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With a hoisting, lifting, elevating, or raising device (e.g., hydraulic system)

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005 - Beds


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005870100 Cantilevered-arm(s) type (including horizontal boom or beam crane) 31
005860100 And wheels or free traveling (e.g., gurney or convertible wheelchair type) 24
005850100 Overhead crane type or detached surrounding frame 13
005880100 Winding-straps- or winding-sheet-type hoist 5
20090307841SYSTEM FOR TURNING A PATIENT - Apparatus for turning a patient including a mobile support (12-17-2009
20090158524PATIENT LIFT AND TRANSFER DEVICE - A patient transfer device has four casters and two counter-rotating steering wheels. The steering wheels provide a turning path whose center of curvature lies along a transverse centerline of the device. A foot pedal selectively lifts the steering wheels off the floor or brakes them. Another foot pedal at a back end of the device can lock the casters at the front end in a straight direction. The transfer table of the device may be inclined either longitudinally or transversely, and has an upper table whose edge rollers retract to introduce slack in the upper belt so that an air mattress can be inflated. The upper belt selectively disengages from the lower belt using movable, pneumatically-actuated pinch rollers. The outer surface of the upper belt is rough while the outer surface of the lower belt is smooth. The belts are constructed of a material which includes an antimicrobial agent.06-25-2009
20100064432INFECTION CONTROL LIFTING STRAP - A support member for use in a patient lifting device is described. The support member includes an improved lift strap having an inner core and an outer plastic layer that can be easily and effectively cleaned with standard disinfectant. The lift strap is secured to a patient lifting device with a spool assembly that guides the lift strap and a belt clamp assembly that compresses the lift strap and holds it into place. In the preferred embodiment, the support member is used in an electric ceiling- or floor-mounted patient lifting device. The preferred lifting device is composed of a track component attached to a winch assembly. The winch assembly has an electric motor that raises and lowers the lift strap by means of a spool assembly and belt clamp assembly. The belt clamp assembly attaches to a sling that supports the patient while he or she is displaced.03-18-2010
20110296609Patient Positioning Device - A patient positioning device provided to position, protect and secure a patient on a support surface for transfer to another support surface or for preparation for surgery. The positioning device includes a sheet with a first and second flexible substrate coupled to the sheet's top surface. The first and second flexible substrates may be padded. These substrates are capable of wrapping around an adjacent arm of the patient creating a wrapped engagement. This wrapped engagement may pad, protect, secure and elevate the arms from injury caused by pressure imparted thereon during surgery or transport. This positioning device may be lifted or slid from one support surface to another. Optionally, a third and fourth flexible substrate capable of wrapping around an adjacent arm of the patient creating a second wrapped engagement may be used for additional securing. Optionally, an inflatable support may be used with the device to aid when sliding or translating the device 12-08-2011
20110302712LIFT CHAIR - A lift apparatus has a frame with open sides and a web assembly slidably retained along the sides which extends from one end of the frame to the other. While the web assembly is retracted, the frame moves to pass around a mobility-impaired individual and rest against the surface supporting the individual. The web assembly is then extended to move underneath or behind the individual, providing lifting support. The frame is configurable for orientations ranging continuously between horizontal and upright sitting. The web assembly has an upper web contacting the individual, a lower web contacting the support surface, a strength layer carrying the individual's weight, and a roller nose bar assembly which is pulled to extend the web assembly. A hand-held power tool can drive the web assembly, adjustment of inclinations of the back and leg sections of the frame, and vertical motion of the lift arm.12-15-2011
005840100 Including specific structure (e.g., clamp) attaching device to bed 1
20100313353Stretcher Accessory for Turning a Patient - A stretcher is provided as an accessory to a bed to facilitate a supine-to-prone or prone-to-supine transfer of a patient from the bed to the stretcher or vice-versa. The stretcher comprises a base frame, anchor means for clamping or otherwise securing the stretcher to a position adjacent the bed, and a patient support litter. The stretcher also includes a mechanical, non-bladder-based lift mechanism operable to preferentially raise either a left longitudinal side, or a right longitudinal side, but not both, of the patient support litter, in order to tilt the patient support litter toward the patient support surface of the adjacent bed. The stretcher is also collapsible for easy storage.12-16-2010
