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016 - Miscellaneous hardware (e.g., bushing, carpet fastener, caster, door closer, panel hanger, attachable or adjunct handle, hinge, window sash balance, etc.)

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016319000 Including means to hold or retard hinged members against pivotal movement (e.g., catch) 220
016277000 Resiliently biased hinge 170
016235000 Including adjustment for changing relative orientation of hinged members 74
016250000 Having cover 50
016366000 Having plural hinge axes (e.g., multiple pintle) 38
016273000 Having means to reduce friction between hinge parts 36
016374000 Having stop or abutment 29
016382000 Including means to fasten leaf to member 27
016223000 With diverse art portion or attachment 26
016386000 Specific pintle structure 26
016380000 Including means to retain pintle in hinge (e.g., tamper proof, nonrising pintle, etc,) 20
016387000 Specific leaf structure 17
016254000 Having means to facilitate assembly and disassembly of hinge sections to join or disjoin hinged members 17
016362000 Including sliding surfaces to permit relative translation of hinged members 14
016354000 Including toothed gear 13
016233000 Including lever for shifting one member of hinge relative to another 9
016231000 Latch hinge 9
016228000 Eyeglass hinge 9
016357000 Including transversely moving pin in slot 6
016225000 Pliant or elastic hinge 6
016224000 Ball and socket 5
20100031470HINGE AND HINGE SYSTEM - A hinge is described that includes a first bracket adapted to be attached to a first substrate. The first bracket includes a channel defining a first central axis and defining a first lateral axis perpendicular to the first central axis. The hinge also includes a second bracket adapted to be attached to a second substrate. The second bracket defines a second central axis and a second lateral axis perpendicular to the second central axis. The first lateral axis and the second lateral axis are disposed a distance from one another. A connecting stem pivotally connects the first bracket to the second bracket. A protrusion is disposed at one end of the connecting stem. The protrusion is disposed within the channel defined by the first bracket. An adjustable connection exists between the connecting stem and the second bracket to permit adjustment of the distance between the first and second lateral axes.02-11-2010
20100236020HINGE DEVICE - A hinge device includes a bearing seat, a spherical joint, a plurality of positioning pins, and a retaining ring. The bearing seat has a containing recess. The spherical joint is rotatably disposed in the containing recess, and the surface of the spherical joint has a plurality of positioning holes. The positioning pins are disposed at the bearing seat and capable of sliding toward or away from the spherical joint. The positioning pins correspond to parts of the positioning holes respectively when the spherical joint rotates to a specific position relative to the bearing seat. The retaining ring is disposed at an opening of the containing recess of the bearing seat and surrounds the positioning pins, the retaining ring is against the positioning pins to allow the positioning pins to be fastened in the corresponding positioning holes when the spherical joint rotates to the specific position relative to the bearing seat.09-23-2010
20090139054Hinge Assembly - A hinge assembly includes a first plate member having a ball and a stem connected to the ball. A second plate member has a socket retainer for receiving and securing the ball therein. The second plate member has a channel formed therein for receiving the stem.06-04-2009
20090205167Snap Assembly Friction Hinge - A friction hinge includes a socket made up of a compressible elastomer insert sleeve inside a relatively rigid cup substrate. The insert sleeve defines an opening with a lip around the opening, and a relatively rigid ball or other center portion can be snap assembled through the lip and opening to center itself in the socket. A mount portion extends through the opening off the ball/center portion, and hand pressure on the mount portion can adjust the angular position of the joint. The size of the ball/center portion relative to the size of the cup substrate causes dimensional compression of the insert sleeve, such as about 15% of its thickness. The compression of the insert sleeve creates a controlled friction force on the ball/center portion, so the snap assembly friction hinge works consistently over a long time and over wide temperature ranges.08-20-2009
20120151716HINGE DEVICE - A hinge device has a first part and a second part, which are intended to be attached to a door frame and a door, respectively. The first part and the second part are rigidly connected to each other and have each a tubular housing, whose centre axis defines a first hinge axis and which accommodates two balls, an axially displaceable locking member arranged axially inwardly of each ball, a compression spring arranged between and cooperating with each ball and the associated locking member, and an eccentric located between the two locking members and cooperating therewith. Each eccentric is rotatably carried about a transverse axis in the respective housing and rotatable between an initial position, in which the two associated locking members are located in an axially inner position and the two associated balls are located in a position slightly projecting from the housing, in which position they are held biased by the respective compression spring, and an active position, in which the two associated locking members are located in an axially outer position, in which they abut against the respective ball axially locking it in the projecting position.06-21-2012
