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Eye shields (e.g., hoodwinks or blinds, etc.)

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002 - Apparel


002410000 - For wearer's head

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002426000 Goggles 151
002010000 Hat or cap attachments 24
002012000 Shades 14
002011000 Hand or body supported 1
20120222185Shower face shield - A protective face mask comprising: an eye-protecting shield made essentially from a flexible plastic material and an adjustable metal nose bridge. The eye-protecting shield being dimensioned to cover at least the eye portions of a human wearer, the eye-protecting shield having a perimeter defining a surface facing the wearer's face; providing a substantially watertight and releasable sealing engagement between at least a portion of the perimeter forming an upper edge of the face mask and at least a portion of the skin of the wearer's face, a portion of the lower part of the perimeter of the mask is free from the wearer's skin, and wherein the mask extends along the contour of the wearer's face from the forehead to cheekbones and the lower perimeter thereof extends to the bridge of the nose, provides a comfortable and flexible mask without the need for adhesive, straps, or side bars, avoids pressure on the skin in the contact zone, allows free eye movement and airflow and minimizes the formation of dew. The nose bridge is made of a malleable metal material and adjusts to the contours of the wearer's bridge of nose. The mask is primarily adapted for providing a waterproof shield to ensure a dry environment during showering or during trips to the hairdresser, also allowing a person who has recently done their make-up to shower and shampoo their hair while keeping their eye make-up in a clean dry condition.09-06-2012
20090193559Method and apapratus to cover eyes while sleeping - A method to cover the eyes of an individual while sleeping. The method includes the step of providing a floating mask unit comprising a strap sized to extend over an upper front of the individual's head, down the sides of the head over at least a portion of the ears, temporal bones and sphenoid bones, and to a nape of the individual's neck, and comprising a mask foldably, pliably attached to the strap to move between at least two operative positions, a first operative deployed position hanging loosely and freely and extending downwardly from the strap over the forehead and covering the eyes of the individual, and a second operative stored position folded upwardly and extending upwardly and rearwardly from the strap on top of the head of the individual. The method also includes the steps of mounting the mask unit on the head by mounting the strap to extend over the upper front of the individual's head, down the sides of the individual's head over at least a portion of the ears, temporal bones and sphenoid bones, and down the sides of the head to the nape of the neck, and moving the mask to the first operative position extending downwardly over the eyes of the individual; sleeping; waking; and, moving the mask from the first to the second operative position.08-06-2009
20090293165VISOR OVERLAY ASSEMBLY - A visor assembly according to various aspects of the present invention includes a visor having a surface; an overlay-sheet; and a mechanical fastening for attaching the overlay-sheet to the surface of the visor. The mechanical fastening includes a first fastening portion provided on the surface of the visor, an array of projections upstanding from the visor surface; and a second fastening portion provided on the overlay-sheet, including an array of complementary projections upstanding therefrom. The projections of the first and second fastening portions are configured to inter-engage in order to attach the overlay-sheet to the visor.12-03-2009
20130047310Combination Headgear and Eye Protection System - A combination headgear assembly and protective eyewear system includes protective eyewear that attaches to a headgear assembly via magnetic connectors. The headgear assembly includes an adjustable headrest with first and second ends. The first end connects to a first spherical capsule having a first side wall, and the second end connects to a second spherical capsule having a second side wall. The protective eyewear includes a vision blade with a first end attaching via a first finger to a first telescoping member while a second end attaches via a second finger to a second telescoping member. A first magnetic connector is positioned between the first telescoping member and the first side wall of the first spherical capsule, and a second magnetic connector is positioned between the first telescoping member and the second side wall of the second spherical capsule.02-28-2013
20090271904Headband device and method of using the same - A headband device permits a user to rest, even sleep, snugly fastened to the headrest of the seat in which he or she is seated. A method of using the headband device is also disclosed.11-05-2009
20090055988Eyewear With Enhanced Fit - Eyewear having an enhanced fit which may be used for safety, sports, and the like. The eyewear may provide features which permit enhanced airflow and an enhanced fit to a user's face. Such features may include greater adjustability to provide greater comfort. Eyewear including an RFID tag which is activated to send or receive transmissions when the eyewear is unfolded and/or positioned in a position to be worn by a user.03-05-2009
