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472118000 SWING 58
472001000 ROUNDABOUT 53
472116000 BODY SLIDE 46
472128000 AQUATIC 20
472137000 MISCELLANEOUS 11
472106000 SEESAW 8
472085000 RACETRACK 6
20130085005INFLATABLE PLAY STRUCTURE AND SYSTEM - An inflatable play structure and system, the inflatable play structure including an inflatable envelope; and a weighted base attached to the inflatable envelope, the weighted base having a first base portion and a second base portion, the first base portion being attached to the second base portion by a base hinge. The first base portion and the second base portion are operable to enfold the inflatable envelope when the inflatable envelope is deflated and the first base portion and the second base portion are folded along the base hinge toward the inflatable envelope.04-04-2013
20110021279Rotating Vessel for Recreational Activities - The present invention is a system for recreational purposes. The system includes a vessel rotatably mounted, a support stand, and a drive system. The vessel has a wall that defines an internal cavity, sufficient for at least one occupant to be received wherein the occupant is in contact with the wall, and a tunnel for accessing the internal cavity. The wall has dampens the contact between the occupant and the vessel. The support stand has two connectors carried by elevated members on opposing sides of the vessel for supporting the vessel. A drive system that includes a motor mechanically connected to at least one of the connectors for rotating the vessel and the occupant within the internal cavity.01-27-2011
20090124402Inflatable play structure with integrated air source - An inflatable structure having an integral air pump positioned within a housing at or near an edge of the structure. The housing is generally formed of the same material as the play structure. An orifice within the housing operably connects the air pump to the air chambers of the inflatable device. A flexible hose may be used to connect the air pump to the orifice. An access hatch is provided to facilitate air exchange and allow the air pump to be viewed during operation. This configuration increases safety because it eliminates the likelihood that users, generally children, will touch or come into contact with an externally positioned air pump during use.05-14-2009
20090005187Device and Method for Occupying a Human Subject with Physical and Mental Activities - Device and method for occupying a human subject with physical and mental activities. Includes (a) human mountable and movable object (01-01-2009
20120129618INFLATABLE SEALED AIR SUPPORT DEVICE - A sealed air support structure including at least one sealed air chamber. The at least one sealed air chamber includes at least a first side support and a second side support, each having a support end and a base end. The at least one sealed air chamber includes a main beam with a first end coupled with the support end of the first side support and a second end coupled with the support end of the second side support. A first plurality of connectors coupled with the base end of the first side support and a second plurality of connectors coupled with the base end of the second side support are configured to detachably couple with a plurality of connectors disposed on a cold-air inflatable structure. The at least one sealed air chamber is configured to support a weight applied to the main beam.05-24-2012
20110136581MOTION-BASED ATTRACTION - The present disclosure provides a motion-based attraction device engagable with a plurality of spaced guest supports that are movable along a path, having a rotatable carousel configured to temporarily and separately synchronize with the plurality of spaced guest supports, at least one pair of domes supported by the carousel, each dome having a viewing portion that is positioned towards the guest supports and the dome being movable to temporarily cover the guest supports, and an image projecting assembly supported by each dome and configured to display an image on the viewing portion.06-09-2011
20110300957AMUSEMENT PARK RIDE WITH CABLE-SUSPENDED VEHICLES - A ride system for moving a passenger vehicle through a dynamically-defined work space. The system includes a track structure that guides one or more motorized or driven carriers on the track structure. The system includes winches on the carrier(s) that are independently operable to set lengths of the vehicle supporting cables, which extend outward from the winches to the vehicle. During operation, the winch systems provide upper anchor points for suspending the passenger vehicle such that these anchor points are selectively positioned. The winches may be independently operated as the carrier(s) travels from a first position to a second position, such that the vehicle body pitches, rolls, or yaws and moves transversely relative to the track. The winches may be operated concurrently to drop or raise the vehicle to define the work space for the vehicle in the vertical direction. Passenger input may interactively control motion of the vehicle.12-08-2011
20100062868AMUSEMENT ATTRACTION - The invention relates to an entertainment device with a main construction (03-11-2010
