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015 - Brushing, scrubbing, and general cleaning

015104001 - IMPLEMENTS

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015118000 Wiper 61
015106000 Brush 31
015114000 Brush and wiper 20
015111000 Brush and scraper 19
015110000 Brush and massage-tool 12
015105500 Mortar-joint finisher 1
20110203064Multifunction Caulk Tool - A preferred embodiment of a caulk tool comprises a body member having a raised handle and two working heads. The first working head is adapted for the application of caulk and is connected to the first descending end of the raised handle. The first working head preferably comprises a triangular member formed of soft plastic material. The triangular member is rotatable, having three tips of varying size. The second working head is adapted for the removal of old caulk and is connected to the second descending end of the raised handle axially opposed to the first working head. The second working head preferably comprises a metallic head having two tips suited to remove old caulk. In a preferred embodiment, a third working head in the form of a flat scraper is positioned adjacent to said second working head.08-25-2011
015117000 Brush and squeegee 1
20110302735Cleanup system - The cleanup system employs an associated clearing component, such as a tool comprised of squeegee and/or brush elements, to close the entrance to a containment or receptacle unit to thereby prevent leakage or escape of liquid, semi-liquid, and/or dry matter during transport.12-15-2011
20090144919MUSICAL TOOTHBRUSH AND METHOD OF USE - A toothbrush with a handle having a base, a body, and a head. The body having a first section and a second section forming an oblique angle. A projector of sound or music located within the handle. The toothbrush having at least one bristle attached to the head. The toothbrush having a handle cover attached to the base. A method of using a toothbrush including the step of gripping the toothbrush. The method further including the step of engaging the projector of sound or music. The method still further including the step of utilizing the toothbrush while the projector of sound or music is activated.06-11-2009
20090241278Apparatus And Method For Monitoring Dental Brushing Performance With A Conventionally Manufactured Toothbrush - A removable and transferable electronic system monitors the brushing patterns and brushing intensity of a user by analyzing the sound(s) that is produced by a conventional tooth brush as it passes over the teeth and/or gums. The system couples to the toothbrush and the brushing sounds are captured by a microphone coupled to the toothbrush which is then communicated to a microprocessor coupled to a digital display. After the microprocessor has analyzed the brushing sounds, a message is displayed on the digital display that directs the user to continue brushing or change brushing habits, depending on the outcome of the analysis. After brushing, the system may be decoupled from the toothbrush and stored or coupled to another user's toothbrush and the process repeated.10-01-2009
20080256730Child's music-playing toothbrush configured for attractive display of graphics and improved sound quality - A music-playing toothbrush having a hollow handle housing containing suitable solid state electronic components for selectively playing a musical tune with improved sound quality. The sound quality is expressly addressed in the handle design with an interior sealed speaker enclosure configured to direct the sound toward the listener with little internal leakage and with an undulating violin-like cavity shape that suppresses internal standing waves. Moreover, the handle provides a relatively large, relatively flat, substantially uninterrupted surface for receiving attractive and motivational graphics such as licensed cartoon characters, which may be compatible with the musical selection.10-23-2008
20080256729Teeth Whitening Toothbrush - A toothbrush for enhancing the whiteness of teeth while carrying out normal prophylactic brushing with a material that includes a light/heat activated whitening agent. The whitening agent is usually activated by light of a certain wavelength. The toothbrush comprises a handle and a head and optical transmission material bringing light of a predetermined frequency to the head portion. The head portion has a clear surface into which the bristles are secured so as to cause light to shine on the teeth surfaces as they are being brushed by the bristles.10-23-2008
20090119857Golf Clubhead Cleaning Device - A golf clubhead cleaning device. The cleaning device is a single or multilayer flexible band which is secured to a golf shoe without interfering with the cleats. The device is elastic and stretches sufficiently to be slid over the circumference of a golfer's shoe, and when released, retracts sufficiently to snugly fit and remain in place. The outer surface includes an abrasive surface portion which a golf clubhead is rubbed against to remove any dirt. The lower portion of the device is sized to rest against the sole of a golf shoe such that it does not interfere with the cleats. The outer surface rests snugly against the golf shoe and does not protrude or interfere with the golfer's walking or swing. The outer surface may be detachable and replaceable. Indicia may be displayed on the device.05-14-2009
20130031736Multi-Purpose Push Broom - The present invention is a device that combines the attributes of a standard push broom used to sweep up various residue in a garage, store, sidewalk, or industrial setting with the attributes of a specialized push broom designed to attract and pick up ferrous metals.02-07-2013
20120096657PHOTOCATALYST TOOTHBRUSH USING ADVANCED OXIDATION PROCESS - The present invention relates to a photocatalyst toothbrush using an AOP (advanced oxidation process) which is configured such that a light source unit 04-26-2012