20090013440Rear vision helmet visor structure - A rear vision helmet visor structure includes a visor and at least two mirrors disposed on the visor. The visor is divided into a main portion and a sub-portion, and an opening-closing structure is formed between the main portion and the sub-portion. Therefore, when the main portion of the visor is fixed to a helmet shell, the sub-portion may be opened and closed relative to the helmet shell so that the mirrors may be opened and closed and a volume of the visor may be reduced.01-15-2009
20110296575Sunglasses with flip-up visor - A flip-up visor attachment having two separable sets of hinge elements for rotatably connecting the visor to a sunglasses' frame. These sets include a hinge body and a pair of hook-like structures which are, respectively, affixed to the frame's bridge portion and to the visor's underside. Like the frame, both sets exhibit bilateral symmetry. Once they are joined together, the visor can be pivoted outwardly from the frame's front. A flange, affixed to the visor's mid-section and extending over its back edge, stops the visor from being overrotated. With the visor in its raised position, one can then brace it there by pressing a locking arm rotatably connected to its underside against the hinge body. By rotating the locking arm in reverse, one can disengage it from the hinge body and thus free the visor so that it can be folded against the sunglasses or removed therefrom.12-08-2011
20090276931Eye-Protection Device Having Dual High Voltage Switching - An auto darkening eye protection device comprising a shutter assembly and a control circuit. The shutter assembly is adjustable between a light state and a dark state. The control circuit comprises a sensing circuit, a weld detect circuit, a positive voltage generator, and a negative voltage generator. The sensing circuit senses incident light and provides an output indicative of the incident light. The weld detect circuit receives the output of the sensing circuit, and enables a dark state drive signal to be delivered to the shutter assembly. The positive and negative voltage generators output the dark state drive signal to the shutter assembly to switch the shutter assembly from the light state to the dark state upon enablement by the weld detect circuit. The dark state drive signal includes a high voltage pulse followed by a stable AC waveform. The high voltage pulse is formed by a positive voltage signal and a negative voltage signal.11-12-2009
20090165184Adjustable eyecup eyewear and methods of use - Described herein are various embodiments of eyewear provided for advantageous use in sports and work, as well as in casual activity. According to one embodiment, an eyeglass can include a frame and an eyecup assembly coupled to the frame. The eyecup assembly can include a resilient side member that has a first proximal portion that is fixed relative to the frame and a second distal portion that is movable relative to the frame and biased toward the frame. The eyecup assembly can also include an adjustment mechanism that is coupled to the resilient side member and positioned at least partially between the resilient side member and the frame. The adjustment mechanism can be selectively operable to flex the resilient side member to move the second distal portion away from the frame and to un-flex the resilient side member to move the second distal portion toward the frame.07-02-2009
20130212765PWM HEATING SYSTEM FOR EYE SHIELD - Eye-shield condensation preventing system comprising an eye shield adapted for protecting a user's eyes and adapted for defining at least a partially enclosed space between the user's eyes and the eye shield, a power source, a pulse-width modulator preferably comprised of a microcomputer, switching means, preferably comprised of a MOSFET device, that is responsive to the pulse-width modulator, a preferably indium-tin-oxide (ITO) heating element on the eye shield, and a circuit interconnecting the power source, the pulse-width modulator, the switching means and the heating element for controlling heating of the eye shield. In one embodiment the eye shield is divided into a plurality of heating regions. A current adjustment means, sensors, and optionally user-selectable profiles are employed to allow heating adjustment or automated anti-fog capability and variable condition adaptability of the invention.08-22-2013
20090188015FLIP-TO-WEAR EYE SHIELD - At least certain embodiments describe an apparatus comprising a flip-to-wear eye shield designed for compact storage and ease of use, the eye shield dispensed in a compact, easy-to-assemble configuration, the eye shield including a protective lens and a frame coupled with the protective lens by one or more hinges, the one or more hinges configured to allow the protective lens to pivot with respect to the frame from a first substantially flat position to a second position assembled and ready for use.07-30-2009
20090100560LAUNDERABLE TRITIUM HOOD - Applicant has disclosed a “Launderable Tritium Hood” with a removable visor assembly that allows the visor (i.e., view plate) and the remainder of the hood to be cleaned separately, and by different methods, for their reuse. In the preferred embodiment, Applicant's invention comprises: a launderable tritium suit hood; a removable visor assembly with a visor removably attached to a channel assembly; and, a bead assembly attached to the hood's fabric by stitching, wherein the channel assembly, with its attached visor, can be press-fit onto the bead assembly and subsequently peeled off when desired. Applicant's invention can also be thought of as a method comprising: press fitting a removable visor assembly onto a bead affixed to a tritium suit hood to create a gas-tight seal between the visor assembly and hood; and lifting and peeling the visor assembly off the bead to remove the visor assembly from the hood.04-23-2009