20090181781Amusement Ride - An amusement ride has guides and at least one carriage movable along the guides. At least three first arms each having a first end and a second end are provided, wherein the first ends are connected pivotably to the at least one carriage. First drives are provided that each are movable along one of the guides, respectively, independently from one another. The at least three first arms are pivotably connected with the second ends to the first drives so that the at least one carriage and the first drives are pivotably connected to one another.07-16-2009
20090298601Expansible amusement device - The expansible amusement device is a compressed package formed from paper goods, plastic goods or the like, which, under selective decompression, disperses confetti and generates acoustic effects. A plurality of elastically expandable members are stacked together and compressed between a pair of bases. A plurality of confetti strips are positioned between adjacent elastically expandable members when the expansible amusement device is in the compressed configuration, and a deployment strip is peripherally wrapped about the compressed device. The deployment strip has a free end and a fixed end, and at least one retaining member releasably secures the fixed end of the deployment strip to the pair of bases when the expansible amusement device is in the compressed configuration.12-03-2009
20110086716Novelty eye patch with artificial eye or eyelid - A novelty eye patch with a retaining, elastic band connected to a gag, false eye, eyelid or other embodiment, concealed beneath the patch. The patch and false eye or lid will be adjoined by a small, hidden spring, built onto two (2) hard wire frames. The spring will compress the false eye or lid against the user's real eye while allowing the patch to be lifted, revealing the gaff eye or lid. The two (2) steel wire frames will be concealed, along with the adjoining spring. One wire frame will be sewn into the outer circumference of the eye patch while the other frame will be molded into the underlying gaff or falsetto eye, to conceal their identity while maintaining stability to the patch and the gaff. Opposing force, created by the hidden spring, will compress downward the false eye or lid firmly against the user's real-eyelid, while maintaining a constant upward force of pressure on the patch. The spring will include a locking clip to keep the patch lowered to the position of the user's eye until such time that the user elects to lift the patch to reveal the gaff. This pressure will make lifting the patch more simplistic, while conversely maintaining an opposing force against the gaff eye or lid thereby preserving firmness of the gaff onto the user's real eyelid.04-14-2011
20100041487Miniature spool - A miniature spooling apparatus is described. The miniature spooling apparatus includes a housing having a miniature motor attached within the housing. The miniature motor has an axle extending therefrom, with a mechanically powered miniature spool attached with the axle. The miniature spool includes a top portion having a tapered indentation formed circumferentially around the top portion, and a bottom portion having slits formed therein. The slits intersect one another at a point of intersection to form an axle receptacle for receiving the axle from the miniature motor.02-18-2010
20130102402Static Electric Toy - A toy comprising foam material that easily generates static electricity, giving the toy the ability to adhere to or repel from a user's body or nearby objects. The toy, in a recognizable form, will provide amusement when affixed to people's bodies or objects in their surroundings.04-25-2013
20090209357AMUSEMENT PARK RIDE PROVIDING FREE-FLYING EXPERIENCE - A vehicle for simulating flight in a park ride having a rotating drive with supports or radial arms. The vehicle includes a body with seats and passenger restraints. A connection assembly is used to attach the body to a support. The connection assembly includes a linkage assembly allowing the body to radially pivot inward and outward relative to the drive assembly based on the angle of the support arm and rotation rate of the drive assembly. The linkage assembly translates radial movement of the body into rotation of the body about a pitch axis. The pitch axis extends through or proximal to the center of mass of the body, and the pivotal connector that supports the vehicle in a pendular manner is spaced apart and above the center of mass. The linkage assembly may include one or more four-bar linkages to provide two degrees of freedom of the body relative.08-20-2009
20110177873Potential Energy Assisted Motion Simulator Mechanism and Method - This invention is a compact motion simulator incorporating a potential energy assisted drive mechanism and a direct memory motion method. The mechanism provides movement of heavy loads with reduced power compared to simulators of its type employing direct drive mechanisms. Potential energy devices are connected to rigid leverage members extending from the rotational axes. When moved about said axes, by means of powered actuators, displacement of the load away from center causes the potential energy devices to expand and store energy. This energy acts on opposition to the forces that created it producing a state at or near static equillibrium and thus greatly reduces power required to move the load back to center. The direct memory motion method uses a software component memory reader that gains access to the running process of a simulation program and derives motion data from memory addresses used by the programs graphical and physics engines.07-21-2011
