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015 - Brushing, scrubbing, and general cleaning

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015159100 - Brush or broom

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015167100 Tooth or nail brush 264
015161000 Boot cleaners 4
20080276397Audible Footwear Brush - An audible footwear brush incorporates sound producing means, including an audio chip, a speaker, an electrical source, and an activation button. An audible footwear brush assembly comprises an audible footwear brush and a brush receptacle. The receptacle is mountable on a vehicle or other support surface. The brush receptacle is a channel shaped metal extrusion, preferably aluminum, with removable endplates. The extrusion is shaped to form a slot positioned above the lower surface of the extrusion, for insertion of the footwear brush. The extrusion may also provide an outer slot for insertion of a display panel. In use, an activation button is depressed upon pressure from a boot placed on the brush, causing playback of a pre-recorded sound until pressure is released.11-13-2008
20090113649Cleat Cleaner - A device connectable to a vehicle bumper for cleaning shoes includes a rigid angle bracket, a clamp connected to the rigid angle bracket for clamping to a bumper of a vehicle and a plurality of bristles connected to the rigid angle bracket.05-07-2009
20090038096Spike/shoe cleaner - Footwear cleaning apparatus includes a receptacle well filled with a cleaning solution and a rotating brush. The rotating brush is supported by telescoping stems that extend and retract the rotating brush. In one embodiment, retracting a cover for the receptacle well activates the rotating brush, thus allowing a user to clean the sole of the footwear. In another embodiment, a sensor senses the presence of a user and automatically activates the rotating brush and telescoping stems for the apparatus to be used.02-12-2009
20120324667ROTATABLE VEHICLE DOORMAT DEVICE AND SYSTEM - A rotatable vehicle doormat and system includes a generally planar mat having a plurality of protrusions and openings for removing dirt and debris from a user and depositing the same on the ground. The mat is rotatable from an extended position for use, and a retracted position when the device is not in use. A motor rotates the mat upon receiving an instruction via a wireless switch. The device includes a lightweight design for easy instillation onto a vehicle.12-27-2012
015164000 Hollow-ware cleaners 3
20130074280Cleaning Apparatus with Splash Shield - A brush apparatus for cleaning the interior of a bottle having a handle, a scrubbing portion, and a removable splash shield. The handle includes a grip portion and a channel for removably securing the splash shield to the handle. A plurality of bristles extend radially outward from a bristle stem to form a brush having a substantially cylindrical scrubbing portion. The removable splash shield functions as a shield to contain splashing while cleaning a bottle and when the user removes the scrubbing portion from the bottle. A smaller nipple brush is contained within the handle grip portion of the brush.03-28-2013
20110314621BABY BOTTLE CLEANING BRUSH WITH REVERSIBLE SPLASH GUARD - A baby bottle cleaning brush which includes a reversible cover between the brush and handle that covers the opening of a baby bottle, so when the action of the brush on the lip of the baby bottle opening would tend to spray water, the brush cover envelops the bottle opening and prevents the spray from spreading out and hitting the user or surroundings.12-29-2011
20120210529BRUSH FOR CLEANING A CONTAINER - The invention relates to a brush (08-23-2012
20090193602Cosmetic Brush with Bristles Injection-Molded to a Main Body - The cosmetic brush (08-06-2009
20110191970Basting brush - A basting brush 08-11-2011
20130133149HULL CLEANER - A boat hull cleaner comprises a pole having at least two parts 05-30-2013
20130036565BRUSH FOR APPLYING A COMPOSITION TO THE EYELASHES AND/OR THE EYEBROWS - A brush for applying a composition to eyelashes or eyebrows, the brush including: a core that is made by molding and that extends along a longitudinal axis; and a plurality of rows of bristles that are also made by molding, including bases that are distributed over a periphery of the core, the bristles being disposed so that there exists at least one projection axis orthogonal to the longitudinal axis of the core for which the projected images of the bristles of a first row cross the projected images of the bristles of a second row.02-14-2013
20090044359Suction brush having hair removal unit for vacuum cleaner - A suction brush having a hair removal unit for a vacuum cleaner is provided. The suction brush includes a brush body having a rear end fluidly connected to a main body of the vacuum cleaner, a suction port on a lower surface of a front end, and a rotation brush inside the suction port; and a hair removal unit detachably connected to the suction port.02-19-2009
20100325826Fabric Sweeper - The present invention is a device for use in cleaning a fabric surface of dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris present on the surface. The device includes a housing, a cleaning member, such as a roller, and a pair of cleaning material sections on opposite sides of the roller. The cleaning member has a protrusion that selectively engages one of a pair of stops to prevent rotation of the cleaning member past a respective stop.12-30-2010