20090070908SAFETY HELMET WITH SUPPLEMENTAL INNER VISOR - Protective helmet of the type comprising a first outer visor to intercept the viewing aperture of the helmet mounted rotatably on said helmet, a second visor mounted, inside said first outer visor, rotatably on the cap of the helmet, and a device for actuation and mounting of said second visor on said cap, said second visor including a shielding portion and two ends at the sides of said shielding portion and being at least partly elastically deformable. The inner visor comprises, at least at one side end thereof, a fork and, at or in proximity of one or other of the side ends thereof, at least one externally projecting tooth. Correspondingly, said device for actuation and mounting comprises at least one pin for engaging, directly or indirectly, with said fork and at least one circular guide inside which said projecting tooth of said second visor is removably coupled in a sliding manner, said at least one pin and said at least one circular guide being integral and/or integrated with said cap.03-19-2009
20100306893PROTECTIVE FACE MASK - A protective face mask includes an eye-protecting shield made essentially from a plastics material. The eye-protecting shield is dimensioned to cover at least the eye portions of a human wearer. The eye-protecting shield has a perimeter defining a first surface facing the wearer's face, and a second surface facing away from the wearer's face. An adhesive forms an adhesive strip attached to the first surface of the eye-protecting shield for providing a substantially watertight and releasable sealing engagement between at least a portion of the perimeter forming an upper edge of the face mask and at least a portion of the skin of the wearer's face.12-09-2010
20100229275SLEEP SHIELD APPARATUS - A sleep shield apparatus that can provide privacy, peacefulness, and protection in a public environment such as an airplane, airport, bus, or train is provided. The sleep shield comprises an eye shield portion, at least one strap for securing the eye shield to the face, and a lower portion. In one embodiment, the eye shield portion is constructed of a material that fully blocks light from reaching a user's eyes. In one embodiment, the lower portion is configured to cover a lower portion of the face. In another embodiment, the lower portion is configured to cover a portion of the upper torso. In yet another embodiment, the lower portion is configured to cover the upper torso and the arms similar to a blanket. In one embodiment, the lower portion includes a storage unit for storing a broad range of items such as a plane ticket, identification such as a driver's license, ear plugs, or an electronic device.09-16-2010
20090300813Shield Structure for Helmet or Goggles, and Helmet Comprising Such Shield Structure - The invention provides a shield structure which is compatible for a plurality of helmets in spite that an auxiliary shield mounting mechanism has a comparatively simple structure, is less expensive, and provides a good appearance as a whole. According to one aspect of the invention, each of left and right auxiliary shield mounting mechanisms which are disposed on a main shield includes an inner auxiliary shield mounting portion and outer auxiliary shield mounting portion in common.12-10-2009
20110072549Eye protector - Embodiments of an eye protector are made of a molded plastic part connected with a metal part. The plastic part consists of a generally C-shaped configuration with an elongated portion overlying the eyebrows and arcuate fingers designed to overlie the wearer's cheekbones. The metallic part includes an arcuate portion staggered significantly forwardly with respect to the plastic part. The horizontal stagger virtually precludes a ball from impacting on both the plastic part and the metallic part simultaneously, and the thin profile of the metallic part causes deflection of a ball rather than rebound. Embodiments also include a downwardly depending inverted V-shaped portion that protects the wearer's face below the eyes.03-31-2011
20110067158OPENING/CLOSING APPARATUS AND HELMET INCLUDING THE SAME - Provided is an opening/closing apparatus allowing a sun visor to be readily opened and closed with a helmet on as well as maintaining an opening/closing speed of the sun visor to be constant and a helmet including the same.03-24-2011
20100005558HELMET - The present invention provides a helmet that is convenient in use. The helmet of the present invention includes a main body defining a space receiving a head of a wearer, a holder that is elastically coupled to the main body to be capable of pivoting and has a pushing member, a shield that is detachably coupled to the holder so that the wearer can securely obtain a viewing field, and a locking/unlocking unit that maintains or releases an open state of the holder when the holder pivots to the open state. The helmet structure as above can open and close the face shield by simply pushing the shield upward.01-14-2010
