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454069000 VEHICLE (E.G., AUTOMOBILE, ETC.) 413
454001000 CHIMNEY OR STACK 33
454187000 CLEAN ROOM 27
454369000 FIRE DAMPER 7
454168000 MINE 6
20090042504Tunnel cover for a tunnel for controlled ventilation of gas - A system, in accordance with the invention, relates to ventilating a tunnel 02-12-2009
20080293350Ventilation System for Tunnel Section or Covered Road - Ventilation system (11-27-2008
20130137356Method And System For Tunnel Ventilation In Normal Conditions And In Conditions Of Fire - A tunnel ventilation system located in an upper section of a tunnel has a ventilation section divided into two or three ventilation ducts. One or more of the ducts are connected to reversible fan units so the ducts can serve as either an air infeed or an air exhaust system. The ducts contain a series of remotely controlled flaps which can be opened to ventilate different tunnel zones or closed to isolate other parts of the tunnel. Air blowers at tunnel entrances create an air screen that prevents unintended air circulation into the tunnel. Heat, smoke and other sensors and a software control system enable the system to detect smoke and fire, then to isolate and control ventilation in the fire zone. A fire suppression system using low oxygen air or other fire suppression fluids to blanket and smother the fire operates in conjunction with the ventilation system.05-30-2013
20130178143AIR BAFFLES IN RAILROAD TUNNELS FOR DECREASED AIRFLOW THEREIN AND IMPROVED VENTILATION AND COOLING OF LOCOMOTIVES - Disclosed is a system and method for decreasing airflow and improving ventilation within a tunnel, such as a railroad tunnel, including a path for movement of a vehicle (e.g., train) therethrough. The system has a plurality of air baffles mounted within the tunnel, each device comprising a body and a mounting device. Each mounting device positions each body inside and along the length of the tunnel between the entrance and the exit. The air baffles are configured to restrict airflow at least in part in a longitudinal direction of the tunnel, thereby increasing a relative difference between a vehicle speed and air speed in a tunnel annulus when the vehicle passes through the tunnel. The restriction (e.g., decrease) of airflow in the tunnel reduces the piston effect resulting from the vehicle or train passing through, thus reducing emissions and heat generated by the locomotives in the tunnel.07-11-2013
20110275302IMPROVED TUNNEL VENTILATION DEVICE - A ventilation device that enhances the longitudinal thrust of a fan (11-10-2011
454068000 ELEVATOR 5
20110171895ELEVATOR APPARATUS - An elevator apparatus includes an elevator car; an air blower including an air inlet and an air outlet; ducts each having one end individually connected to the elevator car, the air inlet and the air outlet; intake and exhaust air volume adjusting means having the other end of each of the ducts connected thereto, which adjusts an intake and exhaust volume of air in the elevator car by varying a volume of air that bypasses the car to flow from the air outlet to the air inlet of the air blower; and control means that controls the intake and exhaust air volume adjusting means, to adjust air pressure within the car to set air pressure. The elevator apparatus adjusts air pressure within the elevator car, even when there is a small differential pressure between the set air pressure within the car and an air pressure outside the car.07-14-2011
20080274684Indoor Air Pressure Management - A strategy for minimizing or avoiding the so-called stack effect within buildings (11-06-2008
20080207106Blower Controller For Elevator System - An elevator system includes a mode switch configured to select one of a plurality of operation modes based on a state of the elevator cage, and a blower controller configured to control a blower to adjust pressure inside an elevator cage according to the selected operation mode.08-28-2008
20100267322ELEVATOR AIR PRESSURE CONTROL DEVICE - It is an object to ease discomfort feeling caused by ear fullness for passengers of an elevator. An air pressure control device 10-21-2010
20120164928DEVICE FOR VENTILATING AN ELEVATOR CAGE - An elevator cage is movable in an elevator shaft, wherein a ventilating device is fastened to a cage outer surface, wherein this ventilating device forms at least one ventilation channel, wherein the at least one ventilation channel has at least one primary ventilation opening enabling an air exchange between the ventilation channel and the elevator shaft, wherein at least one of the cage outer surfaces has at least one secondary ventilation opening enabling an air exchange between a cage interior space and the at least one ventilation channel, with at least one element of insulating material, and wherein the at least one element substantially determines a path of the at least one ventilation channel.06-28-2012