016252000 Having clamp for attaching hinge to hinged member 5
20110214254HINGE PROFILE FIXABLE IN A SUPPORTING PROFILE - The invention refers to improvements in or relating to a hinge profile (09-08-2011
20090265888DOOR HINGE MOUNTING DEVICE - A door hinge mounting device according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: a jig frame; upper and lower door hinge arranging units disposed to a rearward side of the jig frame corresponding to positions of hinge mounting portions of a vehicle body for arranging upper and lower door hinges; upper and lower door hinge clamping units disposed to a forward side of the jig frame corresponding to positions of the upper and lower door hinge arranging units for clamping the door hinges; a support unit disposed near the lower door hinge clamping unit for closely adhering the jig frame to the vehicle body; and a fixing unit disposed to the forward side of the jig frame between the upper door hinge clamping unit and the support unit for fixing the jig frame to the vehicle body.10-29-2009
20100088851SYSTEM FOR ATTACHING A HINGE ON AN AUTOMOBILE DOOR LEAF - A system for attaching a hinge on a door leaf of an automobile includes at least two riveted self-punched connections that clamp the hinge and the door leaf.04-15-2010
20090106937Hinge for a glass door - The present invention is to provide a hinge suitable for a glass door, having a roller actuating by a spring member and cooperating with a cylindrical surface and slots on the cylindrical surface to hold the glass door in the opened and closed positions, and to make the fluent opening and closing movement of the glass door.04-30-2009
20120079682ADJUSTABLE HINGE ASSEMBLY FOR A GLASS DOOR - An adjustable hinge assembly for a glass door has a frame fastening device, a door clamping device and an adjustable device. The frame fastening device is mounted securely to a doorframe and has two pivot sections protruding from the frame fastening device. The door clamping device clamps a glass door. The adjustable device has two pins mounted between and respectively pressing against the pivot sections. Because two pins respectively press against the pivot sections, pressing forces provided by the pins are sufficient and the structure of the adjustable hinge assembly for a glass door is enhanced. Accordingly, to frequently adjust the position of the glass door relative to the doorframe is unnecessary.04-05-2012
016385000 Specified material 4
20080263828HINGE AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - A method of making a hinge has the steps of forming a region of a piece of sheet metal with a groove and then bending the piece of sheet metal to form the region into an eye with the groove opening inwardly into the eye so that the piece of sheet metal with the eye forms a first leaf. A pivot pin with a radially outwardly projecting thickened region is fitted and pressed into the eye such that the radially thickened region radially elastically widens the eye. Once the thickened region reaches the groove, the eye springs back so that the pivot pin is then captured held in the eye.10-30-2008
20110138578COUPLING FOR INDUCING HIGH TEMPERATURE DROPS BETWEEN CONNECTED PARTS ON AN AIRCRAFT - Coupling for inducing high temperature drops on parts of an aircraft includes an edge portion (06-16-2011
20100050388Molded Hinge Article for a Side-Loading Refuse Vehicle and Method of Making - The present development provides a continuous fiber reinforced elastomeric resin molded article which may be exemplified by a flexible hinge used in the hostile environment of a refuse collection vehicle.03-04-2010
20120073083HINGE FOR CONNECTING A LEAF TO A FRAME SO AS TO BE HINGED ABOUT A HINGE AXIS - A hinge plate includes a frame hinge plate part comprising a frame fastening part and a frame hinge part. A leaf/sash hinge plate part comprises a leaf/sash fastening part and a leaf/sash hinge part. A primary coil is disposed in the frame hinge part and a secondary coil is disposed in the leaf/sash hinge part, each coil being configured to surround a hinge plate pin. The primary coil extends at least almost up to an end face of the frame hinge part facing the leaf/sash hinge part. The secondary coil extends at least almost up to an end face of the leaf/sash hinge part facing the frame hinge part. A hinge plate pin sleeve comprising a ferrite material is disposed between the hinge plate pin and the primary and secondary coils, and extends approximately over a length of the hinge plate pin surrounded by the primary and secondary coils.03-29-2012
016234000 Having staggered leaves 2
20080271289Hinge assembly - A hinge assembly attaches a cover pivotally to a base of an electronic device such as a notebook computer and has a base bracket, a pintle and a cover bracket. The base bracket is attached to the base and has a gudgeon. The pintle is mounted securely in the gudgeon in the base bracket. The cover bracket is mounted tightly and rotatably around the pintle and securely on the cover of the electronic device, allows the cover to pivot on the base and has a through ring and a pivoting gudgeon. The through ring is mounted tightly around the pintle and has an open slot to prevent the through ring and the pintle from wearing. The pivoting gudgeon is slightly narrower than the through ring, fastens the pintle to position the cover and has an open slot to prevent the pivoting gudgeon and the pintle from wearing.11-06-2008
