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002 - Apparel


002410000 - For wearer's head

002015000 - Eye shields (e.g., hoodwinks or blinds, etc.)

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002431000 Included in shield for eyes 100
002427000 Included in shield for face 23
002452000 On head band 15
002448000 Including temple element 2
20130074249BUCKLE FOR SWIMMING/DIVING GOGGLES - A buckle includes a base having a plate. A compartment is defined between upper and lower walls of the plate. A front end of a pressing board is engaged with a front end of the plate. A rear end of the pressing board includes a pressing face and two guiding faces. An operating button is received in the compartment and includes a resilient section having upper and lower buttons extending through slots in the upper and lower walls. The operating button can be pressed to cause two pressing surfaces of the resilient section to press against the guiding faces of the pressing board for moving the pressing board rearward relative to the base, disengaging the pressing face of the pressing board from the head strap to permit the head strap to move in a reverse direction for loosening the head strap.03-28-2013
20090260136GOGGLE WITH STRAP AND ASSEMBLY METHOD THEREOF - A goggle and a strap assembly method thereof are provided. The goggle includes an eyeglass, a frame and at least one strap. The frame receives and secures the eyeglass therein and is bilaterally provided with a pair of engaging portions each having a through hole. The strap has at least one connecting portion and is passed through the through hole of a corresponding one of the engaging portions of the frame. The connecting portion of the strap is provided with a resisting portion which makes the connecting portion slightly larger than an opening of each of the through holes, so that the strap which is passed through the through hole of a corresponding one of the engaging portions can be securely attached to the frame.10-22-2009
002453000 On horizontal pivot 1
20080263754Safety Eyewear - “The disclosure relates to safety eyewear disposed in a safety helmet and including a transparent panel for positioning in front of the eyes of the wearer. At each side of the panel, arms are provided which, at their ends are pivotally connected, on the one hand to the panel and, on the other hand, to the helmet. The arms also each have an interjacent joint at a point between their respective ends.10-30-2008
20100107319One-Sided Transparent Film For Ski Goggles - A ski goggle having a one-sided transparent film applied to the lens and the method of using the one-sided transparent film. The one-sided transparent film comprises a transparent side, a non-transparent side, and a design, which may include, but is not limited to, a logo, slogan, advertisement, words or a statement. The one-sided transparent film is coupled to the lens of the ski goggle, wherein the transparent side faces the same direction as the interior side of the lens and the non-transparent side faces the same direction as the exterior side of the lens. This design may be distinctly viewed from the exterior side of the lens, but not from the interior side of the lens; thereby not impairing the user's vision.05-06-2010
20100083425Eyewear - Protective eyewear, for example swimming goggles, is known to possess a nose bridge. Known adjustment mechanisms for the nose bridge either require a mechanism that cannot be adjusted in situ, i.e. when the goggles are in use, and so is inconvenient, or that does not reliably maintain the eyepieces over the eyes of a wearer, for example when the wearer dives into water. The present invention therefore provides eyewear (04-08-2010
20090119823FRAMELESS DIVING MASK AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING THE SAME - A method for fabricating a frameless diving includes the following steps. First, providing a lens; next, coating an adhesive on an edge of the lens; then, forming a first flexible layer made of a silica gel on the edge of the lens; thereafter, forming a second flexible layer made of another silica gel on the first flexible layer. The first flexible layer has a plurality of protrusions and may enables the lens covered with the first flexible layer to be spaced apart from a high-temperature mold for a proper distance, so as to prevent the first flexible layer from falling off from the lens due to the high temperature when molding the silica gel. The protrusions are exposed out of the second flexible layer, so as to vary the design and shape of the frameless diving mask abundantly.05-14-2009
20100212073Correlated Magnetic Mask and Method for Using the Correlated Magnetic Mask - A mask is described herein that uses correlated magnets which enable a person to easily secure and remove the mask to and from their head. Some examples of such a mask include a scuba mask, a welding mask, a fencing mask, a goalie mask, a paint mask, a paintball mask, a catcher's mask, a ski mask, a goalie mask, an oxygen mask, a surgical mask, a face shield, a filter mask, a theatrical mask, a costume mask, a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask.08-26-2010
20100313339SWIMMING OR DIVING GOGGLES - Swimming or diving goggles includes a lens unit and a frame mechanism coupled to the lens unit. The lens unit includes two viewing sections each having a front face that is a portion of a peripheral face extending between an apex and a bottom face of a cone. The apex is below the bottom face of the cone. A vertical axis passes through a center of the bottom face of the cone. A spacing from a top edge of each viewing section to the vertical axis in a thickness direction is smaller than a spacing from a bottom edge of the viewing section to the vertical axis in the thickness direction A normal plane perpendicular to each viewing section is at an acute angle with the vertical axis. Each viewing section is a curved face in a circumferential direction about the vertical axis. The swimming or diving goggles is ergonomic and more water-tight.12-16-2010
20100037373METHOD OF DETECTING AND CONTROLLING PERCEPTUAL FLICKER - A method and apparatus are provided for processing light from a light source. The method includes the steps of measuring a predetermined set of characteristics of the light source and detecting flicker when the predetermined set of characteristics exceed a corresponding flicker fusion threshold value.02-18-2010
20080216217Snow goggles - A pair of snow goggles includes a frame, two lenses, a band and a light unit. The light unit consists of a base, a plurality of lamps, a battery, and a changeover switch. The frame is provided with air holes for air to flow in and out of the frame, and a plurality of round holes for the lamps to protruding out, and a fitting groove for the light unit to fit tightly therein. Thus, the lamps can be lit up for showing an emergency to attract attention of rescuers by a skier wearing this snow goggles in case of getting lost or coming across an accident.09-11-2008
20110131711Convertible Insulating Headcover Apparatus With Flexible Face Shield - A convertible head cover apparatus for protection against weather elements is disclosed herein. An exemplary embodiment of the apparatus comprises a crown member adapted to be placed on a top portion of a crown of a mammalian head; a flap member pivotally attached to the crown member, the flap member moveable from a stowed position adjacent the crown member to an extended position, the flap member adapted to cover lateral and posterior portions of the mammalian head when the flap member is in the extended position; the crown member having a front flap, the front flap housing a flexible transparent shield member, the front flap being pivotally attached to the crown member and moveable from a stowed position to an extended position, the front flap adapted to cover a portion of a face of the mammalian head when in the extended position; the front flap having a slot forming an opening in the front flap, the transparent shield member removably slideable into and out of the slot to resealably secure the transparent shield member to the front flap when the transparent shield member is inserted into the slot.06-09-2011
20110061153Swimming goggles - Swimming goggles that are shaped by approximately profiling the goggles to the swimmer's head resulting in the goggles having a minimal tendency to be pulled off or pulled ajar from the swimmer's head by hydrodynamic forces while exhibiting minimal hydrodynamic drag. Optical arrays molded into the lenses of the goggles permit normal vision both underwater and above the water.03-17-2011
20120255104FACE FIT ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM - The invention relates to a face cover device providing a closure over a predetermined area of a face, having a functional part (10-11-2012

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