20100048121UNDER-FLOOR PLIABLE AIR DUCT/DISPERSION SYSTEMS - An under-floor HVAC system for a building includes a pliable air duct lying upon a subfloor. A matrix of pedestals resting upon and extending upward from the subfloor supports a set of floor panels, which thus creates a plenum between the subfloor and the set of floor panels. The air duct extends through the plenum to convey conditioned air from a supply air duct to a series of registers in the floor panels. The registers disperse the conditioned air to a room or area just above the panels. To help keep the air duct from repeatedly extending, retracting, and otherwise sliding freely along the subfloor in response to changes in air duct pressure, the air duct is held taut by anchoring a distal downstream end of the duct to one or more of the floor-supporting pedestals. Various air duct configurations can be assembled from a predefined assortment of duct components.02-25-2010
20120329379PLENUM PARTITION BAFFLE SYSTEM - A system for directing airflow within a plenum comprising sizeable, shapeable, and interconnectable baffles that can be nondestructively attached to plenum support structures. The system includes means for removably interconnecting the baffles and also for removably and non-destructively attaching the baffles to plenum support structure without tools.12-27-2012
20100035535PLENUM PARTITION BAFFLE SYSTEM - A system for directing airflow within a plenum comprising sizeable, shapeable, and interconnectable baffles that can be nondestructively attached to plenum support structures. The system includes means for removably interconnecting the baffles and also for removably and non-destructively attaching the baffles to plenum support structure without tools.02-11-2010
20090124188Personal distribution terminal - A personal distribution terminal is designed to provide a self-contained free standing or stand-alone enclosure for an easy placement wherever office personnel require a convenient access to building services. The placement of this enclosure may be in the vicinity of a standard desk or other workstations or where people congregate. The occupant of the nearby workstation has control over the personal air comfort. The enclosure is so constructed to provide displacement ventilation for the surrounding area to provide greater indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption. Incorporated into the enclosure are other services in the modern office such as electric, both constant or interruptible, communication terminals and internet connections. The use of this terminal eliminates floor and wall grilles for better esthetics and easier housekeeping. The result of this inventive concept is substantial energy savings based on individual control of personal air supply and displacement ventilation permitting overall higher operating temperatures. The overall result is a simple installation of the terminal for easy and less expensive construction and ease of relocation.05-14-2009
20090318072Blast Protection Damper - A blast wave damper comprises a section of duct (12-24-2009
20090023375APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING DETONATION DAMAGE RESISTANCE IN DUCTWORK - A ductwork system including a duct having a plurality of ducting panels joined together to define a flow passage extending therethrough, and the duct having structure for resisting damage thereto caused by a detonation within the duct. The structure for resisting damage can include an internal bracing within and extending across the flow passage of the duct to tie at least two sides of the duct together. For example, the internal bracing can be a reinforcement panel including a mounting frame with one or more elongated members extending from one side of the frame attached to a ducting panel to another side of the frame attached to an opposite ducting panel. Alternatively or in addition to the above structure, the duct can have structure for resisting damage that includes providing the duct with at least one curved or faceted side along an axial length of the duct.01-22-2009
20080242219Carbon monoxide home exhaust system - This invention will protect creatures in buildings from deadly carbon monoxide gases emitted from various devices such as home heating systems, hot water heaters, leaky chimneys, stoves, cooking grilles and automobiles. It is designed to automatically remove carbon monoxide from buildings when dangerous levels have been detected. It will work independently or in conjunction with other carbon monoxide detection systems. For example: If an automobile has been intentionally, unintentionally or unsuspectedly started in an attached garage; the system will receive a message indicating the dangerous level of carbon monoxide, and automatically begin exhausting the carbon monoxide from the building, while supplying fresh air from outside. The system will not stop exhausting until reset, and would work in conjunction with alarms. For owner unoccupied buildings, pets would be spared harm from carbon monoxide gases. This system can be independently installed, or integrated within the building ventilation system.10-02-2008

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