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Resiliently biased hinge

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016 - Miscellaneous hardware (e.g., bushing, carpet fastener, caster, door closer, panel hanger, attachable or adjunct handle, hinge, window sash balance, etc.)

016221000 - HINGE

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016297000 Having means to hold hinged members against pivotal movement about hinge axis (e.g., catch) 54
016303000 Having axially biased camming surface 25
016286000 Having transverse helical spring or elastic strip 14
016308000 Torsion spring 13
016304000 Coil 11
016302000 Plural hinge axes (e.g., multiple pintle) 8
016280000 Biased from either direction toward neutral position (e.g., double acting) 7
016298000 Having force adjustment 4
20130205543ADJUSTABLE TORQUE HINGE - An adjustable torque hinge includes a set hinge, a torque providing unit and a torque adjusting unit. The set hinge unit couples a first and second wing plate with a pivot pin. The first and second wing plates forms a pin joint with a first sleeve and second sleeve. The torque providing unit includes a torque spring to provide turn back recovery. A torque adjusting unit has a torque adjustment member. The first sleeve includes a first cam, and the torque adjustment member includes a second cam which couples with the first cam to drive the torque adjustment member to the torque spring. Conversion between the first and second sleeves enables the bearing hinge to be used in both directions, accumulating force both in normal and reverse directions to adjust the torque force for opening and closing operations.08-15-2013
20090188080HINGE - A hinge includes a hinge assembly and a damper assembly. The damper assembly includes a stationary housing defining a cavity. A damper body rotatablely installed in the cavity has a head protruding to form a cylindrical guiding portion and a pushing portion defining two side ends apart from each other. The side ends are unparallel and at least one of the side ends is inclined relative to the axis direction of the damper body to make the width of the pushing portion between the side ends be changed gradually, and rotatable sheets and stationary sheets are received in the cavity and alternately disposed on the guiding portion and the pushing portion. The stationary sheets are respectively fixed to the stationary housing. Each rotatable sheet protrudes inwardly to form a retaining portion. The side ends of the pushing portion alternately contact the retaining portions and contact the retaining portions one by one when the elastic force of the hinge assembly is released to drive the damper body rotating. Damper resin is filled between the adjacent stationary sheets and rotatable sheets.07-30-2009
20110072617Hinge - A hinge includes a base receiving a coupling device detachably mounted onto a mounting seat. An outer resilient plate includes an end pivotably mounted onto the base. A fixed seat is pivotably mounted onto the other end of the outer resilient plate. A buffer device includes a connecting member, a buffer, and an inner resilient plate. Each of a first pivot hole of the connecting member, an end of the buffer, and an end of the inner resilient plate is pivotably mounted onto the base. The other end of the buffer is pivotably mounted onto a second pivot hole of the connecting member. The other end of the inner resilient plate is slideably mounted onto an arcuate slot of the connecting member. The inner resilient plate further includes a fulcrum pivot hole in at intermediate portion thereof. The fulcrum pivot hole is pivotably mounted by a pivot to the base.03-31-2011
016293000 Over-center spring or linkage travel (e.g., "holdback hinge") 3
20120272478Sliding Arrangement - A sliding arrangement, in particular an extension apparatus for drawers, sliding doors, hinged doors, etc., has an extending arrangement which comprises a sliding piece (11-01-2012
20090119876Furniture Hinge with Equipment - A furniture hinge with equipment comprises a toggle-type hinge (H) and a shock absorber (B). The latter is either a rotary (a first approach) or a line (a second approach) shock absorber. Irrespective of the approach, said shock absorber (B) is arranged transversely to a major longitudinal axis of the toggle-type hinge (H) and bound to a hinge pot. Thus, the invention concerns a new use of a rotary shock absorber, a new incorporation of a line shock absorber into a toggle-type furniture hinge, and a new combination of said toggle-type hinge and said rotary and line shock absorbers, respectively, said combination concerning the above two objects.05-14-2009
016278000 Including means to render spring ineffective through all or a portion of swing 1