20100162504Marine Maintenance Tool - A single piece boat cleaning tool which has a plurality of cleaning surfaces are each cleaning surface designed to be used on a specific component of the boat. These components can be the hull surface, external lights and equipment which require removal of marine organisms, drive shafts, and/or propeller blades. The invention also provides a buoyant handle which floats the scraping/cleaning tool to the surface in the event that it is dropped in the water. A handle also includes a nonslip grip surface and an external protrusion which provides support for the user's thumb when cleaning. A chipping blade extends from the distal end of the handle. The multiservice cleaning blade extends from a proximal end of the handle.07-01-2010
20100011524Portable multi-function movable, electronic device display screen and glass cleaning accessory - A moveable portable electronic device display screen or glass cleaning accessory is a hand held multi-functional apparatus with the ability to allow the user to clean the display screen of an electronic device and easily be carried, stored in a pocket, travel bag or hand bag. The invention is outfitted with micro fiber fabrics for cleaning display screens or glass, a small mirror attached for viewing oneself, one or more pockets for storage of small devices, one or more magnets attached to each side of the apparatus are to assist holding currency. The invention demonstrates the ability to be manufactured in multiple shapes, sizes, fabrics, and colors. The multiple congruent sides of the invention demonstrate the ability to either flip open, utilizing a piece of flexible fabric attached to each side of the device, swivel lending to its ability to turn 45, 90, 180 up to 360 degrees, and or slide open by means of each congruent side on an sliding frame and rail device.01-21-2010
20120180234PERSONAL CARE IMPLEMENT HAVING A DISPLAY - A personal care implement or toothbrush includes a sensor for detecting a position of the toothbrush and orientation display for providing content to a user. The display may be configured to present content in a mirror-image format. The personal care implement may be configured to operate in one or more modes of operation. One or more components may be included for setting variables associated with the modes of operation, for changing an orientation of the displayed content between a mirror-image format and forward-facing format, and for changing the particular mode of operation.07-19-2012
20090044355Field service worker/meter reader dog defense stick and lid access tool - A multi-functional curb meter reading/defense stick tool having a lightweight construction for use by field workers/meter readers. It includes a central rod shaped body having a first handle end capable of housing a small bottle of water or other liquid. The central rod shaped body further includes a distal end having a locking mechanism which includes a “J” shaped latch and a compression spring/pressure point. The rod shaped body and locking mechanism are designed to allow various functional devices to be coupled to the distal end of the rod, such as a mirror device, a hook/latch and/or an end magnet. These various devices can be used to gain access to and more easily read metering devices which may be positioned behind a locked gate or fenced in area.02-19-2009
20100269277COMBINED ARTICLE FOR PERSONAL HYGIENE - An article for personal hygiene is described, having a partly hollow holder part (10-28-2010
20120304406WASTE REMOVAL SYSTEM - A waste removal device comprises a body, a paddle (12-06-2012
20090271936Products And Methods For Disclosing Conditions In The Oral Cavity - An oral hygiene implement may include a body having a handle region and a head region, the head having cleaning elements extending therefrom, an energy source disposed in the head region, wherein the energy source is capable of providing visible light having a wavelength of between about 380 nm to about 700 nm, and a device for filtering visible light of predetermined wavelengths reflected from portions of an oral cavity and for transmission of energy resulting from the fluorescence from a disclosing agent. An oral hygiene kit may include a fluorescent agent capable of highlighting a condition within an oral cavity and one or more of oral hygiene devices and/or implements having an energy source capable of providing electromagnetic energy and a device for filtering. A method of identifying oral conditions within an oral cavity that includes applying an oral composition to the oral cavity, wherein the oral composition comprises a fluorescent agent, and wherein the disclosing agent is present within the oral composition from about 0.001 weight percent to about 10% weight percent, applying energy from an energy source to the oral cavity, filtering at predetermined wavelengths the reflected visible light from portions of the oral cavity, and viewing the filtered visible light from the fluorescent agent, which indicates conditions within the oral cavity.11-05-2009
20120222227SURFACE CLEANING APPARATUS WITH PIVOTING MANIFOLD - A surface cleaning apparatus, and in particular a fluid delivery or steam mop, comprises a handle and a base housing pivotally attached to the handle. The base housing can be used in two positions, whereby opposing sides of the base housing can selectively engage a surface to be cleaned. A manifold can pivot relative to the base housing, such that fluid can be delivered to the surface to be cleaned in both of the two use positions.09-06-2012
20110010879APPARATUS FOR CLEANING TURFED GROUND - A turf cleaning machine includes a bowed plate swept by a cylindrical plate. The bowed plate, when successively swept by a cylindrical brush, catches waste not ejected by the brush into a collecting pan to ensure collection of the waste. The waste is picked up a second time for ejection from the brush into the pan.01-20-2011
