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Interrelated power delivery controls, including engine control

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477002000 PLURAL ENGINES 393
477166000 CLUTCH CONTROL 130
477182000 BRAKE CONTROL 69
477007000 ELECTRIC ENGINE 52
20120238403WORK VEHICLE - A work vehicle includes a pair of electric motors independently running and driving right and left running wheels in a state of being able to create straight running state and turning running; a pair of right and left change speed operation tools independently manually operated and performing a change speed operation to the right and left running wheels; and a controller controlling operation. The controller controls the operation of the respective electric motors by setting target speeds with regard to the respective electric motors such that the speed difference in the target speeds is smaller than the speed difference corresponding to the difference in the operation positions of the respective change speed operation tools by a set amount in a case where the operation positions of the respective change speed operation tools are different between right and left.09-20-2012
20100120578DRIVE AND STEERING CONTROL SYSTEM FOR AN ENDLESS TRACK VEHICLE - A drive and steering control system for an endless track vehicle such as a sugar cane harvester. A dual path hydrostatic drive has a pair of variable volume pumps connected for bidirectional flow to respective hydraulic motors driving a pair of endless tracks. A speed control lever and steering wheel mechanism each provide control inputs to a microprocessor which in turn controls the variable volume hydrostatic pumps to control vehicle velocity and turning in a way that matches control for wheeled vehicles. RPM sensors for the hydraulic motors provide a feedback signal that is used to compensate for equipment variation and to keep the vehicle on the course intended by the operator.05-13-2010

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