20080216286Leaf-Cartwheel Flexure, And Mounting Systems And Methods Utilizing same - A leaf-cartwheel flexure for coupling an object to a frame includes a leaf flexure for mounting to an object and a cartwheel hinge for mounting to the frame. The leaf flexure defines an axis of contraflexure and the cartwheel hinge is bendable about a rotational axis. The cartwheel hinge is coupled to the leaf flexure and positioned such that the rotational axis substantially aligns with the axis of contraflexure. A system and a method for mounting a component utilize three such leaf-cartwheel flexures for mounting the component to a frame, in which the flexures are approximately equidistant from each other about the component.09-11-2008
016229000 Retractable pintle 2
20120066863Quick release door hinge system - A quick release door hinge system has a locking pin and two flaps: A jamb flap that is fixedly attached to a door jamb and a door flap which is fixedly attached to a door. The door flap has built-in downwardly pointing pins that are configured and sized to fit into channels found on the jamb flap. Once the two flaps are connected, the locking pin is inserted so as to block any upward motion of the door flap which could result in an inadvertent release of the door from its hinges.03-22-2012
20100175221HINGE ARRANGEMENT - The invention relates to a hinge arrangement of a door (07-15-2010
016365000 Three-hinged members 2
20100024170Level Assembly Type Hood Hinge Unit - A level assembly hood hinge unit includes a side outer panel having a space between an upper panel and a lower panel in which a hood hinge may be disposed, and a stud bolt provided on the lower panel, a hinge bracket which may be configured for assembly engagement while it laterally moves along the lower panel towards the space of the side outer panel, and which may be provided with an assembly portion, positioned in the space of the side outer panel, at an upper portion of the hinge bracket and an insertion groove at a rear portion of the hinge bracket, in which the stud bolt may be inserted for stopping movement of the hinge bracket, and/or a hinge arm which may be to be assembled with the hinge bracket in the assembly portion by a hinge pin, and which may be provided with a hood combining portion to which a hood panel may be mounted at an end portion thereof.02-04-2010
20100299877Hinge Device Having Interconnected C-Shaped Clamps - A hinge device includes: a coupler including a connection part connected to at least three outer clamp members which respectively have open mouths; and at least three inner clamp members fitted rotatably and respectively in the outer clamp members. Each of the inner clamp members has an outer surface surrounding an axis, and two clamping arms defining an axially extending clamping groove therebetween. The clamping groove has a groove opening alignable with the open mouth of one of the outer clamp members. A hoop assembly having at least three hoops interconnected hingedly by the hinge device is also disclosed.12-02-2010
016373000 Wire hinge 2
20090094790DOOR HINGE PIN FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A door hinge pin (04-16-2009
20090049648HINGE FOR AN ENCLOSURE - An enclosure includes a hinge constructed to enable disengagement of a pin receiving member from a pin without substantially damaging the pin receiving member or the pin when the enclosure is opened beyond a fully opened position. The enclosure may include a housing that includes a pin. A pin receiving member may be part of a cover and defines a pin receiving shaft having a lead-in portion. The pin receiving shaft receives and rotatably couples the pin. The lead-in portion is configured to disengage the pin without substantially damaging the pin receiving member when the cover is opened beyond a fully opened position.02-26-2009
016222000 Including frangible or fusible portion 2
20130000076AIRBAG COVER HINGE WITH FORCE-ABSORBING SYSTEM - An airbag cover hinge has load-absorption capabilities that provide a controlled release of the airbag cover during airbag deployment. The hinge has a textile base structure formed of longitudinal and cross threads. High strength, load-bearing stop threads are integrated into the textile base structure. When the airbag deploys, the longitudinal threads eventually tear, while the stop threads extend in length and function as a hinge that holds the torn parts of the textile base structure together.01-03-2013
20130074284VEHICLE HOOD HINGE ASSEMBLY FOR A PEDESTRIAN PROTECTION DEVICE - A hinge assembly including a vehicle body hinge member configured to be connected with a vehicle body and a hood hinge member configured to be connected with a vehicle hood. The vehicle body hinge member and the hood hinge member are pivotally connected so the hood can be opened for servicing and closed for driving. In one embodiment, a pedestrian protection device includes a bracket movable between an extended position in which a rear portion of the vehicle hood is in an elevated position and a retracted position in which the rear portion of the vehicle hood is in a drivable position. A shear pin extends through the bracket for maintaining the bracket in the retracted position until a threshold force is applied to the bracket. The device includes an actuator configured to apply at least the threshold force to shear the shear pin, thereby moving the bracket to the extended position. A reset latch relocks the bracket in the retracted position after the shear pin has been sheared.03-28-2013