20080216260Scraper sponge - A scraper sponge for cleaning and scraping away unwanted substances from an object or surface comprising a sponge body defining a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface and a scraper secured to one of the first and second surfaces. As an alternative, the sponge body defines an aperture for securing the scraper therein. The scraper has a tip portion defining at least one edge and a depressible surface to which forces are applied to manipulate the scraper. The edge is narrow and adapted for entering corners, grooves and crevices and for scraping surfaces. The scraper is at least semi rigid and the depressible surface is contoured to facilitate effective scraping. The sponge body has at least one surface adapted for cleaning and scouring and is usable with or without the scraper.09-11-2008
20120233797Cleaning Device - A cleaning device has a handle removably connected to a cleaning head. The handle includes a connecting mechanism to removably couple the handle with the cleaning head. The cleaning head includes a projecting member to mate with an arcuate surface of the handle to enable rotation to removably connect the cleaning head with the handle. The cleaning head has an overall corrugated appearance.09-20-2012
20120284940APPARATUS FOR MAINTAINING DENTAL HYGIENE - An apparatus for maintaining dental hygiene is provided. For example, in one embodiment, the apparatus includes a body. The body includes an elongated member configured to extend outward from the body. The elongated member includes a head including a plurality of bristles. The apparatus also includes a cap configured to kill microbes on a plurality of bristles when attached to the body.11-15-2012
20090126135Scratch off tool for lottery tickets - A scratch off tool for removing coverings from a lottery game piece has a body with a blade extending from the body. The blade is used to remove the scratch off covering from the game piece. The body is provided with an aperture to allow the tool to be attached to a key chain. Also, a magnifying glass is embedded within the body for use in reading the lottery game piece.05-21-2009
20100050352Multi-Functional Hairbrush with Storage Compartments - A multi-functional hairbrush with storage compartments for grooming, storing and organizing small beauty accessories, the hairbrush having a hollow brush head and main chamber, a brush lid portion attached hingedly to the hollow brush head, a plurality of spring clips mounted removably therewithin. The hairbrush also has a slot chamber positioned underneath the main chamber and a flat comb portion fitting within the slot chamber and inserted removably therewithin. The hairbrush has a hollow, elongated handle portion and an elongated chamber, with handle lid portion attached hingedly to the handle portion. The elongated chamber also as a plurality of spring clips mounted removably therewithin.03-04-2010
20110289707Tongue Cleaning Device - A head portion for a tongue cleaning device is disclosed. The head portion includes a mechanical tongue cleaning section and a tongue cleaning electrode. The mechanical tongue cleaning section includes a cleaning protrusion. The tongue cleaning electrode enables a current flow into a user's tongue during operation.12-01-2011
20090144920TOOTHBRUSH AND METHOD OF USE - A toothbrush with a handle having a base, a body, and a head. A projector of sound or music and/or light located within the handle. The toothbrush having at least one bristle attached to the head. The toothbrush having a switch and a control circuit. The control circuit configured to activate the projector of sound or music and/or light after the switch is depressed. The switch passing through and being in sealing engagement with the handle.06-11-2009
20090044356TOOTHBRUSH SYSTEM UTILIZING ORAL CARE CAPSULE - A toothbrush includes a brush head having a capsule receiving zone sized to receive an dentrifice capsule, and a plurality of angled bristles adapted to retain the capsule in such zone. Loading of such toothbrush with a capsule may be performed with a dispenser including a toothbrush manipulation element adapted to move a retention structure associated with the brush head, and dispensation element adapted to deliver the capsule into the receiving zone. Such dispenser may include a desiccant material disposed to receive moisture from a capsule storage container. A dispenser may further include a plurality of toothbrush insertion apertures each adapted to receive a portion of a different toothbrush, so as to enable multiple users each having different toothbrushes to use the same dispenser without requiring contact between multiple brushes and single capsule interface surface of the dispenser.02-19-2009
20120023688STATIC ELIMINATOR WITH DUST REMOVAL FEATURE - Provided is a static eliminator with dust removal feature. The static eliminator includes an ion generator, a dust-removing main body and a dust-collecting device. The dust-removing main body has a workpiece-passing channel passing through the dust-removing main body. A dust-scraping member is disposed on a sidewall of the workpiece-passing channel. A blow vent of the ion generator communicates with said workpiece-passing channel and faces to the dust-scraping member. An inlet end of the dust-collecting device communicates with the workpiece-passing channel.02-02-2012
20090094766COMBINATION GARBAGE DISPOSAL SCRAPER, SAFETY POKER AND DEODORIZER - A combination garbage disposal safety poker, scraper and deodorizer/sanitizer device is provided. The device comprises a cup-shaped strainer, a handle 04-16-2009
20120110764ILLUMINATED FLASHING TOOTHBRUSH AND METHOD OF USE - A toothbrush can include a handle and a head. At least one bristle can be attached to the head. The toothbrush can also have an illumination member, an illumination circuit and an activation device. A pliant base on the handle can be used to activate the activation device to initiate the illumination circuit.05-10-2012