20120174315PORTABLE LIFT - This invention relates to a portable lift device for moving bariatric patients. The portable lift includes a beam having a track which is sized to allow a trolley portion of a lift assembly to move therein. A bracket is removably secured at each end of the beam, whereby each bracket is configured to receive ends of two leg assemblies. Each of the four leg assemblies are individually adjustable along a longitudinal length, allowing the portable lift to conform to a multitude of surface types. Thus, a patient can be lifted by the lift assembly, moved along the beam and over a surface or obstacle by way of the trolley in the track, and deposited onto a gurney or stretcher for further movement. The portable lift is modular in nature, which allows a user to easily carry the lift in a disassembled state, and assemble the lift at any desired location.07-12-2012
20100095453Sit/stand assistance device - A sit/stand assistance includes a seat, a frame, a lifting device, and a driving device. This lifting device has a fixed portion connected to the frame and a movable portion pivoted with the seat so as to move the seat up or down. The driving device includes a link, a power portion, and a working rod. One of the power portion and the working rod is pivoted with the link. The other one is pivoted with the frame. When the power portion pushes the working rod, the working rod extends out so as to make said seat moving up or tilting. Hence, it can assist a user from a seated position to a standing position. So, it matches a user's continuous sit-to-stand motion. Plus, it can be directly applied on an existing flush toilet.04-22-2010
20090307840HOIST DEVICE WITH SLING ATTACHMENT DETECTIOIN - A hoist device for lifting persons, said hoist device comprising holding means (12-17-2009
20110277235TRANSFER ASSIST APPARATUS - A transfer assist apparatus includes an anxiety measurement unit that detects a physical change linked to a sense of anxiety in the care-receiver and measures a degree of anxiety in the care-receiver, and a control unit that control the drive unit correspondingly to a trajectory inputted by the operation unit and performs feedback control so as to reduce the degree of anxiety measured by the anxiety measurement unit. The anxiety measurement unit detects at least one of a heart rate, an amount of perspiration, a breathing rate, an eyeball movement, an electric resistance of skin, and a skin temperature as the physical change linked to a sense of anxiety in the care-receiver. The control unit sets a speed limit of the drive unit correspondingly to the degree of anxiety measured by the anxiety measurement unit and restricts the drive speed of the drive unit not to exceed the speed limit.11-17-2011
20110296608PORTABLE, PERSONAL LIFTING DEVICE - A portable, personal lifting device (12-08-2011
20110289680Furniture for Adjustment into a Standing Up Assistance Position - Furniture includes a sitting face and/or a reclining face, wherein the sitting face and/or the reclining face can be adjusted from a use position into a standing up assistance position and back and wherein the sitting face and/or the reclining face are at least partially raised and/or lowered in the standing up assistance position compared to the use position. The furniture can be provided with a plurality of rollers to move the furniture and fixing means are provided to lock at least one roller and are configured to forcibly lock at least one roller during the adjustment of the sitting face and/or the reclining face from the use position into the standing up assistance position.12-01-2011
20100170037LIFTING AND LOWERING CUSHION - A device for lifting and lowering a person in a confined space which comprises an inflatable cushion with a seating surface and an inflatable back rest attached thereto. The back rest is movable relative to the cushion and attached so that when the device is inflated the back rest is biased into an open position such that it extends in substantially the same plane as the seating surface of the cushion. The device is also provided with at least one aperture located between the back rest and the cushion.07-08-2010
20090165203FOLDING PATIENT LIFT DEVICE - A patient lift has a base extending in a forward direction, and a mast mounted relative to the base. The mast includes a hinge configured to allow the mast to be pivoted relative to the base between an upright operative position and a folded position, wherein when the mast is in the folded position the mast is substantially parallel to the base and extends in the forward direction. A latch mechanism is configured to hold the mast in the folded position when the latch mechanism is locked, and to allow the mast to be returned to the upright operative position when the latch mechanism is released. The latch mechanism is configured to automatically lock when the mast is moved to the folded position.07-02-2009