20130055518Branched Hairbrush Tines And A Hairbrush Incorporating Branched Tines - A hairbrush has a plurality of molded tines, each with a main shaft and a first branch extending from the shaft. The first branch extends at a point between the base of the shaft and the free end of the shaft, and is oriented on the shaft and dimensioned such that the tine is adapted to comb and separate tangled or matted hair. The tines may be arranged such that the first branch of one tine is randomly oriented relative to the first branch of adjacent tines. The tines may have a second branch extending from the shaft at a point between the base of the shaft and the first branch. The first and second branches extend in a radial direction from the shaft at an angle of 5° to 90° relative to a longitudinal axis of the shaft.03-07-2013
20110010880TOILET BRUSH WITH LIFTING ARMS - An apparatus for cleaning an enclosure having a lid has a cleaning element. The apparatus also has a handle connected to the cleaning element. A lifting arm, mounted on the handle, is configured to lift the lid.01-20-2011
20120233798BRUSHHEAD FOR ELECTRIC SKIN BRUSH APPLIANCE - The brushhead is used in a power skin brush appliance which includes a drive system having a single drive member. The brushhead includes a base assembly mountable to the drive system with an optional outer annular fixed portion and an inner portion which in operation oscillates back and forth at a selected sonic frequency through a selected angle in response to action of the drive system. Mounted on the outer portion is a first group of filament tufts. Mounted on the oscillating portion are three concentric groups of filament tufts. Each oscillating group of filament tufts includes two annular rings of filament tufts. The filament tufts in the oscillating filament tuft groups have a selected physical characteristic which in one embodiment is diameter, which differs between the respective oscillating filament tuft groups sufficiently to produce a differential stiffness between the filaments thereof to in turn produce an out of phase motion of the tips of the filaments between the three oscillating filament tuft groups.09-20-2012
20080295269Fun shower brush - The invention is a fun shower brush. The brush has a bubble-making device on its top part. Different kinds of brush can be fitted into the front of the shower brush to meet the needs of the user. This design makes the brush suitable for use by the general public and the bubble-making device makes showering more fun.12-04-2008
20110138558CLEANING BLADE STRIP ELEMENT FOR MAKING MOTOR VEHICLE WASHING SYSTEM ROTARY BRUSH ASSEMBLIES - An improved cleaning blade strip element for making rotary brush assemblies for motor vehicle washing systems comprises a plate-like body (06-16-2011
20110138557CLEANING DEVICE AFFIXED TO A FOOTWEAR AND METHOD THEREOF - A device comprising a cleaning device operably attached to a mounting device, wherein the mounting device is configured to engage a footwear, wherein the cleaning device facilitates the cleaning of equipment, such as a golf club. Furthermore, a method of cleaning a golf club comprising providing a cleaning device, wherein the cleaning device has a first end and a second end, coupling the first end of the cleaning device and the attachment device, wherein the attachment device and a mounting plate form a mounting device, and wherein the mounting device is configured to engage a footwear is also provided.06-16-2011
20110296641Cleaning Brush Device for Condenser - A cleaning brush device for a condenser of refrigerator comprising a condenser and a cleaning brush is provided. The condenser comprises a cooling fin grid of rows of horizontal fins and columns of vertical fins. The cleaning brush sweeps horizontally and vertically over the cooling fin grid in a predetermined period of time and brushes off the dust bunny collected in the cooling fin grid. The predetermined period of time is controlled according to amount of the dust bunny on the cooling fin grid. The cleaning brush may sweep the grid horizontally and vertically in a systematical way.12-08-2011
20120227198APPARATUS FOR CLEANING GOLF CLUBS - An apparatus for cleaning golf clubs is provided. The apparatus includes a substantially symmetrical body having a first pocket opposite a second pocket for accepting fingers or a thumb of a user. The first and second pockets are flexibly coupled by a hinge portion and define a first opening for receiving a head of a golf club. A second opening is defined by the opening ends of the first and second pockets and is configured for receiving a hand of the user. The first and second pocket have opposing exterior walls which can be brought into contact with a golf club head to clean same. At least one of the opposing exterior walls will include an abrasive surface, e.g., bristles, for cleaning a surface of the golf club head. In other embodiments, both opposing exterior walls will include abrasive surfaces to facilitate cleaning of the golf club head.09-13-2012
20100101035COSMETIC APPLICATOR AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - The present invention provides a cosmetic applicator that allows a cosmetic material based on solid fine powder to transfer roughly uniformly onto the apical surface of the brush, prevents the cosmetic material from scattering from the brush, and causes the cosmetic material to attach roughly uniformly when applied to the skin, and said cosmetic applicator conforming to the present invention is a cosmetic applicator for application of apply a powdery cosmetic material containing fine powder, which includes a handle part and a brush part constituted by a bristle material implanted on the aforementioned handle part, wherein said cosmetic applicator is characterized in that the hairs of the aforementioned brush part extend upward from the aforementioned handle part, and the distal end of the hairs form a horizontally shaped outer periphery with respect to the aforementioned handle part, from which outer periphery a shape gradually concaving toward the center axis of the brush part is formed.04-29-2010