20080209681Hinge - The invention relates to a hinge, preferably a furniture hinge, comprising a hinge arm which is pivotably supported on a joint axle which is non-displaceably held in a cup-shaped hinge part and which is provided with a tongue projecting beyond the joint axle or with a cam eccentric with respect to the joint axle or with a control edge which slide on a leaf spring whose one end region is held at the pivotable hinge part and which generates a closing torque in the closing region. In accordance with the invention, the leaf spring has at least two portions of different widths, with the at least one narrower portion of the leaf spring passing through a center recess of the hinge arm, with a tongue being cut from the lower edge of said recess. The at least one wider portion of the leaf spring is pressed against the base of the hinge cup by a transversely extending pin and thus fixedly held by a transversely extending pin.09-04-2008
20090144933Variable friction hinge - A variable friction hinge is mounted between a cover and a base of an electronic device and has a pintle, a stationary leaf and a washer assembly. The pintle is connected to the cover. The stationary leaf is connected to the base and has an activating panel with an activating edge. The washer assembly has a movable washer, an abrasion washer and a biasing member. The movable washer selectively abuts the activating edge of the activating panel and has an elongated hole slidably mounted securely around the pintle. The movable and the abrasion washers have teeth corresponding to and selectively engaging each other, causing less friction when engaged and more friction when disengaged. When rotated the movable washer selectively disengages the teeth causing the hinge to have greater friction when being rotated one way than the other.06-11-2009
20100095483BIASED HINGE FOR EQUIPOISING SUPPORT EQUIPMENT - A hinge apparatus and a method of biasing a hinge are disclosed having a hinge body, at least one end block attached to the hinge body and pivotal therewith around an axis, and a biasing component attached to the hinge body to selectively influence the resting angle of the hinge body with respect to the first end block.04-22-2010
20110308042RECEPTACLE REPAIR INSERT - Herein disclosed is a receptacle repair insert, which may have an insert body with at least an outer surface. The outer surface may have a first shape and be effective to attach to a receptacle body having at least an inner surface with a second shape. The inner surface may define at least one orifice and the insert body may be effective to fit into the at least one orifice. The receptacle repair insert may also have at least one extension movably connected to the insert body wherein the extension is effective to create a door. The extension may block at least a portion of the at least one orifice. Further disclosed is a method for replacing at least one mailbox door using at least one embodiment of the receptacle repair insert.12-22-2011
20130160241SLIDE-AID DEVICE FOR ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A slide-aid device for electronic apparatus includes a linkage mechanism and an elastic unit assembled with the linkage mechanism. The linkage mechanism has a first arm and a second arm pivotally connected with the first arm. The elastic unit has a fixed end and a connection end. The connection end is pivotally connected with the second arm, whereby the elastic unit is movable with the second arm. When an operation force is applied to the first arm, the first arm is moved to drive the second arm so as to make the elastic unit store energy. After the first arm passes over a reference axis, the elastic unit releases the energy to provide an action force to help the operation force.06-27-2013
20090100640Hinge Assembly - A hinge assembly for use with a notebook computer includes hinge a pintle, a pivoting device, and a friction-providing device. The pivoting device is pivotally installed on the pintle and includes a first supporting member, a second supporting member and a sleeve. The first supporting member includes a connecting portion and a pivotal portion into which the pintle inserts. The second supporting member is mounted to the first supporting member and includes a pivotal arm parallel to the pivotal portion. The sleeve is disposed between the pivotal portion and the pivotal arm and the pintle is receivable in the sleeve. The friction-providing device is disposed in the sleeve and intermediate between the pintle and the sleeve.04-23-2009
20090183339HINGE ASSEMBLY FOR FOLDABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A hinge assembly (07-23-2009
20100077564HINGE APPARATUS TO FACILITATE POSITION ADJUSTMENT OF EQUIPMENT - A hinge apparatus to facilitate equipment position adjustment is disclosed. One embodiment of a system includes, a hinge apparatus having a through-hole, a rotate-able portion and a body portion. The system further includes, equipment having a first portion coupled to the rotate-able portion of the hinge apparatus, a second portion coupled to the body portion of the hinge apparatus, and an electrical wire that facilitates function of the equipment. The electrical wire is disposed in the hinge extending through the through-hole. The hinge apparatus is operatively configured such that the electrical wire remains intact during when the rotate-able portion of the hinge rotates.04-01-2010