20100125947LEG LIFTING APPARATUS - A leg lifter allows a disabled person's legs to be moved onto or off a bed. The apparatus uses a single actuator acting via a control arm to perform the lateral and pivoting movements required to move a leg support member from a lowered position to a raised position.05-27-2010
20100005585PATIENT LIFT WITH HANGER BAR ATTACHMENT - According to one embodiment of the present invention, a patient lift apparatus is provided that includes a hanger bar attachment bumper that comprises a soft material so as to provide a soft impact surface on the patient lift apparatus, the hanger bar attachment comprising a first and second housing adapted to be selectively connected to one another. According to another embodiment of the present invention a patient lift apparatus is provided that includes a hanger bar attachment bumper that comprises a soft material so as to provide a soft impact surface on the patient lift apparatus, the hanger bar attachment bumper comprising a first and second housing adapted to be selectively connected to one another, wherein the hanger bar attachment bumper comprises a surface area and wherein the first housing makes up a larger portion of the surface area of the hanger bar attachment bumper than the second housing.01-14-2010
20090126104MECHANICAL LIFTING SYSTEM - The subject of the invention is a mechanical lifting system with seat which enable the disabled people with paralysis or paresis of lower limps to stand up from the wheelchair and without excessive energy expenditure take upright position in standing frame and came back to the wheelchair. This mechanical lifting system can be used in a kind of walking frame, static standing frame or mobile standing frame and is very useful in rehabilitation of disabled people.05-21-2009
20120066832TILT BED - A tilt bed for assisting a patient to a standing position comprises a frame, a tilting mechanism, a mattress support plate, a mattress, and a foot support. The tilting mechanism attaches to the frame. The tilting mechanism is movable between a generally horizontal position, and a generally vertical position. The foot support is fixedly mounted to the tilting mechanism. The main portion of the mattress and the patient thereon moves closer to the foot support during tilting of the bed from the generally horizontal position to the generally vertical position, and the main portion of the mattress and the patient thereon moves distal the foot support during tilting of the bed from the generally vertical position to the generally horizontal position in a low shear manner.03-22-2012
20090049603Examination Table - A wheelchair and an examination table is provided wherein there is provided a connector or connector assembly for connecting the wheelchair to the examination table. Once connected to the examination table, the wheelchair and patient sitting therein can be elevated, after which side frames of the wheelchair can be removed in order to facilitate examination of the patient. In addition, once elevated and the side frames removed, with the aid of a movable back that forms a part of the examination table, the back of the wheelchair can be reclined or positioned in various positions to facilitate examination and procedures.02-26-2009
20090249544MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PATIENT TRANSFER DEVICE - One embodiment of the present invention comprises a multi-functional patient transfer device for transferring mobility-impaired patients. In one embodiment, the multi-functional patient transfer device includes a lift cart and one or more lift components. The lift components may attach to the lift cart and/or other lift components. The lift components may include frontal bars, a tabletop, a central arm, lifting forks, a hoist, a knee blocker, footrests, a transfer chair, detachable handles, and/or safety cushions. Embodiments of the present invention may include one or more patient interfaces. The patient interfaces may attach to the lift cart and/or one or more lifting components. The patient interfaces may include slings, chairs, straps, harnesses, and/or transfer sheets. In one embodiment, the patient interfaces may include foldable panels. In one embodiment, the patient interfaces may include a buttock/link support. Example embodiments of methods of the present invention may include frontal transfers, lateral seated transfers, lateral bed transfers, and sit-to-stand transitions.10-08-2009
20120240333PATIENT LIFT AND COUPLING THEREFOR - A patient lift including a boom a spreader bar, and a friction coupling for securing the boom and the spreader bar. The friction coupling may include two friction washers disposed against respective inner faces of the boom. Two compression springs are disposed abutting the friction washers with a spreader bar support member in between. The compression springs urge the friction washers against the inner faces of the boom end. The spreader bar does not swing when the lift is moved without load. Also, the friction coupling reduces the swing of the patient, when transferred in the lift. This makes the lift easier to manoeuvre for the caregiver.09-27-2012