20120096663BROOM BRUSH FOR A CLEANING VEHICLE - A broom brush for a cleaning vehicle is disclosed, which has an excellent elastic recovery force and an enhances anti-wearing performance while preventing the neighboring brushing members from being entangled for thereby extending a life span of a product and reducing a maintenance cost. The broom brush for a cleaning vehicle comprises a plurality of brushing members which are engaged at a front side of a cleaning vehicle for cleaning a certain area with the aid of a rotation operation, said brushing members comprising cores made of metallic wires each having a certain elastic force; and plastic coated metallic wires formed of plastic coating layers coated on the outer sides of the cores.04-26-2012
20120096661TURF GROOMER FOR NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL TURF SURFACES - A groomer for turf surfaces includes a groomer frame that mounts a first style of grooming brush for use on an artificial turf surface and a second style of grooming brush for use on a natural turf surface. The first style of grooming brush comprises a brush formed by spaced brush walls with each brush wall having a substantially single row of brush bristles with no bristles being placed between the brush walls. The second style of grooming brush is that similar to a push broom where the brush bristles are packed across the width of the brush head. When configured for artificial turf surfaces, a front row of scarifying spring tines helps the trailing brushes to level out the infill material and the attitude of the groomer frame can be tilted tail down to put more downpressure on the infill material. A debris remover attached to the rear of the frame can pick up and hold metallic debris that is often found in the turf surface.04-26-2012
20100236005DUMMY CARD CLEANING DEVICE - The invention provides a dummy card cleaning device. The dummy card cleaning device is stored in a card slot of an electronic device to be brought along with the electronic device, so as to provide an immediate and convenient use when cleaning the electronic device. The dummy card cleaning device includes a body having a shape of dummy card, and a brush or a bristle connected to the body. The brush may be stored in an indentation of the body, or slidably, pivotally connected to the body.09-23-2010
20100175212SHOWER BRUSH - Systems and methods are provided herein that provide for a shower brush.07-15-2010
20120023691DEVICE AND METHOD FOR REMOVING PARTICULATES FROM A KEYBOARD - A device for cleaning and removing particulates located in between and underneath a pair of keyboard keys is provided. The device includes a handle, a bristle retaining portion extending in a direction d02-02-2012
20100077559APPLICATOR BRUSH - An applicator brush is provided having a base tuft comprised of bristles affixed to a ferrule at a first end, the bristles having a second end terminating to form an edge. The brush includes a protruding tuft comprised of bristles configured to protrude from an interior portion of the base tuft. The interior portion of the base tuft comprises any location within a perimeter of the base tuft. A handle may be provided affixed to the ferrule.04-01-2010
20090089949SHAVING BRUSH - An shaving brush is provided having synthetic bristles arranged in a tuft, the bristles having the appearance, texture and feel of badger fur and antibacterial properties. The bristles may be attached at a first end to a ferrule. Advantageously, a shaving brush according to the present invention features improved durability and hygienics while maintaining the appearance of genuine badger fur.04-09-2009
20080209652SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A SONDE SENSOR CLEANING SYSTEM - A sonde cleaning brush is disclosed that has a plurality of bristles extending from the brush surface. The bristles have a stiffener attached to the bristles causing the stiffness of the bristles to increase along the length of the brush while preserving the flexibility of the bristles perpendicular to the brush length. There may be one or more stiffeners attached to the brush bristles.09-04-2008
20090282633SWIMMING POOL AND DECK BRUSH - A transversely elongated mounting bar curved rearwardly from a centerline and mounting longitudinally projecting bristles on the front side thereof to terminate in free ends deposed in a working plane.11-19-2009
20110167578CURLING HEAD FOR CURLING BROOM - The present invention provides a curling broom head for improved ice surface heating and curling performance. The curling broom includes an elongate shaft having opposed first and second ends, the first end being graspable by a sweeper and being attached to a broom head attachment plate located at the second end. A curling broom head is attached to the broom head receptacle for sweeping an ice surface. The broom head includes a base section, a reflective constituent selected to reflect infrared radiation which can be a layer secured to a bottom surface of the base section, or the top of the woven fabric or both or a reflective powder incorporated into a foam pad attached to the base section, (or the foam pad being metalized), or an outer surface of an outer fabric layer located below the pad being metalized and secured to the base section. The outer surface of the outer fabric layer contacts the ice during sweeping motion by the user sweeping the ice surface with the broom. Infrared radiation generated by the sweeper sweeping the ice is reflected by the reflective layer back towards the ice surface for further heating up the ice surface.07-14-2011
