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Crop threshing or separating

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460059000 THRESHING 33
460097000 CLEANER 22
460079000 SEPARATOR 12
460107000 CONCAVE 4
20110143827HELICAL BAR CONCAVE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING - A helical bar concave comprising a grate having helical mounting framework and helical cutouts to form a percent open area having a helical geometry. Configurable and segmented rub bars are mounted in a helical fashion to a cylindrical helical surface of the grate. A method of manufacturing a helical bar concave from a flat, rolled laser cut arrangement that provides a net helical concave functionality. Laser cutting a flat metal sheet to form helical cutouts defining a percent open area having a helical geometry in combination with configurable rub bars mounted in a helical fashion results in a configurable helical bar concave in which the number or aggressiveness of the threshing surface on the inside radius of the grate may be changed and/or the rub bars may be moved to the outside of the grate to change the percent open area and hence the separation characteristics of the concave.06-16-2011
20090215510Collecting trough construction easily accessible for cleaning - A collecting trough construction for facilitating the clean out of collecting troughs of clean grain and tailings collecting and conveying systems of agricultural combines, such collecting trough construction including a base pan sized and dimensioned to extend longitudinally between first and second cross-pieces of such a collecting and conveying system, one of which cross-pieces may be a clean grain auger trough or a tailings auger trough, and laterally generally between the sidesheets of a combine, with collecting troughs formed in the upper side thereof, which base pan has first and second ends and is positionable between the first and second cross-pieces with the first end of the auger trough base pan adjacent the first cross-piece and the second end of the auger trough base pan adjacent the second cross-piece to be readily complementarily engageable therewith and wholly or partially disengageable therefrom by a user to permit convenient access to the formed collecting troughs for cleaning thereof. Preferably, the base pan is, alternatively, partially detachable to permit access for cleaning by a user in an in-place clean-out position or wholly removable to permit the removal of such base pan to a remote location for cleaning by the user thereat.08-27-2009
20110151951Concave Adjustment Mechanism - A combine harvester where opposing concaves on either side of a rotor of a processing system substantially simultaneously travel symmetrical paths. The concaves of the processing system may be pivotally supported on a rockshaft where the axis of the rockshaft moves in a generally vertical manner so that the concaves then move generally radially toward or away from the rotor.06-23-2011
20120270612SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR SEPARATOR GRATES OF A HARVESTER - A support system for separator grates of a harvester includes a first member and a second member extending substantially parallel to an axis of rotation of a threshing rotor. The first member extends from a staging portion to a first support portion rearwardly positioned from the staging portion. The second member extends along a second support portion that corresponds to the first support portion. Separator grate segments may be selectably installed and removed from the first member and second member.10-25-2012
20090111545Tailings rethresher mechanical delivery to return pan - A rethreshing system and method for a combine having a cleaning system that includes at least one sieve or like material separating mechanism. The rethreshing system includes a tailings collection pan for collecting tailings that do not pass through the sieve and a tailings rethreshing mechanism receiving the tailings from the collection pan and rethreshing the tailings. A distribution auger is arranged across a return pan of the cleaning system and is operable to substantially evenly distribute rethreshed tailings on the return pan of the cleaning system. The distribution auger includes a tubular auger housing having an entrance for receiving material to be conveyed, a closed end opposite the entrance, and a longitudinally elongated and tapered slot formation through a sidewall of the tubular auger housing, the slot formation having a small width near the entrance to the tubular housing and a wide width near the closed end of the tubular housing.04-30-2009
20090143121Tailings Re-thresher Deflector - A re-threshing system for a combine includes a delivery mechanism for transporting tailings from the cleaning section of the combine to a re-threshing apparatus and a bypass that can be used to bypass the tailings around the re-threshing apparatus. The re-threshing apparatus includes a re-threshing housing that at least partially surrounds a re-threshing rotor. The rotor and housing have cooperating threshing elements that act to re-thresh the tailings delivered into the housing and deliver the re-threshed tailings out of a housing outlet into a discharge passage to be directed to the cleaning section of the combine harvester. The delivery mechanism is configured to throw or fling the tailings into an inlet opening of the housing in a direction substantially tangential to the rotor rotating direction. To bypass the re-threshing apparatus, a deflector can be deployed to block the inlet opening and deflect the tailings into a bypass passage that is open to the discharge passage.06-04-2009
