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452030000 SAUSAGE MAKING 73
452135000 DEBONING 38
452052000 SLAUGHTERING 25
452125000 SKINNING 22
452185000 SUPPORT 21
452177000 CONVEYER 16
452141000 TENDERIZERS 15
452173000 WASHER 11
452134000 DEFATTER 7
20080248735NET RUCKING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An apparatus and a method for rucking netting onto a tube are described. The apparatus, in a first embodiment, comprises a frame having an axis, a passage along the axis, means for reciprocating movement along the axis, a netting tube releasably attachable to the means for reciprocating movement, a second tube comprising a frustum having a bore, the second tube being slidable co-axially to the netting tube, an annular space defined by the second tube and the netting tube, and spring-loaded fingers attached to the frame and extending into the passage. In another embodiment, a method for rucking netting onto a tube comprises attaching a netting tube to a moveable platform, mounting a second tube axially over the netting tube, the second tube comprising a frustum having a bore therethrough, placing an end of a netting over the second tube, forming an annular space between the netting tube and the second tube, and moving the second tube reciprocatingly through spring-loaded fingers. The second tube is a frusto-conical shape, a frusto-pyramidal shape, or another frustum shape10-09-2008
20110212675LOADING CAPS SUITABLE FOR RUCKING USING LOW PROFILE RUCKERS CAPABLE OF RUCKING FIXED DIAMETER COVERINGS - Loading caps suitable to mount to product chutes for rucking sleeves of covering material onto a chute body include a conical or frustoconical upper portion.09-01-2011
20090075575Method for Producing a Netted Casing - The invention relates to a method for producing a shirred food casing covered by a net, and a method for combining a net with a surface of a carrier casing, said method comprising steps wherein air or an inert gas is blown into the carrier casing, the carrier casing inflated/pressurized to be round is pulled in the direction of the tubular net towards a pleating head attached to one end of the tubular net, said net being attached at the open end thereof to a clamp centralized with a shirring mandrel, the carrier casing being thus folded into the tubular net while pulling the net inside out over itself, followed by pulling the carrier casing through the pleating head to the shirring machine where the pressure of air or an inert gas blown from inside of the shirring mandrel forces the areas of the carrier casing between the meshes of the net to form bulges, and finally the net/carrier casing combination is shirred by the shirring machine. The invention is further directed to a shirred product produced with the method.03-19-2009
20120214390METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PROCESSING A CARCASS PART OF SLAUGHTERED POULTRY - A device for processing a carcass part of slaughtered poultry, the carcass part, at the start of the process, including bone parts with at least a part of the rib cage, at least a part of the clavicle, and at least a part of the wing joint, at least a part of the outer fillet, where the part of the outer fillet that is present is connected to the part of the rib cage that is present, at least a part of the inner fillet, at least a tendon that connects the inner fillet to the wing joint, the device including an outer fillet guide to maintain at least a part of the outer fillet in the first position, a clavicle guide to hold the free ends of the wishbone in the second position, and at least one blade to cut through the tendon.08-23-2012
20120178351METHOD AND DEVICE FOR SLITTING A CHICKEN LEG - A method and device for slitting a chicken leg which is suspended at its ankle joints from a carrier that forms part of a train of carriers that are movable in a processing line that passes the device is provided. A positioning step is applied for placing the leg in a suitable position for cutting the leg. Subsequently in a stabbing step a knife is brought into engagement with the leg. The stabbing step is followed by a slitting step in which the knife is moved along the leg so as to provide a slit in the longitudinal direction of the leg in order to enable a subsequent deboning step of the leg. In the positioning step a first pressing organ engages the leg in the vicinity of the knee joint so as to press the leg against a movable supporting surface for the leg that is positioned opposite to the pressing organ. A second pressing organ engages the leg from the side so as to push the leg into a substantially straight orientation of the drum and the thigh with respect to each other.07-12-2012
452172000 SINEW REMOVER 1
20100081366METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING POULTRY OR A PART THEREOF - The invention relates to a method for processing poultry or a part thereof in a processing line, including the step of detaching and/or collecting a cartilage of the poultry's keel bone, whereby during transport of the poultry's carcass in the processing line, a cut is made in the cartilage of the keel bone, which cut is made initially transverse to the transport direction of the poultry and towards the poultry's backbone, and which cut develops from said transverse direction to eventually a direction opposed to the transport direction.04-01-2010
20100048116Use of High Pressure Processing to Improve Muscle Quality by Inhibiting Post Mortem Glycolysis - A method of processing meat is disclosed. The method includes subjecting the meat (pork or turkey) to high pressure processing at a pressure of at least 175 MPa for a time of 20 minutes or less, wherein post mortem glycolysis is inhibited. For beef, a pressure of at least 200 MPa and a hold time of from 30 seconds to 20 minutes are used.02-25-2010
452174000 MODELLING (E.G., SHAPING) 1
20100317274FEEDER FOR MACHINE FOR CANNING TUNA AND THE LIKE AND RELATED OPERATING CYCLE - A feeder for a machine for canning tuna and similar food products includes a feeding device with conveyor belts. The feeding device is suitable to feed tuna loins towards the conveyor belt of the canning machine and to shape the loins into loins having a set thickness. An outlet mouth is located at the end of the belts, together with a knife adjacent to the mouth and suitable to separate the portion of loin projecting through the latter. A mobile wall located opposite the outlet mouth is also provided, as well as a mobile shovel suitable to move the newly formed tuna pat perpendicularly in the direction of motion of the conveyor belt of the canning machine.12-16-2010

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