20090007356Paint brush with reinforced ferrule construction - A paint brush includes a sleeve circumscribing a portion of a handle and a portion of a plurality of bristles. A plug can be coupled to the handle. The plug can extend away from the handle into the plurality of bristles to form a space between the bristles. An extension and a recess can be formed between the handle and the resin with the extension extending from one of the handle or resin and into the recess in the other of the handle or resin.01-08-2009
20090165234Hair Brush - This brush is made up of: a handle (07-02-2009
20080282488Washing Device - A washing device (11-20-2008
20080209653GOLF CLUB CLEANING DEVICE - In various exemplary embodiments, the present invention provides a golf club cleaning device that includes a cleaning portion including an upper and lower or concentrically-arranged cleaning surfaces; a flag portion disposed at a top end of the cleaning portion, the flag portion including a gripping means; and a spike portion disposed at a bottom end of the cleaning portion substantially opposite the top end of the cleaning portion, the spike portion including a support means for supporting the device in an upright manner when depressed into the ground. By grasping the flag portion, the spike portion is selectively disposed in the ground at a predetermined location associated with a golf course, practice range, or the like, thereby allowing a player to clean a golf club by selectively running the front face and/or rear face of the golf club horizontally and/or vertically across the one or more cleaning surfaces/materials of the cleaning portion. Advantageously, the flag portion may incorporate an advertising logo and/or informational text.09-04-2008
20090106922Cleaning Device for a Water Closet - A combined storing and cleaning device for toilets (04-30-2009
20100251499Thermal Hairbrush - The thermal brush is used with a hair dryer. The brush includes an elongated bristle retaining core which is mounted at an interior location within a cage forward by a plurality of metal rods. The bristles extend outboard from the core beyond the rod cage and the bristles and the cage form a hourglass shape (a dual frustoconical shape with smaller radial portions adjacent each other). Sometimes, a central region with a constant radial dimension is disposed intermediate the larger radial segments of the cage and bristle brush periphery. At one end, the core and the elongated cage are maintained in a spaced apart relationship by a terminal end cap. A cap at the handle end of the brush also holds the cage and core. The spacing between the metal rods is important as the diameter of the rods.10-07-2010
20100212097MASCARA BRUSH - The present invention relates to a mascara brush for the make-up of eyelash, more particularly, to a mascara brush which the disk-type comb tooth is formed to one side to be continued and repeated and a rubber hair is formed to another side in all directions. The mascara brush for the make-up of eyelash according to the present invention of which is comprised, forming a disc-type plate comb hair to one side to be separated and repeated, forming a rubber hair to another side against the plate comb tooth to be repeated in all directions after dividing into two along with the length direction of a brush core, which is connected with a brush stick, is provided.08-26-2010
20100125961CLEANING TOOL WITH UPSTANDING STEMS AND METHOD OF CLEANING A SURFACE - The present disclosure relates to a cleaning tool, a cleaning sheet and method of removes debris, lint, or hair from a variety of surfaces. The cleaning tool is provided with a first array of stems and a second array of stems, wherein the first array of stems are smaller and more densely included on a cleaning surface of the cleaning tool. The larger stems are able to loosen and pull deeply embedded hair from loose fabric surfaces, while the smaller stems are able to capture and retain the loosened hair.05-27-2010
20090038095PAINT BRUSH - A paint brush for painting trim having a handle and bristles extending outwardly from one end of the handle. The bristles are arranged in two sections which differ in length by slightly less than the thickness of the trim.02-12-2009
20090038094Make-up brush and method of manufacturing the same - Provided is a make-up brush including a coating section for applying liquid cosmetic on a predetermined surface, the coating section having a plurality of bristles which forms a bundle, while being spaced at a predetermined distance from each other; a heat-bonded portion formed by melting one ends of the bristles such that the ends are integrally connected to each other; a housing section having such a cross-sectional shape that the end of the coating section having the heat-bonded portion is inserted and housed; a fixing section for fixing the end of the coating section, inserted into the housing section, to the housing section such that the density of the bristles is uniform; and a rod section connected to the housing section and having such a length that a user can hold the rod section by hand.02-12-2009
20130139336SCREEN ELEMENT FOR A DISC SCREEN DEVICE - The invention relates to a screen element (06-06-2013
20100175213SET OF WALL SHOWER BRUSHES - Systems and methods are presented herein that provide for a set of wall shower brushes.07-15-2010