016388000 Having prongs or cooperating structure on leaf 1
20100043177Internal Hinge for Fire Resistant Safe - An internal hinge for a fire-resistant enclosure is provided. The internal hinge includes a cabinet end and a door end. The cabinet end is pivotally coupled with a bracket mounted on the enclosure and the door end is fixedly coupled with a door of the enclosure. The hinge includes first, second, third, and fourth segments. The first segment extends linearly from the cabinet end of the hinge. The second segment extends from the first segment in a generally curved path wrapping around the cabinet end approximately 90 degrees. The third segment extends linearly from the second segment and at an angle relative to the first segment. The fourth segment extends linearly from the third segment to the door end of the hinge and is perpendicular to the first segment. The internal hinge of the present invention allows the door of the enclosure to open approximately 147 degrees.02-25-2010
016355000 Comprising nested open curved portions attached to hinged members 1
20100325840SELECTIVE COMPLIANCE HINGE - A selective compliance hinge, apt to define a turning pair with a default axis of rotation (A), allows to obtain a selective compliance turning pair, hence with the advantages typical of such applications but providing the best precision and movement repeatability, and comprises a connecting element (12-30-2010
016372000 Including laminated leaf 1
20080289146Hidden type of hinge structure - A hinge includes first and second holders, which are fixedly inserted in a doorframe and a door plank respectively, and a hinge pivoting the holders together; the hinge includes several first and second bent arms, which have first and second holes on two tail ends, and an intermediate hole; a pivotal pin is passed through the intermediate holes; another pin is passed through the first holes of the first arms to pivot the first arms to the first holder; yet another pin is passed through the first holes of the second arms to pivot the second arms to the second holder; a sliding pin is passed through the second holes of the first arms and passed into opposing upper and lower slots of the second holder; a second sliding pin is passed through the second holes of the second arms and passed into opposing slots of the first holder.11-27-2008
016309000 Gravitating hinge having vertical axis 1
20130067687Heavy Duty Riser Hinge - A riser hinge (03-21-2013
20100107364HINGE AND COLLAPSIBLE DEVICE UTILIZING THE SAME - A hinge includes a first connecting member, a second connecting member, a shaft fixed to the first connecting member, and a fastening member. The second connecting member includes a sleeve axially defining an opening in a circumference of the sleeve. A first fixing board and a second fixing board opposite to the first fixing board both perpendicularly extend from the circumference of the sleeve, and locate at opposite sides of the opening. The shaft is rotated relative to the second connecting member, with the first connecting member, and includes a fixing rod rotatably received in the sleeve. The fastening member is capable of adjustably tightening the first and second fixing boards to squeeze or expand the sleeve, and then, the sleeve is forced to adjustably clamp the fixing rod.05-06-2010
20090007373Hinge barrel and manufacturing method thereof - The present invention includes fabricating a raw metal through a first rolling process to form a body having a base, a bracing portion and a holding trough; placing a forming strut in the holding trough; fabricating the body held the forming strut through a second rolling process to form the bracing portion in an arched shape with the inner side in contact with the forming strut; treating the body with the arched bracing portion and the forming strut in a heat treatment to enhance the hardness; and cutting off the body at a selected length and removing the forming strut to become a finished product of the hinge barrel. The hinge barrel thus formed can provide a required steady friction coefficient. It is simply structured and can be fabricated with a lower force. The probability of product defects resulting from too much or too little friction coefficient can be prevented.01-08-2009
20110138574HINGE ARM REPAIR - A hinge arm having a hinge pin hole having a worn bore, for example a hinge arm of a hinge assembly of an access door on a gas turbine engine, is repaired by forming in the worn hinge arm a new hole with a keyway extending outwardly from the new hole. A keyed bushing is provided having a cylindrical body having a central bore extending axially therethrough and a key extending outwardly from the cylindrical hole. The keyed bushing is inserted into the new hole and keyway formed in the hinge arm thereby preventing rotation of the bushing relative to the hinge arm.06-16-2011