20090300865Powder Applicator - A powder applicator includes first and second sheets of flexible material, each sheet having a circular configuration with an external perimeter and having a porous section. The powder applicator also includes an absorbent disc having a predetermined amount of powder. The first sheet external perimeter is coupled to the second sheet external perimeter and the absorbent disc is sandwiched between the first and second sheets.12-10-2009
20090260168Corralling Utensil with Associated Cutting Board - A corralling utensil with associated cutting board (10-22-2009
20090178218Cloth Accessory with Removable Insert - A cloth accessory includes a cover member of a soft and flexible material, which forms an enclosure having an opening therein. An insert is configured to fit within the cover member and hold the opening of the cover member in an open position with a substantially constant size and shape. A cloth is coupled to the cover member and has a first and second configuration. The cloth is retracted substantially into the cover member for storage in the first configuration. In the second configuration the cloth is extended through the insert and the opening of the cover member, and substantially out of the cover member for use while remaining coupled to the cover member. An associated method for cleaning or treating a device includes providing a cloth accessory, orienting the cloth into the second configuration and contacting a device with the cloth to clean or treat the device.07-16-2009
20090282632Window cleaning device for out of reach windows - The present invention discloses a device for cleaning an out of reach window of a structure, which window might be otherwise difficult to reach without utilizing a ladder, said apparatus comprises: a) a receptacle for holding a spray bottle containing window cleaning fluid; b) an armature to which can be attached a cable enabling the user to pull the cable thereby compressing the handle of the spray bottle and spraying cleaning fluid onto the window; c) a device for holding paper towels, fabric or other material for cleaning and drying the window; d) a receptacle for receiving a fixed or extending pole, enabling the user to extend the device above his head and clean windows which are otherwise out of reach.11-19-2009
20110167577WIPER BLADE AND WIPER ARM - The invention relates to a wiper blade for cleaning the windshields of vehicles, comprising at least one elongated carrier element (07-14-2011
20120090114Electrical Terminal Connector Cleaning Device and Method - An electrical connector cleaning devices includes a first elongate cleaning element extending outwardly from a housing, wherein the first cleaning element includes raised surface portions extending radially outward from its outside wall surface. A second elongate cleaning element extends outwardly from the housing and includes raised surface portions extending radially inward from its inside wall surface. Each of the first and second cleaning elements is a cylindrical tube having a longitudinally extending open seam forming a gap for permitting a flexing of the cleaning element walls through a biasing force placed thereon. Each of the raised surface portions forms rings extending around the inside and outside wall surfaces of the first and second cleaning elements, respectively. One ring has its raised surface portions angularly offset along the longitudinal direction from an adjacent raised surface portion in an adjacent ring of raised surface portions.04-19-2012
20090113646Footwear cleaning system - A footwear cleaning system employs two footwear cleaning components, one to be positioned on each foot of a user. Each footwear component has a base upon which footwear retaining straps or equivalent shoe-type coverings are located to allow wearers of various foot sizes to use the footwear components. Attached to the lower surface of the base of the footwear component, by Velcro® connectors or similar connecting devices, is a cleaning pad consisting of a plurality of cleaning sheets, each with adhesive surfaces. The adhesive surface of the top cleaning sheet on the cleaning pad picks up dirt, dust, and other loose debris from a soiled surface when the wearer walks on the surface with the footwear components. When a cleaning sheet becomes overly soiled, it is torn off the pad to expose a fresh clean cleaning sheet and the cleaning process immediately continues.05-07-2009
20090049628Tooth brush - A hygienic article having a first member (02-26-2009
20090049629 - A multipurpose multi-surface scraping tool to facilitate removing gum, grease, wax, and other such materials from the surface of carpet, grout, title, concrete and the like. The tool has an ergonomically correct, lightweight handle with a replaceable scraper blade removably attached thereto. The handle may be formed from aluminum, plastic, or another lightweight material. The scraper blade is typically formed from stainless steel or another, wear resistant material and has scrapping teeth disposed on an outer edge thereof. The scraper blade is removable from the handle to allow re-sharpening or replacing. The opposite end of the handle structure is configured as a wrench for loosening and tightening jets on a carpet cleaning wand. The wrench may be an open end or box configuration. The combination of the scraping and wrench functions allows an operator to carry only one tool to perform frequently required operations in the course of cleaning a carpet.02-26-2009