20110030159ATTACHABLE GOLF CLUB BRUSH - The present invention relates to an attachable golf club brush comprising: a base portion; a plurality of bristles extending from the base portion; and an adhesive to attach the brush to a sole of a golf shoe. The base portion may be made of plastic and the adhesive used to attach the brush may be either a bonding agent or glue. The club brush may be attached to the inner sole rim or outer sole rim of the golf shoe. In another exemplary embodiment, a clip may be used to attach the brush to the golf shoe. The present invention enables a golfer to have a convenient and accessible golf club brush.02-10-2011
20110239390HAIRBRUSH - A hairbrush in which air blown from a hair dryer to the rear face side of the hairbrush is smoothly guided to through-holes in the hairbrush to send the air to the front face side. In the hairbrush (10-06-2011
20110083292Hair Sculpting Device and Methods - A handheld device for sculpting hair includes a bristle section and a wave section which effectively sculpt hair in a wave style when used in the method of the invention.04-14-2011
20100037407Dual sided cosmetics brush - One embodiment of a cosmetic applicator brush comprises a handle and a brush head. The head is in two halves made of different bristles.02-18-2010
20100064460Multipurpose cleaning brush - A multipurpose brush includes a body with a first portion having each of a top surface, opposed bottom surface and a peripheral edge, and with a second portion having each of a first surface thereof disposed on and secured to one of the bottom and top surface of the first portion, an opposed bottom surface thereof. At least one set of bristles is secured to and extending outwardly from at least one predetermined surface of the body. The second portion may have a generally triangular cross-section disposed in a plane generally planar to the one of the bottom and top surface of the first portion and may also have a pair of concave ends. A third portion is also provided in generally planar relationship with the first portion and may be adapted for scrubbing and exfoliating human skin, particularly of feet.03-18-2010
20110099736GOLF EQUIPMENT CLEANING METHOD AND DEVICE - A method and device for cleaning golf equipment while on the golf course, the device being mounted to, and rotating in conjunction with, a golf cart wheel.05-05-2011
20110067191Personal Hygiene Brush - A personal hygiene brush which includes a furcated end comprising cleaning heads from which bristles radiate about the outer perimeter and a non-furcated end including an additional cleaning head from which bristles radiate about the outer perimeter. The personal hygiene brush is capable of cleaning of all types of piercings, intra and extra-orally, as well as dental implants and implant supported prosthesis. The personal hygiene brush enables the user to clean around, under and through their individual ornamental body rings and rods without removing them from the body parts to which they are attached.03-24-2011
20090000046GOLF CLUB BRUSH - A golf brush is disclosed having a handle portion and a head portion, the head portion including a first set of bristles on a first side, where said bristles are made of a first material, and a second set of bristles on an opposite side, where said bristles are made of a second material. The head portion of the brush further comprises a hook member extending longitudinally from the head portion away from the handle portion, and a spring actuated closure member engaging the hook member to open and close the hook. The spring actuated closure member is manually displaced by a projecting button protruding from the head portion and slidable within a longitudinal slot in the head member.01-01-2009
20110056036Infant hair care mitt - A mitt for infant scalp and hair care is adapted to be worn over the four fingers of the hand of a person attending the infant. On at least one side of the mitt is a flexible material with integral fine bristles suitable both for cleaning abrasion of the infant's scalp during bathing and for application of baby oil and styling of the infant's hair after bathing. Some embodiments further comprise a thumb ring for retaining the mitt on the hand. Yet further, some embodiments are imbued with liquid agents suitable for scalp and hair care.03-10-2011
20100281643PORTABLE GRIP CLEANER - A portable grip cleaner has an upper brush section with a grip receiving opening and a lower reservoir section releasably connected to the upper brush section to form a grip cleaning housing. A lower flange is between the upper brush section and the lower reservoir section. The flange defines an opening sized to receive a grip to be cleaned. Bristles are positioned in the upper brush section that engage the grip to be cleaned.11-11-2010
20110252588CLEANING DISK FOR OPTICAL PICKUP HEAD OF OPTICAL DISK DRIVE - A cleaning disk for an optical pickup head of an optical disk drive has a disk body with a first surface and a second surface. The disk body uses at least one two-step hole portion to mount at least one brush bundle, wherein the two-step hole includes an embedded fine hole and an expansion hole. The brush bundle has a root portion and an end portion, wherein the root portion is fixed in the embedded fine hole, and the end portion protrudes towards the facing direction of the second surface through the expansion hole. When the brush bundle cleans the optical pickup head, the inner edge of the embedded fine hole on the first surface is used as a pivot point to bend the brush bundle into the expansion hole, thus reducing the resistance and wiping damage on the optical pickup head and the planar shifting of the cleaning disk.10-20-2011