20100083465ADJUSTABLE HINGE MOUNTING BLOCK - An adjustable hinge block includes first and second complementary members, each defining therein a first and a second slit respectively. The members are adapted to mate with each other such that the first and second slits at least partially align with each other to define a third slit. First and second wing members protrude from the members respectively such that the wing members lie on opposite sides of the third slit when the members mate with each other. The wing members each define therein a first and a second aperture respectively, which first and second apertures are adapted to receive a fastener. First and second side members, each define therein a third and a fourth aperture respectively, such that the third and fourth apertures is adapted to align with the first and second apertures respectively.04-08-2010
20080276418System for selectively locating a door within a frame - A system for selectively locating a door within a frame may include a frame, a door selectively located within the frame and a hinge. The hinge has a frame attachment portion and a door attachment portion. The portions are pivotally connected to one another via a pin. The frame attachment portion and door attachment portion cooperate to cause an outside surface of the door to be flush with an outside surface of the frame when the door is substantially within the frame. The frame attachment portion has a roller flange extending substantially transverse to the frame attachment portion that selectively engages with a roller on the door attachment portion.11-13-2008
20080271288Electronic device adjustable display member - An electronic device, comprising a hinge arm having a display member rotatably coupled to one end thereof, the hinge arm rotatably coupled at an opposite end thereof to a base member, and a locking system configured to prevent rotation of the hinge arm relative to the base member based on an angular location of the display member relative to the hinge arm.11-06-2008
20090025178STORAGE - An object is to provide a storage in which a door can be attached using a similar hinge without any trouble even at a time when the door is rotated in reverse and attached, the storage includes a main body; a pair of upper and lower hinges attached to the main body; and a door having one side rotatably supported by both the hinges to openably close an opening, at least one of the hinges has two attachment portions which cross each other at right angles in a corner and which are attached to the main body, and two pivot support portions raised from both the attachment portions and provided with a rotary shaft rotatably supporting the door, and both the attachment portions and both the pivot support portions have a shape which is symmetric with respect to a line passing through the corner and forming an angle of 45° with respect to both the attachment portions.01-29-2009
20080307605Hinge Assembly - A hinge assembly includes a body member having a mounting tab and a housing adapted to receive a plug. The plug is locked in the housing such that the plug is not rotatable relative to the housing. The hinge assembly also includes an elastomeric sleeve having two first peripheral surfaces being flat and two second peripheral surfaces being arcuate and a slit. A pintle includes a mounting tab and a connecting rod, with the connecting rod adapted to insert in the elastomeric sleeve. The connecting rod includes a cylindrical outer surface having a flat surface formed thereon. The flat surface corresponds with the first peripheral surface. The cylindrical outer surface corresponds with the second peripheral surfaces. Said elastomeric sleeve and slit are expanded out by the pintle when the pintle rotates.12-18-2008
20090100638Stand hinge for display - The present invention includes a carrying frame with two connecting ends for pivotally connected to a supporting frame for mounting the display, and two pivots are respectively mounted at the positions where the connecting ends of the carrying frame are pivotally connected with the supporting frame, wherein one pivot is penetrated through a hook flange washer and a positioning flange washer, wherein the hook flange washer has plural protruding portions located at one side of the edge thereof, and the positioning flange washer correspondingly has plural bulges located at one side of the edge thereof for forming a position-limiting trough to reject with the protruding portion, and the other pivot is penetrated through plural positioning washers and at least a plate type washer, so that when the carrying frame has a turning, the required torsion can be provided by the rejection between the protruding portion and the position-limiting trough.04-23-2009
20080289144Hinge for wings or doors - The hinge for wings or doors, in particular of electrical appliances, comprises a first box-shaped body, a second box-shaped body, a connecting element between the first and second bodies, and a damper cylinder for applying on the second body an action damping its movement towards the first body.11-27-2008
20090019666Hanging type earphone with a hinge unit - A hanging type earphone with a hinge unit includes an earphone body, a hang member and a hinge unit. The earphone body has a connecting base defining a receiving space. The hinge unit received in the receiving space includes a positioning base, an axis cover and a pivotal axis having a mating portion whose cross-section is a polygon. The axis cover presses against the positioning base to form a pivotal space, one end of the pivotal axis is fixed in the hang member and the other end passes through the pivotal space, the mating portion mates with the side walls of the axis cover, thereby, the earphone body is positioned after rotating relatively to the hang member. Moreover, the pivot axis can be pulled out from the pivotal hole and then inserted into the pivotal space from the opposite direction, so the hanging type earphone can be hung on either ear of the user.01-22-2009
