part connected to the casing through a rigid plate and with a sheath, acting as the female part of the buckle, connected to the pocket of the jacket. The rigid plate presents lateral guide ribbings, suitable for facilitating insertion of the male part of the buckle in the sheath.03-21-2013
20110010894HEADSET CORD HOLDER - A system for holding a headset cord comprises a female side, a male side that releasably couples to the female side and a first groove that receives and releasably holds a cord. In some embodiments, the male side comprises a cover which removably couples to a surface of the male side to cover the headset cord when it is placed into the first groove. In some embodiments, the male side couples to an interior of the female side. Alternatively, the male side is able to couple to an exterior of the female side. In some embodiments, the first groove has a diameter that is less than or approximately equal to 2mm. In some embodiments, the female side is integrally formed within a closure mechanism that releasably couples a first portion of an article to a second portion of the article.01-20-2011
20090025185RATCHET STRAP HOLDER - The present invention relates to a holder that fastens upon itself or upon a portion of the ratchet or upon a portion of any one of a plurality of ratchet straps.01-29-2009
20080289151Fastener for cord - The present utility model relates to a fastener for cord, wherein said fastener comprises a base body 11-27-2008
20080282508FASTENING DEVICE FOR FASTENING OBJECT - A fastening device includes a base, a cover partially covered on the base to define an accommodation space therebetween and two openings in communication between the accommodation space and the space outside the cover, a cord running over four corners of the cover and defining two tying sections respectively corresponding to the openings, and a cord fastener engaged with any two positions of the cord. Thus, an object can be fixed in the accommodation space through the tying sections of the cord.11-20-2008
20090100644BELT WITH DEPENDENT STRAP LOOPS FOR RECEIVING PINCHERS - The present invention broadly comprises a support belt having a band including a first end having a fastener, a second end configured to receive the fastener and a middle portion having a midpoint and arranged between the first and second ends. The present invention also includes a first dependent loop coupled to the first end of the band and a second dependent loop coupled to the second end of the band, wherein the first and second dependent loops are disposed at a predetermined angle to the band.04-23-2009
20120137474System for attaching interchangeable accessories - A process and design for affixing accessories to shoes and other articles of clothing is described. An assembly includes a button, thread, and a decorative element. The button is secured to a fashion article, such as clothing, accessories (e.g., purse, shoes, headband, backpack, belt, hat, bracelet, etc.) using thread. The decorative element contains a measured hole or elastic band. The measured hole or elastic band is fitted over the button, in turn attaching to the button member. This produces an adornment and may include, but is not limited to ribbon, fabric, patches, foam shapes, felt shapes, jewelry, and silk or cotton flowers. This assembly allows for releasable engagement with the button wherein various individual ones of the assembled adornments may be attached, removed and interchanged on the fashion article in accordance with a desired color scheme, arrangement, and overall appearance.06-07-2012
20120266414Retrofit system for tethering a hand tool - A retrofit system for tethering a hand tool includes a tool collar having a collar body, a first body end, a second body end, a skirt at the second body end having an outer diameter larger than an outer diameter of the collar body, and a bore extending longitudinally therethrough, and a tethering tab having a first tab opening and a second tab opening transverse to the longitudinal axis of the tethering tab. The tool collar is made of a material having a Shore A hardness in the range of about 20 to about 50. The second tab opening of the tethering tab being spaced from the first tab opening and the first tab opening having a cross-sectional area larger than the cross-sectional area of the first tool portion providing for free rotation of the tethering tab around the first tool portion.10-25-2012
20100223762REMOVABLE HAT ACCESSORY - An attaching device for removably attaching various types of display objects to a hat. The attaching device has a fastener for engaging with the display object and a spring member for retaining the fastener therein and attaching to a button of the hat. The fastener is in the form of a plastic ring with a plurality of tabs projecting from a bottom rim thereof. The spring member has an upper spring portion, a lower spring portion and a joint spring portion connecting the upper and lower spring portions. The upper spring portion has an inner perimeter substantially the same as the maximum radial extent of the tabs, such that the plastic ring can be inserted therein. A plurality of protrusions is formed to extend inwardly from the inner perimeter of the upper spring portion. The protrusions are outline with a profile mating that of the tabs, such that the plastic ring can be secured interlocked with the spring member. The lower spring portion has an open end split into two parallel leaves, such that, by bending the joint spring to open the space between the upper and lower spring portions, the spring member can slide towards the button to receive the button within the space between the upper and lower spring portions.09-09-2010