20110083293GOLF CLUB CLEANING DEVICE - In various exemplary embodiments, the present invention provides a portable golf club cleaning device, for cleaning the head of a golf club, including: a cleaning portion with one or more outwardly-facing exterior cleaning surfaces disposed about a central axis; a handle portion disposed at a top end of the cleaning portion including a gripping member whereby the portable golf club cleaning device is selectively gripped; and an elongated spike portion disposed at a bottom end of the cleaning portion substantially opposite the top end of the cleaning portion, the elongated spike portion extending from the cleaning portion and wherein central axes of the handle portion and the spike portion are vertically aligned, the elongated spike portion providing a support means for supporting the portable golf club cleaning device in an upright manner when depressed into the ground.04-14-2011
20110252589Swift Scrubber - A tile joint brush structure is provided with grout cleaning nodules, which can be used from a standing position, pivotable about a horizontal axis, through vertical, to two oblique extremes at which positive stops are provided. The scrubber brush structure includes a main brush for cleaning one band of the joint, and a laterally adjustably spaced auxiliary nodules for simultaneously cleaning an adjoining band of the joint.10-20-2011
20100263145BOLT BRUSH - A bolt brush includes a housing, a scraper and a ring plate. The housing has a holding space which is provided with an opening at an end and emplaces the scraper, an inner wall of the housing, close to that opening, is surrounded with a ring groove, and a side of the scraper is provided with plural brush hairs. The ring plate is locked in the ring groove, a side of the ring plate is an opening, and more than one pick-up member is formed close to that opening.10-21-2010
20100017988BUCKET AND TOILET BRUSH SET - The present invention provides a bucket and toilet brush. The bucket includes an external cylinder and an internal container. The external cylinder includes a cylinder body, a top opening and a bottom opening. The internal container includes an accommodation space and a top periphery. The top periphery of the internal container is mated with the top opening of the external cylinder. The external cylinder and internal container are made of metals and plastics. The bucket can be applied to toilet brush products, making it possible to reduce the manufacturing cost, prevent corrosion and clean up more easily with better economic efficiency and applicability.01-28-2010
20100017987Guided pool brush - A guided pool brush and pool cleaning method are described. A guided pool brush may comprise a guiding member and a brush. The guiding member may comprise at least one of a front concave downforce portion, a rear concave downforce portion, a rear concave upforce portion, and a rear flat upforce portion. A pool cleaning method may include pushing a guided pool brush alternately in a backward movement and a forward movement proximate a pool surface, the forces on the guiding member causing the guided pool brush to maintain on the pool surface during the forward movement and at least one of maintain on the pool surface or maintain slightly above the pool surface during the backward movement. The guided pool brush may allow a user to more easily and/or more effectively clean a pool surface by ensuring proper contact of the brush with the pool surface when desired.01-28-2010
20080289130Surfers' Brush - This invention is a brush designed to remove sand from skin and sporting equipment. It is made of durable design and materials, and manufactured to be economical and appealing to the beachside marketplace. It is of convenient size and has a double-sided head with softer bristles on one side which are most effective on skin and finer types of sand, and firmer bristles on the other side which are most effective on sporting equipment and coarser types of sand.11-27-2008
20120096662CLEANING DEVICE HAVING PLURAL AND CUSTOMIZABLE CLEANING SURFACES - A device for cleaning debris from a target surface. The device has a sole plate with permanent bristles and a removable/replaceable pad. The device also has a replaceable, on-board supply of cleanser. The pad/cleanser may be replaced when depleted and replaced with a new pad/cleanser or may simply be replaced with a new pad/cleanser when that pad/cleanser is more suitable for a particular cleaning task.04-26-2012
20090193601POLISHING BRUSH - An exemplary polishing brush includes a mounting member, a plurality of polishing bristles and a latching member. The mounting member defines a plurality of through holes. Each of the polishing bristles is partially inserted into one of the plurality of through holes respectively. The latching member connects with all of the polishing bristles at a side of the through holes of the mounting member, and fixed in the mounting member. When the latching member is disconnected from the mounting member, the polishing bristles are detached from the mounting member.08-06-2009
20120304409CLEANING COMPONENTS FOR MAINTAINING A FIREARM - A cleaning tool for maintaining a firearm includes a flexible brush adapter having a first end and an opposing second end. The flexible brush adapter includes a rotation-resistant cable characterized by two or more layers of strands having differing directions of lay. The cleaning tool further includes a brush attachment coupled to the flexible brush adapter at the second end thereof. The brush attachment includes a plurality of bristles. In one example, the brush attachment comprises a longitudinal twisted wire spine. The spine captures the plurality of bristles extending radially therefrom. The bristles include copper alloy bristles intermixed with stainless steel bristles.12-06-2012
