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Amusement devices: games

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463470200 STRIKING WEAPON 16
20130184085LIGHT EMITTING TOYS AND LIGHT ACTIVATED TARGETS - A glow-in-the-dark toy kit includes a light emitting device configured to be controlled by a first player. The light emitting device is configured to emit a wavelength of light around 405 nanometers from a light emitting diode powered by a power source. A light receiving device is associated with the light emitting device and configured to be worn by a second player. The light receiving device includes a phosphorescence layer reactive to the 405 nanometer wavelength of light. The devices are used in a dark environment allowing the 405 nanometer wavelength of light to react with the phosphorescence layer and display an imaginary or real impact when the first player uses the light emitting device to illuminate the light receiving device worn by the second player.07-18-2013
20090054162INDICATION POSITION CALCULATION MARK UNIT - A mark unit includes a holding section that is disposed at the top of a display section so that a light-emitting section is positioned on a side of a display screen of the display section and a weight section is positioned on a side opposite to the display screen to hold the light-emitting section on the side of the display screen that intersects a horizontal plane.02-26-2009
20100016085SHOOTING TOY USED IN GAME FOR TWO OR MORE PLAYERS - A shooting toy used in a game for two or more players capable of allowing an opponent player to reliably receive an infrared ray signal even in an open air, e.g., under a scorching sun. The intensity of light included in a particular wavelength region around a toy is detected by an optical sensor 01-21-2010
20090111588Loopie ball - What is new in the art to which our invention pertains is that this is a game which utilizes a combination of materials and game pieces that are unique in design with the use of balls attached together and a vertical “Loopie Ladder”. This game requires no batteries, electricity or fuel other than the energy of humans. This is a unique game and contributes to the art and science of games and physical activity. The game has universal appeal for either gender. It may be played individually or in groups of two or more. If played alone, the object is to score the highest point value rung or outrigger with each toss.04-30-2009
20090005180Game Machine And Self-Running Body For Use Therein - The invention provides a game machine enabling a self-running body to smoothly run even in a corner section by using a plurality measurement lines provided at a constant pitch with reference to the inner circumference of a round track.01-01-2009
20090270184MODEL DRIVING MACHINE, DRIVE UNIT AND MODEL - A four-legged model racing machine 10-29-2009
20110034254WIRELESS ENERGY TRANSFER FOR ARCADE RACING GAME - An arcade racing game includes a plurality of vehicles that move along a race track and derive power from the race track. The race track includes a series of concentric power supply coils embedded beneath the top surface of the race track. Each of the power supply coils receives a supply of power. Each vehicle operating on the race track includes a pickup coil that inductively receives current from the power supply coils. The induced voltage in the pickup coil is used to charge an internal power storage device and a drive motor within the vehicle.02-10-2011
20130143675DEVICE FOR DETECTING, MONITORING AND/OR CONTROLLING RACING VEHICLES - A device for detecting, monitoring and/or controlling racing vehicles on a preferably multi-lane racetrack, having at least one sensor unit which is arranged countersunk under the surface of a carriageway. The at least one sensor unit is mounted on a guide element which can be inserted into a receptacle space under the carriageway in the transverse direction with respect to the carriageway, from the lateral edge of the carriageway. In this context, cables, lines or the like can be pre-assembled in a complete state with the at least one sensor unit and can be inserted under the carriageway from the side together with the guide element, with the result that there is no need for any separate laying of cables or even for a cable connection once the sensor is in position.06-06-2013
463470100 FENCING 4
20120028721Method for Tactile Signaling of Touches in the Sport of Fencing - A method and apparatus are described for adding tactile signaling to the electronic scoring equipment used in the sport of fencing. The tactile signaling introduced by this invention is intended to complement, not replace, existing electronic fencing scoring systems and the signals that are already employed to indicate touches, both optical and auditory (i.e. lights and a bell or buzzer, respectively). The system here would receive indication that a touch had been scored from an existing scoring system. Signals would be transmitted wirelessly to a unit on or near the director's person. Tactile signaling would be accomplished by a pair of offset motors attached to each of the director's hands (or wrists or arms). When the fencer to the director's right scores a touch, the right motor would vibrate. When the fencer to the director's left scores a touch, the left motor would vibrate.02-02-2012
20090156316AutoClock: a timer for fencing scoring apparatus - A device to activate a timer integrated into, or attached to, an electronic fencing apparatus whereby the fencers themselves may activate the timer with their fencing equipment, eliminating the need for an official, thereby facilitating training. Upon activation, the device will wait an unpredictable amount of time before starting the timer, preventing competitors from anticipating when the event will begin, which facilitates a fair competition. When a third party is present and able to activate the timer, the unpredictable delay also eliminates intentional or unintentional unfairness on the part of the third party.06-18-2009
20130130810Fencing Weapon Point Assembly - A fencing weapon point assembly (05-23-2013
20120010002SCORING MACHINE - A device for facilitating the scoring of a fencing match can include a box having first and second fencing cord inputs, an optional third input for connection of the fencing piste, a standardized general-purpose computer output, a power source, and a processing module. The processing module can be in communication with the inputs, outputs, and power source. Further, the processing module can be configured to iteratively apply power to at least a portion of the first fencing cord input and at least a portion of the second fencing cord input at different times. The processing module can also be configured to check for fencing-relevant completed circuits between the fencing cord inputs. Even further, the processing module can output raw data regarding the completed circuits through the standardized general-purpose computer output.01-12-2012
20080274815Interactive sports-themed game - An interactive sports-themed game is disclosed. The game involves generating a list of predicted outcomes of the next play of a live sporting event, ranking the list, selecting one or more of the predicted outcomes to form a subset list. The outcome of the next play of the live sporting event is then compared to the subset list, and the player of the interactive sports-themed game is awarded points if the outcome of the play of the live sporting event matches one of the predictions in the subset list.11-06-2008
20120289349VERTICAL INTERACTIVE AMUSEMENT SYSTEM FOR MECHANICAL DISPENSING MACHINES - A vertical and interactive entertainment system for mechanical vending machines of the type that dispenses spherical or oval gift products. The system includes a vertical game panel that is configured for entertainment using the product, and that has at least one outlet that guides said product towards a delivery receptacle where it is delivered when the entertainment is successfully completed (game won). The system also includes positioning means designed to guide the product to a lower collection area when the game is not won, and mechanical means for manual activation configured to lift the product from the lower collection area towards the upper part of the vertical game panel, allowing the game to be restarted repeatedly until the game is successfully completed.11-15-2012
20130123025GAME-BASED ADVERTISING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A game-based system and method are provided which employ a central system controller and a plurality of interactive display terminals geographically dispersed from the system controller. Players interact with the display terminals via respective, anonymous recognition codes (ARCs). The display terminals are configured to record a session data set on each player interaction session therewith via the players' respective ARCs. The session data set includes the player's ARC, a location-identifier of the display terminal, a reward selected by the player from multiple rewards of a displayed reward and advertisement data set and an advertisement selected by the player from multiple advertisements of the data set. Players access data of their session data set via a personal electronic compartment accessible through an internet-accessible web server of the controller. The personal electronic compartment is automatically initiated responsive to first use of the player's ARC with one of the interactive display terminals.05-16-2013

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