20090320238CAM INTERFERENCE ASSEMBLY OF HINGE AND FOLDABLE DEVICE - A cam interference assembly of a hinge includes a cylinder-shaped first element and a cylinder-shaped second element. The first element defines a through hole in a central portion of the first element. A first mating surface of the first element defines a plurality of depressed portions and a plurality of first recessed cavities capable of retaining oil. The second element defines a fixing hole in a central portion of the second element. A second mating surface of the second element defines a plurality of raised portions configured for engaging with the corresponding plurality of depressed portions, and a plurality of second recessed cavities capable of retaining oil. The first element is rotatable relative to the second element. The first mating surface and the second mating surface face each other.12-31-2009
20090038115Hinge - A hinge is mounted between a cover and a base of an electronic device and has a pivoting bracket, a rotating bracket and a collar assembly. The pivoting bracket is mounted on the stationary leaf and has a tube protrudes transversely on an outside wall of the pivoting bracket. The rotating bracket is mounted around the tube and has at least one detent formed in a top surface of the rotating bracket. The collar assembly is mounted around the tube and has a positioning collar. The positioning collar has at least one protrusion selectively engaging the at least one detent. Even though the engaging surface between the at least one detent and the at least one protrusion is worn away, the interface between the brackets stays flat and the cover of the electronic device remains mounted stably on the base.02-12-2009
20090205166Load bearing textile clamp - An invention where a removable load bearing textile clamp comprised of a locking clamp portion configured to accept an internally positioned rod such that a textile sheet can be led around the rod and positioned inside the clamp and secured by closing the clamp and engaging the locking mechanism.08-20-2009
20100132158VIRTUAL HINGE - A support system includes a frame member and a cover magnetically coupled to one another proximate an edge of the cover and in an aligned state. The cover is rotatable with respect to the frame member without any structural coupling therebetween while the frame member and cover remain substantially in the aligned state. A method of supporting a cover with respect to a frame includes magnetically attracting the cover and frame to each other proximate an edge of the cover.06-03-2010
20080244864Hinge for folding container - A hinge for folding container comprises an inner hinge, an outer hinge and a locking device for locking the inner and outer hinge. Wherein, the inner hinge and the outer hinge are pivotally connected by a pivot pin, the outer hinge comprises at least two outer hinge plates provided in parallel, and the inner hinge comprises at least two inner hinge plates provided in parallel. Compared with the prior art, without changing the standard operating hole, the hinge for folding container disclosed by the present invention can widen the transverse width of the inner hinge, and so that the rigidity of the inner hinge is effectively enhanced. Therefore, the hinge according to the present invention can be applied to any types of folding container, especially the folding container mounted with an independent corner post.10-09-2008
20110232032Hinge with spacers - A hinge has a pintle, a spacer assembly, a stationary bracket and a rotating bracket. The pintle is mounted through the spacer assembly and is connected to the stationary and rotating brackets. The spacer assembly has multiple spacers stacked with each other. Each spacer has a ring segment and a bearing segment. The ring segment is mounted around the pintle. The bearing segment has an absorbing space to absorb the stress acting on the ring segment. Therefore, the spacer sustains less stress to prevent breakage easily and a lifespan of the spacer is extended. Therefore, the hinge has a longer lifespan.09-29-2011
20130111703ADJUSTABLE PIVOT DECK LID - An adjustable hinge set and a method for making it improves mounting of a deck lid to a motor vehicle body by permitting mass production adjustments without distortion or multiplication of the parts installed. A hinge set bracket with spaced flanges receiving a pivot strap and pivot therebetween is formed with a substantially vertical slot in each flange. At least one insert having a collar and a stem, reinforces the spacing between the support flanges, as the pivot pin compressionally engages the flanges. Preferably, two inserts having a collar and a stem have a combined length that reinforces the predetermined spacing within a predetermined tolerance when compression is adjusted.05-09-2013
20080201900HINGE DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT USING THE HINGE DEVICE - The present invention provides as an object a novel hinge device which is extremely valuable as a commercial product and an electronic instrument using the hinge device.08-28-2008

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