20090307859ELECTRONIC TOOTHBRUSH INCORPORATING DIGITAL TRAINING AID - An electric toothbrush and method of use for improving the oral health habits of a child. The toothbrush incorporates a digital training aid that includes a display screen and microprocessor which generates pictorial images on the screen. The microprocessor is programmed to record the actual frequency and duration of brushing over at least a twenty four hour period and to compare the actual figures with pre-programmed desired runtimes and frequencies. The microprocessor changes the images displayed on the screen to reflect the relationship between the actual times and desired times. The microprocessor includes gaming programs that are only accessible should the minimum desired frequency and time of brushing be met.12-17-2009
20080307593Toothbrush Apparatus With Audio Output Function - It is an object of the present invention to provide a toothbrush apparatus with audio output function comprising a toothbrush unit and an audio output unit, wherein the toothbrush unit detects the toothbrush-generated vibrations and conducts the radio transmission of such detected signals to the audio output unit and the said audio output unit outputs various sounds, including voice. The present invention does not have the audio output unit built inside the toothbrush. Rather, it has a separate structure to output audio signals. As a result, the present invention completely resolves the waterproofing problem. Further, the present invention is able to provide a wide variety of audio signals. To accomplish the above object of the present invention, a novel toothbrush apparatus with audio output function consists of a toothbrush unit comprising a toothbrush, a vibration detection part built inside the toothbrush, and a radio transmission means that conducts the radio transmission of vibration detection data from the vibration detection part, and an audio output unit that is separated from the toothbrush unit and that receives the radio transmission of vibration detection data from the said toothbrush unit and outputs the specified audio signals.12-18-2008
20100205758FLAT MOP WITH ABRASIVE PAD - A cleaning device that includes a first component, a second component and a handle is provided. The first component is configured to hold a first portion of the cleaning device. The second component is configured to hold a second portion of the cleaning device. The first and second components are connected and are configured so that the first portion and the second portion on the respective first and second components are independently replaceable. The handle is coupled to the second component to control an application of at least one of the first portion and the second portion of the cleaning device on a surface to be cleaned.08-19-2010
20100236003Multi-use kitchen scraper- spatula - This invention presents a unique multi-use kitchen scraper-spatula that has four distinct edges made of three different materials having three different degrees of hardness or rigidity. This design transforms what is a common kitchen bowl scraper into a much more versatile cooking tool that can be used in the mixing, folding, and scraping of runny batter and sticky dough, the cutting and transfer of dough, as well as the removal of hardened food substance inside a bowl or on the counter.09-23-2010
20100212095Paint remover for use with a heat gun - A paint remover including a receptacle adapted to hold a hot air gun having a hot air output and an attachment coupled to the receptacle for attaching a blade to the receptacle and for aligning the blade with the hot air output.08-26-2010
20090113647Multipurpose tool with moveably arranged plates - A multipurpose tool for cleaning, sanding, abrading, scrubbing, finishing, and polishing a work surface orientated in an angular or coplanar manner, which comprises a body having a top face and left and right sides integrally associated with leftward and rightward runners, respectively, for mounting thereon a pair of movably arranged plates in three distinct positional arrangements. Each leftward and rightward runner comprises a bottom face situated in between inward and outward angular walls each being angularly orientated within a specified range. Each movably arranged plate comprises a beveled edge correlating to a select angular orientated value of the outward and inward angular walls and first and second planar surfaces affixed with a hook and loop fastener to accept thereon an interchangeable surface element appropriately suited to operate on the work surface, the tool further comprising strap members attached to the body to engage one's hand to permit secure handling thereof.05-07-2009
20110252586Automotive Cleaning System - An automotive washing system comprising a soft automotive cleaning material with an incorporated tool. The cleaning tool can comprise a scraper tool, a detail brush, a seam cleaner tool, a vent and seam brush, or a stiffener tool, among many other types of tools. Each tool can be incorporated into a pocket or inverted corner of the soft cleaning material, thereby protecting the automotive surfaces from the hard edges of the cleaning tool.10-20-2011
20110247156Oral Care System - A body care appliance for personal use is disclosed. The body care appliance includes a toothbrush; a display device and a sensing device. The display device displays interactive representations that can be controlled interactively from the toothbrush by means of a control device. The sensing device senses at least one operating parameter relating to the toothbrush, wherein the sensing device has position sensing means for sensing the relative position of the toothbrush to the body part of the appliance user. The representations can be controlled by means of the control device depending on the sensed relative position10-13-2011