20090260186Hinge arrangement for a tailgate of a motor vehicle - The invention relates to a hinge arrangement, in particular for a tailgate of a motor vehicle, having a first hinge part, in particular firmly connected to the body, which is knuckle-jointed with a second hinge part, and having an energy accumulator, the force application points of which are positioned in relation to both hinge parts in such a way that the force released upon its discharge supports the rotation of the two hinge parts around the hinge axis from a first rotation position, which corresponds in particular to a closed position of the tailgate, to a second rotation position, which corresponds in particular to the open position of the tailgate. To obtain useful improvements, a transposition device is proposed for transposing at least one force application point in one of the two rotation positions, so that after a transposition onto the hinge parts a force acts in the opposite rotation direction.10-22-2009
20100122432HINGE ASSEMBLY FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A hinge assembly for pivotably coupling a cover section and a body section comprise a first coupling element, a second coupling element including a first latching block and a second latching block spaced from the first latching block, the first latching block and the second latching block being configured for latching with the cover section, and an elastic element. One end of an elastic element is fixed to the first coupling element, another end of the elastic element is fixed to the second coupling element.05-20-2010
20100275411HINGE CONSTRUCTION AND WING MIRROR UNIT, IN PARTICULAR FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - A hinge construction, suitable for a wing mirror unit for a motor vehicle, includes a first hinge part configured for mounting on the motor vehicle and a second hinge part, pivotably connected with the first hinge part via a base shaft. The second hinge part is configured to support a mirror support. In an embodiment, the base shaft is translatably connected with one hinge part, the other hinge part is arranged pivotably about the base shaft, and the hinge parts cooperate via a track guide which causes the hinge parts upon pivoting to rotate and translate relative to each other.11-04-2010
20090165245SWING HINGE MODULE AND PORTABLE TERMINAL EMPLOYING THE SAME - A swing hinge module having a simple structure and a movable body that swings, as well as a portable terminal having the same, are disclosed. The swing hinge module is installed between a fixed body and a movable body of the portable terminal to swing the movable body about a rotation shaft to be open from the fixed body. The swing hinge module includes a fixed plate coupled to the fixed body and having a first arc-shaped guide hole formed near the rotation shaft; and an elastic unit having a first end swingably coupled to the movable body and a second end, which is opposite the first end, movably coupled to the first guide hole to provide an elastic force to the movable body.07-02-2009
20080276423Dual swing hinge structure - A dual swing hinge structure includes two fixed base frames each having a receiving groove and a pivot hole extending across the receiving groove, a first bracket, which has two coupling arms respectively inserted into the receiving grooves of the base frame and pivotally coupled to the pivot holes of the base frames with pivot pins and a mounting plate fastened to a first movable member, a second bracket, which has two coupling arms respectively pivotally coupled to the pivot pins that pivotally secure the first bracket to the base frames and a mounting plate fastened to a second movable member, and two first retaining members and two second retaining members respectively affixed to the coupling arms of the first bracket and the coupling arms, of the second bracket and respectively coupled to the pivot pins for imparting a different torque force to the pivot pins such that the first bracket is immovable when the second bracket is biased relative to the base frames, and the second bracket is moved with the first bracket relative to the base frames when the first bracket is biased relative to the base frames.11-13-2008
20100275410AUTOMATIC POSITIONING HINGE - A positioning hinge has a body, a pivotal shaft, a securing base and an automatic closing device. The pivotal shaft is mounted in the body and has at least one positioning face defined in the pivotal shaft. The securing base is connected pivotally to the body with the pivotal shaft. The automatic closing device is connected to the pivotal shaft and has at least one cylinder provided with pressured air. The at least one cylinder connects to and pushes the at least one positioning face on the pivotal shaft to provide an automatic closing force to the door panel with the pressured air when the pressured air in the at least one cylinder is compressed. Accordingly, the positioning hinge can automatically close a door panel slowly and smoothly with the pneumatic pressures provided by the cylinders.11-04-2010
