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004 - Baths, closets, sinks, and spittoons

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004605000 Convenience accessories 84
004612000 Particular construction 72
004597000 Combined with diverse means 14
004601000 Plural spray heads 13
004599000 Collapsible or expandable 6
004602000 With self-contained water supply 3
20100095450Cool tan water emitter - The present invention is directed to a water emitter for cooling the core temperature of a body. The water emitter comprises three components, a reservoir assembly, a gravity showerhead and a flexible tubing that hydraulically couples the interior of the reservoir with the interior water chamber in the showerhead. Water flows into the showerhead at a moderate rate for dispersing water through a plurality of droplets holes in a faceplate of the showerhead as droplets rather than a mist. The flexible tubing enables the user to reposition the gravity showerhead in any location over the body needing to be cooled.04-22-2010
20110289672System and method for showering with fixed parameter water usage - A showering system comprising a first tank, a first and second pump, a water heater, a shower head, a shower base and a valve; wherein water for a shower is stored in the first tank from which it is pumped via the first pump through the water heater to the shower head whence from the water falls to the shower base and passes to the valve from which the water is either discharged to a sewer or pumped via the second pump back to the first tank.12-01-2011
20100199421SHOWER AND WASH APPARATUS USING MICRO BUBBLE - Provided is a shower. The shower is configured to form dissolved water in which gas is dissolved and configured to generate micro bubbles in the dissolved water, so as to provide shower water having a high wash efficiency and harmless to the human body. The shower includes a pressure tank, a service water supply tube having a front end directly connected to a water supply tube, and a rear end connected to an upper end of the pressure tank, the service water supply tube injecting a service water into the pressure tank, a dissolution tub disposed in the pressure tank and configured to mix the service water, injected by the service water supply tube, with a gas in the pressure tank, so as to generate a dissolved water, a dissolved water supply tube having a front end connected to a lower end of the pressure tank and providing a supply path of the dissolved water stored in the pressure tank, and a shower head coupled to a rear end of the dissolved water supply tube.08-12-2010
004604000 With special feature for physically handicapped 3
20110197351HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE SHOWER ENCLOSURE WITH RAMP AND/OR FLOOR PAN - A bathroom floor module adapted to be used in conjunction with a fully or partially curbless, such as one which is handicapped-accessible, waterproof shower module, where the bathroom floor module or may not define one or more drain apertures adapted to mate with a bathroom floor drain, and further wherein the bathroom floor module and waterproof shower module mate in such a way as to define a contiguous surface over which bathroom floor and/or wall tile can be applied to create a transition between bathroom floor and shower over which a wheelchair can be easily rolled. Installation of the handicapped accessible shower arrangement may be carried out by installing a waterproof shower module, or similar waterproof pan, in a shower enclosure, installing, as by adhering or simply laying, the bathroom floor module on the bathroom floor, placing an edge of the bathroom floor module in substantial registry with a corresponding edge of the shower modules, sealing the joint formed between the edges of the shower and bathroom floor modules, and installing a finishing surface material over the floor of the shower module and the sidewalls of that module, as well as the walls of the shower, and over the bathroom floor module 08-18-2011
20090188035SHOWER TRAY ACCESS RAMP - A shower tray access ramp comprises a ramp part and a transition part selectively attachable to the ramp part. The ramp part has a first edge for connection to a shower tray, a second edge which is opposite the first edge and which is engagable with the transition part, and a ramp portion intermediate the first and second edges. The second edge includes a flange which is spaced from an upper ramp surface of the ramp portion and which is fastenable to a ramp supporting surface. The transition part has a first transition edge which is seatable on the flange of the ramp part, a second transition edge which is opposite the first transition edge and which tapers to or substantially to a point to provide a transition from the ramp supporting surface onto the access ramp, and a transition ramp portion intermediate the first and second transition edges.07-30-2009
20120036627PORTABLE AND HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE SHOWER STALL - A portable shower stall suitable for a wheelchair-bound person to bathe with the help of an assistant, comprising of a self-supporting flexible shower base, a modular shower enclosure standing freely within the shower base, a hand-held sprayer connected to a kitchen faucet via hose, and a pump with puddle scoop attachment that drains the shower base. One sidewall of the shower base can be pressed down and fastened to the shower base bottom to facilitate wheelchair access, but it can be released and restored to upright position for water retention. Shower enclosure consists of two identical bi-fold shower screens clamping to each other to form a splash-proof rectangle. However, one or both screens can be removed from the shower base to provide access to the wheelchair-bound person.02-16-2012
004598000 With heating means 2
20080256700Shower Heated by Solar Energy - The shower heated by solar energy comprises a platform (10-23-2008
20130031715Shower Chamber Configured to Retain Heat - In one aspect of the present invention, a shower chamber includes a flexible chamber barrier intermediate a ceiling assembly and a chamber floor. The flexible chamber barrier is configured to form a seal with the ceiling assembly to retain heat inside the chamber.02-07-2013
20100257670SHOWER HEAD FOR THE SELECTIVE OPERATION IN AT LEAST TWO OPERATING MODES - The shower head comprises a housing (10-14-2010
20110107512HEAT EXCHANGE DEVICES - A heat exchanger device (05-12-2011
20120255114PRE-PLUMBED SHOWER PANEL WITH CLUSTERED JETS - An existing shower is retrofitted with a novel shower panel that uses the existing on/off water pressure and temperature control valve without any re-plumbing behind the shower wall. The shower panel includes a support frame, a diverter valve, a plurality of water jets, a side showerhead, a hand nozzle and an overhead showerhead. The support frame has an open side that faces the shower wall. A first tube connects the diverter valve to the plurality of water jets. A second tube is connected to the diverter valve at a first end and has a threaded connector at the second end. The threaded connector is adapted to connect to a shower water source after the existing shower pipe is removed. The first tube has a smaller diameter than does the second tube. The plurality of water jets are arranged within a square that is twenty-five centimeters on a side.10-11-2012
20110225722DEVICE FOR DISPENSING SHOWER WATER IN A CLOSED LOOP, AND SHOWER EQUIPMENT INCLUDING SUCH A DEVICE - Device for distributing shower water in a closed circuit designed for a shower having a shower pan, at least one element for spraying water, connected to a water supply network via a device for controlling water flow, whereby the device includes a set of intake element and redistribution element connected to at least one element for spraying water, provided with an element for starting and stopping, and an element for closing the outlet for draining the shower pan. The intake element includes an intake pump also positioned on the base of the shower pan so that the pump is able to draw in water from the shower pan and to feed it back, via the water redistribution element to the element suitable for spraying water, the pump being isolated from the shower space by being arranged in a housing provided in the shower pan or essentially at the raised edge thereof.09-22-2011
20130205493Ecoshower - Device for recirculating shower water: a mixing device is connected directly to the hot and cold water inlets, the cold water inlet is connected to a recirculation system; a pump is actuated while the cold water inlet is cut off. In such a device, the hot water flow rate is kept by the mixing device just high enough to compensate for the thermal losses of the water circulating through the system. Water losses are thus minimized to the strict requirement. Advantage: partial continual renewal of the shower water, unlike systems involving full recirculation.08-15-2013

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