20080313807Transferring device for bed - A transferring device for a bed, placed on a bed plate, on top of or below a mattress, comprises a first inflatable bag; placed on the bed plate and having in an inflated state a triangular shape, with a inner and outer edges having different heights; a second inflatable bag; placed on the first inflatable bag and having in an inflated state a triangular shape, with a inner and outer edges having different heights; and a compressor for inflating and deflating the first and second inflatable bags.12-25-2008
20100138989TRANSFER TROLLEY - A lifting element for use with a transfer trolley, the element comprising: a support member having a support surface and a sheath attached to the support member such that, in an initial configuration, a first portion of the support surface is covered by the sheath and a second portion thereof is uncovered, wherein the sheath is operable to be inflated so as to cause the sheath to extend and evert, insinuating itself under a load in order to support the load, and, after inflation, the support member and the sheath may be moved with respect to each other so that the support member extends further into the sheath, the second portion of the support surface is covered by the sheath and the support surface at least partially supports the load.06-10-2010
20100000015DEVICE FOR LIFTING AND TRANSFERRING BODIES - Device for lifting and transferring bodies comprising a base element consisting of two identical parallelograms having a common central width and movable translationally in a vertical direction, each corner of the parallelograms forming a hinge point about which its constituent length and width can rotate freely; the device also comprising first and second means for holding the body, these being connected to the two respective external lower corners of the base element.01-07-2010
20110000015CONDUCTIVE CONNECTION FOR TRACK-RIDING PATIENT HOISTS - A patient hoist is provided on a trolley which tides along a track, with the hoist being powered by a conductor extending along the track. A contact carrier is loosely fit within the trolley, and it bears a contact which elastically biased against the track conductor, with die contact being in electrical communication with the hoist: The contact carrier is tree to laterally displace with respect to the trolley so that it (and its contact) follows the contour of the track, with the contact remaining in electrical communication with the track conductor.01-06-2011
20100199424PORTABLE, INFLATABLE CUSHION - Presented herein is a portable cushion that is divided into multiple inner cells, said structure comprising a base layer, at least two columns of at least two inflatable cells each disposed on said base layer, a lightweight, portable air pressure generator for supplying air to the cushion, and a hose to connect said cushion to said air pressure generator, wherein the inflating sequence of the cushion enables one layer of cells to fully inflate before the subsequent layer of cells is able to inflate.08-12-2010
20110083266PHYSICAL THERAPY DEVICE TO ASSIST INDIVIDUAL TO STAND ERECT - A lifting device for assisting individuals from a seated position to an upstanding position utilizes a disadvantage of a long lever arm design, i.e., the small range of lever motion, to its advantage. The device includes a frame and a seat connected to the frame for supporting an individual. The seat is connected to the frame by at least one lever movable between a first lower position for loading the individual into the lifting device and a second higher position, into which the lifting device is moved by applying force to a first point on the lever resulting in the individual being placed in the upstanding position. A superior lifting force is achieved by applying force to the lever assembly by way of a force transfer element connected to the lever assembly by a flexible coupling. The device also accommodates right-versus left-side of the body manipulation as well.04-14-2011
20110239367HANDLING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF ARRANGING A PERSON SUPPORTED BY A HANDLING SYSTEM - A handling system for supporting a person, preferably a disabled person, where the handling system facilitates changes of the angular position of the person supported by the support device, the handling system including at least two support connection systems each having at least one support connection, where the invention further relates to a method for arranging a supported person.10-06-2011