20080263823Hinge assembly - A hinge assembly is used to pivotally attach a cover to a base of an electronic device and has a stationary leaf, at least one barrel and a pintle assembly. The stationary leaf has an upper end and barrel housing. The barrel housing has a slot and two keyways. Each barrel is mounted in the barrel housing and has a neck and two keys. The neck has two sides. The two keys are formed respectively on the two sides of the neck and are mounted respectively in the keyways. The pintle assembly is mounted through the bushing of the at least one barrel.10-30-2008
20090070959PIVOT HINGE ASSEMBLY - There is provided a sturdy yet compact pivot hinge assembly using a preset spring and plunger assembly comprising a spring between a plunger and a spring plate, on each side of an axis, which provides, on the axis, a detent force that maintains the door closed when the door is closed and a restoring force closing the door when the door is part way open.03-19-2009
20090106938HINGE DEVICE FOR CONSOLE BOX - A hinge device for a console box includes a body arm 04-30-2009
20100154168HINGE DEVICE FOR CELLULAR PHONE - Disclosed herein is a hinge device for a cellular phone, which has no device housing and thus, can achieve a greater slimness of the cellular phone and reduce the generation of a noise during a sliding operation of a slide body included in the cellular phone. The hinge device includes a first push rod connected to a main body of the cellular phone and having a pin and a pin hole, and a second push rod connected to a slide body of the cellular phone and having a pin and a pin hole. The pin of the first push rod is penetrated through the pin hole of the second push rod, and the pin of the second push rod is penetrated through the pin hole of the first push rod. A spring is provided around each pin.06-24-2010
20100154169HINGE AND AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH THE HINGE - A hinge is mounted between a cover and a base of an electronic device. A lid covers the hinge and is attached securely to the base. The hinge has an arced surface and a rotating shaft. When the cover is pivoted to a certain angle, the rotating shaft abuts the arced surface to lift up the cover so the cover is selectively distant away from the lid. Therefore, the shape of the electronic device does not need to be disfigured and the cover still does not bump against the lid.06-24-2010
20100251518HINGE - A hinge includes a first connecting member, a second connecting member defining a through hole, a sleeve member fixed to the second connecting member, a shaft movably mounted to the first connecting member, and a fastener. The sleeve member defines a spiral slide groove therein. A clamping protrusion extends from the first connecting member for slidably engaging in the slide groove. The shaft includes a fixing portion rotatably passed through the sleeve member and the through hole. The fastener is fixed to a distal end of the fixing portion.10-07-2010
20110030170Hinge - A hinge movable between an extended position and a collapsed position via a hyper-extended position comprising a primary member, a secondary member and a coupling between the members, the coupling movable between a rotating position and a locking position and comprising: a pin connected to the secondary member; a retainer formed in the primary member in which the pin is retained, the primary member being rotatable about the pin and the pin being movable along at least a portion of the length of the retainer; a first arm connected to the primary member for acting against movement of the primary member relative to the pin in a first direction along the length of the retainer; and a second arm connected to the primary member for acting against movement of the primary member relative to the pin in a second direction along the length of the retainer.02-10-2011
20110239405HINGE MECHANISM - A hinge mechanism includes: a bracket 10-06-2011
20100313384Hinge device - According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a hinge device including: a first member having a pair of pin insertion holes; a second member having a pair of pin support holes; a pair of pin members respectively inserted into the pin insertion holes and the pin support holes to support the first member and the second member, the pin members being rotatable with respect to the pin insertion holes and not rotatable with respect to the pin support holes; a spring supported between the pin members to bring the pin members into contact with the first member; and pressure contact surfaces provided between the pin members and the first member being brought into contact with each other by the spring.12-16-2010
20110252600HINGE - A hinge includes a fixing member, a shaft non-rotatably fixed to the fixing member, a rotating member, an adjusting member, an elastic assembly, and a fastener. The shaft includes a shaft post, and the fastener fixed to a distal end of the shaft post. The rotating member and the elastic assembly are rotatably sleeved on the shaft post. The rotating member defines a depressed slot. The adjusting member is fixed to the shaft post, and abuts against the rotating member. The adjusting member defines a groove. When the rotating member is rotated relative to the fixing member, the depressed slot can be rotated to align with the groove, or away from the groove.10-20-2011
