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008 - Bleaching and dyeing; fluid treatment and chemical modification of textiles and fibers

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
008158000 Manipulation of liquid 128
008149200 Gas or vapor 24
008149100 Combined liquid and gas or vapor 9
008150000 Special forms and forming 2
20100175200APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR THE TREATMENT OF STRAND-SHAPED TEXTILE PRODUCTS - An apparatus for the treatment of strand-shaped textile products in the form of a continuous material strand which is circulated at least during part of the treatment, includes an elongated, essentially tubular treatment container and a transport nozzle array that can be charged with a gaseous transport medium stream. In the treatment container is arranged, adjoining a material strand inlet, a storage section for receiving a piled-up material strand package corresponding a sliding floor that is inclined, at least in sections, in a manner descending from pile-up means toward a head part of the treatment container. In the region of the transport nozzle array means are provided in order to charge the material strand at least in the region of the transport nozzle array with a liquid treatment agent.07-15-2010
20100107344APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING FABRIC - A method and apparatus for supplying liquid mixtures on a mix-on-demand basis for consumptive use, and for maintaining the composition of such mixture on a highly accurate and stable basis. For wet-on-wet processing of fabrics, the processing solution is supplied at start-up on a mix-on-demand basis to precise specifications and is maintained at such precise specifications throughout fabric processing, which involves continuous additions of water by the incoming fabric and removal of solution by the exiting fabric. Recirculation of the solution at a high rate, together with rapid and repetitive measurements of the composition of the recirculating solution enables the solution to be precisely monitored and maintained. Periodic small additions of chemical are injected as necessary to maintain highly stable, accurately controlled process conditions. Extraordinary economies, both direct and indirect, can be realized with the new system.05-06-2010
20100024136LAMINATED FABRIC - To provide a laminated fabric having an air permeability and a filtering capability, the laminated fabric includes a supporting layer and a protective layer bonded together. The protective layer includes a stretchable nonwoven fabric comprises an ultra-fine fiber. This laminated fabric has an air permeability of 2 cc/cm02-04-2010

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