20120042466Apparatus for sterilizing a tubular medical line port - A scrubbing cap for sterilizing a tubular medical line port wherein the cap is molded of a pliable plastic and is provided with an open annular cavity therein which is dimensioned and contoured to receive through its mouth a tubular medical line port with a friction fit for scrubbing surfaces of the port with sterilizing liquid contained in the cavity. Flexible scrubber protrusions coaxially extend into the cavity from the floor of the cavity for scrubbing interior portions of the medical line port. The floor is flexibly displaceable whereby the floor will displace or bulge outwardly when the scrubber protrusions engage a valve within the port for thereby scrubbing the exposed surfaces of the valve while preventing inadvertent opening of the valve.02-23-2012
20120011672SWIMMING POOL AND DECK BRUSH - A transversely elongated mounting bar curved rearwardly from a centerline and mounting longitudinally projecting bristles on the front side thereof to terminate in free ends deposed in a working plane.01-19-2012
20090133205BACK SCRUBBING DEVICE - A back scrubbing device for mounting on a wall which includes a base, a platform, a hinged frame and a latching means for securing a scrubbing material on the platform within the frame. The device consists of a layered base and a hinged frame. A platform is attached to the external surface of the base. Within the hinged frame are frame elements which are generally centered over the platform. Along one edge of the hinged frame are hinges which connect the hinged frame to the base. Along the opposite edge is a securing mechanism, preferably a latch.05-28-2009
20120311800Lint and Fuzz Balls Remover - A lint and fuzz ball removing device is disclosed comprising at least one blade attached to an easily grasped and maneuvered body allowing for the quick removal and or detangling of lint, hair and pill balls. The blade surface is entirely covered with particle removing hooks or finger-like projections, including a plurality of flat surfaces, and edges of the blade, allowing for the quick and easy removal of lint, hair, fuzz and pill balls of any shape and size, across broad surfaces or hard to reach areas of clothing and fabric.12-13-2012
20120124764SCALP WASHING DEVICE - A scalp washing device includes a base and projections for washing projected from a brush surface of the base. Each of the projections includes a root portion on a side of the base having a circular shape in cross-section, a middle portion including a tip surface having a flattened shape in cross-section, and at least a pair of conical tip projections each having a tip chamfered to have a curved surface and provided on the tip surface. The middle portion has a cross-sectional shape changing from a circular shape to a flattened shape from a side of the root portion to a side of the tip surface.05-24-2012
20100287718COSMETIC BRUSH - A cosmetic brush having a stem and a brush part is disclosed. The brush part, comprising bristles formed through injection molding, is provided on an end of the stem. The brush part includes a base for coupling the brush part to the stem, and the bristles which are integrated with the base through injection molding have a fine thickness. Each of the bristles is formed through injection molding to have thickness ranging from 0.05 mm to 0.15 mm. The brush part is manufactured through injection molding, thus enabling the use of various materials and affording various designs, therefore improving the competitiveness of a product. Further, structure and manufacturing process are simplified, so that manufacturing and equipment costs are reduced.11-18-2010
20120167323Water Removing Hair Brush - A hair brush includes a body having a head and a water absorbent material carried by part of the body. The hair brush can have a plurality of bristles. The body has one or more vents. The water absorbent material can be a foam material, a microfiber fabric, or other suitable material.07-05-2012
20100050355ROTARY BASTING BRUSH - A baster has an elongated handle and a rotary brush applicator mounted at an end of the elongated handle. The rotary brush applicator has a pivotally mounted horizontal spindle, and a plurality of flexible bristles are affixed to the horizontal spindle.03-04-2010
20100050354Instrument for cleaning surgical instruments during surgery - An instrument for cleaning surgical instruments during surgery includes a plurality of cleaning surfaces. The surfaces can vary in roughness and can include bristles that remain constant or vary in height or thickness or both. The surfaces can be replaced and are attached to a flexible base that conforms to the shape of a surface on which the instrument is mounted, such as an arm. The instrument can also include a sponge-like surface that can be moistened from a reservoir of fluid such as a blister pack.03-04-2010
20120073069Paint Brush with Reinforced Ferrule Construction - A method for making a paint brush includes placing a plurality of bristles inside a sleeve. A resin is applied into the sleeve to contact the plurality of bristles. A handle is inserted into the sleeve to contact the resin. An extension integrally formed in one of the handle or the resin is fitted into a recess formed in the other of the handle and the resin.03-29-2012