20110072615HINGE DEVICE - A hinge device used for a foldable opening/closing device includes: a first member 03-31-2011
20120102676Universal Box Lid Lifter - A universal box lid lifter has an upper mounting plate, an upper connection piece, a pivoting arm, a spring housing, a spring assembly, a lower connection piece and a lower mounting plate. The upper connection piece has two ends oriented in two directions, and is pivotally mounted between the upper mounting plate and the pivoting arm being respectively pivotable in two directions. The spring assembly is mounted in the spring housing and abuts against the pivoting arm and alternately positions the pivoting arm. The lower connection piece has two ends oriented in two directions, and is pivotally mounted between the lower mounting plate and the spring housing being respectively pivotable in two directions. Given the bidirectionally pivotable mechanism at both ends of the universal box lid lifter, the universal box lid lifters of a single type can be flexibly mounted to a box as requested to lift the lid of the box.05-03-2012
20110314635HINGE - A hinge includes a barrel having a protruding positioning portion arranged therein, a pivot shaft axially and rotatably inserted through the barrel and having a recessed positioning portion located on the periphery for engagement with the protruding positioning portion of the barrel for positioning and a groove disposed at an outer side relative to the recessed positioning portion, and an elastically deformable bearing member mounted in the barrel and having a springy protruding portion stopped against the groove of the pivot shaft to enhance positioning stability of the pivot shaft in the barrel.12-29-2011
20090133217Hinge apparatus - A hinge apparatus includes a hinge and a damper and defines an axis direction. The damper includes a fixing housing defining an accepting hole therethrough along the axis direction, a rotating nut accepted in the accepting hole and defining an axis hole therethrough, a damping body accepted in the accepting hole and passing through the axis hole, two gaskets located over and under the rotating nut respectively, and a pushing body capable of pushing the damping body to rotate. Two rotating grooves are opened in a sidewall of the axis hole and extending helically along axis direction. Two sliding blocks are arranged on an outer surface of the damping body and extending helically along the axis direction, the sliding block engaging with the rotating groove. Damping oil is filled between the gaskets, the fixing housing and the damping body.05-28-2009
20120167343Elastic Structure for Hinge - A hinge includes a base, an arm, and an elastic element. The base includes a recessed body having a rear wall with a supporting portion. The arm includes a pivotal portion and two cam portions. A first pin section of a fixing pin member is extended through the pivotal portion and connected to the base. The elastic element includes two front elastic portions, a rear elastic portion, two intermediate portions each interconnected to one of the front elastic portions, and two extensions each interconnected between the rear elastic portion and one of the intermediate portions. The front elastic portions press against the cam portions. The intermediate portions are connected to the base by a second pin section of the fixing pin member. The rear elastic portion abuts the supporting portion of the rear wall.07-05-2012
20120079684ACTUATING DRIVE FOR A MOVABLE FURNITURE PART - The invention relates to an actuating drive, comprising at least one actuating arm for moving a movable furniture part and a locking device for blocking the motion of the actuating arm, wherein the locking device permits the motion of the actuating arm only after the movable furniture part has been mounted on the actuating arm, wherein the locking device is released by the mounting of the movable furniture part on the actuating arm.04-05-2012
20130145580DAMPING DEVICE FOR FURNITURE PARTS - A damping device for damping motion of a movably mounted furniture part or of a movably mounted furniture fitting component of a furniture fitting includes a piston arranged in a fluid chamber. A damping effect is caused by a relative motion between the fluid chamber and the piston and the piston assumes a pressed-in end position relative to the fluid chamber at the end of the damping stroke. The damping device has a locking device having a locking element that can be operated manually or by a tool in order to deactivate the damping effect. The relative position between the fluid chamber and the piston can be releasably locked in the pressed-in end position by the locking element of the locking device.06-13-2013

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