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483001000 PROCESS 14
20080274865Processing Plant - A machining or processing plant (11-06-2008
20110177925TOOL CHANGER FOR MACHINE TOOLS - A tool changer for machine tools, especially for milling machines, with a tool double gripper, which is attached at the free end of an axially displaceable and rotatably mounted shaft and has two pliers-like tool holders. A drive motor is coupled kinematically with the shaft for the linear and rotary movements of the tool double gripper and with transmission means for converting the rotation of the motor shaft of the drive motor into the linear and rotary movements of the tool double gripper. The transmission means contains a worm gear driven by the drive motor, the worm gear drives a cam plate at the front end of which a lifting curve for the linear movement and a rotation curve are constructed. A driver of a rack and pinion drive coupled rotationally with the shaft engages the rotation curve, and a driver of a pivoting linkage translationally coupled with the shaft engages the lifting curve and is guided by it.07-21-2011
20090298658Power Tool Driver - A power tool driver includes a tool magazine having a cartridge that enables a change of tools in the power tool driver done in a convenient and safe way. The cartridge is selectively moveable and having a plurality of slots for accommodating a plurality of tools respectively, in which one of the tools can be selected to incorporate with the power tool driver.12-03-2009
20120100975Tool change device for working apparatus of shearing machines - A tool change device (04-26-2012
20080220955Manufacturing Method and Manufacturing Apparatus for Components - A manufacturing apparatus (09-11-2008
20100197472POWER CONTROL OF A ROBOTIC TOOL CHANGER - A robotic tool changer removably attaches a robotic tool to a robotic arm. The changer includes a tool module connected to the robotic tool, and a master module connected to the robotic arm. To attach and detach the robotic tool, the changer couples and uncouples the tool module and the master module. A master electrical signal module (ESM) affixes to the master module and a tool ESM affixes to the tool module. In accordance with design requirements, the changer applies the same power supply to both the master ESM and the tool ESM. The changer, however, selectively suppresses application of the power supply to the tool ESM, while maintaining application of the power supply to the master ESM, during the coupling or uncoupling of the master module and the tool module. In doing so, the changer enables such coupling and uncoupling, while also preventing the formation of transient electric arcs.08-05-2010
20130085049CUTTER MAGAZINE, CUTTER SWITCHING SYSTEM USING THE CUTTER MAGAZINE, AND MACHINE TOOL USING THE CUTTER SWITCHING SYSTEM - A cutter switching system includes a supporting platform, a cutter magazine mounted on the supporting platform, and a sensing assembly mounted on the cutter magazine. The cutter magazine includes a cutter storing frame and a driving assembly. The cutter storing frame includes a cylindrical main body, and a plurality of cutters mounted all around the main body. The driving assembly includes a cam indexer engaging with the cutter storing frame for rotating the cutter storing frame. The sensing assembly is mounted on the cam indexer, and the sensor senses the rotation of the cam indexer to establish the static position and the rotation required of the cutter magazine. The present disclosure further provides a machine tool using the cutter switching system.04-04-2013
20080269031NOVEL ASSEMBLIES AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING WORKPIECES IN RAM-DRIVEN PRESSES - Assemblies and methods for processing a workpiece in a ram-driven press employ an active tool contained by a housing that is interchangeable with a passive forming tool assembly in a mounting assembly of the press. The active tool includes a microprocessor and a functional head coupled to the microprocessor. Some assemblies including the active tool include a switch for activating the functional head; the switch may be mounted to the housing such that, when the housing is mounted in the mounting assembly of the press, the switch is triggered by movement of the housing in response to the ram stroke of the press.10-30-2008
20110256995MODULE FOR AUTOMATIC TOOL EXCHANGE DEVICE - Provided is a module for automatic tool exchange device of novel structure wherein electric signals can be transmitted with high reliability while preventing transmission efficiency from deteriorating between a first coupling member and a second coupling member. An electromagnetic shielding member is arranged on an outer circumference of a core member except for a transmission surface, a gap member having electromagnetic shielding effect lower than that of the electromagnetic shielding member is interposed between the core member and the electromagnetic shielding member, and a first module and a second module are provided, respectively, with coil units equipped with coil heads which are constituted to include a coil member, the member and the gap member.10-20-2011
20130172162TOOL EXCHANGER, TOOL MAGAZINE, AND MACHINE TOOL - A tool exchanger for storing a tool (07-04-2013
20090280971DEVICE FOR COVERING A MACHINE IN A PRODUCTION LINE COMPRISING A PLURALITY OF MACHINES - An arrangement for covering a machine having a machine frame, includes a covering device adapted to be attached to the machine frame above the machine. The covering device has opposite sides corresponding to opposite sides of the machine frame. Hinges are respectively connected at the opposite sides of the covering device about which the covering device can be selectively swiveled to an open or a closed position relative to the machine. Each one of the respectively arranged hinges at opposite sides of the covering device is selectively coupled to the machine frame and has a parallel-extending swiveling axis. Respectively the non-selected hinge that does not form the swiveling axis for opening the covering device is arranged to be detachable from the machine frame.11-12-2009
20100035738MACHINE TOOL SHIELD - A machine tool shield having a base frame comprising a pair of lengthwise base frame members and a pair of widthwise base frame members. The lengthwise and widthwise base frame members are arranged in the shape of a square or rectangle having four corners. The base frame is positioned upon a waterproof membrane. The machine tool shield further comprises a plurality of corner clip members. Each corner clip member is mounted to one of the lengthwise base frame members and one of the widthwise base frame members wherein the one of the lengthwise base frame members and the one of the widthwise base frame members abut each other to form one of the corners. Each corner clip member has a vertically oriented bore therein. The machine tool shield includes a shroud support frame comprising a plurality of vertically oriented members. Each of the vertically oriented members has an end portion that is disposed in a corresponding one of the vertically oriented bores. A shroud is removably secured to the shroud support frame to form a shield.02-11-2010
20090018001PROTECTION DEVICE FOR A MOTOR SPINDLE - The invention relates to a protection device for a motor spindle (01-15-2009
20090258770TOOL-CHANGING DEVICE HAVING A DIRECTLY DRIVEN STROKE AND PIVOTING ACTUATOR - A tool-changing device includes a tool gripper and a stroke and pivoting actuator for operating the tool gripper. The stroke and pivoting actuator can be driven by a first direct drive for producing a linear movement and by a second direct drive for producing a rotational movement, wherein the first and the second direct drives have a common rotor which serves as the stroke and pivoting actuator.10-15-2009
20120021880Tool Changer - A tool changer has two changer module parts that can be coupled with one another. Each module part includes an attachment part and at least one coupling part associated with the attachment part. An adapter plate, including multiple fastening areas, is equipped with a desired number of changer module parts. The adapter plate is removable associated with each of the changer module parts on the attachment part side.01-26-2012

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