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451028000 ABRADING PROCESS 1003
451064000 MACHINE 384
451340000 FRAME OR MOUNT 208
451540000 RIGID TOOL 138
451442000 ACCESSORY 133
451364000 WORK HOLDER 71
451461000 COMBINED TOOL 11
451415000 ATTACHMENT 9
451331000 WORK FEEDER 4
20110177762WAFER UNLOADING SYSTEM AND WAFER PROCESSING EQUIPMENT INCLUDING THE SAME - A wafer unloading system and wafer processing equipment (system) including the same are disclosed. The wafer unloading system includes a fluid supply tube for supplying a fluid, a nozzle for injecting the supplied fluid, and an injection hole defined in a plate to allow the injected fluid to reach a space between a polishing pad and a wafer.07-21-2011
20090186565SPOOL TO SPOOL CONTINUOUS THROUGH FEED SYSTEM - A grinding machine has a machine bed, a first spool and a second spool mounted on the machine bed. The spools are capable of storing stock to be ground and are rotatable in a coordinated manner. A grinding wheel is mounted on the machine bed. The first spool is capable of continuously unwrapping the stock, the second spool is capable of continuously wrapping the stock and the grinding wheel is adapted to grind the stock during its travel between the first spool and the second spool. The grinding machine can be used to continuously grinding a slender stock. The stock is continuously unwrapped from the first spool and continuously wrapped on the second spool. The stock is ground during its travel from first spool to the second spool.07-23-2009
20090068935POLISHING APPARATUS - A polishing apparatus has a top ring configured to hold a semiconductor wafer on a substrate holding surface, and a pushser configured to deliver the semiconductor wafer to the top ring and receive the semiconductor wafer from the top ring. The pushser includes a push stage having a substrate placement surface on which the semiconductor wafer is placed and an air cylinder configured to vertically move the push stage. The pushser also includes a high-pressure fluid port configured to eject a high-pressure fluid toward the semiconductor wafer.03-12-2009
20130102233APPARATUS FOR DEBURRING WORKPIECE - Disclosed is a deburring apparatus. The deburring apparatus includes a transfer module installed on a base to form a transfer path of transferring a workpiece to be deburred, a deburring module provided on the transfer path of the workpiece installed on the base to deburr the workpiece, and a blocking cover installed on the base to reciprocate thereon to selectively prevent the transfer module and the workpiece on the transfer module from being exposed to an outside, and to prevent dust and noise, which are produced when a deburring work is performed for the workpiece by using the deburring module, from being delivered to the outside. The burrs, which are produced when a metallic produce or a non-metallic produce having a 3-D shape is molded or cut, are easily and rapidly removed.04-25-2013
451411000 WORK TABLE 3
20110086584Glass Setting Plate For Glass Polishing System - A glass setting plate for a glass polishing system supports a lower surface of a glass in a glass polishing system for polishing a glass used for liquid crystal displays. The glass setting plate is made of a composite material obtained by molding and curing a mixture of granite particles and thermosetting resin.04-14-2011
20120021679Glass-plate working apparatus - A glass-plate working apparatus (01-26-2012
20110263186Bench top vibrating sanding table - A bench top vibrating table, in particular an oscillating sanding table, with is controlled by a variable controlled motor, running an off set cam. This sanding table has the working surface of which an installable abrasive sheet rests, whereby said abrasive sheet is installed using an adhesive method or loop and hook (Velcro), to the sanding table which is made easier to operate and handle because it leaves hands free to work with the project.10-27-2011
451406000 WORK REST 2
20120270479Adjustable Grinding Platform and Mounting Assembly - A grinding platform with an axis of rotation that is on the plane of the abrasive when used with belt grinders and on the plane that is vertical and tangent to the curvature of the abrasive when used with wheel grinders; such grinder having an angle gauge and possibly a vernier scale that allow for accurate determination of the angle of the tool rest in relation to the grinding surface. The grinding platform can also be continuously adjusted horizontally to compensate for wheel wear.10-25-2012
20100068978MACHINE TOOL WITH REST APPARATUS AND MACHINING METHOD THEREOF - It is an object of the present invention to provide a machine tool with a rest apparatus having high supporting stiffness of a workpiece by the rest apparatus and having flexibility to machine a plurality of kinds of the workpieces selectively and to provide a machining method of the machine tool with the rest apparatus.03-18-2010
20100009613Tool Having A Mounting Opening For Positive Connection To Different Drive Shafts - A tool is disclosed having a mounting opening for positive connection to a drive shaft that can be driven oscillatingly, the mounting opening comprising a plurality of outwardly extending projections each having an outer convex section that ends on both sides in concave lateral flanks, with neighboring lateral flanks joining each other on their way toward the center axis of the mounting opening to form a common bulge, concave on the outside, the shape of the outwardly extending projections, of the lateral flanks and of the bulges being such that there can be effected, optionally, either a positive connection to a first raised securing section of a first drive shaft, having a plurality of outwardly extending convex raised portions each having a rounded tip and rounded concave lateral flanks, or, optionally, a positive connection to a second securing section of a second drive shaft, having a plurality of raised positive-connection elements arranged in regular intervals on a circular line.01-14-2010

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