20120149480TWISTER RIDE SYSTEM - A ride system for rotating vehicles through a vertical plane or ride space about a common horizontal axis. The ride system includes an elongated support member with a longitudinal axis. The system includes a housing with a base and a frame supporting the elongated support member with the longitudinal axis spaced apart a distance from the base and such that the longitudinal axis is substantially horizontal. The system also includes a plurality of vehicle support assemblies hanging from the elongated support member. Each of the vehicle support assemblies includes an extension arm supporting a passenger vehicle at one end and attached to the elongated support member at a second end via a support coupling assembly. The support coupling assembly is configured to rotate the extension arm about the longitudinal axis, whereby the passenger vehicle is moved through a vertical plane orthogonal to the longitudinal axis.06-14-2012
20130040747Free-Standing Jumping Device - An apparatus includes a support frame, a resilient member, a seat, and a retainer. The resilient member has a first end portion configured to be coupled to the support frame and a second end portion, opposite from the first end portion. The seat is configured to be coupled to the second end portion such that the seat is suspended from the support frame by the resilient member. At least one of the first end portion and the second end portion includes multiple sleeves, each defining an opening therein. A portion of the retainer is configured to be disposed within a first one of the sleeves and coupled to at least one of the seat and the support frame such that a position of the seat relative to the support frame is adjustable by disposing the portion of the retainer within a second one of the sleeves.02-14-2013
20090082118Light up bouncing and entertainment apparatuses - The present invention relates to a pogo stick structure, more particularly, a pogo stick comprising a housing unit, foot support plate, piston, spring mechanism, and handlebars. The external portion of the housing unit includes a plurality of LED lights that light in accordance with the piston impinging the ground. LED lights displayed on the housing may be of different colors and may be arranged in a multitude of ways. Furthermore, the displayed LED lights may light in different patterns and at different times as a result of an electronic processing unit. A foam layer may cover the housing and protect the lights from accidental damage. The foam layer and lights may also be used with other entertainment devices such as stick horses.03-26-2009
20130123031Reconfigurable Infant Support Structure - An infant support structure includes a support frame having a lower member configured to engage a support surface. First and second spaced arcuate posts extend upwardly from the lower member, each of the posts having a distal end portion. A seat portion is disposed between and coupled to the posts. A first end of a toy bar is secured to the distal end portion of one of the posts, and a second end of the toy bar is secured to the distal end portion of the other of the posts.05-16-2013
472126000 SANDBOX TYPE 1
20100267458PORTABLE SANDBOX - A portable sandbox for carrying sand is provided. The portable sandbox includes a support frame and a carrier body. The support frame includes a front axle and a rear axle, a first and a second pair of upright support members, at least two front wheels where each of the at least two wheels is pivotally connected to an end portion of the front axle, at least two rear wheels where each of the at least two wheels is pivotally connected to an end portion of the rear axle, and a base member comprising a first and a second pair of arms. The carrier body includes a bottom enclosure disposed on the base member of the support frame, and front and rear side panels extending vertically upwards from the bottom enclosure. Furthermore, the portable sandbox includes a handle securely attached to the support frame for pulling the portable sandbox.10-21-2010
20130130814ARTIFICIAL SPORT LOG - A lightweight, portable artificial sport log having physical properties that mimic a selected natural log is disclosed that has a hollow cylindrical shell of a suitable polymeric material defining a volume having the desired dimensions of length and diameter of a selected natural log of interest, an internal baffle support shape of a rigid polymeric foam material is fixed to said internal surface of said cylindrical shell, end closure members at ends of said hollow cylindrical shell provided with sealable fill/discharge openings for adding and draining water from the artificial log. The internal baffle volume and shape are determined such that the buoyancy of the artificial log generally equals the buoyancy of the natural log of interest and the mass moment of inertia resembles that of the natural log of interest when the artificial log is filled with water.05-23-2013

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