20090126064Mask and Face Shield - A mask and shield assembly for protecting the face of a user may include A reversible mask having an attachment device and a frame member for detachably connecting to the attachment device of the reversible mask. The frame member may include an outwardly extending projection, and the reversible mask includes an aperture, and the outwardly extending projection may cooperate with the aperture to hold the reversible mask in position. The reversible mask may include a first surface of the reversible mask including camouflage indicia, and the reversible mask includes a second surface including hunter orange indicia. The attachment device may include an expandable aperture and the expandable aperture may include a slit. The outwardly extending projection may include an enlarged end, and the frame member may include a concave curved portion.05-21-2009
20110004969EYE PROTECTION CAP - The invention relates to an eye protection cap to protect an eye of a person to be treated against electromagnetic radiation, in particular against laser radiation. The eye protection cap comprises a dimensionally stable shaped body, which has a free edge for adjacent arrangement in relation to the person to be treated, limits a hollow shaped body interior, is formed from a silicone material and has a self-holding region for independent holding on the person to be treated.01-13-2011
20090300812Lens Assembly for a Diving Mask - The lens assembly for a diving mask is provided. The lens assembly comprises a first lens, a second lens and an intermediate layer. The intermediate layer is made of a liquid material which is capable of being cured and bonded with the first lens and the second lens. Thereby, the lens assembly can prevent the scattering of fragments when the lens assembly is shattered. Furthermore, the second lens is preferably made of the material selected from the group consisting of cellulose acetate, cellulose propionate and the combination thereof for providing the diving mask with better anti-fog ability.12-10-2009
20090300811PAIR OF PROTECTIVE GOGGLES - The present invention refers to an improvement in or relating to protective glasses (12-10-2009
20110185465Counter balanced, hands free, self positioning, protective shield - One embodiment of a shield assembly that automatically positions itself into a user's field of view when the user tilts their head up to look skyward, protecting their face and eyes from hazards from above such as falling debris and dangerous UV rays and returns to a position out of the users field of view when the user resumes looking forward. The same embodiment provides for a hands free method of lowering and raising the visor assembly in and out of the users field of view by simply tilting the head. The same embodiment also provides for a one finger operation of locking the visor into a desired position08-04-2011
20120036609Eye Patch - An eye patch is presented that is usable with eyeglass frames comprising a lens and side arm. The eye patch comprises a conoidal member to be positioned over a front of the lens such that a frontal and a peripheral vision of an eye is substantially blocked and a flap having a releasable securing means, wherein the flap is to be positioned over a back of the lens such that the releasable securing means secures the eye patch to the eyeglass frames.02-16-2012
20100175160VISOR AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - There is provided a method of forming a visor having a spacer or seal extending along at least a portion of a periphery of a viewing area of the visor, comprising a step of injection molding the seal or spacer in a mold.07-15-2010
20120185989HELMET HAVING A GUIDING MECHANISM FOR A COMPATIBLE VISOR - A helmet comprises a shell, a visor, a face seal, a biasing means and two guiding mechanisms. The two guiding mechanisms, each located on a different side of the shell, connect the visor to the shell. Under a bias of the biasing means, the guiding mechanisms are operative to guide the visor along a pre-determined trajectory defined by the geometry of the guiding mechanisms. Each one of the two guiding mechanisms is further provided with a guiding track arrangement which comprises a first track portion and a second track portion. The first slider slidingly engages the first track portion while the second slider slidingly engages the second track portion. The pre-determined trajectory extends from a retracted position where the visor is substantially proximate a front portion of the shell and substantially outside a field of view of the wearer to a deployed position where the visor is substantially below the frontal lower edge and within the field of view of the wearer, and further towards a rear portion of the helmet to a resting position aft of the deployed position. In use, the face seal, which is located at a lower portion of the visor, is operative to substantially perpendicularly contact a face of the wearer at a position between the deployed position and the resting position.07-26-2012
20130117899Slip-Over Light Blocking Sleep Mask - This invention describes a slip-over sleep mask, having a tubular-shaped body consisting of a soft cloth or fabric material, which is to be used to effectively block out any light from entering a person's eyes while sleeping. The sleep mask is to be slipped over and worn around a person's head, as one piece, covering the eyes and ears. Permanently attached to the inside lower frontal portion of said tubular-shaped body is a separate ruffled or pleated piece of soft cloth or fabric material. This attached material fills in any gaps of space that exist in the areas between the eyes and nose of a person's face which would otherwise allow for any unwanted light to enter inward. The one piece, slip-over design of the sleep mask stretches and clings naturally to a person's face, thus preventing any movement or shifting of itself during sleep.05-16-2013

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