20120198640FORCE SENSING ORAL CARE INSTRUMENT - An insert for an oral hygiene handle having a cavity is described. The insert has a load member capable of pivoting with respect to the housing and an output source disposed in electromagnetic communication with the load member, a power source in electrical communication with the output source having first and second contact areas, and an indication element forming an outer facing surface. When the load member pivots a predetermined amount, a first contact arm makes contact with a first contact area and/or a second contact arm makes contact with the second contact area thereby causing the power source to deliver power to the output source, wherein the output source provides electromagnetic energy to the load member, wherein the load member transmits the electromagnetic energy from the output source to the indication element, and wherein load member, the indication element, and the engagement section are integral with one another.08-09-2012
20100024141Sponge For Holding Stimulation Device - An apparatus for stimulation of the body, including sexual stimulation, includes a body, formed by a bathing or showing sponge, with a compartment for holding a stimulating apparatus, such as a vibrator. The compartment with the stimulating apparatus is concealed by the body, from plain view.02-04-2010
20100319149INFANT TOOTHBRUSH - A toothbrush for infants includes an elongate grasping region with a head at one end and a bottom at the other end. The head of the toothbrush includes a plurality of bristles, which may be formed from a soft, resiliently compressible material. The elongate grasping region may have dimensions that enable it to be held by an infant's hand while preventing its insertion and, thus, over-insertion of the toothbrush, into the infant's mouth. Various other features may be included to guide an infant's hand to an appropriate location on the toothbrush, as well as to enable an infant to grip the grasping region, particularly when moisture is present on the surface of the grasping region.12-23-2010
20090013483Combined extendable pole and counterbalance system for washing the windows of a building - A combined extendable pole and counterbalance system for washing the windows of a building includes an elongated pole including a handle portion adjacent the lower end thereof and a window cleaning utensil adjacent the upper end. The handle portion is adapted to be grasped by a workman while standing on the ground. An elongated flexible line is suspended from the roof or some other an upper part of the building above the windows to be washed. The line extends downwardly toward the ground and is connected to the pole. A spring driven drum biases the line upwardly thereby lifting part of the weight of the pole. The line is preferably connected to the pole adjacent the handle portion thereof but passes around and is guided by a pulley located adjacent the upper end of the pole so as to stabilize the upper end of the pole to prevent it from falling from side to side.01-15-2009
20120110763FORCE SENSING ORAL CARE INSTRUMENT - An oral hygiene implement for evaluating applied force is described herein. The oral hygiene implement has a handle region, a head, and a neck extending between the handle region and the head. The head has a plurality of cleaning elements attached to the head. The handle region has a first portion and a second portion and a force sensor pivotally connected to the first portion and the second portion. The force sensor includes the head and the neck and at least a portion of the force sensor is integrally formed with the first portion and/or the second portion.05-10-2012
20120011671Sink disposal tool - In accordance with at least one embodiment, a sink disposal tool is provided for use with a sink having a drain opening and a disposal, wherein the sink disposal tool comprises: an upper portion comprising an outer lower peripheral portion fluted around an outside diameter to facilitate drainage from the sink into the disposal; a push portion extending from the upper portion and configured to push food through the drain opening and into the disposal; and a lower portion extending from the push portion. In accordance with at least one embodiment, the outside diameter of the outer lower peripheral portion of the upper portion increases with decreasing distance from the push portion until the outside diameter achieves a maximum diameter. At least one embodiment comprises a circular portion, the circular portion defining radially disposed channels.01-19-2012
20080307594Interactive Toothbrush - A toothbrush (12-18-2008
20080276393Light-Emitting Oral Care Implement - An oral care implement comprises a head with a plurality of cleaning elements, and a light source incorporated into or adjacent the head. The light source is incorporated prior to the attachment of the cleaning elements. For ease of manufacturing and a cost-effective assembly. The cleaning elements are preferably preformed and attached to the head after the incorporation of the light source so that the provision of the light source does not require any post-processing that might impair the integrity of the head or cleaning elements.11-13-2008
20120151701Multifaceted scrubbing device - A multifaceted scrubbing device comprising a body having a head portion on one end and a handle on another end, the head portion having at least three faces for accommodating at least three working surfaces of one type or of different types. The working surfaces may be attached permanently to the faces on the head portion of the scrubbing device or they may be replaceable.06-21-2012
20090183325Dustpan, or dustsheet, and receptacle - An alternate form of a dustpan, described as a dustsheet, and a receptacle for storage of the dustsheet.07-23-2009