20090300885Strap Connector for a Lawn Cutting Device - A strap connector for coupling with a lawn cutting device and permitting a strap connected to the strap connector with more freedom of movements, the strap connector includes a first coupling device statistically connected to a portion of a shaft of the lawn cutting device, a second coupling device connected to the first coupling device in a relative rotation relation, the second coupling device having a first engaging portion surrounding the first coupling device and a second engaging portion extending radially from the first engaging portion and having a compartment defined internally, and a ring shaped member having a ring shaped portion adapted for connection of the strap and a connecting portion connected to the second engaging portion of the second coupling device in a relative rotation relation, and the connecting portion received in the compartment.12-10-2009
20100024173APPARATUS FOR ATTACHING EXTRANEOUS ITEM TO MILITARY UNIFORM - An apparatus for attaching an extraneous item to a military uniform is disclosed. The apparatus for attaching an extraneous item to a military uniform, which can attach a name tag, a unit marking, insignia of rank, etc. to a predetermined position of the military uniform, comprises: a female Velcro tape where an attaching means is formed; an attaching member which is formed with the same size as the female Velcro tape and has the same pattern or color as the military uniform formed on the surface and a male Velcro tape formed on the back side; and an extraneous item comprising a name tag, a unit marking, insignia of rank, etc. to be attached to the surface of the attaching member.02-04-2010
20120304420SYSTEM FOR RELEASABLY ATTACHING AN ARTICLE OF CLOTHING TO A BODY - The invention relates to a system for releasably attaching an article of clothing to a body, comprising a first fixing element intended for attachment to the article of clothing and a second fixing element intended for adhering to the body, wherein both fixing elements are provided with co-acting connecting means.12-06-2012
20120079687Earbud Cord Stays - A cord stay attachable to a garment in order to guide the cord from an electronic device to ear buds or other listening devices for on or over the ear and to maintain the cord against the garments04-05-2012
20100229347Quick Spin Holder For Tools And Accessories - A holder adapted to be attached to a tether to help retrieve a dropped tool or prevent a dropped tool from being lost or forgotten during use where the holder has a hollow member with an open end and a closed end and is adapted to frictionally hold a non-working end of a tool in the hollow member. The closed end of the hollow member has a centrally located opening within which is located a cylindrical member which is connected at one end to a shoulder connector and is coupled, either directly or indirectly, to an attachment means at its other end. The cylindrical member can be either fixed or rotatably coupled to the opening in the hollow member and the attachment means is configured to be attached to an end of a tether.09-16-2010
20120284964DEVICE FOR POSITIONING A NECKLACE - Embodiments of the present invention provide apparatuses for positioning a piece of jewelry and methods of making said apparatuses. The jewelry may include a necklace, bracelet, and/or anklet. The apparatus may be placed over the clasp of a piece of jewelry and then be attached to the skin of the individual wearing the necklace. In this way, the apparatus prevents the movement of the clasp of the piece of jewelry from a desirable location to an undesirable location, where the clasp may detract from the beauty of the piece of jewelry. Further, the apparatus may come in many shapes, sizes, colors, etc., such that the device may provide for a stylish accessory for the individual wearing the device.11-15-2012
20110146031EAR HANGER - An ear hanger for fixing a transmission line comprises a frame, a first containing section, a second containing section and a third containing section. The frame includes a hook portion and an abutting portion. The hook portion is formed at the upper end of the frame. The abutting portion is formed at the lower end of the frame. The first containing section is shaped along the hook portion and has a first opening. The second containing section is shaped along the abutting portion and has a second opening. The third containing section is shaped along the abutting portion, located between the first containing section, and the third containing section has a third opening. The third opening is opened on the side opposite to the positions where the first opening and the second opening are opened. Thus, the transmission line can be firmly mounted and is not easy to fall off.06-23-2011
20080201909Synthetic resin clip and hanger comprising synthetic resin clip - To provide a very safe synthetic resin clip composed of a pair of synthetic resin members, and a hanger including the synthetic resin clips, in which each synthetic resin clip member has at least one bracket bearing portion projecting inwardly from an interior portion on the rear face thereof and being provided with a bearing space therein, and said pivot shaft is interposed into the bearing spaces of the clip members, in the time of use, when the synthetic resin spring having broken and the respective clip members being subjected to a reaction of the spring breakage, the pair of clip members is held by means of the pivot shaft secured in position without flying apart in pieces.08-28-2008
20130192029ATTACHMENT SYSTEM - An attachment system is provided which may include a cord, a fastener coupled to a first portion of the cord, a tensioner coupled to a second portion of the cord, and a first fitting arranged to couple either the fastener or the tensioner to the cord. The tensioner is configured to retain a third portion of the cord to maintain the tension in the cord. An attachment system may include a first working component configured to be coupled to the cord, and a first fitting arranged to couple the first working component to the cord. The first working component may have a cavity configured to receive at least a portion of the first fitting, and the first fitting may have an actively moveable element configured to retain the cord when the first fitting is positioned in the working component cavity.08-01-2013


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