20100071129BED, AND METHOD FOR TRANSFERRING CARE-NEEDING PERSON FROM THE BED - A bed having a purpose of transferring a care-requiring person lying in bed from the bed, the bed having a structure in which there are provided arranged a main bed and a position adjustment bed supported collectively movably up and down, and a suspending equipment below the main bed, and at a further lower position with an auxiliary bed which makes a swing movement, the main bed having a function of moving-away swing movement, the main bed and the position adjustment bed adjacent thereto each having a sheet with its one end fixed to the adjoining sides of the beds and the other end mounted to a sheet-fixing bar of a swing arm at the main bed side and the position adjustment bed side, the swing arms having a rotation axis near the adjoining parts of the beds.03-25-2010
20120198612PERSONAL LIFTING DEVICE - A personal lifting device includes a housing that carries first, second, third and fourth lifting mechanisms. First, second, third and fourth lift lines are connected to the respective lifting mechanisms. Further, the device includes a controller for selectively operating the first, second, third and fourth lifting mechanisms whereby the first, second, third and fourth lifting lines are independently extended and retracted as desired to lower and lift a person.08-09-2012
20110185495Spreader Bar Device - A spreader bar device for a patient handling hoist includes a housing connectable to a hoist, a spool which is rotatably mounted on the housing, an elongate flexible hoist attachment element attachable to the hoist and which is extendably windable on the spool, opposing elongate spreader arms which extend from the housing, and a harness attachment element by which a patient harness is attachable to the spreader arms. The spreader arms are pivotable about the housing whereby an angular spacing between the longitudinal extents of the arms is adjustable so that the arms have a plurality of selectable working positions.08-04-2011
20110094028Method and Apparatus for Handling a Person - A lightweight, portable device allows a caregiver to fix one or two of the caregiver's lower legs and knees in position with respect to one or two of a patient's lower legs and knees so that the fixed lower legs together support and balance the combined body weight of the caregiver and patient, allowing the caregiver to pivot the patient up or down from a seated position by using the fixed knees as a fulcrum. The device has a central concavity that engages one person's leg below the knee from one direction, and peripheral concavities on either side of the central concavity that engage another person's legs below the knee from the opposite direction. Legs in the peripheral concavities partially straddle the leg in the central concavity. The device may be strapped onto the patient.04-28-2011
20100275371TRANSFER ASSIST APPARATUS - A person support apparatus comprises a lower frame, a support, and an upper frame. The support is coupled to the lower frame. The upper frame has a head section and a foot section and defines a longitudinal axis passing through the head section and the foot section and a lateral axis substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. The upper frame includes a tilt mechanism pivotably coupling the upper frame to the support. The tilt mechanism includes a base and a rocker nested within the base. The base and the rocker are pivotable with respect to one another about a pivot axis that passes through the base and the rocker and is substantially parallel the longitudinal axis. The upper frame is pivotable about the pivot axis with respect to the lower frame.11-04-2010
20100192296PATIENT-LIFTING-DEVICE CONTROLS - Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some multisensory implementations, a patient-lifting-device is controlled by voice recognition using a background noise filter, keyboard text input, synaptic control and/or a tongue tactile input commands. In some implementations, the command is rejected or accepted in reference to an analysis of the command, the analysis including an analysis of the authority of operator, competency and/or the state of mind of the operator.08-05-2010
20120240332Patient Support for Handling and Transfers - In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, a patient support may generally consist of a single L-shaped piece of material with one portion of the patient support comprising a back support and one portion of the patient support comprising a leg support. The patient support may be folded into the general shape of a seat and the distal end of the leg support may attach to the distal end of the back support. The point of attachment of the leg support to the back support may be adjusted to increase or decrease the size of the patient support and to change the angular position of a patient in the patient support. The patient support may also include an upper back support and a head support. In one embodiment, the patient support may include a hand hold.09-27-2012
20080201843Patient Repositioning and Limb Management System - A system for repositioning a patient. The system may be coupled to a structural support system or framework that extends above a bed. The system may be translated transversely and longitudinally and placed in one of multiple locations above the bed.08-28-2008

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