20120073067GOLF BALL CLEANER - The golf ball cleaner as disclosed is completely portable and which enables a user to clean their ball at any point on a golf course, and particularly when putting on a green. The cleaner is configured in a ring shape and includes an outer ring of bristles and an optional centrally disposed pad such that all cleaning bristles or pads contact no more than 25% of the ball surface at any one time, and in some instance, less than 10% of the ball surface is contacted by the cleaner bristles or pads. A cleaning solution can be provided in a centrally disposed pad or the outer ring of bristles which is activated either by pressure from the ball or by puncturing.03-29-2012
20120227197LIGHT PACK FOR A PAINTBRUSH, LIGHTED PAINTBRUSH WITH HOLDER AND PAINT CAN LID FOR USE WITH HOLDER - A light pack which may be an attachment that fastens over the bristle base of the paintbrush handle by snapping or other means into place on the handle. The light pack may fit tightly but removably around the brush handle and may be snapped into place by a plurality of locking pegs on the light pack being pushed into tight fitting openings on the handle. A brush holder that is adapted to engage any regular sized one gallon (4 liter) paint can. A further embodiment provides for a paint can lid that may be used with the brush holder that fits on any regular one gallon, (4-liter) paint can, and is designed to receive the new lighted paintbrush, or any standard style paintbrush with the enlarged handle grip attachment removably installed on the handle. The paint may be a regular sized one gallon metal can or may be a plastic paint can with integral rim.09-13-2012
20110119846Broom - The broom having a bottom rod and an offset top rod is provided. Bristles are attached to the bottom of the bottom rod to contact a floor. Connecting the top and bottom rods is a grip rod. The grip rod desirably slants downward toward the floor when the broom bristles contact the floor. Desirably, the grip rod is attached at its bottom end to the bottom rod at an angle α of from about 100° to about 150° preferably 100° to 140°. The grip rod is attached at its top end to the top rod at an angle β of about 100° to about 150°, preferably 100° to 140°. As a result, the grip rod slants downward toward the floor when the broom bristles contact the floor. The grip rod is located a predetermined distance above the bristles so the grip bar can be grasped when the bristles contact the floor by the user in a standing position.05-26-2011
20120266400ORAL CARE IMPLEMENT - An oral care implement such as a toothbrush includes a head and a plurality of tooth cleaning elements supported by the toothbrush head. The tooth cleaning elements preferably include an elastomeric polishing element defining an elevated dentifrice retaining recess spaced above the toothbrush head for holding dentifrice. In one embodiment, the recess may be configured as an annular groove. Preferred embodiments of the recess include a partially or completely closed bottom portion to support and minimize loss of dentifrice during brushing. In some embodiments, the polishing element may be collectively formed from a plurality of Y-shaped polishing members.10-25-2012
20120324662Cleaning System With Attachable Dispenser - A cleaning system includes a cleaning implement having a handle and an attachable fluid dispenser that can be secured to the handle of the cleaning implement. A support can be located on the handle, and the support has a section that extends away from the handle. The attachable dispenser includes a container connected to a body having a dispensing mechanism for delivering a fluid from the container and out of a discharge orifice of the body. The container has an inwardly directed recess dimensioned to matingly engage the section of the support when the attachable dispenser is attached to the handle.12-27-2012
20120079666Fluid Dispensing Surface Cleaning Device - A fluid dispensing surface cleaning device includes a cleaning head and an elongated handle having first end connected to the cleaning head and a second end configured to be grasped by a user. A spray nozzle is carried by the handle at a position approximate the first end of the handle. A fluid container is housed by the handle and includes a dispensing valve operable to dispense fluid contained within the fluid container, the dispensing valve fluidically connected to the spray nozzle. An actuator is operable to operate the dispensing valve to dispense fluid contained within the fluid container through the spray nozzle. A trigger assembly is carried by the handle and is operatively connected to the actuator to operate the actuator. Alternative embodiments are also disclosed.04-05-2012
20130167312HANDHELD DISHWASHING DEVICE - A handheld dishwashing device for cleaning dishes and utensils includes a handle, a clean water tube for receiving and transferring a pressurized flow of heated water, a soap tube for receiving and transferring a flow of soap, a first and second clean water discharge port in fluid flow communication with the clean water tube, a trigger for selectively operating the flow of water to the first and second clean water discharge ports, at least one cleaning head component, a soap discharge port in communication with the soap tube for emitting the soap onto the cleaning head component, a cleaning head extension bar, and a rinse extension bar being structured and disposed for pivotal movement relative to the handle for holding the cleaning head component, thereby allowing for selective use of one of either the top or bottom sides of the cleaning head component.07-04-2013
20080244847Cleaning pad with operating tip for small electronic devices - In a cleaning pad for a small apparatus such as a smart phone or a minicomputer including a touch screen for its operation, the cleaning pad comprises a carrier element of a rigid material provided with a pad of fleece or similar soft material for cleaning the touch screen and the carrier element is provided with an operating tip for touching the touch screen for operating the small apparatus.10-09-2008