20110225757HAIR BRUSH AND ITS PIN STRUCTURE THEREOF - A hair brush and its pin structure thereof, which provide a way of embedding and fixing brush pins onto a brush pin base of the hair comb by a simple insertion without the need of using any other fixing element or adhesive. The hair brush and its pin structure not just facilitate an automated mass production, substantially simplifying the assembling process of the brush pins and a handle of the hair brush, and improving efficiency only, but also add a heat resisting material into the brush pins for improving the heat resisting effect of the brush pins. In addition, the brush pin base of the hair brush can be made of a hard material, and it is no longer limited to be made of a flexible extensible and contractible material anymore.09-22-2011
20100236004COSMETIC BRUSHES - A half-moon brush or other cosmetic applicator is in two parts, each having a head and a flat handle. The handle of each part has a wide major face and a narrow side face. The two parts are combined in a first configuration with the two narrow side faces abutting and the heads side by side to form a single wide, flat head, and are combined in a second configuration with the two wide major faces abutting and the heads face to face to form a single thicker, less wide, flat head. Each of the parts of the applicator has magnetic components that cooperate with magnetic components in the other part to hold the applicator parts together in both the first and the second configurations.09-23-2010
20120324666GRIP FOR HAIR STYLING DEVICE - A grip for a hair styling instrument is described. The grip includes an opening that allows the grip to be moved onto a handle of a hair styling instrument and coupled to the handle during use. The opening tapers from a larger diameter at a first end of the grip to a smaller diameter at a second end of the grip. The opening of the grip is sized to contact the outer surface of the handle at at least one location along the grip and position the grip at a selected location along the handle when the grip is coupled to the handle.12-27-2012
20110146013SPONGE TYPE MAKE-UP BRUSH - A sponge type make-up brush is provided that comprises a handle part having a sponge-receiving portion and a sponge part having a first portion and a second portion, wherein the second portion of the sponge part has a plurality of coating blades each having cutting surfaces. The plurality coating blades are arranged one after another. A thickness of the coating blades is reduced in a direction away from the handle part. The second portion of the sponge includes a plurality of edge line portions and a plurality of valley portions. The edge line portions are formed where cutting surfaces of a coating blade meet each other and each of the plurality of valley portions is formed where a cutting surface of one coating blade meets a cutting surface of a neighboring coating blade.06-23-2011
20120246856SELF-FOAMING SHAVING BRUSH - A shaving brush assembly includes a plurality of bristles, a base with a first side coupled to and supporting the plurality of bristles, a second side opposite the first side, and defining a passageway from the first side to the second side, the passageway dimensioned to receive at least a portion of a nozzle of a shaving cream container. The assembly also includes a sleeve coupled to and extending from the second side of the base, with the sleeve having an inner diameter less than an outer diameter of a standard-sized container of shaving cream.10-04-2012
20130111683Cosmetic Brush Systems with Coupled Caps - A cosmetic brush system for applying a product to a surface is disclosed. The cosmetic brush system may include a displaceable cap coupled to a handle and a group of bristles fixed to one end of the handle. The displaceable cap may be slideably or peelably coupled to the handle. The handle may include ballast to position a centroid of the cosmetic brush closer to the end of the handle. In embodiments where the displaceable cap is a slideable cap, an end cap may be fixed to the end of the handle and the slideable cap and the end cap may form a uniform elongated cylindrical shape having the same outer diameter. The displaceable cap may also include a ventilation system. By virtue of having a displaceable cap permanently coupled to the handle of the cosmetic brush system, the user cannot misplace the cap and the system is portable and convenient.05-09-2013
20080229532Cleanable Hair Brush - The present invention discloses a cleansable hairbrush, comprising a basal surface from where a plurality of bristles are exceeding upwardly; and a rotatable cleansingsieve wherein said sieve is rotatably mounted in a housing located adjacent to said basal surface; said sieve comprising a plurality of apertures, each of which is accommodating at least one bristle; said sieve is adapted to rotate in a course providing a ‘close configuration’, i.e., whereat the sieve is fastened parallel to the basal surface, and an ‘open configuration’ i.e., whereat the sieve is being tilted from said basal surface and providing for efficient removal of hair or litter from the said basal surface.09-25-2008
20130198985Cadet - A brush device for cleaning golf devices may include a connection device to connect a rotating shaft and a brush device to connect to the connection device. The rotating shaft may rotate the connection device to rotate the brush device, and the connection device may include a first hub to connect to the rotating shaft. The connection device may include a second hub to connect to the first hub. The connection device may include a ring being connected to the first hub.08-08-2013

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