20090143120Tailing Re-thresher Rasp Bar - A re-threshing apparatus and method for a combine harvester includes a rotor having threshing elements mounted thereon extending substantially radially. The rotor is rotationally mounted within a housing at least partially surrounding the rotor. The housing includes an inlet and an outlet. The housing has a wall portion with rasp bars extending toward the rotor. The wall portion is substantially solid, i.e., material re-threshed by the rasp bars remains within the housing until it moves through the housing outlet. The rotor and the housing are configured for tailings to be flung tangentially into the housing against the rasp bars and re-threshed between the threshing elements and the rasp bars within the housing.06-04-2009
20090291723Apparatus for analysing composition of crops in a crop elevator - An apparatus for analysing crop composition of crops moving in a grain elevator, the elevator including paddles moving up on an up-going side of the elevator and down on a down-going side of the elevator, the apparatus including a crop entrance for entry of crops from the up-going paddles to the analysing apparatus and a housing for containing a portion of crops to be analysed. The crop entrance is located in a plane parallel to the elevator's outer wall at the up-going side of the elevator. The apparatus further includes a sloped gutter portion for bringing crops from the crop entrance towards the housing.11-26-2009
20120100898COMBINE HARVESTERS - A combine harvester (04-26-2012
20130116018HARVESTER DELIVERY CONTROL SYSTEM - An apparatus and method for distributing crop material onto a cleaning sieve of an agricultural combine. The method includes providing at least one sensor configured and operable for sensing information representative of at least one of a quantity of grain associated with the crop material distributor and an inclination angle associated with the crop material distributor, and outputting signals representative thereof. The method includes providing a crop material distributor disposed between a threshing system of the combine and the sieve, for distributing crop material from the threshing system generally evenly onto the sieve. The method includes providing an apparatus operably associated with the distributor for controllably distributing crop material onto the sieve. The method includes controlling a position of the apparatus as a function of signals from the at least one sensor.05-09-2013
20090029751MOLDED SPREADER DISK - A spreader bat disk for a spreader assembly that has a drive linkage operable to rotatably drive attachments thereto, the spreader bat disk being formed or molded as a unitary construction that includes a web portion, preferably of a generally circular configuration, having a top surface and an essentially flat bottom surface, with a plurality of integral radially distributed spreader blades projecting upwardly from the top surface, and which is configured to be operatively connectable to the drive linkage of the spreader assembly to be rotated thereby to spread material provided thereto.01-29-2009
460149000 PROCESS 2
20080287172CROP PROCESSING MACHINE - A crop processing machine includes a transport mechanism for conveying a crop, a mounting assembly fixed with respect to the transport mechanism, and a knife assembly pivotally mounted with a 4-bar link to the mounting assembly, the knife assembly including a knife for trimming the crop as the crop is conveyed past the knife assembly.11-20-2008
20110059782WEED AND VOLUNTEER CROP SEED DESTRUCTION - A method of harvesting crop material comprising gathering the crop material and separating chaff material, and subjecting the chaff material to fragmentation in a cage mill to destroy unwanted seed material contained therein. An agricultural apparatus comprising a mobile apparatus (03-10-2011
460023000 WITH HOPPER 2
20130072268Systems And Methods For Removing Plant Material From Harvested Crops - In some embodiments, a system for removing plant material from harvested crops includes a pinch roller conveyor including pairs of rotatable pinch rollers whose longitudinal axes are aligned with a length of the conveyor, the pinch rollers forming nips in which plant material can be caught and pulled down through the conveyor as the pinch rollers rotate, wherein first ends of the pinch rollers are laterally displaceable so that the pinch rollers can laterally separate from each other to facilitate passage of plant material.03-21-2013
20090215509AUTOMATEDLY FOLDABLE AND UNFOLDABLE GRAIN TANK EXTENSION AND COVER FOR AN AGRICULTURAL HARVESTING MACHINE - An automatedly foldable and unfoldable grain tank extension construction for increasing the grain holding capacity of a grain tank of an agricultural harvesting machine, such extension construction including a plurality of extension panels mounted for pivotal movement about corresponding, respective, upper peripheral portions of the grain tank, with pliable corner pieces extending between adjacent extension panels to seal the corner spaces between the adjacent extension panels, especially when the extension construction is deployed or unfolded, wherein the pivotal movements of the extension panels are controllable by operation of a linkage system that automatedly effects the folding and unfolding of the extension construction by effecting movement of each extension panel through an angle greater than 90°, with at least the control actuator of the linkage system being located external to the grain tank so as to be generally accessible for servicing even when the grain tank is filled.08-27-2009