20100024140Standing broom - An aftermarket attachment designed to retrofit onto 2′ ft. standard pushbroom that allows said broom to stand erect and stable in an upright position. Attaches to broom-top (hard surface opposite bristles) with 4 screws and enables the broom to be located, grasped and operated with user ease.02-04-2010
20130174364CLEANING DEVICE - Disclosed is a cleaning device that comprises a first arm portion with an adjustable length, a first cleaning portion, a second arm portion supporting the first cleaning portion, and a rotating adjustable portion located between the first arm portion and the second arm portion, the first arm portion being rotatable in a predefined range about the second arm portion.07-11-2013
20130139333ILLUMINATED FLASHING TOOTHBRUSH AND METHOD OF USE - A toothbrush can include a handle and a head. At least one bristle can be attached to the head. The toothbrush can also have an illumination member, an illumination circuit and an activation device. A pliant base on the handle can be used to activate the activation device to initiate the illumination circuit.06-06-2013
20130125327Body Care Appliance For Personal Needs - A body care appliance is disclosed. The body care appliance includes a toothbrush having a first display; a base station for storing and/or charging the toothbrush; and a second display for displaying interactive representations, which are interactively controllable by means of a control unit from the toothbrush. The second display forms a module that is designed separately from the base station and the toothbrush and is separately positionable; the second display having a communication interface for communication with the base station and/or with the toothbrush.05-23-2013
20130125326Personal Hygiene Implement For Personal Use - A personal hygiene device is disclosed. The device includes a toothbrush; and a display for displaying interactive representations, which are controllable from the display by means of a control device. The control device includes a game controller for controlling a video game on the display and an information controller for making information available on the display, such that a switching device operable by a switching key located on at least the toothbrush or the display is provided for switching between the game presentation generated by the game controller and the information presentation generated by the information controller.05-23-2013
20130139334EDUCATIONAL TOOTHBRUSH - Some embodiments of the present invention describe an educational toothbrush that includes a brush head with bristles, a brush neck, and a body. The body includes a top portion and a bottom portion. The top portion of the body and the bottom portion of the body are configured to operably connect to each other to form the body. The body also includes a button configured to activate the educational toothbrush and deactivate the educational toothbrush.06-06-2013
20090106919Painting tool - A painting tool for attachment to an extension has a head attached to one end of a handle. The other end of the handle terminates in a threaded female adaptor which mates with a threaded male adapter on the extension. The head can be a brush head containing bristles or sponge material or, in the alternative, the head can support a scraper blade for cleaning surfaces prior to painting. Another embodiment provides a combination hammer/scraper for attachment to an extension for use on painting surfaces.04-30-2009
20120272466ORAL CARE IMPLEMENT HAVING TISSUE CLEANING ELEMENTS WITH DIRECTIONAL CLEANING - An oral care implement includes a head, a tooth cleaning element region and a tissue cleaning element region. The tissue cleaning element region includes a plurality of flexible, angled projections. The projections are configured to (1) flex from an at-rest position to a substantially flat position when the tissue cleaning element region is in contact with the tongue and is pushed into the mouth, and (2) flex to a substantially upright position when the tissue cleaning element region is in contact with the tongue and is pulled out of the mouth. This arrangement aids in preventing debris from being pushed into the mouth and in removing debris from the mouth and tongue. The flexible projections may be used in conjunction with rigid projections having a generally vertical configuration to aid in removing debris from the mouth and in engaging the cheek to improve saliva production during brushing.11-01-2012
20110308025ROTATING CLEANING DEVICE - A cleaning implement comprising a base member having opposing top and bottom surfaces and at least one side surface. A handle is connected to the top surface of the base member and a first cleaning material is attached to the bottom surface of the base member. A cleaning member is rotatably connected to the at least one side surface of the base member and a second cleaning material attached to the cleaning member such that the second cleaning material is oriented in a different plane than the first cleaning material.12-22-2011
20130192011TOILET BOWL HYGIENIC CLEANING UNIT - The base assembly configures side by side drop-in containers; one container for a toilet brush and one container for the cleaning agent. The drop-in features allow easy removal of the brush container to pour out any fluid and for refill of cleaning agent container as needed. The cleaning agent is a specially formulated, anti-bacterial and environmentally friendly paste which is directly applied to the brush by manually dipping and twisting the brush bristles into the container. Attached to the brush just below the user grip is a round plastic hilt which serves as a cover when the brush is inserted in the container and to suspend the brush bristles above the bottom of the container to allow for drainage. The assembly handle has an attached round protrusion which can be rotated to cover the cleaning agent when not in use.08-01-2013

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