460016000 WITH FEEDER 1
20090017885CROP PROCESSING METHOD AND APPARATUS - In a method for processing swathed crops, the entire cut crop is picked from the field and transported to a processing facility located away from the field. The processing facility has a threshing apparatus which separates grain from the cut crop, leaving a crop residue comprising plant stalks, chaff, and other constituents of the cut crop. The separated grain is conveyed from the threshing apparatus to a grain storage bin or directly to a transport truck for delivery to a grain terminal. The processing facility also includes crop residue handling means for conveying crop residue to a bulk storage pile, to a baling machine, or to some other selected location. The method makes field baling operations unnecessary, thus expediting the total removal of the crop from the field.01-15-2009
20100075727STEERING AXLE TRANSPORT POSITIONING STRUCTURE AND METHOD - A steering axle assembly of a work machine such as an agricultural harvester includes telescoping axles and hub assemblies on the telescoping axles, with front and rear hydraulic cylinders for axially and angularly adjusting positions of the wheel hub assemblies, including steering the hubs to angles sufficient to minimize a width of the steering axle assembly for transport.03-25-2010
460021000 CONVERTIBLE 1
20080293460Knife blade covers for a rotary chopper element of an integral chopper assembly of a combine harvester for converting the integral chopper assembly to a beater construction - A knife blade cover for converting the rotary chopper element of an integral chopper assembly of a combine harvester to operate as a beater instead of as a chopping construction, which knife blade cover includes a cover member mountable over one or more mounted assemblies of the rotary chopper element of an integral chopper assembly of a combine harvester, which mounted assemblies include a mounting lug and one or more blades fixedly attached thereto, to envelop such mounted assemblies within the cover member while presenting to the residue flowing through the integral chopper assembly a relatively broad and blunt surface that acts to beat, instead of chopping, such residue, and connection hardware for mounting the cover member to the rotary chopper element. A plurality of knife blade covers may be provided with connection hardware as a kit for converting the rotary chopper element to operate as a beater construction.11-27-2008
460117000 DUST HANDLING 1
20130203474Dust Removal Attachment for a Baler and Method for Using Same - A method and apparatus for removing dust and dirt before baling uses a baler having a baling chamber, a pickup for picking up material to be baled from the ground and an inlet section between the pickup and the baling chamber. The inlet section has a perforated member at the bottom thereof, the perforated member forming a part of an air chamber. A blower attached to the air chamber is used for pulling air from the inlet section, through the perforated member and from the air chamber whereby dirt will be extracted from the inlet section before such dirt enters the baling chamber.08-08-2013
460105000 WITH STONE TRAP 1
20090061969COMBINE HARVESTER WITH A DEVICE FOR SEPARATING OUT FOREIGN OBJECTS - A combine harvester, has a device for separating out foreign objects, a feed rake with at least one tension mechanism, which is located in a channel and is redirected via at least one upper and one lower tension mechanism guide, at least one foreign-object capture basin, foreign object separating elements that extend through the tension mechanism and assigned to at least the upper tension mechanism guide, the foreign object capture basin is located in the engagement region of the foreign object separating elements.03-05-2009
20090186674AUGER TROUGH CLEAN-OUT DOOR - An auger trough and associated clean-out door construction of a clean grain and tailings conveying system for an agricultural combine, such construction including a pair of spaced, depending auger trough side walls that extend laterally across a combine between opposed sidesheets, with a removable door panel positionable across the combine between the opposed sidesheets and between said auger trough side walls to form an auger trough base, which door panel is configured to be so engageable with the auger trough side walls to substantially close the bottom of the auger trough and whose opposite ends are configured to be complementarily engageable with engagement features associated with the sidesheets to maintain such door panel in place during harvesting operations and, with such auger trough side walls, to define a generally rigid trough between the opposed sidesheets. Preferably, the door panel has a first end configured to be engageable with and to rest upon a projecting flange on a first of the opposite sidesheets and a second, latch end with an associated latch mechanism for engaging a complementary latching feature on the second of the opposed sidesheets for generally securing the door panel in position as the bottom of the auger trough.07-23-2009

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